Trump suggests governors call in National Guard to 'dominate the streets'

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President Trump again suggested some state governors call in the National Guard to quell the nationwide protest, saying ‘you have to dominate the streets. You can't let what's happening, happen’

“I’m suggesting to some of these governors that are too proud ... ‘Don’t be proud. Get the job done.

You’ll end up doing much better in the end, calling the National Guard. Call me,’” Trump said in remarks at the White House Rose Garden.Reporting by Alexandra Alper; Writing by Makini Brice; Editing by Chizu Nomiyama


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Go sit down sir

George Bush did it in Los Angeles!

Hasn't Trump read the constitution?

Division Donald prepping his trial run for his intentional civil war come election results.

He’s scared shitless to think of ending up like Saddam or Gaddafi

Devide and conquer ! Shocking behaviour from a so called civilised society !

realDonaldTrump POTUS FoxNews foxnewsalert seanhannity kayleighmcenany How come you are HIDING in your Wife Skirt. . .COWARD.

Tell Cheeto guy that it is our constitutional right to peacefully assemble.

I love it when the president glorifies the use of military force against citizens exercising their 1st amendment rights ♥️😍

It’s a straight up LIE that Trump wants the Nat Guard called in to quell the “protests” - he wants to quell the RIOTS, the ARSON, the VANDALISM, and VIOLENCE. Total smear job by Leftist Media playing word games.

Trump is 100% correct and most of the nation agrees.

While goes behind a now fortified white house and hides in a bunker sucking his thumb tweeting with the other mxieeeww

Really realDonaldTrump? Never any sense of danger? Just inspecting the bunker, right? You are a little guy, what you don’t have in courage you make up for in vulgarity and vile vicsciousness. Good thing you will soon be out of the White House.

TRUMPGATE!!! TrumpGate

He has not got it yet. BunkerBoy is going rush back behind his fences and piss his pants again before long. And then toughly whine some mean tweets Resist BunkerBoy 25thAmendmentNow

Tan noisier.

It turns out that Trump's Uncle Adolph is more than a little bit miffed by Trump's whole 'bunker escapade.' I found this video to be shocking, informative, and just a but humorous. Watch it and you can hear the German phrase for: 'Drinky McBleach.'

History is happening, mass rejection of your policies!

The chaos needs to end. Murderous rioters, looters and arsonists cannot be allowed to dominate life in America, even in Democrat-run states.

Trump is a criminal and should be on trial, make no mistake the man is a con and needs to be put on trail along with AG Barr and the list goes on.

He sure likes the idea of being surrounded by dominating people

Russian-American President. A little less competent than Putin.


Too little too late. Just let the democrats ruin their own cities

Again, realDonaldTrump? Read the polls, BunkerBoy. People aren't buying it.

Absolutely demented. Completely out of touch with reality.

Stay tough on criminals Mr.President

The Truth About Unemployment Is Much Worse

This 'man' is the human equivalent of vomit. Stop airing his idiotic nonsense. We have all seen and heard enough.

We need to have the guard arrest Trump for treason

I would just appreciate you just retire

Inciting more violence

No one wants your advise you weak little man! Go to your bunker

It’s the best solution because the protests will remain calm and the Rioters will have no excuse from the MSM because their beef isn’t with the Military it’s with the police ! Bring the guard in !

“Dominate” 🖕🏼 DJT

Nah. We got this.

What a tyrant. Literally Hitler.

Living in his own bubble.

He wants an American Tienanmen Square

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