Live Updates: George Floyd Protests Spread Nationwide

Live Updates: George Floyd Protests Spread Nationwide

Twitter flagged Trump's tweet about shooting looters as violating rules on 'glorifying violence'

Twitter's response to Trump's tweet: It is hidden by a notice from Twitter -- but is still viewable behind the notice. 'This Tweet violated the Twitter Rules about glorifying violence.'

5/29/2020 11:30:00 AM

Twitter's response to Trump's tweet: It is hidden by a notice from Twitter -- but is still viewable behind the notice. 'This Tweet violated the Twitter Rules about glorifying violence.'

Four Minneapolis police officers have been fired for their involvement in the death of a black man who was held down with a knee as he protested that he couldn't breathe. Follow here for the latest updates.

In photos: Protests spread across AmericaA protester carries the carries a U.S. flag upside-down, a sign of distress, next to a burning building on May 28, in Minneapolis. Julio Cortez/APProtests swept across a number of major American cities on Thursday, with crowds taking to the streets to demand action against police brutality and accountability for several related deaths.

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Minneapolis and St. Paul, known as the"Twin Cities" of Minnesota, both saw huge protests. In St. Paul, protesters faced off against riot police, batting tear gas canisters back and forth. More than 170 businesses were looted or damaged by the protests, police said.

Tear gas is fired as protesters clash with police while demonstrating outside the 3rd Precinct. Stephen Maturen/Getty ImagesAnd in Minneapolis, thousands of protesters surrounded a police precinct and set it on fire. They spray-painted the sides of the building, tried to climb up it, and cheered as the flames engulfed the building.

All staff inside had been evacuated prior to the fire.A protester winces in pain after being sprayed with pepper spray by police during a demonstration near the Memphis Police Department precinct in Memphis, Tennessee, on May 28. Patrick Lantrip/Daily Memphian/AP

In Memphis, Tennessee, protesters marched through midtown for several hours. They held up signs demanding justice for several black Americans who had recently been killed -- George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor.A group of demonstrators gather in Midtown Memphis, Tennessee, to protest the recent death of George Floyd on Wednesday. Joe Rondone/The Commercial Appeal/Imagn Content Services

The protests also escalated into violence in Louisville, Kentucky, where Taylor lived and was shot by police in March.Shots were fired in the crowd during the protests tonight, said police special advisor Jessie Halladay.Protests also took place in other cities like Denver, Colorado, and Phoenix, Arizona.

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You sound like a 'foreign' news service. CNN is dishonest with America daily using Twitter as the conduit. Any tags. THIS violation of the 1st Amendment will come back to haunt Twitter..AND CNN. If any 'required'..ALL should be. Hope the tag others! Twitter has totally lost it's collective mind Violence with destruction is never acceptable. A President should promote peace not violence. Shame on this man and not my president.

You should be blocking his account altogether! Wow, so he cares more about the looting and protest violence than the guy who got die cause the police? He always wants to solve everything with the National Guard, he said that about Chicago and yet did nothing! Just spraying his venom every time! Will CNN exist after USAttyHuber acts? Enough of your lies. SorosEnemyofthepeople

CNN is fake news. CNNisFakeNews This pisses me off as MN Voter.. stay the eff out KKK TRUMP.. Amen 🙏 Excellent, twitter is right to stop the bully king Eto na naman po ang mga 'bleeding hearts' 😂 ..looters? Shoot them! It's all well and good flagging that tweet but we all know it should be taken down. I had my account restricted for calling James Woods a cunt, but Trump threatening to have civilians shot isn't violating the rules? WTF

Teeter is full of 💩.... he wants to stop the violence Twitter needs to completely gut Trumps tweets and throw him off Twitter. Maybe if he did his job like he’s supposed to do, this wouldn’t have happened. He’s supposed to unite America. All he’s done is divide and destroy, divide and destroy.😡 It is about time

I love American politics, so! funny!!! Everyone knows that Trump is all talk. His bullying tactics are easily beaten and dismissed. Take note take a stand and do what is right, Twitter has. Good job Twitter 👍 He needs to be in jail for crimes against humanity. The President should be calling for calm. Ban realDonaldTrump from Twitter

Trump thinks this is China were you just shoot people . Something has to be done about this step up do the right thing!! Why is it still available. Why is twitter protecting a white supremacist. Twitter : aaah i luv frying up. It’s so Satisfying 😂 Trunp doesn’t know how to lead. He is purposely tearing this country apart with his racist narrative disregard for the LGBTQ community and anyone else that doesn’t agree with his dictator ways

Why hasn't FakeNewsCNN been flagged jack? LowellRoemer But this is acceptable & in no way glorifies violence. Bias! Unbelievable. Mr. Crazy takes 'psycho' to new heights. Time to stop the BULLYING !!! Why? He's said much, much worse and nothing's come of it. Is it because he's trying to take action against social media for being biased?

So you're saying it is ok to loot? Allow this wannabe American savages to continue this anarchy? They are savages and barbaric in nature, they deserve to be treated the same! ThankYouJack It’s past time. Twit is going down Asamoh_ Governers of states are responsible for the mess they allowed to accumulate while in office

Whatever this clown believes.... Right now a private company silence the highest level of government.... If you believe its a win for democracy think again... The fascist of the US will be pissed off 🙄 These protesters are 'thugs,' but the Charlottesville Nazis were some 'fine people.' Seems pretty black & white to me. Literally.

Hey Fake news, we both know this is a losing battle for twitter. They only get to do what they like because the U.S FG gave them the right to. like a little kid, their toy will be taken away soon. Twitter is allowing it's platform to be used to organize acts of violence and domestic terrorism by the rioters and looters. Tens of THOUSANDS of tweets calling for violence in MN. I have reported hundreds, personally, and not a single one has been removed.

Excellent response, well done Twitter! Go, Twitter!!! 😂😂👍 The ' Deep State ' in action ! This is the POTUS? An ill equipped, sitting duck president threatening Americans with violence. Why hasn't his account been, at the very least, suspended for a few days? Don’t mind us, we’re still just taking out the trash around here!

I love this ! CNN followers are beyond delusional lol CNN should be sued for falsely editorializing Trumps tweet. He was referring to business owners protecting their businesses, not the national guard. It was a plea to stop the looting so that nobody is hurt... leave it to CNN, fake News Here is the deleted message for everyone to see. As far as I can tell, he is basically saying he is willing to shoot more unarmed black people. He has to be removed from power. Americans, use your second amendment rights and take over this tyrannical government.

What a 🤡 Thank you Twitter ! Cannot wait for him to wake up and see this Presidents should not tweet. Maybe that should be a new rule going forward? He awake yet? I’m glad he doesn’t own a dog We must remove the cancer of Trump but vote or by will. I don't get it? I thought it was lawful for police or national guard to use firearms for crime prevention in the US.

In fact, Trump has always stood with thugs, whether it is Hong Kong or the United States! They are not 'protests'. They are violent riots. People are not rioting because George floyd was killed..they are rioting because blacks have been killed before with no action......riot is a language of people who have not been heard

Instead of that innocent guy Disney 's duck should be under his knees, just Disney's duck im not figuring out someone 🤷‍♂️ So.... Is saying Trump is lying, and the National Guard WON'T shoot looters and rioters? Give 45 HELL! Twitter 👍🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Twitter VS the mad king. madkingtrump Perception is reality. The spin on this is what people will believe. I don’t foresee a change in behavior just more digging in.

You are fake news. GOTTEM !!! CNN is truly, the Enemy of the State. Why didn’t Twitter flag the MSM & the left when they glorified the violence of looting and burning buildings to the ground? Trump’s tweet was about the consequences of doing nothing. People would start shooting when they start to become victims of looting.

Trump always fuels the flames instead of trying to extinguish them. Now we wait for him to wake up... While the impeachment process was being televised in every TV stations, Trump was at The World Economic Summit...which I couldn't comprehend his reasoning for being their. I'm just saying MAGA IS ALL! Fake news CNN

Yeah I’m sure some of them store owners now are thinking twice about not calling in the National Guard sooner to stop the rioting an looting this is nothing about a man’s death it’s all about looting pillaging in the black community! 🤬 Things morbidlyobese realDonaldTrump will do before being briefed on corona: 1.Wake up with phone on his hand 2.Send one or more tweets that glorify hatred, crime, racism, blame BarackObama TeamPelosi JoeBiden ..basically divide America 3.POTATO 4. GOLF 3. Twitter Again

More rules for conservatives only, proving Trump right. What about all the people calling for violent riots on the left? What about Iran’s leader calling for the slaughter of Jews? Lawsuits a comin It’s an NRA NRA tweet obvi. It was meant for the nra voter Just in case any moron still thinks it was about soldiers ...

Communist News Network Read your byline- FakeNews- President Trump is going to shoot Looters? 🤔 The original states - When looting starts/ Shooting Starts - You ever stop and think that the two go hand in hand that the looters just might be armed and will start the violence Asamoh_ Are you dafts at cnn?...why you not headlining it also states 'it's in the public interest for the tweet to be accessible to the general public'?

Wow, I mean Americans are you seeing your country turn into China ? What is that government you have right now. If Trump reacted to COVID-19 as quick as he did to this twitter fight then maybe there wouldn't be 100k people dead today. Trumps response to the murder of this man was scripted and not from the heart at all. Therefore you shouldn’t be surprised that the real man and the real attitude comes across when he types his own messages. He didn’t care yesterday and he won’t care today.

'This Tweet violated the Twitter Rules about glorifying violence.'? OBVIOUSLY - For 'Twitter to Interpret That as GLORIFYING VIOLENCE' is Incredibly STUPID. Ha, ha!!!!!!!!!!! President Trump is an Absolute GENIUS. President Trump's Genius is even EXPOSING Twitter. WOW! pennie_reese TwitterGate2020 GOPGenocide TrumpIsKilling1AmericanEvery42Seconds

He’s thrilled at the distraction from 100,000+ deaths due to his disinterest and corruption. Next up: mowing down Americans in the streets. trumpmeltdown on the way. He already thinks he can say or do anything and get away with it so kudos to Twitter for standing up F-ck you Donald Duck. This is the reason I cannot react on it either.

Does he post his own tweets? 🤣🤣🤣 Eagerly waiting for the tantrums ..... Of course, everyone knows that the human rights and democracy you are talking about is just a tool to put pressure and repression on anyone who opposes you and nothing else, That’s awesome! Wonderful! It does not. It is a FACT a gentleman was shot by a pawn shop owner when the gentleman attempted to loot a pawn shop. Since when is that Glorifying Violence? CNN has tweeted out the Burning of building by Criminals as 'Protesting'- No it's Criminal Acts. Where is your flag

'ohoh bon fout' like we say in kreyol..... wait till he wakes up and see this ... he's going to lose his shit. FK twitter When CNN announced fake news that Kim Jong Un was dead, nothing happened Fight for freedom! What a beautiful scenery! This is what the popcorn gif was made for. If you didn't have your alarm set for this morning... You do now.

how’s the twitter stock doing overnight? yeah but people can threaten his life all day long and nothing happens 🙄 not biased at all. Someone should tell Twitter that Trump is still their President. jack isn't joking here men. he should have had thugs DerekChauvin & TouThao arrested to face murder charges by now

President Trump is an Absolute GENIUS. President Trump's Genius is even EXPOSING Twitter! WOW! The Great Negotiator. Maybe Twitter should put him in Twitter jail or suspend/revoke him like everyone else who need to follow the same rules? Now he’s got his big balls EO on, he’s going to push them over their limits. Let’s see if they allow it (they will).

Thank you Jack and Twitter Now if only Zuckerberg followed Facebook's policies and banned/flagged Trump's Facebook account and blocked false political ads, rather than having zero moral compass for the sake of profit. Mr. Trump, is your answer to injustice, discrimination and crime, the order to shoot and kill innocent people? They have taken to the streets to say that crime, discrimination and lies are enough. Is this your democracy and human rights?

I volunteer to tell him his tweet has been censored for glorifying violence!!!! Can you imagine? His head will spin! SPIN! Trump is even unfit for twitter... Smh moneydoesntbuyclass

Jimmy Kimmel on the Inevitability of Trump Getting Into a Twitter Feud With TwitterJimmy Kimmel broke down President Trump's Twitter feud with Twitter after the platform fact-checked his claims about mail-in ballots Nobody cares about Jimmy Kimmel Kimmel is not funny, the laugh track is funnier than the man Oh Great , we can all sleep soundly now. Jimmy is a Hypocrite and RS = Really Stupid.

Donald Trump on violent Minneapolis protests: Mayor Jacob Frey 'very weak,' 'thugs' dishonor George Floyd's memoryAs fires burned around the Minneapolis Police Department’s 3rd precinct, President Donald Trump lashed out on Twitter, calling the city’s mayor 'weak' and saying that 'thugs are dishonoring the memory of George Floyd.' Where’s the lie? He is right on both. The ppl who stormed that capitol with guns threatening the governor were true 'thugs.' These ppl who are protesting are just fed up and exercising their constitutional right to peacefully protest. Get it straight POTUS

Trump warns 'when looting starts, shooting starts' as fires burn in MinneapolisAs fires set by protesters outraged over the death of George Floyd burned in Minneapolis early Friday, President Trump threatened to call in the National Guard, labeled the demonstrators 'thugs,' and criticized the mayor for losing control over the city. Okay, It still ain't going to matter, democrats are the caused, their cities are shitholes as well as their states,. Vote them if u ain't happy with them. Which COPS started the fire?

George Floyd: Trump to receive 'full report' on Minneapolis death, calls it a 'very sad event'Trump addressed the death of George Floyd while traveling to the Kennedy Space Center, telling reporters he plans to receive a "full report" on the incident. Gonna call the cops “very fine people” He doesn't read.. OH, yes, his wife will read it to him... but he doesn't speak her language.... oh Lord ! Oh please.Ugh!

Twitter Places Fact-Checking Warning On Trump Tweet For 1st TimeA link is added to a tweet in which the president claims without evidence that mail-in ballots are fraudulent. A Twitter spokesman says the tweet wasn't deleted because it didn't discourage voting. Should just save the time and leave it in as a permanent footer for all his tweets. He's a liar. He lies on Twitter everyday. There needs to be much more of this. Finally! Glad to see Twitter doing the right thing.

Trump threatens to shutter social media companies after Twitter warningU.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday threatened to regulate or shut down social media companies, one day after Twitter Inc for the first time added a warning to some of his tweets prompting readers to fact check the president's claims. Короновирусная шизофрения обуяла планету. Все вокруг я That's the first bit of real good news this year if it takes him off of social media completely. By his definition, correcting his followers' misspelling of 'they're' is 'silencing conservative voices.' It's an asterisk to a link correcting the error, not censorship, ya big dummy.