Civil Unrest, Minneapolis

Civil Unrest, Minneapolis

Twitter Places Warning on a Trump Tweet, Saying It Glorified Violence

The move by the social media platform is likely to spur more threats from the White House and criticism from the president’s supporters.

5/29/2020 11:17:00 AM

Breaking News: Twitter said President Trump violated its rules against glorifying violence by posting a tweet suggesting that Minneapolis protesters could be shot

The move by the social media platform is likely to spur more threats from the White House and criticism from the president’s supporters.

without first reading a brief notice describing the rule violation. Twitter also blocked users from liking or replying to Mr. Trump’s post.But Twitter did not take the tweet down, saying it was in the public’s interest that the message remain accessible.

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ImageTwitter said that it had made its decision “based on the historical context of the last line, its connection to violence, and the risk it could inspire similar actions today.”In the tweet, Mr. Trump called the protesters “thugs” and said he had told Minnesota’s governor that the military “is with him all the way.”

“Any difficulty and we will assume control but, when the looting starts, the shooting starts,” the president wrote. “Thank you!”The company’s decision comes a day after Mr. Trump signed an executive order that seeks to to limit the legal protections that shield social media companies from liability for the content posted on their platforms. The president had fulminated over Twitter’s decision earlier this week to append fact-checking labels for the first time to two of his tweets. In response, he accused Twitter of stifling speech and said that he would put a stop to the interference.

In Mr. Trump’s tweets about the Minneapolis protests, which he posted early Friday morning, he also criticized Mayor Jacob Frey’s response to the demonstrations.“I can’t stand back & watch this happen to a great American City,”the president wrote. Mr. Trump said Mr. Frey, a Democrat, must “get his act together and bring the City under control, or I will send in the National Guard & get the job done right.”

It was unclear if the president intended to send additional troops after Gov. Tim Walz activated the Minnesota National Guard to help restore order in the Twin Cities.Mr. Trump had previously described the video of Mr. Floyd’s death as a “very shocking sight” and “a very very sad event,” saying he had asked the F.B.I.’s investigation to be expedited.

Mr. Frey did not know about Mr. Trump’s tweets until a reporter read them aloud during a news conference early on Friday. The mayor shook his head and then gave a fiery retort, slamming a podium for emphasis.“Weakness is refusing to take responsibility for your own actions,” he said. “Weakness is pointing your finger at somebody else during a time of crisis.”

“Donald Trump knows nothing about the strength of Minneapolis,” he continued. “We are strong as hell. Is this a difficult time period? Yes. But you better be damn sure that we’re going to get through this.” Read more: The New York Times »

All lives matter no killing anyone! forabolsonaro Against all the social media cowboys. stopfakenews StopHate thinktwice fase5 Then should he not have his account taken down..... Oh wait, his lunatic rants are good for Twitter business TrumpsJealousOfObama TrumpIsAnIdiot Old-w. The anonymous group as it's most likely known to be more than what it seems because it spoke it has already shown that criminal o. had managed certain sequences of what had been. The Floyd case is what a--s has said of how many cases are always a use. p.harbor. Its a fake.

President should be responssible person to look into matters of violence to solve problems. Darn! They Beat him to it!! I bet he is Fuming!! Thank U Twitter u should replace the SCUM republican senate The looters are not the protesters ,if they were protesting ,they were not suppost to broke supermarkets and burn buildings and motor vehicles ,I agree with president they should be shot .

Trump-Intellectually and emotionally handicapped jorgeramosnews Twitter does not get to tell us what to say...EVER.. Of course they could. You could also be hit by a car walking across the street... Absolutely...practically inciting a riot...idiot FINALLY. Looters should be sh-t Not the right thing to do Hong Kong rioters destroy subway stations, throw petroleum bombs, attack people with different opinions with their umbrellas under the false pretence of democracy, HK police moves in to bring back order, western media (CNN, BBC..)accuse of excessive force. Look at the US now!

Don't forget to utilize missiles were redundant there for long......puke president This is the collapse of democracy. Wait, this guy criticized China for its handle of the riots, & that riot lasted 6 month. 3 days in, he is already calling out looters to be shot? Who is oppressive? This means Trump is supporting racism,....infact this man is a waste to America's presidency,.....Arbery,... now Floyd,...Burnwhitehouse

Get him outta here!!!! It’s past time Trump’s lies were flagged for fact checking. Trump is violating our democratic rights for his benefit. censured for his threatened violence, not to mention his hate speech. He is the most destructive president we have ever had to suffer under. CNN ABC NYTIMES WASHINGTONPOST MSNBC CBSNEWS FOXNEWS AP BBCWorld Reuters finally, and thank you Twitter. Trump crossed that gray line of free speech many times over on Twitter. Recklessly and appearly with intended malice. Accusing not assuming. Joe of murder.

Yo nytimes, we need to call this what it is: AmericanSpring Disgusting President sad days for America Is the president sick? How can he support the shooting of protesters who are exercising their rights to protest against injustice and murder. Let America great again by uneviling civil war Hmmm... I recall the NYT calling people protesting against Stay-at-home quarantine orders irresponsible. Seems you have no problem w/rioting thugs. Amazing!

IT’S ABOUT TIME!!! why? A beautiful scenery line. you said China ,now yourself! America is up in flames while Trump twitters! Thank you. If Twitter can block us ,if something is said that should not be ,why can't they block Trump and put him on alert for 24 to 48 hours with no tweeting being seen by anyone.... He is not above the Twitter law

😂😂😂Hold on let put some butter on my popcorn.😏😂😂😂😂😂🤣 The Reds fight the blues the whites fight the blacks they're watching our leadership there' not United need to be unless know solitary. The reds fight with the Blues the blacks fight with the whites they're just watching our leaders they have to be United otherwise they'll be no solidarity

What is realDonaldTrump doing to our nation? How can people continue to follow him after his racist comments. He is ok with shooting protestors. Is he the leader of a democracy anymore? When did you stop reporting the news? Everytime I see a article it is nothing but an opinion piece filled with the writers biased opinions and seemingly unable to simply report the facts and let the reader make their own conclusions

Finally Twitter guidelines warn users that inappropriate tweets will result in account being deleted. POTUS should have his account closed. What do they want from you, Mr. President? World power? To drive the world to hell? He’s the one who should be shot ! Protesters are right ! Black lives matter 🙏🏿 is time that justice be done ! All humans are equal no matter the colour the religion or sex orientation ! We are all citizens of the world 🌎 the world would be a better place if LOVE prevailed

The twit in chief... About time. Oh please. This is the same media outlet that was ok with Madonna burning the White House down. Shout it from the mountaintops! NeverTrump NotmyGOP America used to be the country all others looked up its just a pathetic cess pit Trump is a savior of western civilization

Hit him where it hurts! Lol And you wonder why there has been so much violence and chaos since this President took office. Mass shootings, riots, marches, racism, kids in cages, investigations, impeachment, firings, division, unemployment lines, virus, lying. Why would anyone want another 4 years of this?

You’ve gone be up in my estimations Twitter keep it up. Democracy depends on it 😁 Twitter made a correct choice Thank you twitter factcheck Trump violated (and repeatedly does so) Twitter’s Terms of Service. I’m rooting for his account to be suspended. You are a joke! You know that's not what he said. The virus is almost over, so onto the next b.s. story. One after another...

What Twitter needs to do is flat out ban realDonaldTrump's account for violating their terms of service. If anyone else was posting what Trump is posting, they would have been banned long ago. Twitter needs to shut Trumps account down. Good. I’ve been censored by them just for calling donnie a bitch boi.

Trump has to go! And suggesting a good democrat is a dead one. The “leader” of USA. When there are millions of gun nuts out there pissed off bc of their already FOX skewed views. jack Twitter give donnie a time-out like others who do far less & get slap on wrist. Not 1stA issue. karaswisher How many of this to suspend his account?

Imagine what OBONZO is guilty of if Trump is guilty, bahahahaaa! Wow the bullshit on this channel POTUS autobiography title: DESPICABLE ME The world has been turned upside down by owners of social networks. They think they are owners of freedom of speech, but they are only dealers of users personal data

I will be on Twitter more now. It is about time. That sounds more like a warning than glorifying violence TwitterPicksSides After all the liberal bullshit violent tweets? Our president cant tweet what should be done! NEWSFLASH: If you take advantage of a law enforcement vacuum to loot you can get shot. Especially if you do it to someone's home...or the business of a gun owner. No one will feel sorry for your ass either.

Finally someone holding him accountable MiguelZuu Sancion a Los asesinos de Floyd y que vuelva la Paz anybody reading this should know that Donald Trump has absolutely no power over Twitter if he's so damn upset why doesn't he just get off. He doesn't talk on Twitter he divides politicizes and lies. We want Donald to go away. That's why there's so many people saying it. Just go.

Thank you tweeter. Don't want to be picky here but this tweet might be misleading, 'potentially,' Trump mentioned looting or looters, not protesters. Not to say that shooting at ppl looting stores is ok, but this is how things escalate. A little lie here or there and all trust is lost. Trump has picked a wrong fight with twitter. He would be ckecked more and his lies would be flagged.

GOOD FOR YOU Twitter we applaud your courage! Twitter don’t back down and don’t be complicit in Trump inciting violence and murder like Facebook! BarackObama take away his toy, i mean twitter RemoveTrumpNow Stop covering him. Unless you enjoy making things worse. The protesters are burning parts of the city and looting businesses. They are engaging in violent, criminal conduct. Sorry Twitter but if you act like a criminal you might get shot. That's not glorifying violence; it's stating a fact.

Good for him too! Pretty funny Facebook just put me in Facebook jail for calling a woman a bitch Twitter CEO should be arrested for willfully misquoting our Beloved President. hahahahahahahahahaha!!!! this made my morning! He's got to be losing his shit over this one. How ironic Trump is the biggest thug on twitter today

Just when the world needed the USA to stand up and get in the face of China they impload on each other . Shameful Why doesn't Twitter cancel his account? Thats what would happen to me if O suggested some of the wack statements coming from 45! trumps dad was a KKK member. Predjudice is taught from parent to child.

Spread love not war he should be shot 🧚🧚✨✨✨🧚✨🧚🧚🧚🍃🍃🍃✨✨✨🧚🧚🧚✨✨🧚🧚✨✨🍃🍃🧚✨🍃🧚🧚🧚🧚 He thinks he is a tough guy. Huge coward who wouldn’t have lasted a day in my hood. Then they should ban him. BradleyWhitford Shut him down! Shut him down! Shut him down! Twitter can you cencor him? Fact check on this TwitterSupport jackasses

As it should As infractions pile up, suspend. Then, delete. Thanks Twitter. Good on Twitter HQ. Don't stop there. Bet that chaps his panties gtconway3d The POTUS using violence to create violence & conflict. HIS METHODICAL use of conflict, to divide, & by division, conquer. His RAGE is consuming. His advancement of violence, to attack, to degrade are the status quo for him. He will continue until he is arrested or removed!

The truth hurts fakenews Here is the bottom line...if Trump is going to spend time on Twitter, then he is just another “normal” person using that service. He is no one special...his posts should be scrutinized just like all the others...if you don’t like the rules, don’t play... gtconway3d That’s all he does, break rules, break the law, lie, cheat...

Things we thought can only happen in Pyongyang,Belarus or Manila is now live at the Fountain of Freedom. cris22nyc We must stop this kind of atrocity on US soil! We must stop this kind of killing on US soil! We must stop this kind of murders on US soil! We must stop this domestic terrorism on US soil! We need Amendment 28, i.e. Freedom of Breath!

And Kathy Griffin invites peace Censor the Real threats liblogic MAGA2020 Golden Apple falls in the silver net. May the horrible situation will be stopped ASAP. Angie_Harmon Yeah maybe they should B 4 stealing thats what looting is burning cars is destroying personal property burning houses & stores is called ARSON if someone does get hurt or die another crime maybe murder so all they R doing is putting innocent peoples lives in danger

Once he's taken control of Twitter will y'all finally start using the word 'fascist'? Sure, you'll have to remind people what the dictionary meaning of the word is, but it's still the closest fit. Shooting down? Trump is going to start a bloody massacre! This executioner! But not the icecube tweet? What about kathygriffin

Why Isn't it true If you riot Loot, destroy, Resist Hurt others with violence, what would you have them do? Say please and give them a pacifier. These people are out of control And We know what the POTUS meant.. He was not referring to the 'protesters', but to the 'looters'. scibbygirl97 He has done this repeated kml y throughout the last 3.5 years. He cultivates hate to his own benefit.

All through his term Donald Trump has been promoting violence. Everybody should be calling him out for it. donnabrazile They could turn his account off until after November Finally he's been promoting violence the past three and a half years EvanLSolomon Any regular user would have been reported and suspended. Why not Trump?

25th Amendment needs to be evoked. Incapable of leading the nation. EnoughIsEnough Thank you Twitter gtconway3d i’m lovin it twitter!!! thanks jack When are we as Americans going to hold this man accountable for the vile, hateful words and baseless insinuations he spews like raw sewage? Although the looting was not right however, encouraging people to shoot is quite similar to the police who took laws into his hands by suffocating Floyd to death. So much for jungle justice!

The world is watching. Just remove him from twitter! Lol Can someone from there check this out? CBCKatie if trump doesn't get re elected is he going to throw himself on the floor like a 3 year old and thow a fit? cant wait to see that if US ( Obama and Donald ) can support looting in Hong Kong why not in US make sense

...and if you noticed, Twitter just updated their Terms of Use recently. Stay compliant folks! BAN parler_app !! I am glad twitter did the right thing. Poor choice of words. Comments like that can actually aggravate people. Looting. ChandrusWeb Action must be taken on his account as per twitter rules. He was not 'glorifying' violence. It is a manner of speaking. It could also have meant, 'stop looting because it could incite shooting'. Pure semantics & subject to varied interpretations. Let's not amplify a situation that is already sensitive. realDonaldTrump

It’s evident this bungling buffoon is out of his league.. who in their right mind ever thought this con man could govern Ban Trump from Twitter for violating the rules. Impeached Trump not really President delete his account Yay for Twitter! Standing up for their values against disgraceful Trump! Finally! He’s been spewing hate, misogyny and ego unchecked for years. We sick of it.

If the looters were White, Trump would have never said: “When the looting starts, the shooting starts.” So why has his account not been disabled for seven days? This is Twitter’s usual response when it’s rules are broken. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 TOS... he agreed to it when he created his account. good for twitter.

This Men Is A National Loser..This is what you want you children to be with money and still the biggest losers... No Morals.. No Respect For People .. Rapist of 13 yo girls. Touch woman openly in private areas... This is what you want? Smh BusyPhilipps TruthBeTold Oh lord... Finally, Twitter! Here is some positive PR for you, keep this coming.

Thank you Twitter for attaching some clarity and counterbalance to the Liar-in-chief, realDonaldTrump Go Twitter! Raise your hand if you think trump should be banned from Twitter, Facebook, and Google... 👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋 Black people stand up and fight. The revolution is coming. If you don't fight the white police will keep killing the black.

Trump wants looters to get the death sentence without a trial. Time to leave twitter let find new platform Minnesota 1 of STRICTEST DEM-LED SHUTDOWNS in U.S! Yung PeopleSO frustratD with DEM LDRs,even LOCALs.If DEM-run Ldrshp wasn'tSO bad/peopleNot so restrctD,tensions wouldn't lead to destryN loc busins/ActionsSpeak Loudr thN wrds/PRES takN Actions to CHANGE Inept,Unusual DEM CONTROL

We spent 3 days calling Joe Biden racist because he made a sstupid joke. Meanwhile the president call black protestors thugs. gtconway3d Oh man, is he going to be pissed!!!! And the leader of Iran is left to spew racism, mysogyny and hate.. FakeNewsNYT Looters should be shot Then Twitter should remove that damn tweet.

How stupid are these people. Glorifying violence? The police should beable to shoot looters, use rubber bullets You can’t allow thugs and rabble to burn down communities Governors need to Ask the question“is that new TV & six pack of beer worth getting getting shot &/or arrested” wally_polischuk He violated something more important when he then posted it from the official White House account.

MNUnitedAF FakeNewsAlert This is why you aren't journalists. Close his damn account already!! Looting & rioting happens after the Super Bowl & other sporting events. No one says shoot them! Not really easy You finally have come to the realization that some tweets are offensive and downright idiotic, Jack? Wow. I feel its a 'better than never' situation here and I hope it continues.

Good for Twitter. I applaud their action. JournalismIsDead jack there is Punjabi cussword MKB fits to shelter of jihadi propagandists Twitter We are all bound as good citizens to be vigilant “Chubby Checkers” you should cut this son of the bitch from social media yesterday mimihalea 45* 'suggested' that Minn. protesters could be shot? I read his unhinged tweet as a threat. Pretty sure rational adults read it this way, too. You aren't very good at reporting accurately, are you? Delete your tweet; it's embarrassing for you.

Yeah well when is it going to suspend the motherfucker. BlackLivesMatter!Floyd'sLIFE GONE!GuiltyNeed SWIFT PUNISHMENTByLAW! BUT DON'T LISTEN2NARRATIVES MEANT2DIVIDE US! BattlesWreWon! BLCK LIVS REALLY MATTR NOWatNEWJuncture:RuggedIndividualism,IndepLdrshp, freshIdeas,thnkNoutsideThe Box/Don'tFall inlineWithOldStereotyps ofWhatSuppos2B

Why are we allowing a racist president getting away ever since he took office America has fallen America the fallen angel gtconway3d Hopefully this will be the beginning of Trump’s Twitter demise. JusticeForFloyd And Kathy Griffin’s tweets are ok. This is a sad sad excuse for a man. I kind of doubt he said that.

Head shaker. Just when you think things could not get any worse. I’m so sick of privileged people like him getting away with crimes death threats killing people mirderind people taping woman becaus did his skin color I hate this country People might try and protect their property. Especially, if the looting advances into residential areas.

Nytimes ... always liyng to people ... trump is right to call you fake news But he gets away with it because he rich white and male if he was black h epaulet been shot Yes, this is the way we used to do it in New York City Wow Twitter is going to remove Trump at some point before the election and it’s going to be crazy

Why is Trump still ON Twitter? JusticeForGeorgeFloyd Doesn't mean shit. Take that fucker's account down! Thank god Twitter Since business owners had already shot looters it sounds like he was just stating the obvious but go ahead and add your FakeNews spin to it like the un credible source of not news that you are. Trump2020 VoteRed VoterID

twitterhasmorepowerthantrump endorsed Amy Klobuchar. Please shut your business and never return. janellefiona If people In America, can't see how dangerous this man is..... Code words Yet they allow tweets off”death to America” by Iranian leaders. But no of course twitter isn’t biased gtconway3d 👍 The leading exemple to world is now Europe. USA with all its apparently 'power' couldn’t even take care of its own citizens. You’re a joke to the world.

still_liberty Its a dark day in DC land when the only entity that’ll set limits w this POTUS is twitter! Congress shd have used its power to say no to Trump profiting off the presidency or obstructing justice. Instead, they have enabled the criminal in the WH. Shameful Finally holding him accountable to their Terms of Use. I'm sure they'll never do so again, but in the meantime... nothing will change, and GodEmperor Trump will just do what the fuck ever his demented mind wants.

He said looters!!!! telemátiko boto.... korramos 'l riesgos.. 'n papel fraude too!!!! This one is violation !!! Twitter is biased & shuts down conservatives!! Gardening_Angel It’s about i me someone put a brake on this racisit who provokes violence realDonaldTrump WhiteHouse Watching African American CNN reporter Omar Jimenez and his entire crew get arrested on live TV in the backdrop of burning buildings and an army of state police is absolutely chilling. This isn’t America. This literally looks like war torn Nazi

Twitter seems to be overreaching here. They could justify it if they applied same standard to liberal absurdities but they don’t. Hard to see how Trump’s comments “glorify violence”. That is just some Trump hater’s twisted interpretation. It’s like ignoring actual voter fraud. Stop showing his picture. He is a murderer. He is a killer. 100,000 people dead. He is trying to distract. Don’t let him.

Can we have a national party when they kick this buffoon off? Where are the Human Rights of American black people? Shot......? Donald is a failed businessman who thought running for president would be the greatest promotional stunt ever. He never actually wanted to win. He’s willfully ignorant, lazy, & corrupt: lacking in compassion; utterly unqualified for the awesome responsibilities of the presidency.

Thank god, finally the people can retaliate. They should put him in Twitter Jail for 24 hours like they do everyone else. The pig is mentally unstable & should be sent to Russia to be with kind of haters. Fun fact. Condemning violence and suggesting that there be consequences for that violence is not glorifying violence. Use a dictionary for a change.

Publicity stunt. Boring. cld276 So Twitter is colluding with anarchists. I get it now. Well done TwitterLive YES HE DID The quote 'When the looting starts, the shooting starts' originated by a racist white Miami police chief named Walter Headley who targeted black people in 1967 ahead of the Republican convention. Donald Trump used the same line in a Tweet today. RACIST

craigengler good for twitter 😊 So Twitter is saying the government should shoot them with no warning? lovinlife311 Take his account down Suspend him, jack Twitter ! Not new, Trump always violets rules and why twitter dont cancel his account? Ok. Now what? MichellesDude It has occurred to me when we vote Trump out of office, I hope there is someone in the white house taking inventory of the objects. Trump is a unscrupulous liar, con man, and crook it would be Trump's M.O. to steal objects from the peoples house!

If Mr. Trump acted as fast on vivid 19 as he did on Twitter there would not be 100,000 deaths. DonaldTrump Twitter Twitter will allow videos of a man being murdered but will not allow the president to call for the national guard to protect the citizens in this demonstration? Messed up. Thank you Twitter for policing & censoring this violence provoking Potus. Kudos to a job well done!

NewYorkTimesGHS I appreciate you doing this, but there are bigger stories to get out there then this. Love this. Responsible writing must be practiced. it's sad that a man in the WH is interested in a fight with social media and not focusing on his job that he voted in to do.smh TRUMP WANTS 'LOOTERS' SHOT BUT WHAT ABOUT THE 'LOOTING OF TAXPAYER DOLLARS' TO HAND TO HIS FAMILY, REGIME, REPUBLICANS IN CONGRESS, BILLIONAIRES, CORP.S, WEALTHY DONORS? THESE 'LOOTERS' TOO?

The Killing President. Wow Trump sounds like the dictator Assad of Syria !!! Yeah, will Twitter deactivate his account? Bravo Twitter Enough of the bullying! He is not GLORIFYING VIOLENCE. Get it right.. He is stating that those who are LOOTING will be dealt with. It is OK to protest but they are going too far by LOOTING and DESTROYING local business in the area.. NOT RIGHT..

They can do all of this s*** but they didn't have time to change the $20 bill stop Jackson the race is son of a b**** BlackLivesMatter JLJebitsch This is going to turn ugly Race baiting NYT. Part of the plan are ya? But not the dead Democrats tweet? But Donald is always speaks bull.....🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ KeriHenare Twitters standard of 'glorifying violence' is so ambiguous and subjective that it could be used against everything from War and Peace to Looney Tunes episodes. Potus wants to order and that’s glorifying violence! What a joke

As usual the left wing media trying to shout down the real Americans thoughts. donnabrazile REALLY? read other posts Kathy Griffin Bette Milder Michael rapport they are OVER the top with their posts. gtconway3d Anyone Elise and twiter would have shit it down long ago No one should doubt that this tweet and all other tweets are intentional.

Ban his account and he can take his 40,000,000 bot accounts with him. I love it WorstPresidentEver WorstPresidentInHistory Enough is enough. Vote them all out. Law is equal for all. Thanks twitter. Cry moar CCP propagandists!!! gtconway3d Trump is a lunatic!!! rolandsmartin Let's be clear, you know darn well anything done that makes sense Trump is against! Period.

gtconway3d I have to admit I never thought I'd pick up a copy of the morning New York Times and read that headline. gtconway3d Wait for it... he was just kidding Cool. Now do the official White House account that retweeted it. Shoot’em! Man, its impossible in 2020 to wake up to 'normal news'. All the negativity around is clearly going nowhere.

artisteHart If YOU threaten violence or advocate violence on social media YOUR account will get shut down for violating community standards. 'When the looting starts the shooting starts' Shame on 45. This isn't the first time. Twitter is at fault. They should have suspended his account a long time ago like they would have anyone else.

joncoopertweets Because that's truth,we support that! Report his posts! What a disgrace for a president. The President advocated for killing people for property crimes. He’s more outraged about looters than the murder that caused it. If anyone is a thug it’s him. Thug in Chief It’s about time twitter started to do the right thing. A tiny bit of relief in Trumps insane world. Thank goodness.

“Protesters” katiecouric Well let them protest - it is time for the White House Lunacy to end Only 7 more months of Trump. jack 👏👏👏 Thank you Thanks again Twitter keep it up They aren’t protesters they are criminals if they are stealing destroying property and setting fires (arson). Duh Four years since Donald Trump called Mexicans “rapists,” and the tsunami of hate, Islamophobia and anti-black racism, antisemtism, threats and misinformation, Twitter decides he’s violating their rules. Better late than never but yeeesh, boy are they late.

African American United ! Revolution ! trump has been looting tax payer’s money to enrich his golf courses. Is he suggesting that he should face the same faith? Daft. Delete your account. joncoopertweets DoTheRightThingTwitter Good! If he doesn’t have anything positive to say he should be shut down! gtconway3d Anyone else would be suspended or lose the account. It’s time for Twitter to shut him down.

Thanx but NOT ENOUGH! Shut his account down! TwitterSafety Twitter is a private sector company, they can decide what content is permissible on their service and what content does not. It isn’t censorship unless it’s owned by the government. Twitter uses double standard to attack conservatives and interfere politics, with its own ridiculous bias and director rewarded by CCP.

Why can’t jack and twitter just delete this guy’s account on the basis that his views and comments are in conflict with their religious beliefs? And then just make shit up. Because that’s how religious freedom works...🤷🏻‍♂️ He's bluffing secupp People burning down buildings and looting businesses are not protesters. That is not a peaceful protest. They are rioters promoting violence.

secupp Of course he’s going to support the murderer, he doesn’t want to lose his vote! katiecouric It’s about time that someone (or a company) stood up to Trump. He’s not used to anyone saying “no” to him—when they DO say “no”, he has a temper tantrum. People are dying and he’s more worried about his Twitter account. Shameful.

gtconway3d I called Trump 'an asshole' in a reply to one of his tweets. My account was suspended indefinitely. Twitter fairness? TrumpIsANationalDisgrace joncoopertweets This matters,, Honesty and facts,, Happy Twitter is now paying attention to Trump's RANTS! Spreading false information in some minds they will take it as the TRUTH and run with it,, Its time to nip it in the BUTT!

Where was Trump when his domestic terrorist's in Michigan were carrying guns and threatening politicians who were trying to clean up his pandemic mess? It’s about time realDonaldTrump is held accountable! joncoopertweets This is my opinion but I agree with President Trump on his views on this subject. Again Twitter this is only my opinion 👍

Can y'all start reporting that this man is insane? joncoopertweets secupp So it’s glorifying violence to tweet a warning about/to people who are actually committing violence while news networks show it to everyone?!!! Phew, and the battle continues Why is the President of the United States of America being censored by Twitter? I thought the Constitution gave us freedom of speech? This is a very sad day for Patriots. We've lost millions of lives fighting wars overseas for Liberty but yet we don't have free speech in the USA?

It is so late...trump has been doing this since he was elected...wake up! One reason our country today is so morally bankrupt. Did you not see this I left wing media stoking the fire they will let Minneapolis burn, while they sit in nice homes , it's not there homes and businesses burning , pretending they care about social justice. They don't care , they just care about power , and will do anything to divide this Nation.

BanTrump Twitter - this is an account that should be suspended - Trump’saccount Thank you Twitter. gtconway3d Trump needs to be removed from office! This his recklessness that is taking over! STOP HIM INVOKE 25th Amendment or he will not stop! RT SpeakerPelosi SenSchumer RWPUSA SteveSchmidtSES It was a threat—not glorifying violence


EvanLSolomon Yet they ignore tweets about threats and suggestions of violence and murder all the time. Latest example is Cathy Griffin suggesting someone inject Trump with a needle full of air. JonLemire jack outsmarted Trump. Wish more of you would try it. This is why we are divided.... I’m glad Twitter,unlike Facebook, has the courage to stand up to this jackass.

Looters* not protesters gtconway3d Finally. But they won't block him! They rather block someone else for calling them a bimbo I think we can all agree looting and rioting are wrong... however, you can only push people so far before they snap. Remove his tweet! Thanks Twitter! So stating the obvious is no longer allowed on twitter

TwitterSaidNo Rules are rules donnabrazile Good for him. Most are not protestors. They are looters using the murder as an excuse. It's about three years too late but I'm glad Twitter finally found its backbone...unlike Mark at Facebook! KeiserReport I think the 'game' has just been 'upped' !!!! Does realDonaldTrump actually do any work?

realDonaldTrump SenateDems HouseDemocrats TheDemocrats SpeakerPelosi JoeBiden THANK YOU TWITTER !!! WE SUPPORT YOUR DECISION REGARDING : LYING TRUMP'S FAKE NEWS MISLEADING / FALSE TWEETS RE: MAIL IN VOTING, AND PROMOTING VIOLENCE. SINCERELY, THE AMERICAN CITIZENS You go Jack!! I am so happy to see somebody making trump accountable for his verbal assaults and lies he posts daily . He has invoked so much hatred it’s inexcusable, he is in no way a leader for our country. He has made America a boiling pot of hatred and racism.

😳😳😳😳😳😳😳what the actual fuck! Since when is someone who steals from a store a protester.. since when is someone who destroys someone else’s property a protester realDonaldTrump since when is someone who robs a bank a protester.. cnn fake news. And yet Twitter is letting all the people who are glorifying violence in the minneapolisriots stay up...weird. Care to explain jack ?

funny, how smart people don't jump to that conclusion. There's already been one person shot and killed during this, he meant violence begets violence. rolandsmartin Twitter TO LITTLE TO LATE. When TrumpFiction is challenged with facts, tactics similar to the Gestapo start with the brutal suppression of opposition and imposition of state supported propaganda. StopTheTrumpReich Donate to ProjectLincoln and MeidasTouch to stop realDonaldTrump

That is as usual Fake News, big surprise. He said no such thing. If Twitter did not want Congressional interference in there business, well stupidity just intervened. gtconway3d Feel he should be banned altogether. Just think how much more time he’d have on his hands. Every person in America ought to try to send 100 tweets in a day. Could you be effective in your job? Could you be a good parent or spouse? The man is truly not in a good mental place.

Are we going to forget about that time the president complimented a Republican Congressman who bodyslammed a journalist? Encouraging violence seems to be tolerated if the president does it. OMG, it's time this MORON 'president' is REMOVED! trash president I love twitter 😂😂😂 That man just wants to exacerbate a very volatile situation, very irresponsible.

HernandezMA5 JohnnyBiggs13 they are getting braver lol am i the only one who thinks twitter whack for this The Hypocrites jack All day long yesterday people on Twitter advocated burning Minneapolis down, rioting is not protesting Protestors Majority of them aren't even from that town, paid protestors who cause trouble and violence

He belongs in Jail a President inciting racial profiling 5,4,3,2,1 Why doesn’t Twitter close his account!!! 'American' version of Hong Kong Hahah Twitter is now FakeNews , reporters on the ground overnight are saying there was a lot of gunfire being heard!!! Yet, Twitter censors the realDonaldTrump for observing or predicting the OBVIOUS.

Let's not lose focus on the fact that the president threatened citizens with violence. Seems at least as important as the president feuding with twitter. jack good job ...hold him accountable to the same rules that apply to everyone Then block him for 7 days jack Twitter gtconway3d So did they suspend his account temporarily?

gtconway3d paulsaksphd Since people were shot in KY protesting, Twitter should suspend trump’s personal account. Send him to twitmo for a week. It seems to me Twitter is asking for a federal court battle over whether it is a social platform or a media publisher. That’s because Twitter execs are cream puffs.

😂 Twitter Jail for realDonaldTrump? It's a start. GeorgeFloyd Your racist President, his vision is to make America white again, so black brothers and asians and other people of color are not in his plan! And now the Minneapolis Police have arrested CNN crew! Incredible!? This is exactly how Trump's America looks like in 2020! Outrageous! CNN And realDonaldTrump is just giving warning to kill his own ppl!?

He needs to be kicked off He's been violating Twitter's TOS for years now. No one had the balls to hold him accountable until now. ..... And.... gtconway3d lies gtconway3d Now wouldn't it just be sweet if the entity that helped bring the madman realDonaldTrump to rise is in the end pivotal in his take down.

How convenient, for you! Why can’t they all just take a knee. gtconway3d This is not the first time he has done this. I wonder why they are pushing back now We in China should legislate to make sure that black people in Minnesota and other parts of the country are protected from the violence of American dictators! United States government, please be nice to our black brothers!

About time. 40 mil unemployed 100k dead gtconway3d Lock Him Up They are not protesters, they are looters , rioters and arsonists . Please do your job and explain to the consumers of your news the difference and why rioting shouldn’t be acceptable. We're coming for you next fatty. gtconway3d Loving it!! 🤣😂🤣😂

donnabrazile This is not a human. It is most definitely a robot. A dumb one Kai_Schultz Beyond gutsy and brilliant! Bet someone's gonna suffer a brainfreeze when he sees this in the morning while on his pot! it took this long? Fact check.....he's right.. gtconway3d Looks like Trump has found an entity he can't bully. Now, if Twitter would hold him to the same standards as everyone else and suspend his account, I'd be thoroughly impressed.

Good start. What about the other ones? Finally! He should be kicked out of Twitter. Thank you Twitter. Serious question: is he the only one out here violating twitters rules? Could be shot? I think he meant SHOULD be shot. Why don't these social media platforms just ban Trump. Be a lot easier for them and everyone else in the long run. He will have to find another way to communicate with his fanatical loyal cult members. They think he is a god so why doesn't he communicate to them through prayer.

Keep America Great. trump orders the shooting of Citizens kentstate GeorgeFloyd BBCWorld USATODAY ACLU FBI cnn CIJ_ICJ WCCO lemondefr He should resign for this comment alone!! Can you imagine any other Prez saying this and not having an outrage calling for his resignation!! Silent Repubs... you are complicit!!

What about Kohmani distroying Israel a whole country , that’s ok ? delexplorer FAILED IMPEACHED GROSSLY UNFIT RACIST AND GOP SPEW AMEND 25 STAT ACLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER TO ALL AMERICANS INCITING VIOLENCE ENOUGHAMEND 25 STAT STAT STAT Still your president! MAGA KAG JEXIT It’s just a fact. If BLM why would you burning down your own neighborhood? Take away access to community resources, shopping?

Agreed About damn time! JMastrodonato Twitter can you please fact check . Twitter after yesterday's Executive Order. I now believe in forex and bitcoin trading after I made my first withdraw of $150,000 in 7 days of trade I invested $3,500 bitcoin and earned $23,000 just in 3 days of trade contact +1(757) 789-9943 on WhatsApp to get started.

Thank you TwitterSafety jack Next step Donald's account should be deleted. csommer lock him up Zehntausende Lügen, 3 Hinweise, und dieser Wahnsinnige schreit „Meinung unterdrückt“. TrumpHasNoPlan TrumpLiesAmericansDie TrumpIsTheWORSTPresidentEVER TRUMP ♥️ Both Twitter and Facebook seem to drive the world according to their morals. They are a platform not the custodians of moral laws. many times does Trump have to flaunt your 'policies' before you act? He legally has no power to prevent you from removing unacceptable tweets, so grow a pair, stand up to this cowardly bully & remove them. If he continues, remove his account. BlackLivesMater POTUS, if its up there then its Stuck there BlacklivesMaters

The only thing from the White House that should be spurred is him being FIRED, ARRESTED, JAILED! He is the WORST PRESIDENT EVER inciting violence from his toilet. WHAT A POS. Thank you Twitter Tnyts are more interested in tweeting about the President than the BASTARDS destroying a city ... go fecking figure .

This whole thing - including this NYT article, stinks of Soros funded BLM and community organizer Obama. That’s the only way to stop the violence. Start shooting looters and violent rioters. The whole world will always stand with American people.Trump is stupid! Woohooo boot him from Twitter! Ban realDonaldTrump from Twitter. We dont want his filth here.

The fool is still asleep . It’s 6.06am in Washington DC. His first tweet of the day will be about this . Forget about the dead! Good on Twitter . Facebook complete disgrace . Finally, people are beginning to take action against what this moron of a president (realDonaldTrump) has been doing. He’s been stoking the flames of racism, violence, & division ever since he took office. Our country is in a mess because of this turd. RacistTangerine

Shame on you EEUU. Ridiculous country wendyknowler What’s wrong with warning people that if they loot and steal in the name of GeorgeFloyd the police and defense force will retaliate, with aggressive force? What’s wrong with that warning? Thanks for the warning realDonaldTrump POTUS. NowWeKnow The latest distraction. Look away from 100K and counting deaths (vs S Korea, Japan etc) and follow the chaff.

People are saying there is no excuse for violence. There was no excuse for white people killing Indians and taking their land! There was no excuse for white people enslaving black people, murdering, raping and torturing them! Some of realDonaldTrump tweets over 24hrs 12 on social media censorship 3 on Coronavirus 2 on George Floyd in 1 of them he thanks cops oddly enough.... Everyone can see clearly where his priorities lie...

Trump is his own enemy. “When the looting starts the shooting starts.” GUESS WHO SAID THIS LINE: (A) One of the vigilantes who shot AhmaudArbery; (B) One of the cops who killed some1 like GeorgeFloyd; (C) The President of the United States, as our country falls apart in wake of these tragedies? yasminv About time someone or something stands up to this vile man

He said that LOOTERS should be shot - not protesters. Yeah, I reported his racist, thuggy butt on that one. Everyone needs to start reporting whenever the president makes a blatantly cyberbullying or vicious tweet. If we can't get away with it, he shouldn't. [1/3]1. Comprehensively revise the Declaration on the emancipation of black slaves to give equal rights to black people in the United States; 2. Withdraw the characterization of the 'riots' in the Minneapolis incident;

[2/3]3. Immediately release and revoke the charges of all peaceful demonstrators; 4. Establish an independent investigation committee to thoroughly investigate the abuse of power by the police force; And I was put on a 12 hour suspension for saying HE should be shot....and I deserved it, based on the TOS. So, he deserves it, too.

[3/3]5. One person, one vote, and immediately implement the 'true double universal suffrage'. Five demands are indispensable! America stay strong! Ja KRÓL z Jehową JEHOWABÓGJEHOWA Bardzo Pana kochamy :) Potrzebna Pomoc żebym Dzisiaj znalazł sie w Szczecinie mam tam dom miasto Szczecin w Polsce Rodzice wiedzą gdzie . :) . Dziękujemy za Pomoc :) .

The NYT fanning the flames to create hate. Another day at the office. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 he is such a disgrace 🤣🤣🤣 He's a heartless monster who just wants your vote It’s about freaking time. Trump needs to have his account closed. All he does is promote lies and violence. Unfortunately his idiot supporters then spread his hate.

Think Donnie’s gonna sh!t the bed! donnabrazile “Protesters” 🤔 Good. Time he experiences the rules applying to all else on Twitter. He should have been banned long time ago. But why does Tweeter not delete Donald's account? The party is over Idiot Just wait til he wakes up. He was proud of that tweet. Gonna be a busy day.

We stand with the American people in their pursuit of freedom and equality and respect their legitimate protest. Against the use of force by the police and the government! 😂😂😂 DoDoDonald needs twitter more than twitter needs DoDo BanTrumpFromTwitter - Y'all want him on here too btw - DoDo needs someone to yell & a way to yell - that's why he was on TV - so if you ban him from Twitter he only has FOX & Facebook ( the Fox News of social media )

Oh quiet lies again The golf president is already sending soldiers to Minnesota. This problem will become more serious. Sick of twitter double standards. every day people’s accounts locked for swearing yet this idiot gets away with this kind of nonsense. constant lies and inciting violence. Kick trump off Twitter now

ogundamisi A disaster head of WH donnabrazile Oh hell, it's Friday... you know what that means. Another news dump full of distractions and bullshitery. realDonaldTrump has failed in all his strategies,and he fails at every opportunity he has to redeem himself.When it was said that African American citizens,should not vote for Trump.Perhaps now you understood the meaning.He's getting very dangerous and lost each day.Indifference

I still can't believe that some of you guys voted for this man 😦 Twitter’s right, he’s threatening to murder swaths of Americans What kind of president is this to promote violence instead of peace & unity..Stop attacking twitter & watch what you are tweeting...he is purposely tweeting nonsense so he can create laws in his favor for social media...he wants to control USA like China does...FreedomOfSpeech

'Today was the day Donald Trump finally became President.' 🤣🤣🤣 How is he still president? 美國赤裸裸地打壓人權 民主自由 再次公然謀殺和平示威者 這就是美國 國安法 這就是廢物一直崇拜的美國主義 這就是廢物一直嚮往的美國生活 this idiot Yes!! Thank you Twitter Yeah right 😂 Does nobody feel that Twitter played right away into Trump's grubby hands? Like a child pointedly tapping something a parent has said not to touch, when it inevitably breaks and the child catches heck, he cries and says 'It's unfair!' humanidiocy

Good job Twitter!👏👏 Good realDonaldTrump Fire up another executive order yo! Trump is deplorable Suspend his account. JonLemire .Twitter SUSPEND TRUMP'S ACCOUNT NOW! Ha!!!! “...that when the rich protect the rights of the poor, the poor will protect the property of the rich.”Thomas. Paine. clem_burke What about movies?

-Turned on the TV. Realized that the Dalai Lama is wearing more clothing than I am. Looks like I could use a little meditation myself! You guys are the worst. Hahahaha. Twitter has sealed it's fate. Tooda Yet people still support him... Twitter is going to get shut down for sedition. With empty propaganda dem you are endorsing it' s very difficult believe You are losing your prestige worldwide for gossip. I miss the true NYT

Rioters can be shot any time sure. Because they’re rioting. Lucky the business owners don’t do it because merica packing He is racist. Can't his followers see that? Guy has gone BONKERS ! REMOVE THIS POISONOUS CREATURE !!!! JonLemire Trump meltdown.... in 3...2.. clutching at straws again!! YAWN go do some real work LSM

He is an idiot!! İf trump ran like his mouth, he would be in good shape! Twitter no puede restringir lo que uno dice libertad de expresión es un derecho inalienable ....quienes son ellos para censurar qué nivel moral tienen ....ninguno son entes conformados por programas basuras WARNING!!!! Donald Trump is a LIAR. All communication from him needs to be fact checked. All communication from him is an attempt to gain voters who will believe his lies. Truth hurts Trump. Simple observation proves this. WARNING!!!!

trump is bastard Sometimes the gov't have to 'speak' violators can understand :o ! The statement said that it could incite violence but felt it was highly relevant to situation and was important for everyone to hear... If you want to block posts inciting violence, just shut down all of twitter, because that's the main message of everyone burning the city down.

Under imposed martial law , looters can be stopped with force. They are there to stop looting, riots, destruction. They are called in when all else fails. That’s what POTUS said. What do you think? This president* is probably a few days away from inviting 4 Minneapolis cops to the White House. wtf How many reports did it take? Thank jack

I love the smell of Twitter in the morning... Five demands are indispensable. MR president you are doing a good job, I know time are tough For are country, be safe. MAGA we need it now Glorious! Have you guys not seen the riot scenes? Fake news He not only suggests, he executes them all with his omission to cure. Breaking News: Twitter said President Trump violated his rules against glorifying violence by posting a tweet suggesting Minneapolis protesters could be shot

S word him pls otepofficial This happened right after trump signs an executive order to ensure social media can’t censor. I love how twitter just fucked itself No,he can do this,he is the president of USA!He must provide the peace,this is his job.Ofc he should choose a humanistic way when he does his job!But jack(like him) should know his line!Don't fight budy!

Twitter is global, it's not just for the failed state that it emerged from. How about realise that the executive branch is a stumbling Coup that has trashed the economy and any chance of remaining in world markets. The planet has moved on. Twitter should ban DT. SpiroAgnewGhost It’s always an absolute travesty seeing that low-rent abomination sitting at the Resolute desk.

It’s Only a Matter of Time Before Trump Shits Himself Ban Trump from Twitter. The violence advocator. SpiroAgnewGhost He didn't SuGgEsT. He said it openly. And this is the way Twitter consider liberty o speech and tought, closing the account of Imamofpeace. What a shame! who the fuck is - twitter - Prepare yourselves for TWEETGATE

We need a president that wants to jail Christians,for mental illness. Lock them up mister president. There much more Nazi then American. As are you mister president. twitter bringing a squirt gun to a nuclear holocaust. I am glad they brought SOMETHING, but guys this is some violence-stoking BS. The sitting president is threatening to use the military to execute American citizens without trial and all Mark Cuckerberg can do is chide jack for enforcing Twitter’s TOS. Sounds about White!

Calm down gentlemen — only five years of Trump left! So is his account suspended or... And this is why his account must be suspended like everyone else, with immediate effect.He shouldn’t have any privileges being a president & keep violating Twitter terms of used as everyone is equal to law in the USA. It will be magnificent test of water to see this saga

MAGA. Nothing great about this tweet. Presidents are supposed to bring calm not threaten to shoot their own people. JoeBiden JoeBiden ExecutiveOrder FoxNews HadEnough CNN Biden2020 DonaldTrump Finally I am gonna sign an another executive order donaldisoverparty the murder conspiracy was worde accusing someone

Shouldn't most of the replies to this tweet be flagged? He’s also referring to protesters as thugs!! Ppl are angry their voices are being silenced their pain is ignored! black ppl are sick of their ppl being murdered by police and never facing consequences protected by trump! This isn’t justice this is a coverup! Disgusting

atrocious- twitter is on thin ice EbonyApplePy I could not believe he said what he did tonight. But then again, that’s par for the course, & I doubt if trumps hit the bottom yet. Just when you think he can go no lower, he proves us wrong & he does. DonaldDictator DictatorDonald fake news are so against trumo that they call looters protesters smh

And what are Twitter doing about it... let me guess, absolutely nothing. Then, Twitter, do something about it! Jesus. If any of us mere mortals did the same we'd be in Twitter jail in a twitter second! But when he threatens other countries with obliteration like he did with DPRK and Iran? Queue bigots claiming to be the victim and bias against them. Don’t back down. Their supposed arguments have zero validity.

It's about damned time! The looters are being shot, one died last night, its a fact glorifying violence, 1st hand, as an Elected Official, as alleged art, Gloria Estafan? My presence in Cuba would lead to violence, says Gloria Estefan $fb $msft $ccl EZBake ships $lb JeffreyEpstein choking in prison define glorifying violence...

Twitter has surely stopped him in his tracks LMFAO Omg I can't wait until he wakes up. He's gonna be so mad. Lol! It’s about time, every word he spews should come with a warning label NotMyPresident BlackLivesMatter I happily reported his tweet and you should too...

Twitter Places Fact-Checking Warning On Trump Tweet For 1st TimeA link is added to a tweet in which the president claims without evidence that mail-in ballots are fraudulent. A Twitter spokesman says the tweet wasn't deleted because it didn't discourage voting. Should just save the time and leave it in as a permanent footer for all his tweets. He's a liar. He lies on Twitter everyday. There needs to be much more of this. Finally! Glad to see Twitter doing the right thing.

Twitter Adds Warning Label to Donald Trump’s Tweet About ‘Shooting’ Protesters in Minneapolis, Saying It Glorifies ViolenceJust hours after President Donald Trump issued an executive order seeking to strip legal protections from social media companies, Twitter early Friday applied another a warning label to one of Trum… Twitter realDonaldTrump Twitter realDonaldTrump They aren't wrong but watch him say it's more censorship like an idiot. Twitter realDonaldTrump because it does

Twitter flags Trump tweet on Minneapolis for 'glorifying violence'Twitter has slapped a 'public interest notice' on a tweet from President Donald Trump, saying it violated its rules regarding the glorifying of violence. As they should! fridaymorning Minneapolisprotests 101 617 Great job Twitter!

Donald Trump on violent Minneapolis protests: Mayor Jacob Frey 'very weak,' 'thugs' dishonor George Floyd's memoryAmid escalating violence in Minneapolis after George Floyd's death, President Donald Trump criticized the city's mayor and called protesters 'thugs.' Suspend the Cheeto's account. Flagging the tweet is twitter injecting its opinion into his statement. While you're burning our city. I see your paper burning into history. You'll be just as passe as the old rotator phones. America does not need you, you're just another political organization. And we have great communication capabilities.

Twitter flagged Trump's tweet about shooting looters as violating rules on 'glorifying violence'Four Minneapolis police officers have been fired for their involvement in the death of a black man who was held down with a knee as he protested that he couldn't breathe. Follow here for the latest updates. Trump is even unfit for twitter... Smh moneydoesntbuyclass I volunteer to tell him his tweet has been censored for glorifying violence!!!! Can you imagine? His head will spin! SPIN! Mr. Trump, is your answer to injustice, discrimination and crime, the order to shoot and kill innocent people? They have taken to the streets to say that crime, discrimination and lies are enough. Is this your democracy and human rights?

Twitter blocks users from liking and sharing Trump's tweet on George Floyd protesters, says it glorifies violencePresident Donald Trump had tweeted 'when the looting starts, the shooting starts' about the protests over George Floyd's death. Thank you Jack Twitter actually they said we could still retweet it with a comment, unless that's changed...