‘TV’s Top 5’: Julian Fellowes on His ‘Downton Abbey’ Follow-Up ‘The Gilded Age’

‘TV’s Top 5’: Julian Fellowes on His ‘Downton Abbey’ Follow-Up ‘The Gilded Age’

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1/21/2022 2:01:00 PM

‘TV’s Top 5’: Julian Fellowes on His ‘Downton Abbey’ Follow-Up ‘ The Gilded Age

During this week’s podcast, hosts Lesley Goldberg and Daniel Fienberg sit down with the Emmy and Oscar winner to discuss the HBO show’s decade-long development process and the period drama’s exploration of Black and gay characters.

The Gilded Age.TheDownton Abbeycreator discusses how former NBC boss Robert Greenblatt championed the period drama and ultimately took the series with him when he signed on for a top role at WarnerMedia. Fellowes says he was unable to begin work onGilded Age

until after he wrappedDownton Abbey, with the production also stalled by the global pandemic in 2020. While the show has had a long road to the screen, Fellowes says the nature of what he wanted to do never changed when it was at NBC to what will debut Monday on HBO. “It was the same idea,” he says. “[NBC] chose to announce it years before I was free to actually write it.” As for the move, Fellowes — who also discusses the differences in developing a series for a U.S. distributor and the notes process that comes with it — says he’s happy that it ultimately landed at HBO. It was “unreasonable” to ask a broadcast network to devote a sizable budget to cover period sets and costumes and, “if I’m honest, it seemed a very natural fit when we arrived at HBO,” he says.” The 40-minute interview also addresses the sprawling cast, the painstaking research Fellowes did to explore New York in the 1880s and if there’s a world in which

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