Trump slams 'phony' poll showing him trailing several 2020 Democrats

“This is a phony suppression poll," the president tweeted.


Trump dismissed a new poll showing him trailing several of his top 2020 Democratic rivals in head-to-head match-ups, and blamed “never ending Fake News” for his dismal performance in public polling

“This is a phony suppression poll," the president tweeted.

Among registered voters, Biden is out in front of Trump by 15 points, Sanders by 9 points, Warren and Harris by 7 points, and Buttigieg by 4 points — though Buttigieg’s advantage is within the survey’s range of sampling error.

Tuesday in the closely watched special election for North Carolina's 9th Congressional District.

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He just can’t stand it!! Which is more likely, that every single news outlet, every single pollster, every single number is wrong.....or that Trump is the only one with the truth? ...rational response to the information that is presented.[1] Propaganda is often associated with material prepared by governments, but activist groups, companies, religious organizations and the media can also produce propaganda.

Propaganda is information that is used primarily to influence an audience and further an agenda, which may not be objective and may be presenting facts selectively to encourage a particular synthesis or perception, or using loaded language to produce an emotional rather than a... 😃 Phony polls in 2016. Phony polls for 2010. Phony polls are produced by Fake News. Better check your IQ if you are still believing them.

AAAY yes, 9/11. That grand day that my glorious Trump Tower became the tallest building in Manhatten. See, Always winning... SethAbramson Don't let them get away with this outright lie. Polls were actually fairly accurate in '16. Here are the *actual* numbers. SethAbramson 🤣😂🤣 Has President Trump ever out polled anyone? Hell he trailed HRC in the polls by double digits, and still won the electoral college in a landslide.

It is asserting that every single poll, every single media report, are faking the polls. That they are just making it up because he doesn’t like the numbers. That is astounding and dangerous. Wow.

Are Democrats Blowing Their 2020 Message?Should Democrats use the primary as a setting to discuss health care and other key policies, or are they not focused enough on combating Trump? This is the most preposterous kind of classism guys. You might just be burnt out on Trumo, but the rest of us are burnt out on having our health insurance premiums doubled when our income goes up a grand a year, we are sick of making way less money than we need. Blame the debate moderators for goodness sake. They are the ones trying to set up wars about nuanced health care plans. You don’t see moderators talking about Rs voting to repeal healthcare for millions. Why can’t they do Americans how work gets done

But the simple truth is that we trust the polls at our peril: we did that in 2016 remember? And how many people didn't even bother to vote? I trust none of them--get out the vote and work your hearts out. We have to earn this Democratic win in 2020. SethAbramson Trump you are the biggest phony alive. You want to talk about fake news. Listen to yourself. Your one screwed up humanbeing.

He tweeted about this on the morning of 9/11. Doesn't he have more pressing things to tweet about? It's all about him. let them keep posting these polls, this is how trump won in 2016!!! The dems are all offering too many free things and the people see through it. Trump has a better chance now than in 2016

Oh dear, it isn't the fake news or the polls. It's you. No one likes you. Considering the accuracy of the 2016 Presidential polls, I think skepticism is warranted.....don’t you? Fixed your headline for you: On the 18th Anniversary of 9/11, Trump rants about he is the real victim He is right you know. HIS never ending fake news, lies, ineptitude, narcissism, dishonesty, and lack of a modicum of integrity have all served to drop his approval ratings.

Everything is fake news with him unless it’s complimentary. Of course that is rare.

Democrats’ Campaign Travel Reveals 2020 PrioritiesThe Wall Street Journal asked each of the 10 candidates who qualified for the September Democratic debate to share how many campaign trips they had made to each state. Here are some of the top takeaways. VOTE REALDONALDTRUMP FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP2020 MAGA2020 BUILDTHEWALL 🇺🇸 الله أَكْAllahu akbar🇺🇸😎 The Democrats aren't on board with issues at hand. Mass caravans, no holding facilities at border, asylum, etc. Especially the high cost of illegals in our country. Climate Change? Yeah, right; Obama just purchased a $14 million dollar mansion. He's really worried.🙄

ignore the tweets And when he loses, he will call that fakenews too. 35% of the country and most of the GOP leadership will support him. We must prepare for this. To write that possibility off as too far-fetched is, given what we've seen the last three years, a very grave mistake. It's always someone else's fault when the news is bad, and he always takes credit for good news, even when he literally has nothing to do with it whatsoever. What a sad little man. kingofthejews

Same polling service that had POTUS losing to Touch of Evil HRC in 2016 Whatever. If the polls had him leading he’d be praising them. Hey Trump how about blaming an unqualified, incompetent man who acts like a buffoon for your showing in the polls! The only legitimate polls, according to Donald Trump, are the ones showing him in the lead.

TrumpSlump yeah, but Trump's an idiot who tries to create his own reality show. I challenge ALL NEWS OUTLETS TO REPORT THAT HE IS DOING WELL, SINCE HE CAN'T READ, HAVE THE TRUTH SCROLLING ON THE TICKER, BUT SAY HE IS POLLING WELL. Then see if he still says fake news it's only FAKE NEWS WHEN IT'S TRUE TO THIS BUFFOON

Presidential Power Must Be Curbed After Trump, 2020 Candidates SayWhen can a president order military attacks without Congress? Hold an American citizen in military detention? Keep information secret from lawmakers? Here’s what the 2020 candidates say about executive power. Sounds like the Obama administration in a nutshell. Only if the senate and federal courts get a little tweak, too. Simply ask your God P-Bo. He did whatever he wanted.

Still a long ways away. He will win have faith. Polls mean jack shit. Who takes polls? I’ve never met anyone that takes a poll. Polls are what led us to believe Trump would never win, but he did. Not falling for this BS again realDonaldTrump how about we blame the truth! You suck! That's it! Polls are like our national media. FAKE.

Disenchanted white rural & rust belt will topple 'king' Donald I & family from Office in Nov 2020 ! Bad thing is that fake news is real and it exists and it's dangerous. Problem is that just because you don't like something, doesn't make it 'fake news' Sorry big boy. This shit show is all on you. You did this even if you want to believe it or not.

Trump is not even competing with these losers. Meaningless numbers. These hypothetical numbers mean nothing b/c nothing matters except the people who actually get up and vote. And if we have learning anything from 2016 let it be that pretty much every single poll was wrong. And here we are with Trump.

Trump rallies support for Republican in North Carolina special election, with eye on 2020U.S. President Donald Trump is going all out to try to keep a North Carolina district in the Republican column in a special congressional election that may serve as a bellwether for his own fortunes in 2020. More here: hell to capitalist M*A*A*Ş*A*L*L*A*H*..ULUSLARARASI..İLŞKİLERİMİZ...M*A*A*Ş*A*L*L*A*H Of course he is. Because realDonaldTrump thinks the country, and the world, revolve around him. This whole shitshow of an administration is a fraud.

He knows the real voting will be hacked and rigged in his favor, so no worries.

What tomorrow's special election in North Carolina means for Trump and 2020'Is this a canary in the coal mine election in North Carolina?' SteveKornacki examines tomorrow's special election in NC-9, a traditionally Republican district, and what it could mean for Pres. Trump in 2020. SteveKornacki Good luck Dan Mccready!!! SteveKornacki 'The place for in-depth analysis, political commentary and informed perspectives' ha WhoIsJohnYang you have no idea MSM SteveKornacki Every election cannot be a referendum. Let's reserve some enthusiasm, and outrage, for 2020. MoscowMitch has got to go, at least make him drop his gavel. There's a big picture we have to see, instead of obsessing over the micro dots in the political pointilism.

Trump Holds Rally Ahead of North Carolina Election Seen as 2020 BellwetherPresident Trump traveled to North Carolina to rally on behalf of a congressional candidate as he goes all-in on a special election both parties see as a referendum on the man in the White House and a bellwether for 2020. Pushpa kohli is First Hindu woman appointed ASI in the Sindh Police Hier ist Staat BRD Le Man Klasse aus Mittel Staat BRD ich sagte hier beim Vorbeifahren CODE : COD - ich Fahre Ein Automobil STAR WARS = COD - DOK - KOD = Als Die Ausserirdische Raumschiff gelandet sind sieht man auf diesem Computer Chip von Darcho Jandreoski Staat BRD Le Man Klasse ich sagte Das ist was für Wissenschaftler Schön und Gute Sache zu Studieren - aber ich habe festgestellt das in Staat BRD Hollocost Stattfindet Die Ehefrau wird seit 20 Jahren Sexuell Vergewaltiegt unter Narkose Jetzt ist Das Datum : Jahr 1992

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