Trump tweets that he has the 'legal right' to involve A.G. Barr in criminal cases

Trump's assertion comes a day after Barr said the president's tweets 'make it impossible for me to do my job.'


President Trump asserts in a tweet Friday that he has the 'legal right' to involve himself in US Justice Dept. criminal cases, if he wants to do so.

Trump's assertion comes a day after Barr said the president's tweets 'make it impossible for me to do my job.'

Terms of Service Tweeting out Barr's quote, Trump wrote,"This doesn’t mean that I do not have, as President, the legal right to do so, I do, but I have so far chosen not to!” “The President has never asked me to do anything in a criminal case.” A.G. Barr This doesn’t mean that I do not have, as President, the legal right to do so, I do, but I have so far chosen not to! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 14, 2020 The tweet was Trump’s first since Barr’s interview was published online Thursday. Barr, referencing Trump’s tweeting, told ABC News that,"Public statements and tweets made about the department, about people in the department, our men and women here, about cases pending in the department and about judges before whom we have cases make it impossible for me to do my job and to assure the courts and the department that we're doing our work with integrity." Feb. 14, 2020 02:01 His comments came days after the department overruled federal prosecutors in Roger Stone's criminal case, a decision that resulted in all four prosecutors quitting the case . The prosecutors on Monday had recommended that Stone get seven to nine years in prison, a decision Trump lambasted on Twitter as"disgraceful" in the wee hours on Tuesday. Barr told ABC News that he and his staff had decided to recommend a lower sentence before Trump tweeted because they thought the recommended sentence was too long — but the president's criticism put them in a tough spot. Following Barr’s interview, White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham said in a statement that"the president wasn't bothered by the comments at all," but she indicated that Trump would not curb his tweets. Trump, she added,"has the right, just like any American citizen, to publicly offer his opinions.” Adam Edelman Read more: NBC News

So? He's entirely correct. Article 2, first sentence. Yeah he doesn’t abuse power at all nope not at all. Hey Trumpy, get a grip...your not a King, but you sure act like a dictator! I don't think so Tim. Only dictators do that sort of thing. Hi I am a ebook cover designer.check my design below 👇 Trump wants to be the Supreme Leader

Looks like abuse of power. He can pardon anyone or do u not know his powers as President. More illegal stuff no one stops or cares about. Someday a list will be read of all the serious lies misdeeds and crimes of this admin. I hope at the first debate if Trump shows up. He will if Bernie is the nominee.

realDonaldTrump once you leave office you should be investigated, tried and if found guilty sentenced by your own current harshness as well as anyone in TheJusticeDept full stop. ABC CBSNews CNN MSNBC SenateDems HouseDemocrats SenateDems HouseDemocrats Well since it is the executive branchs job, um he kinda has to be involved. LOL

Besieged AG Barr knocks Trump but still backs plot to help convicted Trump aideIn a rare rebuke, Attorney General Bill Barr admits Trump makes his job harder by tweeting, but still stands by helping convicted Trump aide, Roger Stone. MSNBC’s Ari Melber reports on why Barr is trying to quell the bipartisan firestorm over stepping in to “take charge” of the Stone case by reducing his sentence and why Barr is essentially saying he backs the plan but just don’t admit it on Twitter. lovetogive2 AriMelber You should let the BBCNews know this, as their reporting is channelling Lou Dobbs. AriMelber Why did bill Barr's father hire Jeffrey Epstein to teach children when Epstein didn't have a degree? Could Epstein have blackmailed the Barrs (father and son) into it back in the 80's? Does Trump now hold that blackmail? Is that why Epstein was 'suicided'? Hmmmm AriMelber This is a bit more like it. Earlier it was Barr v Trump. These crooks are all in the loop.

Sieg Hiel Wrong! Who has the right to intervene in anything. Where is it written? To drain the swamp we must pull the plug. Donald “The Plug” Trump. Gloves are off now and soon Barr will be resigning What does the Constitution lay out. What does the Law say. And who's going to do something about it? Trump needs to go

So the Executive Branch can tell the Judicial Branch how to do its job? That’s true if your the King. Your constant negative portrayals inspires the likes of the 34 yr old Chris Patrick Bradley to attack a 15 yr old boy wearing a MAGA hat outside the polling place in NH. Where’s your report on this? You never report these attacks. Your obvious bias is sickening.

Barr takes swipe at Trump, says tweets are making it 'impossible to do my job'AG Barr on Thursday has issued a public admonishment of President Trump, telling ABC News that the president's tweets about US Justice Dept. matters 'make it impossible for me to do my job.' Oh please this was obviously a propaganda ploy. The indifferent reaction from both Trump & LindseyGrahamSC just confirms it. Has the media learned nothing? Way to be complicit in propaganda with your softball interview abcnews FascistTrump GOPPropaganda BarrMustGo Pathetic ResignAG Impossible for you to do your job What job is that? Doing what tRump tells you to do?

Aren't there more important things that Trump should be doing, than acting like an idiot. Why is he even in the WH? He spends so much of our money on twitter. How many hour has Trump been on twitter in the last 3 yrs.? He owes money to the American people. He wasting our cash. Clownhead Lardohontas also has a right to get life in prison.

Stephen Miller’s white supremacist and anti-immigrant ideology has been the driving force behind some of this administration’s cruelest policies. I introduced a resolution in the Senate yesterday calling for his immediate removal from the White House. Any court opinions on the topic? And the voters have the legal right to send you back to Mar-a-lago. In handcuffs.

Fucked up Happy Republicans? Look what you did to us. He thinks he has the rights to do everything as he is king so his party has told him. Put him out.

Barr tells Trump to stop tweeting about Stone case; juror calls it 'appalling'Attorney General Barr tells Trump to stop tweeting about Roger Stone case, saying in an ABC interview that the tweets 'make it impossible to do my job' The Banana Republicans Like he was doing it to begin with, smh

He is the head of the DoJ so... the wannabe dictator tweets more falsehoods! he's so ignorant of the law it's incredible..... Please quote as to which law he is referring to? Pretty sure he could eliminate the department if he wanted to. They're his employees Soon he's gonna claim he has the legal right to kill his political opponents.

He actually correct. He can now do whatever he wants. There's neither a check nor a balance on his powers Nope Acting as 'Dictator' Someone should let him know, he also has the legal right to resign. Sounds like both idiots should be removed! Crooks!

Barr breaks with Trump: His tweets ‘make it impossible for me to do my job’Attorney General William Barr sharply criticized President Trump’s prolific Twitter habit, saying that the president’s affinity for opining about the goings-on at the DOJ “make it impossible for me to do my job” BS. Someone ask him if tweets make it to his office. And yet Barr still bends to his masters wishes. No he doesn’t. This is called a snow job! Cover up the filt with words that sound pleasing for now in hopes people forget before the snow melts. boybye

Yeapin every thing if wants even in the ukrane Bidens dirt digging. This is nothing new. Trump has gone through life claiming he has the right to do anything. Under which law does he have that authority? So says attorney Donald Trump!!! Says who...Dershowitz? B U L L S H I T ! He is above the law. realdonaldtrump No you don't

His bone spurs should prohibit him

Barr: Won't be 'bullied' by Trump on Stone case; jurors appalledNancy Pelosi accused President Donald Trump of abusing his power and interfering in the criminal case of his convicted friend and adviser Roger Stone Dose anybody take this woman seriously anymore Nutsy PELOSI Esa Pelosi si que jode.

HE IS NOT A KING. Well played. He must have learned that in the Constitutional law class that he never took in college, right? Or maybe in the Civics class he never passed in high school? Well anyway, I'm sure he didn't learn it SOMEWHERE... Media is outraged by DOJ going soft on Stone. Where is that same outrage of DOJ going soft on McCabe?

He Doesn’t! trump believes he Is the Self appointed king.... Yes........... he does. He can pardon who he likes. Any president cant. Good job FAKE NEWS bad Journalist. So what’s your point. It is time to impeach him. Again. This time. For real.

Barr says won't be 'bullied' by Trump on Stone caseIn an ABC interview, Barr, the country's top law-enforcement officer, said US President Trump's critical tweets of those involved in the case of Roger Stone 'make it impossible for me to do my job'.

Hitler was stopped. Who will stop Trump? Politicians always resort to legal maneuvers and shunned the American values. Patriots? He has the power to cancel all elections until further notice. After all he's a king. What ever happened to all those investigations Mueller started? 🤔 do whatever you want donald. enjoy the spoils!! november can't get here soon enough for me

Here come the Twitter lawyers 😩😩 What a ass and Moscow Mitch and Lindsey go yes sir. I would think Trump must have dirt on these two. What is it? It’s more than judgeships Trump has a way of pi$$ing people off! I think it’s hilarious. 😂 Wow nice words. 'Legal,'Rights' since when?

He’s are president and he can do anything he wants to don’t matter if it’s leegle are not. And we real Americans don’t care about the constitution are anything else as long as god keeps trump in charge. That is what dictator’s say. As sad as this statement is, it's not the worst part. The saddest part is that his cult believes/cheers it and the GOP lets it happen.

That stupid creature still thinks he’s running the apprentice Stop putting 'legal right' in quotes. Journalism needs to draw out the facts, and the fact is that he DOES NOT have that right. According to the addle brained mind of the Abomination squatting in the WH, he can do anything King George could do because that's what the Constitution says. And the Republicans/Fascists gleefully agree.

This is what an authoritarian says regarding the law. Reigning in Trump is going to be very difficult, especially since our Republican Senators just gave him permission to do what ever the F*CK he wants. Of course he does he needs to make sure no one investigates him, his family or businesses and perhaps a few associates doing his dirty work.

Cause that is what dictators do

You know the thing that I still find hard to comprehend... People bought real estate from him. Whenever this jackass starts saying he has the 'legal right' to do something it's because he's already done it. Shut up and go home. Donald is strong ape 'I have the legal right to make sure my friends get away with crimes.' Seems legit.

That is correct. As did BarackObama have the right to do the same with his “wing man” He also tweeted NYC mayor a quid pro quo demand re dropping lawsuits and investigations. Could be important. Sort of like the highly publicized impeachment hearings recently... He has legal right to leave this life if he so chooses. We can only hope he does.

Obama did.

Hitler would be proud!!! I think someone out there has the legal right to lock him up in an insane asylum. Everyone check your credentials right quick. Mikewillgetitdone MikeBloomberg Yay Are we done yet? This is getting ridiculous Hate to break this to you but his Article 2 powers give him that right. Wrong. Keemosabi

I knew in 2015 that Trump was not going to know how to lead this country. He didn’t have the background to understand political matters and he was a self centered personality. The two negatives proved I was right in my early analysis. No. He doesn't.

If this is the case we are all doomed ! Mad King Trump has the 'legal right' to do ANYTHING he wants. HAIL King Trump!💩 Idiot What’s next, he’ll tell me what lawn mower to buy! King Donald Even my kids know that just because you can possibly do something doesn’t mean you should This is what we can now expect from a lawless corrupt vindictive spiteful racist bigoted hateful evil bullying liar. The Republicans have created an even bigger monster than before. It’s only going to get worse. He will never take any responsibility for his wrongdoing or behavior

Tweet from a narcissist sociopath. Classic. realDonaldTrump No you do not focus on doing a better job of leading our country and stop getting into business of courts and legislature. The justice system is not yours to interfere with, it belongs on its own for protection of American citizens.


The Fluffy orange one is wading into impeachment 2.0 territory He also has the right to shut his pie whole. After reading the article, it was easy for me to see how dangerous Trump's Presidential power is can be. The influential side of Trump's power is unpredictable, and perhaps no President has full control of his or her influence.

*cough* Abuse of power *cough* ResignBillBarrNow It’s because he never learned about the 3 branches of govt nor checks and balances. Boss's orders. Hello Dictatorship. Wake up America Without Trump's tweet we would never know there is a corrupt juror. NBCNightlyNews has covered up: He is a manchurian candidate and dictator.

I was wondering how you were going to translate what he said FakeNewsNBC I hope the next president says the same thing and order his DOJ to put him behind bars. I wonder how the other side would feel then. No, but this is typical of Don the Con. Hey, NYers tried to warn you about this jerk. Since he thinks he knows everything about the law while knowing nothing at all about ehats legal, hia daddy should have bought him a law degree like he bought his way out of the army and the world would be a better place as he qould be disbarred in a day

Only 262 more days of this crap. Then hopefully we will get back to the rule of law & drain the Washington swamp. Just because someone has a right to do something doesn’t mean it’s wise or “right” to exercise that right. The man has no morals, no dignity and some citizens think he’s the best POTUS ever and will vote for him again. PLEASE don’t let that happen.

MSNBC NBCPolitics SenateGOP GOP LindseyGrahamSC HouseGOP, Where in The US Constitution or any Federal or ant US Laws said It is OK a POTUS or Trump or anybody can Interfering, Tapering, Intimidate & Obstruct to any DOJgov Criminal Case of He or She want to do so? It wasn't much of an involvement to say 'Is this right?' The public explained murderers and rapist get less time and Barr said there was no consultation with in the offices on this! The jury Forman approved on line of Stone arrest! Miss trial


Someone should take his phone away So did Hitler. Wrong. The cases involve Trump personally as well as associates acting on his behalf. He should have that right remember people he is not a career politician that’s why he’s shaking up Washington just like governor Jesse Ventura Minnesota said if you think wrestling is fake you enter the ring of politics

Trump forever, lets change contitution Hey how bout instead of just copy/pasting his quotes u contextualize the veracity (or mostly deceitfulness) of his claims. You know, pretend your not total hacks He's the president and militias prosecution by the radical left is a travesty of justice! Especially when the case against the president was proven to be false!!


What's the Mad👑 doing today? Happy Valentine's Day🍑🤡! 😂😂😂 He can speak in favor of, or against a case just like all other Americans Take a civics class folks. Your getting worked up about nothing. He also said he has not been involved and the AG said the same. Chill the hell out. He states these things but is it something he can do?

Trump has a God complex. He believes he's 2nd only to God. He's DANGEROUS. He needs to be stopped before the inevitable happens. No he does not. Trump thinks he can do what he wants but his day is coming. FoxNews will surely convince their viewers that this is true. And then, for 43% of America, it becomes the norm.

You forgot to add to your headline that that is a lie. A 'lie'. Use the word. Do not normalize. Please, no more photos of this monster. Our Facebook feeds are saturated with his hideous face.

Power in the hands of (fill in the blank.) He is insane. I am asking the racist, is this chaos worth it America in trouble Well he is the CHIEF EXECUTIVE of the COUNTRY... So ya... he's correct. Not exactly what he said. I swear to God this man gives me high blood pressure whenever he speaks. God must stop the orange man and let him go.

Whatever. You'll be gone in November. He literally cannot keep his trap shut long enough for his stooges to crime for him - this is what the GOP values now

He just can't keep his big mouth shut!! He spews venom! 🇺🇸 your country is so effed up it's not even funny. You need to do something besides bitch about it on social media- it's not working, won't ever work, and they know it. You forgot to say 'But that is a lie'. Grow a spine, media. To Collins and others, if you don’t tend to the garden the weeds will choke out the garden rendering it useless.

He already does and feels emboldened to do anything he wants to do and he gets cover from the entire GOP. That will work until we flip the Senate! VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare No, he does not Vote this fool out please!

Dementia at it’s best He thinks he has the right to do whatever he feels like. I guess Alan Dershowitz told him that. 😏 As long as these norms are not laws you will have corrupt people like current Republicans breaking those norms to benefit them, they have demonstrated how corrupt they are. ABC CBSNews CNN MSNBC

Well that means, he is about to get rid of “checks and balances...” What goes first, the USA or the polar ice? Im sure our President has people telling him whether or not its legal. He wouldnt tweet that if he didnt know for sure. The left will never realize that, and they are going to freak out now. Thanks NBC! 🙄

Horse manure. In what world? Sure. And why not. There is just no stopping him? This fucker can do what the hell he wants it’s so disgusting. We are so over his reign of terror to this country

He thinks he’s a dictator Not a Lawyer , No Brains, Orange dyed face, fat.........okay yeah he's just like current AG : STUPID But he learned his lesson right SenSusanCollins ? Donald looks unwell. “White House physician Sean Conley said Trump was in 'very good health overall', although he was clinically obese. His 2019 coronary CT calcium scan score indicates he suffers from coronary artery disease.”

And the asshole rises to the occasion again! Somebody needs to remove the The Turner Diary book from The President side table. Before he does more damage to our Country. He already divided our Country, declare war on Congress and the Democrat party. ❗️❗️❗️ And just who told him he has the right to involve himself...satan?

As usual, he's wrong.

he really needs a civics lesson kjmpalermo This is absurd. Trump has no legal rights. This would be a violation of constitution. Trump does not care for that. He has obstructed justice multiple times during impeachment trials. There is a separation of power between executive branch & justice department. Trump is lawless.

Prudence vs. legal authority - The President is the the boss of the DOJ Constitutionally. Keep in mind the DOJ is not a branch of the government, it is an agency of the government overseen by the President. This one and everyone since the DOJ's inception. NBC ignorance? This logic suggests that this & any future Pres. can reduce the sentences of criminals that would directly benefit them? What could possibly go wrong? E.g - Pres. needs the Latino votes in Montana. - Pres. reviews all Latino sentences leading to automatic sentence reductions.

He does Trump your legacy will be the most uneducated president. People know all your actions are for your financial gain. Your a racist unlawful person. You think the people work for you. Take your family to North Korea or Ukraine. After all your a oligarch. He is now Cersei from Game of THrones Why is everyone acting like this is new behavior Cops have legal rights to be above the law as well. Attorneys find holes in legal rights. Get a grip America.

He does because the GOP are complicit! They have practically invited him to become a czar! He is a corrupt LIAR just like them! I suppose that's just his next logical step in earning his dictator's badge. realDonaldTrump really doesn't understand the Constitution/Separation of powers, and the scary part is that he doesn't care to learn.

No your own criminal case. Draining The Swamp - who thinks their authority as bueraucrats is above that of an elected President Trump and his appointees. President Reagan ordered the halt of a criminal grand jury investigation against British Airways in 1984. President George HW Bush ordered to DOJ to investigate police in the wake of Rodney King rioting. President Obama directed DOJ action after Eric Garner acquittal.

Trump is the nation’s top law enforcement officer. The justice department is hired and fired by Trump, not the other way around. 🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥 It would be nice if you pathetic people would report what was really said. Well with a bought and paid for gop Senate guess he can do whatever the F he wants try to imagine a democrat doing this right wingers would lose their minds

Like this? Trump you have absolutely no legal right to be involved in our US Justice Department. We have laws and a Constitution for a reason. You don’t have the respect of our country. Your clearly never intended to abide by our Nations Constitution. You have broken our country.

We have the right to vote his lying a$$ out of office. realDonaldTrump will be in jail one day. Idiot whpresscorps And he does. As does EVERY President. The double standard for this potus is insane. Prez altered mental status is a real piece of demented thinking Since when has he cared if something’s legal?

Triggered 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 And the other half of that headline is 'He does not'. Jesus Christ, what the hell has become of journalism? anblanx Ah, the various walk backs will begin. He really needs someone to do a slideshow for him on how the US Constitution works.

So theCriminalPresident Believes he Can Be A criminal Sweet Jesus The GOP SAYS SO. Criminals all of you. Taking our nation into the dark for your gain If Obama did this the GOP would have melted down This is all on you GOP Senators. Congrats, you sent us back to the 1700's. It's called authority. A right is a citizen's defense against government authority. Picky, yes, but not splitting hairs. Prior presidents had self-restraint and let the law take its course. They would use their pardon authority if necessary. This guy has no self-restraint.

In Trump speak: I have already involved myself in US Justice Department criminal cases. Common sense Americans know that this is not acceptable. Who told him that? Does he? What does the Constitution say? Seems like importance context for a headline & tweet.

It will take America generations to recover. If recovery is even possible. It's ok if you know what the hell you're doing!

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