Trump supporters believe coronavirus could be a 'nothing burger'

WATCH: Trump supporters believe coronavirus could be a 'nothing burger'


WATCH: Trump supporters believe coronavirus could be a 'nothing burger'

NBC's Monica Alba spoke to supporters of President Trump about their concerns about coronavirus as they wait for a rally in South Carolina.

Feb. 28, 2020 Read more: NBC News

. ×I Ce the j Tell that lie to the families of those who died and those who will follow Trump told his brainwashed supporters the coronavirus is a hoax created by the democrats even though it’s a national pandemic that’s killed 17 Americans and at 320,000 deaths worldwide. I honestly think every single person who believes trump should be tethered to him eternally!! They should all get their friends and relatives to believe that the virus is a hoax and that something that might have happened 11 years ago means more than what's happening now!

Trump is a 'Mad Hatter' who occupies the White House and lies everyday. Based on the Chinese numbers there is a 96% survival rate. Good. Natural selection at work. KattyKay_ Nuttier than fruitcakes! Common flu is worse at the moment Guess we'll all just have to hope for the best and see what plays out. In my experience people that assume others( QAnons )are just stupid because they have a different(and often more accurate)perspective...are sheep. Especially when they can never back their opinions with fact

Tell that to the dead person in WA!

NBC News @NBCNewsBREAKING: NBCNews Special Report: Dow closes Friday down more than 3,500 points on the week. We are losing our ass. Help us! Trump will blame Democrats

WELL WHEN TRAITOR TRUMPS SUPPORTERS OR FAMILIES START GETTING AND DYING FROM THE CORONAVIRUS MABYE THEY WILL REALIZE THE LYING THAT THEY HAVE BEEN PRAYING TOO. IT IS TO BAD THAT SOMETHING LIKE DEATH WOULD HAPPEN TO GET THEIR EYES OPEN,WISH IT WASN’T THOUGH,BUT IT LOOKS LIKE IT.. Natural selection is a beautiful thing! I don't mean to say that as ill will towards any of the trump or non-trump supporters that believe the coronavirus is a 'nothing burger'. But it is always good to be prepared. Especially when it comes to people's health and safety.

Because it’s nothing but a cold JuliansRum Also from NBCNews: They could be right, and they could be wrong. Time will tell. fakenewsstrikesagain Well....I wasn’t expecting them to be smart!! Can’t fix stupid

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Bunch if messianic zombies...what's wrong with there brains? its the flu u can panick all u want, i dont live that life anymore, i dont give a shit Well when they get it Give them some Ginger Ale and send them home Karma, do your thing. naturalselection I'm sure they're right. So can we have them visit Wuhan China?

... which is exactly how it will spread ... KattyKay_ Their healthcare will be the nothing burger if they come down with it. Karma, bitches. Karma. Nothing Burger? till they get it!

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MalcolmNance Coronavirus maybe a “nothing burger” to Trumpians, until their child or mom has to eat it and doesn’t survive. Let’s hope for the best but prepare for the worst by protecting our loved ones. Take this virus seriously as we would the flu or pneumonia. Both kill. That’s because Trump supporters do their research and don’t reflexively obey/follow corporate propaganda.

Well then please please magats.....expose yourself to it and then go home. I mean it’s a nothing burger so you’ll be just fine. 😂 Ok, are we ready to be done with local idiot punditry as news? Science will prevail and oh yeah, they are in the tRump cult What is so hard to understand The ignorance is overwhelming

This is social Darwinism The total ignorance of these followers of rump/hitler continues to be astonishing. Apparently state-run Fox the only one they watch. Education not a big thing with them. Global TV viewers know better.

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The 'we don't listen to science' group. Rational people believe it’s a nothing burger, because it is. That doesn’t change because the fucking media hypes it up. 16,000 have died in America from the normal flu so far this season..... Just more FakeNews MAGA drinks 45's Kool Aid! Why do Networks bother.....Trump supporters will say whatever they think will help Trump. When ppl know he cheated to get in our WH but don't care, we aren't going to hear any truthful responses. Cult 45 like the attention & screwing ppl over esp the Media, it's idiotic but true.

The hatred of mainstream media like NBC against its own president and American people is horrible and disgusting Then they are uninformed as is their hero. Check the CDCgov and WHO and...educate yourselves. Trump supporters have witnessed 3 years of manufactured events that turned up as nothing. When you see a pattern enough, it becomes easy to predict. We are witnessing the death of the propaganda arm of hidden power structure. Fear and panic is how they control. That's the pattern

What happened to all the crazy republican apocalypse preppers? Did FoxNews stop advertising all those freeze dried meals and titanium bunkers? This is just the kind of thing 5 years ago they’d be prepping for. Trump told us himself it’s fake news and you are fake news!!! Hoax!!! Trump2020

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La ignorancia es una virtud muy especial. 😳😳 ☝🏽☝🏽 3 supporters are ALL GULLIBLE now they are Dangerous, Idiots. So how come China has it too ? Until they die a preventable death Poorly educated You cry wolf so often it’s only a matter of time before people stop believing there is a wolf. If I was a reporter I would not go any where near those cretins.

Tell them those hats co e from China and could be infected! DeadlyNothingBurger Its not the flu... but it is something for the democrats to weaponize..which they was running out of shit to do , and China is crippling the U.S economy and shutdown protesters , but Russia is a threat🙄

Shanola Hampton to Star in NBC Comedy 'Night School'The 'Shameless' regular will play a teacher in the pilot based on the 2018 Kevin Hart-Tiffany Haddish movie. shanolahampton Congrats, shanolahampton! EmmaRoseKenney shanolahampton Love her! So talented.. EmmaRoseKenney shanolahampton ya'll made me think she died for a second there

Tell the dead folks that they died from a nothing burger asshole. Posted by - LizLemon5759 Flu kills every year people, stop the fear mongering Jackasses Stop reporting this 💩 ... At this point, you are helping spread disinformation and gaslighting Now show the video of Democrats calling Trump racist for wanting to shut down the boarders with counties at high risk of the virus. But NBC and their viewers only knowhow to scream Trump Bad because thinking for themselves is too much to ask...

Oh good. Hope they feel the same way when they get it. I bet the most they’ve researched the coronavirus is just the name. Morons.

Just another scare tactic welcome to the media frenzy This is the hand of God the end of times is near ..... swarms of locusts and now a pandemic God isn't very happy You should stop interviewing stupid people. It is quite obvious that anyone wearing a MAGA cap is not well informed about science or medical facts. Maybe you are just trying to prove a point that magats are below average in intelligence.

Idiots Now that someone has died maybe they will wake up. Every election year has a new one. Guess what ? This one will turn out just the same. GFY Love the ‘poorly educated’ Until someone they care about gets sick and then they will be crying out for health care. Natural Selection and an election will defeat the MAGATS

..... A nothing burger

Hopefully the coronavirus non-believers still take precautions or Trumpty Dumpty is going to have a lot of 'splainin to do. Vote Blue No Matter Who * NBC News is a nothing weiner * MalcolmNance More Trump supporters drank the koolaid. They remember Lawrence Odonnell..I dont blame them. Until they get it.

AnnaCat58144216 Actual doctors who know what they're talking about say so as well. It's you leftist media and politicians that are trying to create panic. A nothing burger? The media must love that sound bite In comparison, it is... Funny If these guys came down with the Corona virus, what would they be saying from their hospital beds Pleading for any help possible, probably. Ventilator might prevent this.

Well of course. They don’t believe science. They only believe their Lord and Savior, The Donald, almighty! Amen, pass me some bullets. Then how do you account for all the dead bodies? Also if Trump is closing the borders why is he saying its a hoax? If it’s nothing why did he put Pence in charge? I believe this is talking out of both sides of your mouth.

They gonna learn the hard way Who’s surprised? Well compared to the flu it is a nothing burger. KOOL-AID BURGERS MYTH A MY DRUTHERS BIG LOOK PoeticAnagramWave Natural selection. It could be a nothing burger. Maybe it will be something we deal with for a long time like HIV. Who knows? Do you? Judging by your reporting the past 3 years you are most likely clueless.

Until they get it. Then it’s like I was lied to. pjsullivan442 SO, NBC picks 2 guys, Trump supporters, and all of a SUDDEN they represent ALL of the millions of Trumps Army. NBC is lazy with their amateur journalism. Their BIAS clouds their minds and makes them appear simpleminded.

Hypothetically, when this virus ends up not killing thousands or millions of ppl like they are hyping it up to do, what is going to be your excuse for panicking the country? Can you blame them? The media hyped Ebola, SARS and even Bird flu as the apocalypse and now here we are again, with another sensational news story. Look in the mirror if you want the laugh .

MalcolmNance We are well past the 'nothing burger' stage. But, one must have at fact-check news sources to know that. Send these fucktwats to ‘Gyna to see, smell, and fear for themselves. Then this will make them feel better. Most of these supporters aren’t the brightest individuals and that’s reinforced by the fact they’re Trump supporters

They'll say that until they are on their death bed. Trump supporters not buying into the fear porn the media is peddling? Sounds like smart people. May the epidemic hit most hard the people that helped enable its spread.

MalcolmNance BREAKING NEWS: They’re not smart. It's the FLU. Stop fear mongering. I'm sure they don't 'believe' in science either. Trumpism has failed Americans MAGA It’ll disappear just like SARS did Stupidity doesn`t die out. Wow. And maggot hats protect them Well I hope they enjoy the virus... And the kool-aid was just kool-aid...

Let the virus play it’s self out😂😂😂that poor,poor woman🤷‍♀️ Media likes panic. Yep. Probably is. DemocratsHateAmerica Trump supporters have proven they’re not the smartest bulbs in the pack many many times. 🤦‍♀️ I think the Republicans invented the nothing Burger It’s another deep state tactic to affect Trump so yes, it’s a nothing burger indeed. Patriots in control...

MalcolmNance So why is Japan considering shutting down the Olympics. MAGAtards? Cue in 'Don't Fear The Reaper' by Blue Oyster Cult. You can't talk to a fool.- Etta James Proof positive why they support Donnie

This is how we win Visit here for SEO related articles What's wrong with SOME white men?is there no thought process going on inside your heads I'm beginning to think Caucasian women and black women are way way smarter than us guys The flu has already caused an estimated 26 million illnesses, 250,000 hospitalizations and 14,000 deaths this season, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Where’s the panic?!

This is no joke. I had a lawyer this week tell me that coronavirus is nothing but just an ordinary flu. The Democrats want to make us panic so the stock market drops because that’s how they can beat Trump. This is a presumably educated lawyer, who has clearly drank the cool-aid. When news abruptly stops airing stories abt coronavirus we’ll know it was organized attempt by Dumbos & press 2 politically hurt Trump. Dumbos & Press r desperately trying 2 find something that will lower morale of Trump supporters. This is real COLLUSION & political cheating.

MalcolmNance I’ll just bet these are exactly the same people who were freaking out about Ebola .... True karma would be discovering a newly diagnosed patient had recently attended a Trump rally. The reality they live in is fascinating, it’s like living in another planet. Hahahaha they even think they are from this continent. Europeanamericans are interesting sometimes. Right jltoledo520

albamonica What other word can you call these people but stupid?

MalcolmNance If they were the only ones who would die, I would not care, but that's not how epidemics work. I HOPE THEY TRAVEL A LOT. MalcolmNance Would you like cheese on that? Fries? Unbelievable... MalcolmNance The narrative is still the same Such naïve person MalcolmNance Well - if you live in some rural county without a hospital or doctor nearby - that’s what you hope for! Unfortunately- it’s no hoax.☠️🤒😷

4th graders A new form of stupid Let’s hope these aren’t the people that will spread it

A case of you or your loved ones could be dead wrong. How is this news, that a few people think this ain’t news. Only since these two guys have trump hats 🧢 then is news. OMG 😱 YOU PEOPLE ARE UNBELIEVABLE. Idiots Foolish just like him Of course it could be,just like Ebola, SARS and all the other “end of the world”scenarios you guys like to highlight.Dem’s Should work with the President to resolve NOT try and undermine or turn it political.Trump2020

Good! naturalselection. Ignorance is no excuse for stupidity BRAINWASHED and stupid...🤣 Just not in the media driven panic!Big difference than what the media wants of Americans.The media wants Us all to be in a panic over it because they think that will put a Democrat in the White House!Unbelievable that you have brought political bias into a serious health issue!

albamonica They deserve it

Bernie supporters really are communist. Pete supporters really are lazy. Warren supporters don’t understand the term Native American. I could write for NBC. MAGACULT Let’s call it what it is. If realDonaldTrump says to drink the Jim Jones Kool-Aid they wouldn’t even question it 🤦‍♂️ These two will be first in line for a vaccination , maybe second after the King of the Idiots realDonaldTrump . 🤬🤬🤬

Seems to me this should be the priority.🤔 As in... un-informed. MalcolmNance Stop spreading stupidity It's not just Trump supporters. It very well could be a nothing burger. With a 98% recovery rate is definitely not the black plague we were first told about. Wash your hands. MalcolmNance What could possibly go wrong ? 🤕🤧🤮🤢💀

MalcolmNance I hope they all get it.

Media has turned it into Avengers Endgame and keep telling people half of all living things will die. Well, now that you’re making it political.., Democrats who falsely accused Trump being a Russian puppet is actually nominating a Communist for POTUS. And, Bloomberg is a Republican who changed parties to run because he has a better chance as a Democrat. 😂

MalcolmNance What's WRONG with these people? The willful ignorance of these people is disturbing. Media always over exaggerate things to draw ratings to their failing propaganda frequency’s. MalcolmNance Can't wait to see how they feel when one of them or a family member gets it. The virus won't discriminate between MAGA and NeverTrump.

MalcolmNance Ironically a Trump rally may soon be the perfect place to catch coronavirus. MalcolmNance I don’t want to say all Trump supporters are completely uneducated, dumb and ignorant, but they sure do make it very difficult for me believe otherwise. No that is what Trump is a nothing burger

The Trump cult believes all the lies that come out of their leader's mouth. What will it take to break the spell of the incompetent con man fraud in the WH? OK.....YOUR POINT IS ?...VOTE REPUBLICAN AMERICA, AND CHANGE THE CHANNEL. If we had let it run it’s course it would be over by now and had a minimal impact on the economy

I am eagerly awaiting report on how the realDonaldTrump admin handled this situation perfectly and that a potential was averted due to the great leadership of our duly elected POTUS. But, of course, that will never come from the propaganda arm of the DNC Looking forward to Donald, Donald Jr., Ivanka & Jared to visit South Korea shortly and then hold their rallies across the U.S.

Stop It. We aren’t panicking and that is bad? Where was all the hysterical coverage with Ebola which as extremely dangerous. The media hatred of The President has left us with little belief in what you report. Sure NBC, 4 more years it’s a lock, the democrats actually look insane and with these comments thank god they’re votes won’t make a difference lol

38% genius MalcolmNance There will be a culling Just look at them! We’re in trouble!

Well ... Socialism has killed way more people just in the small island of Cuba 🤷🏻‍♂️ And the flu has killed was more people this year ... But the media always wants to politicize everything against Trump They are as stupid as he is. When they get it they will believe Well They’re not the brightest bulbs on the planet

How’s interviewing dumb folk for their opinion on scientific subjects newsworthy? MalcolmNance If anyone with MAGA-wear shows up sick, they should be refused treatment of a HOAX! Because it’s less deadly than the flu! Stop spreading fear. I heard the virus attacks the lowest IQ That’s totally disingenuous. I’m neither a Republican or a Democrat. I think everyone knows the virus is a real threat but a lot of them regardless of their party affiliation are remaining optimistic & not panicking. I’d rather have it this way than the other way around🌞

Fools born every second!!! Ignorance is bliss

really it is a strong flu So far, it is a nothing burger. 16,000 people have died in the past few months... from the flu. There are 15 cases of Corona in the US. Survival rate w/o hospitalization 80%. Total survival is 96-98%. Media is clearly hyping story to damage economy for political reasons. your bias outdoes itself daily

The fact that you continue to give these people agency is disgraceful They also think tRump cares about them! 🤣🤣🤣 Cue the Deliverance theme. Why does the news literally only ask the opinion of political candidate supporters? There are literally millions of other opinions in America...TrueStory Then they just might get it

MalcolmNance The one on the right would probably die from it. Well let's hope it doesn't strike close to home for them. 🤯🤷🏾‍♀️ MalcolmNance They chose to be uninformed. That’s just plain cult like. Unfortunately being one doesn’t know how it mutates it might be the death of them. Not wishing it on anyone I hope they become informed.

And if it’s not a nothing burger (dumb expression), they’re willing to risk lives. Once again, sensationalizing a relatively small problem (comparatively) & trying to garner support from the scared fragile left by twisting reasonable statements to supposedly show irrational behaviors. I am starting to really dislike NBC.

Wait till they get it then. The joke is on them. This doesn’t surprise me at all. Trump supporters are cut from a whole other linen😆. Send them in to take care of these patients!; sells FEAR PORN. You look foolish. STOP. IT. propagandalive propaganda If you read, get your news online at many different sources, work in the medical field ( where people die from flu) , and don't listen to opinion news you're fine. Have a beautiful day!

MalcolmNance Then the virus should hit them first Idiotspeak.

I guess they should take a huge bite then. Blind leading the blind. MalcolmNance then take a bite I mean I guess but there are how many people dead? How many people infected around the world? Do u somehow think America is immune to that? But see when you’re in a cult this is what you think do you think Pence will speak in tongue and save us all just not the gays though right?

Well 98% live and if you don't count those with compromised immune systems it's more like 99.5% who survive. Sounds like a nothing burger to me. MalcolmNance These people are as ignorant as Donald Trump. I don’t know what it would take to open their eyes. I would like them to tell me one thing that Donald Trump has done for them.? Of course the answer is nothing. But they just can’t see it!

MalcolmNance The common clay MalcolmNance Rather proves their ignorance. You can see their intelligence on their face

President realDonaldTrump supporters are likely in many cases deplorable but in this situation they are just plain STUPID! MalcolmNance realDonaldTrump making the GOP proud. Proving, once again, none of you give a 💩about the lives of American people. It’s all about lining your pockets. Until you know a victim. senatemajldr LindseyGrahamSC GOPLeader SenAlexander lisamurkowski SenatorCollins SenSasse

It sounds like your making fun of Trump supporters. MalcolmNance I hope they have good health coverage. JuliansRum At this point in the scheme of effects on total population it is a nothing burger. Over reaction built on the liberal deification of political gain. MalcolmNance The fact that they apparently said “COULD BE” a nothing burger is a small victory at least. 🙄

Its sad how one man's lies can brain washes the weak... If it was a nothing burger.. is it a nothing burger in China and around the many lives are lost because of Corona Virus...!! JuliansRum Panicdems prefer election years. * SARS: 2004 * AVIAN: 2008 * SVVINE: 2010 * MERS: 2012 * EBOLA: 2014 * ZIKA: 2016 * EBOLA: 2018 * CORONA: 2020

Sad to see the ignorance of he’s base that they believe his lies WATCH: Trump supporters being complete morons. Hey, MSNBC, tell us something we don’t know.


MalcolmNance Fuck them JuliansRum It is, il All those things did just come and go. Remember Ebola? MalcolmNance Have these people been identified yet? MalcolmNance You can’t fix stupid. You just can’t. KAG Who cares about these people.....we need to thin the herd anyway.

🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ It's the FLU you lying dog faced pony Unicorns... THE FLU... He LOVES the poorly educated! Can they even read? Nothing burger! losing media. quit trying to cause panic just for a vote. MalcolmNance 😔

It could be in their town as long as it doesn’t keep spreading the way it ahas in some places... let’s hope it’s a nothing burger Well, then - Darwin Awards, all round for that crew. :-/ Not sure if it's due to fear/anger leading to amygdala overfiring or just blatant Dunning-Kruger. :-( It's no use panicking but underestimating the threat is not any good, either.

MalcolmNance Hope the virus is going Full Darwin on them. Like their Emporer’s new clothes? I have a new business plan where we hire Coronavirus patients to attend Trump rallies.

Until they or friends and family get sick!! You can’t fix stupid. Then they should take a vacation in China, Italy, Japan or Iran! JuliansRum Sucks to be in a msm cabal swamp algorithmic trance The media told us countless of times that viruses would end humanity... SARS, The BIRD FLU, EBOLA, ZIKA, MEASLES & more.. Yet, we’re all still perfectly fine! the FAKE NEWS media want us to believe that Coronavirus is the END!

Trump creates a dangerous situation by convincing ignorant base coronavirus is a hoax. People will be careless. Therefore they will spread this disease further than necessary. It's suicide in the making. Why does anyone believe this evil delusional man? MalcolmNance Dear tRump supporters.... there are some VERY good deals for holidays in Northern Italy, China, South Korea and Iran.

Travel ban the USA then MalcolmNance Let those fools earn their Darwin Awards. They will love the cheap flights to China then! That’s good, that would be awesome for the country. All of them infected by the same virus, wait, they already have, AN ORANGE pandemic.

For once I agree with the morons MalcolmNance Darwin at work These people need serious help No we believe the Left has turned this into a political circus. MalcolmNance Yes, a nothing burger, because the crap 4 brains POTUS says so & God forbid these consumers of propaganda believe any fact! When their loved ones R falling ill & need to go on ventilators; 750K R required, & only 75K avail; they'll change their tunes!

Well that’s a good thing. I don’t care if they become infected. MalcolmNance No. I just cannot watch. I tried. It’s akin to listening or reading about how great the Titanic was supposed to be prior to it hitting the iceberg. 1912’s “nothing burger”? More people in the US have died from the flu last year than have died from from CV it’s a flu bug


Two people MalcolmNance I'm still trying to figure out what he's done ? Mexico is Not writing a check for the wall. That was a Lie! Hillary isn't locked up, that was a Lie. Hasn't done a darn thing about Immigration. Hasn't improved Healthcare. No Infrastructure. All blow, No go. Con Man! I believe nbc is a nothing burger.

Then they should go to China and hang out there I think it is time Trump hold a Rally in China. Let's start a go fund me page for all the Trump supporters and fly them over to Hubei Province for a massive Rally. Proving the Coronavirus is NOTHING BUT A 'HOAX.' A basic 'nothing burger.' I've heard this attitude from more than just trump supporters and more than just from Americans, there are thousands who don't care and don't see it as an issue

send them to Wuhan NBC NEWS, MSNBC CNN CNNPolitics FoxNews and the rest of the 'FAKE NEWS MEDIA' are nothing burgers!! They don't know 'SQUAT' about the coronavirus and they certainly aren't reporting on it and if they do it's 'ALL LIES'!!! Thinning out the herd. So when they get infected, they can go to VP and scream at him.

MalcolmNance Give it some time. If, after the typical summer hibernation, the virus makes a fall appearance with vigor and becomes epidemic, and their family members start getting sick and we don’t have enough testing kits and respirators, they may think twice about who they trust. MalcolmNance After hearing this, if there is anyone still out there who is planning on dropping out of 'HIGH SCHOOL' please reconsider.

MalcolmNance Yes and eventually it will be , so what. MalcolmNance They probably don't have health insurance and will resist washing their hands. MalcolmNance Could be depending on where they live. It's a big country. But drop a few patients off in their towns? See what they say then. Soon shout ' one mask or death'

It's a flu. 🙄 MalcolmNance Maybe they'll believe it's real if they get it. MalcolmNance US Government should send all realDonaldTrump supporters for a nice and free vacation to China, Japan, South Korea, and Italy. Since they believe Coronavirus is a hoax, I know they will enjoy their vacation (to hell), and the rest of us here as well.

Ok if they get it, don’t say it wasn’t warned. Good look MAGA supporters.

MalcolmNance Watch. Natural selection will not be a ‘nothing burger’ for these cultists. MalcolmNance As usual, provincial Americans think these things only happen to others. MalcolmNance Until they start getting infected. MalcolmNance Hopefully they don't catch it. MalcolmNance Wait til that “nothing burger” hits THEM!

MalcolmNance They trust their guns The risk for Mulvaney, the president and the rest of the TrumpAdministration --their current attempts to shrug off the risks could be damaging if the virus does become a serious problem in the US, GeorgeWBush's 'heckuva job' to Hurricane Katrina - MalcolmNance MalcolmNance Trumps telling his people that it’s a hoax so if they get sick and they die Trump always says the countries full anyway so we just have less people.


MalcolmNance Great. I hope they eat that nothing burger with lots of ketchup and mustard! Hopefully it will be but my guess is it will not considering what we have seen so far from the administration and it insisting on gagging the CDC. COVIDー19 TrumpLiesAboutCoronavirus Exactly, it’s flue being blown totally out of proportion unless there is more to the virus that the Chinese govt are not letting us on in. Psychologically people are driving the fright up each other about the virus instead of just trying to be brave & handle it as a normal flue

Just keep on congregating in large groups at those rallies, please. Trump’s Hoax should be widespread by end of March, a good time to rally. I truly hope you are one of the 98%, because I would never wish death on anyone, not even those brainwashed enough to believe trump. Good luck with that one, it doesn’t discriminate. You will find out the hard way.

COLONIZERS Well let’s hope they or their elderly family members don’t contract it!! Remember, most only finished 6 grade. JuliansRum NPC News 👌 That’s exactly what it is. Hysteria over nothing

kaylena68 Those who work in healthcare are just as concerned about COVID19 as Influenza. Across the nation emergency response plans are activated should a pandemic happen. In meantime, we continue 2 do our daily work & have confidence we have best healthcare in the world. NoPanicking Nothing until you eat that burger dum dum.

Yeah & no problem re climate change or global warming either! Why do democrats want Americans to die? So they can seize power and open the borders to more illegal aliens with unchecked diseases like TB, Coronavirus, etc? For some strange reason, one feels satisfied after reading this news Let's hear from them if they or a family member comes down with it. Then let's see if they sing the same tune.

To each his own. No one can make them get tested the same way no one can tell them how to vote. Idiots with MAGA hats:- beleive HumptyTrumpty his words are the truth. The Educated:- let's prepare for the worst case scenario just in case. Better to be safe than sorry. Trump supporters will believe a great *many* things that you tell them, *none* of which need be true...! Facts are rarely a priority.

That's Americans, not just trump supporters, not very bright people Thank you for selecting out of the gene pool! Cough..cough..wheez.. wheez... Send them to Wuhan!!! Alphamektek They will be the reason we will have a bad outbreak if we have one. They won't believe. They won't listen. They won't prepare.

Ask Bloomberger if he will give all these stable geniuses free tickets to Italy or South Korea. They would be helping science by providing more case studies. JuliansRum Imagine if Bernie or any other of the dems running for president were actually President right now. They all support open borders. 75% of America would have the virus already.

JuliansRum SARS, Bird flu, h1n1, Ebola... but this is it this time right NBC? And you all think people can be women if they chose and that a child in a womb is merely a “clump of cells” and that natural gas and nuclear aren’t the keys to climate change yet here we are.

JuliansRum Only the brainwashed are worried. Trump followers know what's up. 🤡mocking bird MSM helped make this JuliansRum Coronavirus is the new 'Russian Collusion.' Good. We need to thin the herd. JuliansRum Because it's true!!! Xx1745xX What Trump said is absolutely true scientifically that the virus will dissipate once the weather gets warmer. It’s already warm in some places (will spread more slowly there). It’s going to warm up in the North too soon. We’re looking at about a month’s risk possibly.

Trumpsters think coronavirus is in nothing burger? What med school did they go to? Such delightful moronic eloquence. Xx1745xX I thought the comments were very reasonable. I am also along the same lines. JuliansRum Just like bird flu, swine flu, Zika, Ebola ya! What’s the distraction from this time huh

...and then they get infected and die. DatMiddleBoi Western Civilization has endured much- from the Bubonic plague, 2 World Wars, Black Death, Super volcanic eruptions that almost wiped out humanity, genocide A silly virus comes along and the globalists think we're all scared. Good odds the last man standing will vote Trump2020!

JuliansRum Could it be we are tired of your endless doomsday predictions that have been WRONG every time you make them from Trump only has minuscule chance to win, he’ll tank economy with his tariffs, he wasn’t spied on...all discredited. You have an agenda. And it’s not finding the truth. JuliansRum LOL, Muh Caromuh virus gonna kill us all. But first it's gonna tank the stock market hopefully!

JuliansRum Yes. Fake news is the boy who cried wolf. We're not going to lose our minds when you tell us to. JuliansRum Much overhyped. Just like with the flu, the elderly and immunocompromised are at risk. Honk Kong- 8 million people 94 cases 30 recovered 2 deaths Wash your hands, stay at home if you're sick

JuliansRum This is a nothing-burger look how many die from seasonal flu.... JuliansRum I agree with them. I hope they're right. I've seen SARS-The Swine Flue-Ebola, and others. None of them made the Pandemic Level despite all the fear they attached to them. Fear is only useful if it makes you cautious. Facts matter more.

It is true. You have a much higher chance of dying from the normal flu. This is no different than the last few outbreaks. As long as they manage it properly should not be a problem JuliansRum NBC PUTS OUT FEAR PORN!!!

I hope they all contract the virus Let's ask Vietnam veterans about genetic engineering I mean why not. Let's do a story asking Miami Heat fans about Buddhism. Who gives a shit what these people think Yet his type of followers are the same type you’d expect to practise survivalism and be very trigger happy ... 🤔

NBC: It’s your duty to tell the American people the truth about Coronavirus, that it’s real, NOT interview Trumpeters about what he tells them!! Get some Balls! Who led them around by the nose pre trump? Look at the numbers .... The 24 hour news cycle is promoting fear 24/7. Do they keep track of flu deaths and cases every year?

I seriously hope they are right and it turna out to be a ‘nothing burger’. But still want the government to me way more prepared than this. Firstly, that was HiLARious! 😂 Secondly, I’ve said it 30 million times tonight ShitForBrains 💩 so is NBC not part of TrumpsAmerica 🤪 He gets a free one way ticket to the Wuhan Province.

Liberals will hear & twist what they want because it suits their messaging. We’re entering election season so let’s hype up the challenges before us & make everyone stressed out.🙄Might this Covid-19 be dangerous, yes; but we’ll deal with it & that’s ultimately Trump’s message.

I'll have ketchup with that saline drip . . . How dumb are these people FirstLady Clinton made a comment about those followers and she was drag thru the mud, but it was from what i can see is True. He's right MAGA bucket hat? Check back on them and see if their alive in a few months. Brain dead rats following the pied piper . Trump is old and have healthy issues , he should be acting like a responsible adult and not like an orange nan baby. The virus is not a hoax unless you living under a rock. Get real

Hope they got their info check back with them in a few weeks Breaking news science deniers get sick from magical gremlins that infected their lungs. Scientists around the worls continue to call it a viurs and the two have been quarentined. 🍿 There seems to be no end in stupidity

Typical thick Americans It’s real people , wake up . trump lies could kill you. You show as if he is dumb and do not understand. He don't understand. These people sure are dumb 🤦🏻‍♀️ The flu is worse...grow up and get over it already Why do the reporters at NBC News assume an authority they don't possess?

Math. It’s science as well. *Cough* Sure, the red state hypochondriacs don't think the spreading sickness is real. Sure. Let's see where they are in 48 hours They are the ones that don’t wash their hands

OMG. Lol....good. Will China take them? I hope corona reached them all safely , including the stable genius. Ignorance is bliss with republiCon’s Then....May they catch it. End. Amen. Sharp as marbles! When knowledge is the enemy. Sad🇺🇸 NBC has been wrong about so much in the past 3 years. Talking trash is cute

Just like mass shootings, they don’t believe it’s a problem until it hurts one of their own.

Neanderthals A nothing burger is nothing though Ahhh. Darwinism at its best. I love it. ❤️ Just another variation of the Flu !! Pure hype Fools I can shake my head at these people ? Right? The biggest failures as humans are right here, the dupes and traitors of MAGA coronavirus TrumpVirus PutinsPuppet TraitorTrump TraitorsSupportTraitorTrump IdiotInChief

More people are killed by the flu and besides, you can catch a lot worse in the Democrat run cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco. 💩🐀💉 Yep agreed

Here’s your sign. Wonder why? SARS, Swine flu, Ebola, bird flu, west Nile, 2009 flu. They pump each one like it's the end of the world. How can you even tell anymore? A nothing burger? When their family remember start dying and getting sick from it, I wonder if they'll think it's a nothing-burger then? Until he gets it

Deplorable they truly are. And it could be. I’m to the point where I hope they all get it. That’s where I’m at ..... This has become serious. We need a Government study immediately to see if some sort of environmental issue has caused all these stupids. Maybe it's climate change!

Whatever pumpkin says... . Offer them free trips to China! Idiots Shouldn't they have said nothing berder? looks more like a gathering of incels..... Well...until they get the coronavirus 🤷‍♀️ you are promoting hate and loving it, that is not nice. You should be banned. Trump loves stupid people. That's why.

I hope they're right. ...but then again they are 'the poorly educated' then they should not get a vaccine or wash their hands

The key words here .. Trump Supporters 🤷‍♀️ They don't know healthcare, they don't care about the coronavirus they don't care if Donald raise their taxes and lowered their income.... This is good for the rest of us. Yeah so less people have died from it than the common flu... Looks like we have our first volunteers folks.

Coronavirus is the flu. Calm down. It’s just the flu All the crazy people r out buying milk,bread and eggs!

Send them to Wuhan. Or it could be a Big Mac🤦🏻‍♂️🤣🤣 It could be. Or, it could kill them. Their choice as to whether or not they want to take it seriously or not. Well, the keyword used is: COULD. As in: 'Anything COULD happen.' (it's a Trumpism) But let's be prepared, you know, just in case it DOES happen. Hmm? Shall we?

We hope you are correct. However, I hope you have your bomb shelter stocked. Hopefully they’ll all partake of said burger and do the world a favour by reducing the stupid level in the world. Ask the families of those who have died. Those statements give the libtards food for foder. But ya, the media initially exaserbated the situation.

Ridiculous Wait till some of them catch it. It would take that much to convince them he’s a con artist and is lying to them. Poor suckers.

They also believe you get it from Corona beer.. so there is that as well.... They will follow him until their death so blinded by him. A pandemic in 57 countries...yep, that’s a nothing burger. 🙄 Trump supporters are morons. That's why they're called, 'Trump supporters' and not Republican voters. Until it strikes the Nitwit red states otherwise these Mutts do not care. How them 401k s doing Foxwashed Rubes ?

Not surprised at this your newsfeed is really lacking in credibility. Why are you surprised at this? When the media lies a lot how do we know when you tell the truth It’s something to be concerned about for sure, but do not become paranoid or cause panic. Be extra careful around sick peoples including your own family members. This illness doesn’t care what your political affiliation is!

Maybe if you media would stop hyping everything up as looming Apocalypse, people would take things more serious. Reminds me of that “boy cry wolf” story Fine. Herd needs thinning anyway. Be a real shame if someone coughed on them at the Nazi rally tonight .. DARWINISM Stupid people. It makes sense to take sensible precautions (WHO handwashing and keeping hands from face, have a weeks supply of food on hand in case of quarantine). These are minimal things, not alarmist.

Remember when cool trends were like yo-yos, pogs, pet rock? This mentally retarded trumpism trend isn’t fun like those stranaconda Yes this is the same people who think climate change is a hoax and cheer for a guy who members about toilet flushes ah the land of the free and imbeciles!!!!!!

The thousands of people who have died worldwide disagree. Coronavirus...go do what you do. Introduce yourself to these MAGA hat wearing fools. That's exactly what he wants them to think.... ShawnRobb3 Tell them to go lick a portable toilet. WHY! Of course Trump’s base won’t care - they think it’s manufactured in a Mexican brewery

National sneeze on a Trumper Day anyone? Then open airlines to and fro china The interesting thing is that Trumpers are a group more likely to get Covid19 & to die from it. Keep up those rallies!

Well it literally is. The flu is worse. Blatant Misinformation. I am a Trump Supporter. I have matching boxes of N95 masks for myself and my wife, 1 month supply if the same mask is not reused daily. Pathetic News dividing the country during Crisis. ShutdownNBC. I think this could be a major WIN for “survival of the fittest.” The first casualties will be those who don’t believe in evolution.

Trump supporters are the Dumbest people on earth 😂 I mean not a nothing burger but the case in the u.s. is not as serious as you all are making it out to be Trump supporters’ brains are the size of mustard seeds. cool, natural selection is a thing. thin the herd Offer then a free cruise in Japan? Sadly it's going to be them nothing burgers that end up getting the virus and sharing it with all their friends and family

Darwin Award nominee - best duo or ensemble

Darwin Winners... Trump and his supporters are idiots. Well, good. If they think it's a 'nothing burger', would they like to catch it? do these people know how many people have died worldwide? These are not bright people. Fake news corona virus isn’t even that bad it’s just a media scare tactic to make trump look like a bad president

This is truly terrifying. I'm not kidding, this is what will end the world. 0 dead in the US. 30,000-69,000 people die every year from the regular virus. Hyped up to crash the economy and hurt realDonaldTrump .

Chinese-Americans, Facing Abuse, Unite to Aid Hospitals in Coronavirus Battle

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Rice University Engineers ‘MacGyver’ an Inexpensive Ventilator for Coronavirus Patients

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Chinese-Americans, Facing Abuse, Unite to Aid Hospitals in Coronavirus Battle Trump defends firing ‘terrible’ intel community watchdog as Republicans question sacking George W. Bush in 2005: 'If we wait for a pandemic to appear, it will be too late to prepare' Coronavirus Lockdowns Clear the Air, but the Green Effect Could Be Fleeting President Trump will deter critics, turn doubters into believers with his handling of policies, coronavirus Billionaire Brooklyn Nets owner Joe Tsai donates ventilators and masks to New York Rice University Engineers ‘MacGyver’ an Inexpensive Ventilator for Coronavirus Patients ‘Stress-Free’: Coronavirus Aid Flows Quickly to Berlin’s Self-Employed California Gov. Newsom Says More Tests Coming; State Asks Public For Medical Supplies Kushner 'has no idea what he's doing' political reporter states Has Trump replaced his rallies with coronavirus briefings? Timothée Chalamet And Armie Hammer Have Reportedly Signed On For The 'Call Me By Your Name' Sequel