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Turkey, India and China look to ban crypto, U.S., Germany and Iran move to use it

Turkey, India and China look to ban crypto, U.S., Germany and Iran move to use it

5/6/2021 9:35:00 PM

Turkey, India and China look to ban crypto, U.S., Germany and Iran move to use it

Countries are divided on cryptocurrency, with some looking to ban it, while others are seeking ways to incorporate it into their economic systems.

Angel Garcia/Bloomberg/GettyA ban, cryptocurrency backers say, would put the U.S. or any nation at a profound disadvantage future development in both technology and financial services.The hearty, if belated, embrace of Bitcoin by Wall Street and foreign financial institutions suggests it's more than a replay of the tulip mania that swept Holland in the early 1600s, the first documented market bubble.

All Hail the Internet’s Most Popular Beauty Routine Stocks surge after Biden announces infrastructure agreement House panel approves plan to help break up tech giants

But even with active trading of Bitcoin futures and options, the short answer is: We'll see.In mid-day trading Thursday, Bitcoin fetched $57,326.12, off 0.52% in the last 24 hours, but up 96.22% for the year. The all-time high is $64,829.14. The market cap is$1.07 trillion, CoinDesk reported.

Market PulseThe U.S. Labor Department set aside a regulation pushed by the Trump Administration that would have made it easier for employers to categorize part-time workers as independent contractors.Being classified as an employee rather than as a contractor means the worker is covered by Federal minimum wage and overtime laws as established by the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938.

The Labor Department's action won't immediately change how gig workers are classified, and it's unclear how the rule will be applied to the digital economy, but suggests the Biden Administration will take a hard look at the issue.Critics say the decision makes it easier for unions to organize workers, a priority of the Biden Administration. The Trump administration said its rule made it easier for workers to be self-employed and to set their own hours.

Presidents from opposing parties routinely set aside the prior president's pending rules shortly after taking office.Last November, California voters adopted Proposition 22 to exempt, Lyft, DoorDash and similar companies after the state legislature passed a law requiring employers to reclassify drivers as employees, making them eligible for certain employment benefits.

The initiative received 58% of the vote.The gig companies spent about $200 million to back the initiative. Opponents said the wording of the measure confused many voters.In anticipation of the Labor Department's action, the Coalition for Workforce Innovation Associated Builders and Contractors of Southeast Texas and Associated Builders and Contractors in March filed suit in U.S. District Court in Beaumont, Texas, challenging the Biden administration's plan to first delay the new rule and then set aside earlier action by the Trump administration.

Meanwhile, the U.S. job market continued to improve.Initial jobless claims fell to 498,000 for the week ended May 1, the U.S. Department of Labor reported Thursday. Read more: Newsweek »

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Billboard can exclusively reveal a new video ushering in a new era for the TTH playlist starring Billie Eilish, Blackpink, Dua Lipa, Travis Scott and Bad Bunny.

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There is no such practice in Turkey. The plan is about more regular use. completely wrong. Biden just wants to tax it.

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Earthquake, Magnitude 3.8 - EASTERN TURKEY - 2021 May 20, 21:09:38 UTCMagnitude: M 3.8, Region: EASTERN TURKEY, Date time: 2021-05-20 21:09:38.7 UTC, Location: 38.46 N ; 39.21 E, Depth: 2 km. Anında deprem bilgisi için ücretsiz LastQuake uygulamasını indirin! Tecrübelerinizi paylaşın ve başkalarının yaşadıklarını öğrenin

Earthquake, Magnitude 4.0 - WESTERN TURKEY - 2021 May 20, 01:01:21 UTCMagnitude: ML 4.0, Region: WESTERN TURKEY, Date time: 2021-05-20 01:01:21.1 UTC, Location: 37.75 N ; 29.20 E, Depth: 5 km. Denizli merkez hissettik. Uyku tutmadı zaten. Yaklaşık 2 saat önce köpek çok havladı uludu.

Erdogan: Turkey will not accept persecution by IsraelIf the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation does not take a “concrete” stance against Israeli attacks on Palestine, it will discredit its own existence, says Turkish president. Dah tu hang duk kelebek apa lagi? Sembang kencang serupa Anwar Ibrahim. And by Hamas ? The world order is all messed up where the US defense funding of tyrants and occupiers and then their veto upon veto of resolutions on Israel by a world body like the UN is considered business as usual. Many Muslims make the US their home knowing they're partners in crime. 1/4

Earthquake, Magnitude 2.6 - NEAR THE COAST OF WESTERN TURKEY - 2021 May 14, 22:31:46 UTCMagnitude: ML 2.6, Region: NEAR THE COAST OF WESTERN TURKEY, Date time: 2021-05-14 22:31:46.0 UTC, Location: 38.92 N ; 26.90 E, Depth: 8 km.