Turks try to ward off covid-19 with eau de cologne

Soap is cheaper, but kolonya is a national obsesssion

4/10/2020 12:55:00 PM

Since the outbreak, Turks have been stockpiling cologne. One retailer reported a 3,400% increase in sales

Soap is cheaper, but kolonya is a national obsesssion

N MOST REGARDS, Turkey’s response to the covid-19 outbreak has not been out of the ordinary. The government has cancelled all international flights, sports events, and communal prayers at the country’s 90,000 mosques. Schools, universities and restaurants have been closed. People over 65 and under 20 have been ordered to stay at home.

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Unlike other countries, however, Turkey has also made it a matter of policy to keep its citizens supplied with cologne. On March 18th President Recep Tayyip Erdogan promised to distribute the stuff to the elderly. Days later, local producers pledged they would not raise prices during the pandemic. Officials vowed that stocks would never run low.

Turkey is a land of germophobes. Food vendors hand out wet-wipes. The secular and pious alike wash their hands religiously. Asked how often they do so after a trip to the toilet in a 2015 survey, Turks scored higher (94%) than any country in Europe save Bosnia and Herzegovina, trouncing France (62%), Italy (57%) and the Netherlands (50%).

But nothing quite matches Turkey’s love for cologne. Named after the German city in which it was invented, cologne arrived in the Ottoman empire in the 19th century. It found a brand ambassador in Sultan Abdulhamid II, who carried Atkinsons cologne wherever he went and could get through a bottle in a matter of hours. The habit caught on, and cologne made its way into Turkish vocabulary, initially as

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It is a tradition in Turkey. If someone come and visit u at your home; first u serve kolonya for welcoming.. And they smell like 19th century French tarts ! Yeah also if someone will light up we all explode as all the country due to much alcohol It’s like 70% alcohol, I don’t blame them! Double standards?

That works for me👍🏽 Witchcraft doesn’t work Jean Marie Farina? Paco Rabanne Apres Rasage? Pachuli? but it’s expensive than usual sanitizers. Hydroxychloroquine is used at the first symptoms in Turkey, even before positive COVID test. Hence a tenth of the dead of Britain (with a third bigger population).

only 60% alcohol content sanitizer or a hand wash soap can do the job. It was our daily routine , now became our saver Headline is misleading because... we know that it does NOT ward off a virus... Imagine if they used it on the Milan, Rome and Paris Metros two months ago.. two birds one stone. The perfumes worn in the Middle East are enough to deter any virus , demon or undesirable disease . Gulf COVID19

Proof does not = percent for alcohol based products. So for Covid, hand sanitiser must be 60% alcohol. Some Turkish Kolonya is only 80 proof, ie 40% alcohol. In what world does cologne kill BO? Is this a joke! Cologne is cheaper than most hand disinfectants. I drink cologne ... with nobody else ... you know when I drink cologne, I prefer to be by my self! georgethorogood

What about holy water? It,s alcohol, so desinfect Turki hebat... Beda dengan Indonesia... moorehn They have good reason for it - it works. Covid 19 is a lie buy bill gates to forcefully injection Those with a minimum of 80 degrees are virulent. A Turkish advice 😉😃 What strange way of coping is that? Cologne is nice

I love eau de cologne too, may be second most common thing after tea in Turkey! Turkish are the cleanest people, no doubt! Unfortunately cologne does not include 80% of alcohol, it 80 degree of alcohol which means 80 degree=40% of alcohol approximately. But because Turks don't like researching, they make suppliers and resellers rich since they think cologne made of 80% of alcohol :)

So, Italians have been stockpiling yeast and flour, North Americans and Australians toilet paper, Russians: condoms and sex toys, and Turks eau de cologne. Any other interesting cultural peculiarities in response to the coronavirus lockdown ? It smells wonderful. Is cologne cheaper than hand sanitizer in Turkey?!!! Otherwise it doesn't make sense.

Yes we use our lovely cologne , keep chasing us Economist!

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