Twitch says user passwords weren't compromised in huge data leak

Change your password and enable 2FA anyway.

10/16/2021 8:45:00 PM

Change your password and enable 2FA anyway.

Change your password and enable 2FA anyway.

That's what Twitch says, anyway. The streaming site issuedan updateon Friday in the aftermath of the big hack, saying that user passwords, credit cards, and banking info weren't accessed by the hackers. Those are basically the only things that were left out, as everything from Twitch's entire source code to payout reports for the top Twitch creators from 2019 to the present was laid bare for all to see.

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Twitch did say a"small fraction" of users were impacted by the data that got out there, and the company will contact those people directly.You'd be forgiven for looking at this and thinking to yourself"whew, I'm fine!" but that'd be a short-sighted view of things. Sure, your Twitch info may not have gotten compromised

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