Trump Tried To Give Himself A New Nickname. It Really Didn’t Go Well.

The president's all-caps declaration on Twitter brought out his critics.

7/1/2020 6:16:00 AM

The president's all-caps declaration on Twitter brought out his critics.

The president's all-caps declaration on Twitter brought out his critics.

— American Veteran (@amvetsupport)Trump seems to be calling himself "The Lone Warrior," which doesn't make a lot of sense.1. He isn't a warrior. He dodged the war with bone spurs.2. Maybe he wants to be like "The Lone Ranger," but the Lone Ranger at least wore a f***ing mask.

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— Nick Jack Pappas (@Pappiness)You have Russia and China. You’re not completely alone. Read more: HuffPost »

If Trump is the lone warrior that is why we have lost the war compared to country after country and his personal army are the worst soldiers who are only killing their fellow Americans . Why are we allowing this for another day are we now the stupidest country on earth ? How about the lone loser A new nickname for Trump ? How about dopy Don ?

What if Putin puts bounties on warrior’s heads? Eh, Donnie? realDonaldTrump Thanks for the morning laugh. I still think “Crazy Donnie” is the most appropriate nickname. Trump his new name THE LONE CROOK The Democrats are still trying to give e themselves a new name also. what... TraitorTrump wasn't good enough?

He alone can kill us Captain Poopy Diaper? No? Oh darn, that would have been a good one. Just huff and puff off with your fake news! Which wars did trump fight in again? Oh, that’s right, he’s a veteran of foreign whores, not wars. I’d have thought he’d pick The Lone Ranger, what with the spurs and all. He might be the 'lone' warrior soon. His plan is obviously to get everyone else killed.

Orange Oberführer? The Lone Warrior? If every car on the freeway is coming at you it’s probably not them. You are the one who is driving in the wrong direction. realDonaldTrump dishonours every warrior by referring to his cowardly ass as anything military. We need to redouble our efforts at reporting conservative tweets in order to get them removed from Twitter, we need no conservatives on Twitter as this is a solely liberal space where we can be inclusive and stuff.

This picture is frightening. Wait What? This is person who was considering going to Russia to watch the military parade? Then tried to have one of his own🤣 You know the next round of firing of investigators is coming thou, next person to ask about his buddy Putin will be cleaning out their desk! The LONE WARRIOR? Ha! Even trumpy and his dumb kids can't say or tweet that without a smirk. How about the NUMBSKULL FROM QUEENS instead?

This is surely a misspelling: should be Loan Warrior. THE LONE KILLER, OR THE LONE TRAITOR, OR THE LONE MORON, IS MORE LIKE IT///HE IS SO MENTALLY SICK IT'S UNBELIEVABLE. Lone Warrior fighting his inner demons alone in the White House LONE WARRIOR killing thousands of Americans! What's, the loan whiner? This shit writes itself. I got nothin.

Someone get this dipshit a blunt! Yes, his critics were hiding under rocks, but he went too far with that tweet. Incompetent narcissistic b%+$d is his name.. When Moscow Trump was born, the doctor slap his face thinking it was his butt; how prophetic! Karen, Learn our comms. TRUMP KNEW TRE45SON

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