Tucker Carlson, Dan Bailey, Fox News, Video On Instagram

Tucker Carlson, Dan Bailey

Tucker Carlson confronted at Montana fishing shop, called the 'worst human being'

A Montana man accused the Fox News host of killing people with vaccine misinformation and supporting 'extreme racism.'

7/26/2021 5:33:00 AM

Video from a Montana fly fishing shop shows a man berating Fox News host Tucker Carlson , calling him the 'worst human being known to man.'

A Montana man accused the Fox News host of killing people with vaccine misinformation and supporting 'extreme racism.'

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Headline: Tucker Carlson still running from the truth. I'm from Montana & sadly this gentleman is in the minority. Over the last 18 months I've watched the people I grew up with shout down, belittle & harass the only 3 family physicians they have because they recommended masks & distancing. We need more like MontanaMan

Im sure Hitler once existed Better ratings than yahoo bullshit news It was filmed? Hmmm. Carlson...really is among the worst to broadcast Such DISHONEST reporting That man speaking facts Yes!

Man Confronts Tucker Carlson At Montana Store: 'You Are The Worst Human Being'The Fox host got an earful when he popped into a fly fishing store. Omg this man is awesome. Translation: No one told him that Livingston/Park county went with Bernie in the last 2 primaries. The only county he won in MT, WY & ID. He'll be haunted by the ghost of Margot Kidder if he stays overnight there.

Fox News blasts NSA for 'unmasking' Tucker Carlson: 'Entirely unacceptable'The Fox News personality's name was mentioned in communications between third parties reviewed by the NSA. Shameful Not on my watch!

Tucker Carlson Pitches A Fit When Rep. Eric Swalwell Doesn't Call Him'I'm just not that into you,' quips the lawmaker. Tucker your a d******d, attacking pregnant woman and kids, get a grip!!! The reason for the TuckerTantrum: “I’m just not that into you” reminded Carlson of the many times he heard those words during his high school years. …and why he’s been trying to get even with the world ever since.

Swalwell posts texts appearing to show Tucker Carlson call him 'coward' for not returning callDespite claiming on Tuesday that Democratic California Representative Eric Swalwell had illegally spent campaign funds, Carlson offered no proof of its actual illegality. And Carlson also lied about his wife. Sue him. Douche bag

'You are the worst human being': Montana man shouts down Tucker Carlson in video from fly fishing store'Dude, you are the worst human being known to mankind,' Bailey said to Carlson in the video. Carlson repeatedly replied, 'I appreciate that.' What happened on the Tucker Carlson show on AR-15 owners? Did he buy another one for the couple defending their house? Why are you assholes stuffing this confrontation down peoples throats for two days? Is this somehow suppose to shape or change peoples opinions. The way you are forcing it, the look of the guy and so on, seems to me the whole thing is scripted and produced like a cheap porn

Tucker Carlson's name in NSA intercepts revealed through 'unmasking': ReportThe Fox News host's communications, which were said to be about scheduling an interview with Putin, were reportedly not a target of the NSA, and were not incidentally collected. His identity was instead disclosed through a process known as 'unmasking' Aka Tucker was communicating with Kremlin agents. Play stupid games win stupid prizes. Take those frozen fish sticks and cram them. Sooo, Nunes and/or Rubio could be leakers