Trump Stokes Base With Call To Reopen Churches As Americans Head İnto Uncertain Holiday Weekend - C

Trump Stokes Base With Call To Reopen Churches As Americans Head İnto Uncertain Holiday Weekend - C

Trump stokes base with call to reopen churches as Americans head into uncertain holiday weekend

President Trump made another play to his base, declaring churches and houses of worship 'essential' and sharply warning the nation's governors that he would 'override' any actions taken that interfere with the resumption of religious services | Analysis

5/23/2020 10:03:00 PM

President Trump made another play to his base, declaring churches and houses of worship 'essential' and sharply warning the nation's governors that he would 'override' any actions taken that interfere with the resumption of religious services | Analysis

President Donald Trump made another play to his base Friday, declaring churches and houses of worship 'essential' and sharply warning the nation's governors that he would 'override' any actions they take that interfere with the resumption of religious services.

It was a move meant to shore up the support of his core supporters at a time when Trump's reelection prospects look uncertain in the midst of declining approval of his handling of the virus and the economic meltdown. Adding fuel to the latest controversy on the right -- just as he did when he supported protesters at state capitols who rebelled against their states' lockdowns -- Trump tried to assert authority he does not have as part of his relentless push for normalcy.His comments came as the nation headed into Memorial Day weekend, a time when health experts worry that Americans' vigilance will give way to complacency with the potential for crowded beaches, pools, parks, holiday barbecues -- and now churches -- across the country.An updated predictions model from the PolicyLab at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia this week forecasts that Miami and parts of Alabama, Tennessee and Texas will see rapid surges in new cases.Neither the President nor his press secretary explained Friday how he plans to follow through on his threat to governors, which he issued shortly before the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released voluntary recommendations for religious institutions.Read MoreBut, like his decision not to wear a mask during his tour of a Michigan Ford plant on Thursday, Trump was offering fighting words to his faithful at a time when the public is increasingly skeptical of his handling of the pandemic. A Fox News poll this week showed Trump's overall approval rating has fallen to 44%, down from 49% in April. And in a new ABC/Ipsos poll, only 39% of Americans approved of the President's handling of the crisis.Still, Trump's remarks Friday were threaded with his impatience for the cautionary warnings of the scientists and medical experts within his own administration, who are worried about a resurgence of coronavirus cases and have highlighted the risks of large gatherings (which many religious services could entail). Throughout the week, he has courted his evangelical supporters with his charge that governors are treating churches unfairly and his insistence that he wants to"get the churches open."Trump said Friday that some governors have"deemed liquor stores and abortion clinics as essential," but have left out churches and other houses of worship."It's not right. So I'm correcting this injustice and calling houses of worship essential," he said during a brief statement at the White House. "I call upon governors to allow our churches and places of worship to open right now. If there's any question, they're going to have to call me, but they're not going to be successful in that call," Trump said."The governors need to do the right thing and allow these very important essential places of faith to open right now, for this weekend. If they don't do it, I will override the governors. In America we need more prayer, not less," he said, taking no questions from reporters.As his general election campaign with former Vice President Joe Biden heats up, Trump has increasingly invoked America's culture wars. During a"Rolling to Remember" ceremony earlier on Friday to honor the nation's veterans, prisoners of war and those missing in action -- where he spoke to bikers who then rode two laps around the White House driveway -- Trump noted his political support from bikers."Always there, the bikers," he said."What do I have? 98%? 95? We're trying to find who are the 3% or the 2%. We're looking for them, right?""November 3rd is a big day," Trump said, referring to the November election after they lapped the South Lawn Drive."We don't want to destroy this country. We're going to make it bigger, better, greater than ever before."Birx urges safety precautions Though the Memorial Day weekend traditionally kicks off summer, this year's holiday will be anything but normal with many governors, mayors and local officials calling on their states' residents to continue social distancing, wear masks and stay as close to home as possible.Speaking from the briefing room podium later on Friday, Dr. Deborah Birx, the administration's coronavirus response coordinator, tempered some of Trump's enthusiasm for reopening -- emphasizing both the social distancing guidelines that churches should adhere to in order to reopen as well as the safety precautions Americans must take to enjoy their favorite pastimes this weekend.In encouraging news, Birx noted that 42 states now have less a less than 10% positivity rate of cases as a rolling seven-day average. But she noted that Maryland, the District of Columbia and Virginia are still the top states with high numbers of cases, followed by Nebraska, Illinois and Minnesota."There is still significant virus circulating here," she said of the Washington area.More of CNN's coronavirus coverage

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Kill more people. China snd India have trillions more people than us and we have 100k more cases than them. DID TRUMP GO TO CHURCH YESTERDAY BECAUSE HE TOLD EVERYONE TO GO TO CHURCH Was trump AT CHURCH YESTERDAY IF HE WAS NO ONE COULD SEE HIM, BECAUSE I JUST KNOW HE WAS AT CHURCH 35 people contracted the virus from attending church in Arkansas.

The base will get him another 4 years What a clown, ppl can practice thier religion at home, You reveal so much. God works through many outside Trump’s “base”, or are you all atheists? 🖕 For the Southen Baptist supporters? Did CNN just admit that their base is Godless? Essential? What a joke Isn’t it Christian to protect our neighbor and not get them infected?

Let’s go in the White House to worship - invite everyone- big crowds. Come one come all Where are your tax returns Someone should try opening a mosque and when the state's governor steps in and blocks it, go ask Trump for help. I bet he'll go back on his offer to override the governor CNN has lost its credit because of reporting fake news.

Besides he doesn't want more votes, doesn't need them. They can all die as far as he cares. Remember the Electoral Scam. Putin. CNN, you just said that President Trump made a play to his base by opening churches and house's of worship. You just showed your ugly hand. Lol, from realDonaldTrump who has sex with pornstars while his third wife is home nursing his kid..... what religion is this?

You mean freedom of religion? A right your socialist governors refused their citizens. So looking forward to the day they yank your network off the air for sedition. Sedition differs from freedom of speech when you constantly spew the DNC party line. Evil has a name and it is ... Trump Play to his base? What a bunch of fools you are.

His base? U fools are so out of touch w the ppl of this nation! That’s why nobody watches your network! Are you saying Democrats don’t believe in God? That they don’t go to church too? What’s so hard about understanding the 1st Amendment? Idiots! DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica This president is so irresponsible! Get him out of office! He wants to kill more people! See through his rhetoric and lies! Don’t trust a word this man says!!! It is not safe for gatherings over 10 people who don’t practice social distancing and refuse to wear masks!

Play to his base? So black church goers, Muslims and all other faiths who simply wish to worship are now part of his base. Your failure in objective reporting has damaged true journalism creating Fake News. Shame on you and you ignorant followers. I pray at home I believe in God at home. God doesn't live in the churches. Besides if you go to church tomorrow you will have to wear your Joe Biden mask. If you don't wear the mask you could get the virus. Second thought don't wear the mask.

Good. OR protected the constitutional rights of the American people. You really are terrible at this, CNN. 👎🏼 That's right it's just a play. Yeah lets make things worse. Why can’t that moron just stop golfing and for once do his job for real instead of making up fake stories and false allegations If you did your job instead of focusing on Trumps every move you’d know that many states have already given the ok to churches to start opening

He cares for NO one⚡💥👎🌩😤 ... faithfully executing the depth of his ignorance with regard to law...while he never even considers church attendance every week! Stop the insanity. Biden2020 Let's be clear on why Trump is threatening a forced reopening of churches in USA, The Evangelicals are part of his base and he wants to secure their vote, it has nothing to do with supporting parishioners needing to worship. Always has an alterior motive.. One that serves him

He wants to kill more people. Hecis so dumb that Maybe he thinks that only democrats will die. His base? You mean the God loving people this country was founded on? He’s so out of his depth! Such an abuse of power. Not what a President is for. Micromanagement to say the least Why are ppl bothered by this 🤔 if u don’t go to a church or a place of worship.. then it doesn't affect u.. if ur worried bout spread of virus.. then stay home.. simple

Why can’t churches reopen when they want to? No we don’t live under Hitler. It’s called FREEDOM! Because, you know, only conservative Republicans are the only church going people. Ignorance is CNN. COVID-19TRUMPGATE!🩸🩸🩸 I guess there's no such thing as a Christian Democrat. 😏 Only Conservatives go to church?

ITS TIME TO OPEN OUR COUNTRY AND THE PRESIDENT IS RIGHT AT THIS TIME TO ADD PLACES OF WORSHIP ESSENTIAL!!!🙏🙏🙏 Where is the priority? Taking caution to protect people from this dangerous virus is important, trying to divide people by pretending to be caring is a dumb move. Got elected by division people probably is not going to work this time.

Do you want to speak to the manager, Karen? He is incompetent impeached President! If you are a Republican, please go to your House of Worship tomorrow. But to prove you are a true believer, be sure to prove your faith by printing out and signing this waiver. Then carry it in your wallet next to your insurance card.

Go away wicked witch! You have no power here! FakeNews is the EnemyOfThePeople So CNN is saying Democrats don't believe in G-D and Hate America...Not hard ro believe! Are you saying there are no Democrats who practice religion? Trump: makes move that reflects the wishes of his base. Biden: if you dont vote for me u aint black.

76 Days since last playing golf. How many days since last being in a church? I wanna se his fat ass at a church! The only church he knows is Church’s chicken realDonaldTrump Why is defending a constitutional right controversial? Really enjoying watching CNN lead their “base” to financial and political ruin. It’s truly amazing.

President trump opens up houses of worship for all religions, democrats immediately attack Christians 😂😂😂😂 Yep, the Dems are them who booood God at it's convention. CNN FAKE NEWS CNN played to their base today by taking a jab at POTUS, the religious, and God. I hope all 100 of their viewers are happy.

Houses of worship means EVERY house of worship As he stated, mosques, churches and synagogues Did you miss that? More left wing propaganda from CNN. Trump: I open the churches, you vote for me. If these Churches are deemed “essential” by dear leader Dotard, then they can pay taxes! Plain and simple. TrumpIsALaughingStock TrumpIsAnIdiot

So only Trump's 'base' goes to church? YES .... WE STAND BY YOU SIR... GOD BLESS YOU His base so basically CNN don’t believe in any Gods ? So tell me all you religious extremists what do you think of Trumos de UAS affairs outside marriage God is everywhere. A Church is just a building. You don't need to visit a building to be close to God and whoever leads you to believe this, first stop to listen to your soul.

Clueless! Aw shucks, we already knew that. Sorry. It’s called the 1st amendment FakeNewsCNN 🙄 He’s probably the first politician ever to do something to please his base, Democrats wouldn’t understand because Democrats love illegals Moronic How is expressing religious freedom playing to Trump's base? this is exactly why I stopped watching CNN about 2 years ago... To even consider yourself a news channel is a joke in and of itself

🖕🏼 Trump Finally Donny says something I can agree with. My mother in law is 87 and losing the love of the ability of going to church is devastating for her. DOJ should sue every governor denying worship at Church Apparently he doesn't know that he can't override governors Play to his base? You’re obviously not a religious person.

⁦Trump⁩ & religion? “He rarely goes to church, displays only a passing familiarity with the Bible, previously supported abortion rights, has been married 3 times & paid hush money to a pornographic film actress.” ⁦⁦⁦⁦peterbakernyt⁩ God sent Trump to Earth for a reason... Bigots gonna die out. I refuse to click on this because you threw in the disclaimer “analysis” at the end. Yet another op-ed piece

dumb So 'cnn'...Are you saying the dems are not faith based and don't have religion in their lives. Dem centrist, it is time to WALK AWAY Intellectual Slavery God helps those who help themselves (local phrase). Hope religious houses keep social distance while the flocks worship. Also gotta love 'Trump's base', like no TheDemocrats go to church. 🙄

Jfc 'play to his base' get rekt CNN Donno, that beam already has a deflector waiting, let them develop energy accumulation delivery system….. the most cost efficient rd is letting others do the hard part. Ronnie's Star Interceptor system works because it is defense, if you launch, you risk getting your lunch eaten

whys he killing his base lol 'dont ask me. ask China' 😂😂😂😂 Sorry, oh stupid one's if cnn, if you can go to Walmart, you can go to church. Are you just PRETENDING to be this stupid? Anxious to see Trump in the front row with no mask! Barack Obama Maxine Waters and John Lewis Have all been silent on Joe Biden’s racist remarks. Why’s that? 🤔

Odd headline: So only people who support Trump go to church? This is the current media myth going around. Don’t fall for it. As long as abortion factories are open - CNN will be happy The orange face doesn’t go to church. Religion is essential to millions of Americans. Yet atheist will bark at this when liberal states declared recreational marijuana dispensaries 'essential'.

Killing his base one trumptard at a time. Awesome! First Ammendement is not a base. 'It's all about that base, all about that base' Thanks to Meghan Trainor. Then there is that pesky 10th amendment thing. Let them open. Let the evangelicals test their theory that God will protect them from a virulent virus that has killed 100,000 Americans. Perhaps we'll all become believers if they survive.

President Donald Trump Tweetstorm – The Saturday EditionNormally, Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer, as people take the long weekend to gather with friends and family, participate in parades and solemn ceremonies honoring the nation’s war… i get more engagements then a verified account .. sad I love this Tweetstorm photo of President Trump! He's sweet!

Biden tells African Americans 'you ain't black' if they back Trump reelectionJoe Biden tells The Breakfast Club's Charlamagne tha God and African American voters in an interview Friday that 'you ain’t black' if they back President Trump's reelection. indeed, Biden is a gaffe machine and I will absolutely vote for him. BidenRice2020🗽

Biden apologizes for saying African Americans 'ain't black' if they back Trump reelectionUPDATE: Joe Biden apologizes for his remarks during an interview with The Breakfast Club's Charlamagne tha God on Friday: “I shouldn't have been so cavalier in responding.' Too late Joe. Joe Biden has apologized more today that Trump has in 4 years.

President Trump has a choice to make about overturning Obama-era student loan ruleThe president now has 10 days to make a choice: Either sign the legislation and affirm that his Education Secretary made a mistake by attempting to overturn the Obama-era rule or veto the bill and risk a political fight over debt relief in the middle of a pandemic. Trump will find a third and much worse option.

Donald Trump isn't the only world leader seen without a mask in publicThe director-general of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in China, where the virus was first reported, has previously warned not wearing masks is a 'big mistake.' Maybe, but he's definitely the dumbest. Congrats to Trump then I see you working

President Trump Sides With Churches Asserting A Right To ReopenPresident Trump's remarks that governors should allow 'these very important, essential places of faith to open right now' came as some church leaders were mobilizing to reopen in defiance of restrictions. Yhooo Once again, putting us all at risk in their jihad against “libs”.