Twitter, Facebook to hand over @POTUS account to Biden on January 20

Twitter and Facebook announced they will hand over control of the POTUS accounts to the new Biden administration on Inauguration Day.

11/22/2020 6:04:00 AM

Twitter and Facebook announced they will hand over control of the POTUS accounts to the new Biden administration on Inauguration Day.

The social media giants will also hand over other institutional handles — for the White House, vice president and first lady of the United States — on inauguration day.

Politico reported earlier that the handover of the @POTUS Twitter handle requires no sharing of information between the outgoing Trump team and incoming Biden team.It also reported that Twitter will meet transition officials of Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris in the coming months to discuss the particulars of how the new administration will use Twitter.

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Biden, who has reached the two-week mark since becoming president-elect, is preparing to take office on Jan. 20, but Trump has refused to concede and is seeking to invalidate or overturn the results through lawsuits and recounts in a number of states, claiming without proof - widespread voter fraud.

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Good idea. You should do it now you should shut down 45s accounts as he is blatantly spewing falsehoods it makes people like me not want to be associated with platforms that give racist, fascist misogynistic liars a forum to spew their bilge. you would ban normal folks for that crap Wow, how cool of them

Hilarious! These leftist media outlets have already given special favor to candidates Biden and Harris. And FYI, we are a very long way away from any inauguration of the fraudulent candidates. 👏👏👏 They pretty much handed it to him at the start of this election but he won’t be President Who cares? Twitter is no longer relevant, since they censor whay they want.

What Biden can’t figure out how to create his own? Can’t come soon enough! Who cares? Twitter and Facebook are written off. Just like Biden. Enjoy your very last FEW Weeks using Social Media, BITCH realDonaldTrump !!! ---- U Done after that!. It's OVAH!!!........ Putin AWAITS for his Main Puppet / Peasant in Russia World after Jan. 20, 2021!. JoeBiden SpeakerPelosi KamalaHarris DaveBautista

Wow! Twitter and Facebook have power to appoint the president of the United States. Who freaking cares? But I guess you won’t ask Biden about him blackmailing Ukraine with taxpayer money Huh? Who cares Will Joe have a phone in prison? Very good indeed! Wash it off first. Can't wait to see his new acct. donaldtrumpisafraud

Can they do that now? I really hope he doesn’t communicate with us through Twitter. I believe he has more maturity than that. Now this is some news worthy information. Know what I don't care use the people I can not wait till your used as bad Well, aren't they special? Why would they do anything else? They've done the same before. Why wouldn't they do it again now? This is hardly news.

Take TRUMP off know he's gone BRAIN DEAD don't no what he is doing. poopoo peepee Because that's what we've all been so worried about. Wow. That's a load off my shoulders! No more Twitter....I’m just gonna have to fill my time eating more McDonalds or get a coloring book and crayons. Good luck Great After that ban Trump and his family from twitter and Facebook

He doesn’t use those. His is realDonaldTrump always has been. Great story though. They need to shut that mf up now! How can anyone support a wannabe dictator Omg even that should be scrubbed clean after trump touched it. Fuck Facebook I wonder why. The accounts should remain under control of the POTUS. Pussys


AFTER he's done a 💩load of damage. ok.... During the Obama period, the US and China don't have a lot of conflicts over everything. But when it comes to Trump, the US has a lot of conflicts over many worldwide organizations and a lot of countries. The US has even withdrawn the WHO, which is quite important for preventing.

Thanks Twitter If that happens, Twitter will be about as interesting as a dust-bunny under my bed... Take control now. Any normal person flagged that many times would be banned. And his lies are literally ripping this country apart. Twitter should be ashamed. Who gives a damn - we will all go to PARLER, or some other platform. If you think that will stop free speech, then you are mistaken. The way Twitter, and Facebook is set up - he can go under an assumed name. Red blooded Americans know more than one way to skin a cat. MORONS.

Who even gives a rats ass about. that? What's that old saying? Don't count your chickens before they hatch? Those being official sites I wonder how it will be handled if States still have not certified election results. Michigan hit a snag when people were threatened because the Democrats wanted something ignored that didn't look right. Our observers were also blocked!

Please don’t use either JoeBiden. Please. But Trump doesn't use that account. Take away, archive his realdonaldtrump acct as part of presidential use. He can start another one. Interesting And this a news story? WOW It’s settled then. JoeBiden will never be my POTUS Let’s poll. A) Will the ProudBoys march into DC and make a spectacle of themselves, AGAIN, over this? B) Or has the butt-hurt healing process begun?

That is IF and a BIG IF now that the circuit courts have been reassigned and our supreme court justices will decide these swing states. Civics 101, keep up NBC. Hope he strips all their rights once he remains our president🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Great! I’ll follow them back once that happens! And no one will care

Trump will just end up on tik tok Do you ppl know what the penalty is for treason? You're about to find out, very soon! Twitter should probably give the DMs a scroll first. (I wouldn’t doubt they’d be stupid enough to use it) Twitter and Facebook, won't even have a platform after Trump..idiots...and no more fake news as MSM and talk show hosts and sports and restaurants and bridges and military and ICE and just about everything goes Bye bye,but hey enjoy your nothing of nothing

There Electoral College first needs to elect the President. Twitter and Facebook need to wait until this happens. He doesn’t use the official POTUS account so it won’t impact him until he violates Terms of Service — we’ll see what Twitter does then Wow nice what going to happen to mr Trump then How mighty noble of them 🙄

Oh please, can’t they hand them over now? realDonaldTrump hahahahahha Even Zuck!!! I don’t believe it 🤣 Trumps BFF Not a radical approach. Not doing so would be radical. Glorious times.... but will they delete all the trash on it from the last four years? 😁 This won't age well. Reminder, Trump can also be banned like anyone else at that point. He won't make it more than an hour lol

Lol... if joe biden wins of course he will have POTUS acct what's so great news about that..Jan 20 is the inauguration so ... Gonna be kinda awkward when they have to give them to Trump. Oh how big of you. Thank you for your sacrifice Twitter Facebook You all have done a lot of damage these past four years and during this election.

Can't tweet from space so that makes sense.. OrangeWasEjected Imposter OrangeIsSus He should troll everyone by posting some ragey stuff in all caps with some exclamation points and misspellings, lol that one is really gonna snap what’s left of trump’s brain Of all the things that will piss him off I’d say this is going to be the top.

Why would they give Sleepy Joe the account when he will be in either his basement or jail? You guys are just digging a deeper and deeper and deeper whole. As long as you know that that's fine keep on Ah yeah! lol. NBC considers this a worthy news story. That's how far they have fallen. Thank God Bet ya don't

Which is the exact same thing they did for Trump. I recall the horrific moment well.