Turkey launches military offensive in Syria: Live updates

Turkey's military has begun an operation in northern Syria to clear US-backed Kurdish forces away from its border. Get live updates here.


Turkey ramps up attacks in Syria as it reportedly targets a US ally fighting ISIS, launching a land operation in addition to earlier airstrikes

Turkey's military has begun an operation in northern Syria to clear US-backed Kurdish forces away from its border. Get live updates here.

2 hr 4 min ago Turkey won't shoulder burden of ISIS fighters alone, Erdogan adviser says President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's senior adviser Gülnur Aybet speaks with CNN's Christiane Amanpour. The responsibility for ISIS fighters being held in northeastern Syria cannot fall to Turkey alone, a senior adviser to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told CNN's Christiane Amanpour. "In terms of the ISIS fighters … held in prisons, which are closer to our border, of course initially our priority is to provide security and stability in the areas we move into," Erdogan's senior adviser Gülnur Aybet said."We will safeguard any areas that contain these prisons. However, we would like the management of the camps, in particular, something that has to be undertaken as a joint effort with the international community." We never said we would shoulder this burden all by ourselves," Aybet added. Her comments were a stark contrast to a statement released by the White House Wednesday, in which US President Donald Trump said that Turkey was"now responsible for ensuring all ISIS fighters being held captive remain in prison and that ISIS does not reconstitute in any way, shape, or form." "We expect Turkey to abide by all of its commitments, and we continue to monitor the situation closely," Trump said. Aybet suggested that, when Erdogan visits the White House next month, the two leaders will discuss further details about dealing with the ISIS fighters. share with Facebook Read more: CNN Breaking News

CNN wants to make it look like Turkey is attacking Kurds because its all fake news! Turkey is just trying to keep 32 kilometer under control because those Kurdish militants are sending bombs from that 32 kilometer. That's the full story. No killing Kurds! Good idea, is't it? Turkey is a Nato member and USA ally and why USA is dealing with a terrorist organization (enemy of Turkey) and arm them. If USA things dealing with those rebels is much better than dealing with Turkey than Turkey should not be US ally and get out of Nato

I don't understand why USA is dealing with one terrorist organization to deal with another terrorist organization. FactCheckOperationPeaceSpring Just read please OperationPeaceSpring KurdsSideWithTurkey Trump says: obama worked and helped pkk(terrorists). It was big mistake and big problem. This sentence isnt prove that us helping terrorists? And another question: us take out many isis leaders from syrie to iraq. Why?

Turkey begins military offensive in Syria: Live updatesTurkey's military has begun its operation in northern Syria, Turkey's president announced, as part of an offensive to move US-backed Kurdish forces away from its border. Follow updates: CNN beatin those war drums! taxpayers, pony up your hard earned dollars. never mind your life, wife, kids, community. let’s send it to syria! Hope the donkeys (turks) get a bloody nose 😀 Trump betrayed the Kurds and destroyed America's reputation. The insanity of Trump's decision baffles everyone from the GOP to our allies in Europe. He is bending to the will of a want to be dictator yet ignores the fact ISIS now has room to rebuild and attack the Homeland.

Use 25th amendment on Trump now and fast. Incompetent that is doing anything to protect his business interest in Turkey and Russia. Sad he will allow the Kurds to die because they don't make him money it was just to be safe 🤷🏻‍♀️😉 Such a disappointment... Stop All Terrorist actions for Peace! Not only ISIS!

Turkey killed over 1.5 million people in the Armenian Genocide Nearly 1 million of those were killed in the first month. DAY 2 OF STRIKES UNDER REALDONALDTRUMP'S ORDERS WHO DEMONSTRATES SERIOUS MENTALILLNESS LACKOFEMPATHY BLOODONYOURHANDS GOP 😭😭😭😭 terrorists are burning tires. Fear. Mortars thrown from Syria fell to Akçakale district of Şanlıurfa. As a result of mortars hit the house and vehicles,many people were injured.real terrorist pyd pkk May the whole world see.Treacherous dogs who can't stand up to our soldier. They're firing rockets at our civilian

Turkey launches military offensive in Syria: Live updatesChaotic scenes are unfolding in northern Syria as civilians flee Turkey's military operation to move Kurdish forces away from its border. Follow live updates: 🙏🏻 Sleep tight realDonaldTrump your impeachment is no longer news. Turkey is not fighting with Kurdish. Kurds are our brothers. Turkey is fighting with imperialist power’s tong Ypg-pkk

for what he always says... “Peace at home, peace in the world.” Caliphate, because he is NOT and he’ll NEVER BE. Neither Ottoman nor caliphate exist anymore. It’s a new world. Even if it sometimes seems the other way nowadays, Turkey is a democratic, secular and peacemaker state established by Ataturk. As his followers, we believe and work

time strategy. If one day they’ll achieve their goal they will be far more dangerous than Iran and as a NATO member and a legitimate state Turkey won’t let such thing happen at its next door. I don’t support any kind of war, but it’s not only Turkey to blame for. I wish everyone Turkey, the USA, EU etc. would have been aware of the fact that arming terrorist against the other terrorist is just messing things much more. I have never trusted Erdogan but I trust the national borders of Turkey drawn by Ataturk. I hope Erdogan won’t act as if he is an Ottoman

figthing side by side during WWI and the war of Independence. There are millions of Kurdish people who hate PKK / YPG more than the Turkish do. YPG deceives the USA by playing the ally role against ISIS. They had fought with ISIS but it was just a tactical move for their long like the two halves of an apple with having the same mission and the same rulers. In the USA the mass media says the things going on in Syria is between Turkish and Kurdish. It is NOT. Turkish and Kurdish live in Turkey for decades. In fact they established Turkish Republic by

It is not the way they are telling you,Turkey is not attacking Kurds in Syria,please see and learn the facts. “In Syria, Turkey is fighting against YPG, an ethnic terrorist group who have killed more than tens of thounsands of innocent people in Turkey as PKK. PKK and YPG are With 45's blessing. this crap trump speaks on tv is making usa a laughing stock the kurds did not help us in ww2 where was trump when America called via draft he ran spoiled butt to daddy I need a doctor note our president is a hypocrite and making America a joke please impeach

Hope that European and American children and families are slaughtered in the same way as in Iraq, Syrian, Afghanista, Libya, Sudan, Somalia and Yemen, because US and Europe are the cause of it.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Turkey begins mobilizing against Syria; US begins removing forces from areaTurkey is set to invade Syria and the U.S. said it would remove all of its forces from the 'immediate area,' according to the White House. A U.S. official confirmed Monday that American troops in northeast Syria were pulling back. The Turkish move is likely to put the Kurdish forces that

The one who says Turkey is fighting against Kurds in Syria is the Biggest Liar..! Put this fact into your brain that Turkey is fighting against Terrorist Organizations as PKK,YPG, SDG to protect its borders.. NO doubt.! TurkeyJustKilledTerrorists Why all this?. Kurds and Turks brothers. Pkk not honest. We lived in this land for hundreds of years brotherly,we will continue to live. Turkey against PKK. Because PKK is a terror organisation.

LoL this what you left behind. Yet Turkey arrives for peace It's not an operation against Kurdish operation on Turkey's eastern Euphrates.Because this operation is not against the Kurds,but against the PKK/PYD terrorists.The US supported and armed PKK/PYD terrorists,not Kurds.The US shouldn't be with terrorists.TurkeyJustKilledTerrorists

Turkey launches Syria invasion, Kurds ask US to enforce no-fly zoneTurkey began its incursion into Syria with air strikes on the Kurds after the U.S. pulled its troops from the region. President Trump denied we had abandoned our former ally. It was not USA. It is the Stupid Crazy trump who did this to our allies. WE MUST STOP HIM. NOW More lyin trumpin

So is Trump going to destroy Turkey’s economy now? Even though he has 2 Trump towers there? 🙄 Abandoning Kurd is a vile act, a stain of historical value and making the US no longer reliable. The wound will be much bigger than anyone can imagine. Fortunately, this is only a unilateral decision by Trump, a selfish and unreliable person

You did not speak out when Israel bombards Syria to destroy Hizballah on its borders. PKK is same for Turkey as Hizballah for Israel. Why one ally is supported and another one is just the opposite? US has reasons to withdraw its troops but why allow Turkey to invade Syria? Outrageous something this bad could even possibly happen in this day and age, Trump is MENTALLY UNFIT to run our country ! The Kurds are going to be 100 times worse than ISIS, than Al-Qaeda, than, well anything else we thought was bad before ? Worst case scenario Chump, an ASS !

Yo'all better get this➡️ even before US start fighting against ISIS, Turkey was fighting with them... Turkey should be expelled from NATO and have economic and financial sanctions imposed immediately . This is fucked up zebrasfly If ISSI Wants To Take Out King ASAD SO Be It Iran Could Be ISSI Collaberators Just Let Them Kill Each Other GoD Wills It they Been War 2000 ys No Problem

Turkey Launches Syria Offensive, Targeting U.S.-Backed KurdsTurkey began an attack on Kurdish-held areas in northern Syria on Wednesday. The operation could open a dangerous new front in Syria’s 8-year-old war: It pits 2 U.S. allies against each other and has set off debates over President Trump’s Syria policy. (Reuters) - Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan and Russia's President Vladimir Putin discussed in a phone call Turkey's planned operation into northeastern Syria, the Turkish presidency said on Wednesday... TreasonousTrump KurdsBetrayedByTrump PutinsPuppet The blood of the Kurds is on GOP hands. Suriye'de bulunan PYD-PKK veya yeni adıyla SDG Türkiye'de sivillere karşı bile bombalı,silahlı eylem yapabilen,orman kundaklayan MARKSİST-LENİNİST ideolojiye sahip bir terör örgütüdür..Türkiye sadece kendi halkının güvenligini sağlamaya çalışıyor

Everyone talks about America back stabbed the Kurds , look i am definetly not trump lover but I also blame the Kurds for not learning the lesson from JW Bush senior did the same thing to them in the 90s , you can’t simply rely on AMERICA ! This is just another deflection by realDonaldTrump to take fo us off of his failed Presidency. Next will be a nuclear war with US and ?

Look what you’ve done. POTUS What's a kurd? SaveTheKurds Suddenly MSMedia cares about the Kurds? How Predictable! just looking back at Syria and it's rioting Kurds’ending,no one will care what the hell Hongkong and it's rioting cockroaches are going on One minute we want to blow Syria off the map because they were a terrorist training ground, then I find out we have troops there and are protecting them!! What the hells going on?!?! Do we really care that Turkey is bombing them?

So how much longer before patchless russians are in there shooting our friends? Fake news ibne evladı

Turkey invades Syria to battle Kurds after US moves forces; Trump calls it 'bad idea'Smoke rises after a Turkish bombardment in a Syrian town along the Turkish border, part of Turkey's long-planned military operation targeting the Syrian Kurdish fighters that helped the U.S. defeat ISIS. All the souls of the dead Turks will haunt the US. This is so horrible.

Kurds and Turks are brothers. Pkk is not honest. We have lived in this land for hundreds of years brotherly, we will continue to live. Turkey against the PKK. Because the PKK is a terrorist organization. TurkeyJustKilledTerrorists Hm. I wonder if this is one of the many “promises” he made behind closed doors during his meeting with some of the world leaders. 🤷🏻‍♀️

That crap is going to happen anyway. Bring our troops home. Trump will be reelected How would Americans feel if Turks armed Mexicans at American Mexican border . What if Mexican drug cartels used those guns fueled by drugs agains Americans in American cities and if we Turks helped those Mexicans in the name of democracy and if those Mexicans moved to Texas?🙄

Want some reporter to tell us how May troops have died there in the last 3 year an then tell us how many America have died in mass shootings in our own country under this guys “Trump” administration! Please some reporter please. Kurds are supporting Turkey's fight aganist the terror group pkk-pyd-ypg TurkeyJustKilledTerrorists

Turkey must attack...Asad Terrorist and Iranian terrorists.. Dear Mr. President (moron) Thanks for proving every intelligence official and staffer correct about what would happen if you abandon an ally. Who's Winning? Not the Kurds or the U.S. Your 'infinite wisdom' apparently failed you again. Sincerely, Everyone

This picture, when was it taken?

Turkey is not attacking Kurdish people, Turkey is attacking to a terrorist organization that have been a real pain for the people of this region for many years.Kurdish and Turkish people are living together for over a millenia, and today we are destroying a common enemy. PYD/PKK is not the voice or the force of the Kurdish people.Instead they are the ones who killed thousands of Kurds in the past, stolen hundreds of childrens from families, they’ve raided tens of Kurd populated towns they are ones who did most harm to the people of this region.

They’re about to break ground on Trump Tower Istanbul. trump and pompeo and putin must be so proud. Trump is evil.....innocent lives for business in Turkey.....its all about the money for Trump.....not human life, not america, nothing!!!! K_Rosa17 Thousands will perish! Not enough yet! Who benefits? This’s and has always been a “Scam” he has bullied people, institutions, now congress! Don’t miss the forest for the trees! Don’t let him set policy guidelines! Smoke & Mirrors! Don’t let up! Fight harder! Jail SpeakerPelosi

🙏🏻 Cant believe it they get rrlid of the shit of the earth then turkey steps in to take wat they want shame on u usa Erdogan was supporting part of ISIS. So it is probable that Erdogan will let the imprisoned ISIS-fighters go for new targets. This way Erdogan will have an underground army to operate deeply within Syria.

To potus, How can you live with the thought that your words have caused the deaths of so many people? No conscience? No faith? No feelings? Real people are dying because or you!

God protect our girls and boys against the fascist Erdogan Turkey is one of the most harmed countries in the world that have seen harm from ISIS, for years the Turkey have seen multiple bombings caused hundreds die.There is no such a thing like setting İsis free, please put a research on instead of just believing evrythng media says.

Usa supports communists!!! PKK (Communist Party) Well, it's official. Trump has now joined Hitler in history as a fascist. He is solely responsible for killing Kurds in a mass genocide. The United States, the country that helps its friends and then turns its back in them. Yet another GOP let administration fucking over people that have helped us

Turkey is just killing terrorists ! le gaz, l'eau...le pétrole et tous ce que l'on sait pas. en faites, je sais rien, mais je pense que je sais. le pognon, une maladie mortelle. Although the whole world Turkey is alone and strong. Turkish soldiers are not fighting aganist a state. Turkey is just 'clearing' terrorists for border security in syria. (turkish and kurds are brother)

Oh CNN. way into syria for usa via turkey...drag syria into a conflict with nato ally and then enlist israel and nato to create regime change in syria then onto iran See what the PKK has been doing for 40 years and how it is a terrorist organization. Do not play three monkeys. The children of those brave Kurds we left to be slaughtered will not look kindly on the US at all. Radicalizing a whole new generation because Trump doesn't want to hurt his Turkish business interests.

Is that true CNN? Hard to believe in you guys. Somebody better get Trump out of office before he destroys the world. The only ally of US in Syria is Turkey. And Turkey makes a limited operation to end terrorist attacks coming from Syria. Trained terortists from Syria attack everyone including pregnant women and 6 year old kids in southeastern Turkey

Turkey is strugling with all terrorist groups pyd/pkk and isis. We cleaned up north west syria from isis existence. We will also clean up remaining isis, no doubt.

Turkey is in NATO. They are a US ally. KurdsBetrayedByTrump You got this wrong, we just want a secure corridor next to our 700 mile border line, so we can put 3 million refugees in here and live peacefully.We dont need new lands, we need to make our country secure, so we can work on our economy, Trump gets it, and helping now, peace!

Dont worry, Trump will destroy their economy 🙄 Targets terrorist organizations such as PYD/PKK who is responsible death of more than 40.000 Turkish citizen civilians in decades. Please give the news right. Trump KNEW this would happen. He and Erdogan plotted the ethnic cleansing of the Kurds. savethekurds savetheworldfromTrump

叫庫德族逃到普丁的港口就安全了 Way to go realDonaldTrump DumbAssDonald

Where is Putin.? Turkey is the NATO Member US Ally Abandoning the Kurdish people(s) is a shameful but longtime Western/American tradition... Trump is just abjectly terrible and open about it. The Kurdish people(s) deserve far better than this. Remember last time we assisted a group in the middle east to fight a common enemy and them abandoned them? How did that go for us?

WTF!! As if the US didn't know. They want to destroy Syria Considering the President's most recent statement concerning Turkey and what he would do if they misbehave, and considering also Turkey's NATO membership, I am concerned that this affair is a prelude to and justification for the US leaving NATO and attacking Turkey.

live stream

What is happening in Northern Syria? It's not just stupid, it's not just unnecessary. Erdoğan has put the Middle East on a hand grenade and pulled out the sprint. The question is how high the bang is. Trump is nothing but a cheater a man who does not keep words. To disappoint the Kurds is shameful. MAGA now creating terrorists both domestic and international!

How do you bomb rubble? It’s a shame no one saw this coming... It’s a 7 faction turf war. Way to simplify it


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