Trump Vents As More States Move To Expand Vote-By-Mail Ahead Of November Election - Cnnpolitics

Trump Vents As More States Move To Expand Vote-By-Mail Ahead Of November Election - Cnnpolitics

Trump vents as more states move to expand vote-by-mail ahead of November election

Studies show that there is no evidence that mail-in voting gives any party an edge — and it could even increase voter turnout. So why is President Trump so against it? @smerconish explores.

5/23/2020 4:12:00 PM

Studies show that there is no evidence that mail-in voting gives any party an edge — and it could even increase voter turnout. So why is President Trump so against it? smerconish explores.

President Donald Trump on Wednesday lashed out at officials in two swing states, Michigan and Nevada, over their moves to make it easier for more voters to cast their ballots by mail ahead of the November election, highlighting his growing anger over mail-in voting changes that he contends will hurt his chances of reelection.

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DaveBautista smerconish We can certainly liars and traitors such as yourselves. How about this idea, just get up off your lazy carcass and go vote. smerconish Studies show just the opposite! It’s fraught with fraud smerconish Very simple answer. When more ppl vote Democrat’s win. Absentee ballots ensure our votes are counted if we can’t get to the polling place.

DaveBautista smerconish smerconish My theory is Trump WANTS to lose the election while at the same time claiming fraud, thereby solidifying his Audience of the Aggrieved for his next act. smerconish I received a primary ballot at my house for me, my wife, my son (who is out of the country serving us), and my daughter (who is in college). I could’ve filled all 4 out myself and mailed them in. No way I could pull that off in person. That’s voter fraud. realDonaldTrump

smerconish Because he thinks it will hurt him, he knows that a lot of people may not be able to get to the polls, and some will not take a chance on getting sick. He only thing of him self. smerconish He knows his days are number come November bye smerconish OH YEAH and Clinton is still up 19 points.

smerconish He’s against it but it’s exactly what he did in Florida smerconish BECAUSE YOU GUYS CHEAT! super simple. Well it’s simple to people with brains smerconish It’s already a thing in certain states. Better to vote in person. smerconish Liars!!! Libersls steal votes in every election. That is why you want mail in votes so you can send multi votes in... not gonna happen

smerconish Did you really just ask that question. The voting is not the issue meathead. smerconish Lies smerconish because people like you are for it smerconish smerconish It’s exactly that, increase in voter turnout which might hinder his possibilities. smerconish Thieves generally don’t trust anyone.

smerconish It's called fraud, research again twerp smerconish Because studies mean nothing to him. Also increased voter turnout isn't likely to help him win. smerconish Most all of voter fraud schemes throughout America have been spawned from paper/mailer ballots. Ballot harvesting, box stuffing, dead people voting, former residents, nursing homes, etc.. Trying to spin this as something that only Trump is worried about is FakeNews. VoteGOP 🇺🇸

smerconish We have early voting in many states so why not make Mail-in ballots due a week before election night to be able to announce a winner that night? smerconish Why? You already answered your question! Mail-in voting increases voter participation. There are more Dems than GOP voters. Therefore, the numbers favor Dems.

smerconish No evidence of voter fraud A simple internet search is all you need to do... smerconish Trump will never forgive Obama for roasting him at the White House Correspondent dinner. Just look at the famous shot of Trump's face in the audience seething in anger. The guy can't take a joke -- which is ironic, because he is a joke. But that's a Narcissist for you.

smerconish Because he is planning on using his daughter’s voting machines to hack them & he wins with record number of votes; something he would talk about for 4 years smerconish No way! CNN thinks mail in voting is OK and doesn’t increase fraud! Who woulda thought! smerconish vicepresidentobama smerconish Because no voter surpression makes more people vote, and as Trump already admitted: that doesn't work out well for Reps.

smerconish There is only one reason to support mail in vote and no voter ID requirements. It’s call election fraud. smerconish Look what happened in Virginia votes ended in Maryland. States don’t clean the voting names taking out people who died and moved smerconish good for the state's doing this appreciate this reduces conagion&folks get to vote

smerconish Because more Republicans will go out amid Covid than Democrats Ha ha ha ha... sure. Worry about Joe. Trump supporters are just fine; they know clearly who they are and they are waiting patiently and quietly to cast the vote come November. No need for fan fair, drama or senseless arguments.

smerconish Because democrats will rig the election and give them another idea to rig it again. If democrats want it. Then they will use it for voter fraud smerconish When used as it was designed, it is rare & margin of potential fraud is low. When purposely used for an agenda Making it available to all, Because of a self-created reason - fear, now being manipulated to be an acceptable disability that tactic makes fraud potential EXPLOSIVE

smerconish Gives democrats more opportunity to cheat smerconish Because he can't rig mail in ballots smerconish Really? smerconish Love your show ❤️ Anytime the left offers Trump advice he immediately knows such advice if followed will only hurt his cause. Lol, non story :) Fake smerconish Two reasons. First, when you are into 'voter suppression', you need to suppress votes by any means! Second, he is building in an excuse to try and nullify the results. Both reasons are an affront to democracy!

Say what you want, tell everyone how great it is, you aren’t getting mail in voting. Not to take you back ....but they should come up with a voting app that would really end your voting issues the app would only work for the time of voting them you'll have to delete it and next year down a next one do everything online. American has the technology do it

smerconish So much BS from CNN you know the Democrats are going to ballot harvest You ain’t black comment is the stupidest comment I’ve heard yet Anyone else starting to think politicians and government don't matter at all? smerconish “No evidence” is when the evidence is not reported like sources like CNN. There is a report already that SC absentee ballots ended up in MD by mistake as well as reports in the past of illegal voting non which you would see on CNN

smerconish Because Republicans would be tempted to tamper with it. smerconish Have you tried bitcoin investment? Give it a try now, I just did with heather_crypto platform and now I made a withdrawal of $5000 with $500 today on her platform, contact her now heather_crypto smerconish Democrats couldn’t even count the votes in the Iowa caucus.

smerconish Because GOP in many states win by discouraging voting in general. They win with a minority of eligible voters. If more people vote, even if it's more from both sides, they loose because more people support democrat ideas. smerconish do you know if its true there are more registered voters than voters eligible to vote in Detroit?

smerconish The fact that it’s even a debate surprises me, how dumb and stupid a man should be to think that way! smerconish If you have to ask you are in the wrong profession. smerconish Common sense shows mail in voting is ripe for voter fraud, and common sense also says if the Democraps want it then its all about voter fraud.

smerconish Smernoff is spreading FakeNews again. All he has to do is 5 minutes of research and he would see for himself what happened in Palm Beach, Florida twice, Arizona, California, PA, MI, hell it happens everywhere. But, what do you expect from Smernoff? He's just a puppet of the DNC smerconish Notice the push to change voting processes every time the Democrats lose an election? 🤔

smerconish Just because YOU CNN and other MSM orgs say there is 'no evidence' doesn't make it true! The people are awake, only the numpties still cling to your narrative. There are countless examples of voter fraud, even some this week! Do a search. VoterID is coming. smerconish In New York, people are already reporting, they are sending applications to people that haven't lived at the address in over 30 years. Who wants to win by fraud? That's like a dude saying he's a girl so he can be a track champion.

smerconish Why? Because Trump knows he's going to lose so this way he'll have something to blame it on!!! smerconish Any ease to voting Republicans will cry about because that increases voter turnout. Republicans never win when there is high voter turnout, it's never worked in their favor. The only ones that commit voter fraud are Republicans, they have a history of failed attempts.

smerconish What studies? smerconish fakenews smerconish Complete lie. smerconish Fear, voter suppression, and then an excuse when he loses. smerconish First there was no evidence of fraud (move goal post) now there's no evidence of party edge, (no one investigates).

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