Trump Wears A Mask During Visit To Wounded Service Members At Walter Reed - Cnnpolitics

Trump Wears A Mask During Visit To Wounded Service Members At Walter Reed - Cnnpolitics

Trump wears a mask during visit to wounded service members at Walter Reed

President Donald Trump paid a visit to wounded service members at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and wore a mask, after months of refusing to be seen doing so in public.

7/12/2020 1:08:00 AM

President Donald Trump paid a visit to wounded service members at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and wore a mask, after months of refusing to be seen doing so in public.

President Donald Trump paid a visit to wounded service members at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Saturday and wore a mask, after months of refusing to be seen doing so in public.

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Is it just myself, or does this look Photoshopped...? 🤔 Looks like photoshopped. Just being his fake self. .. What.......could he please cover his entire face......and for heaven sakes.....stay the hell home. Hahaha Thank you president for wearing a mask. We want to keep you safe and around a long long time.

Good. Better look always.. Who cares. This 'president ' is disgusting. Orangevador Love the mask because it covers your face a littke. Burh. Everyone need to chill out. He isn’t bashed for wearing a mask, he’s bashed for not wearing a mask soon enough. You guys know too well that it’s the case, you’re just acting like you can’t sense shit so you can be bitching about it.

The next step is to cover his complete head. He needs a bag over his head. You ask he wears a mask in public just so you can take a picture and ridicule him... sick sick people Omg! Quit lying! Hes never refused to wear one, he has worn them before also (Ford plant for one) Cant you guys report the truth ever? CNN is garbage and most people see it.

FNN! please leave President Trump alone.Your comments these days are becoming so boring, useless, baseless and uninteresting. Sorry,i'm sounding harsh but it's the truth in it's purest form.Kindly shun partisanship and stick to unbiased and quality journalism you were known for. Dude fire your editor! Just fire them all.

All I can say is,if you cannot help other's,just stay your home,so you can never be a problem by other people. StopExecutionsInIran Is that bat man or fat man. Government officials told American citizens they must wear masks. Weddings had to be cancelled. Graduations had to be cancelled. Any event requiring multiple people was cancelled. However, when BLM protested in the thousands, shoulder to shoulder, nobody batted an eye.

Trunmp is a confuse human being Yeah in a hospital... how news worthy. Why the f should this be breaking news. We are so screwed. Small step for mankind. And look he didn't die from it. Guess he figures the closer he gets to Election Day the more he better step it up. It's too late Trump. CNN has become campaign headquarters for Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats! SHAME! But Trump is the greatest American president! He is a child of God!! He will win with a landslide! We all know hw great he was doing b4 covid-19! America will bounce back better! God loves u Trump!

this was the 1st pic, you dont know if it was the 1st time or not realDonaldTrump Finally bent over to be spanked by Covid 19 and smacked in the face with a mask. He has given the media the pleasure of him eating his words regarding the mask. Like the saying, 'pride comes before the fall.' Instead of making the President look bad, how about reporting real news?

See it’s never to late to make a change😷thank you👏Mr. President🙏🏻 Voters join the winning GOP Republicans NOW. You will save America from the hate driven Socialistic Orwellian Agenda the🤥Democratic Party 🎉 Keep FREEDOM Alive😁 🇺🇸🇺🇸VOTE GOP NOW🇺🇸🇺🇸 Trump just received a letter from Asian friends saying masks are useful. The letter was sent on March.

Planned 'photo op' It's sad that this is breaking news...I mean I get it. It's astonishing how long it took for him to wear one. His ignorance, deceit, and lies cause my jaw to drop almost on the daily. 川普:我活成了我最讨厌的样子 Douche bag If he does you make a big deal if he don’t you make a big deal. Dang just just up leave the man alone shit. Can’t win for trying

Thank you for setting an example. he must have been told that he couldn't visit if he didn't wear a mask. isn't it ironic Hope he gets the virus Trump was dammed long ago by his own stupid decisions and actions. He never was fit for the scope of that job. Should never have been elected! Hate this clown. He is evil. Now wants to scam dr. Fauci, only honest person up there. He wants to destroy anyone who doesn’t agree with him. No leadership during pandemic. Now bribing states that open schools, no matter what cost Is t children or adults.

Just another PHOTO OP for himself now that his approval rates are down to 33%... donotvote4TrumpmakingAmericaWEAK OMG! what a hypocrite: if not being the worse POTUS is not enough, all those lives lost, he should've ☹️done the right thing from the beginning: Nov. 2020 can't come soon enough So what’s you point?

'White Jacob Zuma' Ir's about time.. Trump should’ve wore a mask from the beginning you think he’s Mr. big shot, he’s the worst president we ever had and he’s embarrassing to our country wow this is so cool. gimme updates on fortnite instead Unless he’s stepping down, I don’t want to hear anything about this careless money hungry douche!

Who cares! He was in a hospital and it's mandatory to wear a mask. Didn't have a choice Even wearing a mask he doesn’t look presidential He had no choice but to recognize that he is just another human being. It has been photoshopped☝️😂 🇺🇸 ready for showdown!!! You didn't listen to him he said he would wear it going into a hospital you guys are such hypocrites

BFD, that like putting on a condom after the fact! Too Little Too Late .. CNN STOP Giving This Clown ANY Air Time!! Don’t say his actual name use his title, Don’t show his image, Don’t play audio of him speaking!! Don’t show his rallies why does this look like bad photoshop? In Czech Republic everyone wore mask now can drink beer in restaurant! NO ISSUES!

Fake / photoshopped A little late for his bullshit. LOCK HIM UP. He wants votes Who gives a crap how is this news worthy War time president now afraid to catch Covid and die. If this idiot sports WH logo mask like this long time ago might have save thousands of Americans life. Too little too late Mr Trump...

This is NOT breaking news. This is the one and only time he will wear one. Over 120,000 American lives had to be lost and, he now wears a mask. This is just a photo op. He still doesn’t care. He will never care. You criticize and criticize then when he finally does what you want what is your response? More criticism grow up.

drmikemurdock Great job Mr. President At last It’s the best he’s ever looked . Somewhat the mask looks like photoshopped on. And it also seems to be even not a N95 masks rather a fabric mask with a cool states logo on it. Be safe not cool 😎 Nelson: 'ha ha' 独行侠来喽 Way to go Mr! McClain_on_NFL At this point, who cares?

When’s he going to take a bleach injection? My 2 cents. Now y'all know he pissed! Cause he want EVERYBODY to see ALLLLLLL that face. He just understands corona virus is real Good luck on the next election 👋 Apparently this is one of his changes plus opinion on dacca.Drop in polls has him finally listening to someone!! Anything to win!!

Oh really you too Trump? That's a new low by your supremely high standard 🤣 What a stupid tweet - how anyone listens to your network baffles me. Trump is simply one of God's finest soldier! That totally looks photoshopped Why... they don’t help Abdul Rasheed Qureh hashmi 03060420285th and Friends Is it true CNN is nominating President Xi Jinping for 'Man of the Year' ?

Yes please. Give him more free publicity. He loves his name in print. You enable his stupidity Now, I assume he is sick He looks like an idiot LOOK. “It’s Hannible Lecter himself”. He ain’t no Lone Ranger that’s for sure. Remember the truth will always set you free we all make mistakes you never have to cover up for the truth it ends there it

Fake news, never once saw or heard him ridiculing those who choose to wear a face mask November 3rd can't come fast enough 想摁下这头驴的驴头还真不容易! So happy to see our leader is finally making a smart choice. Looking good, President! Why does that mask look incredibly digital? Bad photo? What's up with that? Gay pride branch

False report, not first time I seen him before with fade mask at auto factory Sad that this is major news. He should be wearing one all the time!! He looks better. Just need one for the rest of his head and we good Trump wore a face covering in front of sick and wounded American soldiers probably to protect himself from their wrath! How can any of our military stand with the “Commander and THEIF”? Trump does NOTHING while Putin puts a bounty on them.

P O S.. in Chief... I wonder how many lives would have been saved if his more extreme supporters had seen this in March or April. They discredit science and will (and have) followed this man to the grave. Sad it took this long. Right now him wearing a mask doesn’t matter the damage has already been done.

Does he want a medal? Michael. Matulat He said he looked like the Lone Ranger....... so put the mask over your eyes where the mask is supposed to go!!! And continue to keep your mouth wide open so all can come in, COVID and all!!! Disgusted to have a POTUS that berates people much more knowledgeable than himself. He is not a scientist or a dr.

No matter what he does, CNN and the other mainstream media will eat him alive. Good boy listen to Dr Fauci he has the peopleyintrest of heart not yours Fake news Almost as good a prop as your Bible WGAF! Anyone would wear one in a hospital but the propaganda behind them is still fake news. He's doing it out of respect, not because they do any good.

Another Bible photo op! You know, had this been done in the very beginning, we would've saved so many precious lives instead of calling it a hoax. Now we have this fucker wearing on, it's really, Really, REALLY to fucking late. He's still a coward. He makes me sick and angry. So typical of you first you bash potus realDonaldTrump for not wearing a mask & now when he does, you bash him. No wonder people don’t like or trust CNN

Where is professionalism at CNN? I am so disappointed with this network just blasting President Trump all the time. Do better, enough is enough. Leave him alone. How will you change a 74 y old? ☎️🧭 Dumbly spoken spin narratives always in the mix This is the the most dignified I have ever seen Don the Con look. Ever.

Trump is the greatest president in our contemporary history. Lol!! He looks like the Frito Badito!! A fat one!! hope people who support him do the same thing He’s getting closer to the election he knows he’s losing He look more like a demon He's trying to woo the military vote. He's lost the medical community – sorry DT, nothing you could do would sway hospital personnel after you've made their lives hell.

What!!!!!!!!Did he support the hoax? On a HOSPITAL About damn time! In black too ... wondered whether it means or symbolizes Black Lives Matter! Should have worn white! Wow he’s wearing a mask another Photo Opp. He wants schools to be open so it will cut back on unemployment he doesn’t care if our kids get sick , families or our teachers sad !

He was saying NO Save the picture, you won't see this again. He so should stick with that mask, it improves his looks ‘tremendously’ Nice to see someone convinced this man that leaders LEAD BY EXAMPLE...... he would know this if he spent a second in the military.... Thank you for setting this example for those who don’t realize the importance of a simple cloth mask to save lives and to contain the needless spread of this virus. People from every side, it is time to stop the petty criticisms and come together to help end this.

He had worn it many times just not in front of cameras to piss off CNN Communist news network Who say man no dey, congrats President Trump Um, he's visiting WALTER REED HOSPITAL! OF COURSE he's in a mask there, to protect those with immune deficiencies. What is wrong with you? Are you so blinded by hatred you're now INCAPABLE of reporting News? - Pathetic. CommunistNewsNetwork FakeNews

Too little too late Too little, too late. Who's being careful now, eh? Maybe he has covid 🤷‍♀️ Really CNN? Really? You’re giving this douchebag credit for wearing a mask once? Punk trump infected many before wearing a mask What a story. Just say he wore a face mask after such a long time. You must not look for negatives

He should....There is no praise from me for him for that! He has used one before He never looked so good! Except when not around! Now Trump should start selling Trump masks. I'm fine with him being a grifter in this case if it means more people wear masks. Just another photo op like when he held the bible.

Very much looks photoshopped Mi president He looks so cool. Not like the other guy who has it dangling off his ear He was told too no other reason! He was at Walter Reed Hospital! I would hope he would wear a mask! It not the first time please be accurate or should I do the news and you do the Propaganda Such a kid....and you all want to play mother with him... He's a Woman Abuser and Murderer.

It's funny. He wears a mask you still troll him... Your normalization of this man is part of the problem in this country. Too little, too late. Wore it as a distraction. He bout to lose so many maga votes! He’s definitely a coward for wearing a mask! Strong republicans don’t wear mask! This has to be photoshopped... look at it closely

realDonaldTrump ofuieeee He tryna take the heat off him for pardoning stone Too bad it wasn’t with super glue You turned your country in into Banana Republic nobody is taking USA seriously these days Too little to late 45 It looks much better than before He’s Damned No matter what he does. Why does this Man even give a Damn he should just let it all go and enjoy Life. But No he hangs in there. And they say he doesn’t LOVE ThIS COUNTRY

Anything Trump does must be pictured in your view to mean bad and ridiculing. This is not Journalism. Only making us see you cnni, as being bias. Very bad, otherwise, fake news. stubborn president and finally bow down before the God and harsh reality. What a poepol! Photo Op Did they give him a sucker and a pat on the head🙄🤡 TrumpIsADisgrace

miskoom Fake news. Has CNN ever covered anything involving President Trump without attacking him? I’ve never seen that happen. Constant yellow journalism and hard left propaganda is all they seem to know. About time he covered that ugly mug. That’s all the news you got CNN? You actually get paid to suck.

Oh now he puts on a mask after 130 thousand ppl are dead lol he's a joke Years back trump ordered Muslims women's not to wear hijab and to cover face now it's for Trump to cover face with mask LOL. Believe in Allah The mask highlights his soulless eyes So he has just realised the reality The virus is wearing a mask !

Maybe he escaped death 4 the first tym from covid Reality setting in or he is bowing to pressure? They really should have on a government issued N95. See how well they can deal with that. Guys Trump didn't wore mask for the COVID19 rather for the shame of commuting his criminal friends..Even SATAN is sometimes ashamed of misleading 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 if Epstein was alive Trump should've instructed his personal lawyer (A.G.BARRR) to fight his release

That is simply a marketing tactic to try get people wearing masks, you’ll see borris Johnson did it recently in a photo and I’m 90% sure soon people in the UK will have to wear masks I think you forgot the meaning of “Breaking news”. You don’t have to post everything on this account. About time Be careful you don't rub your fake tan off🤣🤣🤣

He looks better already 😂 😂 you need to get someone else to do your Photoshop. They have not done a good job at it. It’s too late to pretend you have common sense And he gets the required praise & adulation. 🤡. Like a child needs just to do the right thing. This man is worse than the pandemic itself After spreading covid in gujrat (india) he atlast wore the protection (for others)

This mask looks fake Donald Trump wearing mask and will be promoting his new White Sepremicy masks. Make America Hate Again 😡 So the president denies saying things when we have all seen him saying then with our eyes. How long before he claims he did not say something because we did not see his mouth say them because of the mask?

Hoping for more votes. It got his race ass oooo yeah Too little too late Tomorrow his sycophants will call him a hero instead of a zero! Sorry Mr. President you played your personal game too long too many have died as a result. He doesn't look happy about it either ! It's an improvement, we don't have to see that ugly puss of his !!!!

for the first time in forever~~~🎶 Its a sign of strength to become better informed. If the WHO was still his advisor, people be french kissing bats by now. When you arent a virologist or epidemiologist, you have to rely on others, ofcourse they all said something different. Worldwide all politicians got clueless.

The hypocrisy is great with this one A fake president Whatever man Whitetrash !!! Too late for that shit! This is Trump's Bible He sometimes contradict himself, ClueessTrump There are no eggs! wanker My last month paycheck was for 1500 dollars… All i did was simple online work from comfort at home for 3-4 hours/day that I got from this agency I discovered over the internet and they paid me for it 95 bucks every hour on……… See this

We're those not the wounded vets he abandoned to Russia's bounty calls? No wonder he wore a mask to disguise he's failure to protect them! A-hole! He finally ate his word Is this ur breaking news? Wow am really impressed I’m kind of wondering what tests he went there to take... another perfect cognitive test so he can amaze his doctor Because if he went to visit the Vets, it kind of took him a long time to cram that in between golfing. Or maybe, just a photo op!

Am I supposed to be impressed? The guy's a nut-job! yes is so very to much problem anywhere 😅😅😅😁😁😁😁🖕🏿finally he wears a mask. Trump is just a sturborn leader.... he sturborness is affecting the American people Soooooo this isn’t photoshopped? he's doing this for votes. nothing more looks pretty fake to me

Ridiculed? He is crazy Ok. Looks very weak in it. Just like he feared. Six months late. Now the real question: where is his PLAN to beat C-19? And .... what about it. I think pres Trump knows full well, he’s dammed if he does & dammed if he doesn’t. I feel he accepts that & gets on with the job in hand despite the 🐂💩 brigade who work for CNN.

No doubt he’ll deny ever having refused to wear one.... Someone stamped a presidential seal on his mask? LoL It took 130,000+ deaths before he wore one, so let’s not go mad with news coverage of what is almost certainly a PR stunt to boost his polling numbers because his team have suddenly realised that railing against wearing a mask isn’t working for him.

Now if we could muzzle him. So At a medical facility aren't there patients and he needs to cover himself, it makes sense to me that he wears it there Anti-Maskers: thoughts Hi ho silver away like far far away as possible. The general public shouldn't be wearing face coverings without these measures in place. Doctors that wear them for hours have them fit tested and safety tested to make sure they have enough oxygen. And they are given extra oxygen in the operating room to compensate.

Trump blinked. Surrenders to Covid19. Your wording is exactly like MSNBC's. Plagiarism? Same lie too. This is hardly the first time the President has worn a mask. He uses them whenever needed...just not in front of you. FIRED AND CHARGED WITH CRIMES FOR LYING FOR YOU. YOU ARE A RACIST ALSO. IT IS IN BEDDED IN YOUR SOUL. YOU BREATHE IT EVERY DAY AND NIGHT FOR SATAN. NOW, THAT IS A SIN BEFORE GOD THAT HE NEEDS TO CLEANSE OUT OF YOU. ALL OF YOUR SINS NEED TO BE FOR GIVEN BY JESUS CHRIST.

Finally POTUS A disgrace Brazil president has been tested positive Well, l think the man is very proud of himself once again because he got the breaking news moment he was looking for. The media is always caught in his well planned traps. He gittin skeered. He saw what happened to the Brazilian President. ... This is reall.

Thank you for the appropriate headline CNN He wears a mask people cry he doesn’t wear a mask people cry he drinks his water people cry he doesn’t drink his water people cry he wins all the time people cry he’s going to win the presidency people gonna cry. Lol he actually looks a bit cool with it on... Lol 🤣🤣🤣

He got panic 😂 This will encourage the whole Americans including Trumpists to start doing so. No more dissidents on Face Mask wearing. Why does this mask look photo shopped haha Unstable Finally He acted like how a true democratic leader should act he gave the people the needed guidance information and assistance to protect themselves and treated them as adults not children he trusts them to do their part and use their best judgment instead of dictating to them!

At long last. Wonder why chose a black one he Took oFF Boxer ALL WeLcone now - - - ? Is this breaking news? 😂😂😂 Why the need? He is so toxic, he can kill off any virus he comes into contact with. After blaming his advisors for apparently suggesting not to use it before... great show of leadership Has anybody told him he is the virus and can't be protected from it? TrumpVirus

Hmmm, how’s the saying go, shutting the door after the horse has bolted bill nye He never ridiculed anyone wearing a mask stop lying! For all those who never wear a face mask, there you go follow your suprime leader. Must be really hard be a trump supporter Bankrobber? Finally something good from POTUS CNN hypocrites

Trump and his fellows racist wearing thongs. Given the amount of sorrow COVID has caused since the strat of 2020, this really shouldn’t be a headline on July 11th. But it’s what happens July 12th and beyond will say if this is the start of leading by example or just another photo op. About time. WOW! Nice. Smart move! He finally realized COVID-19 respects none, whether he or she high or low-profiles !

Trump wears wife thong in public closes he been to wife crotch in years 🤪 Cue the memes Putz with mask. Nice blue tie, I guess he is riding with Biden 🤣 Who cares?! It’s about damn time!!!! The mass media was hoping he'd never wear a mask but that's over now ... WHAT NOW ? mask is inappropriate ?

:)) Just like the reaction when this all started, too little too late. Oh ... Karen is going to be very cross with her beloved hero...😆😅🤣 You're worried about the virus out of nowhere when for the past month and a half the biggest concern from you leftist sickos was a man killed by a cop and who will be charged for it and causing a social upheaval over it

He's less clever now. Maybe Bolsonaro scared him! Hmm strange... Maybe he just cought the virus And Trump looks SO happy while doing it. But at least he's wearing a mask; maybe some people who aren't wearing masks will start doing so. WearAMaskSaveLives Now Biden will take it off Too little too late. About time 😏

And now you are talking about him...*relevance* is his goal Double Sided Trifold Brochure or Bifold Brochure or Flyer or Postcard Design: 24 hour delivery + 24/7 Friendly Support + UNLIMITED Revisions Unique, Professional and Eye-catching Design For You . Please contact us CNN lies, consistently and continuously. If anyone wants to have their life improve, switch off CNN. Continuously Negative News

There must have been a poll saying if he would wear a mask he would get more votes!?! Trump is needing to wear face mask He understands protocol more than most. He went to Walter reed Hospital, that’s where is necessary, not alone in your car. Bravo!👍😷 Bank robber Must have lost his teeth. Looks Photo shopped

After the rate becomes 50 thousands infected a day. Too late mr. Trump The only reason he wore a mask was because he was afraid of catching the virus in the hospital 💔not to set a example to the rest of the country 😪 brexit_sham It might shut him up for a while . Now he’s a hypocrite.......... by wearing a mask lmao what a joke

WOW, would write IvanaTrump5 Now what will this do to his tan ? Bikini stripes ? He caved. I choice but to wear one lol Idiot Why does the headline say “face cowering”? I mean it's also called a “Face mask” so why use such a vague name for it when it already has a name? No wonder he didn't want to wear a mask. It makes him look like he's hiding something. He is!

realDonaldTrump IvankaTrump WEAR THE MASK EVERY TIME YOU'RE ON TV. THAT'S HOW YOU SHOW LEADERSHIP. WE ALL HATE THE MASKS BUT THEY ARE A NECESSARY EVIL. DO THIS AND ANNOUNCE THE CURE OR VACCINE BEFORE THE ELECTION AND YOU WIN Alas 😜👍 Bizim maskelerden alsaymış olmamış... Lol he never see anything Wow Where does that reporting stack up with Wayfairs human child trafficking?

Big News !!! Just to distract ppl. attention from the big news: his pardoning of his buddy roger stone’s sentence 🤦🏻‍♀️ Trumps a grade A tw💩t .... who cares Looks like a beast Trump Now he learned that covid19 is airborne.... Because it is free lol Ha ha Time to make some money from face mask Excellent. Now he’s a corrupt simpleton with a mask.

So do we get to ridicule him now? He is the ballchinian.... In Uganda a cabinet HEALTHY Minister was cited attended a public meeting barefaced!! And she has been number II in begging the nation to wear masks!! Lol It only took 130 000 lives to be lost to get this far 👆🏻🙄 Some people would wear a clowns' suit if it got them what they wanted, oh the black looks good by the way

Smartest he’s ever looked Just another photo op, he looks mad cause no one brought a bible for him to hold up. rozanek he looks nice, now give him big sunglasses, cap and he will be bearable to look at VoteHimOut2020 CNN have a problem with Trump even if he wears a mask .... CNN’s stupidity level is astonishing

I bet he hates it. We already needn't to wear mask in China😄 Too late My God CNN. Y’all have lost your way. I try to watch. I really do. Good luck If you can't beat them: join them Now hes bad for wearing a mask.cnn sucks Impeachment? Your hatred for Trump has made you loose credibility before the world. Wise up CNN you can't win against Trump and you will never

Can you bring him to a Covid ward? We can be without a mask there? He never ridiculed anyone. This is a flat out lie. He always advised people to choose themselves. NOTHING ON THE SHITHOLE IS ACCURATE. Very few watch so doesn't really matter. A joke Wayfair trafficking children and you can only report on a mask on Trump's face! 🙄

Finally woke up. Good job president trump 🤷🏻‍♂️ Awesome mask MR President realDonaldTrump Love the headline you guys suck. Chloroquine He still a 🤡 Fake news: Now more difficult for him to lie and bullshit if WHO announced that it was airborne many more people would've worn a mask sooner Loool😅🤣 Who the hell cares. He’s distracting. Wake the f up

And meanwhile There is always a first time....make America great again mr President CNN is such propaganda! How do you useful idiots not see it? Trump could singlehandely cure cancer & CNN would say it’s racist or dangerous while their democrat puppet masters banned the cure. Seriously. FakeNewsMedia activistsnotjournalists

Mask or no mask, Photo op. He is an idiot anjali910 That's News? Wow your standard of News is so low that's why your called FAKE NEWS That's so called politician. Trump is a Weapon of Mass Destruction He’s admitting he was wrong The fact that this is Breaking News in July is just sad VoteHimOut Wow CNN damned if ya do damned if ya don’t!

This is a top story? JournalismIsDead Could have fooled me. If you said this was photoshopped, I would've believed it. No way Trump is being reasonable. Breaking news. Nevermind that cities are burning and rioters own the streets. 🙄 Mal heryerde mal It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that news channels like CNN use Trump for publicity.

Stay focused - remember Stone OH ... I guess he was waiting for the death toll to get into the miyions first. It's about goddamn time! Wow and ? Very stubborn baby , finally. He get panicked, with a mask CNN stands for CORRUPT NOTED NEWS You are rediclus seriously. Cats are getting mail in ballots! Lol fuck him!

He looks so much better! If he would’ve championed masks and distancing from the beginning we wouldn’t be in this kind of catastrophe. He owns this! Actually, he is wearing it at exactly the appropriate time, while visiting a hospital. But of course, only ridicule will come from the trolls against Trump.

Are we now suppose to applaud Trump because he finally decided not to be stupid? He has made mask 😷 wearing into an entire reality SHOW for media instead of urgent public health issue. Ridiculous !! ProjectLincoln I think he looks very handsome Finally! Thank you! Now maybe his followers will do the same

Its fake pic.. Very late at setting an example Mr. President...!! He used to take chances this bustard..... Fuck BuyGoyaProducts OMG looks a lot better then his actual face that he uses in every day life. Too little, too late Donald! Too late “Brah man from the 5th floor”..knock knock no ones definitely not home.🧐

He never ridiculed those that did it. That is a lie. Oh but that’s your middle name. Huh... It’s a little to late for the mask. He’s following the guidelines of Doral Florida you guys are corrupt get you facts right!!! He had to he was in Doral Florida so is mandatory. Always trying to make him look bad shame on you CNN. You guys are like the national enquirer a joke. Get your facts right SHAME ON YOU!!!!

Some people look better in masks CNN the fake news headquarters of the world And all of a sudden he thought he should show up at Walter Reed hospital? And in a mask? How convenient!! 5 months of no leadership in America's first pandemic this century and my life time. It's not weird science. It's real science and scientists.

Shows just how desperate he is becoming 😂 Why does this look Photoshopped? Still an idiot Why now? The only reason he is wearing a mask is it's Hospital policy. You don't wear one you don't come in. In the hospital were I work we don't care who you are So that he does not infect anyone? It would take more than a mask, methinks.

😂😂😂😂😂😂 A very simple thing to do. I thought it was Photoshoped lol. Great, now he should tell all the assholes he motivated to not wear a mask to back the fuck down. When did he ridicule anybody for wearing a mask? McClain_on_NFL Trump supporters Now you DO look like Bane!! I did not know anti-hoax masks were available

What about maxwell, what’s your report on that?!? Lying media Bout bloody time He should go back to school. After all, many schools have black and orange as their school colors! Enough- this is not news nor a headline. Why give him the publicity? Why don’t news outlets learn? He doesn’t look like the Lone Ranger to me. Maybes little bit likeSilver!

You complain when he doesn't wear one, then complain when he does. It is so sad that this is Breaking News. It should have been routine months ago. Another photo-op ? When all the damage he & his refusal to do anything other than down-play the pandemic has done & is now killing 1000 Americans a day Well done Humpty Trumpty

CDCgov should he provide of our POTUS Surprised....thought it would be drawn in with a sharpie It’s about time... I doubt you will see him in another one! I’m so tired of hearing about Trump. We get it, he’s got serious issues....... NEXT You can't run away from the truth all the time but one day you will hide it.

Trump the bank robber Black Mask Death....140000 There's no surprises at all about what the President says and does. What's A big deal, I don't get it and who cares. Debate with Joe Biden getting closer. I want that presidential mask! Excellent Does that mean Trump is ok and we should support him? Doesn’t mean much at this point. Would’ve liked to see this way before now. Too many people lost now.

Looks photoshopped to me NOT the first time!!! 'The English Patient' or 'Saving British Captain' - a coronavirus version movie - miracle in Vietnam. Home sweet home ! 😆😆 Death and fear can make you do things you never thought you would. PUSSY!WASNT HE HARRASSING PEOPLE THAT WORE THEM?HMMM. Politisch😂😂

realDonaldTrump What is Ridiculous is your MISLEADING behavior. Instead presenting an ironic video, inform us THE AMERICANS, that our PRESIDENT went to visit and give support to our Army Officer Infected with COVID. THANK YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP Wow turns out he does look like a stupid nerd with a mask on. I mean, he did before too, so I don’t know what he was worried about.

I'm sure it wouldn't stop him from blaring his trumpet Histrionic personality disorder - HPD at its best! Imagine all of us start wearing masks with our job title stamped on it I wonder if when he takes it off the inside of that mask is Orange lol 😂 He’s such an AH He was forced to do because he was at Walter Reed. I’m sure he will not wear a mask outside of and away from the hospital.

Good Boy! Would you like a red or orange lollipop 🍭 Oh I see, you just want to be politically correct just another Bible photo op Oh shut up CNN. So bias. OUR POTUS LOOKS GOOD!!!! Not photoshopped Cheeto dust I’m actually glad to see less of his hideous face so thank you! Did his orange makeup rub off? Total Disgrace and Embarrassment for a President.

Really? This is breaking news? FAKE NEWS! because this is breaking news. You're garbage. Everything you post is negative and/or hateful. CNN Why are you MISLEADING US STOP. You show a Video of President Trump wearing a mask, but you did not inform that he was visiting Covid Infected Army Officers, that is relevant to us THE AMERICANS

Can we tighten it, make it out of metal? about time. It’s too early for him to wear a mask... I thought it was a 'CoNsPiRaCY' Too late and no one cares God destroy a nation because of the evil people in it and if American won’t change their course he will do it again. This election is fundamental in that America needs strong leadership and examplary a sober headed leader show God will be pleased with. Joe Biden 2020.

About time Great - we don’t have to see his face anymore ✔️ He already told y’all where he would wear a mask. I agree with the other gentleman can you give us some real news that we actually need to worry about🤦🏻‍♂️ About fucking time Bahahahaaha! (Deep inhale) Bahahahahaahah! 'Its just a hoax.' 'It'll magically disappear.' 'Just take hydroxy...'

Black so he doesn’t get makeup on it. Yooo this shit looks photoshopped 😭 Lol. CNN trolling... I wonder why now 🙄 Who convinced him? Maybe he is wearing it not because of COVID__19 but because he might have bad breath.... not wanting the media to smell it ! TrumpVirus Sweet mask Oh no. How can he possibly breathe now. What about his rights. Oh me oh my

It's about time. Thank you for manning up. I hope they did put some glue on it to stop the diarrhea Why are you giving this publicity ploy airtime? Actually you look good in that mask; no sarcasm; I really think you look good in that mask! And he still looks like a prick Election winds blowing harder down WhiteHouse way . CadetBonespurs aka Tantrum Boy going for some good behavior points now that we're in the home stretch.

It just doesn't matter anymore. He could have worn one a long time ago and saved the lives of others but he refused. I think he should go to a covid party to see if he still thinks it's a hoax That looks photoshopped for sure. Probably too embarrASSed to show his face after the Roger Stone fiasco. So we are supposed to praise him for finally doing what every sensible human has been doing for months? This was just a photo op, sheer propaganda. I double dog dare him to wear it at a NASCAR gathering.

The real super hero It is a shame that we have stooped to this level, that when the leader of the super power nation finally wears a mask, it becomes such a big news! That is the basic act he could have engaged in right from the beginning. But alas America needs to grow up big time! Fuck CNN! assholes FakeNews dealwithit

Obviously photoshopped Only on the issue of mask ,Trump differs from Modi ji else the two share so much in common You people are UNBELIEVABLE! Is that photoshopped? It took a while to make a face mask with the logo of his mighty office Helps hide his ugly face, too! Looks much better I’m gonna wear mask right now 🇺🇸

Looks good on him. Step up big fella. Looks like Hannibal Lector.... CNN Eeeeeeeeeeeeeek Don't reward him for doing something he should've been doing all along! Best I've ever seen him look! Can you cover those beady eyes too? Oh are you finally scared after seeing all the people you basically murdered...

It crazy that we’re making a big thing out of Trump wearing a mask something this fool should have been doing for months!!!! OMFG CNN are cumming all over themselves! FINALLY they gave themselves relief.. See it didn't like I care at this point what he does in this life. Most corrupt president in the history of the USA

Stressed! Because the person running Walter Reid Hospital, let Trump and his flunkeys, wear a mask or you don't see patients here,that's goes for everyone,glad they stood their ground and protected their patients,not Trumps ego. About time see someone do so wow Who the hell Cares to be honest,It's Only News if he Doesn't Wear it....and yes It's A Good Example for Those who are Support him and Now Believe Masks are Working ✌️

Doesn't want to smell the rotten flesh of the sick soldiers, not for Covid-19 This is yuge news. 🙄 Je looks so much better! The one thing that would make him even more attractive is duck tape sealing the mask in place! I bet that’s the best mask ever made, believe me! OmarKelly Breaking news: Person does what we have criticized him for NOT doing. But now he does said thing...scathing story at 11.

is that photoshop... or just really low res... Why does it look Photoshopped on 😂🤣 Why didn’t he wear a mask? (1) I’m special, status symbol (2) I get to do whatever I want (3) If you are weak & virus hurts you, good riddance: weak = loser (4) Mustn’t miss his make-up layers (5) He knows mask makes him look like the evil bad guy he is!

Wow who couldn’t see this coming? The leader of the free world who is probably tested four or five times a day finally wears a mask and you guys are still ridiculing him. And it’s not even news you liberal hacks!! Nice report CNN, losers Anything to get reelected... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 little too late HAHAHA! Such “breaking news”. Slow day eh, CNN?

Awesome 👏 Stop talking about a stupid mask and start focusing on the corruption of pardoning Stone. He visiting hospitals. So he needs mask He’s in a hospital. It’s required even for this buffoon Just checked the Fuck Jar. It's empty. Honestly looks photoshopped He never ridiculed anyone regarding face masks you lying trash of a network.

About time! First thing to have done. CHECK. Only late by 4 months and a percentage of the population dead. Probably cause he has the COVID Will that shut his mouth at the same time? Keep the mask on, you look harmless and the world is safer. And that was done for photo op purposes only. luisestrada_ After his daughter in-law tested positive for COVID-19, way to go Trump!!! What a bloody comic president. I feel sorry for Americans for voting a reality TV actor as president. The result? over 100,000 deaths.

Too late He’s wearing a mask to little to late. That’s ok, he’s going to lose in November because everyone is sick of him. Wonder what else he’s got up his sleeve to try and win votes! He can handle the good times but has no clue how to handle the bad!!! Who cares Sommmmeonnneeee’s getting nervous. Too late.

What an ass. After making fun of people..and so many lives lost because he didn't think people had to wear marks. Well where are we now? Waiting for a vaccine. Because there are tons of people not willing to wear them...and the virus goes on and on. Maybe he got new makeup that won’t rub off. Probably better if he didn’t wear a mask!

He is terrified he wont be re-elected Why should that be news? He could have led by example months ago. Please, stop rewarding the facist-in-chief with crap headlines such as his wearing a mask. Yea because he respects the veterans duh we shouldn’t be forced to wear it if we’re healthy The eys of a killer.

No culito😂😷 He only half as ugly as usual. Frog!! 🐸 That’s news? What a joke...just getting votes. been stuborn causes pandemic This is so obviously digitally altered its funny Once someone told him it would make him look good he was on board About time,hope it’s not a one time deal and continues to wear a mask anytime he is in public and insists everyone at his rallies has to wear one. Does this mean he will finally acknowledge that there is a problem?

I'm surprised he didn't wear it over his eyes like The lone ranger. Here we go now the narrative switches to masks will kill you. Clearly! He did! 👍🏻 realDonaldTrump Ok friends 1.TRUMP WEARS MASK,2. ADMIITS HE WAS WRONG? he tested positive 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Now that’s fake news, probably photoshopped. 😂 To all watching main stream. It's polluted the infection rate policy of reporting adds everyone that person has come in contact with in last two weeks and death rate is slight of pen also your eyes been blinded by lies from Commie sympathizer's

T rump sometimes R idicle those who U se M ask in P ublic places ANOTHER FAKE NEWS STORY.......CNN WHERE THE AGENDA BECOMES THE NEWS Presiden jancuk re, sok hartina ku sia artikeun sorangan How proud Fake news. LOl Maybe he ran out of make up and could only do the top half of his face NYGovCuomo he finally took it seriously. Please consider 2020, if kanyewest can join in the late game, so can you!!!! ChrisCuomo 🙏🏼

He just learn Covid-19 is for real :) What happened to your Lone Ranger mask Medical Center ! Repeat after me Medical Center, Medical Center, Medical Center, Medical Center, Medical Center Medical Center, Medical Center,Medical Center, Medical Center,Medical Center, Medical Center,Medical Center, Medical Center,Medical Center, Medical Center....😷

This is the closest that Trump comes to admitting he was wrong. HE GOES TO THE HOLLOW HALLWAYS OF WALTER REED HOSPITAL TO VISIT THE SAME TROOPS HE HELPED PUT THEIR ALONG WITH PUTIN, COMMANDER IN TRAITOR. Trump has raped the fabric of American society, he has ridiculed everything that America has stood for. To vote Trump is a vote for defeatism. He has used his position to destroy all that is good for the country. There is good in everyone, you must defeat this scourge.

Seems odd that when this man finally does something Presidential the headlines are about what he wore... WOW NEWS Servicemen who were injured by RussianBounty? TrumpIsANationalDisgrace Now all liberals will stop wearing mask!!! Walter Reed likely would not have let him endanger wounded vets. So the mask. Trump was not following any “science”. The hospital was.

keep it on... he looks better Shit! I thought is was the Lone Deranger for a second! WHO VOTED IT INTO POWER, WORST PRESIDENT OF USA DumpTrump WHO CARES ? Far too little, far too late. And probably just a calculated distraction stunt after his disgraceful commutation of Roger Stone’s prison sentence and ongoing failure to address the issue of Russian bounties on US service personnel.

'after months of refusing to be seen doing so in public'. Lol. These people. Such obsessive hatred. He’s such a joke But his Liberty?!?! What about his LIBERTY?!?!?!?! He’s going to ruin that mask with his makeup stain Breath of Stench don't want mask - can't stand it! No one cares This Not News, he sound be wearing sins the time the Doctor 🥼 has asked to,

Why keep it off so you can catch the virus! Hell just froze over It is just me, or does that look photocopied along the top edge of the mask? So I guess enough people around him got sick? You should keep it on all the time! fake news vomit so on us. Did he draw that with a Sharpie Even covering half of his face doesn’t make him less revolting.

Could care less about him at this moment. He is done in November. Wish it were a muzzle Uh oh, the left is going to flip flop and say masks are bad and do not help. CNN continues to say the dumbest crap regarding our President. Lowest ratings due to condecending remarks and leftist so called reporters 💩💩💩💩💩💩

He looks so much like The Lone Ranger! Where is his stick horse? this should be ignored and not be news- he's doing what he should have been doing for months, don't give him press for that. Always doing the right things! MOST IDIOTIC MAN ON EARTH I wonder if any of those service members were wounded due to a Russian bounty that realDonaldTrump knew about.

I am so totally disgusted and so sick of the stupidity of this country to look up to a man who doesn’t give a rats ass about anybody it’s sickening Thank you Mr. President! he realDonaldTrump has been saying it fromthe beginning that he would wear one if needed . what’s the big news?!!! This appearing under “breaking news” after 130,000 deaths tells us all we need to know about somebody’s IQ or lack thereof

Real news is that once again he is trying to change the subject which should be that he is Traitor. He’s no leader, he’ll always be a cowardly draft-dodger who partied in New York while brave Americans fought and died in Vietnam , as usual he made the visit all about him Thank God they finally put a muzzle on fatboy

So Ummmmm this isn't what I remember the lone ranger looking like Love our POTUS What leadership!! Who is this Guy . Is it the Lone Ranger. No it’s a super Dud . Perhaps he’s even going to vote Democrat in November.!!!!! Now who is encouraging trump to wear a mask? VP whoever got him to start wearing a mask doesn't have your interest at heart. Its only a matter of time till he gets covid-19 without the mask and you become potus. Let trump be trump dontwearamask .

He needs to issue a clear statement that masks are required and necessary to control the spread of COVID and pull our country out of the toilet he created. Enough already. It’s about time , but it’s a little late For the first time after 137k deaths. Put it that way. Should have been a gag Looks just like the Lone Ranger.

I am surprised. CNN will go out of business when realDonaldTrump is not President. That’s the only thing they talk about, obsessed with him. Any thing he says or does they twist and turn it to fit their narrative. It’s ridiculous. Someone explained insult to injury to him. Are these wounded service members survivors of Russian bounties?

Does anyone else feel like it's utterly moronic that this is a headline? I guess when the bar has been set below sea level, it takes very little to make a splash. GET THAT DRAFT DODGING COWARD OUT OF THERE!!! Wears a mask and no orange make up And you still won’t show the picture? He wore one in May btw

Damn, MAGA's looks like Trump is just another '🐑' too. ☹️ And that makes you glad Of course, he was going to a hospital filled with vulnerable patients. Too bad Cuomo wasn’t smart enough to realize putting COVID infected people in nursing homes would kill the elderly. People do know his visit had nothing to do with visiting and honoring those wounded service members, his campaign wanted him seen in a mask. Shameful the way he uses the military!

Don’t give him one second of credit. He’s the reason we are in this horrible mess! Trumps wearing a mask going to Walter Reed Hospital today wearing a mask, was meaningless because it wasn’t his idea. His people spent a week, begging him to do so. Had he done the back in March, taking COVID19 seriously, tens of thousands of lives could’ve been saved.

Hey CNN where's the story on that church in Florida being firebombed? There's a time and a place not to argue with fools. It's called RESPECT. They should have had Trump visit a poison center or some other place where it could be useful to induce vomiting. Clown 🤡 mask daily

Trump Says He’ll Wear A Mask During A Visit To Walter Reed‘I think it's fine to wear a mask if it makes you feel comfortable,’ Trump added, in a departure from his longstanding intransigence on the issue. fear Who cares?

Trump: 'I expect' to wear a mask during upcoming Walter Reed hospital visitTrump is openly changing his tune on masks. 'It's fine to wear a mask if it makes you feel comfortable,' he said. F'n ass. Masks do not feel comfortable. Me and family wear ours because it is the right thing to do! No. He’s not. It needs to be mandatory A storyteller makes up things to help other people; A liar makes up things to help himself.

Trump Wears Mask Publicly For First Time During Walter Reed Hospital VisitAides have been pleading with the president for weeks to wear a mask publicly. Dump 😄 Thank God now maybe everyone will shut the fuck up Who cares, we only care about him wearing Handcuffs.

Trump says he'll wear a mask to Walter Reed Hospital"If I&39;m with soldiers — I don&39;t want to spread anything," Trump told Fox News&39; Sean Hannity on Thursday. "A lot of it is you spreading, not them spreading." What a wussy. Dont explain anything to anyone. You know what youre doing. YEAH..HIS COGNITIVE TEST WERE TAKEN BYE SOMEONE ELSE.

#Goyaway: Calls To Boycott Goya Foods After CEO Praises President TrumpPeople are calling for a boycott of Goya Foods after its CEO praised President Trump during a visit to the White House, saying the country was 'truly blessed' to have him and calling him 'a builder.' Because of this nonsense I’ll buy more of their product. People can think for themselves. Grow up children When are we going to say enough and tell people like this to go eff themselves. Some small minded TDS suffering trolls. Useless virtue signaling. I don't even eat their food but now I might stock up.

Supreme Court says President Trump cannot keep tax, financial records from prosecutorsManhattan DA Cyrus Vance called the ruling a 'tremendous victory' and emphasized he will follow the law and the facts 'wherever they may lead.' He needs to release his tax records.. When you live in Barbies Trumplandia ...