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Twitch Suspends Trump’s Channel for ‘Hateful Conduct’

The action appeared to be the first outright suspension of one of the president’s social media accounts.

6/30/2020 1:20:00 PM

Twitch , the livestreaming platform, said on Monday that it was suspending President Trump’s channel for “hateful conduct,” in what appeared to be the first deliberate suspension of one of Trump’s social media accounts

The action appeared to be the first outright suspension of one of the president’s social media accounts.

and label posts from political figures who violate rules as “newsworthy.” But the labels, which do not explain what is inaccurate or hateful about a post, fall short of what Twitter and other companies have done.Twitch’s suspension of Mr. Trump comes as the platform, which is popular with gamers, is under fire for other instances of hateful rhetoric. Streamers have accused it of allowing racist and sexist comments to thrive unchecked, and the company said last week it would permanently suspend a handful of users after a torrent of sexual harassment and assault allegations

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rocked the video game industry.Cindy Otis, a disinformation expert and senior fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab, said Twitch’s suspension of the president might pressure other companies to ratchet up their actions.“You have to sort of wonder, if smaller platforms start taking more aggressive or harder action on what they consider harmful content or on the disinformation side — will that end up pressuring the larger platforms to do more as well?” Ms. Otis asked.

But, she added, “if stuff gets removed from one platform, it simply migrates to another.”The actions are likely to revive charges by conservatives that social media platforms are suppressing and censoring their speech. Whitney Phillips, who researches disinformation at Syracuse University, said the moves were “definitely going to be weaponizable by people on the far right who can point to this” and say that online platforms were biased against conservatives.

Some backlash began on Monday after YouTube announced it was barring six channels for violating its hate speech policies, including one by Stefan Molyneux, a podcaster and internet commentator who has discussed his far-right politics. Far-right YouTubers quickly accused the Google-owned site of bias.

Mr. Molyneux, who had nearly one million YouTube subscribers and more than 300 million video views on the platform since starting his channel more than a decade ago, said on Twitter that YouTube had “just suspended the largest philosophy conversation the world has ever known.”

The Trump campaign did not directly address the actions by Twitch and Reddit on Monday. Tim Murtaugh, director of communications for Mr. Trump’s re-election campaign, said in a statement that people should download the Trump campaign app or text the campaign’s automated number to “hear directly from the president.”

Twitch is not one of Mr. Trump’s top social media channels. His channel began streaming on the service last October, amassing more than 125,000 followers and 113 streams, compared with his more than 83 million followers on Twitter.The platform did not address whether any of Mr. Trump’s other past streams had violated its rules. It said it told Mr. Trump’s campaign last year that it did not “make exceptions for political or newsworthy content” that violated its guidelines.

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By Monday afternoon, the URL for Mr. Trump’s Twitch channel displayed a message: “That content is unavailable.”Kevin Roose contributed reporting.Updated June 23, 2020 Read more: The New York Times »

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Th left in all its glory... Thank you Twitch ! Bezos and his Washington Post and Twitch are helping Biden who promised to raise taxes again and restore regulations. Coke, Pepsi and other corporations are boycotting Facebook to force them to censor Trump. Surely psychiatrists have a name for this. 116 PURPOSEFUL MISTAKES the FAKE NEWS MEDIA MAFIA reported to Americans in an effort to destroy President Trump, his administration & his family! All LIES!

Wait, Trump had a twitch account? Was I missing out on some presidential lets play live streams? Singing my chat room? Could I have played Jackbox with the president? Guess who owns Twitch: WaPo Amazon Bezos. 'Twitch is a video live streaming service operated by Twitch Interactive, a subsidiary of Amazon. - wikipedia' So what you're getting is a concentrated media platform acting like a massively concentrated media platform.

We don’t care! Why did Dr Disrespect gets banned?!?!?!? When did trump ever stream there to get suspended? Never heared of this. If Katie Hopkins can get banned from Twitter, then so can he. About time a social meadia platform holds up to it's own rules. twitter should have lead this charge. This is the main reason I removed my account in the past. Stop elitism.

All too often, people who call themselves progressive liberals are at the forefront of movements to shut down debates on college campuses and to restrict freedom of speech. Parler is more happy for this insane block Why does trump has a twitch channel in the first place? Does he have a tiktok and snapchat account too?

Banana Republic C'mon Twitter , how many of his Tweets do I have to report before you stop his hateful conduct? 1 down, several more to go. If another person does as the president. They would be removed immediately. Do the right thing social media. Social Media is both a virtual empty lot and corner newsstand. When serving the first purpose, there is playfulness, creativity, and identity building along with name calling, cheating, and playing with matches. Filling the second purpose provides real news, gossip & opinions.

Balls☑️ seaninsound Awesome stuff, Twitch. jack and Twitter your move. Corporation starting to decided who can speak. Next, Nov. 3, to suspend his realDonaldTrump Presidency forever.... This is actually very worrisome. When a public official makes a statement, no matter how abhorrent, it should not be blocked or censored. The public has the right to hear and read even the malicious rants of its leaders. FreeSpeech

its so sad that social media platforms have more balls than the GOP Hahaha. Conservatives heads are going to explode and we won't be able to watch it happen live. What a shame. Because Twitch was acquired by the funds of the Communist Party of China a few years ago at least someone's got some cojones 👍

Just another push to ensure a Trump2020LandslideVictory How wonderful! When do the two bigots go to prison? Take Romney's niece. Want to make a bet there is Russian money in the RNC and NRA? What is going on? I converse with people who do not what traitor does or says. Meanwhile.. Democrats are cool with this. 😐 DefundThePolice

There is a red wave coming. Censure So Twitch has announced that it is now wide open to be fucked over by everyone who cares to. Good. Their hate material should not be allowed. 😡 craster17 lolol At last, some one has recognised & accepted, which Americans havy been ignoring for years. He has a Twitch account? 🤨 WOW - Well done Twitch for suspending it! 🤘

Now same with media. Stop sitting at pr press confe. Do what IF Stone did: get documents, make calls, investigate, report, and never ever go to any bs press confe. by liars. Why is he on this in the first place?! I never heard of it so looked for it in App Store, and see it is a social media platform for gamers to communicate! Gamers! So on top of Tweeting 24/7 is the orange turd playing online games too?!

About time. Are you listening Twitter and Facebook and Reddit? The first of many, we sincerely hope. Who? well done TwitchDE twitch lol The opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference. The opposite of art is not ugliness, it's indifference. The opposite of faith is not heresy, it's indifference. And the opposite of life is not death, it's indifference. ~Elie Wiesel

AHAHAHHA niceeee Election interference championed by the left. Left wing ideology is all about authoritarianism and totalitarianism - it’s why it always ends with gulags and killings. What is deliberate suspension? Work on your headline and how it’s worded

Reddit bans 'The_Donald' forum in crackdown, Twitch suspends Trump's channelSocial media site Reddit on Monday shut down r/The_Donald, a forum used by supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump, and Amazon.com Inc's live-streaming platform Twitch temporarily banned Trump's official channel for violating Twitch 's policy on hateful speech. Seems all media are pro-dems.😉

Twitch Suspends Donald Trump's Campaign Account for 'Hateful Conduct'The popular video game streaming website's decision came after clips from a 2016 campaign rally, as well as the president's recent Tulsa rally, were shared on the platform. If social media sites block Trump he will lose his ability to communicate to his base. The sooner he’s frog-marched out of our WhiteHouse the better for America and the world They really think this will help then? They do realize he's getting re- elected this november, dont they? It seems these tech nerds get off on silencing others.

Twitch suspends Trump campaign account Twitch has suspended an account belonging to the Trump campaign, saying that 'hateful conduct is not allowed.' The video streaming service, popular with online gamers, is the latest tech platform to take action against President Trump. Yippee 😂😂😂 Why do liberals and leftists squeal like pigs damn Doc now they are just purging everything wtf, also they are sexist against men because they ban men but not women for the same TOS violations, BS. EQUALITY MEANS 'EVERYONE'

Twitch Temporarily Suspends Trump For 'Hateful Conduct,' While Reddit Bans Pro-Trump Forum'The_Donald' subreddit, notorious for its controversial yet popular posts, had over 790,000 subscribers as of Monday morning. Maybe American social media should ban you, for spewing Chinese propaganda? Saying it was just a 'pro-trump forum' is putting it lightly. Well we trying to get rid of racist assholes, need to start at the top.

Twitch Suspends Trump's Account For Violating 'Hateful Conduct' RulesThe Amazon-owned livestreaming platform said two recent streams on the president's channel prompted the suspension. Donate to joebiden and rid us of this idiot GOOD!!! NOW HOW ABOUT TWITTER!!! Woot! twitter, your move. ♟

Trump's Twitch channel suspended, and Reddit bans pro-Trump online groupCiting hate speech, video streaming site Twitch suspended President Trump's official channel, and Reddit banned a pro-Trump group I miss a real president. They’re getting desperate, but they’re going to lose big time November! MAGA2020 Trump's not having a great week.