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Turkey seeks US aid; Pakistan, Hungary's role to keep troops in Afghanistan

With Pakistan and Hungary's role, Turkey's President Erdogan says Ankara would need US assistance to maintain troops in Afghanistan where it has offered to protect and run Kabul's international airport

6/15/2021 1:45:00 AM

With Pakistan and Hungary 's role, Turkey 's President Erdogan says Ankara would need US assistance to maintain troops in Afghanistan where it has offered to protect and run Kabul's international airport

Besides US 'diplomatic, logistic and financial assistance,' Turkish President Erdogan says Ankara is looking for Pakistan and Hungary 's involvement in new mission in Afghanistan following departure of US-led NATO troops.

Fast NewsBesides US"diplomatic, logistic and financial assistance," Turkish President Erdogan says Ankara is looking for Pakistan and Hungary's involvement in new mission in Afghanistan following departure of US-led NATO troops.US President Joe Biden, right, speaks with Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan during a plenary session at a NATO summit in Brussels, June 14, 2021. (AP)

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said his country would need "diplomatic, logistic and financial assistance" from the United States if it were to maintain troops in Afghanistan to protect and run Kabul's international airport, following the withdrawal of other NATO troops.

Speaking to reporters on Monday at the end of a series of meetings with NATO leaders on the sidelines of the alliance summit, Erdogan also said Turkey was seeking Pakistan and Hungary's involvement in a new mission in Afghanistan following the departure of the US-led NATO force.

Turkey is reported to have offered to guard the airport as questions remain on how security will be assured along major transport routes and at the airport, which is the main gateway to Kabul."If they don't want us to leave Afghanistan, if they want a (Turkish) support there, then the diplomatic, logistic and financial support that the United States will give us will of great importance," Erdogan said. 

Turkey, a majority Muslim nation which has close historic ties to Afghanistan, currently has some 500 soldiers in the war-torn country.Erdogan-Biden meetingErdogan also said he held a constructive meeting with US President Joe Biden and invited him to visit Turkey. 

The two leaders have known each other for years, but it was their first face-to-face meeting as heads of state and came at a difficult time in the two NATO allies' relations.On Afghanistan, Biden said: "There was a strong consensus in the room among the leaders ... on Afghanistan." 

"Our troops are coming home, but we agreed that our diplomatic, economic, humanitarian commitment with the Afghan people ... will endure." Read more: TRT World »

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There was no need to drag Pakistan into this untrustworthy country for Afghanistan. Afghanistan must reject it. Hey! RTErdogan trpresidency MFATurkey , if you possess powerful armies kindly send to Palestine or kashmir or East Turkestan to fight Israeli, Indian or Chinese occupation respectively, don't mess with muslims Afghans

Turkey must have gone mad to put their troops in afg and provoke taliban unnecessarily. BabaUmarr With due respect turkey should stay out of Afghanistan , let them live in peace. BabaUmarr But it’s Afghan land and everyone should leave Afghanistan including Turkey …. Turkey should stay out of Afghanistan. Pakistanis can sit talk & live side by side with Afghanis, if Turkey does any thing wrong then Afghanis wont forgive Turks. Turkey Russia China Pakistan Iran must uplift Central Asia together. 🤝❤️🤲

Not a good idea at all I’m sure Turkey will soon find out what happens to the Armies in Afghanistan. Lol Islamic Emirate has already made it clear that any force including that of Turkey will be treated as invaders just like the US & other NATO members. Turkey should not act as a puppet of US. I'm hopeful that ImranKhanPTI will not support this treason by RTErdogan

Turkey is digging a hole for itself, just to get in the good books of NATO. Turkey should leave Afghanistan. They should avoid another Syria-like engagement.

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If nato wants to withdraw their troops then why would they need a presence at kabul airport, and guard it from whom? Turkey’s fıght agaınst terrorısm … NATO Erdoğan Biden’e Türkiye’nin terörizmle mücadelesini anlata bir kitap hediye etti …

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