Trump told governors to get respirators and ventilators by 'yourselves' amid coronavirus pandemic: Report

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Governors have been waiting for the federal government to provide them with equipment, personnel and financial aid amid the nation's coronavirus outbreak.

"We broke down a system that was broken, very badly broken," Trump said, adding that his administration will create a system to combat the outbreak that he thinks"is going to be the talk of the world."

"And it could be worse," he said when asked if hundreds or thousands of Americans could die from the virus. At a Monday press conference, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo suggested that the U.S. needs to see an increase in federal leadership to help stop the spread of the virus.


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FAKE NEWS, FAKE NEWS, FAKE NEWS. I encourage everyone who read this to do a little research to find out what Trump REALLY said. Once you realize the is false hopefully you will stop reading and subscribing to Newsweek.

This is False

It would be faster .

The text book on failed leadership.


No he didnt ass wipes.

Very misleading tweet to have a negative impact.

Newsweek, So full of shit! Thanks for not checking your facts! Please people, don’t listen to Newsweek - they’re trying to manipulate you with propaganda!!! It’s all about copying other news outlets and cower to left leaning opinions! Can anyone anymore just report news

Stop lying. You know full well that's BS.

Fake news. So sad.


Fake news

Why is this lie still posted What the fuck even is newsweek?


Shameless reporting. Hatred for Trump Love of Country.


That’s not true. You shouldn’t lie.

PlusOrMinusCat Newsweek is the virus. Intentionally putting out a partial quote in order to miss lead people. They are the very definition of the enemy of the people.

What is amazing Newsweek has to work to make themselves look like fckn morons. The bosses should be proud good job.

This. Is. Pathetic. Publish the ENTIRE quote you friggin hacks.

You’re quote mining. This is why normal Americans hate you.



NEWSWEEK, FAKE NEWS AND THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE. That perception you will never get rid of .

FakeNews by omitting whole statement POTUS said, Newsweek fails Journalistic Integrity. How can NwsWk expect anyone believe what they publish? They hurt themselves but they’re readers are probably Anti-Trump & not looking for Truth but Political Ammo MAGA

Newsweek makes great toilet paper.

That is pure BS. Quit lying

EnemyOfThePeople Your MISLEADING headlines telling 1/2 of what he said taken out of context is the reason you are FakeNews parscale DanScavino seanhannity IngrahamAngle foxandfriends call them all out on this, they are feeding eachother this lie and printing it as truth.

I'm sure it was an honest mistake, but you left off the rest of it: 'We will be backing you, but try getting it yourselves. Point of sales, much better, much more direct if you can get it yourself.” In other words, save time by cutting out the middle man.

Read the whole fucking story assholes!

Newsweek is losing all credibility running headlines like this. But at least they provide a go-to when I run out of toilet paper.

nytimes you are just the lowest character journalists that this Earth can have! You are despicable human beings! Shame on you!

That's not a true statement fuck bags

Delete please

A total fabrication of the facts .. in order words, you are lying to America again.,

How embarrassing for you!

False truth, known fact trump told governors to medical equip locally to get it faster. Newsweek your fake news

This is why no one trusts the media. You all are straight up liars. You know full well that is not what he said.

This is a lie

annableigh Lie

When they tweet lies like this, everybody needs to start blocking them. Then it will be like they are talking to each other. The ones that believe their lies, and those that spread the lies.

This is false and needs to be removed. We are in a crisis and we don't need the press lying for political purposes.

Just stop...can you just report the whole story or is that to much to ask. Don't be a parrot.


As usual, bullshit.


Chinese propaganists. Criminal twisting of the truth.

Bullshit, can’t you people read? I heard what he said and it’s not even close to your reporting. No wonder people hate you.

Try again. You omitted the most pertinent part of the quote & you know it.

This is untrue. Damn you for spreading Fake News

Some may not like these comments , sadly they are true. But it’s America . Others are stepping up to help solve the issues facing all of us. It’s a sad fact that a man so flawed was ever elected President. Lesson to be learned - get off your but and vote. Second lesson Trump.

Go to HELL.

Stop spreading bullshit! Is Newsweek hellbent on proving they’re a worthless source of accurate reporting?!? It’s working!!

Trumpster keeps saying he’s a 10, but we know it’s a hundred point scale , making the human wind bag 10% - I’ve never known a person ,in my 65 years of life , who is constantly tells people “how great he is “ like Trump does. His administration is absolutely overwhelmed right now

Duh, they were already doing it since he sat on his ass for about a month and played golf

A complete lie. Shame on you. He told them that if they have a faster way to get them, to go that way abd they will still receive the federal money for them. Fake news like this should be prosecuted.


That couldn’t be anymore misleading.

FakeNewsWeek. Disgusting purposeful omission to serve your twisted liberal agenda. Cancelled your sorry a$$ long ago.

I'll help you and post the full quote. “Respirators, ventilators, all of the equipment; try getting it yourselves. We will be backing you, but try getting it yourselves. Point of sales, much better, much more direct if you can get it yourself.” You're welcome.

Its “we the people” and its “trump the ego” realDonaldTrump lowercase “r” in real

You need to fire whomever put out this provably false tweet. Seriously. False reporting like this causes panic. You know what he said and this wasn’t it.

Lie. Tell the truth.

My hope is after this virus BS is over that America goes after all MSM and reporters who have lied about what President Trump has said and done. The lies are creating unneeded chaos and is getting people hurt, fact. If someone gets killed because of it that person should pay. 🤬

Trump is decentralizing power you lying a-wipes. As it was supposed to be all along. He is giving the states/governor's BACK their power and authority you treasonous, monstrous scumbags took from them/us. Amassing it for yourselves.

Lie- show the Rest!

No he didn’t, fact.

Intentionally leaving out the context from the heading is a garbage move from a garbage publication.

Do the right thing Newsweek

Fake news spreads faster than the virus

Fake news again

Trump is winning and it's driving you to sink lower and spread bigger lies. The media is pathetic

Enemy of the people.


Correction needed or add the rest for your dozens of readers


Fake news! 😡😡😡

He’s no FDR.

LIE (or r u just stupid?)

Newsweek is wrong

Thanks to phony news people like those in your organization, liberals controlled cities are full of poop on the streets and homelessness all over. Your dishonesty is something to be SICK of!!!

Damn. You don't get tired of lying? I mean really.

how bout the whole quote you facists!

Sorry excuse for Jr High students could have reported more accurately. RETRACT IMMEDIATELY! LIERS! HE SAID. 'IF YOU CAN GET IT QUICKER BY ALL MEANS DO' This is giving them options cantfixstupid

Partial quote you liars!


Fake news. Newsweek should be called Fakenewsweek


Fake news from a left wing rag

I don’t he meant it like that. I don’t like this guy, but let’s not distort the message.

The media is evil.

Why lie newsweek? Whats the point? Get your facts straight

This is 100% FAKE NEWS. A perfect example as to why we no longer trust the media.

This is why people hate the media. 🤥🤥🤥

FALSE!!! They only quoted first half of what he said. He also said the fed Gov't would back them but it would be quicker and more direct for states to order directly.

is again spreading FakeNews!

Wrong. Can you quit with the half truths and report exactly what he said? Do we need to do your job for you?

More FakeNews, that’s not what was said. Notice how only put quotation marks around one word. This is ridiculously inaccurate.



This is not a half truth, or even a little misleading... it is an absolute lie Newsweek. You want to know why the majority of your subscribers cancelled... it is continuous hot misleading garbage like this. Shame.

its funny how you all just believe this reporting without question

Why are you perpetuating this LIE? This is not what he said.

Ministry of misinformation. That's out of context! Stop spreading lies.

Once again left out 90% of quote irresponsible headlne is dispicable


False .. President realDonaldTrump says states 'are able to get ventilators and respirators ... without having to go through the longer process of federal government.' 'They can get them FASTER by getting them on their own.'

The tricky lies in a time of national crisis are just so much more despicable. Hard to think you could go lower but you do. There is no appealing to you to have shame, decency or national interest at heart. It seems you are controlled, not just by misguided people, but bad people

WTH Newsweek

You're fake news because you're purposely deceptive.

Still not doing your job I see.

Factually false, widely discussed and disproven, yet still up on 's Twitter. This is why 'journalism' continues to lose reputation and standing with the American people. FakeNews

This is not true. Disgusting.

You know this is BS. Why are you deliberately putting out this kind of misinformation?🤔🤔


And the enemy of the people leaves info out again. Fake news.

You are fake news and enemies of the people.

I doubt your rag is even worthy of lining my birdcage. Good god...

The sheer number of people commenting here who just took the headline and ran instead of listening to the video of his news conference is astounding. You should all seriously rethink your positions and who you get your news from. Yall are like spooked cattle. Just stop.

What a sad end to a once great mag. Sun is setting on the media hacks.....

FakeNews Why don't you tweet the entire quote? Dishonest DemBot

How much money does Newsweek make for each lie it writes about. Follow the money because they are being paid to lie by more than one source.

What is it with all you MSM rags? Stop with this fake news shit already. Which clown handler is feeding you these scripts? You are all putting out the same trash almost verbatim; Huffingpaint Post did this too. The crapstream media is out of control; Smith-Mundt needs to return.

This headline is a lie.

Dirty lie from dirty liars believed only by simpletons.

More FakeNews to feed the leftist nit-wits.

Verified as FALSE 2 days ago. Newsweek reports FakeNews and posts on Twitter 15 hours ago. Avoid Newsweek. DO NOT CLICK THEIR LINKS!


Encouraged them to FIRST attempt to directly get the devices before asking for government's assistance.

You guys should be embarrassed, might as well be Chinese propaganda.

Or you could choose to report what he ACTUALLY said. Choice is yours....fakenews liars or stand up journalism?

Fake news.

Newsweek does all it can to confirm that it is fakenews -nothing more than a propaganda machine upon which no one with an ounce of sense should rely. Thank you Newweek for being so utterly blatant in your LIES.

Your headline is misleading & I’m quite certain that was your intent. Read the piece folks; you’ll find was trying to mislead with their half-truth headline. Their focus on the negative is telling. They earn the label, FakeNews.

Whatever happened to VP Pence being lead for the Federal response?

Stay relevant.


No he didn’t. Why spread fake news?

Why are you spreading misinformation? It’s very damaging ar a time like this.

I hope I don’t get a rash when I use your news magazine to wipe my ass with 🤔

Fake news.

Trump actually said. Get it on your own if your state purchasing supply chain can get it done faster than the federal process. He authorized a faster, better response. This is either lazy reporting or outright lying and media manipulation. Which one do you think?



Yeah, crappy reporting as per always NewsWEAK. That is not what he said.


FakeNews is everywhere!

This is horrendously out of context. Scoring political points isn’t helpful when you’re obviously distorting not only what was said, but the meaning behind it.

Anything for outrage and clicks : Report


Time to criminally hold these Media outlets responsible for the panic they are causing. Jail time for all of them.


no the fuck he didnt. wtf is wrong with the meida? we should all mass report this for false info.

Whole quote. Newsweek selectively edited it.

Selective reporting for political gain.

Get YOUR NEWS ACCURATE, for a change. It may increase your pathetic numbers lately. NO ONE is listening to you!! We know the truth, and believe me. It didn’t come from youfakenews!!!!

Cherry picking journalism.

Newsweek LIES!! Here is the full quote: “...the equipment—try getting it yourselves. WE WILL BE BACKING YOU, but try getting it yourselves. Point of sales, much better, much more direct if you can get it yourself.”

Fake News...week!

Newsweek is trash. To put this knowingly false statement out is disgusting

That $1.00 spent for this rag was way overpriced.

Stop lying, please.

Why in God’s name do you keep doing this!! You purposely didn’t say what he really said!! Why!! You’ve become the enemy of the people!! FAKE NEWS

What a pathetic rag

Indeed he did and good on him for having done so! ChineseVirus WuhanCoronavirus

This is false. Pres Trump addressed this today in the news conference.

Not what he said. He said we have feds support when needed, but to cut thru fed red tape, try to get them thru local means. Faster & easier.

Fake news. Trash

Thanks for once again providing fake news. You are consistent.

And today ‘s award goes to

MoreFakeNews FakeNews

This is an outright lie ! Your hatred for America is disgusting

You do know we can read the quote in its entirety on our own, right? FakeNews

Gaslighting and lies DON'T help anyone. STOP IT

What fake and garbage reporting... EnemyOfThePeople

Nice try Fakenewsweek.

You are the Enemy of the People.


Seriously? And you have the audacity to say GovWhitmer isn’t doing a good job? Great leadership realDonaldTrump helping out in this crisis. 🙄

Newsweek is despicable. This is not journalism

That's not what he said, he told them the federal government is working on it but to also go get them on their own. This is very misleading.

Left out was this part: 'We will be backing you, but try getting it yourselves. Point of sales, much better, much more direct if you can get it yourself.”

How about showing ALL the quote, Newsweek? Left out was this part: 'We will be backing you, but try getting it yourselves. Point of sales, much better, much more direct if you can get it yourself.”

That’s not what he said, why are you lying and spreading this BS that is purely partisan. Stop it!!

Shameful! We know this is not true..this is why I don't watch or listen to the demonic media.. Satan's frequency!

In other words our Federal government under Trump is MIA

Psychopaths love their lies and half truths.. where would you be without them. Where's the rest of his statement, the part that makes it LOGICAL, asswipes


This is FAKE news. Finish the statement. Newsweek stinks.

Fake news! The media is truly the ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!

That's a lie. Period

Lie, This is NOT what He said and You damn well know it! This is WHY You people have zero credibility! Is Your position so weak that you have to Lie, as opposed to reporting what trump actually said! Fake News!

LIE. He said get it yourselves if you can, but the federal gov't is behind you. For example, sure I can wait for my employer to get me supplies but i can get them a whole lot faster on my own and submit for reimbursement. In this case, I'd rather wait for cash than respirators.

This is fake news

- Enemy of the people!

Fake News is a virus

Jesus, would you put the whole quote! Stop the misinformation. I used to get your magazine weekly 10 years ago until you turned into idiotic reporting.

The rest of the statement: ‘because most of the time they can get them quicker than federal level’. STOP LYING! coronavirus

TwitterSupport, I thought this kind of intentional political misinformation was going to be restricted?

This post is out of context and fails to give his entire statement. It is but one reason Newsweek is no longer a factor in reporting.

This is not true at all they cut his comment completely in half. Jesus does anyone not pay attention to s*it? The left media is so pathetic

Again lying media is revealed. Not all of what he said. Shameful. Journalism is long dead. Nobody should trust any of you.

You know whats good about Newsweek? Nothing!

Why lie, especially at a time like this and people have access to what POTUS really said. Why don’t you close down, move to the woods and stop bothering people.

Really ...blatant dishonesty in your headline. What happen to journalistic ethics? fakenews

U left out the most important fact! Stop spreading false information! You r literally putting lives in danger !

That's absolutely NOT what he said. This is journalist malpractice.

Nope... and you wonder why you are called fake news? You probably don’t and are ok with it

Fake news. Read the whole quote.

Thats not what he said. You should out the whole statement. Not pull out what you want for it to fit your views. This is what is wrong.

Whose got my clubs

this is not just FAKE is INTENTIONAL LYING

Such a terrible lying 'news' outlet. He said (and Newsweek knows this) that if they can get it faster locally without going through the gov. process, they can.

And this is why nothing you say is taken seriously and quickly dismissed! FakeNews

This is intentionally misleading, delete this.

'We will be backing you, but try getting it yourselves. Point of sales, much better, much more direct if you can get it yourself.” You guys are as useful as a bag of dick tips. You keep lying and you keep dying. It's all good, unless you work for Newsweek.

Newsweek? Are this goofs still around?

That headline is misleading and specious. The President suggested that as a means for the states to access ventilators more quickly. He said that the Federal Government will try to make it easier for them to do so. This is another attempt to portray the President as uncaring.

I don't understand why people are losing faith in the media.🤔

I see most of you are not even reading the story before commenting...

So we can truthfully add to fake news and marketable journalism. Your history of reporting news means nothing when you will not, truthfully and with integrity, report a story. FakeNewsMedia COVIDー19

No he did not. A lie!

Orange man bad...

Garbage. Pure garbage.

This is why Americans hate the biased liberal mainstream media propaganda hacks and their fake news

Liars. FakeNews

That’s BS, he didn’t say that. You local officials or local governments have a better access to these things than big government. 🙄........ quit taking thing out of context!!

Twitter this misleading story continues to be spread on Twitter. It’s dangerous to allow this

Now do the whole quote, you hacks.

FakeNews stopthelying enemyofTruth


Cut the crap and red tape and release strategic federal stocks. Decisions like this are going to kill people. I thought it was a national emergency. Is Eric and Jared still making decisions?

As THOUSANDS have pointed out, that “quote” is outright deceptive since you left out the preamble, but this is what we’ve come to expect from Newsweek - once a venerable publication, now nothing more than a birdcage liner.

You do know this is not what he exactly said. Newsweek is Fake News.

Fake news fraud

That is out of context. FakeNews

Debunked, just as with most of Newsweek's publishing.

No He Didn’t Trump says enough boorish stuff without you hacks lying about stuff he didn’t say The net result is no one believes you even when you’re telling the truth You are helping his re-election campaign, which is the funniest part

You lie.

He would be right to do so. They are elected to take care of their states needs and people. This should be fought as team work not all on just the President. Spread out the help so he can keep working with his team and make decisions they can get equipment directly.

You should be ashamed, Newsweek. You blatantly left out what the President said to imply the opposite of his real point. What happened to your integrity?

This is untrue... read his entire statement ! When does this type of “reporting” stop being journalism and becomes propaganda for the D party?

using inflammatory headlines to mislead is irresponsible. we need to trust media to give us truthful facts and information so we may be well in formed. this is not it. leaving out the full quote is reprehensible. please put pettiness aside. at least at this time.

More fake news. It looks like people are finally realizing how fake our press is. 3.4 million followers- 92 likes for your bullshit article.

More fake news lies. 🙄

This is not true and there is no reason to do the quote this way other than to be purposefully misleading

Your readers must be as stupid as your writers. Most of us heard him say if you can get them before the Fed Gov do so. If you can get them faster please do, do not wait for Fed gov.

This is bullshit. That’s half the quote and asked about it later, he elaborated further. The feds will have plenty, but if a governor has a faster source already serving his local hospitals, it might be faster, so POTUS authorized them to do that. EnemyOfThePeoole

This is out of context. Newsweek Propagandists

Fake news

Enemy of the people

How's that enemy of the people thing working out for you?

“This is purposely false reporting sparked by nytimes personnel who spread around a partial quote. Left out was this part 'We will be backing you, but try getting it yourselves. Point of sales, much better, much more direct if you can get it yourself.” Shameful “journalism.”

this has been debunked hours ago

No wonder your print went out of business. Online garbage I'm sure will follow suit. FakeNews


If you had a clue, you'd know the power of states to purchase is as great as the feds however your making your usual political statement of hate.

Use or national stockpile of medical equipment there are thousands of ventilators, masks, and medicines stored for disasters and pandemics

Now post the FULL QUOTE!!!

Governors should act as though the US doesn't have a president.

Its being reported in Newsweek that apparently realDonaldTrump told Governors to get respirators by YOURSELVES. How true is? Mike_Pence VP POTUS WhiteHouse I hope it is NOT true. Any clarity?

Trump is terrified that the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are coming for him.

No he didnt. This was a lie


kulturAfrica Trump claims coronavirus is under control -- contradicting reality and his own TopExpert


Y'all should really read what was said and not just the title every once in a while. It makes you look like an idiot and Trump, as usual, look like a great American leader being misquoted and abused. 'You should be ashamed of yourself'-2 term 45!

Trump wants to destroy the health care system. This TrumpPandemic is his Ace in the hole.

This fake bullshit got kicked around yesterday, leave it to the geniuses at Newsweek to tag along a day late and still get it wrong.

Sounds about right from this worthless, POS, President we’re stuck with. Serves Americans right for voting for him in the first place. yougetwhatyoudeserve


He said he'd help them but that they should keep looking for it by themselves because it. Might be faster.

Questions: Can Republicans remove him from office? Will Republicans remove him from office? Answers: Yes; I doubt it.

This is why we are divided. Let’s pull together here. We are facing a problem that we all need to solve together.


No. He said “try”. Before going to feds.

Yeah ! He has airline companies he needs to make whole from the financial damage they are sustaining by grounding their flights. He plans on the government making them whole. People ? No time or interest in helping them.

Right. So state governors have responsibility to take care of their states. Kinda how this country was set up. Let’s stop pointing fingers and work together and get things done. We can all work together for the greater good.

Now THAT's leadership!

What an imbecile!

I’m not a trump supporter but I was listening to the press conference. He said Governors are more familiar with their local supply chains and may be able to get them faster than the federal government. Inflammatory headlines like this are not at all helpful

Bullsh*t fake news. They already explained that this was taken out of context. Don’t feed the Trump Derangement Beast.

Failure in leadership

The orange monkey strikes again!!

You make it sound like he's hanging our Governor's out to dry! You twist what and how it was said! We heard what was said, apparently you just pick the words you want to hear. Come on now.

This is a blatant lie. Shame on you.

Trump: We will be backing you. Newsweek: Trump said they are on their own. You all are a disgrace to journalism.

Trump’s family motto: “All for me...nothing for you.”

He said that it’s easier if they order it themselves and the fed government would back them up. Why is peddling FakeNews?

It would be nearly impossible to design a worst person to handle the coronavirus crisis in America than Donald Trump. He's just as bad as it gets.

Please verify the entire message. Don’t mislead with fake headlines.

No seriously fvck this guy!

They should wrestle for it

POTUS45: 'I got mine. Get your own.' NatlGovsAssoc

This is another lie without context. Trump said they should engage to buy their own bc that is what they do in many cases. This outlet and others are trying to make news. Shameful!

SenateFloor HouseFloor How many tests do We have?

Trumpstupidity of the day

No. He said the fed is backing you but if you can get th as t stuff yourself

he really really doesn´t care about his americans...

Indeed. States need to grow up.

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