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Trump tries a new response after George Floyd's death

WASHINGTON (AP) — It was the kind of personal statement expected from a president in response to the disturbing video of a black man gasping for help as a white policeman pinned him to the street...

5/29/2020 2:22:00 AM

President Trump and his allies are questioning the conduct of a Minneapolis police officer and calling for justice for George Floyd. It's a different tone than they've taken with previous killings of African Americans by police.

WASHINGTON (AP) — It was the kind of personal statement expected from a president in response to the disturbing video of a black man gasping for help as a white policeman pinned him to the street...

By JILL COLVIN and COLLEEN LONGMay 28, 2020 GMTPresident Donald Trump speaks before signing an executive order aimed at curbing protections for social media giants, in the Oval Office of the White House, Thursday, May 28, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

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President Donald Trump speaks before signing an executive order aimed at curbing protections for social media giants, in the Oval Office of the White House, Thursday, May 28, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)WASHINGTON (AP) — It was the kind of personal statement expected from a president in response to the disturbing video of a black man gasping for help as a white policeman pinned him to the street by the neck. But it was a very different tone for President Donald Trump, who has often been silent in the face of white-on-black violence and has a long history of defending police.

“I feel very, very badly,” Trump said Thursday of George Floyd’s death while handcuffed and in the custody ofpolice in Minneapolis. “That’s a very shocking sight.”Once more likely to hew to the “blue lives matter” mantra, Trump and his allies are questioning an officer’s conduct and calling for justice for Floyd. But some activists doubt that Trump has suddenly evolved on the issue of police brutality and instead see election year political calculations.

“This is the first race-tinged case that I’ve ever heard him address” as president, said the Rev. Al Sharpton, a civil rights activist and Trump critic who has known the president for decades. “So therefore he cannot be upset when people feel that it’s empty words because it is so out of character.”

White House spokesman Judd Deere said Trump was taking the death seriously.“This has nothing to do with politics and is only about making sure justice is done, and anyone who suggests otherwise is only seeking to sow division and ignore the President’s unwavering support for the African-American community,” Deere said, citing Trump’s support for criminal justice reform legislation, Opportunity Zones and historically black colleges and universities.

Trump has been silent after a number of high-profile police-involved killings, including that of Stephon Clark, an unarmed black man fatally shot by Sacramento police in 2018.“This is something that is a local matter and that’s something that we feel should be left up to the local authorities,” then-White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said at the time.

He has never addressed the 2014 death ofEric Garner, who was placed in a chokehold by police trying to arrest him for selling loose cigarettes. Video of the incident was viewed millions of times online and Garner’s dying words, “I can’t breathe,” became a rallying cry for the Black Lives Matter movement. Trump has, however, invoked those words on several occasions to mock political rivals, even bringing his hands to his neck for dramatic affect.

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Trump has a long history of injecting himself into racially sensitive cases. In 1989, he took out full-page newspaper ads calling for the death penalty for the Central Park Five, five young men of color who were wrongly convicted of a brutal assault on a jogger. Trump has never apologized, telling reporters last year that, “You have people on both sides of that.”

Trump also spent years railing against NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick for kneeling during the national anthem to protest racial injustice and police brutality. And he has even appeared to advocate for therougher treatment of people in police custody

, speaking dismissively of the police practice of shielding the heads of handcuffed suspects as they are being placed in patrol cars.But Trump’s tone has changed in recent weeks as he has repeatedly expressed dismay at footage of the killing ofAhmaud Arbery

, the 25-year-old unarmed black man fatally shot in February in Georgia while jogging.“You know, my heart goes out to the parents and the family and the friends,” he told reporters this month. “It’s a heartbreaking thing.”The president has notably left open the possibility of some other explanation, saying: “it could be something that we didn’t see on tape.”

Trump and his allies have been even clearer on the death of Floyd, who can be heard in a tape pleading that he could’t breathe before he slowly stops talking and moving.Trump “was very upset when he saw that video,” White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said Thursday. “It was egregious, appalling, tragic,” she said. “He wants justice to be served.”

Trump’s conservative allies also rallied to the cause.Fox News host Sean Hannity said he is “a big supporter of law enforcement,” but expressed outrage Wednesday night, telling his audience that, “The lack of training here is breathtaking.“It defies common sense. It defies training. It defies arrest policies and procedures. There was no resistance,” echoed Bernie Kerik, the former New York police commissioner earlier pardoned by Trump.

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“We got to get to the very bottom of how this poor individual was treated, and the death of him on the video itself is shocking from what I saw,” said Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.Even conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh, who once called Black Lives Matter a “terrorist group,” said Thursday that Floyd’s death was totally “unjustified” and he was “so mad.”

The outpouring comes as the campaign has sought to chip into the advantage Democrats have with black voters. The campaign hopes either to win enough black support to keep pivotal states such as Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin in play or minimize enthusiasm for Democratic rival Joe Biden. There could be a small window after Biden last week told a prominent black radio host that African Americans who back Trump “ain’t black,” a gaffe he later said he regretted.

Trump and his allies have seized on that and other Biden statements, even though Biden, who served as vice president under the nation’s first black president, remains deeply popular among black voters, who helped him secure the Democratic nomination.Indeed, a recent Fox News poll found that just 14% of African Americans who are registered to vote have a favorable opinion of Trump, versus 75% who have a favorable view of Biden.

Chris White, the longtime director of the Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality, questioned the sincerity of Republicans’ response to the deaths of Arbery and Floyd. The White House and Department of Justice have long had the power to address these issues.

“Any time we hear politicians speaking about dealing with police brutality in the middle of election year, it’s just meaningless rhetoric that has a hollow promise and it’s not really sincere,” he said.Sharpton credited both the magnitude of outrage in response to Floyd’s death as well as the election for the changed approach. But he doubted many black voters will be swayed with an approach they may see as too little too late.

“It’s like a father that misses a kid’s graduation of high school, graduation of college,” he said. “He can’t be upset when the kid looks at him suspiciously when he’s there when he graduates with his PhD.”__Associated Press writer Kat Stafford in Detroit contributed to this report

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Not all cases and facts of circumstances are the same. He’s a liar and a crook. Why do we pay attention to him? 😡 Another election tactic. If this wasn't leading even COVID19 news, you wouldn't be bothered. Of course it is, this is an election year and he has hardly any black voters on his side. He thinks if he pushes for justice for George Floyd that the black voters will look at him as a hero.

Hes alot too late SPIN DOCTORS working overtime to save his him from him It’s called election year, nothing has changed, and they really don’t care they need votes. No it’s not fake news AP, they have always called for the same thing, justice and due process. Trump is off on a rant daily about something he feels is an injustice to him-this is about what wrongly happened to George Floyd resulting in so much hurt to his family and friends and the REAL injustice they are feeling not the imagined wrongs Trump spouts off about on Twitter

Don't be fooled into thinking this is anything more than a campaign speech. Because it’s an election year. Don’t drink the kool-aid It’s election time and need blacks to vote for the racist pres. Four more years. Get ready. He is also threatening to kill protestors with military force. Looking to score votes is the reason for sudden change. Do not trust them to suddenly have values

Election year Any change is good Maybe you’re speaking too early. Trump can’t let down his racist base. He will eventually pander to them by attacking protesters. This can’t be right. Trump doesn’t care about police beating up and killing blacks. Fake news! Elections are coming Who’s is Democrats presidential candidate? Or right a corrupt democrat that helped to screw the country

And the cop breaking windows? Election time What a misleading headline. is, not surprisingly, fanning the flames with more fake news. Election year But neither are some of the white people .. remember the majority of voters for Barack Obama was white .. False. He said something similar about the death in GA.

And then he threatened to gun down the looters. Election year and he's flagging stop instigating. Every case is different. This was caught on video with plenty of eye witnesses. Now that the Trump administration is actually calling for justice it is a step in the right direction. Well it’s almost election time!

Maybe he felt bad at the death of a person. I am buffed by AP's critique on President Trump? Does this mean in a democracy one has to see situations in the same? Can one assume establishment is engraved in US society or they are showing their colours as socialists or Chinese democracy? Is this news or opinion? What happened to news without commentary? Isn't that what an op-ed is for?

It’s not a different tone. He thinks that’s the bullseye that he’s been looking for. Thinking that manipulating the situation will tilt in his favour. What he doesn’t get is that now everyone knows what he’s doing. His past has caught up with him. There’s no changing that. Nice editorial. Try news for a change. Biased

Will Trump out left Dems on this? Uh... check his tweets now lol didn’t take long This is just another squirrel for Trump. Tick Tock Donald. JusticeIsComing for you too. Fake empathy AP you suck at REPORTING NEWS! “When you see thugs being thrown into the back of a paddy wagon, you just see them thrown in; rough. I said, ‘please don’t be too nice,'' Donald Trump 2017 KarenInChief

While tone has consistently remained the same. After years of RACE BAITING, this birther now wants us to believe he cares about black votes? LOL He’s worried about educated suburban votes GeraldoRivera started crying IngrahamAngle not sure what to say. Was fine w race baiting brithume didn’t see anything wrong nro ap

Wow. What if Trump forces them to throw the book at those cops? Crazy times Yay! Because that officer was in the wrong. He killed that man Getting close to Election Day. Too little too late. His message is the root of political strategizing. He is incapable of empathy or compassion. Always critical This is despickable! That george feller was a scammer! My sister in law works at that bank and said he was a scam artist they caught him knew what to do. This was not good from the police but man that floyd feller aint no good either!! STOP BEING LIBERALS!! MAGA

Pandering to Black voters Probably doing ‘the unthinkable’ to garner votes for November 🤔 It’s an election year If they can riot, they can vote in person Politics make strange bedfellows. Because he realizes he’s loosing followers he’s trying to regain some ground Smdh Of course it's diffrent November is close.

Election year-we want them consistent tone. Not just when election time comes up smh The closer we get to the election the harder it becomes for Trump to appease the white supremacist neo-Nazi bigots that make up roughly 90% of his base... he needs to use their code words to say 'It's OK to murder black men' without saying 'It's OK to murder black men'

This is hardly questioning their conduct. His press secretary says it’s unjust and he says his shocking. Where is the outrage, and the disgust that something like this continues to happen in this country. He’s a racist that won’t garner any more black votes no matter what he says All the other’s were not murder...this one clearly is.

Fake News, Trump could care two 💩 about the African American community It’s election year baby and Trump is looking for votes. Election is close...realDonaldTrump and the entire GOP are slime. Ask realDonaldTrump about the Centralpark5 and you’ll learn why YouAintBlack if you vote for him DEFLECTION

He do not give shit.I'm still waiting for his apology for Central park five accusation. What a bullshit headline FakeNews Dems about to get out played, and beat to the punch again. And it's all a smokescreen. Placating to the black vote. Nothing more. He won't do anything like every other thing he 'comments' about

Way to go liberal AP, No media can be trusted and you jus provided another good example with your click bait all media bias Thats because it is an election year. IS THIS AN EDITORIAL? BIAS MUCH? Different scenarios, GF seems cut & dry case of police excessive force! WhereIsTrump? Where is our solemn address to a country in crisis and in mourning? Our fellow citizens of color deserve more than brief answers about video “very disturbing “ or “a full report” for “a very sad day.” wheresWallDoh georgefloyd saytheirnames blacklivesmatter

It’s called an attempt to shore up votes In normal times, with a *real* POTUS, the president would be turning the DOJ/FBI loose on MPLS, taking over and shutting down the police department. But these are not normal times. Maybe because THERE’S A GOD DAMN ELECTION?!?! It’s not a ‘new’ response; the circumstances surrounding this death are much different. You don’t have to be in la enforcement to understand these officers fucked up. He’s being human and show empathy towards another human being who died due to some really poor decisions.

Pandering for votes. That’s all it is Nice opinionated headline 👍🏼 It’s also closer to Nov... As always AP bullshit!!!!! What a difference an Election Year makes. He and Barr could give 2 craps about this. Proven in NY with Eric Gardner. Not much word on the killing of Ahmaud Arbery or Breanna Taylor. How about beating of 75 yr old man by Jaden Hayden. Phoney outrage.

Please don’t insult the people by giving him the benefit of doubt. Honestly, if he and his Admin finally side with African Americans in this, clear as day, overreach then good on him. Way too little and WAY to late. bantwitler That tweet was so obviously not written by Trump. You just had to say something onerous. Jeez

He’s doing a good thing piss off The video is self explanatory so at this point it doesn’t matter if it’s Trump or Obama, it was wrong, justice will be served but looting and rioting is not protesting, it’s the opposite, dumb fucks Surprised he isn’t pardoning them, seeings he does that with war criminals

Amen Little Suzy, your word is ‘desperation’. “Can you use it in a sentence?” In an act of desperation, the White House is trying to take a different approach. “Desperation. T R U M P I S A N A S S H A T. Desperation.” Correct! We also would have accepted F U C K S T I C K. 😁 They are all different Because they are all not the same, duh..

They want the black vote, duh. Pfffffttt It’s pretty bad when even Trump can see it. It’s trumps racist bigoted demagoguery that has emboldened police and other officials (thugs) to murder blacks and minorities with impunity. He has normalized and made it acceptable for these people to hate, and commit murder again, just like in the good old days.

He has far too many faults to name. Say what you will about him, he has been nothing but an advocate fortheblackcommunityrecordfact It's an election year. Got to get that Bkack vote. It's because it's election year Dont Believe thw hype of these people He's getting oranger. I didn't think it was possible.

Shopping for the Black Vote there, 'eh? That would because every police shooting is different and most police shootings are justified and cleared by the department and grand jury. Election year. End of story. Veiled... give it 48 hrs. JonLemire The key word is questioning. The cop killed a man and got caught on camera. There is no question.

If Trump's reelection wasn't around the corner, and Trump wasn't DESPERATE to improve his waning chances, he wouldn't be putting ANY effort into the killing of George Floyd. His 'attention' is ENTIRELY a pitiful attempt to gain Black votes. Every day I post the same thing. Desperation from trump and the GOP is becoming more and more evident.

When Trump finds the cure to cancer, he’ll just hold onto it until he’s up for re-election. If Ap reports it this way you know the opposite is true This is why they kneel. Too late No. Stop pandering. This is so disingenuous. Duh he’s scrambling for votes thinks the African American, and other communities of color, are onto this charlatan's nonsense.....

Oh please ...🙄 Well thank god, thank God he didn't do a 'good people on both sides' with this one. I will give just a inch of credit here he didn't blow things up here...yet. there is still time. Whatever-this headline is so bias He’s up for re-election This is their opportunity to get some of the black vote.

Election year? Election time, Corona got him scared, his empty words mean nothing Don’t rush to criticize trump. He might give justice to George by using federal prosecutors. noreallyhowcome Elections are around the corner that's why Too late. For votes Distraction Deflection Deception Destruction It was staged though and he did not die..

The AP is garbage, both sides want justice in this case. No one is defending these dirty cops Don’t worry, after Nov. 3 they will stop pretending Trump has done more for blacks than any democrats, ever. Let’s politicize a tragedy. Seems like the sensible thing to do. kontol,ngentod,trump anjing Election year

KProtein19 I don’t believe anything anyone says, only actions matter, BUT if Trump does actually do something, and no more black lives are lost, then I’m all for it. I could give a shit who it is, I just want black lives to stop being taken. his racists flowers won't like this It’s a little late to change your tone Don the Con

looking to get some popularity with the black voters no doubt,,. Election comin dude hahahaaa....deadly need vote You are garbage. It’s Election Year😱 Election year. Yeah he does nothing but lie about everything. He's telling you what he should be saying. Let's see if he follows through. Hell he will take the credit I'm sure if someone else pushes for justice and gets it

Why? Election year. That's why Trump put up 2 bullshit tweets then went LOCO on twitter. I guess this orange bastard forgot this but I haven't SOB It’s an election year. He doesn’t care. Desperate to get re-elected. Can’t forget this. What’s the usual tone politicians have after learning how police murder African Americans? Are there multiple “tones” to even have? The regret of slavery runs incredibly deep in “these people” that they freak with each reckoning incident. minneapolisriots BlackLivesMatter

Trying to find a way to get some votes. It's a completely insincere gesture. Because it's a blue state. They don't care. They would never do that in Florida. He's just looking for a political angle to play to his advantage.... He needs the votes! Couldn't the media avoid adding a photo of Trump? So fed up just seeing his face!

AP Race baiting The Purge has commenced on Black people - rule of law doesn’t apply for Black people as set by Western lawmakers - 11 months a year - except for a moratorium during Black History Month. Trump’s election proved to the world people who believe in nothing, will fall for anything He wanted to execute five minority men who were innocent. This fascist and his allies don’t care about minorities.

There’s an election coming up. It’s the only reason Dumbshit Donny is acting like he gives a shit. Next. So Trump is reacting differently because the situation is different. As opposed to others who treat every case as the same? Good Political season everyone wanna be elected or re-elected talk to me after inauguration

His concern will only last till Nov 3. After that he’ll go back to not caring. Must be an election year. Election year maybe? Frump would have done it himself What a deceptive tweet. It’s obvious what you’re suggesting and as a journalist organization you should be ashamed. For now long these behaviors can be tolerated, admitted?

Naw. Until he apologizes to the Central Park 5, nothing from his lying lips matter Election year- your politician “cares”. yeah, it's an election year. stop acting like they actually care. get real. You mean in killings that were justified? it's not a different tone. You just can't spin this. Because it's an election year. This tone is certainly different from Charlottesville and Trump's very fine people.

Trump is a white supremacist period. It's an election year, duh. VERY FINE PEOPLE ON BOTH SIDES? Shuckin’ and jiving to get the votes. turd Haha... Right. He's just trying to show that he 'cares' about poc so that he can get reelected. Anything to distract from the death toll they're responsible for. Elections are near

Getting closer to the election. All about optics. He has no empathy for sympathy. He wasn't the President in 2014,don't you guys know that? And what? Then he goes back to encouraging WhiteSupremacy after he gets re-elected? No thanks. VoteBlue2020 Of course it is a different tone....he’s up for re-election and needs black votes.

AP wants a race war. The virus is winding down. Pandering for votes AP you are fake news More fake narrative by AP. AP tries to make a controversy out of anything. One of the most disingenuous biased ploys a publication can use. Can't even call AP a news wire any longer. Sad. This is such a lie. Anything for votes.

That's NOT what I heard earlier. I certainly didn't take it like that. So wait. 3 days later Trump mentions George Floyd It’s an election year....only reason! The AP is pure trash... nothing more than propaganda. Umm maybe because he needs the votes in November or it wouldn’t be an issue for him JonLemire I will withhold my judgment/praise of these actions when and if anything comes of it.....which is doubtful. They could arrest those ex-officers and show good faith...but they haven’t, instead they have police & NG guarding his home.

realDonaldTrump is pandering for the black vote. I’m not sure if this is going to be enough after Charlottesville, David Duke, the NFL, the Central Park 5, Obama’s birth certificate, Obama’s portrait, (let’s face it, anything Obama)...etc Of course. It’s an election year. Not surprised. Since when does trump care about the murder of a black man?

“I feel very, very badly,” “That’s a very shocking sight.” Toddlers babble rather than a change of tone. Mr Trump did not address the nation hoping that nobody cares. And now he's busy banning free speech instead of restructuring justice system. It couldn’t be because they are losing African American voters by like 80 pts that couldn’t be it at all right GOP

Must be election time This is why the Media is everyone's enemy. White Black Latino. Stirring the pot and making up shit that isn't there. That's what is called You still not getting our vote. This is 100% in line with his character this year. Swing state with a Blue Governor? Possible Biden VP nominee history tied up in this?

Trump's only condemning it to get votes It's all a fucking show for this clown. I DO NOT BUY IT It’s called ELECTION year He's only using George Floyd as a campaign prop. That's all. My tone is different too. it's called objective justice, something Democrats can't even imagine. It’s an election year that’s the only reason

Trump is only pandering to get votes Wonder why? Nothing political to see here, move along. What a horrible headline It's an election year. I hope not many people fall for the act. He only cares about Trump. He is trying to swing the vote. JonLemire Getting closer to election day. It’s election time again. Trump’s acting like he cares but he just need the vote. He is way behind the polls.

What about his police doing what the fk they wants?! It’s called trying like hell to get that black vote....and then he will take all the credit when it inevitably happens. It's all about the votes. So you’re questioning his approach? Político at least try to fake you’re an impartial outlet It's an election year.

HE DOESNT CARE. It’s election season...DUHHH. He wants those black votes Give it a few more days/ a week or two. He'll come around to his usual self. It's happened plenty of times already. Keep that trash & his administration out of this! Election year It’s election time and trump is desperate for black votes, that’s what changed. Trump is desperate to retain power & it ain’t gonna happen.

Desperation DontBuyIt they are thanking AmyKlobuchar for the “spin”‘assist He’s looking to score the black vote with this It's an election year, stupid. Sad to say but there is an election coming up. It’s convenient. Black voters are intelligent and can see through his charade. Could it be the election is so close?

Election year:)Wondering why ambulance crew did not try to revive him?What I heard so far is they wrote him off for dead when they arrived.They revived me when I fell over dead from heart attack at work. the election is soon, THAT IS WHY AP opinion headline Nice try AP. not gonna work. TRUMP 2020 He’s seen his polls. Don’t forget, he doesn’t care.

Too little too late, Trump makes racism right, he now needs the Black vote Don’t be duped and don’t forget this reckless July 2017 statement. People can use/misuse it to jeapardize and victimize. Are we sure they haven’t already? He sees an opportunity to appeal to black voters. He's already shown his contempt for black Americans when he called the white supremacists marching in Charleston 'very fine people.' He's not interested in justice. He's interested in votes.

JonLemire Election year? What else would he do. It was a criminal act. Why look for comparisons, AP? He's only doing it because he THINKS Black people will vote for him if he stands up for the victim. I can guarantee that won't happen so Trump is wasting his time!! Totally for political gain......but, they are not wrong in asking for justice.

That’s because he wants black people to vote for him. He doesn’t care about our brothers and sisters. Sometimes it isn't as obvious as this was. Horrible! Fuck this “his tone has changed” BULLSHIT!!!!! Only because the video evidence is irrefutable. Dam, that's guys tan is looking bad. He’ll blame it on Klobuchar.

Has he admitted that those five kids in Central Park are innocent yet, or is he still sticking to his guns? Don’t anyone be fooled... tRump cares about no one but himself and this is all about his re-election, nothing more. It's still early. Give him time and I'm sure he'll come down on the side of the killers.

Pandering for black votes Trump's racist base of voters will not like this. they are momentarily worried about an upcoming election. Because it is clearly a murder. Plus it is a Democrats City in a Democrat State so a bad light for democrats who did not jail that police immediately I don’t believe it for a second

That is bc now they need the black vote . A racist politician changing his stripes in an election year? No way. He needs the black vote. A DIFFERENT TONE?!? You’re three and a half years too late, Donny. You ceded any credibility on race after Charlottesville. After November he could care less! It’s almost like the media doesn’t want racism to end, the more the merrier for them. They get more profit

Too late. Political like all his moves. Election time. They're courting the black vote. Between the Charlemagne/Biden thing, Mayor Kilpatrick getting released and the whole Black Voices for Trump movement, they are making a calculated move. Problem is, I (we) see right through it. He doesn't really care.

Well duhhh, getting closer to November. Why am i looking at this 🤮 Election is all but lost, he is desperate to appear relevant and desperate to hide his open racism. Waste of a story TrumpLiesEverytimeHeSpeaks Trump doesn’t care about anyone especially nonwhites-Donald just wants black votes BlackLivesMatter GeorgeFloydWasMurdered GeorgeFlyod Minneapolis MinneapolisPoliceMurderdHim Trump

Assholes, it's the RIGHT thing!! The officer who murdered GeorgeFloyd should, and will be held for murder! AP, your tone has always remained the same having to do with anything regarding the President! JonLemire 🤣 For no other reason than in a couple of months he and his Republican accomplices will need the Black vote.

MSM in full panic mode right now. Is this headline real? JonLemire Totally disingenuous. It's sadly just all about poll ratings with him. Damn he is so ugly. I hate looking at his orange face. Trying to get reelected. Save it. It's not sincere. He is still the same racist. don’t believe a word he says I’m sure there were “some very fine people” arresting that man

Perhaps because this time, the man’s death is actually unjustified. JonLemire It’s a different tone because there’s an election in five months and he’s pandering to the black community. Bull. He’s a piece of crap that condines implicitly this violence. He’s out for votes. Got to keep the 3% of black supporters believing the “what have you got to lose” okey doke. Eh realDonaldTrump

Give em a minute, he'll remember who he is! Dementia does crazy shit to the brain! It’s about time Trump get over his feelings being hurt by Twitter. Minneapolis needs help! We’re in a pandemic! Nah... Because MSM only tells the public only part of stories. Election votes! Wait for the dancing bear and the Clown

Or...IDK...they're different cases entirely. Imagine that. It's an election year. He's pandering. Oh please, don’t give this idiot any credit. His presidency gave racists a megaphone and the confidence to act on their racism. Elections are approaching I think you encapsulated this correctly, he's 'trying on' a different approach, unfortunately we know this will be a short lived fad for him, never again to be seen or approached.

Will it turn out to be meaningless? As usual? Just wait. He will flip on his stance It would be so awesome to be able to just read some news for a change. Why must you always add your liberal snark? Every time. That's because it's an election year. There's no other reason for it. I still think this tone is not going to last. He doesn't know or how to feel empathy for anyone or anything. realDonaldTrump is looking for the African American vote. Don't believe the hype.

Trump’s only interest is to woo the black vote. Don’t be fooled by The Snake 🐍 One question: How is it that even a double murderer/kidnapper and fugitive, because he is white, is apprehended at a truck stop in Hagerstown, MD without any threat to his life by the officers/agents. Not a single knee to his different?

Publicly Trump questions the conduct. Privately we know how he feels so the cop will not get charged. no one should be buying this shit act from Trump. election day is 5 months away and he couldn't have planned it even if he tried doing the same thing 100x Because this cop stood right behind Trump at a political rally. This cop loves Trump and believes Trump. Believes Trump when he says racists are 'very good people' too Believes him when he asks them to treat people rough. Inspired and directed by his racist rhetoric.

Trump is desperate for black/brown votes right now, and even being as stupid as a bag of rocks he knows a political opportunity when he sees it. JonLemire We’re closer to an election and Trump is doing a lot worse in the polls than he thought he would be doing. That is why and no other reason. Election

Perhaps all the protesters will boogie on now to DC to throw him a parade? He is looking for votes. I need votes !!! I say, Trump is. Greeea88t, guy, xoxoxo Election time be coming-time to change tactics & rhetoric, best to pander and suck up to the black, SJW and left liberal progressive voting base. Different tone? Please.

JonLemire Especially after the press conference and the ominous tone taken about not rushing to judgement. He likes to back winners not losers. Reelection ploy He must be hunting for votes. Another lie, trump only cares about trump. JonLemire It is sad to say their only motivation is to use it for political gain in a swing state. Look at all of his crazy tweets about $ for several states, only of which 2 are in solid red state. All others swing states.

President Trump Speaks on George Floyd, Says Justice Will Be ServedTrump decries the killing of George Floyd. 🤔 Yeah, right. From July 28, 2017. icantbreathe GeorgeFloyd If Trump did nothing, liberals complain. Trump does as much as he can, liberals complain.

Police use tear gas on Minneapolis protesters demonstrating against death of George FloydProtestors converged upon the scene of George Floyd's death on Tuesday, some carrying signs reading 'I can't breathe.' Mistake Social Distancing at its finest.... there is a difference between tear gas and pepper spray. Your headline is click bate...However I’m 💯 with these protestors

Minneapolis Mayor Calls For Charges In George Floyd Death“Why is the man who killed George Floyd not in jail?” mayor Jacob Frey asked of the white police officer who kneeled on a Black man’s neck. Terrible tragedy described by overdramatic, questionable sincerity mayor. Better question: why did the cop who murdered George Floyd on camera think he would not be punished? very good question

Eddie Glaude on death of George Floyd: 'Police don’t value the lives of black folk'Eddie Glaude, Chairman of the Center for African American Studies at Princeton University and MSNBC contributor, on the death of George Floyd: “ Police don’t value the lives of black folk. When you look at the face of that officer, he doesn’t seem to assume that he has his knee on the neck of a human being … He doesn’t hear him call out for his mother. He doesn’t hear him crying. This is the America we live in.” esglaude It's a grotesque murder. esglaude Amen ! esglaude When will so called black people learn that there is no such thing as a good devil, and stop acting like these random but consistent overt acts are not from a shared feeling of people

Protesters Block 101 Freeway During Rush Hour In Anger Over George Floyd DeathBoth sides of the 101 Freeway were blocked on Wednesday night by protesters condemning the death of George Floyd, a Minneapolis man who died Monday while in police custody in that city. Crowds gath… additional videos surfaced today from storefront cameras. he was clearly drunk or high when cop walked him from car and propped him up against wall. Very uneducated and stupid people. Corrupt cops routinely abuse the 'resisting arrest' penal code. They know their ugly stepsister, the district attorney, is not only going to back their decisions on these arrests, but over-charge people, who then have to hire attorneys and maybe make bail. $!

U Of Minnesota Cuts Ties With Minneapolis PD After George Floyd Death'Our hearts are broken after watching the appalling video,' UMN President Joan Gabel wrote in a letter to the campus.