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Turkey, Saudi and Egypt can create a new regional ‘triangle of stability’

After the First Gulf War, coordination between Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Syria played a key stabilising and mediating role in the region. Today, Turkey can fill the gap left by Damascus.

7/28/2021 5:30:00 PM

“What is most necessary for the success of such a cooperation triangle, is that none of the parties let minor internal politics calculations hinder the driving force that these three countries can bring tighter” Opinion | Danny Al Baaj

After the First Gulf War, coordination between Egypt , Saudi Arabia and Syria played a key stabilising and mediating role in the region. Today, Turkey can fill the gap left by Damascus.

The US, Russia, Turkey, Israel, Iran, the Gulf states and Egypt, all are involved on one level or another in the balance of power game. Although Syria is not the only field for this game, it does surpass other fields with its importance, as Syria used to be a player itself. Today, the gap resulting from the loss of Syria’s role in the region has yet to be filled.

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Historical ‘triangle of stability’The Middle East has never been completely stable in recent history. More than 80 armed conflicts took place between 1918, the end of World War I, and 2011, the Arab uprisings. While the Ottoman Empire was an essential player until WWI, after its war of independence, Turkey turned its attention towards building the new Turkish nation. Ankara somewhat stepped away from the conflict zone, and linked itself to the Western world, focusing on internal challenges in stabilising its economy and political system. This foreign policy has changed in the last two decades, with a different Turkish approach to the region.

After the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait and its liberation by an international coalition led by the US and the kick-off of the peace process in the Middle East, the region witnessed a sort of relative stability, driven by the close coordination between Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Syria.  headtopics.com

The coordination between these three states did not prevent heated conflicts from taking place in the region, though it did contain its outcomes and managed to keep diplomatic links and channels of mediation open. Read more: TRT World »

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Gen. Kenneth McKenzie gave a briefing on an investigation into a drone strike in Kabul that killed ten civilians, including seven children, who were 'unlikely' to be associated with ISIS-K, admitting 'it was a mistake.'

As Taliban Advance, Thousands of Afghans Seek Refuge in TurkeyIncreasing numbers of Afghans are fleeing their homes, with many headed to Turkey , say migrant aid groups. If the flow continues to escalate, it could echo the wave of Syria n refugees who fled that country’s bloody civil war. Too bad. Deal with the horrible tyrants you call allies first, then we can discuss more war. Get out. Why call it a “wave”?

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Turkey-Angola trade volume to reach $500 million Turkey 's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan considers Angola an important ally and vows to increase trade ties with the African country by a massive margin.

Turkey seeks up to 15 years in jail for licence holder of coup-related appTurkish authorities are seeking up to 15 years in prison for the licence holder of ByLock, an encrypted messaging app Ankara says was used by the group it blames for an attempted military coup in 2016, state-owned Anadolu news agency said on Wednesday. Should be erdogan in the dock for his viscious wicked policies !!! Erdogan have always wanted this man behind bars . Politicians can do anything, I will not be surprised if erdogan stayed his own coup.

Saudi Arabia to Impose Covid-19 Vaccine MandatePeople in Saudi Arabia will need to show proof of vaccination to enter public and private institutions beginning Sunday, as the kingdom looks to drive more people to get shots. nice Where are the Nuremberg principles to adhere too ? Swiped under the desert sand ? Smart. Let's make it global and not let the selfishness of so-called vaccine freedom of the few trample on all the other freedoms of the many! Pay attention ScottMorrisonMP. After all, Saudi Arabia helped you keep the Great Barrier Reef off the Endangered List.

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