TWICE Offers a Double 'Taste' of 'Alcohol-Free' With Performance and New Video

.@JYPETWICE gave fans twice as much to celebrate on June 9 when they performed their new single, 'Alcohol-Free,' for the first time and released the video.

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.JYPETWICE gave fans twice as much to celebrate on June 9 when they performed their new single, 'Alcohol-Free,' for the first time and released the video.

TWICE gave fans twice as much to celebrate on June 9 when they performed their new single, 'Alcohol-Free,' for the first time and released the video. Watch.

Twice performed on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' on June 9, 2021.gave fans ... well ... twice as much to celebrate on Wednesday (June 9). The K-pop girl group released not only the music video for their new single"Alcohol-Free," but also performed the song for the first time on

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The Ellen DeGeneres Show.For their debut performance of"Alcohol-Free," TWICE gave off sunny island vibes with a set made to look like a bar at a tropical resort, complete with palm trees around a dance floor surrounded by mini pools. As the nine danced -- offering a smattering of ballroom moves -- they also mimicked making drinks as they sang about their sweetie being their tequila, margarita, mimosa and more. Partway through the performance, the baby blue skies transformed to starry sky, with the set glowing with neon lights. TWICE also traded their flowy day dresses for party-appropriate minis.

Their music video gave off similar vibes at the outset, with the ladies enjoying some time beachside. The visual for the song about being drunk in love then cuts to clips of the individual members as well as scenes of the women dancing together. Read more: billboard »

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