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Turkey's Lake Salda may yield answers for life on Mars

The Jezero Crater, which has a similar mineral makeup to the lake in Turkey, is the planned landing site for NASA’s Perseverance rover.

8/1/2020 10:30:00 PM

Similarities between Turkey 's Lake Salda and the Jezero Crater on Mars capture the interest of NASA in its research into possible life on the Red Planet

The Jezero Crater , which has a similar mineral makeup to the lake in Turkey , is the planned landing site for NASA ’s Perseverance rover.

Similarities between a lake in southwestern Turkey and the Jezero Crater on Mars have captured the interest of US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in its research on possible life on the Red Planet.The mineral makeup between the Martian crater and Lake Salda in Turkey's Burdur province was established with morphological and remote sensing, Candan Gokceoglu, a professor of geological engineering at Hacettepe University in Turkey's capital Ankara, told Anadolu Agency.

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The 45 km wideJezero Crateris the planned landing site for NASA's Perseverance rover in February when it will begin a mission set to last for one Mars year, the equivalent of 687 Earth days. The depression is thought to have been home to a large lake — and perhaps microbial life — according to the space agency.

In this December 17, 2019 photo made available by NASA, engineers monitor a driving test for the Mars rover Perseverance in a clean room at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, US. (AA)READ MORE: NASA launches new Mars rover to look for signs of ancient life 

Gokceoglu, who is also a member of Turkey's Environmental and Natural Assets Science Board, recalled a recent Twitter post by NASA on Friday, in which it pointed out the similarities between Jezero and Salda."Though located a world away, Lake Salda, #Turkey, has geological similarities to Jezero Crater on #Mars. In fact, researchers even did field work at Lake Salda to prepare for #CountdownToMars," it said, juxtaposing top-view images of Jezero and Salda.

"You may not be able to travel to Jezero Crater on Mars, but you can visit the next best thing: Lake Salda, Turkey," said NASA's Earth Observatory. Read more: TRT World »

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