Turquoise Miami: Everything We Know About Fetty Wap's Ex

Turquoise Miami: Everything We Know About Fetty Wap’s Ex

8/3/2021 12:09:00 AM

Turquoise Miami: Everything We Know About Fetty Wap’s Ex

A look at Turquoise Miami, mother of Lauren Maxwell with rapper Fetty Wap.

suggest the young girl passed some time in late June. Additionally, last weekend at the Rolling Loud music festival in Miami, Fetty Wap dedicated his set to his daughter. While he never acknowledges his daughter on stage, he did write “LoLo daddy did that s— for you last night baby girl,” on his Instagram Story.

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While the family is reeling from this unspeaking tragedy, you may be curious to learn more about Turquoise Miami and the current status of her relationship with Fetty Wap.Who Is Turquoise Miami?whose real name is Lisa, has had brief moments in the limelight as a rapper. Her most popular song is “Trap B-tch” which dropped in 2018.

Besides the most recent heartbreaking post, Miami has scrubbed her Instagram account, and other known accounts such as @turquoiseatl and @turquoisemiami appear to have been deleted. Old posts from these deleted accounts seem to indicate she was a model and dancer as well. headtopics.com

Turquoise Miami And Fetty Wap’s RelationshipNot much is known about the relationship between the parents of Lauren Maxwell, including when they were officially dating. We do know they welcomed their baby girl into the world in February 2017. We’re guessing the relationship was brief, as Fetty Wap also had a child with his then flame Elayanna in 2016 as well as another child with Masika Kalsyha that same year. Then in 2018, he welcomed his second child with Lezhae Zeona, with whom he had a child with back in 2015. We know, it’s a little messy.

It also seems there was some bad blood between the pair. In 2020, as reported by The Shade Room, Miami called out Wap on Instagram alleging he was not paying child support or spending time with his child. Read more: Gossip Cop »

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Fetty Wap's ex shares heartbreaking tribute to daughter, 4, after tragic deathFetty Wap's ex Turquoise Miami shared a heartbreaking tribute to their daughter Lauren after her tragic death at the age of just four