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Trump wears mask in public for first time during pandemic\n

Visiting military hospital, President Trump wears a mask in public for first time during pandemic.

7/12/2020 12:45:00 AM

Visiting military hospital, President Trump wears a mask in public for first time during pandemic.

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump wore a mask during a visit to a military hospital on Saturday, the first time the president has been seen in public with the type of facial covering...

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump wore a mask during a visit to a military hospital on Saturday, the first time the president has been seen in public with the type of facial covering recommended by health officials as a precaution against spreading or becoming infected by the novel coronavirus.

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Trump flew by helicopter to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in suburban Washington to meet wounded servicemembers and health care providers caring for COVID-19 patients. As he left the White House, he told reporters: “When you’re in a hospital, especially ... I think it’s expected to wear a mask.”

ADVERTISEMENTTrump was wearing a mask in Walter Reed’s hallway as he began his visit. He was not wearing one when he stepped off the helicopter at the facility.The president was a latecomer to wearing a mask during the pandemic, which has raged across the U.S. since March and infected more than 3.2 million and killed at least 134,000. Most prominent Republicans, including Vice President Mike Pence, endorsed wearing masks as the coronavirus gained ground this summer.

Trump, however, has declined to wear a mask at news conferences, coronavirus task force updates, rallies and other public events. People close to him have told The Associated Press that the president feared a mask would make him look weak and was concerned that it shifted focus to the public health crisis rather than the economic recovery. They spoke on condition of anonymity to describe private matters.

While not wearing one himself, Trump has sent mixed signals about masks, acknowledging that they would be appropriate if worn in an indoor setting where people were close together. But he has accused reporters of wearing them to be politically correct and has retweeted messages making fun of Democrat Joe Biden for wearing a mask and implying that Biden looks weak.

The wearing of masks became another political dividing line, with Republicans more resistant to wearing them than Democrats. Few masks were seen at recent Trump campaign events in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Phoenix and South Dakota’s Mount Rushmore.The only time Trump has been known to wear a mask was during a private part of a tour of a Ford plant in Michigan.

On its website, Walter Reed carries this recommendation: “Whenever you’re out in public, like at your local grocery store or pharmacy, where it’s difficult to maintain 6 feet of social distance, you should wear a cloth face covering.” The facility also notes that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends wearing cloth face coverings to slow the spread of the coronavirus.”

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Respiratory therapist struggles to catch her own breath after COVID-19

Ana Carolina Xavier was helping as many as six coronavirus patients a day to slowly recover lung capacity when she began worrying about her own breathing.

Been wearing a mask in public since April....not that difficult. President Trump is the Best President Ever ❣️❣️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸MAGA❣️❣️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸TRUMP 2020❣️❣️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Misinformation alert! No, it’s not the first time. He’s worn it plenty of times. He doesn’t wear it when he’s going to speak or when outside or in a controlled environment where everyone’s been tested. He’d kind of living in a bubble right now bc of this virus.

Not really news... Didn’t seem that difficult!! But glad he’s finally on board. Woah he wore a mask nobody cares The hospital demands one wear a mask even if your the fake President. Dude all of you who are saying 'too late', Shut up. We all should just be happy he started to wear one and hope he continues to do so. A positive change like this (yes yes way too late, but nonetheless a change) might convince others in the 'no mask' league to change their views.

It's a fucking military hospital.... there was probably open gunshot wounds joethecamel60 He should wear something that covers up the whole head...just saying. What I thought it was a hoax I like a leader who can compromise! It shows he is not Ridgid. Didn’t he wear one for the first time when he visited the Ford plant? Fake news

Too little too late!!! Just go golfing and leave the country to be led by adults!!!! press and donate. Takes less than 20 seconds Still looking as hateful as ever. Well, there goes that DNC talking point. Need to start telling us how important an ally Ulraine is again - just get that Manchurian Candidate Vindman guy - he is available to be a MSDNC 'Chief Military Analyst' now.

Virus can prove the truth Fake news. Its Photo shop.. He is afraid it will mess up his makeup GeraldineKestn2 This is not the first time 🙄 get your record straight. kkeit what a narcisist You used the wrong cover photo Hospitals are on lockdown. We’re all required to wear masks. I doubt that he had a choice.

realDonaldTrump, thank you for wearing a mask Mr. President! Make America Safe and Healthy Again! Wow, like a big boy, now resign He should wear a mask otherwise they won’t let him in. wisestdecison trumpisabrat But did he? No, didn’t wear it properly He almost looks unrecognizable.. fckn sad. etaxamerica

And then minutes later took it half off his face, thus defeating the entire purpose. Post those photos while you're at it AP. It is a hoax! Americans President is just putting a show, coronavirus is a flu, the American death toll is fake news, Bill Gate n Fauci says the virus will them make them richer, testing gives a false statistic, hospitals are overwhelmed with COVID patients, bodies in iceboxes

And looking so dapper He looks like a perv not the lone ranger wow he does something right for once. Sad how this is actual major news though Tool him long enough....Apparently he had to wait to get one with the US president logo on it...🙄🙄🙄 It’s a little too late to try and sport a mask now mr prez! You have failed us all!

smh Because our vets are more important than regular people. No first time he let them take a picture with it on It looks photoshopped on, just like these are anyways stan michael hutchence He’s a toddler. Praise for wearing an f-ing mask? Really? NOT FOR LONG! Does he really think this helps? Some people are just stupid and thoughtless of others.

What an improvement! Now just looks like a domestic terrorist instead of constipated and clueless It’s a little too little, it’s a little too late. This is just a set up photo op - like the Bible at the church. TrumpMask TrumpIsLosing TrumpOwnsEveryDeath Wow he actually learned something from the browbeating received by Pence for not wearing one in a hospital.

He was in a military hospital. HOSPITAL. say it with me hospital. Place where people have other sickness. That's because his Weiner is so big. Truth over Trump. Wow I care so much, instead of talking about actual problems let’s talk about Trump wearing a mask. Slow clap...The pressure must be on.I can't help feeling it's being let spiral out of control so Governors are blamed and a massive federal response before the election drags back those he's lost. Still don't think it'll be enough to save his ass.

Ok then... But did he really, though? Gotta This is the best thing that could have happened. Now when all the liberal governors see him wearing a mask . They will demand that everyone else to stop wearing them . 4D chess He's no longer POTUS Trump, he's dumbdonald I can hear the speech now...'You know.... nobody wore masks before I wore a mask. I said to my people...I think masks could stop this thing. Like make it disappear...so great...wouldn't that be wonderful? So I designed this beautiful mask...isn't it beautiful? So beautiful...

lizmoblubuckeye And, he wears it wrong. Check out his nose. It was my first day at work and everybody hates me already I think I made a mistake in taking this position 😷😷😷🤝👍 Too bad they didn’t give him a mask big enough for all his chins. Awee I thought he said that covid 19 didn't exist 🥺💞 Any memes that I missed?

JennaLeeUSA Will we say that when you start telling the truth in news on both sides ? Military and vets lives matter! That’s why! Will this help him keep his mouth shut? Why does it look photoshopped 👀 What type leader waits 4 months to look like a follower...lol! Are his followers following suit (I meant mask)?😷😷😷

overnight celebrity. a common human. dumb like everyone else, inc. me. badass usa black mask with us eagle emblem... where can i get one? what took him so long - uber,lyft,doordash, detroit, chicago, cleveland had his figured out months ago? now maybe retardo rednecks will... Updated guidelines suggest cone-shaped white hoods absolutely destroy any Coronavirus within a 6' radius.

Hiding from the injured soldiers, they still see thru his lies oh my god fIANLLY If he was visiting covid positive patients he might want to make them feel better that POTUS wasn't risking his life to see them. I'm sure it was for their sake not his as he knows the masks are not helpful. Pure distraction from pardoning Roger Stone TrumpTreason TrumpForPrison2020

yoooo He wore a mask to hide his shame from the wounded heroes he abandoned to Russian bounties. He's sick alright. Too late don't give fu.k 🍊is looser! Respect, please keep wearing it is good for health.🙏 WRONG! Do you people EVER check your ‘facts’ before reporting them Boss looks great! It's a a Hospital you have to ware a Mask! Family can not be with their love ones in the Hospital but the President can.

Was that so HARD Winning He looks like he's mad because he was bad and got the pool noodles. How about a permanent gag? Hey why don’t you cover the story on how violence against Jews has gone up. Or maybe how black on black crime has skyrocketed. Or the 400k black babies that are murdered every year. THIS ISNT NEWS!!!!!

NickSynodis bruh he gave away his FReeDom We R glad after 2 months of disregarding&trashing recommended wearing mask by WH adminesteration expert,finally U realized Ur selfish mistake that caused more death&infections. It is not fair to our people to be worst than even 3rd world countries to stop the virus from spreading

Nah bruh take it off don't be shy take it off lol that's fine looking tax-funded mask. End Slavery. Tax is the opposite of freedom. LOOKS LIKE A MUZZELED DOG Yes wears but what an IdiotInChief He should wear a msks FINALLY!!!! Thanks for setting a great example for our country (a little late). Non story. The President is the most tested man in the world. If he doesn’t wanna wear a mask he shouldn’t. The fact that he wore one at a hospital is excellent! Just like a good president would do.

NOT NEWS. OMG!!! Stop the presses!! Will all the other s**t going on in the world, this is what you choose to say? Grow up. Trump is still the President! And, this is still a free country. Why now? please do not wear one realDonaldTrump and go to the most infected area. We'll see how you come out of that.

Should have applied super glue Another photo op after serious begging by the presidential aides... See? The libs see this as a downside? He's doing what all your other sheep's are. He's a genius for this. But you hate to see it just because he's trump. Sorry but logic conquers all! Military hospitals aren’t public places.

some hoax eh Donald? pendejo 😎 Well I’ll be darn. A mask at a hospital. You are worthless. trishieb371 This is news? Where are your wayfair and amazon articles ? RosieBarton If that was the first time, then what was this? I think black and orange go well together. Getting ready to go back to school to take his SATs.

Wasn't the first but hey whatever you say. Hi, this is from May. You fake news hacks! It’s Kinda Pathetic And Sad That The Leader Of The Free World And Holder Of The Highest And Most Prestigious Office In The Land. Has To Be Constantly Treated Like An Impetuous Child Just To Get Him To Do The Most Basic Things! 😷

If anyone were to go into any hospital anywhere it would be wise to wear a mask. Duh. Why is this news. cool Z I Top fucking news A rational president makes a rational choice. What's the point of wearing a mask when not among a group at risk? Virtue signalling, of course. Like putting one of those Hate Has No Home Here signs in your yard.

So I was right lmao 4 months and he just barely puts one on He smart need to be careful to protect his family!🥰🙏 be safe Mr President Trump BREAKING NEWS: Things trump SHOULD have been doing since DAY ONE of the pandemic: Wear a mask and distance. NOT fire our vaccine MVP Rick Bright. NOT abandon WHO, our BEST chance of finding a vaccine. NOT call it a Dem hoax. STOP his nonsensical push to reopen haphazardly.

Love him. He looks fierce. Wow praying this will stop the non mask wearers who simply choose not to wear a mask as a political statement It's a sad day when the IdiotInChief is praised for doing what he was SUPPOSE to do...months ago. WearAMask AMJoy msnbc What is that on his face? I have never seen anything like it. Trump just invented something that will stop to virus. He is a genius. Long live realDonaldTrump AmericaOrTrump

It is TRAGIC that the media HAVE to report this, but if they don't then more realDonaldTrump zombies will continue to not wear masks. Welcome to America 2020 thestupidestplaceonearth It’s about time! fleshbagnchief Great! Now that he has freed his friend from prison, he will send the American children into schools where Covid-19 will spread throughout every state in the union. Look at how the flu or lice spread among children in school.

And wears it wrong. wow! the pr3sid3nt really is just like me lavenderblue27 LOL. He was probably waiting all this time for those Presidential ones to arrive from CHINA. Doesn't wear a mask...people bitch. Wears a mask...people bitch. Lol..can't win. But DID he actually visit any soldiers?Really? OR Was he there for a MRI/CAT scan. Look at the time difference of the two photos....45 minutes is enough time for a scan. Why no photos with soldiers, privacy aside, near a soldiers room?.?..?..?

He did in May. Fake news. Something he should've been doing all along....Go Figure! 👏 HE’S 👏 IN 👏 A 👏 HOSPITAL 👏 He feels no shame or guilt, guess his followers would hate to see this level of responsibility coming from the highest form of incompetence. Homer says who gives a shit I’m so mad that this is news in the US!

Wow! only took him 130,000 plus deaths. What a freaking joke. He was forced by campaign - they’re grasping at any straw at this point. Not exactly. It shouldn't be about the fucking mask! How about him going to Military Hospital knowing about bounty for the bodies of the very Soldiers he seeing. Another PR stunt! Phrase this shit right!

So proving that the MAGA crowd would be wearing masks if this imbecile had from the get-go said it was necessary. Or wore one, didn't have to say anything. But instead, he went on about COVID19 was a hoax, the flu, would go away...and we've lost so many Americans instead. Fool. When this is a headline, you know you're in the worst universe.

Not since the 1930’s summer carnivals have we seen an Orangutan in a muzzle. PanicInDC Was it drawn on with a sharpie? Wow i thought that was the Lone Ranger! Wow, the “War Time President” finally shows up armed for the fight. Pity it comes after the situation has gotten out of control. You can now get back to your golf game. America deserves better! Biden 2020

It’s about time !is the smart thing to do if he wants the economy moving did he make a poopy on the potty too? big week for a big boy! Too little too late. And any news that shows this should be ashamed Good. Now the left will say how they don’t work and trumps an idiot. One step closer to no more masks

The incompetent idiot should have been doing this from the beginning. Visiting a military hospital, Trump wore a mask and didn't wear it properly during the visit. Why did he wear the mask for something he called hoax and just a big flu? A retired general says POTUS photo op on Sat was at WalterReed outpatient clinic which is closed on wkends so unlikely Trump met with any wounded vets. Please folo up on this media

toddgillman Fake news.... he has worn it many times before, just not when speaking in public. I.e., Ford Motor plant. Guys do your homework... you get paid to put news out? He should always have something over his mouth. Many have also praised him for not wearing one.... but why would that be part of your headline if rather than report you have an agenda?

* wears mask incorrectly A photo op in the middle of a pandemic at a hospital. tRump is a disgrace 😷😷😷 Wait a minute...all I see is the Lone Ranger! What are you trying to pull here?! TrumpIsNotWell DumpTrump2020 Why are you making a big deal out of this idiot trump wearing a masks? He is playing the media

Has any POTUS ever been more consistently graded on a more forgiving curve than realDonaldTrump? Any time that DonaldTrump gets within walking distance of the most generous definition of basic competence he's roundly praised. Trump is wearing a mask to cover the fat lip he received from the supreme court this week.

wear your mom wear, sb I think you mean: “In a staged photo op, Trump visits WR Hospital, after refusing to denounce Russian’s paying for the lives of our soldiers, wearing a mask for the first time after the loss of 137,000 American lives to COVID.” He should be wearing a white pointy hood instead. That would suit him much better.

~(*L*)~ The alt-right’s love with 👉🏽 the mask is Made in China Just desperate to get votes now 😆 will do anything Does Barack Obama wear a mask in public? If not why not? He still believes he's the President. Hims a big boy Nice. We are all on the same page now. Let’s all beat this virus together! This won’t make Putin happy. It’ll be even more obvious he’s a puppet now when you can’t see Trump’s mouth moving and Putin’s hand up his his ass.

He did the bare minimum 4 months late. Give that manbaby a f-cking cookie I guess. Like pulling teeth. Why? Ya think FDR, JFK, Reagan would hava problem with it? No! They were leaders. Truman just tweeted the buck does not even stop by Trump... WearAMask Ah yes but that picture is for the campaign ads/photos op, if he were really concerned he wouldn't have been wearing it like this at all.

Big fckin deal that a Trump finally does what he should have done months ago. Don’t be fooled. He did it just this ONCE for the photo op. COVID19 COVIDIOTS TrumpVirus VoteBlueToSaveAmerica2020 Trump2020 TrumpIsLosing Just stop. Is he presidential now? What a stupid waste of words. Trump is the GOAT Democrat 1. Infiltrate GOP,pretending other side is corrupt 2. Lead the dumbest of GOP to rally during a pandemic by planting racist comments that Roger Stone taught you 3. Appear 2 laugh at safety measures 4. Infect the voters who are against your actual party

The story is not that this toddler finally caved to science. The story is he had the unmitigated gall to show up at Walter Reed after allowing Putin to put a bounty on the head’s of our military without repercussion. THAT’s the story. Do👏🏼your👏🏼 job 👏🏼media! It killed him bc he had to endure his own Cheetos breath and those around him were grateful the sh*thole in his face was closed, if only for a few minutes.

In Public? It’s a Hospital with sick, wounded, highly at risk people. He’s being thoughtful and considerate. You’re welcome! realDonaldTrump it only took over 135k COVID deaths to convince the moron not wearing a mask was for losers. Trump wears a mask for the same reason he didn’t wear a mask...selfish politics. Our next President, JoeBiden has worn a mask for months because he cares about us. VP

First time FakeNews has a picture of is more accurate. “The idiot running the country into the ground finally, for a few minutes, does the right thing, media applauds him, considers Nobel peace prize”. Fixed it for you AP. How about you stop you applauding for a couple minutes and consider that his stance is still the same?🤷‍♂️

How did the testing go? TRE45ON TrumpIsNotWell Is that the Lone Ranger or our corrupt inept treasonous reality 'star' President? TrumpLiedPeopleDied TrumpKillsUs TrumpHasNoCredibility 137,000 JoshMankiewicz Too little, too late. Too little too late- calculated attempt at getting votes back. “Wearing mask” I need your vote.

Don't be confused...please make the simplest choice stand or kneel security or riot law or crime work or unemployment prosperity or frustration justice or evil Finally Thats probably, because it was the Military Hospital and they refused Trump going in without wearing a 😷 Trump is not above the law. You wear a mask or your not coming inside. ✋

Black makes an interesting focal point to all that orange shit... Wow, what a great President! Human beings exhale 2000 gallons of polluted air in 1 day. Not first rime - he wore one in Michigan auto plant - Laa Tee fcking Daa. The first time EVER. Had he wore one from the start when it was recommended his base would be wearing one instead of spreading this virus that has already killed more than 130,000+.

Why does he look so angry? BETA! : I wear a mask 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, in non- air-conditioned factory. Have been, for months. Temperature in upper 80's and 90's, doing physically demanding work. Am I deserving of this kind of recognition? No? WHY NOT? TrumpVirus 😷 BRICS is dead. India and Brazil learnt lesson they can't trust CCPChina. SouthAfrica decided to be China's client state. Russia may be happy selling its oil but will also come to grief soon. COVID19

I like that 😷 Big news. Trump acts like a grown up for a minute. Actually he wore one at the Ford plant so you're headline is FakeNews Oh, he was waiting for his designer seal ... And your point is? People are reacting like he’s a baby that is now potty trained He doesn’t get credit for doing this shit. realDonaldTrump looks like a total boss👍 very fitting😜 2020VISION

Cool Oh my God here he comes its the loan ranger It's really sad when him finally doing the right thing is news. It's getting to the point that almost EVERY person knows someone with Covid-19 and Dumbo struts around in a mask in public for the FIRST TIME... The bar for this idiot is sooo effen low!!! What is the significance of the black masks? Is it supposed to look tough or formal? Do black masks matter?

This is not the breaking news we care about. The actual story here is how the ailing soldiers felt getting a visit from a traitor who knew Russia placed bounties on their heads. Imagine explaining this headline to someone 10 years ago Quit making this a big deal. The big deal should be tRump allowing Russia to get away with paying a bounty to the Taliban for killing American soldiers. Do your jobs and quit allowing to be taken in but these photo ops

Crooks always come around to masks at one time or another he still looks fat Well, kinda Mask does make him look fat The upside-down Lone Ranger But no story about the corrupt commutation of Roger Stone’s sentence? Trump has consistently fought the image of his wearing a mask, even to the extent of demeaning those who wear one. Worse, he has undermined CDC guidelines of social separation at rallies and WH gatherings. Is this an example of “magical thinking” or machismo?

Well well well how the turn tables... This isnt the first time. There been pictures for months. Who was that masked man Took him long enough. 🤦‍♀️ Now stick a muzzle on the orange ass..be better yet. 🎃 Greatest President ever Queue Darth Vader Vader theme! Oh, give the toddler a cookie. Too little too late!!

Stop it! He shouldn't get a pat on the back & a cookie for doing what he should have done since the beginning, all while mocking others for doing it. FFS stop it. This was a shiny bauble to control the narrative. The MSM & social media are all talking about him finally wearing a mask instead of his commutation of Stonks sentence & Barr’s Friday night massacre at EDNY. After 4-years we should all be able to ID a distraction and focus

Not news. Should be ashamed for misleading the public for so long on the severity of the virus, all for the sake of profit and posturing. How anyone has respect for this joke of a president is beyond me. What real leadership looks like Y’all after him but looking the other way when Nancy Pelosi stole $100 million dollars know your party get off the liberal media that’s getting paid $30 million a month to lie to you You are not helping anyone because y’all being dumb down

Fake news! 👆 130000 too late Newsworthy headline: RUSSIA PUTS BOUNTY ON AMERICAN TROOPS LIVES - POTUS DOES NOTHING. Don't let it go - or his corrupting of our justice system. NO ONE CARES about that pos posing for a masked photo op w/o his Bible this time. Media failing us again. Buckle up & save our country

GStephanopoulos Amen total respect love it great job Mr trump A little late to the game Well, not the first time Finally Too Little Too Late Mr. President! Looks great, doesn't 8t? If he did this 3 months ago, what a good leader would have done, thousands of life would have been saved. This’ll never get old tho 😭😭😭

This SHOULDN'T be a BIG DEAL 😉. WearADamnMask Wow he looks like the lone ranger More FakeNews being spewed from the Radical Left talking heads. Don't you understand what the INTERNET is? 🙄 Thank God after 3.3 million he understand this epidemic The president wearing a mask during a pandemic shouldn’t be news.

Ohhhh because they made presidential seal masks. Like telling your kid santa will come visit if you eat your vegetables Can we get a sound proof mask for the big fella? 138K and counting. vote him out. What a fucking hypocrite Our first warning the Solar Eclipse! Trump supporters now, it’s not against your linerty to wear a mask

Getting Treatments at a Military Hospital. Please give US the FACTS! Yea fool shit serious I never comment and I don’t want to, but — If people think covid is fake, isn’t this THE sign things are real? If he never wore a mask before, could this mean it’s “worse” now? I want to believe this is pandering but it’s SO late and his base doesn’t want it. Could be real fear.

Too little, too late. He looks like a dog that's just been bathed btw. TRUMP 2020 ITS TO FUCKING LATE 4 THIS CLOWN 2 REMOVE THE MAKEUP! STILL A CLOWN. Trump INCOMPETENCY w COVID-19 HAS/IS KILLING AMERICANS IN RECORD NUMBER. Him wearing a mask will not ERASE THE FACTS! Not 2 mention he BETRAYED Our SOLDIERS. Commuted A CRIMINAL FRIEND.

Show respect for sick service men and women Trump FINALLY did the responsible thing, wore a mask to WalterReed . Well, kinda! Photos show times he didn’t have his nose covered. Good thing his mask was customized with a presidential seal. Couldn’t risk a wounded soldier, or their family mistaking Trump for someone else.

I can't believe you people call this news And the man looks so bad ass. Yep, that's the man I am voting for come 11/3 🤘😎 I thought the virus had disappeared in the summer? We’re four months into a pandemic with more than 130,000 Americans dead and it’s making headlines that someone finally convinced Donald Trump to act like an adult for 45 minutes. Jesus H. Christ.

Trumps staff when they had to persuade this man 15 times to put on a mask Like having sex a thousand times and wearing a condom once Pic doesn't show the gag ball on the inside. Not true. He wore a mask while touring a plant in Michigan. [ Trump cares 🇺🇸 I Respect that decision..Thank You POTUS45 (Seems it doesn't matter what you do..the MSM will Spin it to OrangeManBad everytime.) No wonder you get angry with them. I do too. MSMIsTheEnemyOfThePeople Trump2020LandslideVictory

Puhleaze. This is what the orange moron did while at Walter Reed: Why black? To hide the orange shit he slathers on. Entire group is wearing masks. Thanks for rising to the standard, fucking morons. A one time photo op with a mask is to appease detractors while not risking the Q-Anon demographic who pay much attention to the color of Trump’s ties. Instead of his usual red Trump is wearing blue. Easy to guess what *secret* conspiratorial message will be deciphered here.

Man he looks like a weak ass president for wearing one Now, if only it could be taped on to keep his yapper shut.... I believe he told them they should’ve used the bone spurs excuse for getting out of going to fight, draft or no draft. Or maybe he said, “ you survived the bounty I’m denying Russia put out on you.”

Finally We can see the orange makeup rubbing off on the mask. 😂 it’s over in November people. This hell of a president will be gone. Finally!, Keep that mask on maybe it'll shut you up. Am I the only one who wants that mask What a fucking improvement I saw another picture, which I can’t find now, where he was wearing it off the nose.

DOES ANYBODY ELSE SEE IT SteveHarrisDJ President or not: when Gunny says wear one you say “Sir yes sir” after you put it on. No shit. He went to a hospital. I could’ve sworn I just saw the Lone Ranger! Are we supposed to be impressed? احمق ها هم حرف گوش میکنند ولی کمی دیرتر Finally the kraken has been muzzled

Oh the POTUS has been waiting for his custom matching mask 😷 to be designed and manufactured...from CHINA. Handsome POTUS realDonaldTrump Lrihendry Not the first time. Fake headline Is that really 'in public'? The man wears a mask and suddenly people are saying he’s presidential. For heaven’s sake. It’s like saying a toddler is a man because he didn’t shit himself at dinner.

Wouldn’t that be something if little donnie did get the Trump Virus ?!! Wow, should everyone clap for him? He should have done that from the beginning. The news is *not* that he is wearing a mask. The news is that realDonaldTrump had the audacity to visit soldiers while allowing Russia to place bounties on the heads of the soldiers’ brothers-in-arms. Please adjust your angle of vision. NBCNews washingtonpost nytpolitics

The fact that the majority of the US media made such a big deal about this proves just how dysfunctional the majority of the US media is. Focus, folks. Focus. realDonaldTrump too little too late, but hey, it’s about damn time. TrumpVirusCatastrophe TrumpDeathToll134K COVID19 He musta got paid for this...

This is the first time he’s ever used protection. Its not called wearing a mask for him. It’s not trying to prevent infection for him. For him, after so much time, it’s merely called one word, and it’s a word that defines his current state of being. The end is nigh and that word is: DESPERATION! THE MASK MIGHT GET VOTES!

Aww he cares so much about our soldiers!! So much so he let Putin put bounties on and murder their bothers and sisters in arms!! Stop promoting this monster’s propaganda. After 137,000+ people died & the moron realDonaldTrump finally puts on a mask. do your job! Start comparing overall deaths this year vs last year. The GOP & Trump are disguising COVID19 deaths in pneumonia numbers.

And not even correctly MoronInChief It's probably because the vets told them don't bring him up in here unless he got a mask on! Who is going up against all those war vets and war heroes We KNOW Trump not 😂😂 He’s got COVID-19?!! Trump wears it like a boss and Biden wears it like a frail old mentally challenged man.

There was no one there.😜 Well done Mr. President, looks good, not like that goofy Biden who has his ears sticking out!!!❤️🇺🇸 WRONG,NOT 1ST TIME!!HE'S AT S HOSPITAL!! MackWick Let’s all cheer for the 6 month-late orange idiot. FFS, he’s only been arm-twisted into doing the absolute LEAST because his numbers are crashing. But by all means, let's pretend he’s actually done something to fight the virus that’s slaughtering our citizens.

Glad to see this. Very glad. It’s about fucking time ... 🙄 Why he wasnt wearing a mask for the past 4 months? Maybe he is not scared of the virus bc VIP people might have the cure already. We the ordinary people dont know whats going on behind the scene Interesting. Ok HOLY SHIT HE WORE A MASK 🤯 that's so crazy 🤦‍♂️

ArrowKrystal Wow this is lovely! He lead we follow. This what realDonaldTrump felt like under that mask... 👇👇👇 TrumpMask TrumpVirus TrumpTraitor TruckFump Someone real close to him must have gotten sick to make him snap into it and wear a mask. Anyway keep your mouth shut, it’s better realDonaldTrump

Why it took so long for realDonaldTrump to finally follow JoeBiden’s lead in wearing a mask is only something tRump himself can answer finally 😐😐 American Virus A bit late for that. RosieBarton He has lost the plot... Nice set of throat testicles there prez! Ahem WTF does this have anything to do with military

With the caveat that a mask should be used only in certain circumstances I guess 130,000 deaths qualifies and 4 months in. Impactful leadership. Too little too late, but hey, it’s progress. why do we have to have this man running the country So will the dumbss trump supporters admit that they were wrong about masks?

Doesn't do a thing for him: still the same angry, scared, ugly puss. Not killing people directly, only indirectly, thousands each day. As in Poe's 'Masque of the Red Death,' the disease quietly stalked the gardens until, one day, 'It was in the Palace...!' TrumpDeathCult He will now tweet about how he wore a mask better than anyone.

'News' Who cares In bigger news, I woke up this morning. This development is not worthy of a news article. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Just another tactic to distract from the Eogee Stone story realDonaldTrump omg u look so cutie in a mask!!!! Seriously. You should wear more~ people would really like it it will be good for ur re-election too!!

MhmmImSoHungry Wow that's crazy, ya know what else is crazy? Isn't this the same weak individual that, most likely, begged his delusional buddy Kanye for help to cheat another election? Same guy who said, 'slavery was a choice'. But sure, he wore a mask. Super. I bet it took 6 people to get it on him and he cried the whole time.

It wasn’t the first time, this is fake news My last month paycheck was for 1500 dollars… All i did was simple online work from comfort at home for 3-4 hours/day that I got from this agency I discovered over the internet and they paid me for it 95 bucks every hour on……… See this site...........www.cashbarr.com

6 months later Big boy! Someone give him a sticker. ' IQ45🦧, ignoranus🪨 & APEX🚨 MalignantNarcissist🪞 FINALLY gets how Masks😷 work when they showed him THIS 🆕COVID19Flashcard❗️ It got it right away - it's GoldenShowers💛 all over again; always with the piss, this guy ‼️ 💥🗞️ 📢RetweetSVP🙏 .

Yes, and we know the rest of the story: He is going to say he wore a mask better than anyone else ever wore a mask before! Yes, he looks like the Long Ranger, of the KKK JoeWearsItBetter He thinks he’s clever and fooling the Americans IT WASN’T THE FIRST TIME, HE ALSO WORE IT IN THE GE VENTILATOR-PRODUCTION PLANT

Covid sucks but my onlyfans does not 💓 SarahCodyMedia That means the death rate is going to spike Did he forget to get his spray painted his face orange? Lol how is this breaking news? Ummmmmm well, his supporters cheered as trump drank water...... Tomorrow they'll cheer when he wipes his ass back to front.

For people who don’t like to wear a face mask, but know you must Trump's mask is lined with Adderall. You know, Walter Reade should have told them thanks but no thanks to that visit considering he's still done nothing about the reports of Putin putting cash bounties on the heads of US troops except deny them. TRE45ON

Lie there were pictures of him with a mask on in Michigan Ignorant Well if it isn't the lone fucking ranger. Commie. Even Trump wears a mask. Oh my Trump wears a mask...you sound like a bunch of first graders! PardonMeTrump but no mask can hide your ugliness. a tad too late donald When I see this dude imma spit on him😈

SO WHAT A normal thing defined as a great thing!! American 's sadness!! Libs rejoice! Looks good! MAGA2020 And Dammmn! realDonaldTrump POTUS LOOKS Good! And with his Entourage they be bad ass! ( Can I see that in slow motion, Hero walk?) new mask? 😂 trump supporters should bandwagon this too🤍 Get a life AP copy writer! Surely, you have a larger purpose than this? Um, Trump wears a mask? Good grief.

His base is furious. Because from their point of view he kotowed to the Democrats, the 'liberals' and the 'left'. ...His enemies. Curious to know who at Walter Reed told him “no mask, no entry.” does that mean he only needs to tan half his face now No offense but I don’t think this qualifies as news. They could’ve at least made an article on the wayfair scandal, that would’ve been more newsworthy

What... no mask for his wig!? SaveTheWig Wear your masks! I am king 👑 and the Covid is a tool! Since when does he visit servicemen, I think he was having some tests or an examination while he was there. Finally. Try setting an example for the people who you represent🙄. Putin must have told him he wasnt allowed to claim the bounty payment

Look at that neck pussy lol Election time is nearing when trump starts to promise funds for projects in the swing states he needs to win. The wounded at Walter Reed get a visit from the creep who ignored the Putin bounty on our Afghanistan troops. He's the lowest of the low and America knows it now. How the turn tables...

If only the fat bastard would have done this in March .or hell even a couple of weeks ago... Shredder got old & fat. Who gives a flying F 🤬 he just thinks it might help his campaign I know that will be the only time that racist traitor wears one. Are we supposed to give him a cookie for being a good boy WGAF if he wears one.😒👋🏽

WHO cares. 😀✨ Donald Trump can put a seal on these... he uses these everyday I put it on my face, now I'm a believer!! They probably told him we are not listening and that he had to do it to make the rest of us fall in line. I say screw that. I am not a puppet. Finally, under great pressure and in fact “pleading” from staff, advisors, and most of Americans, Trump does the world’s fucking simplest thing.

Better sense prevailed atlast. 3 million plus cases and 140,000 death gonna make him wear a mask. I'm looking forward for what's next. To be fair I haven’t wore a mask yet but i thought baby boy said corona virus wasn’t that serious and that we shouldn’t wear masks 🤭 He's about 3 months too late. It's a shame he never learned about condoms. He could have headed off Eric

Dhimmicrats hoping for increasing pandemic numbers! Orange man good. didn't know he knew how to do that Leader and follower.... POTUS wearing a mask looks so false. Photo opp kicking and screaming. What about the real story with the sick and injured soldiers here. Sad. Stay safe. TRUMP ALREADY GOT THE VIRUS COVID-19 HE DON'T NEED A MASK😱🤕🤒🤢🤮🤧😷🥶🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

trumptrash Relax...EVERYONE has to wear a mask when entering a hospital. who cares realdonaldtrump Welcome to the party Don. Better late than never! This is probably the first time in your whole life that you have done something to benefit someone other than yourself. About time too! Now that you've done it...*keep wearing it*!!

What kind of rating is that mask ? White House rating ? Trump95 rating ? I'm wearing the TrumpFag99 one NEW FROM Tonka..Fat orange racist..Now comes with MASK. To the GOP This is what happens when you pick a novice for president. 'Learning on the job' is not an affordable luxury when you're running one of the most powerful countries on Earth. It is simply NOT WISE.

Captain bone spurs realDonaldTrump had the nerve to go into Walter Reed showing off his face mask. Can't wait to see his demented ass walk out of the WH with his head down. the bar is that low About time. Wisdom & age,proves not to be case with him. I didn't know they made Pampers in black. Give the dog a bone. Toss the *president a cookie.

NATIONAL COVID-19 TESTING DAY Please sign the petition. We must do something. Now. Is that news? All i see in these comments is crying Well Done President Trump. Trump/Pence2020. Israel 🇮🇱💓🇺🇸 Idiot. Moron 🤡 🤡 🤡 Ummmm 4 months late to the party donnie somehow trump looks just as repulsive with a mask

NoMorePussyNeck! 7 months too late. where are the tweets about the child trafficking ring Really? He can't even demonstrate this right! I see evil 👹 seething from his eyes. 😱 Maybe his zombie followers will finally wear a mask. He needs to lead by example! I’m sure the zombies thought it’s ok not to wear a mask because he 🤡 didn’t wear one.

It only took Donald Trump 5 months to get it right 🤦‍♂️😂😂 He looks cool. following the steps of our dear Joe Biden! Follow Biden always a good idea! Biden2020Landslide Dude is trying so hard now to win the election with the popular vote but it's too little too late Yup looks just like the lone ranger

Illusion of choice Yes, because he went to the one place where it makes sense to do so. wish he would always wear a mask and shut the fuck up 🥰🥰 Who cares ? Wow the mask took spotlight from the hair, which seemed to make him mope even more. He can share kfc with his hair later Who cares if he wears a mask or not it's not anyones business but his own really!!!!!Grow up people did you honestly think he wouldn't wear a mask going to a hospital Morons!!!!!!

Nowww I see why he didn't want to wear a mask. It just ends up looking like panties for his neck vagina. That’s amazing it’s almost as if that virus you said would disappear in March that caused 137,000+ Americans to die was FINALLY real. But I’m glad TOODAY you are willing to wear a mask to acknowledge it.

Thank God. Im glad. Uh no. You call this journalism? Great job. Trump Anyone with a brain, or a heart, has been wearing a mask since late March. The President shushes his own experts, says a bunch of dumb shit that the media covers as if its the gospel, 130,000 Americans die needlessly, and NOW he wears a mask to show up Biden/distract from Stone.

hope he gets sick 3 Such liars! This was from May 21 2020 good of course he is indoors with other people. but i have quarantine police up my ass for not having one walking alone outside Here is why everyone should wear a mask. That looks PHOTOSHOPPED it’s probably not but it does lol I'm sorry but about 4 months too late. It would have made a huge difference - lead by example - but his ignorance & vanity stopped him from, once again, doing what is right

A doctor for Donald Rare, behind the mask look after Trump’s hospital visit No good sheep Well Dr. Fauci won over him. Wow. People don't wear masks because of Trump. Do you have a CCW? You can't wear a mask and carry it's a felony and loss of your firearm and Permit! Watch the news I'm going to protect myself and maybe you?

Better late than never This is not news. Please don't give credit to him for doing something he should have been doing and telling others to do 5 1/2 months ago. Do you think he just bronzed his forehead today or is the inside of that mask now orange? Trumpies: 'b-but-but...' . . .and to celebrate this rare achievement he was actually able to change his 'depend' without the help of his valet ! TrumpIsNotWell

ABOUT. EFFING. TIME. That is why people are dead. The simple gesture of him wearing a mask in public back in April would probably have saved thousands of lives. It looks like someone edited it on ...something ain't right about the media What!!!!! FAKE NEWS! The fact that this became news... oh, how low the standards have fallen

Only that 'mask' is actually a cake. It’s called wearing protection because he is now in a vulnerable area. fuuuuuccckkk i was hoping he wouldn't. i was like 'keep saying its a hoax. and when you catch that shit, die.' but i guess (for once) he used his brain THIS IS NOT TRUE. He wore a mask at the Ford Plant thing in May. Makes you wonder why the media is making a big deal about this one.

Not the first time. Stop lying. Has anyone noticed that the whole COVID lockdown of entire cities is the plot line of what Bane did in the last of the Christian Bale Batman movies ? Even Bane’s mask looks like a COVID19 mask...I guess Trump is Batman in this scenario & will save the cities on November3rd

Now he wears a mask? This pandemic started early this year Weird... it's almost like he is doing it in a situation where he's surrounded by people who are vulnerable 🤷‍♂️ HE ISN'T SOCIALLY DISTANCED. THIS IS NOT NEWSWORTHY. HE STILL LOVES MURDERING AMERICANS. 135,000 and counting This isn’t the first time idiots, he also did in michigan when he visited..just goes to show the msn lies about even this stupid shit smh

FINALLY SOME GOOD NEWS He looks so mad that he has to wear it haha unfortunate that hundreds of thousands of people had to die for me to have a nice laugh but damn it's funny. He is absolutely positively correct he looks like a little baby in The mask in fact he looks like it's a black diaper on his face yeah it's a black diaper on the president's face.

It’s the T-Rump two step! Step 1: do/say something outrageously offensive that that your voting base loves. Step 2: the backpedal! Was only kidding! You misunderstood! I meant the opposite all along! Disarm that outcry with a wink and a nudge to your voting base. tell me: how the hell is this news wait, really? are pigs flying now? has hell froze over? what the hell is going on?!

He should wear it more often to cover that nasty orange skin He looks so much better with his asshole covered. Probably because the military doctors told him to or he wouldn't get in, commander-in-chief or not. That's photoshopped! Are people outraged by him wearing a mask? Asking for a friend. Trump should have been demonstrating the importance of wearing a mask for *months*. He's only doing it now because his advisors made him do it. VoteBlueToSaveAmerica

Why the praise. It took him 5 MONTHS to do what smart people have done all along. But the CorruptGOP act like he just went POTTY for the first time? Dear Maga2020, TrumpIsANationalDisgrace Actually, TrumpIsAGlobalaDisgrace So now we're clapping for a toddler who used the potty? Honestly, that's where we are now? Pathetic

Hood for him. The hospital is a place a mask should be worn. his old ass is scared of getting sick now? ... not all heroes wear masks The only reason he put one on was the fear of losing his election not the fear of Americans losing their lives unfortunately. He's right! He DOES look kinda Lone Ranger-ry with a mask on!

Funny thing is he'll probably look at this and think he looks Cool as shit. Wow that is shocking. Yeah, but can he drink water while wearing a mask? Now that would be a sight to see. Only in Trump's America would doing something so basic in saving other people's lives make national news. Imagine how many lives would've been saved had he done this simple thing in February.

august 27th 😹😹😹😹 Absolute madness that it’s taken him this long to wear a mask once in public during a global pandemic. BFD..... WHAT THE FUCK It only took 130,000 American deaths but Trump learned something! He actually *learned* something! At this rate it'll only take half the country until he's on par with a normal person.

Over a 130000 deaths an he finally wears a mask smh ....worst president in modern times, best con man in modern times and next election whole world gets to say fuck trump your fired... notnews Mr President you should be wearing an N95. But that official stamp on the cloth stamp is respectable. Cloth masks are not that effective. We have the proper masks for sale. Check out our catalog online:

He caved lol. Who switched on tubelight now. May be Melania refused to let him enter in her bedroom without mask. Still no condolences for 135,000 families. Golf clap I guess this is considered headline news these days. Didn't Trump say he wouldn't wear a mask because it makes him look weak? What happened to it's just the latest Democrats hoax? A compete and total loser.

Too little, too late. Nobody cares except the left-wing trolls on Twitter! 🤣 What do you say to your MAGA now You just didn’t care about them? TrumpIsUnfitForOffice VoteBidenToSaveAmerica Took him almost four years to grow a brain. Shocking. Wonder how many people it took to convince him. Lmao They are estimating 500k dead in US by Christmas.

He’s such an asshole!!!!! What does he want? A cookie? A balloon? He should have been wearing it in March. He gets no props from me for wearing it 4 months too late. BTW, there a picture of him wearing it under his nose. That’s just like not wearing it at all. we've been in this quarantine for how long? 4-5 months? and he hasn't worn one until now I knew that he didn't wear them at press conferences, but I assumed that he wore them elsewhere. holy actual fuck, this country is doomed. it's like we're living in 'Idiocracy'

Someone prob told him it might help him win the election 😬 Big whoop Why does the news what the president to wear a mask constantly lol what a joke Major improvement, Melania must love this look hahaha...too bad he doesn't believe in their usefulness. Good to see He looks a hell of a lot better with it on

Am I seeing things!? Well good for him. Mark it down July 11 the day Trump caved😷🤣😂😆 What a hero🙄 lol clever wordplay. 'in public' And somehow manages to do it wrong Finally, sense is back. May it be permanent. He looks weak, and the mask isn't helping that The fact that the President of the United States agreeing to follow medical protocol in a hospital is enough to make national news is astounding. We have gone so ass backwards, haven't we?

SaveTheChildren perhaps he was visiting the Rescued children no wow it took him thousands and thousands of deaths and millions of cases to wear a mask.. clown There.. Was that sooooo hard to do? Not gonna lie, that's a pretty nice mask... Wow! That’s a huge mask! Never seen a mask that big before! TrumpOut2020 dicklessrapist Anonymous

Trump felt he had to do something to quiet America’s rage after he commuted Roger Stones 40 month sentence for 7 felony crimes to 0. Why To keep Stone from telling the world what he knows. He didn't wear it correctly. No surprise there. The man can't do anything right. NO ONE CARES! Maybe this'll entice some of his supporters to wear them too. One can hope

He shouldn’t get a thank you or praise for doing the bare minimum then how did NBCNews publish this photo of trump publicly wearing a mask back in may? Don't be shy take it off💖🧚‍♀️🥰 Whatta pussy! Ain't that hard! This is not the first time he’s worn a mask in public. Do you think because you write something that makes it true?

You’d think with all that money he’d wear a N-95 mask 'After six months of the pandemic running wild with no oversight, Trump finally catches up to the rest of the world and wears a mask' might be a better headline. For someone that never wore one this whole time and against it wears one today. Please this will be the only time what a fucking fake.

Too late. Eff him It was just to hide his evil grin, walking amongst the injured and ill. The brothers and sisters of those betrayed in the middle east. It really accentuates his beady little eyes!😷 And probably the last time See, that wasn’t so bad! Who gives a hot shit? Ask him again about the Russian bounties on US troops that he still hasn't done fuckall about. Then remind him that he committed a crime by bribing Roger Stone for his obstruction.

What the hell 🤣 Good boy. Hopefully his followers catch on. It took 130k people to die for him to finally put on a mask and this is the clown who wants to run our country for four more years? Unbelievable. But....but....all of his supporters say that masks are unhelpful and they’re the real killers. Hospital rules no doubt🤷‍♀️

Too late So the baby is finally scared Finally a mask.... he does not want the military to recognize him as the culprit responsible for the mayhem around the world, and helping Putin to kill American soldiers. Too late! Seriously? Trump wearing a mask is news now? He was right, he looks like an idiot with the mask....or without!

There it is. That should be a movie poster Plot twist Trump is positive for corona and dont want to spread it, but wears a mask as a decoy.... Wow I can really see the resemblance Better late than never 😂 RosieBarton joebiden does it better Trump supporters: Masks make people look weak, amirite trump? Haha, yeah! Yeah... *clears throat*

Absolute incompetence A photo op, that is all this is. All from the PRESIDENT who has wreaked havoc with our very lives & economy with his denial of COVID, delays and lack of preparation. We have a 250% death rate per capita of South Korea, but had first + patients same day Trump has betrayed Conservatives by wearing a mask.

I spent a year at Walter Reed, lotta sickness there, thanks President Trump for being safe in this situation. And he looks damned good in it too! Suck it up Trump wears a mask? Yet yesterday he mocked joe Biden for wearing a mask and practicing social distancing You know he was only waiting because he wanted a mask with the POTUS branding on it.

Frauds. Maybe the aids can line the next mask with duct tape. And then they’d just have to steal his phone and we’d have a nation able to take a deep breath. Disappointing the president shouldn’t wear a mask down with conformity RosieBarton When he removed the mask did he also remove his Covid-19 blinders

And he still looks powerful! Cry and whine, bitch and protest, he's still our president!!! KAG2020 wasn't 1st time, wore one at ford factory he visited & others places he's been as necessary but wasn't necessary on stage with distancing. Save your BS omg the msm are idiots. keep that same energy! But why was he really there? It can't be because he cares about patients or workers. I don't buy it. Maybe he's taking another test he can 'ace.'

Sad that this has to be news. Lmao But why does it look like photoshopped 😂 His eldest son’s girlfriend has the virus and I’m pretty sure his son also has the virus too; so, now that it’s close to home he knows it’s real. So realdonaldtrump potus finally put a diaper on his other end...AND? Bigly mask for a bigly ugly face, best he has ever looked, though one can still see his fish eyes

first time this month? Wow, are we to be impressed? I think not. This was to little to late. He can't undo the harm he has done. The mask looks photoshopped in this picture. Wait until the anti-mask people see this Slow news day huh Should not be news or praise worthy that he finally dons a mask now, too late.

Y’all gotta let that man live He did it today to distract people from talking about his commuting Roger Stone's sentence. Apparently it worked because that's the only thing the media reported most of the day (including you). Did he have a tide pod up his ass too? Its nice that we can see less of his face but now we can see more of his neck vadge.

A vast improvement. why is this news? Not just any mask one with the seal of the presidency on it Big deal that is not news, he should be protecting our troups and helping with corona virus instead of denying it exists too little too late....after he has killed thousands with his lies! All BS hes just trying to impress his base and his people thats all hes doing he just wants to LOOK GOOD!!

His minions are acting like he just stormed the beach at Normandy, even though most of them have been disdainful of mask wearing for four months. Maybe that’ll keep his fat mouth shut. So it takes the military to put him in place. I guess it was a huge lie...Covid-19 being a hoax. 133,000 deaths!!! The President of the United States is a glorified murderer.

Don’t get distracted. Does this mean he doesn’t approve of himself either? I'm sure he got make up on it too. 130k and counting and now the face of America finally wears a mask. Too bad he didnt suffocate in it. About freaking time that he actually follows policies set in place for health & safety reasons. Too bad it’s only taken 6 months to get to this point. H&SGuidelines PresidentTooLittleTooLate

Awesome Mr President!!!! Trump2020 Everyone bitchin that the POTUS doesn't wear a mask, now all left bitchin because he is wearing one!!!! Trump 2020 ♥️🇺🇸♥️🇺🇸♥️ First time da f TrumpIsNotWell TrumpWearsAdultDiapers SueG907 Too late. Just doing it now for votes. Totally desperate. Liars. PresidentHalitosis

What a wimpy look. How did parscale miss this branding opportunity? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 all of his supporters with their freedom of choice bs. Your leader just turned on all of you!!! Desperation at its finest So glad he did that. Now...what will they have to say? It is called the “bolsonaro” effect 😷😂😂 I had to double check to make sure it wasn't a photoshop job.

About fucking time! thickkkkkkk Only because he knows his ratings are low🙄 His fake persona is in overdrive! Has anyone else noticed that every Accessory trump wears has a presidential seal on it? Is he rubbing it in or reminding himself. Can he get it permanently attached? It's so much better not having to look at his face.

Too little too late sir. 136,000 American deaths due to covid19 and the number is going up. It’s not a hoax. It is a medical condition. Looking dictatorial as ever, sir! Finally a different tie! He’s still ugly and he doesn’t look like the Lone Ranger. Trump is now part of the loooney left Imagine the orange frosting on the inside of that mask.

I wonder if he is sufficiently high on the autism scale that it is frightening for him to cover his face that way. Esto no debería de hacer noticia... Qué mal... I'm amazed there was one on hand large enough to fit that ego of his. He is Zoro....makes him look even more powerful! Cant wait for magats meltdown lol. They have been calling everyone sheep, cowards, pathetic who wore masks since march! This will be fun

I wonder what led him to wear one Bad photoshop job Did trump test positive for covid19? Anyway, it's a good start. Take care Mr president. Fact check: This is not the first time Trump has worn a mask in the public. He does not do so willing. The hospital would not allow him to enter otherwise. He’s petulant and unfit for any job in any country.

Finally trump sporting a mask looks the part. Not the part of the Lone Ranger but as the Evil Bandit that he really is. Oh wow I can’t believe it I never saw him without a mask on Anyone reporting on the folks in the military hospital? US OUT of Afghanistan! Wait...so its not a Democratic hoax? This shouldn't be⚡BREAKING NEWS. Had he worn the mask months ago his base would have also. He should have lead by example. He failed miserably.

Thank you president trump for setting an example I’m glad he’s wearing it finally but seriously too little too late. Thanks to his crappy leadership this thing is out of control. Sad. Now that he's wearing a mask I give it time before Democrats start spouting the whole masks don't work stuff that Republicans are because they can't stand to be just like the man that they hate

Wearing mask no weakness but strength. If he would have set the tempo at the very beginning we couldn't have gotten here. Congrats Mr President. Moron comes in from the rain A leader wears a mask first, not last. This is not the first time. He wore one for the Ford tour and there are pictures. If you are going to lie do a better job.

My fellow Americans, I am now willing to wear a mask since our country has more than 3.29 million confirmed cases... And? Wow--He's sexy in a mask. The flesh-eating lizardman's transformation into Mortal Kombat 3 Reptile is almost complete. The sad thing is realDonaldTrump thinks he looks tough surrounded by all those soldiers at Walter Reed. Yet he wouldn't care if Putin tried to kill them. BountyGate

K12Lioness The hospital required it while in the hospital He does look like the Lone Ranger. Thank thegoodgodabove! Now we only have to see half of his ugly face! Ironic that this will likely result in Trump2020/MAGA face mask merch popping up soon And still looks like the villain he has always been. I came to the comments to see some disappointed Karens but...

What a wimp cowardpresident realDonaldTrump So WTH does this mean? Absolutely nothing. It is a political strategy. That's it. Using the wounded at Walter Reed as a prop in a photo op. There is no one realDonaldTrump won't pimp out for his own selfish gain. Why don't you tell us how many Saturdays he's spent visiting the wounded at Walter Reed prior?

LOL LOL GET SOME ONE TO FIT HIM PROPERLY BEING TO TIGHT THE MASK WILL CUT THE OXYGEN OFF TO THE VOID BETWEEN HIS EARS LOL LOL COMPLETE IDIOT Wow...he finally did the bare minimum. Left his favorite one at home 😢 I sure do hope someone dropped their sweaty mung covered balls in to that mask before he put it on

'Trump Uses Wounded Soldiers as Props.' There: I fixed your headline for you. Wow so beautiful now Trump supporters rn 👁👄👁 Do they come in tiny thumb sizes? Yep thinks hes getting the sympathy VOTE OOOH look at me lm a great useless use of skin hes still doing this for his base voters support all for him no one else

Commander in Chief making rounds. Now lets put away all the greedy crooks and Human Trafficking and pedophiles. The Truth! Only because they wouldn’t let him visit Don’t be fooled Its like a paramedic who shows up at a car crash and then puts on the seat belts. Moron. Who cares? He’s not doing it to set an example but to get votes! dummy TrumpIsLosing TrumpRallyFail TrumpIsAnIdiot TrumpIsKillingUs BetsyDeVosShouldntBeNearKids

SO Don't wear one it would be GoodForTheNation Whoop-de-fucking- do. The rest of us have been wearing masks for months. It’s a pandemic. It’s what you do. Thank fuck, now maybe the ignorant will follow him I don’t like you too much but good job sir.....it was a good choice realDonaldTrump Why are he and BeBreast always squinting?

It’s not a hoax anymore I guess Looks like a bank robber! Great to see him muzzled. A bit too late The bar is on the floor Will he master training pants next? realDonaldTrump That mask looks photoshopped. I am ashamed it wasn't gold plated Desperate attempt at popularity Hal-le-freaking-lu-jah!!!! Is he the sheep for following me wearing a mask or am I still the sheep for going with science? Trump COVID19 WearAMask

His mask is made from Ivankas panties. 👙 SOOOOO disappointed in the president for giving in to the morons around him. Duck tape would have worked. Not properly though 🤦🏾‍♀️ Well Leftards, he is wearing a mask. Now what? Does this make mask wearing Racist to you? Does this mean now that you no longer believe in Covid?Don't forget in TopsyTurvy land anything that President Trump does, you mus do the opposite. FYI, he also believes in breathing Trump

He needs to wear a face mask all times!🎭 jussayin And he looks like a BADASS! 💪 love my President! ☺️ Wow and it only took 130,000 deaths for him to comply That this is news is so fucked up Hopefully this is a sign of a wake up call. Fingers crossed. lol. Angry and arrogant. A picture worth a thousand words.

He still looks like an Ass! Well not the first time he wore one back in May on this Ford plant tour in Michigan. He took it off halfway through when he was pretty sure no one was looking. He definitely didn't want Big Gretch to whoop his Ass I think that's why he looks like a angry toddler in this picture.

FOFF .....He should visit the dying. Those suffering from COVID. SOB finally 🙌 realDonaldTrump Hope you like it! Just made it for ya! 🇺🇸🤨👌 The hospital may not have given him a choice. However - I am glad to see him wearing one. The lone ranger This is not news!! So what if the idiot wears a effing mask ! Who cares !!!!!!!

Thank god. Took long enough. Photo opt. That has to be photoshopped on him idc And he's getting praised for it like a good little boy 😐 He sure did, and pulled an epic “Chad” .... Do his eyebrows always look so cartoonishly angry like that? How much did it cost the taxpayers to have the fancy presidential seal embossed on the mask? In other words, how much did we have to pay Trump to follow CDC guidelines for an hour or so?

Trump actually looks great in a mask. It highlights the steel resolve in his eyes. But in Biden's case, highlighting the confused look in his eyes just screams 'dementia.' 5 months into the pandemic. Pathetic He caved in. 😂😂🤣🤣 No self respect Who TF asked? About time all for show to little to late Why does trump have a custom made mask, with a presidential seal... as if he could not be identified, without it? We see you, fool!😡

Guess he must have been indoctrinated by the radical left lol Good Just decides to wear a mask out of nowhere even though he’s been totally against mask this whole time? Maybe he realizes he’s going down very soon... Donald Trump is awesome!!! If you look closely at his mask, the construction of it... it’s poorly made! Our’s are so much better! Maybe I should send him one of ours? VoteBlueToSaveAmerica2020 VoteOutTheGOP VoteJoeBiden2020 we don’t need this pussy neck one minute longer... GOPCowards GOPTraitors

Obviously he and everyone would wear masks while inside a hospital. That mask is fire. The seal on the mask is cool. That’s a shame that we have to make a big deal when the president of the US puts on a mask. DonaldJTrumpJr realDonaldTrump but it’s a hoax I’m looking forward to the Orange rubbing off on the mask and the big white mask left on his face until the spray tanners fix it.

This is not news. This is a photo op and you're giving him free publicity even as he says 'there's a time and a place' for masks. Yeah, when the cameras are on and he uses our troops as props. You buried the lead -- stop giving him slack. ดีมากท่านผู้นำ I'm just going to leave this here.... Was this a photo op?

The imbecile wears a mask in public and media calls him the best president/leader the world has ever seen. Even though yesterday he commuted the sentence of Stone because he has lots of dirt on him but yeah, he wore a mask It's like your saying Trump pooped on the potty for the first time. Ugh untrue. He wore one at the Ford plant on his trip to Michigan.

He doesn't have to do his makeup under the mask. He's probably loving it. Thank god... Almost gives me a weird sense of relief to know I don't have to see his God awful mouth moving! So?!! It's like when you tell a child to do something a million times and he eventually does it He’s the boss! WWG1WGA realDonaldTrump RichardGrenell GenFlynn

Less attention to Trump, please... Fake news DONT MAKE THIS POLITICAL DONT MAKE THIS POLITICAL PLEASE STOP ARGUING He looks angry Is the bottom half of his face white when he takes it off? I like the mask. It seals the deal. Trump wears mask. I knew this day would come for realDonaldTrump to WearAMask and he actually looks good in a mask. Case closed.

realdonaldtrump You actually look a lot more important with it on. But seriously what moron cares what he looks like. I could give 2 shits about anybodys opinion. The point of the mask is what matters. Thats weak. Dont be weak. Its girly too. Care about wht ppl think of ur looks I hate to be a naysayer but Doesanyone think he’s doing this just to make himself look good because the White House has been pushing and pushing for him to do it? I feel that’s the only reason not anything to do with actually setting an example or caring at all about other people

I've never wore a mask. He probably has is it and is now trying to hide it by wearing mask now. He’s at Walter Reed for a colonoscopy & a urine test. Trump is endorsing masks!! Let's CancelMasks MAGA The sky must be falling! Now was that so hard, Mr. President? Huh. He...looks uneasy and scared. Who all see the devil in his eyes?

A little too late..... No one is fooled! He graduated to pull ups too I bet this pisses you off TheRightMelissa Too little too late. Hope to read his obit one fine morning. And that’s all I got to say about this. realDonaldTrump About damn time ....honestly he should have waited till he caught the virus before putting on a mask I'm sure a lot of people would agree with me on that 😂🤷‍♂️

He needs an Ornery Onion mask! Of course, he needs those fresh out of HS kids for the next oil wars Day late & a dollar short. Stop kissing his ass. If he’s wearing a mask I think that we all know that shit just got real. He looks okay wearing a mask. I don’t know what he’s so worried about. It’s no different than the vest he wears in public. It’s safety equipment.

Don’t care RosieBarton Anything to hide his face So we’ve finally found the Republican threshold for mask wearing - 136,907 American lives. (...and a 10pt deficit in the polls) COVID19 RepublicansVirus TrumpFLU TrumpMask TrumpIsLosing VeteransAgainstTrump I wonder which little girl' underwear he made that mask out of. Maybe the Feds should ask Ghislaine Maxwell.

Isn’t it sad that this is newsworthy. Not the first time. I will just leave this here for you. He is so HANDSOME! KAG2020 💪🇺🇸❤🙏 The fact that this is news is embarrassing Just 130,000 American deaths in, he's finally going to play the part of president on TV. I guess Putin gave him the go-ahead. 🙄 Glad to see miracles are still possible.

Breaking! Trump used the Big Boy Potty today! Leaving the photoOp, trump makes everyone laugh under their mask when he takes his off 😷😆 You guys Worried about a mask, and then this .. So much for Obama being weak on foreign policy... I think this is the day he finally became president. I can just feel it sarcasm

Wait what? I thought the virus was a hoax? How truinmp really feels It’s thee end of the world 🌎 realDonaldTrump so, it’s true. it’s not a hoax. 😏 Allow me ... Trump Finally Wears Protective Mask - Press Goes Wild. Lol now watch all the trump followers say wear a mask save a life when they were making a big deal about wearing one in the first place

I don't care. Is it just me, or does he look waaay better in a mask? Whats hard is clown Biden sounding like he can put a thought together!! A real crook like his son! Trump2020 say no more!! Finally!!!! realDonaldTrump who in your cabinet got sick? I don’t like Trump but can we all agree this is actually a fit for him

I don’t wear a mask, not because of anything our President says or does. Not that anyone cares but no one considers victims of assault may have PTSD when having their mouth and nose covered. Yo, He looks like the 'Lone Ranger' You know, battling the perverts! It's about time. I'm just playing. The Chief and Commander get to do what he thinks is best sometimes.

CLOWNVADAR 🤡 He wore one at the Ford plant. Is that not considered 'Public'? The news we deserve. He looks weak! Like those liberal sheep! We need to vote hike out a get a real American in office! realmenwouldratherdiethanwearamask It's beginning to sound like Election day. 🎵🎶 Also, a lot of his supporters sre pivoting and ranting how they were never asked or mandated to wear masks. LMFAO. blaming the Democrats for not speaking up in public lmfao. Also, off and rip?

Oh look, he looks like The Lone Ranger, who, bye, had a mask over his eyes. Look at this ‘weak democrat’ !! Who said its little too late 😷? FL AR CA TX Thanks, everytime he talks that little round mouth like he's about to suck in a hotdog makes me want to throw up. Oh well now he's a good president and everything's fine.

Someone is getting desperate for votes. 😷 Too little too late Donny. Good Lord! the mental gymnastics he puts his base through. It’s probably just claim insanity. Should not wear one so he can meet covid. Thank the gods. It's only because his polls are giving him nightmares...confederate statue scheduled for demolition Nov 3rd! Too little too late!!

Question: Should soldiers block citizens that report hospital elderly women torture allowed by mayor, police, news outlets, & hospital? Why do they allow torture?👵🏿👵🏻 I've come across this behavior a lot. It broke my heart at first. Opinions? I need help. Not sure about this did a forensic scan and found initials in the photo? Who is HF?

First time? What about this time? More fake news about realDonaldTrump MAGA Omg! What shall we do! Impeachment I say!!! This is not news After this mask-wearing incident, Trump nearly lost his life from “Hypoxia” 🙄 These comments prove that Trump haters have always hated on him no matter what he says or does. They’ll bitch bc he’s not worn a mask & now bitch bc he IS wearing a mask. So tired of lib losers who have nothing positive to offer this country! TrumpMask Trump2020Landslide

It’s too late for a mask. We know who you are and what to do! He’s trying to join the ranks of those other statues we are trying to tear down. As if he hasn’t harmed our servicemen/women and veterans enough? He needs to be removed from office. He hasn’t said one thing about the Russians paying to have our troops killed. TraitorTrump

was time😷 Trump It only took 4 months and over 100,000 deaths for him to start wearing a mask. Moron. 😡 Anything for the votes Right, let’s have a meaningless title about realDonaldTrump wearing a mask for the “first time” in public (not confirmed) instead of celebrating how the POTUS visited wounded soldiers to show respect during these challenging times. You make me sick, .

Mommy wow, I'm a big boy now Oh stop lying. You just didn’t get to see him. Months late. Dollars short. Correction; SECOND TIME.. Check your facts What a lie!!! He actually looks better. Can we cover up more of him? 🙄 Stupid man It's about f$%ing time. Donny is a good boy! You look like a real gentleman! Mommy would be so proud of you!

He’s got a ball sack right above his tie knot. It took him this fucking long Next week: he learns to wash his hands. I’d think we’d be safer if trump stuck his head up his ass. if it's bad enough now for trump to wear a mask, it's no where good enough for the kids to go back to school, actually seeing him w one on makes me think the whole country needs to shut down !🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️💆‍♀️💆‍♀️💆‍♀️💆‍♀️💆‍♀️💆‍♀️😷😷

I don’t like the dude. But good on him for wearing the mask jwhoopes2 Finally he covers his ugly face! Japanese people are raving over how handsome he looks today!😉 05/21/20 Ford Plant, Ypsilanti, MI... FactsMatter anne_stephen5 Who gives a shit DJT traitor criminsl murderer psycho What. A. Joke.

YOO WTF I THOUGHT THE MASKS WERE INEFFECTIVE AND COVID WAS A HOAX WHAT THE HELL TRUMP Who cares? Yeah because he's lost most of his support and Biden always wears a mask. Biden made trump look like a goon 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂 About fucking time. NOT the first time. Try to be better than the rest of the fakenews.

It really accentuates his vagina neck. Just keeping the ball gag that Putin installed hidden. I can't believe that he finally wore one. Wow, he instantly looks much more intelligent Looking good! You lie. He wore a mask when he toured the Ford Plant. Try using google before you print bullshit. Why was that so difficult? That’s a bad ass mask and look. God. This guy and his advisors are so fucking stupid! This guy could have made mask-wearing look powerful. Instead he does what he always does. Plays the victim.

This picture must be causing Trump supporters head to explode. It is a distraction from Roger Stone because he knew the idiot media would report on it!! A bully in a mask is still a bully. StopTheStigma EndRacism Trump wore a mask It's about time, and it's an improvement.... Did it shut the yap hole? Haven’t our military suffered enoughtrump is the Last humanoid I’d want to see! 30% approval gets the mask on?! 🙄TrumpKillsEveryTimeHeSpeaks VoteBiden2020 MaskUp

Great leader He looks good. Real good. Baby steps OHHH SO NOW HE Wears a mask Looks photoshopped Why didn’t Obama and Biden wear masks as the Swine Flu infected over 60+ million Americans? It looks photoshopped Oh look, Trump is wearing the MARK OF OBEDIENCE- must maintain the media scare tactic so Fed can print another $20 TRILLION out of thin air. Funny Trump jumps on bandwagon when about 15 stories of Covid lying, corruption & fake results come to light

He should seal his mouth more often... too much trash guts out of that mouth He looks fabulous! LIKE A MAN WHO WILL SAVE OUR COUNTRY... OUR MAN IN SHINING ARMOR - GOD BLESS YOU, PRESIDENT TRUMP. AND GOD BLESS THE USA... It's a hospital you donkeys. Wow, big~~~~~news. Too little too late. Breaking! POTUS does a thing!

Trump in BLACKFACE ! Finally a good decision , the right decision ! They told him he could sit in the ambulance and play truck driver if he wore the mask Looks so much better. Too late though. BOILERHALEY98 He is one badass!! Love it! Is his makeup safe? But but they told me he’d never wear a mask bc he doesn’t care about American lives. Trump2020Landslide 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

He wears mask when needed! You idiots don’t realize we’ve seen him in a mask at Other places! Now he only has to buy 1/2 as much orange makeup. The lone Ranger lol did his brain cells finally comprehend the danger? Message received realDonaldTrump. Even you are signaling disapproval of your presidency. This probably how that mask looked after he took it off.

BS Photo Opp!!! VoteBiden2020 CeeBeesHeart Appropriate if you wear a mask, this is the proper circumstance Someone told him he looked like the Lone Ranger. Right? 😂 So Covid is not a hoax Hmmmmmm! Trump supporter are looking pretty stupid at this point. The Lone Danger Good! Hides his big fat mouth! Y'all are saying shit like how this shouldn't be news, when cnn reported on him having two scoops of ice cream

Fake news. He wore a mask to Ford. yay🙄 all the fools that listen to him and now he wears a mask. Well, too little to late. I’m glad he finally did but now he has to get all of his ignorant followers to do the same. Wow, what a douche! Of course! He is in the hospital visiting the troops!! To late!! This should have been his first action 4 months ago.

This is kinda like that Chris Rock bit about wanting credit for things you should be doing already, lol Headline should be TRUMP SHAMED INTO WEARING MASK AT VETERANS HOSPITAL. This whole thing is ridiculous...I just watched a video where nurses are rushing a patient into the hospital wearing a full plastic face mask & wrapped up protective equipment..all for a virus with a 99.9% survival rate. The corrupt are stepping all over the constitution

He's so scared. He absolutely knows he's losing. STOPIslam4ever First time or not, anyone will not risk IF you are already in a hospital environment. would you? So damn what! Give him a gold star. Let’s watch all the Trumpikkkans run out and buy a mask So?! This changes NOTHING. He is a narcissist. He cares only about his money and himself. COVID__19 TrumpTraitor VoteBlueToSaveAmerica

Oh wow. Good job. Yay. why are you scared? were the masks made in China? Hmm.. what’s he up to? Something fishy is going on.. has he realized how serious it is? Is he trying to gain voters? He’s doing it to benefit him somehow.. 🤔🧐 Still don’t like your crazy af! TrumpVirus mgobluegirl6 Hey MAGA2020 , did the deep state get to Trump Explain it to me, QAnons.

Finally, you did it! That's a pretty badass mask. I want one of those He’s a MAGA wimp... So freaking stupid He looks muzzled and desperate for votes! So the reason Trump didnt want to wear the mask is because it makes the shriveled nutsack hanging under his chins SO much more noticeable F-cking ineffectual, incompetent As-hle Trump, who is far busier trying to sell his f-ck'n self than protect the public, is asking teachers to go into classrooms without protection. Cloth masks & surgical masks R worthless. If you encounter the virus, you need N95 protection.

About f*cking time, too. HA A rare image that will be a fortune. Make sure to save this tweet. Worth a lot in memorabilia in the not so distant future Trump actually wears a mask No real need for it as he’s tested daily and the mask is to stop those who are sick from passing it to others Surprised he managed to put it on by himself honestly

It looks photoshopped on Man clearly needs a muzzle and not a mask This is a lie. Do you have any fact checkers at all? Good lord thank you!!! “The president wears a mask” is being thrown around the same as we do when a toddler goes potty for the 1st time “You’re my big boy going on the potty all by yourself. Mama is so proud” The moron wore a mask after 6 months & 135,000 dead. TooLittleTooLate

This is BIG news? Who cares? Shoulda happened a long time ago! WearTheDamnMask That asshole actually has the presidential seal on his mask. Duffus. Wow, so people were bitching that he wasn't wearing a mask and calling him every name in the book. He wears a mask, people are still bitching and calling him worse names. Unbelievable.

And? Oh, look! That wasn't so hard--was it? It looks photoshopped For the first time ? Shamefull !!! Distraction from bounty on our soldiers that he’s failed to address his boss about I wore a mask for the first time today, whye aren't they talking about me? People are dumb I swear 🙄 Does this mean Trump is buying into what he and Fox call the 'liberal media hoax to cause fear' ? realDonaldTrump

He's a day late and a dollar short. drvcarrillo Wearing a mask, while visiting soldiers, possibly injured by bounty hunters, does not make him look responsible. Just another disgraceful phot op. By a disgraceful human. Too little too late... You've already killed many innocents... It's only fair if your followers gets it..

Looks Good “It is the best mask...” Did he bring a can of orange spray paint with him? Look at that unhealthy so-called president. With a gizzard chin like that you can't possibly tell the American people he only weight 239 lbs. Can you add about another 30-40 lbs. only doing it to protect himself at a hospital..selfish and ignorant

What a big boy!!!!😡😡😡😡 the bar is 6ft underground and so are those 140 000 people The dim witted one is wearing a mask. ....... Sure that's not Photoshopped ! Pathetic that 45 wearing a mask is headline news...how low we have fallen howlowhavewefallen Biden wore a mask first. WearAMask BidenPledgesAllegienceToUs Biden vote BreakingNews LoneRanger

How long did it take for him to figure out how to put on? Vegas line was 45 seconds Not the first time. So is it still a hoax or no? Oh look it's the lone ranger....not Thank you. Your lying as usual. Mask worn at Ford... We have choice in this country.... MasksOffAmerica “After 135,000 Americans have died from the virus, Trump finally wears a mask.” There, fixed it for you

About freaking time. Quit playing politics. Lead the country dammit!!! He looks like an absolute FOOL. Big fucking deal! Finally. FFS took too long. Lead by example. Lmao 😆 all late and shit Everyone, tell him he looks pretty so he will keep wearing it please Needs less makeup. His IQ is off the charts. See, now everyone tell him that he looks like a bad ass tough guy, then he will tell alll of the other folks that they are tough too, and many lives will be saved! I’m okay working with what we’ve got.

But but but it’s a hoax At this point, who gives a shit? The damage is done. Thank you it’s about time I wore a mask out in public today too. Where's my headline He only wore the mask because the hospitals would have refused his entry. Do not notice him for this. Admonish him for not doing it earlier. Finally news worth reporting ..

And if this is NEWS, then so is this: Orange Toddler holds Sippy Cup with one hand after practice. Orange Toddler shuffled down a ramp+bragged about it. Orange Toddler didn't soil its Depends today. IMPORTANT NEWS! lol he's dying Looks like the Lone Ranger “What’s the matter Col. Sanders? Chicken?!” EveryonesLaughingAtYouDonnie realDonaldTrump looks silly in his mask

Who cares, he’s a crook! Good for him! Masks look cool, I hope he continues to wear one. realDonaldTrump obviously someone is getting nervous. Talk of a path to citizenship for DACA and now wear a mask? You aren’t fooling anyone. I remember you throwing out tax breaks for the middle class during midterms....nothing since. All CON all the time.

Strange cult shit, but this will likely save MAGA lives. How desperate is Asscoiated Press for News these days? Give ABC / CBS / NBC / CNN / MSNBC / FOX & OAN & asked them why they don't wear their mask when they are having to speak to their viewers. What is it with AP? Of course you wear a mask in a Hospital to protect patients!

That mask is way too small Big deal TrumpVirus Once again, as Trump is rightfully criticized, he surrounds himself with whatever reluctant brass he can find and drags them through his desperate, disingenuous attempts at a photo op.. 'Look at me and my friends- we are the Lone Ranger posse!!' LOL Walter Reed Barr Mueller

Do the Russians pay bounties on wounded American troops, also? TRE45ON TrumpOwnsEveryDeath “We have here an exclusive interview with Ms. Jessie Stratton, a seasoned nanny, and mother to three children of her own. She shares the secret behind President Trump’s sudden turn-around on mask policies.” WalterReed TrumpMask TrumpMeltdown

The Masked Bandit. The sad part is, we've gotten to the point where when this ochre-tinged homunculus wears a mask and - gasp! - triumphantly drinks a glass of water, it becomes news. Hooray... 🙄 Biden put his on months ago. Who’s the one with mental deficiencies Don't let this distract you from the fact that he commuted the trial of Roger Stone.

He looks so stupid!! Let’s hope his supporters start wearing masks now without making a scene about it🙄 FakeNews Oh damn... KING TRUMP - TROLLS THE LEFT AGAIN!!!!!!!! Trump wears mask to get the media off Roger Stone .. It worked .. This idiot finally after months and months of pushback and over 134,000 dead decides to wear a mask for a hospital visit because he's worried about getting a 'harmless flu'. His rhetoric still doesn't match the sudden urge to wear a mask in a hospital where he could get covid.

🙄 Not the first time. That mask after JoeWoreItBetter Fucking finally. Looks like a G Surprised it wasn’t a red maga mask 🙄 So is this still a hoax now? This idiot does the bare fucking minimum after 4 MONTHS of doing literally nothing And y’all act like it’s the second coming or some shit He just wore a fucking mask to a HOSPITAL!

God he looks 1000x times better with his face covered. Who would’ve thought?!? Now the only thing realDonaldTrump needs to do is to wear a mask permanently and keep his mouth shut so the slime that spews from his tiny mouth can’t infect people. STFUtrump He looks awesome Too little, too late! We shouldnt have to TEACH our Prez empathy and responsibility. He should set examples. He is supposed to be a teacher, a guiding light, not SHAMED into doing the right thing. Just saying! 🤷‍♀️

Why is this even news? Let’s talk about Robert Mueller instead, shall we? It’s not the first time, but oh well! I don't know what doctor or hospital official who made von Clownstick wear the mask, but I am sure that next week his new assignment will be counting tongue depressors in Antarctica. 'Cause von Clownstick's gonna clown.

RosieBarton I sincerely hope that he catches COVID from one of his kids (excluding the fat one he doesn’t like) and dies a horrible death lying on his stomach attached to a ventilator built in China. That would prove that a just God exists. Only after thousands dead. Poophead That’s my president!!! And we applaud him for.....?

Well done Huge Head. Baby Hands. And Now saving the best for last to push this mask agenda They got matches chins, cute FALSE. 5 second web search revealed: 5/21/20: Trump wears mask with presidential seal during part of Ford plant tour Military hospital to visit the soldiers wounded out of the russian bounty?

Photo op Ok and? The mask does nothing to hide the cruelty in his eyes. Trump actually acted human once and you guys are all over it. So fu**ing what! Too little, too late, Mr Lone Ranger. I don’t know what he was so worried about, he actually looks cool in that. Oh Kimberly! Again Trump uses the military for a photo opportunity

How the hell is this news though? Trump only wore the mask because he'd be around soldiers and was embarrassed to show his face there, with them knowing he doesn't care that his pal Putin put a bounty on their heads. Good for him! Hopefully it’ll be an example for the anti mask folks. Today in the Hall Monitor Report. Great work, sleuths! Keep up the top-notch journalisming👍

Now he's concerned about the troops. he should take it off and exercise his freedom like all his loyal puppets have been doing. it's crazy how this guy doesn't already have covid Are you folks bragging or complaining? He don’t trust his troops. Now, see, realDonaldTrump ? That wasn't so hard now, was it? And it improved your looks immensely. Good job. You should wear a mask all the time.

Too little too late. Get lost Not the first time he really does look like the lone ranger Give him a lollipop then Vote Him Out in November. How can you surrender to communist boss Xi? Trump you r disappointing!! Took him long enough. Somehow Trump is trying to make it seem like some great sacrifice he's making wearing a mask.

He looks more attractive this way cause you don’t see his face :) He looks a lot better this way. Seriously. Thank you. I don't want your germs or face. BREAKING: Trump Says Mask Was Filtered To Make Him Sound Racist Trump’s makeup is going to ruin that mask. COVIDIOT Yup millions of us do but this dunce does it once and needs to be patted on the back like a “good boy, good boy”

Para no oler la cagada que ha puesto Too bad the mask didn't suffocate him, looks like a photoshopped mask because he doesn't like to smudge his Orange make-up.🎃 Yawn He'd look a lot better if he just bagged his entire head. It's not like he's using it for anything. Can’t wait for the official MAGA masks to come out

He did it to you again. Pathetic. Who's the big boy? babysteps UtterFailure It only took 133k dead for him to wear it. He has now officially, according to the Trumpets that follow him, a traitor to the country. What a putz.. Wow. What a WEAK President! He’s succumbed to the pressure of these left-wing extremist medical professionals telling him to follow science and data! WEAK! DonaldTreasonousTrump

That’s exemplary 👏👍🏾🙏🏾!! wait. I thought covid was a hoax? 😂 bowing to peer pressure And he can drink water with one hand.... TonyTodd54 But wait! I thought it was all a hoax? If it's.really not that bad and the left made it all up why is he bothering? Why isn't big bad donny out there without it? And what about his acolytes? All the fucking idiots in Target throwing tantrums like unruly children? What say they?

If you gotta do it...do it RIGHT!!! TrumpMask Way, way way to little to late!! How Trump feels on the inside...🤣✌💚🧘‍♂️ Did his handlers finally realize his supporters are killing themselves? This shouldn't be news, this should be a condemnation. Bad ass with his gang right by his side! Fake news! That mask is a Photoshop addition.

Nobody even gives a rats a$$ what he does anymore. Thankfully, he covered his blowhard mouth while he was in a hospital. Look at him with his caravan, parading through a hospital of all places. Fvcker Looks badass wearing one. POTUS He'll never stick with it. Let's face it, masks are uncomfortable and i bet his hamberder breath would be hard to take, so i give it this one trip to Water Reed to prove he's a 'tough guy' and then nada. toolittletoolate VoteOutTrump VoteOutTheGOP VoteOutTheGOPCowards

Something about reading comprehension I’m a liberal and certainly don’t like him, but damn! To me he looks great, ready for his Star Wars part! Hello Friends And this is a big deal? Ut-oh. Now his cult base gotta regroup. MaskUp WearAMask WearAMaskSaveALife This is the first time trump has visited wounded miltary vets at least since he assisted Putin putting a price on the heads of the soldiers trump commands......I see a campaign ad in the making here.

One thing is certain: Trump looks better with half his face covered. He should've been doing this a long time ago - it's safe for everyone AND no one has to actually see the crap coming out of his mouth. Slow learner, but finally he gets it! Face covering? Sounds like sharia law! 😂 Took long enough Too little, too late. Just a show.

He looks so much better. I wish it was true but that's 100% photo shopped The President concedes that masks serve a purpose & are a needed precaution. Now I’ll sit back and wait for the many twists & turns the anti-maskers and COVID hoaxers come up with. I can almost feel the creative writing energy flowing from the USA tonight. realDonaldTrump

This is the second time . Not that matters it’s not enough. But still. He wore it at the factory too, just not when public was taking pics.. Ask Richard Rose if he was to late. Are we supposed to be impressed? I am certainly not but I am glad he is not putting hospitalized patients and hospital staff at risk for once.

A piece of crock. Mask don’t equal votes Ut oh we may have created a monster photoop looks good Took him long enough. 👀 ps9714 This is to distract. What is really going on Taxes bounties barr replacing AG's or stone. So much to choose from. realDonaldTrump 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 It's the first good thing he's done as President.

He looks just like The Lone Ranger. Its the lone ranger Of course he did He didn't want to get any of the soldiers sick You look fine in the mask, thanks for wearing it! I never compliment trump but he’s wearing a mask, very good! You wonder how many people got infected and died because 'the lead by example resident, would not wear a mask.' And played the virus down at every opportunity. impeachtrumpagain

Well he is a hospital, kind of a duh. Give him a gold star. Good for him! Facts and science matter during a pandamic! WearAMaskSaveLives Whenever Biden and Pelosi didn't wear masks, the media didn't say a word about it, neither did Democrats. Typical hypocrisy. Lol Ehh…better late than never, but he’s six months late and 137,000 people short.

Mask looks pretty good on POTUS.🤔 He’s lucky he’s not a chinless wonder like JoeBiden.😂 Lol. Fuck him. Underneath he’s still the same rotting corpuscle. Seems appropriate for visiting a hospital . The very fact that this news makes me cringe. Wish It Came With A GAG!! He wasn't going to play any of his games at the military hospital. Loool

Looking good! What a shocker He doesn’t want to catch courage. He must have the virus! I deserve a gold star sticker on my head now. he is so ugly anyway ✨ Now that wasn’t so hard, was it? A Boss. 🇺🇸 ok? Good boy? Sit. Stay. Gooood boy 136 thousand deaths too late Trump. Wearing a mask now is a mockery . Honestly - this should be his look from now on. Even after the vaccine. lessTrumpface WearAMask

yea. its a hospital. why wouldn't he be waring it. Umm, but why? As Prez isn't he immune? -- sarcasm... he only THINKS he is... in reality, he's a mere mortal, vulnerable as other humans. Not as smart, but just as vulnerable. Key word here...(Hospital). 'Patent a mask that doesn't smell like shit' - realDonaldTrump That's your breath sir. 'The mask is made of my breath?'

About time Best he’s ever looked. Still abhorrent though Nah he's worn one before I'm amazed at the sense of relief I feel at seeing him wear a mask. Half because he needs to show the country it's ok to wear a mask, and half because I don't have to look at mouth making all the best words. Fact check: False He also wore a mask during his visit to the Ford factory.

So... now his trumpers what are they gonna do!?!?!?!?! 🤪 they're are gonna explode 🤯 his man is wearing a mask! a MASK!!!!! NOOO!!!!! good Photo op. Nothing more. Idk if it’s just me but this pictures looks like so wildly Photoshopped? Shameful. Should have set this example months ago, now the virus is running rampant because of his covidiot cultists

Leaders JoeBiden lead; Others follow!! Asshole took 4 months to do it and made many MAGA’s infecting people.. 😑 👍realDonaldTrump 🇺🇸 Not having to look at his ugly mug is a definite improvement. This should have happened MONTHS ago. Probably Putin’s dildo on the other side of his mask - only way he agreed to wear it.

Nope. He wore one at the Ford factory a few months back. How many times has realDonaldTrump visited Walter Reed? Obama visited every quarter but I believe this is Trump’s third time in 4 years. It’s no coincindence that trump is using his PR prowess and command of the media to distract from BountyGate and StoneGate

Not first time... Don’t give the bastard air. Anything to help re-election. Four freakin’ months into this. What a leadership role model. And he STILL looks angry. What a horrible state of mind to be in all the time. It can crush you. thank you, President Donald Trump, now you listening to us for use a mask, I love you👏👏👏👏

3 CHEERS FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP, HE WORE A FACE MASK TODAY. PLEASE DO IT WHENEVER POSSIBLE TO SHAME DEMS & MEDIA WHO HAVE MADE IT A BIG ISSUE OVER ECONOMY !!!! Mask 11: Trump 0 Good! American virus Trump asks Kellyanne, “Does this Mask make my head look FAT? About damn time! Sad that doing the right thing makes national news. Am I glad he wore a mask? Absolutely. It just shouldn’t be newsworthy Trump finally wore a mask during the pandemic.

Make it permanent! Congratulat I'll on's President Trump. I doubt this is the FIRST time the President has worn a mask. What a man, what a man, what a man, What a mighty good man Gotta say it again now What a man, what a man, what a man, What a mighty good man. Ha ha ha The masked Ass! The Loan Ranger 👍🏻.

He probably got it And now everyone will stop wearing them to own trump Turns out realDonaldTrump is The Deep State MAGA must be terribly upset about This Fascist! Masks are the placebo of this so called pandemic. They make the fearful feel good that they're doing 'something' to keep themselves and others safe but beyond that they don't do much at all.

I am both shocked and thankful he did this. I hope he continues to do so. Lopes52439619 it is about time the idiot wakes up to reality Here I thought that NOTHING could ever improve his appearance. Who knew it would only take a mask to cover that foul, deceitful mouth up with? 🤷‍♀️ rmpbs Im surprised it's not gold plated

HE WAS RIGHT...HE DOES LOOK JUST LIKE THE LONE RANGERS HORSES ASS 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Improvement It’s late in the game, why didn’t he do this in the beginning? He could have lead by example, so easy to do, so easy. dumptrump Screw this traitor, mask and all Must be Photoshop Looking good! Trump 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Why is this photoshopped, ? His mask is clearly photoshopped. CarrotMask Doing this earlier and setting a good example would have saved thousands of lives. Looking weak, Dude. This should have been done 5 months ago Not a quick study! Idk why he waited so long. This is exactly the tough guy look he usually goes for.

Imagine if this idiot would have been a real leader from the beginning and did this.. Many deaths may have been prevented and the country could be on the downturn instead of exploding... Too little, too late. Trump probably has been infected with the coronavirus by now. He wears an a orange mask every day

Because President realDonaldTrump is actually following the science—instead of the politics—behind masks. Don’t take my word for it. The New England Journal of Medicine published this research piece: So I presume the Democrats will try “cancel” them. It’s about frickin’ time, Donny! Tell us, will this be an everyday thing going forward for the safety of those around you ... or is this a one-and-done thing and back to your selfish ways tomorrow? I thought so.

Who cares Too late. usa is one big contagion and spiralling our of control. This of course has a global impact. trump chaos and death COVID19 The fact that Trump wearing a mask the 5th month into a pandemic in the hardest hit nation in the world shows how ass backwards the response has been from the federal government

A little late Good. Now shut the fuck up about him not wearing a mask. This isn’t the first time he’s worn a mask. Fake news again. Maybe the first time you’ve been allowed to photograph him, but not the first time he’s worn one. He’s even said as much Is that Trump or the Lone Ranger? ... “President wears mask during pandemic..”. should never make headlines. ...

Trump’s real mask He looks like he's seething under there. Good!! How the hell is this news? Trump hates that our video has 1,000,000 views. Whatever you do, don’t retweet this. CancelTrumpSong He looks like he belongs in Cobra Actually, that's the second time. Not the first. Nope, not the lone ranger.... God he looks so much better with a mask on.

Holly shit maga TRE45ON finally he can be controlled he finally listened. He still suuuuuuuuuucks I know masks more than anybody Good. If he causes some of his cult members to wear a mask and infect less of the rest of us, that’s good. Of course, he should’ve done this months ago.... Is that the Lone Ranger? Hi-Yo stephenmiller awaaaaayyyyyy!

Anti-mask trump supporter's heads just exploded. 🤯🤪😂 Who cares. It is all for show and media. IgnoreTrump Dang! Mr. President, you look very handsome in a mask, you should wear it more often. But, more importantly, when children return back to school, this photo should definitely be in all the classrooms! Thank you, realDonaldTrump, for setting a good example for all. 🇺🇸👍

Hell freezes over Who is that masked man? He should have never listened to the Federalists to “not” wear a mask cuz it is not manly enough. No! President Mengele doesn't get a pass. 130,000 deaths too late... WOW don’t really give afuck😷 🥱 Like putting on a condom after she is pregnant. ToLate MoronInChief

Thought it was a Democrat hoax.? Posing for the cameras, because that’s what this ex-reality show host likes to do. 🙄🙄🙄🙄 So we give him a gold star? shibanijoshi It's a hospital. Ohhhhh shit. Don’t tell his MAGA peeps. They’ll freak. Biden's Nyayo! Guess he is going for a clean up photo op since NH blew him off.

Slow news day?LOL MSM is a joke!!! Why r we supposed to be impressed after the horrific hotspots he created in Tulsa & Phoenix after his 'rally's' that he wore one to a military hospital. I guess he figured since he put bounty's on their heads, he owed them avoidance of his spittle...Try EVERYWHERE Don- like Joe does

Those masks are of a grade well above what the public has. No doubt. Injured soldiers are in a bad situation with this. RosieBarton Only in the world of Trump would this be considered newsworthy BREAKING: President concedes there might be something to this science thing. Wow, so this is your headlines, when Trump wears a face mask with the caption 'FOR THE FIRST TIME'. What's the agenda ? Divisive news!

Why is this news? He actually looks better Photo op only military lives matter. How pathetic is it that his behavior has made this simple act a news story? They finally broke him...damn Trump. Only 4 months too late. Also, he looks nothing like the Lone Ranger. First time? Journalism is dead. How Trump allows this to happen in 2020?

BFD Someone told him 'If any one of those service members die from Covid after you were there, you can may as well pack up and leave the WH now'. Take the mask off, take your chances. Please. Can he super glue it to his face? 50 million Americans lost their job because of Fauci/Gates Lock Down. You better hope the virus kills you before winter, because sleeping in a tent is murder.

The stoned ranger 😅🤣 what a good boy Yeah my tweets imploring him to 😷up are working. So relieved my 🙏🏼are being heard. Hope for our President to change his words and behaviors.😷🙏🏼👏🏼 TheBuffaloNews Probably because he’s visiting a HOSPITAL duh Big freaking deal. He should wear a bag over his head. CORRUPTION

That's because he's starting to show up on Wanted posters, not because of Covid. potusbaby is crying under that mask. He’s such a fake. It’s about time!

#Goyaway: Calls To Boycott Goya Foods After CEO Praises President TrumpPeople are calling for a boycott of Goya Foods after its CEO praised President Trump during a visit to the White House, saying the country was 'truly blessed' to have him and calling him 'a builder.' Because of this nonsense I’ll buy more of their product. People can think for themselves. Grow up children When are we going to say enough and tell people like this to go eff themselves. Some small minded TDS suffering trolls. Useless virtue signaling. I don't even eat their food but now I might stock up.

Supreme Court says President Trump cannot keep tax, financial records from prosecutorsManhattan DA Cyrus Vance called the ruling a 'tremendous victory' and emphasized he will follow the law and the facts 'wherever they may lead.' He needs to release his tax records.. When you live in Barbies Trumplandia ...

President Donald Trump commutes ally Roger Stone's prison sentenceRoger Stone, a longtime ally and confidant of President Trump, was convicted of lying to Congress about efforts to get information on emails stolen by Russian agents from Hillary Clinton's campaign chief. Criminals & animals roam free in Trumps America If you didn’t see this coming check yo vision cause you blind.

President Trump commutes sentence of longtime friend, adviser Roger StoneBREAKING: President Trump has commuted the sentence of his longtime friend and former campaign adviser Roger Stone, the White House announced. MORE: Stone was sentenced to 40 months in prison after he was found guilty of obstructing justice, witness tampering and five counts of lying to Congress. TrumpCorruption GOOD!!!

President Trump Commutes Sentence of Roger StonePresident Trump on Friday commuted the sentence of Roger Stone, ending the legal drama around his friend and longtime political adviser. love me some blatant corruption at the highest levels of government It turns out that when you elect a criminal to the presidency you end up with a criminal president. Who'd have guessed? look what have you created, senatemajldr LindseyGrahamSC, marcorubio. You have given this huckster a free pass to do whatever he wants. And he is taking full advantage