Trump: ‘Use a scarf if you want’ rather than getting a mask

President Trump suggested Americans use scarves to cover their face to protect from COVID-19, while there is a face mask shortage for health care workers.

4/1/2020 3:47:00 AM

“A lot of people have scarves.” President Trump suggests Americans can use scarves to protect themselves from COVID-19, while there is a face mask shortage for health care workers.

President Trump suggested Americans use scarves to cover their face to protect from COVID-19, while there is a face mask shortage for health care workers.

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Serious question. Are you an American? Do you care about Americans? Based on the hate, vitriol and negativity you constantly puke 🤮 I wonder? My grammy used to say: “if you cant say something nice, say nothing at all” Instead all you do is puke 🤮 political hate. Shame on you While he tells us that top doctors & scientists praise his knowledge on COVID-19 ....almost every time he talks on the subject it is unbelievably dumb and dangerous. Virus will pass through scarf fabric like a mosquito through the net on a soccer goal.

SO JEEZY TO THE SLEAZY YEZEE CALLED AND RECOMMENDED CHANGING MY NAME TO YEZUS CRAYZ SO THAT I MAY GET THE RESPECT I DESERVE. I AGREED. BECAUSE I FIND YEZEE A GOOD SERVANT OF GOD AND I TRUST ISLAM TO UNITE WORLD JEZUZ CRIEZ IS HERE SECRET EXPOSED KIN Wear a MASK! Even if it is a home made cotton one! Look at what the CZECHs are doing! Protect others = protect yourself! Ignore WHO, CDC advice, they have blood on their hands for giving out advice not to wear a mask when going out.

Are you Libs unaware of CDC guidelines suggesting that scarves be used in the absence of a mask? That would be funny if it wasn’t ridiculous. So a black man puts a scarf on his face. Yeah, that would end swimmingly Stable genius. Why don't you quote some more Chinese bullshit That’s what a terrorist that refused to help states while people died, that would send our literally tons of medical supplies to China and Russia of all places right? I mean if this guy isn’t going outmof his way to commit genoocide within rhw American people trumptheterrorist

Everyone has boxers. I wish Trump would use a ball gag. Thought this was SNL or Onion Is that good And his cult will hear this and believe it will save them. realDonaldTrump needs to sit down and keep quiet! I think, maybe I’m wrong but I think the health people need a lot more technical one in the public does. Why don’t we have a factory producing the public ones so we can get them out to the stores and distribution list etc. Vote in 2020

Clueless just clueless Communist officials in China have hidden the severity of the coronavirus outbreak within their borders, under-reporting both total cases and fatalities linked to the disease, the U.S. intelligence community reportedly confirmed in a classified report to the White House. I am more spiritual than religious, b/GOD, pls help us! idiotinchief TrumpFatigue

I hate him realDonaldTrump are you covering up the fact you gave away all the masks to other countries? China. Italy. Russia? As American can use scarfes and garage bags. It will all come out and you will be held accountable you and PENCE will pay The average Social Security benefit was $1,503 per month in January 2020. CAN YOU REALLY LIVE OFF THIS INCOME, ESPECIALLY DURING THESE TRYING TIMES. NO OF COURSE NOT, So why did GOP & DEMS not provide additional $200 monthly for 1 year as proposed? BECAUSE THEY DONT CARE

Maybe because he didn’t want a run on the masks we are already short on. Let them use scarves is the new let them eat cake. Birx has lots Another sober and credible bit of medical advice from Dr Trump - on par with his initial authoritative assessment of the Democrat Hoax/Wuhan/Chinese virus - keep those prescriptions comin, Doc!

Sure, Trumpkin -- America suggests that you use duct tape as a total face mask. He’s just dumb! Yes, and the GOP controlled MSM didn't say a damn thing about that outrageous comment¡¡!! Is dumpster fire still striking a different time or is he still stuffing his pockets¡¡!! What point can we have him removed for being mentally incompetent? We shouldn’t have to use scarfs. We should have masks! We are the USA!

Well there you go. That works. When he goes to visit some of these emergency rooms, to pick up some good campaign ad footage, he could do that to set an example. It’s safe... A hockey mask would be scarier. Fabric better than nothing,combination of silk and wool provides the different benefits of both in terms of reducing fomite tansmission. If you have a mask gasket (insert) then use this between, and with care is recycleable. The scarves should be laundered on return home+shower.

He befuddles and disturbs all my senses. Go the hell away! Go buy every one in America the scarf in which you speak of from your daughter clothing line and write it off as a Tax break for the wealthy Mr.President Tiny hands.. He's right and they can. And who’s fault is that we don’t have masks? There is a shortage because the government is selling them to foreign countries

What a guy! Primary protection: mask. Secondary protection: scarves. I see his supporters are not backing him anymore I wonder why lets see is because people are losing their lives and he gives no fucks about it Yeah right go ahead and put on a scarf and get shot by cops thinking you're trying to rob someone, Trump's an effing idiot.

He should use an Uber instead of an armored motorcade. Now do you see how much Trump really cares about you? If people will use that instead of the right masks, then more of a death toll America will have. POTUS says people are doing things to help protect themselves if a mask isn’t available and gives an example and the leftist MSM is out here “reporting” he says using a scarf is equivalent to a mask. He didn’t say that at all. This is why fakenews is a REAL problem.

Do NOT take medical advice from this ridiculous bloated ignorant caricature of a human. Why the hell are you asking him for medical advice And spread that clip around? You are not helping. We already know that he is incompetent. Ass!!! Fake news again, its a CDC suggestion he repeated! Trump the IDIOT Failed America miserably Letting Americans dying an unwarranted death Causing untold sufferings The situation is rapidly spinning out of control And he feels good about it for his 'Ratings'

This is too much. Please consider not covering his briefings. You Mr Trump could ramp up production of masks by using the PDA to manufacture them! Why are you not?!!! Maybe, but birx has a lot of scarves. She is always fussing with her clothes and smiling. Must be on an ego trip. It’s better than nothing.

He did not mean medical workers. Maybe your headline will listen even if y’all won’t. Can you imagine what conservatives would say if Obama had said that? Pastor Tony Spell may or not save you all.Pastor Tony Spell needs guidance & should ask the leader who is in charge of the people White House what should he the pastor do obey God or obey Trump who in charge Trump or God.

WakeUpAmerica realDonaldTrump KNOWS YOU CANT DO Math Another famous quote from our fearless leader “ use a scarf “! What a IDIOT !IdiotPotus I bet the next Trump product will be a Be Best scarf made in China The man is an idiot Actually, for now that is a good suggestion. ID experts say droplets from someone just speaking who is an asymptomatic carrier can pass on the virus. Once HCW’s PPE is ramped up enough, the public can start buying & wearing surgical masks (N95’s aren’t necessary) YMH, BSN

Obviously our President was NOT a Boy Scout - because if he had been one he had been PREPARED for the Coronavirus!! TIKA!!! It is hard to believe Trump graduated from college! Just plain ridiculous and a huge embarrassment and failure to America! President Trump - you’re killing it on the ratings of your press conferences. TIKA

I'm so disgusted with your negative and hateful reporting. My dad is 90 years,all he watches is MSNBC 24 -7. I'm his caregiver and he fears that he will die because of virus. He believes your anger & hate He has been verbally and emotionally abusive to me cause your negative STOP I pray he gets this For G_D sake, STOP AIRING this daily briefing. It is causing more harm than good. People are literally dying because of this clown...Please be responsible and STOP broadcasting this fool.

Gosh.... I wonder why there would be a shortage. Could it have something to do with your own greed, incompetence, unwillingness to look reality in the face, accept responsibility, our feel any empathy whatsoever... eh, Mr President! A scarf or bandana can be used to prevent people from coughing or sneezing on things. It's better than nothing which is what the shortage is causing. There's people buying fabric and elastic bands to sew their own.

Moron-In-Chief. He’s been around Dr. Birx and her scarves too long. But seriously, why did NY Post have to discuss fashion choices of an educated woman? I didn’t see any articles about Dr. Fauci choice of suits. He could wrap that long tie of his around his neck How stupid are you? Yes he is saying there is not enough masks to go around. Let the front line have them.

Another episode of: Trump LET THEM EAT CAKE frame of mind. We have become one of those 'shithole' countries Trump condemns. Thx Trump! How is this bad . I have been doing this for 2weeks because I can’t get them and won’t pay extra $$$ for N95 masks . I know medical people need them . I use a 4 x4s in a thicker scarf . I’m in the vulnerable group . Have gloves , hand sanitizers, gloves , wipes ect ... so

But scarves are the worst improvised mask! Scarves let though 4x as many particles as a surgical mask, and maybe 90x as much as a N95. Thank you for supporting these 2 doctors. Keep this up and I will believe that we are going to get through this. I think I’ll use his hair! Mexicans love scarfs! Oh dear god - get him off the air waves!!!

Insanity. Why doesn't he shut up? He's a huge liability. White hoods be ok⁉️ Why is this bad You people are nuts. Criminal! I really hope you suffer the loss so many are suffering now. You caused this to spread by doing nothing. You failed to keep your oath. Your one job is to protect Americans. Instead you played with lies, crimes, calling this a hoax. You should be held accountable. You cause death!

Use scarf around your neck! No realDonaldTrump maybe you should wear a burka 🙀 Geez Here is MSNBC: President said use scarf, save Mask for medical workers, you cut his comment, to spin ur narrative. Then for shortage of Masks, Mike MyPillow guys is producing 50,000 masks per day, MSNBC: we don’t need to broadcast MyPillow guy, he said Bible! You’re all FakeNews

“Let them eat cake” , didn’t Marie lose her head over such a quote. I heard the dr say that yesterday also. What aholes! Really? What an imbecile! Do you know how small a virus is? It's diameter is about 120nm (0.0000047 inches). It will go through a scarf like smoke goes through a window screen. OK does anyone else think this is Trump's way of getting us all quickly infected, seeing who survives so those who remain can go back to work to benefit the all mighty economy?

I was told today that lemon tea and sodium bicarbonate works too. I’ve also heard blowing hot air up your nose from a hairdryer would kill the virus. Is every American go to get an oxygen mask in a year with a scarf. WTF Your network is just $h!t. Now there will be folks hoarding scarves, just in time for summer.

When your scarf gets damp or wet from your nose or mouth it’s no longer effective - it’s no longer a barrier. Do NOT take trumps suggestion to use a scarf. In my youth, a comment like that would get you called a dumb m0therphucker. Would you ask your kids to use their badly made ties and scarves? Problem is there are a lot of kn95 and n99 masks available but the US_FDA won’t allow them.

Omg! What a complete idiot What a shame ! realDonaldTrump you know what can do with your scarves. Issues a nation wide stay at home order. Solve the problem. We are in the USA, right? Scarves don't do anything. Just makes you think you are doing something. Sorry. Seriously!? Idiot realDonaldTrump Well....wait just a creepy minute. Who wears scarves everyday? When did Dr. Birx become Debbie? Does ‘Stormy’ know about the scarf thing?

He can’t say anything right. Good Lord. This is ridiculous. RodneyClaeys 25thAmendmentNow 25thAmendmentToRidTheWorldofTrumpNOW I think I just figured out where the scarves idea came from......watching Dr Brix’s attire!!!! I have never seen such a wardrobe of scarves!!!! This isn’t even bad advice for civilians per se. In the absence of any real strong public health response yes, but broken clocks are still correct twice a day.

This is just a flu, this will just go away, now scarves? Did we ever hear him apologize for any falsehoods he utters on air? Never! The fact that he considers himself a wartime president, is scary and damaging. Lives lost due to ineffeciencies! Or this orange loser can use presidential powers to build medical supply and PPE equipment factories like an FDR Democrat would.

CallieKhouri Some people aren’t really our best and brightest. So how will we be able to distinguish antifa? Jimmy Carter told us to turn down the thermostat and wear a sweater. He was a one term president That thing on his head has proven impenetrable in every way. If Jared & Ivanka can find the means of production (maybe in China), drumpfy could finally market a useful product.

Cool. You’re a stenographer and you’re not going to offer us any points on this, just a clickbait article. Super cool. Keep the media scummy. He's either scrupulous or scarvulous... Right into B of A with my scarf around my face haha Idiot Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain had scarves. Right Hillary? Yes....big, beautiful, perfect scarves.

Why didn’t anyone else think of that? His suggestion will save the world! 🤬 Melania designer scarves? Wow..Nevermind any Brains...How about just some Common Sense... Don't use anything Trump AMERICA: [looking to Trump for guidance] TRUMP: I don't know, use scarves or something... Scarves sound French or homosexual ,,, someone has hacked our President !!!! Ukraine please investigate !!

YOU FAKENEWS BULLSHYTE so called news organization. Trying to imply that he said this about health care workers... You people are PATHETIC. realDonaldTrump doesn't know what PPEs are. Maybe they can wear rain ponchos and waders to protect their bodies. What? You folk's are a disgrace to this country at this time even Acosta clued in.

Sure, show us how to do it in a nyc emergency room this weekend. I’m waiting and watching I have a feeling someone on JoeBiden ‘s crew is already queuing up the next ad.

Trump says more than 1 million Americans have been tested for coronavirus“The numbers have been incredible on testing,” Trump said. “In the days ahead we’re going to go even faster on testing.” this guy is the biggest liar in TrumpFascism ... keep your family immune system strong!! 1200 for 8 - 12 weeks. For some that is the mortgage note or rent. What planet is he on?

Trump Hands Coronavirus Briefing To MyPillow Exec Who Tells Americans To Read BibleThe president again paraded corporate executives at the White House briefing meant to inform Americans about the COVID-19 pandemic. Trump is hijacking free media for his presidential candidacy and advertisments free for his corporate friends. Please stop airing this crap MSNBC CNN. Surely you can tape it or run it on a delay and cut the bullshit out of it.

Trump wobbles as a wartime President'Donald Trump embraces the self-flattering moniker of 'wartime President,' while displaying little of the steadfastness linked to successful crisis leadership,' CNN's JohnJHarwood writes. | Analysis JohnJHarwood Even during a crisis, you still need to take a jab. 'Never let a good crisis go to waste,' as they say in your industry. JohnJHarwood JohnJHarwood

President Trump Extends Social Distancing Guidelines Until April 30Trump announces nationwide social distancing guidelines will remain in place until April 30. So Easter moved? This is the first time he hasn’t had people within 6ft of him the entire conference.

Mitch Albom: Hey, President Donald Trump, her name is Gretchen Whitmer'Trump’s attacks on governors threaten to pull apart the country precisely when it needs to come together,' writes Mitch Albom for usatodayopinion. usatodayopinion I love how Trump is supposed to play nice while the Governors and media are allowed to lie and attack him mercilessly. usatodayopinion Mitch gets it usatodayopinion We are dying and Donald Trump is still our president😔

Dow gains 200 points after President Trump extends coronavirus social distancing measures through April | Markets InsiderUS stocks open higher after President Trump extends coronavirus social distancing through April. Global cases of COVID-19 have surged past 735,000 and the death toll continues to rise.