Trump Takes Lap Around Track To Open Daytona 500 - Cnnpolitics

Trump Takes Lap Around Track To Open Daytona 500 - Cnnpolitics

Trump takes lap around track to open Daytona 500

President Trump welcomed NASCAR fans to the start of this year's Daytona 500 with a lap around the Florida race track in his presidential limousine


President Trump welcomed NASCAR fans to the start of this year's Daytona 500 with a lap around the Florida race track in his presidential limousine

President Donald Trump on Sunday welcomed NASCAR fans to the start of this year's Daytona 500 with a lap around the Florida race track in his presidential limousine.

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The ugly Americans😊 What did this cost the taxpayers 🤮 And then it rained like hell was about to freeze over. There’s your sign... 🙄 And how is this breaking news? Way cool

Trump looks to rev up his base at Daytona 500President Donald Trump will look to rev up his appeal with a key voting demographic Sunday — NASCAR fans — as he takes in the Daytona 500 crowd gonna be HYPED Hope he gets booed like he deserves.

Damn do you need that much security for one fucking lap? 😂 “We Really Don’t Care “ Fake Lives of tRump Regime! The purported impact gets lost with the entourage in tow,why did all those other vehicles have to follow, not like they were protecting him or anything. What a waste! That's awesome! Always has to be about him!

Waste of tax payers money Hanging with the homies, I see. Waste of tax payer dollars I like CNN when they post true...positive news about our President.

Trump looks to rev up his base at Daytona 500President Donald Trump is out to rev up his appeal with a key voting demographic — NASCAR fans — as he takes in the Daytona 500 on Sunday. NASCAR drivers may veer to the left during their trip around the oval racetrack, but their fans lean right, which helps explain the regularity with which GOP presidents Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results? Masky_Jay_Hoody

What a great thing and the fans enjoyed it What a circus Unlike all the money the Dems have spent on the russian hoax. Fighting the appointment of Kavanaugh, Impeachment and oh ya, their salaries and pensions for doing jack s**t. 1 other thing Pelosi and her use of govt transportation dacullington I’m sorry you decided to cover his insane indulgence. Instead of covering the damage his so called Presidency is doing. CNN there in Baghdad the night the bombing started. Covering it live in 1991. WOW! You’ve come to this new low. Promoting a TIN POT CHEAP ASS DICTATOR. Shame!

Yes, and just like everything Trump touches, the race ended badly with rain today! He jinxed the Daytona 500!👎😠. This guy knows how to win votes smh Pure class. Its so nice to finely have a president thats actually for the people and accurately represents this great nation. Thank God for President Trump and our beautiful first lady!

The drivers would never pass him for fear of being hanged for treason.

Trump taking in Daytona 500 before heading WestPresident Donald Trump will give the command for drivers at the Daytona 500 to start their engines Sunday as he looks to win over NASCAR fans JEFF GORDON, NATIONAL GUARDS MY SPONSOR. AND GO ARMY .COM WITH RYAN NEWMAN Who cares Start your engines......😝

and that's why I watch f1... Daytona fans are mostly trump supporters. round and round... More like “cue the rain”! POTUS and FLOTUS got a Massive welcome in Daytona. So many Americans in one spot is a beautiful thing. The “4 more years” and “USA” chants were awesome . Best President ever🇺🇸 🤢🤮 He needed to appeal to his base, I guess.

Beautiful! Damn, CNN so glad there’s no other breaking news in the world...Also, surprised Trump was able to complete that statement w/o veering course. “Drivers, start, not like those liberal snowflake drivers, amiright? They tried to hold me down but if the glove doesn’t fit, anyway, go!” Gee if he only could get the be president down! As he is now none as Mr. On Vacation !!!!realDonaldTrump, Limbaugh, Hannity, bloomburg, tonightshow

Nothing more American or greater than seeing this. I'm so proud to be an American. Thank you President Trump!

Trump to test racing skills, mingle with supporters at Daytona 500President Donald Trump will test his racing skills in the political swing state of Florida on Sunday with a lap in his presidential limousine "the Beast" at the Daytona 500, NASCAR&39;s most prestigious race. Ramping up his nationwide re-election effort after his acquittal in the U.S. Senate

Trump is so old he had his left blinker on the entire time, and drove 5 miles below the speed limit. Greatest President Ever! Largest pack of trailer trash since that inauguration with “millions of people”🤡 This is such a Politicical Stunt. 4 MORE YEARS! The king of going in circles 💯 “No body, in the history of cars, has said Start Your Engines better than me. No one knows more about racing cars than me. It’s true.” - Impeached Prez Don “The Jaun” Trump

Oh I see. I knew he wouldn’t fit in a race car. BarkingCarnivalClown Why is this even referred to as “Breaking News”

Trump arrives at Daytona 500, sets off raucous celebrationPresident Donald Trump made a dramatic entrance at Daytona International Speedway on Sunday, setting off a raucous celebration at the famed NASCAR track. Thousands cheered as Air Force One performed a flyover and landed at Daytona International Airport a few hundred yards behind the track. Trump&39 There was no Grand about it! King is here, that lyin king.

All that was missing from Trump's low speed lap was a White Bronco (and Al Cowlings) YouKnowWhoIam PRESIDENTS DAY. Recognizing those Impeached. 1864 - Andrew Jackson 1998 - Bill Clinton 2019 - Donald Trump Why is this “breaking news” Congratulations to President Trump on his amazing win at Daytona 500. Such a big win. The crowds loved him, and went crazy when he won the race after just one lap. I told the President that the organisers will rename it the Trump 5000 in his honor. We are winning so BIG.

CNN cant even get this straight. Start your engines came first then took a lap. DAAAA! BarackObama and Big Mike hated NASCAR fans. Thank God for the realDonaldTrump. I was wondering how He would get into one ANY of those cars. Ha he would never. Let him try to go around the top track in his beast. Big deal who cares

Trump arrives at Daytona 500, sets off raucous celebrationPresident Donald Trump made a dramatic entrance at Daytona International Speedway, setting off a raucous celebration at the famed NASCAR track 👍

Then he left! Disgusting. Boo What a disgrace. And as usual, black clouds, rain and disappointment followed him, ruined a perfectly good event. Daytona 500 cancelled! The race will commence Monday At 4pm. At least 45 will not be a story. Why is our money paying for this BS, VOTE this fool out of office, Get Out And VOTE

I’m not a racing fan, but that’s very cool. He was actually running rings around the Democrats and fake news like CNN.

AvetMag Love this. No problem spending my tax dollars on this. Can we please, officially, stop calling NASCAR drivers athletes now that Trump did the same thing they do? This guy checking all the boxes. Can’t blame him Did I buy the gas for this or did the trump campaign. TOSSER Fuck DT doe he likes it up the ass

🤮 What a joke lol Awesome President!

I thought for sure the “chosen”’one would have commanded better weather 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Fake news will be triggered by this somehow Why didn't Obama do this as Prez? No license? Trump2020 4MoreYears 😳😏He coulda just Teeeted it; and save us taxpayers some $$🤦🏻‍♀️🙄 Dear Democrats. Misery will encourage you to hate on people and mistake it for happiness. Be self-aware and recognize your urge to put others down is not coming from a healthy place. Go inward, get to the root of your pain and transform the emotion to something more empowering.

That’s y it’s raining!! this is 'Breaking News' ? IndyCar should have copyrighted that statement!!! Since when did CRASHCAR start copying Indy? Look at all the money wasted today that could have paid for debit senior living for a year or 2 Melanie looked like she was having a stroke. He was struggling. Tbone?

🤮🤮🤮 Yea only his command was, and I, King trump demand you start your engines or it is the cages of El paso for you, and he requested Daniel suares be detained and sent back to mexico, and Trump was pissed that there was no big macks available for him. And the news is............................................................................

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Fake news And then it rained 4 more years baby! Misuse of taxpayer $$. Boycott sponsors. NASCAR should not have allowed this politicizing.

What a waste..... of time and money. Nascar has been officially RUINED! Glad to see he is taking care of the important issues in the country.. Awesome!! Does everything have to be a dam show? DJT is a media ho. He loves to showoff. The fans in the audience should have mooned him. Real men don’t sit in the backseat on an Indy track

Best President Ever !! Cheering crowds !! Great American Race. GAR Making America Great Again. MAGA Too fat to walk it.. There’s a reason other presidents haven’t done this.

The best part was when Fox of all stations cut away from his 'lap' to run a Bloomberg ad 🤗 🙄 he could have really used the exercise And leaves before it begins This is news? CNN pandering to trump And left before the green flag.... Awesome picture. Whoopi, the Russians have someone in the Daytona 500 What a great waste of our tax dollars

As a matter fact I’ll make some laps with this. 👇🏾 DickyDon Bad ass!!! 🇺🇸 Trump2020

Wow... y’all should be proud of FINALLY reported REAL NEWS!! 🤣😆😂😂😂 F1 is better. 😁 Bless Trump and the USA!! TRUMP2020 Say no more!! Proud to be a TRUMP SUPPORTER 👍 More bots here than at an R2D2 convention. He still a douchebag CNN......fatevi I cazzi vostri. Non preoccupatevi di Donald e piutosto cercate dove e' andato Hunter.

Awesome! Donny the narsassitic a hole had to spend more of tax payer money flying around the race track to get his rocks off. I don’t really care. Do you?

My tax dollars at work? I want my money back. So that idiot can't do anything else but ride around in circle like a RAT in a limo😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂we are in serious trouble folks😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Looking for votes I look at it as a freebie Trump Rally, compliments of all the ticket buyers and us good ole taxpayers. Another scam. Just another day in this corrupted presidency.

Very cool The best thing to piss Trump off would have been to NOT cover this in any way, shape or form. No surprise. It's one of the racist events. And WeThePeople kneeled in prayer. Trump enjoys going to places where the population is majority White Folks .

I'm here to see all the liberal tears. Not disappointed.😁😁 That was against the law Somebody should have taken the chance to spin Trump out and wreck him! Wow all you guys are so salty its pathetic... Making revving noises as he goes around track Should appear on the screen before I have to witness the car crash that he is.

Waste of tax dollars He starts quite a parade. This is not breaking news

How many millions did that cost the taxpayers Trump had a special 'call-out' to Warren, telling Pocahontas to..start your injuns - Trump opens the Daytona 500 with a lap around the speedway and a command to drivers to 'start your engines.' Just curious! How much did this charade cost the American taxpayers?

big fucking deal 🙄 👎 🤮 Can’t wait for realDonaldTrump attend a nba game! 😆 MAGA 'Commands drivers to Start your engines.' That damn Trump, always 'commanding' people to do things. How is this news?

Campaign free airtime . Must hive equal time to all Remember news? Next week Trump walks tight rope across two sky scrapers in New York. Week after Trump jumps Grand Canyon in presidential limousine.Week after Trump gets his fat ass stuck in a cannon. Ugh waste of taxpayer money Trash. Just another taxpayer-funded Trump campaign promo video. He’ll post it before the end of the day. 🙄

This is why I don’t watch that “sport” Ewwwww nascar I thought you were better than that.

TRUMP2020LandsideVictory Trump could afford a race from NASCAR 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 The only time that I've rooted for the wall. He’ll keep driving left, no wonder nothing goes right Wow , greatest president ever! makes me proud to be an American, he's got my vote ! Well, he will be in in friendly territory in Daytona, an overflowing crowd of people with high alcohol content, and very low intellect.

rednecks 4 trump So proud of realDonaldTrump for taking time out of his busy golf schedule to kick off the Daytona 500!!!!!!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

Triumph of the Wheel. Soon as I saw AF1 flying in, I turned the channel. No NASCAR for me today Fuck nascar now. I won’t watch anymore. I'm sure it was fun for his base. But the man's a New Yorker! He doesn't give two sh-ts. He's never ever been to the Daytona before 2020 That NASCAR crowd is his people. I know quite a few fans and they're not exactly 'thinking' folks.

Wow the first headline of a story I’ve seen by CNN regarding president Trump that had nothing negative in it! How much, CNN? Are you guys a journalistic outlet or a supermarket tabloid? For all who are commenting without a clue. NASCAR shows more respect and acknowledgement to our military and country than any other organization around by far.

Who cares? How is this breaking news!? realDonaldTrump

♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️TRUMP2020♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ This is as white trash as it absolutely gets That's my President! He knows the people in this country!! Gotta love it! MAGA The flyover was the best show of appreciation to his voters. My money spent foolishly by the loan. 4 MORE YEARS!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸 TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸 DAYTONA500

get use to it for four more 😝😝😝🇺🇸😎 When you have nothing to show for, you use the ppls’ car to impress the idiots, take a lap and pretend you are a celebrity. All that, bc you have nothing of substance to show. The idiots love it. JSmithpolitics1 A beautiful sight. 🇺🇸 God made it rain after Trump's 'look at me' lap. Go figure.

Watched on tv it was the most exciting beginning of the race ever

It's official TeamTrump PrezTrump is a hit👊 🚂🚋🚋🚋🇺🇸💨 Everything Democrats hate; we love it!! How cool was that? cnn sucks! Finally, someplace where he'll never get booed. what an opportunist-too bad most of his 'fans' there don't realize that he only cares for their votes, not about them.... That'll do wonders for that shitty sport.

FuckTrump Why is this newsworthy G-d bless President Trump Liberal autism is delicious

Honestly, watching the left fall apart over this is priceless. Idiot Sounds lame. Did he have pilot of Air Force 1 fly in formation with the Blue Angels? realDonaldTrump is remarkably unaccomplished, there’s golf (he cheats), there’s biz (he cheats) that’s it, can’t even throw out the first pitch! What a joke. A fat barking clown dreaming he is racing in his limo. HA HA HA !

Michelle Obama was booed at Nascar. So there's that. 4 more years !!!! Yep, Trump tracks in race... and not in a good way. American clown in action 🤡😈😆 His reception was lukewarm. America is waking up.

The amount of angry middle aged women on twitter right now is staggering. Kids gone, husband can’t stand them anymore so LETS TWEET. Best President ever. Love the left crying about it. The crowd 250,000 ppl yelling 4 more years was awesome Then, inexplicably, he broke into an operatic rendition of 'Back Home In Indiana'.

Whose limousine? Wasted another $10M of my damned money. Thanks Orange Squirt. For liberals there needs to be some clarification here: The Daytona 500 is the biggest race for NASCAR. NASCAR is an organization that has puton stock car races for over half a century. A car is what people in America own to get around. America is that area between NY and LA.

It’s not his limousine.

Did he declare himself the winner? Liberal meltdown in 3...2...1. When does the GOP start building the temple of trump so the right wing Christians can worship there So proud of realDonaldTrump for taking time out of his busy golf schedule to kick off the Daytona 500!!!!!!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 Clown Headline: Trashy orange narcissist fat cat rides in back of million dollar limo for trashy political event at taxpayer expense.

At Mar-a-lago then Datona then who knows. Absolute bs He said 'GENTLEMEN '!! Get it right CNN!!

How much did that cost taxpayers? Not to mention delaying commercial flights. NARCISSISM at its FINEST. Weak. 30 mph? Or was it 34 mph. I saw a kid on a 10-speed pass the limo. Par for our disabled President. Barf. 🤮 It’s all about meeeeeee! Fuck yeah Trump 2020! One could call it, a victory lap.. President playing cars is breaking news?

And NASCAR wonders why its audience is collapsing. This was unnecessary and just fed his ego.. at taxpayers expense. He'll leave early. Won't have a big enough Adderall buzz to last through the race.

That's our forward in chief The audacity of people to talk about our tax dollars for this when the impeachment circus cost us taxpayers so much. That must be the most expensive lap of taxpayer-funded pandering ever. That’s awesome Daytona 500 stopped for rain, before it starts. Engines turned off after Trump says 'start your engines.' EverythingTrumpTouchesDies

Abuse of a public asset Change the name to “Obama” and the haters would quickly change tunes. Some people here just can’t be happy about anything, even a car race. Stud Hey, we all like at times to get our Ego Stroked.. What's sad is that he's using our taxpayers money.

Oh look at me I get free sporting events. Time to change the channel .... And that ladies and gentlemen is why he is President and why he will be re-elected!! People love him and he loves America!!! Criminal realDonaldTrump hasn't been stopped by anyone ever, he's behind organized crime and corruption, making money at it undisturbed. He exemplifies a real dictatorship. Donald, go back to Russia

And it promptly rains lol This is dumb. Best President ever! This nation is blessed, for now

And how much did this publicity/campaign stunt cost taxpayers? That’s news? Did he claim he won and tell everyone how great he was for completing one lap? America under Trump is a true banana republic. Republicans would have fipped out of an Obama flag was hanging under the American flag at an NBA game but they are more loyal to Trump than our country. GOPComplicitTraitors As a moderate dem and NASCAR fan I’m offended BanNASCAR I question thier loyalty too.

Wow CNN! A factual tweet about Trump. Well done! Shame on you Trump!!!! He thinks hes the coolest thing since sliced bread. Has he ever had a drivers’ license in his life? Has he ever been in the front seat (other than playing Mr. Truck) in his life? It was nauseating....

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