Truth About Tom Cruise And Renee Zelleweger Dating

Truth About Tom Cruise And Renee Zelleweger Dating

5/23/2020 6:10:00 PM

Truth About Tom Cruise And Renee Zelleweger Dating

Renee Zellweger and Tom Cruise starred in one movie together in 1996, and ever since tabloids have been trying to convince you they're romantically involved in real life. They're not, but here are four recent times Gossip Cop shot down tabloid stories insisting they were.

. The outlet insisted that Zellweger had “teased she’s back in contact” with Cruise for “months,” despite there being no actual evidence to support that claim. Yet another likely-nonexistent “source” is quoted as saying that Zellweger has been visiting Cruise at his Florida apartment in preparation for a wedding at the Church of Scientology.

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This theory had, of course, largely been shut down already by Zellweger’s rep. And, asGossip Coppointed out, Zellweger was most recently photographed in Los Angeles, where she lives. She was most likely not flying back and forth to Florida at this time, what with the travel restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic. Zellweger and Cruise quite simply are not dating.

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ZERO truth, I hear Tom doesn’t care for the ladies

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