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Truth About Bradley Cooper’s Dating And Love Life

4/9/2020 6:17:00 AM

Truth About Bradley Cooper ’s Dating And Love Life

Bradley Cooper 's often paired with A-list actresses in the tabloids. It’s become so common, Gossip Cop has taken note and compiled a list.

(Getty Images)Bradley Cooperis one of the most eligible bachelors in Hollywood at the moment, especially since his split fromIrina Shayklast year. That makes him a prime target for tabloids, where he’s often paired with A-list actresses. It’s become such a common occurrence,

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Gossip Cophas taken note and compiled a list of the most outlandish rumors we’ve come across.OK!reported earlier this year thatfriends of Katie Holmes believed that the new mystery man she’d begun dating was none other than Bradley Cooper. The outlet claimed that Holmes had recently been set up with a famous hot stud. Though leading men like Chris Evans and Brad Pitt were good guesses, some of Holmes’ supposed friends told the magazine they were betting on Cooper because “he’s single, he’s a devoted dad and he lives in New York” and “everyone thinks they’d be perfect together.”

The entire article was based on anonymous “insiders” giving their two-cents, butGossip Copisn’t in the business of believing in hearsay. Instead, we reached out directly to Holmes’ rep, who confirmed that the actress isn’t dating Bradley Cooper or any other A-list hunk. It seems as if the outlet simply threw Cooper and Holmes together because they’re both single and living in New York.

Since the two broke up back in 2019, tabloids have come up with every conceivable rumor about Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper’s relationship.StarShayk had a change of heart and wanted to take Cooper back. “Irina was very much in love with Bradley,” a so-called “source” told the outlet, but “their relationship stalled after the birth of [their daughter] Lea.” Besides the complication of becoming first-time parents, the former couples’ careers “often took them to opposite ends of the earth.”

Still, Shayk was up for giving it another go. Cooper, however, was less convinced. “Bradley says it took a long time to walk away,” claimed a supposed “pal” of the actor, “so while he still has feelings for Irina, he doesn’t think it’s a good idea to move backward with his life.” None of this is true.

Gossip Copdid a little digging, which appears to be way more research than Read more: Gossip Cop »

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