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Twitter Flags Trump Tweet About Minneapolis Protests for ‘Glorifying Violence’

Twitter hides a tweet from President Trump for 'glorifying violence'

5/29/2020 1:45:00 PM

Twitter hides a tweet from President Trump for 'glorifying violence'

Twitter placed a notice on a tweet from President Trump, shielding it from view for breaking what the company said are its rules about glorifying violence.

Updated May 29, 2020 5:47 am ETTwitter Inc. placed a notice on a tweet from President Trump, shielding it from view for breaking what the company said are its rules about glorifying violence.Mr. Trump’s tweet was a comment on the violent protests in Minnesota. The post can now only be seen after users click a box with a notice saying it violated Twitter’s rules against encouraging violence, but it otherwise remains visible.

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Nice masks BeBestBitch Be Best EkbMary Damn... Sad that we have to pay to read real news! How do you snitch on twitter, on twitter? If it wasn’t for Trump no one would use Tweeter. He put them on the map. Tweeter executives are full of 💩 leftist puppets Twitter needs to go down hard Sad free speech being curtailed in America.

Yet Anifa was tweeting all night. What now? Twitter think the nasty-Chinese-style censorship is a best idea on freedom places such as U.S.? In Trump's battle with Twitter .... we must stand with Twitter .... because he is the only outlet for people About damn time Be Best, and anti cyber bullying, right?

lies. There are multiple celebrity accounts giving approval of the riots and looting while directing followers to disrupt by any means necessary. Are the same rules going to be applied to those accounts too? Twitter NO ZUO NO DIE! Don't hid it. Put a light on it. That is a great disinfectant! Pretty sure the “protestors” burning police stations and bashing windows glorifies violence. It’s a Riot now and justice seekers have turned into destructive criminals. Great messaging.

jack ‘s primary responsibilty is the economic benefit of the Twitter stakeholders and asserting his political ideologies against the government isn’t in the best interest of the company Twitter has got a lot to learn about what should and what should not be commented on from various sources, hopefully, its audit process will be improved in the very near future

Thank you Twitter. Trump for the second term... Idiot 1 That’s what happens when the village idiot ends up as president When I was a kid, not that long ago, the public was informed by the police or army that looters would be shot on site. Looting ended immediately. CNN and MSNBC caused this for ratings. The State, City and every business that was destroyed have a case against these race baiters. Sue them. You will win. They are responsible!

bebest Failed leadership from Trump The last couple of days personifies Trump perfectly. January - dismisses warnings re Covid - not interested, does nothing. May - Hears Twitter denotes a couple of tweets - 48hours later signs an executive order against this. Only interested in himself & re-election.

Twitter is pathetic 😭Knee-off NECKS of Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Somalia, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Lebanon, Palestine, Bolivia, Chile, Korea, Cuba, Venezuela and Endless List😭😭 Very slippery slope. Twitter May have cut its own throat. Internem esse maluco!! Has it hid any leftist tweets encouraging violence recently or ever?

False_Song Twitter does not hide: Trump enablers Thank you Twitter Is Melania’s tennis court finish? And how the foreign languages coming along? America the real sick man of the world leading by a sicko and a sick Washington. THANK YOU TWITTER!!!Thankyoutwitter You're all laughing thinking this is funny, but Twitter is banning the truth as and when they see fit, and that's not in anyone's best interests. So go right ahead and back this kind of censorship, because your next.

I’m pretty sure what he said was not how you took it Twitter. Looting did start and ppl got shot, that’s a problem and he will send the national guard to stop that. Another cnn moment Neither Pierce or Buchanan sought a war being the states; a civil war. They just did nothing in their power to halt it. That's the difference.

Suspend or remove realDonaldTrump from Twitter Executive order coming. And so it should. Peace man. Trump has been encouraging bigotry, hatred, & violence since that fateful day he descended his golden escalator to the cheers of his hired sycophants below. He's whipped his supporters into a frenzy of blind hatred against any1 who sees Trump 4 the world-renowned conman he is.

Trump wants to help protestors in other counties but wants to murder black protestors in America. He’s a sad sick racist. Rapist and con man. 25thAmendmentNow Yes talking about sending in Nat guard to help solve the riots is violence but Kathy Griffin saying let’s pump a syringe full of air into the President isn’t..... maybe people need to wake up

stand with protesters and the black! They are fighting for human rights!!! We need to know the truth and have speech free!!! [Angry][Angry] That escalated quickly. But yet they let CNN promote violence. realDonaldTrump was in NO way 'Glorifying Violence' he was calling for StopTheViolence or he would step in. Hypocritical when Twitter allows sexual exploitation & violence..

...there goes free speech. Time for DOJ & Congress to take charge. Twitter is run by one man, Jack, and no one elected him to anything much less gave him permission to censor the US President or anyone else. That picture definitely doesn’t look like melania! Stunt double wife perhaps. The thing is that wasnt

I wouldn't have known about this tweet if Twitter hadn't hidden it. They are amplifying Trump. I don't think the executives at Twitter are as smart as they think they are. TWTR is GOD NOW Twitter is just shooting itself in the foot .... Without trump & political news this platform is dead , don’t think shareholders will be too happy

Unfit for office. Period. And by doing so, they fell right into his trap. petefrt Best president ever!!! MAGA!!! Indian Prime Minister shut down the media and Trump should do the same because all they do is sharing fake news and shut down Twitter. Twitter should just cut him off. From the virus to racial, social and political differences, his tweets have become a danger to the country. He's a danger to the country.

I applaud Twitter for standing-up for what is right. Trump has been on a path of tyranny-we have to defend democracy. Where is your free speech Lmao...that's why he signed the Executive Bill for social media smh!! Good for you Twitter!! If everyone stop using Twitter what will Jack do .GOOD how can Trump not understand crushing a man's windpipe before questioning or without treating him as a human being is a crime a murder. An abhoration.

Are you going to elect him again? In 2077, with the development of biotechnology, many famous brain cells were auctioned. An American saw Hawking's brain cells priced at $100000, Einstein's at $200000, and Trump's at $1 million. 'Why is Trump's brain cell so expensive?' 'Because they're all unused, sir.

This has gone to far. Twitter is becoming an abusive communist propaganda machine Trump incites violence and uses racial whistle once again Many forget he also railed against non violent protests by those who chose to kneel for the National Anthem And he “protests” any warnings posted by Twitter on his tweets Exactly why he loves being POTUS resist

Not enough Terminate his personal account jack I wonder which world we are sinking into 🤔🤔🤔 More fake news. Damn right! dementiadonnie is a domestic terrorist Amazing how liberals support censoring the president of the United States with a straight face wt about pro-China account? They always did that

Fact Check: It’s about time. Anyone else would have been permanently suspended years ago. Looks like Jack is fed up. About time!!! About bloody time! Defending your property isn’t glorifying violence for m.o.r.o.n.s with short memories - Shooting Starts MayorFrey Jacob_Frey In dire times like these people with a spine jack should really lead... Unlike other spineless members of the political sphere

Good! He should be removed from Twitter. Most incompetent president of our lives. America now: Don’t TwitterComms realize that the Federal government could use eminent domain laws to seize the business? Melania - 'I told you this is the last time'

Twitter flags Trump tweet about George Floyd protests for 'glorifying violence'Trump's tweet about the Minneapolis protests of the death of George Floyd was flagged by Twitter for glorifying violence. mgobluegirl6 DM for your cartoonized portrait picture!

Twitter adds 'glorifying violence' warning to Trump tweet Twitter has added a warning to one of President Donald J. Trump’s tweets about protests in Minneapolis. The company says the tweet violated the platform’s rules about 'glorifying violence.' I hope this isn’t something they limit to just Trump. This won’t end well. He’s clearly talking about the looter that was shot and killed by a pawn shop owner 🙄 Per Twitter policy, Trump should already be permanently banned.

Twitter labels Trump tweet as ‘glorifying violence’ Twitter Inc. on Friday labeled a tweet of President Donald Trump’s as having “glorified violence,” just hours after he signed an executive order threatening... Seems to me he wants to start chaos in America. TRUTHFULLY he's THREATENING MASS MURDER. TraitorTrump

Twitter adds warning label to Trump tweet for 'glorifying violence' Twitter says President Donald Trump has violated its rule against glorifying violence and has affixed a warning label to one of his tweets — the first time such action has been taken against the president's account. He’s gonna love that. Nothing a bully hates more than being forced to follow the rules. Better late than never. Twitter do your part to stop this man from destroying our country further.

Twitter flags tweet by Trump as 'glorifying violence' as protests rage in Minneapolis Twitter tags a tweet by President Trump as a violation of its rules on violence after he threatened a harsh crackdown on protests in Minneapolis. Wouldn't want to upset dear leader hmmmm? He can't do anything about it. Do you need constructive headline suggestions? 'Social media leader advocates for user safety...'

Twitter Places Fact-Checking Warning On Trump Tweet For 1st TimeA link is added to a tweet in which the president claims without evidence that mail-in ballots are fraudulent. A Twitter spokesman says the tweet wasn't deleted because it didn't discourage voting. Should just save the time and leave it in as a permanent footer for all his tweets. He's a liar. He lies on Twitter everyday. There needs to be much more of this. Finally! Glad to see Twitter doing the right thing.