Trump to deploy more 'federal assets' to respond to violent protests

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President Trump plans to deploy 'federal assets' across the nation to respond to protests that erupted last week over the police-involved death of an African American man in Minneapolis, the White House announced Monday

President Donald Trump plans to deploy "federal assets" across the nation to respond to protests that erupted last week over the police-involved death of an African American man in Minneapolis, the White House announced Monday.

In addition, the administration plans to set up a "central command center" that will include Joint Chiefs Chair Gen. Mark Milley, Defense Secretary Mark Esper and Attorney General William Barr, in conjunction with state and local officials, said White House spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany. She held back on further details, saying she didn't want to get ahead of any new announcements.

During Trump's phone call with governors, Milley pointed to studies showing that "when there is an overwhelming National Guard presence it actually deescalates the situation and causes less civil unrest," McEnany said.“The sooner that you mass and dominate the battlespace the sooner this dissipates and we can get back to the right normal,” he said.


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Mutiny on the Bounty.

Trump doesn’t mind killing a few Amerikanen citizens to ensure his reelection

While democrats talk a good game president Trump plays a good game thats why he will win by a landslide. Action talks bullshit walks

Now he gets to play toy general on defenseless Americans, just his cup of tea.

Well he doesn't have the authority It's up to the Governor's What he did tonight was use taxpayers money to tear gas innocent protestors for a photo op

Epic. While President bunkerbitch hides in fear, he is going to wage war against his own citizens. Holy fucking hell.

All for a photo op

... Funny, when people raise their voice, the republicans hide in their holes, just like rats...

Forced(not requested by state) deployment of US military(Fed assets) against citizens of US states? We are now tipping towards the very definition of gov. tyranny, and the very reason the US was founded as a republic in the first place.

Honestly I trust the military’s ROE more than the cops right now.

What has the racist in chief said about Chauvin? Good people on both sides?

If Trump gets US military on the ground in every major US city, or nationalizes the National Guard...we will NEVER see another free election.

Hmmm. I think Trump should call up Bibi and have him send over IDS. They have a fantastic kill ratio dealing with the Palestinians. I think it is 2,745 to 1.

Ventilators ?

What type of person goes looting on a Monday night?

Trump should de-escalate this, not throw gas on fire. He should address the nation, acknowledge the racism issue and the protest as a justified reaction, differentiating it from looting. Speed up the investigation and get the policeman to trial. It's of utmost importance.

So it sounds like the government is using the military to target its citizens. That is illegal and an act of war.

My reaction to more National Guardsmen under Governor control? Yes, particularly in places where the police force appears to be infiltrated by white-supremacy and inappropriate in their respect of citizens.

Yea....nope...won't work 😡

Deploying federal military forces across the nation ? A perfect basis for Impeachment !

Nat guards dont have shield taser or tear gas If they use guns there'd be more anger

Sure, lets drop in the 101st in an assault on random civilians who you 'believe' are some kind of organized terrorist group. I mean why not, shooting unarmed civilians is very on brand for the Trump administration.

I'm so proud that you listened to this jingoistic boll weevil of a Senator! We're not antifa, we're straight up fa...finally!

Great. Just what we need right now. The military. That won't provoke any use of force by the 'protesters' now will it?

A sitting President is deploying military assets on American soil to assault, intimidate, and suppress its citizens' constitutional rights and this is the headline you choose to run, ? For shame.

OR...he could try bringing a nation together by not hiding and not attacking our nations' Governors. DumpTrump2020 WENEEDALEADER

You mean to respond to riots and destruction right?

It appears most of them went to the White House to protect your president.

realDonaldTrump is the most trigger happy president in history. neverforget1984 BunkerDon

Bad idea. Sends the wrong message

He wanted a military parade. So now he’s creating one.

Corporal Bone Spurs gets the play army.

The last time military assets used to 'quell' the violence. 50 yrs ago. Kent State. 4 dead. How'd that work out?

That's great -- instead of urging peace, he's spreading violence and heavy weapons. Yay MAGA 🙄 VoteBlueToSaveAmerica

Fuck this!!!

This not good for anyone right now.

Good because Democrats have lost contol of our states

Straight out of Putin’s playbook. It’s not going to work.

105,000 Americans Dead! 40,000,000 Americans Unemployed! Trump in Bunker! The nation on fire! FailedPresident MobsterImPOTUS BunkerDon RacistInChief CovidiotInChief

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United States Latest News, United States Headlines

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