Trump Warns 'Jobs Will Disappear' If Biden's Elected. Jaws Drop.

'You already made the jobs disappear, sweetie,' noted one Twitter follower.

8/2/2020 2:42:00 PM

'You already made the jobs disappear, sweetie,' noted one Twitter follower.

'You already made the jobs disappear, sweetie,' noted one Twitter follower.

— Paul 👻 (@pablo_honey1)August 1, 2020GDP decreased 34.3 percent- more than twice the drop that occurred during the Great DepressionYou can’t have economic prosperity without effective public health. The failure to contain this virus has handed The rest of this century over to China to rule

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— stevegreenberg (@stevegreenberg)August 2, 2020Biden wants to raise taxes on the billionaires, so that the middle class and lower classes can have health care and a higher minimum wage. Meanwhile you cut taxes for the ultra wealthy so that your friends could have better lives at the expense of the middle class.

— Mrs. Krassenstein (@HKrassenstein)Have you read a newspaper lately?— Benjamin Byron Davis (@Tooda)Stay connected while keeping your social distance Read more: HuffPost »

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Look at that fukin ugly mug. 🤮 Such an ugly disgraceful thing That is pure on adulterated bullshit. You’re going to jail. I can’t wait No, governors in the several States, mostly Socialists, killed jobs by their extended lockdowns. Jobs were BOOMING Umm, anyone want to tell him? Yes jobs as money printers will be lost because Americans will have real jobs under Biden.


Vote blue ! Vote! We have 3 crisis: health crisis because coronavirus pandemia late, slow, disastrous appproach by Trump with more than 155000 de in USA and he still misleading USA , the racial crisis triggered by police brutality and the economical crisis! Vote! Blue! Nope. That was BJC of the China virus. Trump is bringing them back. Get your facts straight.

Trump is such a liar. Only way is up when you are gone. realDonaldTrump Hahahahaha hahahahaha HuffPost showing just how truly low they have fallen. So was the economic lockdown caused by COVID a completely isolated event that had nothing to do with the loss of these tens of millions of jobs? So tired of garbage journalism being taken seriously.

I doubt he'll understand this but.... Jobs have already disappeared under trump. Someone should tell him. Democrats shut down their cities and states because of COVID and the 0.09% death rate not Trump! It’s the Democrats who in February where telling people it was ok to go to public events and parades not Trump! Biden is the ones who called the China travel ban xenophobic

He must be smoking some heavy stuff these days to suffer from halicenuatation Oh, another violation of the HatchAct, and senatemajldr tedcruz marcorubio LindseyGrahamSC GOPLeader and the other complicits do nothing about it. Got it. What a load of shit comming from that man .All jobs have been lost because of you DT .😡😡😡😡

What jobs? The jobs are already gone. And the jobs he was talking about were low wage anyway. Um no, covid did remember your dear health czar and media, and other officials are asking and still are asking to re-lock down. You know the people already earning a check want us to lockdown more. Thought that was the know the fake one that the Democrats were gonna use.....BUT FAILED. Huff is a disgrace.

FoxNews They already disappeared, Jobs were growing and the economy was rising higher when JoeBiden and OurForeverPresident BarackObama passed the Torch after serving Our Country for 8 Years. realDonaldTrump occupies the WHrunamuck and total WHineptitude is killing Hundreds of THOUSANDS jobs & people. 🤬😱

Uhhh... when Joe Biden is elected realDonaldTrump ‘s job will disappear!! You are quoting Twitter followers? Desperate! Jobs disappeared under Trump. What more needs to be said. Hay Trump, what is the Covid Plan? No really, what's the plan? I need a plan! We need a plan! Where is the PLAN! What, there is no plan?! Oh, you should just say so. Incompetent Ass!

Certain that COVID was 100% responsible for all the job losses. .joebiden has a jobs plan ready to roll. Transitioning to cleanenergy & fighting climatechange When, in the last 8 years or more has the gop had a realistic plan for anything? Healthcare? Immigration? Climate change? Pandemic? senatemajldr? GOPLeader realDonaldTrump ?

Trump might want to look at the 4 or 5% economic growth. Well, I guess he forgot about that promise. President Trump didn't make the jobs disappear, the fake virus did...sweetie! So much fear-mongering. He's just trying to make Biden into the actual Boogeyman and it's obvious he's throwing it all against the wall to see if anything sticks.

Too late you already did that He made jobs disappear? What are you smoking? Every time Trump puts Biden down he lies, promotes conspiracy theories and uses scare tactics. Smart Americans will realize his claims are BS. He’s sick and all those around him, and In Congress, who let him spew this crap are accomplices to his attempts to destroy our country.

realDonaldTrump POTUS do you ever take responsibility for your fuck ups? Your character is no longer classified as shit. 🤦🏽‍♀️ If I recall correctly all politicians are guilty. Pelosi said it was fine to go out then she did a sharp 180 when she realized she could use it against the person of her obsession, trump. You sheep will believe anything you read. I pity my kid’s future because you people vote.

Wtfk is he talking about jobs disappearing? Does he even know he has a job himself? How soon will Der Trump proclaim all the bad stuff committed by his criminal grifter administration has been done by his 'more evil twin'? Um, we had a record-breaking economy before COVID19 and the only reason so many jobs have disappeared is because of Trump CDC recommded lockdowns that people in the media have supported! In other words, the jobs are gone because Trump did what you wanted you idiots.

Yes jobs like grave digger, coffin builder and funeral driver are all at risk. He really is grasping at straws, aint he? You have already accomplished that. WHAT JOBS? Your making PEOPLE disappear Mr everything is beautiful. Novemder can’t get here fast enough. You are already responsible for job losses to 40 million US employees and still climbing.

The leader that attacks the coronavirus and turns the tide will be the one that brings jobs back. Trump letting it drag out with no plan. His experts are money Hungry contributors. Clones of Trump. Nowhere to go but up. Democrats: CLOSE EVERYTHING. THERES A DEADLY PANDEMIC. WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE. Democrats: OMG LOOK HOW YOU RUINED THE ECONOMY.

Maybe you can disappear too ! That would definitely make my day 😀 DonaldMakeWorse tRump Things Must Have Been Pretty Good If There's Still More Jobs To Lose! BlackLivesMatter Workers Says the originator of TheTrumpVirus in the US which has caused over 150,000 deaths and the WORST economy ever. H.P. PROPAGADA BS. Impaling that the loss of JOBS DUE to the Chinese Virus was TRUMPS FAULT HEADLINE BS FOR H.P Trump HAD CREATED the MOST JOBS in HISTORY, B4 the VIRUS and he will do it AGIAN. AND YOU KNOW IT! YOUR PROPAGANDA MAKES ME SICK

We will reach 100% employment. His plan? If the unemployed would just die already! It’s sad that BarackObama & JoeBiden had to get us out of the last recession and now Biden is going to have to do it again. It’s also funny that the things realDonaldTrump was proud about (good economy and low unemployment) were actually just trending from Obama & Biden.

Like the 33% that have disappeared under his administration? amberwb No president has made as many jobs disappear as Donald J Trump. Not even Herber Hoover. Trumps government is so poor they can’t even give people an extension on the $600 but yet you talk about jobs while people are starving and trying to make ends meet. Everybody vote out of all Republicans make the US Senate Democrat again so we can live there is no work !

Fear, fear, fear... remember how GW used the gay marriage issues? If you let gays marry, there'll be anarchy and bestiality rampant in the streets... Yep, everything he claims will happen in the future already exists, thanks to his incompetence! I Uhh... Trump didn’t make jobs disappear. Governors that closed states did. How quick everyone is to forget the booming economy the USA had before COVID closures. Most of which were completely unwarranted.

0scar1709 You already did that. Take credit for your own “accomplishments” TrumpFailedAmerica Here’s why Biden will win.....because things cannot be worse than they’ve been on realDonaldTrump gone, economy is in the toilet, virus running amok and 150,000, plus dead! And that’s just a start.

Absolutely : the useless 'counselling jobs' given to useless family in government will probably disappear. And America as we once knew it. My mom wouldn’t let kids that broke things on purpose visit our home. Now I know why. Excuse me!!!! He is talking about those of his family and cronies!! Please report the news correctly!

Do you think he knows about the GreenNewDeal ? Citing a Twitter post. Low class journalism from huffpo. Once again playing the blame game. Look at that pout! Did someone hide his NUK again? Just yours, Dr. Trump! It’s amazing that all of these jobs were lost after the democrats shut everything down. It’s like they latched onto coronavirus and used it to destroy Trump’s booming economy right before the election.

He misspoke. The job “losses” will disappear When are you all going to stop pretending joe Biden’s a viable candidate? He’s promised to shut down energy jobs in day one & raise taxes. Biden will destroy this country in 6 mo. Imagine a country being led by a half dead, dementia riddled puppet. Trump is a true leader. He believes in himself 100%. That he's the greatest president ever, that he's making America great again, that he's got the VIRUS licked , that the economy is booming, or if not it was Obama's fault . Beating Biden will be a cinch.

My aged aunt Agatha would have replied: ‘the jobs will come back when you disappear Sweetie.’ Oh and so will bears and wolves and fresh air and civility and belief in America and the dream that actually made it great and oh so many things you’ve nearly destroyed. Just saying! They've already disappeared under your watch, you idiot

There's already 154,000 dead and he's still threatening the American public! Nope that is the dems and their authoritarian policies sweetie. Trump really lives in his own little self-absorbed bubble, doesn’t he? Why would Biden do what’d you’ve already done a fantastic job of doing !!! Opposite! Joe Biden is being hidden from the public. Literally hidden, because he's such a moron they're afraid to let the country see him and Trump side by side.

They already have... look in the mirror CriminalInChief It’s time for U to pull a whodini !! All the commercials threatened under Biden are what’s happening now under him. People are either waiting to get the virus or the vaccine! That’s his plan HIS job will disappear We had the best economy in generations. We had some of the lowest unemployment numbers ever. Until morons in government panicked and shut everything down for no reason. We can get it back. 🇺🇸TRUMP2020🇺🇸

CanuckinO Trump needs to understand that Americans are more determined than ever to make sure he doesn't do another 4 years. All the people he has been pissing off the last couple of months(that list is growing fast) and people registering. New young voters. You're done son! America Farmers are already disappearing,Thanks to you suppose to be winning this trade war with China. Farmers used to sale commodities to China, but Brazil now got that business. And they voted for your self gratifying ass !!! They got what they voted for unfortunately !!

What jobs? Coronavirus has already made the Jobs Disappear. What America's main Focus Today needs to be is Surviving Safely until a Proven Cure for this Virus is Found and then People can go back to their Regular Activities.But you can't go back now without a Cure. It would be like Suicide He's right, because The Left who control Biden are against work!

I think this is DT’s doing: No jobs, economy crashing & he never had a plan Funny trump keeps warning us about things that might happen if Biden is elected that have already happened under trump At this point he might as well say “don’t elect Biden or an orange man with awful hair and raccoon eyes might infest the White House and ruin the country”

You’re late. Dear God , its so ugly. Sometimes we get a little help from our friends but Joe knows how to clean up after a Republican Done that Now we want you to disappearPOTUS Trump lives in a delusional world, where everything is perfect and pink cotton candy clouds float in the sky and everybody loves him. Oy vey! So not true. 🙄 Trump has & had no business being the POTUS. ZERO! NADA! ZIP! Vote Trump OUT in November EVERYBODY! 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊

Well tiktok employs 1400 in the US currently with 10k more jobs in the next 3 years, so... 🤷🏼‍♀️ No. That was the Chinese virus that did that but don't confuse the Uranilist with facts. He made Hate Trumpism a big business among fools to the point they will riot over anything anymore. He’s a pro at jection

This HuffPost bias tweet demeaning our President concerning jobs is ridiculous and an outright lie based on a strangers twitter post. Randos on Twitter as sources. Excellent reporting! “You already made the jobs disappear, sweetie” will be on our history books and we deserve it. What jobs could Biden lose , I think they all gone thanks to your handling of the Virus and among many things to many to name .

Democrats and the Chinese made the jobs disappear like they're working hand in hand. let the people speak!!!! wethepeeps!!!!!! LIFT EVERY VOICE /// not just the white men and the robots they programmed!!!!! Does anyone really think the economy tanked because of economic decisions? We did this to ourselves on purpose.

Whoever this lady is is very well not informed President Trump has made so many jobs come back to America the virus is the fault not the president and if Joe Biden is president at least 300 million jobs will disappear with him eliminating the oil industry not good for America It’s Trump’s motus OPERANDI lie, deflect and deny 🦠

Kinda hard to make disappeat that which doesn't exist. Kind of like me making dinosaurs disappear. Ain't gonna happen. He created the greatest economy the world has ever seen. Covid-19 hurt the economy. Not Trump. You already did that... signs of dementia when Satan can’t remember his own evil. BunkerBoy definitely has a head start on him .

How is Trump make up ? (Too much Orange?). Haven't the jobs already disappeared? Being that the left want to flood the country with illegal cheap foreign labor.......he's not wrong. This coming from a 'Jedi Counselor' .. speaks volumes and retweets that ... Get it straight the VIRUS was the cause of jobs being lost! We had the best economy EVER before the pandemic.

That was China sweetie Really?/ what about you? He works so hard to be that moronic. It would be comedy, if it were comedy. 🤣 Fear mongering. Do your own thinking folks. You are the expert on what happens in your world, not some ivory tower elitist. WE create those jobs not our leaders. WE are the reason they are wealthy not them. Let's keep it real folks. Once was enough.

Democrats are making the jobs disappear open a history book.. Your fake phony crap charts mean nothing. The economy was booming. The Democrats shut down everything and want to blame Trump. Its not gonna work. Joe cant answer simple questions. The poor guy has DEMENTIA. President Trump didn't make the jobs disappear... Dealing with the China virus made jobs disappear. I anticipate you blame him for the China virus also and for the deaths. May I remind you that during the Spanish flu America lost 600,000 lives... Pandemics kill people, sadly.

Oh wow, a Twitter follower You finally found something even dumber than the opinion column 🤦 Somebody isn’t telling grandpa the truth… ....actually COVID did........ Lol. From the ‘shutdown until a vaccine’ crowd Raise the minimum wage now Y’all closed everything down..... He really is delusional and just plain evil.

Jobs have already disappeared under realDonaldTrump presidency. The guy is not self-aware! Trump wants to open up jobs but the Democrats are saying no - why would the Democrats want to use a world wide pandemic to advance their power You have screwed up your country so badly. More unemployed people than the entire Australian population. Great job you're doing you Orange fucknuckle.

Ha, hopefully the one that will ends this sh*tshow. Oink! It’s true. Trump created so many jobs before thia world wide pandemic. Haters are ignorant liars. Thank you realDonaldTrump for all your hard work. No he didn’t. What a stupid thing to say when it’s false. Of course he's going to go on now tweeting 'JOBS JOBS JOBS' like he's chanting them into existence.

No! People are away from their jobs, not out of jobs and its ONLY due to the ChinaVirus! Joe biden has no plans for jobs but to cut it! Does anyone really believe Biden could do worse than this: What jobs? peepers always get paid $lb LesWexner JeffreyEpstein $tsla $amzn $googl $msft Well, his horrid Covid response has killed how many jobs/people?

So? Awkward The jobs have already disappeared. He isn't doing anything to rectify that. NO HE DIDNT CHINA DID WHY DO LIBERALS DEFEND CROOKS ILLEGALS AND NOW CHINA...WHAT IS IT ? What jobs? They have all dropped with Trump’s incompetent handling of COVID-19!🤷🏻‍♂️ Close to 160,000 resting in peace, Economy down 32%, unemployment at 12%, no reliable healthcare. Got it ?

Sleepy Trump Jos are already gone....keep talking.... Yes, he's right. Just Donald trumps job with be lost. We have fared better than Europe. He’s right. As usual. Tk Later

Trump doubles down on mail-in voting concerns, warns of 'greatest election disaster in history''It’ll be fixed, it will be rigged. People ought to get smart,' Trump, without citing evidence, told reporters Friday. 'This is going to be the greatest election disaster in history.' Every election is a disaster when you will get your ass whooped stomped kicked ! Voters can request absentee ballots if they don't want to go to the polls. We don't need the expense & extra time & man power needed for mail-in. 😢

Trump Says He's Banning TikTok But Trump Says a Lot of ThingsKeep in mind the president makes a lot of promises, many of which never come to fruition StreamWatermelonSugar BuyWatermelonSugar Trolling Stone! Trump... oh goodness, he's tearing our country apart... but there's still people out there... yeah, he's doing... a... great... job... sorry, dude... you're not.

Trump Scrapped Jared Kushner's COVID Plan Because It Wouldn't Help TrumpSince the blue states were being hit the hardest, it wasn't politically expedient for Trump to coordinate a federal response. If they really thought letting blue states get sick to help trumps reelection, then both trump and kushner should be charged with mass murder.

Baseball commissioner warns he might shut down the season if coronavirus isn't managed better, ESPN reportsESPN is reporting that Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred warned players union leader Tony Clark in a Friday call that if the league and players don't do a better job of managing the virus, Manfred could shut down the shortened season. Yeah... This is actually something the Negro Basketball Association seems to have right. Not sure the liberal knuckleheads running the show in baseball will get through the season. Was there ever any doubt? They probably should.

Stevie Nicks warns aspiring musicians to set aside $30,000 for rehabLegendary musician Stevie has solemn advise for any aspiring musician she meets

Under Armour warns of margin pressure for rest of 2020Under Armour Inc said it expects margins to be pressured for the rest of the year on the back of increased promotions, even as online demand helped the sportswear maker post a smaller-than-expected loss. Well, than make more of those running masks. I am still waiting until I can submit my order. If it’s got BLM on it then fuck it. Under Armour should be glad they have revenue. Millions of Americans that have spent thousands on their products have $0 & are relying on unemployment relief that never got approved. Some will be evicted, some will lose their homes and many won’t be able to feed their families.