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Trump threatens tax-exempt status of colleges, says many are about 'Radical Left Indoctrination'

Trump threatens tax-exempt status of colleges, says many are about 'Radical Left Indoctrination'

7/10/2020 8:01:00 PM

Trump threatens tax-exempt status of colleges, says many are about 'Radical Left Indoctrination'

In a series of tweets, Trump said too many universities and school systems were about 'Radical Left Indoctrination, not Education.'

12:59 PM EDT@kevin_stankKey PointsPresident Donald Trump said he is asking the Treasury Department to review the tax-exempt status of universities and school systems.In a series of tweets, Trump said too many were about "Radical Left Indoctrination, not Education."

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Trump's tweets follow his aggressive push this week to have K-12 schools reopen for in-person classes this fall.US President Donald Trump gestures as he speaks during the Independence Day events at Mount Rushmore National Memorial in Keystone, South Dakota, July 3, 2020.

Saul Loeb | AFP | Getty ImagesPresidentDonald Trumpsaid Friday he is asking the Treasury Department to review the tax-exempt status of universities and school systems, suggesting in a tweet that too many were about "Radical Left Indoctrination, not Education."

Trump also said he would have their funding revoked "if this Propaganda or Act Against Public Policy continues.""Our children must be Educated, not Indoctrinated!" he wrote.Trump's criticism of colleges and school systems follows the president's

aggressive push this weekto have schools fully reopen for in-person classes this fall despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Trump threatened to withhold federal funding for schools that do not open.The White House declined CNBC's request for further comment on Trump's tweets Friday. It is not clear whether Trump was specifically referring to private colleges and K-12 schools, or if his directive would also apply to public institutions.

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I assume he’s talking about Liberty University? potus If POTUS executes on removing higher ed from federal tax exemption, this and China will be his signature legacy. Having “tenure” employees who work 5 hours a week and get paid $500,000 or no show adminstrators like Bernie Sander’s spouse, automatically makes you for profit

The colleges are where all of the Marxist thinking in this country starts from. It then expands to other institutions like the media, big business, etc. Suddenly half the country is on fire, and whites are being targeted all over the country. Trump is absolutely right to do this. And to think his dick looks justlike that tiny finger. Stormy must have been very frustrated.

This is the greatest thing to come out of this President. Screw these colleges/universities and their elitism and indoctrination. endcolleges Kind of like saying the majority of the country thinks he acts like a jackass Tax the colleges? Tax the churches too. Same thing. Fact check: True Correct. This from a “really, really smart” man who paid someone to take his SATs for him. We have to get rid of this corrupt monster.

He would have to tax the fake churches too then bc they are guilty of the opposite. Socialist ideas are naturally romanticized in universities all over the world! It’s that age of a person who is learning to live on meager means and seeing differences in the world around him! They all come off it like I did when you start working.

Especially since he couldn't graduate from high school without special help. Why should others succeed without doing the things he and his dad and grandad did to get rich? This is AWESOME! Colleges and universities have been spewing out misfits for a while now. Taxes payer money should never fund misfit propaganda.

And he’s 100% correct. My son can tell you the political beliefs of every college professor he has ever had and that is just ridiculous. 🙄 TRUMP2020 🇺🇸 Guessing most of y’all are in the social sciences or humanities. Never heard this in my cs classes President Trump is so right I've been saying this for years they are lying to our children in school they're not teaching them the true history of America they're teaching them to hate America instead of Love America this is brought by the Democratic party parents pay attention

Which is absolutely true. Conservative college students are afraid to express their views out of fear of getting failed by their professors. They are forced to write papers that agree with the professors liberal views and if not they are given bad grades. DefundLiberalColleges 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Great news! Because they are. Remember when college was fun? They're cultish, humorless, brainwashing camps now that are somehow still expensive. Stop Sending Your Kids There. Bull hockey He's gone 'round the bend! Tuck you Frump and everyone who has enabled and empowered you. Its true! Most colleges, high schools and sadly elementary schools have one agenda. To push liberal views on the children. Most of which are pure lies and or half truths

nuez_martha IFBAP Many were founded by slave owners. Awesome. Finally a leader in the white house Truth He ain't lying. Time to pay the pipper. Yes!! He’s 100% correct. I graduated from one but didn’t drink the Koolaid nor read all the free subscriptions to the Fake News New York Times they handed out. Slipped through the cracks! Thank God

They have churned out hateful Marxists. Used to be places of free thinking and discussion. Right now they are like Chinese “re-education “ camps. Trump is 1000%right! 👍 Music to my ears! We’ve got to stop indoctrinating the future generations of our great state. DrainingTheSwamp DrainingTheSwamp COVID__19 VoteRedToSaveAmerica

You can see the before and after pics of these kids. Also, plenty of videos of teachers spouting vile hate for white people, America, capitalism, Christians, Conservatives, anything pro-West. The radical left professors are in Antifa often, poisoning our children’s minds. Antifa I don’t want 1 cent of my hard earned tax $ going to any so-called educational institutions who slap me in the face teaching hatred for the country that has given so much to so many. ENOUGH!

About time. Trump is right The American Right Wing is inhabited by people who have to pay people to do their homework and pass their tests for them (if they even show up to school) - like Trump - no wonder .realDonaldTrump wants to defund University’s he’s too stupid to get into without cheating. He's right

He's correct Yeah!!! 😊👍 It's true, they're centres of Marxist radicalism, which has been responsible for a lot of the death and destruction in Democrat cities lately. Yep, very glad to hear something is finally being done. We should have pulled the funding years ago. But lets see if this is all talk or not.

True for India too GOOD! These overpriced colleges should not be sucking up our TaxDollars and then brainwashing kids against our own country America. Need to check into K-12 as well. Where kids are even more impressionable. Truth Fashist Dicktator thretns 2 DefundEducation No killing for politics YES!!!

Good defund all institutions full of people to brainwashed and indoctrinated to know the ideology they’ve been sold is destroying the country. Long overdue! On the same lines as churches. So sad, education should be one of the fundamentals of a democratic society. I think realDonaldTrump should look into the tax-exempt status of christian institutions.....

Ok, Biden will bring it back. He's 100% correct Where's the lie? Good He’s not wrong He is right. Which is true, it starts in elementary now tho Dangerously close to stepping over the line in to fascism. Like definition of. Fascism a form of far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, as well as strong regimentation of society and of the economy

Reality Bites Totally fact Viva la great American Culture Revolution. Its true....very true Our Great President... About time So true. Radical left. Just thinking of all the times when my professors driving Porsches, and all the fraternity and sorority students in their new Jeeps, took to the campus grounds shouting: 'From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs!'

Awesome Good deal Excellent. I hope they do lose their tax exempt status. OptionsVideos That's the truth; they are only good at spreading Marxism and Nazi bloody ideology Its true - college education is no longer education but leftist indoctrination Excellent! The sooner the better. It's called education to the rest of the world. The more you learn about the world the more you realize realDonaldTrump GOP is wrong and horrible for the country. That's why they love the ignorant and uneducated.

Why is everyone tax-exempt.. Any indoctrination is bad. Great to see this poison stop. OptionsVideos Where’s the lie? Trump is correct. Kind regards. sap_togo Good!! I believe it’s true. Huge problem! He’s correct! Defund those Marxist institutions! realDonaldTrump is now captainoblivious Bravo! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

He's not wrong... He does have a point. LbMoult And .comcast is Radical Communist Chinese Indoctrination. shutdowntrump More drama from the drama queen It’s the right thing to do. Trump2020 Well... if it walks like a 🦆 🔥Defund those marxists. 🔥Manipulating America: The Chinese Communist Playbook Awesome.

😡😡😡😡 Then why open schools back up? False! I love universities! Trump university especially! Is always against doing the good things to help anyone on the underserved groups. He knows what he's doing since these are precisely the group's which most of the times votes against TrumpGOP gang. He knows, why you think he CARES less of the COVID killing people of color mostly?

He’s not wrong Loon Please!! He is correct Once again, Trump is right! He’s right. When you think your education system isn’t fascist enough.!!! I would understand that there is a pool of people in population believing such shit cuz they are just stupid. But president of the United States? President of the most powerful nation and biggest economy?!?! Now that is unbelievably screwed up.

100% True As he should. I just wish a president had attempted it sooner! The people who are against ending tax exemption from these schools are the same people who are FOR ending tax exemption for churches. The hypocrisy cup truly floweth over... What a waste. realDonaldTrump has made a living manipulating the minds of those he sees as uneducated and impressionable. But then he found out he couldn’t manipulate educated scholars at colleges across the country. And you know what happens when people don’t give Trump what he wants…

Chruches next? Shlomo74268616 and he is correct Bout time Trump 2020! Burning books will be next. Cool. Now do churches DO IT! End Public Union Cartels!(and Any Church Promoting Political Propaganda) 😎👍🇺🇸 Keep Personal Beliefs OUT of Our Individualist Government! Taxpayers, parents and donors need to save higher education from activists who claim to be scholars!

Yes they are. Damn straight! KLE1967 Of course he’d say this. It’s red meat for the base. He’s just throwing crap out there to distract from his profound failure of leadership. He speaks true. Asshead We cannot have communists teaching our kids. PERIOD! Not only should that happen but parents have woken up and will be leaving these colleges as well. 👎👎

Trump2020 no note communism Making America Dumber ... How long before he's finally gone and we can start rebuilding the mess. GOOD!! Awesome DJ Trump chooses to believe his university failings and poor grades were not because of his wanton stupidity and laziness, but because he refused to become educated.

Awesome! Do it! Take down indoctrination They are for profit why no taxes. Channeling Joe McCarthy. Will Liberty U be included? Great ! I left a country that did this to children . I left Lithuania (decades ago) when the Soviet Union pushed their political ideology and beliefs onto our children ; through the use of public schools.

He's not wrong. Right. But let’s keep tax exempt status for all the churches where he holds his brainwashing rallies 👍 🤡 Good for him! 💯 percent correct Are we able to post positive news or just cov-19 and trump this trump that look how bad trump is smh PatriotProud45 100% Right. All they do is teach their radical left mentality. Shut them down would be better. They are corrupt!

Agree! 100%! So all education is under attack because education doesn't make you right wing because only low IQ fks are right wing. Wow. 🤦 I mean really: If there ANYONE More responsible for Indoctrination then the MAGA enablers that surround our Gaslighter in chief?! I want a Good Person as my Leader: Howie is a Good Person. Can Anyone Honestly say the same about Trump?

Its true, i know Mexicans that know more about American history and politics than most Americans. Well he’s right. Good. If colleges are biased and intolerant of opposing POV’s, why should they get any tax $$$? stupidity So, they like the Truth? Anything to suppress dissent. This is what dictators do. Damn education and kids learning things that don't come exclusively from Church Leadership...

About time Dont forget the churches while we at it. Havens for ridiculous people hanging on scriptures they dont live in real life all while hiding their 'tithes' and pedophiles. That makes sense, finally someone in US is talking sense Hell yes!! Do it. Yes! Please do..... I guess that would be number 11. Trump polls really well among the uneducated. 67% on non college educated whites voted for him . Ever notice most Trump supporters can't spell even with spell check.

I am glad I never voted for him. TrumpIsLosing Good thing churches haven’t established radical indoctrination.. He's right. Good. He is absolutely right 🇺🇸 Colleges are endowments that shift non-dischargeable debt directly to the student while indoctrinating them. Trump talks a big game. He hasn't actually done shit. He should do it.

If 'radical indoctrination' means teaching people to seek out and cite reliable, verified sources and read them carefully, yes. If it means teaching people to avoid logical fallacies and confirmation bias, then yep. If it means teaching people to be humble and thoughtful, ja! He's not lying. Plus, too many are graduating from those college with useless degrees and arms & legs worth of debt that they can never pay off. These colleges are just using gullible students to get rich.

Yeah critically thinking citizens are just tooo hard to control. *waaa* 🙄 A beautiful thing indeed!! Colleges are cesspools filled hateful, deranged Marxist 'professors' forcing their lies and mental illness on our children Schools teach people to think. That's why Trump 'loves the poorly educated.' He is correct

Now do churches. so where did he learn his 'radical right'? nazi germany? What say you JerryFalwellJr ? TRUTH. Cool. Are they gonna investigate mega churches next? Nice pic. Really captures his advancing FTD Hey, hey, guess what they called the Founding Fathers who, from the start-1775, wanted independence? * Come on, guess? That's right, radicals. * I'll be with those Radicals, 244 years ago-

He’s stating facts Tax their endowments Yet churches can indoctrinate their members and their children at no risk of losing their exemptions. Makes sense. Damn right! Ya think? Common Knowledge I love that idea! They hate America so why should they get the benefits? how long can this go on. the propaganda just keeps getting more outrageous and further from reality, and more dangerous. TrumpIsNotWell VoteBlueToSaveAmerica

God Bless POTUS GOOD!!!! 'Our childred must be educated, not indoctrinated.' Why didn't he educate his own children? They're dumb as rocks. Only the poorly educated would believe TrumpUni is credible, & the Con in Chief paid taxes his whole life. We told Republican voters, magats the GOP wants to keep America stupid & uneducated

Trump university is credible, & the con in chief paid taxes his whole life. We told Republicans magats their party wants to keep America stupid & uneducated I'm indoctrinating 35-42 year old buxom, divorced or single women at my house this Saturday night. Bring a friend. Translation: let's make sure we 'keep em dumb' so they will continue to vote for the GOP agenda. Also GOP leaders: 'Lets continue to give our own kids the best education possible so our families will always be on top & will ensure our wealth.' It's really a simple plan.

That’s a joke that colleges are tax exempt I want my money back. My College was Centrist and Far Right. My Western Civ professor wrote 'Only a Atheist think this way' on one of my papers, and this is after he told the class why he's voting for Mike Huckabee, and brought Catholic Icons into the class. In other words, if you disagree with anything he says, it’s wrong.

🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😎😎😎 How about mega churches? McCarthyism is renewed by the “free speech warriors” He’s still angry about Trump U failure. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 New day, another page in the fascist playbook from Herr Trumpf. Good - and they need to take away tenure from these 'Professors' who are brainwashing our youth.

He’s an idiot and purveyor of nothing but hate. That’s not leadership & it damned sure isn’t American. Good GOOD! He should also look at churches. Franklin Graham is a prime example. He’s trying to lose on purpose Trump doesn't pay any taxes and it's beyond time he makes up for this past! So I assume this also means he'll threaten the tax-exempt status of churches because they are all about 'Radical Right Indoctrination' and 'Radical Anti-humanism'?

I bet those schools teach that 'evolutionism' too. thank u, next Now they won't be able to afford to replace their 35yr old apple computers, despite 1000's of students paying $100's in lab fees! Literally 2 colleges i went to had them in labs in use. realDonaldTrump There is a big difference between colleges and universities 'indoctrinating' to the radical left, and colleges and universities educating people to see through the crap. EDUCATION teaches people to see through the crap.

potus is correct Awesome Like the school he went to, Penn? Who cares what trump says, colleges and universities put people in debt for most of their lives. The same people in debt because of universities are defending them LOL Check out those churches that got government money while you’re at it. Maybe they shouldn’t be “tax-exempt” if they are going to take government money.

All that there lib’rul book learnin... what if I want two plus two tuh equal five?!! What about churches? Especially ones that donate to political campaigns. Propaganda SpeakForYourself45 StopMakingShitUp45 45Lies People don't seem to know what the term 'indoctrinated' means. If you know that throughout the 'indoctrination' that you're being indoctrinated, 99% of the time, you haven't been indoctrinated. The glory about college is that you can research your own sources. /1

Whoever wanted to experience a communist dictator ... we are very close to that... TrumpUniversity Good! The indoctrination needs to end! How about we start with the churches first. Democrats are not the radical left... 🙄 He just can’t admit that educated people do not support him, and at this point he’s going to war with anyone who’s not a supporter of him. Truly disgusting and despicable “human”

He said “school systems” too. He’s talking about k-12 public education! Hissy fit day because his tax returns just got handed over to the tax fraud department brianstelter jaketapper cenkuygur chrislhayes jimmy_dore TimJDillon TuckerCarlson ScottAdamsSays FridayMotivation LyingPress Colleges are radicalizing students with leftist indoctrination. Conservative students on campus are ostracized. Thank God I didn't go through this when I was in college (class of 2014 baby). We had liberal professors (didn't take their classes), but they weren't radical.

We needed need to remove Church’s tax-exempt status as many are about radical right indoctrination I love 45 Who knew how great a swamp monster hunter he would turn out to be 🇺🇸TRUMP 2020🇺🇸 Really working the Christian Right.... Sounds more and more like Hitler (Stalin was more covert). I'd consider myself a 'radical leftist' and I went to a private southern baptist university sooo

oh so what about the tax exempt status of liberty university Long overdue! Leftists are ruining everything they touch. Welp, better make colleges free that way all these 'radical left' ideas that are taught there will die in the 'marketplace of 'ideas' About damn time. Put church in there I’ll consider supporting

Colleges and Universities need to focus on facilitating their students are prepared for absentee ballots this Fall. If the eligible students register and vote, Trump is gone. What about tax exempt churches receiving PPP $!!! Well duh... Whether he says it or not it's TRUE, and disgusting. He’s right. Brown U doesn’t pay RI property taxes, despite owning non -college use buildings.

Meanwhile we real Americans are going to threaten tax exempt status of churches. hey donnie go sit on that finger and spin around for awhile. try it. you might like it. Its a big part of the reason I never finished. I tried twice at two different schools. Check on that tax exempt status of Churches while your at it chief realDonaldTrump

Good! This is the exact kind thing that causes people to move left trump never really attended school so it's understandable that he doesn't like education unless it's government money going to private schools. How about the government start taxing religious organizations while we're at it? He’s not wrong

I’m telling you, realDonaldTrump is a comedian. No way you’d dare saying anything like it about churches, right? learning to hate capitalism and fight for communism at business school No hating America, having 2000 genders, socialism you know 💩 like that 🤦‍♂️✌️🇺🇸 College has become indoctrination camps.

This is the dictator the right warned was coming - just their stupidity, hate, greed, and religious insanity has installed him. Does that mean churches are radical right indoctrination? universities and their radical math, science, engineering and fact based education teaching kids how to think for themselves 🙄what about realDonaldTrump's favorite radical right wing religious universities brainwashing at taxpayers' expense?

Defund and get rid of the NEA!! Start all charter K-12 He should know us radicals start indoctrination way earlier than college 😊 TRE45ON Do it nazi ... please save his face stop the stupid info into his head ... order in the house Wait, how would he know about college education, he never had one! He can’t read!

Trump just declared war on churches. New symbolism of DNC and JoeBiden sap_togo The forgotten man is forgotten no more. Trump 2020 Poor idiots think college brainwashes you. Don’t any of you have any will power? You just believe everything that is told to you? I got my business degree and never once talked about politics.

I mean....if you are referring to the fact that the more you know and understand, the more likely you are to lean liberal, I suppose that’s true. It’s not due to educational bias though, just education. What a dumbass. Vilifying intelligence as always. He is absolutely correct the university of Madison Wisconsin is one of them

28th amendment, traitors. I'm watching you do nothing. He’s absolutely right! Educate don’t indoctrinate! Ridiculous. he speaks the truth. Just look at who is allowed to speak on campus and who is not. Free speech is shut down for conservatives Another conspiracy theory. Trump is desperate. That is wonderful news!

TRUMP: Did you know Colleges are Tax Exempt? Ridiculous. Can you look into this, they're indoctrinating people wit their Radical Leftness. Mnuchin: I still have to figure out how to keep this fake economy going until November, and they're asking about that Oversight we promised. ToniumTime Here's proof that Trump is 1000% correct in this particular issue

He is right Defund the leftist indoctrination camps Church are about right wing domination. So good for goose good for gander Fascists hate the educated. Full stop. sooo no focus on covid still ? Dude hates schools President Trump is correct. He's right, I went to college. Its learning and Democrat subliminal propaganda. You can't even question or have a health debate of things that affect all of us. The left shout racism at everything, they have belittled the word racism. They are dividing America. Dems are Sheeple.

A profess to his class: ' In the interest of providing you a well-rounded education, you should know that capitalism isn't perfect' Conservatives: ' THIS IS A RADICAL LEFT INDOCTRINATION CAMP!!!!' TheRISEofROD replace all the Liberals on school boards now. I wish Trump would quit 'threatening' to do things, and do things.

Ok so he’s going to remove that status how exactly considering that congress would have to pass a bill removing their exempt status? 😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😜😜😜😜😜😜😜👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Ok, but how about churches and their radical right indoctrination practices? If Trumpanzee threatens universities, we threaten the US military welfare system, which should've been defunded & defanged before they become the bloated welfare teats they are today. Drain the US military swamp. No more trillion dollar invasions or media propaganda selling them.

When I was in college 2 years ago, they taught me to respect women, always ask for consent, Try to help those who are less fortunate, and judge people based on their character instead of their appearance. Definitely radical left ideology.🙄🙄 Yep! Trump University was the worst! FYI MANYYYY COLLEGES ARE HEAVILY INFLUENCED BY KOCH'S RADICAL RIGHT INDOCTRINATION GLOBALLY CONTROL POWER HELPED BY REDUCING EDUCATION DUMMY DOWN PEOPLE EDUCATION NEEDED HELPFUL+CRUCIAL

DEFUND THE MARXIST INDOCTRINATION CENTERS! Fact Check: True Fact check: True. Trump now needs to do that with the public education for K-12. Take LGTBQ studies out of the curriculum plus any Woke crap. Nazi shit. I went to a state school in the northeast and can confirm that what he said is actually true. My courses in economics and communications were packed with Marxism.

That's preposterous. I never went to college, but I learned empathy by listening to people who have lived different lives than my own. College is a cultural melting pot for young people, of you graduate and leave as a Nazi then something is very wrong with you. Read about Ashoka. Indian emperors had this shit on lock already. It’s written in stone. We are against child molesters and the invader mentality. Get with it; or get corona’d. It’s up to you. Call this president out. Anything less is dangerous. This will “fire up” intellectuals

He is correct. Lol, he can’t touch colleges. 😂😂😂 How about the tax exempt status of CHURCHES? ⛪️ 🤔 ..many are about “Radical Right” indoctrination? So in latin, this would be a quid pro quo? How many of the statue topplers were indoctrinated from Leftist College Professors? I would say the VAST majority of them!

What policies advocated by Bernie Sanders are radical? Right answers only. cool. endstudentvisas they’re so far left they’re not even Americans anymore. They’re the enemy. THIS IS WHY 'Educated people don't like our party and policies, it must be because they've been indoctrinated and not because our policies and practices are moronic!'

Now do the Churches!! TaxTheChurches TaxTheChurch USCCB By far the most right wing propaganda I've ever been exposed to was my one year as a polysci major at my state university. Can we just vote next week and end this shit show? Agree 100%. Please stop listening to Trump and the SS and think for yourselves. Can't you see what he is doing or do you just not care? Never mind, I know the answer.

Good. They are. It's about time. College used to be free in California. When the liberals and leftists started protesting on campuses Reagan put an end to free tuition. We pay tuition at universities in California thanks to the liberals and leftists. Education is 'radical' to Trumpers. Anyone who try’s holding trump accountable is considered to be radical left. SaudiTrump TrumpVirus TrumpLiedAmericansDied SupremeLoser

GOOD. It is ABOUT TIME Good They JUST gave the Catholic Church an OBSURD amount of money and now they want to end tax exemption from Universities? Did I wake up in the upside down? I go to a state university that barely can scape by with tax exemptions. Also we are supposed to be a secular nation!! Who's going to tell him about churches?

Nordic Chad yes.jpg Refer to 11 Good it’s about time. Give it a good overhaul. Time to SaveTheChildren DefundIndoctrinationCamps We knew this was coming. What do people think Republican presidents will do? They're carrying out an agenda that started in the 1960s. This distraction should be over by Sunday. BTW what happened to the bounty on the military?

POTUS is Correct. But churches are tax exempt & right wing conservative ideology. Make then all pay taxes. Ain't need no got dang book learnin! Trump and this radical religious right administration are literally pushing christofascism, diverting tax money to their private white evangelical charter schools wherein children are heavily indoctrinated in anti-science and anti-intellectual “education.” ExposeChristianSchools

As opposed to Radical Right Indoctrination which is totally okay. Lol, sweet, so church 'schools' can have access to public funds, churches don't pay they have access to public money they never pay into, but normal colleges...we cut funding to and they now pay taxes to support the churches? Separation of church & state's a joke.

Examples of 'radical left indoctrination:' academic scientists discovering global warming, studying stem cells, evolution, astronomy, anthropology. Etc. Facts, critical thinking and learning make you more liberal? I wonder what that says about the Republican Party 🤔🤔🤔😂 We all know why radical Republicans are anti-education. Their schemes work best on those who are uneducated and ignorant.

What does radical left mean? gop I understand that Trump doesn't want to be reelected, but why is the GOP letting him take down the party with him? Scare shit holes ? Destroy those institutions of hate , corruption and Marxist indoctrination So that Puerto Rican professor that taught me about the Bay-of-Pigs, COINTELLPRO, McCarthyism, and the Iran/Contra/crack epidemic was really trying to INDOCTRINATE ME?! EGADS! Oh my-oh-my-American Pie!😮

He’s really not wrong, I hate to say it. TheRISEofROD He should. They are. Also... YOU ARE FAKE NEWS Lol when you make your Right wing party the party of fascism, science denial, and one focused on American centralism, it’s no surprise that you’d think facts, science, and a global viewpoint are a “radical left agenda”

Vote TRUMP 2020 is protecting Americans from. Antifa is commanding the riots; terrorists; attack in groups; allowed to assault citizens & destroy property. Blacks & Whites were shot & murdered by rioters. Firebombed children; looting stores & businesses, killing the store owners Good. Luckily his base won’t be affected.

I demand equal investigation of far-right communist college indoctrination. Reagan believed the same thing and that led to free state universities charging tuition for in-state students, which led to the spike in student loan debt. He's right. blessed Now let’s talk about churches. Trump is right again. Dog whistle to his supporters Sic em Liberal Elite

Beautiful Warms my soul He's right. You disagree🤔. You just hired Shep Smith 🤣🤣🤣 School's are indeed teaching kids to hate America. They teach them nothing about how corrupt the Federal Reserve (Private) Banking Cartel who gets to print $ out of thin air and never audited. Trump began ending the fed merging it into the Treasury...nobody even knows. WWG1WGA

Truth! If we don't start educating our populace soon....our country will fall behind even further from the normal nations that value education, facts, logic, science, and reality ...Iran and North Korean leaders sound just like trump THIS IS A VERY CLEAR WARNING Thank God he’s talking about this. It’s been going on for decades.

Thank you Trump! And he is absolutely correct. Professors are out of control- they will literally give a lower grade for opinions that do not align, will berate students who express more conservative views- its VERY MUCH indoctrination. Radical Right is taught in church!!! Make churches pay taxes damn it!

start by cutting salaries, change tenure, reduce cost of tuition., and start using endowments to help more kids pay for college. Tired of conservatives not playing offense. Anyone who listens to realDonaldTrump regarding education deserves the advice they get. They are getting tax exemption and yet why are they still so expensive?

Communist China keeps getting busted bribing Colleges & Professors. 🤯🤯 Yep. 💯true. Let's threaten the tax exempt status of any religious based organization. Separate of chruch and state! Glad to see you reporting the truth for a change. Fact Check: TRUE President Trump is absolutely right. Long overdue.

It's about time!! Power move after power move!!! What about the deranged right wing fundamentalism that churches push? What is Trump trying to distract everyone from this time? President Trump is exactly right and you know it! RadicalLberalTerrorismExists Time to strip tje churches of tax ememption refusedone I say tax it all, especially churches, speaking of hot beds of indoctrination.

Good! Holy shit people becoming educated will be illegal soon, oppressors gunna oppress Great Idea!!! Do it! Considering the riots, burning down cities, organized criminal take overs and murders of kids-those organizations the college's administrations, and professors endorse. Perhaps taking away the entitled brats $$ would assist them to being decent human beings for a change.

GMA4Trump_ Trump is a con man with dementia, so there’s that. About time. TheRISEofROD Great! $50K in tuition is ridiculous, they talk more about politics than teaching. Increase Universities' competition against each other to lower the prices. I'm taking my 2nd master & our online work-groups have become political group, organized by the University. Ridiculous!

Bravo 👏 realDonaldTrump is doing more for the democrats than they could ever do on their own Whats the problem if they are exactly? professors are entitled to their opinions and students can often transfer classes, schools, or course of study if they so choose. They can even discuss the matter with their professor and ask that the material be made more subjective.

Well let’s do the same with churches then. It’s more than just colleges. They are indoctrinating them as early as middle school. I know from experience. Schools should ONLY teach how our government works. Once there is bias twoard any political party it should be shut down!!!!!!!!!!! This is desperation ++++

Can we PLEASE get rid of this asshole the way the deep state got rid of JFK PLEASE I mean... he’s right The conspiracy theories from the right are always good for laughs. Who knew that having higher education was an evil leftist thing? TheRISEofROD getTheRadicalCollegeCommies 😂 Great, now do the churches in this country with radical right indoctrination. Let's revoke their tax exempt status too. Everybody has to pay if they wanna play politics. What a glorious country that would be. It would probably erase the national debt.

Many colleges should be classified as terrorist training camps. Finally! And everyone who says “churches” YOU would be a good candidate to attend a couple services or maybe take a hike and speak with your God and think of your fellow human. You go to school to get the job = $. Church You pray for your world, hopefully.

He's right. Defund the propaganda factories He has no control over this. But soon he will be talking to the IRS about tax evasion. Tax exempt churches....? Trump is silent. charliegus2 Ignore. He has literally no idea how he would do that - he is just blowing the dog whistle for his base. You wanna talk indoctrination?!?!? TaxTheChurches , goddammit! After you TaxTheRich

He's not wrong. TheRISEofROD SeizeTheEndowments The discussion of new ideas with a diverse crowd often leads to people becoming democrats. He's absolutely right. 👍 If you want to control people keep them stupid FridayMotivation Burn this shit to the ground communism is terrorism. No more chances for the left . Period. They should be dismantled and classified as aiding and abetting terrorists . If republicans won’t do it, we’re going to dismantle both of em.

This is what left indoctrination in college looks like Guy’s i think Trump means colleges are about Morals, which he has none. Idk what radical left indoctrination my music class had What a great idea!! Then college will be more expensive and out of reach for even more people! Wow, what a StableGenius realDonaldTrump

RadicalLeftIndoctrination... Yeah, I learned this during my Jesuit college education. When Jesus said to feed the poor, clothe the naked, give shelter to the homeless, visit the prisoner, care for the sick, love my neighbor as myself... a f-cking radical leftie that Jesus was. He wants a culture war. Every other battlefront is a disaster for him politically. Don't give these feeble tweets oxygen.

Sure thing, do churches first. Actually that’s a great idea.... they are huge business entities... they are in the business of education...(not great at it.... but that’s another story) Great! Not fake news! Thank you POTUS for standing up for America! 👍💪❤️🇺🇸 Where do I sign up for this indoctrination!?!?

POTUS 100% true!!! Thank you! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 He’s not wrong Trump is a menace to society. My grandchildren will not return to school to get sick. 45 cares nothing for the people. Trump is such a stupid man. Doesn't he know that universities are a mix of liberal, conservative, independent, a-political faculty and staff AND students? I'm going to bet he'll go after the universities in blue states and leave the red-state Unis alone.

You're going to be in office for like 15 more minutes. Settle down. Go sign an executive order saying you won't allow it to rain when you play golf or something else that you have no control over. Dumb people really hate education. They want everyone to be as dumb as they are so they don't feel so embarrassed to interact with people.

Well at least he's not killing the educated yet. He's following the standard dictator process. I strongly recommend protecting the far rights gun rights. They may be our last hope. mcspocky But the extreme right churches continue to get bailouts and are free from taxes? So Trump and the Fascist, Nazis from the Republican Party are just stealing everything from “The Handmaid’s Tale,” playbook now...

Paging Wharton again. You made this monster, so you have an obligation to clean up after him. mcspocky Indoctrination? Did somebody get a word a day calendar for their birthday? I just graduated with a masters in radical left indoctrination and now i work full time as the head antifa HR rep making 6 figures.

Girl didn’t Michael Cohen testify that trump actively threatened to sue the colleges he went to lest they reveal anything about his grades 💀 I guess UPenn was so leftist that his right wing sensibilities required him to preform poorly LOLOLOL 🔥 He is so stupid it is truly mind-boggling. mcspocky Tough to argue with STUPID....which is why we are in this nightmare! EndTheNightmare

So, what's your point? He’s actually not wrong Good. It's true. And he isn't wrong. do Jewish temples! DEFUND RADICAL LEFT COLLEGES Please do, Mr. President. Please do. Leftist institutions filled with radicals/liars/AmericaHaters. Currently a college student and can confirm with our a doubt that the university pushes left wing movements and have suppressed the republicans on campus.

He is just completely losing his 💩 Kayleigh McEnany (on her first day): 'I will never lie to you.' Kayleigh McEnany (yesterday): 'All of Donald Trump's tax returns are still under audit.' mcspocky Ha! This from the guy who ran fraudulent Trump University and had to pay someone to take his SATs so he could get into college.

Good 👍 As if that's a secret... Is it wrong? For me to see that I see churches burning? Nazi 501c3s like God's Eagle Habitat in Deming, WA turned now to a Nazi training camp for the NRA, 50 acres burning beyond any hope for the devils?! It's cool that he doesn't understand that 'radical left' doesn't mean the same thing as just voting for the other party. Actual radical leftism is waaaaaaaaay different than any policy any serious politician has proposed.

“Radical Left Indictrination” = Educated enough to see through his bullshit mcspocky Someone just shoot the fat fvkc. Does he offer any specifics to support this claim? Or is he just quoting a meme he read? Kids in cages, rape allegations, Russian bounties, dereliction of duty, slowing covid testing. . . And his defense radicalleftindoctrination

So, for any one keeping score, Trump's GOP is now: Anti-education Anti-teachers Anti-college Anti-black equality Pro-fascism (Profa) Pro-Russia Pro-election interference and Pro-putting bounties on our soldiers in Afghanistan What was Trump U? They are, and have been since when I was in college 40 years ago.

Hes actually not wrong. It's scary what alot of these kids are 'taught'. Hell look at evergreen state college for proof of how far this has been taken To people who say 'do churches next' I can only say churches already do risk their tax exempt status when engaging in politics. Over due President STUPID is at it again

When there is sanity back in the Government, can we tax Churches, especially mega-churches! Or find a way to determine a for profit church where the Priest drive a $150K and has gold sinks is running a business and not a church Same with these 'radical right wing churches' ohhh cool can we tax religiously affiliated colleges too oh if that's the case can we do churches next!?

As it should be🤔 TIL higher education equals indoctrination. I’m sure he has all sorts of data to prove this point 🤔🤔 Let me just throw this out there for all you NAY sayers! Have you not listened to what’s going on... and there is more recent ppl caught at airports leaving with info... destined for China... research ppl...

Many as in like 99%. But it’s elementary schools and high schools also. 'Radical Left Indoctrination' means believing in facts, not lies. Sounds good to me. Is there a 'radical right indoctrination'? What would that be? So removing tax-free status on indoctrination centers.... ChurchIsScrewed He losing the rest of it 🤦🏾‍♂️

Trump hates that our video has 800,000 views. Whatever you do, don’t retweet this CNBC. CancelTrumpSong Now do churches Who had Trump spitting truth on their 2020 bingo card? Good This plays well because much of his base never went to college, and Trump always does well when he gives them something to be angry about or something to hate.

CNBC the home of the domestic terrorist. There's no such thing as radical left. It's always radical right which was started by Mussolini. Dumbass should be threatening tax exemption if religious institutions Kind of like churches extreme right wing indoctrination? They need their tax free statuses removed then too.

Add that to churches that are preaching the Radical right view! Stop polarizing our country! America we don’t have to put up with Donald Trump. He’s a dangerous diabolical psychopath with power. Can we really wait until January 20, 2021? He needs to be removed now. Yeah; science, humanities and history sure are biased against Trump, that is for sure.

The “radical left indoctrination” to treat other people with respect, like human beings not stereotypes to be hated or feared. Conservatives definitely don’t want their kids taught that.. 🤣🤣🤣 BidenTheRacist WWGIWGA QAnons KAG2020 while he's at it, let's look at tax exempt mega churches as well...many are about Rightwing Evangelists spewing holier than thou hate-filled religious supremacy...

I just like that Radical Left Indoctrination is trending. Get out the box! Someone has been reading Mein Kampf to tRUMP. He means science-based, schools of thought and research, where ideas are challenged, formed and people are able to study history while imagining new ways to solve the worlds problems. Wait, the thing he cheated and pulled favors and paid to get into? Yeah he’s such a wannabe.

Good Good. Defund the indoctrination centers until they're willing to become education centers again. We tax payers shouldn't be paying for people to learn ideologies like Afro-studies which teaches people to hate whites. Or gender studies which teaches women to hate men. Wackoman speaks. Yes indeed, a old communist tactic. Control the knowledge and control the people. No such thing as free speech, except for Democrats.

Says the guy who quit school in the 2nd grade. And what do you call the Radical right? Oh! Right! The 'Radical Right'! Aim for a nice Middle ground someone tell him it goes both ways!He is stoking vileness! He’s not lying Just when you think he couldn't sound like Hitler more... Sure, Donald. Poke the bear. Threaten Harvard. Let's talk about the tax-exempt status of churches, while you're at it, which use their platform to support you, a political candidate.

These sweeping generalizations without any clarification make him sound like an idiot. TrumpIsANationalDisgrace TrumpMeltdown trump Biden2020Landslide Biden2020 Trump University was the only legitimate school in the US, ever. Every other school is liberal boot camp. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Discounting for a moment the ridiculousness of the assertion, I thought this was supposed to be a 'free country' where people are allowed to think and say whatever they want without government reprisal?

Fuck this guy 120% CORRECT! Trump is now grasping at straws to keep his ass out of jail because of yesterday's ruling and get a CULT member to turn sniper at schools. That comment is code to the trumpanzies. They are a CULT do churches! Then why did he and his entire family go to a bunch of them and brag about it?

Let’s also toss in churches and schools that support the radical right indoctrination. It’s actually true. Hell yeah. Get em Trump It's always gone really well for countries when their leaders dictate what colleges can and cannot teach. Just a positive sign of a healthy political climate whenever a national leader attacks education systems and academics. Never has gone wrong throughout history!

lol just impotent and pathetic tantrums from Trump after being sued by MIT and Harvard. nothing to write home about. The most vile platform ever adopted by a president, who wants a Trumpocracy? It’s only goal is to glorify an idiot, and the cost? The loss of our freedom, our children’s, and theirs. TheSpiritOfAmerica is bigger than Trump’s ego and stronger than his lies.

I don’t like him, but it’s hard to argue this isn’t the case Why are they tax exempt? They are all for profit, regardless of what they say. Well , something have to be done . We have schools that have tried to nullify the first amendment in the constitution(free speech Zonen). This country is one big free speech zone!. What they teach and what is needed is two different thing, and well the price

So true. They are taught to hate America and in the case of whites, themselves. Education is indoctrination not about learning! You mean like these? By which he means, education. Of any kind. Oh, look more culture wars. More 'pay no attention to the man behind the curtain' to pretend the virus isn't out of control right now because of his policies, not China. How about Treasury looks into the tax-exempt churches who got PPP loans. Start with the Catholic Church.

Well they are, so there is that There’s a difference between being educated and indoctrinated. We don’t expect you to understand. Didn’t you cheat on your SAT’s? You can't say this and you can't watch that, or you'll be fired and prosecuted. THIS IS MERKEL’s ANTIFA EAST GERMAN / SOVIET COMMUNISM. How quickly one forgets.... FIGHT NOW OR AMERICA IS LOST ObamaGate

Is this the Radical Left Indoctrination? “radical left”. ie. Anyone not in the kkk. i wish there was a 'radical left' in the UnitedStates we need Emma Goldman right now Only people who have never attended college would actually believe that shit. Radical Leftists wouldnt want art programs pulled to see the church bus pull up to replace those art programs. Keep your religion out of public/charter schools. That's the right trying to force their ideology onto everyone. Not the left.

He is absolutely 100% correct. He’s absolutely right. This crazy dude needs to eat a pickle! Speaking from his perspective of ignorance, it’s probably easy for him and his followers to confuse education with indoctrination Trump is calling to defundschools What do parents think of that? if it will inoculate me against trump, we need to have a serious conversation about how i'm just now finding out about this!!!

God I fucking wish. I am so sick of liberalism. Aka Trump favors catholic schools only YEEEEES, DEFUND THESE ANARCHIST PRODUCING FACTORIES! LEAVE THE POLICE ALONE! Because they are! What a shock that advanced education makes you more progressive in your thinking. Solution? Reduce America's education, duh. Let's threaten primary education even! Such a good plan. Elementary Schools are indoctrinating my children!

He is against colleges & Universities for not letting IvankaTrump to speak and for other obvious reasons I'm sure all the college students will be thrilled about funding getting cut. Lesson on how not to sway the young voters. I know of it first hand. He's not lying! I live in a very small town. Starting in 4th grade, the kids get their current events by watching CNN. My 3 nephews have NO clue what the Constitution is. but they know how to argue with me about Trump. Tell you something?

Another empty threat. I’m sure he’ll sign an executive order to puff the chest of his idiot cohort, but signing executive orders is like Smush Parker signing a basketball card as Kobe. Meaningless and worthless. if only! Now do Churches He should also look at the tax-exempt status of churches too. Just saying.

Ah yes - science GOOD Given they only care about profits the tax is a great idea. A great way to punish the radical right ideas of for profit education and crippling student debts. It’s taken a whole term for Trump to come clean about being a socialist. But it's fine to keep churches who received thousands of PPP to keep their tax exempt status Ooookay

If education is about trying to make the world a better place for all, then it is absolutely not radical. Way to spin the hatred... That's OK it will be restore after he is voted out of office. Extra looney toons today He is absolutely correct in this matter. Oh sweet Jesus TrumpIsNotWell There are around two dozen radical leftists left, and none of them are in academia.

fact check: TRUE Trump is right, so many of these places are now socialism schools. He´s 100% right Looks like the president has being playing Mass Effect. more and more fool, FUCK YEAH!!!

Trump and the Radical Right Want Total Control Over WomenToday's Supreme Court decision makes that clearer than ever.

Lara Trump And Donald Trump Jr. Encouraged Californians To Vote By Mail In May While President Trump Called It FraudulentRobocalls from the Republican National Convention recorded by Lara Trump and Donald Trump Jr. encouraged Californians to vote for Mike Garcia in a special election in May for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. Lara Trump? Lol... Liberal media is in full desperation mode today .... How disingenuous of them, on the same month sending contradicting messages to voters about mail-in ballots. However, they are never ashame of their unethical practices

Trump wants Americans to believe Biden is a radical leftist. It's a tough sell.From health care to foreign policy, former Vice President Joe Biden rejected the left's most ambitious policies and successfully pitched voters on his more moderate vision. That reality has complicated matters for President Trump. It's a Damn shame that's all the DNC could Come with an elderly white man that's been in politics for nearly 50 years and has Dementia The two man are just like the left and right hands,one put a policy out,the other put a different one out. But neither of them realize it.

'It's not about the First Amendment': Trump family lawyer argues to block Mary Trump's bookMary Trump's psychological take-down book on her uncle, President Donald Trump , is already in the hands of journalists and ready to sell, but the family's lawyer is still pressing a New York county judge to block its publication. it is way to late for that you might as well say it it is already out . some have copies and have read them . Nothing to hide eh Trump? The world needs to understand the sickness of realDonaldTrump and family.

Kanye West says he had coronavirus and no longer supports TrumpRapper Kanye West, who has been widely criticized because of his support of President Trump, reportedly told Forbes he has lost confidence in the commander in chief. 🤣🤣 I hope he splits the vote and Trump wins! MAGA MAGA2020 Trump4EVA When will he be debating JoeBiden and realDonaldTrump ?

Trump disavows his own administration’s guidance for reopening schoolsPresident Trump publicly disavowed his own administration's guidance for reopening schools amid the coronavirus pandemic, arguing the recommendations were too burdensome as he ramped up his bid to have students return to classrooms in the fall What are his administration’s guidances? Cdc never said close schools Do your research politico! And agitates for ratings.