Tucker Carlson's 'vaccine misinformation' influenced dad who died of COVID, daughter claims

Tucker Carlson's 'vaccine misinformation' influenced dad who died of COVID, daughter claims

9/21/2021 1:48:00 AM

Tucker Carlson's 'vaccine misinformation' influenced dad who died of COVID, daughter claims

Katie Lane said that her father Patrick, who died of COVID-19 earlier this month, had 'watched some Tucker Carlson videos' that led to him becoming vaccine hesitant.

for her father's death.Katie Lane said that videos about the vaccines the featured Carlson"played a role" in her father's untimely demise during an interview withCNN's John Berman on Monday. Patrick Lane, of Snohomish, Washington, died on September 10 at the age of 45. He had no pre-existing conditions and was thought to be in good health before contracting the virus.

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"He watched some Tucker Carlson videos on YouTube," Katie Lane said after being asked what particular media source caused her father to become vaccine hesitant."And some of those videos involved some misinformation about vaccines. And I believe that that played a role."

Lane also said that her father"wasn't by any means right-wing" but had"consumed media from both sides." Lane said that"misinformation from one of those sides made him hesitant" and he was waiting on full approval from the Food and Drug Administration ( headtopics.com

FDA) before becoming vaccinated himself. Son Evan Lane said that his father"was not anti-vaccine" and likely would have taken an approved vaccine.The daughter of a man who recently died of COVID-19 has blamed Fox News host Tucker Carlson for spreading"misinformation" about vaccines. Carlson is pictured during an event in Esztergom, Hungary on August 7, 2021.

Janos Kummer/GettyPatrick Lane came down with COVID-19 symptoms only days before the FDA granted full approval to the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine last month. Despite his apparent good health, his condition quickly deteriorated and he passed away less than two weeks later. According to his daughter, the final words he said to his wife were"he wished that he was vaccinated."

Katie Lane made similar comments during an interview with localaffiliate KING-TV last week, specifically saying that information her father received by watching videos of Carlson had resulted in him becoming"a victim of misinformation." Read more: Newsweek »

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I don't know the circumstances but more than likely this man was not offered life-saving medication options known to be highly effective against covid. Laurie_Garrett Sue him!🤦‍♂️🇺🇸🦠☠️🤧😷💉 TessatTys Sue him. Old man dies of Covid... Slow news week Everyone makes their own choice. Tucker is NOT responsible for reporting the news.

Laurie_Garrett Is she going to sue TuckerCarlson? Is there a class action suit in the making? gearup25 The finding that FoxNews is 'entertainment' may not bode well for lawsuits. Can the family sue Tucker directly, or YouTube? Laurie_Garrett Tucker attracts eye balls and Advertisers pay for Tucker to be on air. To make changes in America attack the source of money relentlessly.

Laurie_Garrett It’s time for tuckercarlson FoxNews to face some things 'No one will ever believe him' is literally Fox New's paper thin pathetic defense 'We are just a social media platform and allow free speech' is Twitters pathetic defense So sorry about her Dad but if you take medical advice from any of these so called journalist then I don’t know what to say.if tucker said go jump off that bridge it’s fun and you jump so be it

So sue him, sue Fox News as they carried the misinformation, and sue the broadcasting licensing authorities as they allowed these lies without warning. The day will come when rich white people will finally have to be held PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE for their actions. That is the funny part about America. The same people blaming poor folks for everything and calling minorities lazy! It’s called projection. Look it up!

This family should sue Carlson Tucker and Fox for their fathers death. Time for them to pay for their lies and hypocrisy. All Fox host and employees are vaccinated but they don’t tell the uninformed viewers that. Maybe he should have used his own brain and not be influenced by other’s thoughts and opinions.

Sue him True dat And yet Carlson is FULLY VACCINATED! TuckerCarlson How old is the daughter? She has witnessed that Right wing affiliates are 99% against left wing politicians, no matter what. I hope she gets her worth.