Twitter Suspends 70 Pro-Bloomberg Accounts For Violating Rules - Cnnpolitics

Twitter Suspends 70 Pro-Bloomberg Accounts For Violating Rules - Cnnpolitics

Twitter suspends 70 pro-Bloomberg accounts for violating rules

Twitter suspends 70 pro-Bloomberg accounts for violating its rules


Twitter suspends 70 pro-Bloomberg accounts for violating its rules

Twitter began suspending 70 pro-Mike Bloomberg accounts on Friday for breaking its rules, a Twitter spokesperson confirmed to CNN.

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Mini Mike😂 Nobody shiv's a git. We need to vote for socialism in 2020. We need to fight for those willing and unwilling to work! We need to give everyone free healthcare and school. Who cares if it cost 60 trillion dollars, its time for the middle class to step up and help us by paying these taxes. Yet millions of fake MAGAt accounts still exist

He's already used prison labor for campaign calls so this is no surprise. More democratic shenanigans Twitter is just censoring MikeBloomberg supporters This tweet was paid for by the Bloomberg Campaign. MondayThoughts Isn’t this super similar to the Russian troll farm situation? I guess cnn doesn’t like Bloomberg

Sooo what about the Bernie Bros? No one I know supports the little loser! No one!!

Twitter suspends 70 pro-Bloomberg accounts for breaking rulesTwitter said Friday it suspended 70 accounts for spam-like posts supporting Democratic presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg, whose campaign has hired hundreds of people to promote him on social media. "We have taken enforcement action on a group of accounts for violating our rules against platform Please name them here. Don’t feel like reading your article. Sorry but that’s just me right now.

Awe, let him get away with it, he's another one of the 'good ole boys', isn't he? Good o' boys always, mostly always, get away with anything, don't they? I had a good o' boy over my custody battle, & he hated me (female), favored my 'good ole boy' Ex... I still won! inequality Twitter should have done the same to Trump , such action raises the infernce of Twitter mitigating pro trump

But keeps Trump tweeting hate and threats. Twitter is in for the almighty dollar. Russian bots supporting Trump. Anti-American. Straight up. Twitter will allow Russia voter interference , but bans tweets from Bloomberg ! Tweeter working with Russia ? Fair enough twitter but how about the white supremacy crazies including realDonaldTrump ?

What about trump’s accounts? prove it Trump has millions of bots and literally nothing is done. Well... Well...

Debris found in fuel tanks of 70% of inspected 737 Max jetsDebris has been found in the fuel tanks of 70% of grounded Boeing 737 Max jets that have been inspected by the company, Boeing confirmed on Saturday. Inspectors found the debris in 35 out of about 50 jets that were inspected. Boeing temporarily halted production last month because the planes were grounded

I have two question for Bloomberg: The 1st what is the current CO2 level? The 2nd what is a dangerously low CO2 level and why? 2? Haha!!! Now ban Trump's twitter, that's straight propoganda garbage, racial and civil harassment Now take RealJamesWoods down for lying to America. Hello Twitter, if you are truly listening, the crazy man in the White House is past due on a suspension. Please grant us Americans this one wish.

How to write SEO friendly articles visit here Now that is where Facebook beats them And yet trump is allowed to daily be an ass? Wtf is wrong with Twitter?!? Well a good start, still lots of others from both parties to clear out. Good! Hopefully, Twitter files a lawsuit against Mike Bloomberg and Mike Bloomberg’s campaign!

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Crazy how they cover up so much for trump. W Good bye 👋 What? Why? What about Don the Con? When are twitter going to do the same to lying, corrupt, ImpeachedTrump and his family? Every Opinion Piece on Twitter from NYTime & Washington Post has the authors 2nd or even 3rd account supporting their own propaganda. I pointed these trolls out last week and have been blocked.

... to be honest, I don't know who I'm going to give the Throne of the United States of America to in 2020... But closer to autumn I'll decide, I'm sorry 😳🌺💖 But not Trump & his bots tweets. There's something wrong with this picture. shocking. a billionaire violating rules. on that note Now he's 'Manipulating Mini-Mike'

Twitter suspends 70 pro-Bloomberg accounts for breaking rulesTwitter said Friday it suspended 70 accounts for spam-like posts supporting Democratic presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg, whose campaign has hired hundreds of people to promote him on social media. "We have taken enforcement action on a group of accounts for violating our rules against platform Please name them here. Don’t feel like reading your article. Sorry but that’s just me right now.

Organic seo traffic from google Not only is Bloomberg the worst candidate, he is also running the worst campaign. I told you! Democrats cheat on elections! You see people in the comments upset that Trump's follower accts arent being removed... but perhaps they are and CNN for once isnt reporting on it because there isnt a mass of trump accts committing spam? Or Bloomberg paid them to spam support. lol

So it's ok for realDonaldTrump and the GOP to use eg CambridgeAnalytica and the Russians but not ok for MikeBloomberg to hire Americans to support him Thank you Mike for all you have done for New York & as of recent, for this country. I only wish you had come in sooner. I prayed so hard for it. If only people had more time to know the real you & what you can do. You would be the best President. Gut punch. Bloomberg2020

If Bloomberg thought he had such a great chance against President Trump, why did he change parties from Republican to Democrat? I guess he could buy his Democrat nomination? But Democrats are going communist in 2020 with Bernie. But the Trump family or pro Trump accounts nada. I am a retiree who likes Bloomberg because I worry the Coronavirus might pick up speed and lethalness. I looked at all and think Bloomberg would be the best chief administrator for allocating supplies, manpower, vaccines if stores close down, hospitals fill, and fear spreads.

Libs be crying Foul now LOL .

Twitter suspends pro-Bloomberg accounts for violating manipulation and spam policiesTwitter says it's suspending dozens of accounts that have been pushing content in favor of Mike Bloomberg’s presidential campaign because the accounts were violating the platform's manipulation and spam policies. Now do Trump spam Propaganda But twitter u won’t suspend trump with all his horrible behavior? We know twitter and Facebook want trump US Senator Bernie Sanders on SaudiArabia ThisIsAmerica DownTrump2020 StopSupportingTerrorists

What amazes me is how folks are judging Bloomberg by todays 'me too' standards. If you are a retiree you remember humor and sexual overtures were norm at the job. Just watch the 60s tv shows. I believe with 2 daughters, Bloomberg had a 'come to Jesus moment' re working women Yet trump accounts are allowed to literally run rampant. How many bots is trump up to now? 60%?

Now do Agent Orange. predictable JOE BIDEN IS OUR BEST BET FOR TAKING TRUMP OUT. I wonder how much he spent for that. Trump has Russian bots and I can see all the porn I want in Twitter but Bloomberg gets sanctioned? And Twitter tell me this isn’t happening with the Trumpian disinformation campaign? And tell me you’re not working to kick Bloomberg out of the race?

Twitter suspends group of pro-Bloomberg accounts over 'platform manipulation'Twitter Inc on Friday said it had started suspending and restricting dozens of a... Twitter SUSPEND TRUMP TOO I hate Bloomberg! He isn’t even remotely sympathetic to the Posadist school of thought! Embrace Posadism! I pledge allegiance to the NDA of the convoluted state of Bloomberg’s campaign for which it stands one bank account, indecipherable, with leverage and just none for all.

Donald Trump never showed the taxes either and he is the dummies president we ever had. Mike Bloomberg is the right choice for Americans. He has done a great job in NY . TheThomasGuide conspiracy. YAY! We all have to take a plague. And vote for the right President. And we most not listen to Russia or any other country. Because this is America. Our home sweet home. And no one else home. So God bless America and God bless our troops. 🗽✌

Meanwhile realDonaldTrump account is still activated. But Twitter, Trump buddy, can let Tubby Trump do as he pleases. I'm convinced that Trump owns Twitter now. He does the same thing (though not identical mass messages) as well as threaten, bully, and attack people globally via Twitter... ... Nothing

Did they also suspend Bernie accounts

Keep a close eye out. His billions $ can be used for numerous nefarious reasons . He has already bought the DNC. Twitter suspends 70 pro - Bloomberg accounts for ' platform manipulation '. Nope not gonna do it,....not another billionaire Alright now Bernie bro's 1039485920289402 fake accounts Bloomberg after this past week.

Good think there is 70,000 more How convenient, but it’s no secret that twitter as a whole backs up trump, I say to that fuck Twitter , if they want to suspend my account go right ahead I don’t care. how many times you gonna post this? Now do trumps account TwitterSupport Twitter Now do realDonaldTrump

What about the fake Pro Trump accounts ? His Adds can’t be any worse then TRUMP MOUTH!!! Old news How about Russian ads for Sanders and Trump? They should suspend pro-Bernie accounts for violating it's rule too IT'S SHAMEFUL .. seniors beware TexasPrimary TEXAS .. 9th richest man musing about how to cut the Medicare funds poor elderly people depend on to survive .. IT'S UGLY BernieSanders fshakir RepRoKhanna AOC ewarren BernieWon MMFlint JoeNBC

When they will do something with trump? How is this 'breaking news' when I've been having it shoved in my face for over 24 hours now? BloombergBros They all do what the he’ll they want, does it even matter?

Great! Now do Trump. Trump and his voters can do that and are still here. And 5 minutes later, 100 new ones popped up! FFS. They should pay more attention to the MAGA accounts. That’s good cause he changes the rules for his own good Why don’t they do that to Trump and Bernie people? 🤨🙄 Twitter Why is that breaking news tho

Yet realDonaldTrump And Donald Trump Bots Remain

Now do Qidiots Yet orange Hitler and Russian bots stay active while breaking the same rules. I guess MikeBloomberg discovered with awe Twitter is not for sell. Full crisis mode. Yet Pres. twitter thumbs goes on C’mon Twitter! I thought you’d be better than the part-time Kaua’i resident. bulldoghill Omg, twitter being concerned about rule violations? See trump’s feed and trump bots and get back us. 🙄

Oh. So they’ll suspend this, but outright lies are ok? I may have to DeleteFacebook! But none pro Trump. 😔 A couple days ago.

What about dump? But that racist evil one in the wh is allowed on twitter? Only 999,930 left Afraid of trump ? Fake news media on fake news! How strange Literally 95% of Trump followers are Bots,but good job Twitter, I guess. Mainstream media labeled BernieSanders supporters as trolls but we haven't seen Twitter banned them.

Wonder who Jack is voting for? You gotta be kidding. Dump trump, Twitter Trump accounts haven’t. Give me a break.

LOL Everyone keeps crapping on 'Bernie Bros' even calling some of us bots because we support the senator. But here's Bloomberg doing whatever and it won't make much news because he's bought his way into the election. Versus the Trump supporters, bots and Trump himself? CTFO. Can we just ban all political accounts?

Not mine!! But again Twitter can’t interfere with our election Next headline: 'BLOOMBERG BUYS TWITTER' I'm only *half* joking... When are they going to suspend pro Trump accounts? TwitterSupport, given that you clearly can act when it suits you, its time for you to ban this guy; real_defender I wonder when they'll do that to Sanders supporters?

I LOVE THE GOP. But Mike is one Democrat that’s moderate enough to support. As is Amy K! Not that dumb Mayor I-Don’t-Like-Colored-People :/

Ban trump Now we know who the real bots are So u literally can’t express your opinion Twitter also bans conservative Twitter accounts. Disgusting Nice! Suspend the 272829 Trump bots next tho If you needed more proof how Bernie is buying social media and other mainstream media

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