Trump spent years trying to win over Indian Americans. Then Biden picked Harris.

Kamala Harris, whose mother immigrated from India, swiftly dented the Trump campaign's unprecedented Republican efforts to woo Indian Americans.

9/16/2020 2:01:00 PM

Donald Trump has worked for years to make inroads with Indian Americans in ways Republican presidential candidates never have. Joe Biden undercut those efforts in a matter of weeks.

Kamala Harris, whose mother immigrated from India, swiftly dented the Trump campaign's unprecedented Republican efforts to woo Indian Americans.

” rally in Ahmedabad, India, attended by 110,000 at the world’s largest cricket stadium. Supporters claim it has been viewed 10 million times.“We have great support from India. We have great support from Prime Minister Modi,” Trump said at a recent news conference. “I would think that the Indian [American] people would be voting for Trump.”

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Trump has celebrated Diwali, the most important holiday for Indian Hindus, and appointed Indian Americans to numerous high-ranking positions. But he has disappointed some Indian Americans with some of his actions, including his decision to blockhigh-skilled workers

— overwhelmingly from India — from entering the United States during the coronavirus outbreak. He also kicked India out of a trade preference program for developing countries and angered Indian lawmakers with an offer to mediate a long-standing land dispute between India and Pakistan over the Kashmir region.

The Biden campaign has criticized some of these policies, including restricting visas, and unveiled its ownagendafor Indian Americans, which includes measures aimed at curbing bigotry and addressing security needs at houses of worship.Rep. Bera, an early Biden supporter, said he traveled in January and February to Iowa and Nevada to host roundtables with Indian Americans — one event was dubbed a “chai and chat.” After the pandemic hit, he has kept up his outreach through online events. Biden’s campaign is also coordinating efforts with two Indian Americans running for Congress in competitive districts in Texas and Arizona. For its two most recent online events targeting Indian Americans, the campaign got more than 1,000 people to sign up, according to the Biden campaign. The videos were also broadcast on TV Asia, a channel about the South Asian community broadcast in North America.

Separately, a South Asians for Biden group has hosted 10 virtual events since May. And after Harris was selected, Democrats launched a National Indian American Leadership Council. Harris’tweeton Indian Independence Day garnered 73,000 likes.“It’s up to us to educate and mobilize the community because the Indian American community’s future hinges upon this election," said Sanjeev Joshipura, director for the Indians for Biden National Council.

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They are too shallow then if they will vote for her coz one of her parent from India like an insult to Indian American voters just like what the Dems did for Blacks they act as of if they own them like a slave owner before. If u r not Democrat, u ain’t black - Biden’s words. Except few bakths who think trump cares about hindus and india, majority of Indian Americans are liberals. Most Indians will vote blue because trump did a poor job not because of Kamala Harris. Indian Americans dont like mediocrity.

😅😅😅 ⬇️ Trump +12 since 2016 with Indian-American voters. What her thoughts on mounting aggression with China at the border? her husband has CCP on speed dial. Make it a zoom meeting maybe Literally no one has ever saw Harris, and said “oh hey that’s the Indian American!” She cant draw power from the faux oppression rage mob by citing that heritage.

The most important point lots of people seem to miss is how Biden /Harris responded to the removal of article 370 by India. More than 90% Indians support this and the fact that both Biden /Harris commented on this with out having basic knowledge will do them lot of damage. Yet Indian American support is almost double now than it was for Trump in 2016😂

Really? Most Indian Americans never supported Trump. Biden and Harris have consistently spoken against India- no way Indians will support them. Most Indians will be vote for Trump Don't patronize us Indians like this. Just because she has Indian heritage doesn't mean we need to vote for her. How racist and patronizing can you guys get? 🙄

Does SenKamalaHarris know she is supposed to be indian american? I want her to announce it. what about black community who were told she is African American? DemocratsAreCorrupt Hate to break it to you but you could run this same headline about Blacks, Hispanics,Asians, Martians, etc. Trump has WAY more support than most media outlets are willing to tell their viewers.

I am Indian American and I hate Kamala Harris and I can assure you 64% of Indian Americans hate (Literally) Kamala Harris.Indian Americans are highly educated and affluent with an average household income of $139,000. Also they hate Socialism.We Indians know Kamala is SOCIALIST. Never. Democrats have been berating Indian culture in the past decade. With their alliance with Islamofascists, Indians are no longer interested.

Trump garnered just 16 percent of the Indian American vote in 2016 — but polling has shown rising Indian American support for the president. Now, 28 percent of Indian Americans support Trump, Sounds to me like the outreach is working? Harris is every race that the Democrats want her to be in order to pander. 'Oh, look, you simple minded minority. This lady is your race. Vote for her instead of the man who tried to help you for years.'

Harris is not Indian. She always peddles her Black Christian heritage. Real Indians are with Trump. Right, that's why the campaign is hiding Kamala Harris from the country. What?! I thought she was representing black people. I'm so confused now. Does Harris not call herself black to 'connect' with black voters? Really don't recall her referring to herself as mixed race.

Identity politics got us Obama, so does this translate into votes? So now Kamala wants to identify as Indian American, not African American? Huh Carter_Boyle errmm as an Indian,nahh we don't like her😒 we don't like pandering 😬 Yea ok 🙄🥱 Honest effort at winning people over is a lot more effective than making a pick to pander to racial/ethnic groups. JoeBiden discriminated by only considering minority women for his pick-but the dishonest media won’t point that out. TheDemocrats take black votes for grantedfact

Don't be so sure Nope The headline's use of 'targeting' can be misleading So now she’s Indian 😆, it’s a good thing Black Americans aren’t falling for this phony KamalaHarris nonsense, 1 minute she’s Black, next she’s Indian foh Dr Karthick Ramakrishnan, professor of public policy and political science at University of California, Riverside said that the Indian-Americans' support to Trump, would probably reach the 30 per cent mark. 'Democrats absolutely should be concerned...'

But you said she was African American.... as an indian let me just say this article is bs- dont insult indians by suggesting that every american/ind will vote for a candidate simply because the person happens to be half pianotinkler What is your game pianotinkler? How did he work for years -- by not calling them racist names? So being overlooked and ignored is now considered making inroads?

That's like the assumption that because I'm a female I'm expected to vote for a woman on the ballot...won't be fooled by that tactic again HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA This is the corporate owned duopoly putting on a master class in how to turn a population of people against itself. Trump is Biden, Biden is Trump, We must free ourselves from corporate oppression and crush this duo poly of left and right. AKA, we are fucked.

I thought she was black! Lol. People in South India, specifically some Tamil speaking Indians may support her and others won’t. India is an extremely diverse country with different language for almost each state. Person in one state is almost a foreigner in another state who don’t know the local language

Just curious... what has she done during her political career to help Indian Americans? The hate is on. Racism of browns. Trump blocked someone tribes from using their own lands, has taken back lands and allowed more fracking and drilling on Native lands. He is allowing a pandemic to ravage them, so when you say more inroads you mean more oppression.

Love to see it! Loser Kamala couldn’t even make to the primary in her own state of CA. LOL But but but .. I thought she was black? Trump will quadruple his support this time among Indian Americans Familiar something 1933 Hitler appointed Hermon Goring as miniter of interior. First order *Defund the police *Eliminate the Police *Eliminate Judges *Brown shirts become the new Police In one year all opponents gone Hitler won the election.

So, is admitting that Biden's pick was an intentional dog & pony show? That the left is gullible enough to run to the polls & vote Biden based on a nationality sham? Odd, but refreshing that Politico is willing to out Biden like this. Kamala harris never talked about her Indian background till she ran for president. We will never support this fake woman !!

My daughter said “who’s got her codes cos she’s the bomb!” Ahhh I see. So she is an Indian now. What a shapeshifter. One would think anarchy, violence, and raised taxes doesn’t appeal to Indian Americans 🇮🇳 🇺🇸 LOL. Not true. Are you trying to deflect from that sh!tshow townhall last night? So Harris is not 100% black? I thought they wanted a real black woman on the ticket instead they got a woman who on one side comes from slave owners and the other from India. Hmmmmmm

Absolute shite Did you not see the stadium packed with like 100 thousand Indian people last year in Texas? And how about when he went to India? Has your senior Biden even go there? Oh cute ... Impeached and reelected. It would be hilarious.

Kamala Harris, Trump head to California to assess wildfiresPresident Donald Trump and Senator Kamala Harris will head to California on Monday amid ongoing wildfires in the state. Are Trump supporters burning the medical marijuana fields? lol remember when she didn’t even get 10% there Joe Biden who allowed himself to be bribed as his son, brother and family family received money from Ukraine and China while he was in charge. Joe is so DIRTY and dishonest. Again Obama looked the other way.

68% Of Americans Do Not Trust What Trump Says About Coronavirus Pandemic, Survey SaysAccording to a new Fox News poll, likely voters trust Biden over Trump on Covid-19, racial inequality, health care, Supreme Court nominations, and immigration. nobody should trust politicians. Democrat Party support criminals, rioters, looters, murderers, pedophiles, Marxist organizations like BLM & Antifa, China Communist Party, murderous regime of Iran, radical Islamists, and want Socialist policies (failed 20th century ideology).... 32% are really dumb

Trump Ad Asking Americans to ‘Support Our Troops’ Features Russian JetsAn image which the campaign ran the week of 9/11 appears to be asking Americans to support the wrong troops. MalcolmNance On brand for Trump So on brand.

Joe Biden Says Americans Won't Be Safe With 'Climate Arsonist' Trump In Office'It shouldn’t be so bad that millions of Americans live in the shadow of an orange sky and are left asking, 'Is doomsday here?'” Biden said in a major cl... Or they could just take some money they’ve been handing out to illegal aliens and employ some forestry employees to prevent it from being so bad. Trump is now the cause of.... Floods.... Fires.... ...and my favorite.... HURRIFUCKINGCANES ClImAtE aRsOnIsT

In Final Call to Woodward Trump Touts Stock Market Gains (Never Mind the Dead Americans)“So, you think the virus totally supersedes the economy?” the president asked in an August call that was not included in Bob Woodward’s bombshell book

Before COVID, the number of uninsured Americans grew by 2.3 million under Trump, analysis findsThe uninsured include hundreds of thousands of people in battleground states such as Florida, Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina and Ohio, as well as Michigan and Minnesota. USA today china puppet Chinese virus 😷🤒 We lost jobs We lost lifes But Whole world silent🤫🤐😶 They didn't say 😔 anything china for Chinese virus😷🤒 Americans dog 🐶🐕🙄 of china