Trump slams Fed chief: 'Who is our biggest enemy, Jay Powell or Chairman Xi?'

President Trump slams Fed chief: 'Who is our biggest enemy, Jay Powell or Chairman Xi?'


President Trump slams Fed chief: 'Who is our biggest enemy, Jay Powell or Chairman Xi?'

Trump's blistering tweets came after Powell, whom the president hand-picked as Federal Reserve chairman last year, spoke at an economic conference.

hand-picked Federal Reserve chairman in a pair of tweets, slamming Jay Powell as an “enemy” who could pose a bigger risk to the U.S. than Chinese President Xi Jinping. “As usual, the Fed did NOTHING! It is incredible that they can ‘speak’ without knowing or asking what I am doing, which will be announced shortly,” Trump tweeted. “We have a very strong dollar and a very weak Fed. I will work ‘brilliantly’ with both, and the U.S. will do great.” Trump added: “My only question is, who is our biggest enemy, Jay Powell or Chairman Xi?” referring to the Chinese leader. Trump misspelled Powell's name in an initial tweet, before correcting it. As usual, the Fed did NOTHING! It is incredible that they can “speak” without knowing or asking what I am doing, which will be announced shortly. We have a very strong dollar and a very weak Fed. I will work “brilliantly” with both, and the U.S. will do great... — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 23, 2019 The tweets came after Powell, whom Trump picked for the role of Federal Reserve chairman last year, spoke at a highly anticipated conference in Wyoming, where he pledged to help maintain a growing economy while also saying that U.S. trade policies and tariffs could be causing the economy to slow. Earlier Friday morning, Beijing announced it would impose $75 billion in new tariffs on American soybeans, crude oil, and cars, escalating the trade war between the two countries and causing the stock market to drop. “While monetary policy is a powerful tool that works to support consumer spending, business investment, and public confidence, it cannot provide a settled rulebook for international trade,” Powell said, according to his prepared remarks. “We can, however, try to look through what may be passing events, focus on how trade developments are affecting the outlook, and adjust policy to promote our objectives.” Trump has repeatedly criticized Powell in recent months. Adam Edelman Read more: NBC News

What about your company’s President Trump You can't order the free, can you? It is blasphemous to even type his name in caps. Just sayin trump and the fed reserve are the twins and both are enemys duh. You lode money with both Lmao you can't order pizza! You sound really dumb right now. You start a fight, getting asskicked, now im gonna tell everyone not to pmay with you. Some potus he the king? Mwforhr President Trump have you stopped using China This guy is EVIL. He has absolutely no authority to order anyone to do anything because TRUMP is where he is, by DEFAULT. Does that include his own family businesses as well. Good luck with that.

Trump tweets: 'Who is our bigger enemy,' Fed Chairman Powell or Chinese President Xi?President Donald Trump on Friday again ripped into Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, comparing him to Chinese President Xi Jinping. Well, you appointed one of them, Mr. Best People. The Tweeter hisownself Completely panicking

This is a country, not a company.... He's ASKING not forcing! Such a clown 🤦🏻‍♀️ JamesAJanisse I am now the president, dont worry about the orange man anymore How on earth those this president have the time to be on tweeter ALL DAY The self proclaimed chosen one now believes he is a dictator who can tell capitalist companies what to do. He is certifiable.

maggieNYT Treason! Trump Translator 3000: It’s not my fault. It’s never my fault. Everyone should look for Alternatives when doing business or buying products from China.

As Trump Calls for Cuts, Powell Stresses Limits of Fed PolicyThe Federal Reserve chief, Jerome Powell, left the door open to further rate cuts, but said President Trump's trade policies posed risks to the economic outlook He left the door open to more intimidation and attempts to crush their independence Stay tuned for angry unhinged tweets.

No, 'hereby ordering', big difference. Why would Trump order businesses not work with China when his daughter has businesses there and his MAGA hats are made there? Dictatorship sucks, doesn't it? Hmmm dictatorial traits at play Temper Tantrum. And the silence of Republicans is deafening. Doesn’t he have his ties and shirts etc made in China ? Fact Check if it comes from the WH

Who in Hell does realDonaldTrump think POTUS is? He can't order anyone not in the WhiteHouse or military to do anything and be regarded as rightful. He's obviously deluded into thinking he's a king or a dictator; he doesn't understand 'president'. Under communist or dictatorial authority. Or with his authority of being the second coming of gid.

Trump and his government are our BIGGEST enemy !!!

Powell says Fed will 'act as appropriate' but offers little more guidanceThe U.S. economy is in a 'favorable place' and the Federal Reserve wil... Don't let Trump and his lying crooked disgusting mouth intimidate you Fed's only appropriate action is to do NOTHING. As simple as that. endthefed Powel is an enemy of the state. Endthefed

Nice try DictatorTrump but nope Does that mean his daughter going to leave Funny...trump must think this is ALREADY a Socialist Dictatorship 🤔🆘️🇺🇸 China has what...over a billion low waged workers that America exploits...good luck finding cheaper laborers. Trump is running things as predicted...into the ground. 😡

Him first! He still has factories in China. TrumpsGotDementia Tariffs might have worked if trump didn't piss our allies off. Our allies keep buying Chinese goods, as our economy falters. If you ever doubted the man is crazy now you have your answer Trump is mad and needs a rubber suit and room now Cont’d..Imagine if China hold’g much America’s debt papers, drops them in w’market, where art though America? T’world will have China,not need America. Japan,India,Europe can pick up the pieces and trump Midwest & evangelics can pray to their chosen one in a mental asylum

Powell: No 'rulebook' on trade, pledges the Fed will 'act as appropriate' to sustain the economyPowell repeated his pledge Friday to keep the economic expansion going while acknowledging that tariffs and other factors are causing growth to slow. “The global growth outlook has been deteriorating since the middle of last year. Trade policy uncertainty seems to be playing a role in the global slowdown and in weak manufacturing and capital spending in the United States,” Fed Chair Powell said. CNBC : Jim Stewart “the day Navarro leaves will be a big rally” , understatement of the year!

Tramp trump made USA bankrupt with highest debt in world yet fights the world by fighting with China blindly with no plan but a dick mind. At such low current interest rates, Americans r st end of road to revitalize economy don’t talk about fighting China where it is strongest. He’s a con man who believes himself more intelligent than pretty much everyone. No wonder he likes Kim Jong-un.... cut from the same cloth. Wish he could be sent back to the hole he crawled out of.

The criminal here is the guy in the White House making a mockery of American citizens. Maybe he can share a jail cell with Bill Cosby once he’s arrested when leaving the office of President He’s dumbfounded! Spoken like a school yard bully. Clear or not he will get it done and leave y’all with more fake news to push. At least y’all will have 5 more years of job security b4 your ratings takes a dirt nap

In related news, the President is nuckin futs... Sounds like something an authoritarian would say. NotFitForPresident TrumpLies Republicans supporting the free market once again

Powell Says Fed Prepared to Provide Stimulus if a Slowdown Hits U.S. EconomyFederal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said the central bank was prepared to provide more stimulus if a global economic slowdown, aggravated in recent weeks by geopolitical events and trade policy uncertainty, hurts the U.S. economy. CreditCardPowell Yes, let’s provide more stimulus packages to the banks and auto industries, that worked out well. If you really want a stimulus package, reduce some student loans so people in their 20’s and 30’s don’t have to live paycheck to paycheck and can actually participate in the economy. TRUMP, The Con-Artist & Bankruptcy King's Games are Ruining US!

He's definitely slipping his grip, if he ever had one. Trump himself is our biggest enemy. One word— Delusional.. There's nothing unclear about it. He thinks that USA is like China. If the Chinese government is able to tells its businesses “don’t buy from USA” then he thinks that he is also able to do the same on his side. Forgetting the fact that both countries has a complete opposite type of political-economic systems

I thought we were a capitalist society. The president doesn’t have the power to “order” that. We need “regime change” in the U.S. Under the boycott power of a thousand trolls times the ten people they pretend to be online. Tell Trump we’re not communist yet.

Asia set to open near flat ahead of major speech from Fed Chair PowellFed Chair Jerome Powell is set to deliver a speech at a yearly central banking symposium in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

I hope Jay Powell doesn’t listen to this madman TrumpsOrders Our biggest enemy is Trump himself. Incompetent and delusional. Mein fuhrer has spoken, all must obey. This is what he wants (he is crazy) but it is true ImpeachTrumpNow 😳😳🤔🤔🤔🤔 It's not unclear at all! He has no authority to do this! He will be with us for another 4 years and some more 4 years... Quite possibly 4th term also so that would be total of what.. 16 years if he doesn't die. All agree?

Wow When he moves all of his companies . . .

That’s what dictators do Those who don't know who our biggest enemy is are deluding themselves. POTUS will be ordering those companies who contract with the federal government to buy from suppliers that aren't based in China, . Are you guys really that dense? A 4 year old could figure that out. Congrats on your Journalism degrees.... 🙄

It is coming from the fake authoritarian ideology that’s always playing games in his head! Those scary tendencies are renting spaces in his empty skull! Hahahahaha ordering — now that is funny as hell. You really need to get a grip delusional Donnie. He’s NOT a dictator. Companies are going to do what’s best for their bottom line.

Don’t forget to tell IvankaTrump 🤣 🍊🐷 Thank you, my King. Liar. Racist. Fraud.

I don’t think it’s unclear at all. The only “authority he has to issue this order is his own narcissistic ego. He clearly thinks he is an absolute dictator. He spends too much time in Russia. I think Hitler and Stalin told businesses the same thing. This is what happens when a developer becomes the President

realDonaldTrump trying to make America a communist country TheirTakingOurFreedomAway TheirStealingYourFreedomToday You are not in charged of this leave it alone WORTHLESS He is out of his friggin mind! He has absolutely No right to threaten companies to come back to USA! Who the fuck he think he is really!? I'm so beyond sick of Trump thinkin he can bully anyone into anything! He really needs to think before saying stupid shit!😝😠🖕

Excellent he’s wanting to help our 401K and investments 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸KAG2020Landslide Good Luck with that. You are not Putin.

Trump thinks he is a Dictator and the GOP are letting him think it Because he’s ignorant. Someone tell him our companies are not state run - and he is only a wannabe dictator. He just made a statement not a law! Then he and his crooked family should be the first to do so... Ignore him. He's nuts Trump has lost his mind and no one it seems can control him... doesn’t our constitution cover what to do when to remove a president who can no longer is effective.. Trump is inept, ineffective and insane.

Communism much? State run industries? Wow can we mandate he get a mental evaluation? This country is a democracy ~ this POTUS is spinning out of control and certainly not in touch with reality

What an embarrassment- impeach now There is no alternative to China. Nope already told him to screw off, if Ivanka can, I can. Damn idiot, not dictatorship you can’t order private sector to do anything The U S people order this clown to resign ASAP. He’s a detriment to America Didn’t he hire this guy? Unreal

TeaParty evangelical Republicans FoxNews socialism is when you have a dictator who controls businesses and says iherebyorder them to do something. NOW DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE MEANING OF SOCIALISM!? Yes mister presidente, may I kiss your ring...por favor..? Sounds like socialism, Comrade Trump. That idiot doesn't have the authority to 'order' any private sector business to do any such thing. Okay, MAGAts, tell us how this authoritarian demand is consistent with freedom and liberty.

Who's going to look for an alternative to China loaning us money and buying up our debt - the Great Deal Maker? 🧐 is he ordering or urging? BullShit someone needs to tell this idiot he is NOT a dictator no matter how much he wants to be! Self promoted dictator can’t tell companies to move back. uscongress does not step in and start standing up for the citizens they will all be voted out. Where are our smart lawmakers at? Grow up and stand for our rights NOW! SpeakerPelosi GOPLeader Scotus VP

Can’t you see the man has lost it? “It is not clear what authority“… Are you serious? He doesn’t have any authority, he’s clearly lost his mind. Stop being politically correct it is ridiculous! Once again 45 shows an entire lack of understanding of the position that he was elected to. He does NOT have the authority to 'order' this. Point. Blank. Period.

So where are yours and vapid daughter’s going to do? I volunteer at at women’s shelter and every piece of her clothing comes in with tags. Ugly Trump’s losing it more and more.

How can we get out of Trump's nightmare. The chosen one can do anything in his heavenly world! Not in this world unless the the heavenly (congress) approves. Represents good business advice.Allow China to be the source of all of our material goods and what will America become.If you knock off you Anti Trump political agenda for five minutes you should be investigating the long range impact of the Chinese manufacturing undermining ours

Who will make the MAGA hats then POTUS ? Where's the confusion about the scumbags order coming from, the sick bastard is delusional! Anyone that doesn't understand that by now isn't smart enough to have it explained to them. maggieNYT Remember Nixon's Wage and Price Freeze? But he sounds so powerful and presidential when he uses phrases like, 'Hereby order.'

Obviously getting hot in the kitchen which is also likely why 45 keeps crazy talking about being president for 14 years... that “yes” from Mueller must just keep him tossing and turning endlessly. Buckle up America, we’re in for some nasty election shenanigans. corneredrats We socialists should be appalled that companies aren’t supporting our comrades but are supporting other countries!!! Bring back manufacturing and support our comrades!!!

It’s almost as if this chump bankrupted a mint (aka casino) in his lifetime 🤷‍♂️

Sad TRUMP is so SICK in the Mind. trump doesn’t seem to understand the powers of the office of the presidency Powell, whom Trump picked for role of Fed Reserve chairman, spoke at highly anticipated conference in Wyoming, at which he pledged to help maintain a growing economy while also saying that Trump’s trade policies and tariffs could be causing the economy to slow.

You bought the entire, crazy cow and not just the putrid milk. realDonaldTrump 's stupidity never ceases to amaze me. Chairman Xi will force the US economy into a recession out of spite. He has nothing to lose. He'll still be a dictator in 2021, and Trump will be in jail awaiting several trials. Hahahahaaaaaaaa

The authority of the president you idiots at NBC. The Fuhrer has spoken ! I mean the King ! I mean the chosen one ! I’m not sure 🤔 him not right in da head ! Well, that's Trump for you. A smarter person would have said he is 'strongly appealing' US companies to look for alternatives to China, and maybe even calling it 'un-American to not do so, under the current conditions'.

Sounds like a great idea. China likes to hold us hostage

He’s lost it. Mean tweeting our trading partners, making rude comments about an American hero who dropped out of the 2020 race, deriding the Fed chairman HE handpicked, “ordering” American companies to change their business models. He truly thinks he is the king. Time to go! Trouble owning up to the reality of the real economic villain...Trump. Distortion bubble: Blame everyone else for being so bad and not following the wannabe Dictator’s impulsive incompetence.

Same thing. they don’t even hear him any more. More tariffs maybe? Can anyone stop him from just putting as much tariff as he wants on whatever he wants? Mental illness is not the problem causing these mass shootings, but it does seem like mental illness is a problem in the White House! What's wrong with you President Trump!!!

He keeps forgetting this is not a dictatorship. He spends too much time with his pal Putin. maggieNYT LETS WORK ON THAT....

“It’s unclear”? Jesus. How about just saying the obvious. That’s like saying “trump asserts gravity does not exist, though the scientific basis for his assertion is unclear.” Time to invoke the 25th Amendment on the psychotic, realDonaldTrump. There is nothing unclear about his lack of authority. Your reporting needs to be better researched and validated. Be truthful and accurate.

Socialism: it’s cool when white guys do it. Remember when Obama ordered companies to move from China because he was such a socialist and destroyed america.... Yeah me neither.... How about working with companies that are state run? He wants to be a dictator Was there no tee time available? I am ordering Trump to stay in a quiet room with soft walls.

The man has lost it

IvankaTrump checks her sweatshop and voting machine locations 'So what are the deets on this 25th Amendment thing? Can anyone start that paperwork?' It's clear to me that IHerebyOrder has no authority but to the man who would be king, it's unclear. maggieNYT This is so he will have a slew of Fortune 500 CEOs he can blame the recession on when they don’t abide by his “order”. For many of these companies exiting China would mean bankruptcy.

This is just more proof of his ineptitude. This wannabe gangster is treating our economy like his business and it is showing. I wonder who he and his supporters will blame when the inevitable recession happens. That sounds a lot like socialism Instead of saying “unclear under what authority.” Just say “because he’s NUCKING FUTS!”

Here's a more concise and accurate headline that you are free to use: 'He's crazy.' maggieNYT NOT A KING! 💙💙💙💙💙💙 What would the GOP have said had Obama said the samt thing?

I wonder if his next 'order' will be to select Russia as the alternative. LOL. HE REALLY DOES THINK HE IS GOD. Warren Jessup said he was the chosen one! By definition. When the leader of the government orders private-companies to look for other places to do business; isn’t this socialism? The state cant tell business to do this! Its just more Trump projection.

maggieNYT He thinks he’s a dictator... He skipped his meds again. Or doubled up. Not sure. He has no such authority twits. Really, NBC? It's unclear? is maga merchandise made in america. So, we must be winning again! Of course, winning 'ignorant statement of the day' and crashing the market does not get one a trophy.

maggieNYT THIS is an accurate and descriptive headline. Thank you. Trump’s a commie. Dude's unhinged. MAGA Not before he buys Greenland! Just about every country hates you. MARS maybe? maggieNYT It’s NOT fucking unclear! maggieNYT I bet realDonaldTrump wishes all business was state run with him in control! Of course they’d be bankrupt in a years time!

Covering up the 'Hearby' - you should be ashamed of yourselves! realDonaldTrump you can’t order us companies to do anything SpeakerPelosi when is enough enough the dictator here is growing more brazen all the time I wonder how Walmart feels about this and the high tariffs China levied this morning. Do they now regret all the donations to and voting for Trump?

The US system of governance, free markets, interconnected global relations, a constitution & bill of rights. It is all very confusing to him still. If we do scrap the concept of the republic in totality for a emperorship or some such dictatorial autocracy, that would be-fitting. maggieNYT what a communist.

maggieNYT FoxNews Ordering? HE appointed him!!! maggieNYT Sooooo we’re no longer capitalists? DictatorDon is having another meltdown. He thinks he’s a dictator and can control everything just by ordering it to be so. WRONG

And all this time I thought he worked for us...the taxpayers. Go figure. Shame on you SpeakerPelosi for allowing this behavior to continue. We're tired. Out. Of. His. Mind. But in better news, I was just in a Florida Panera, where two seniors at the next table were talking about what nut job Trump was. Also said they’d never vote for him. Also said comments about Jews and loyalty was antisemetic.

Well as long as he does not sound like a dictator. And now they are buying oil elsewhere. He has damaged all industries that rely on global trade. To reverse this I can see him starting a war in the middle East to cut supplies to China. Problem is China will not accept that. This is heading south slowly.

Obviously, he has no such authority. He’s lashing out with impossible threats & demands like the megalomaniac he is. It’s a pattern of behavior that people like Adolph Hitler’s generals would be quite familiar with Let Trump do what Trump does. Will someone please interrupt Speaker Pelosi’s six-week vacation and tell her there’s a national emergency going on? Thanks.

'Unclear under what authority'? Seriously? SocialistTrump realDonaldTrump “hereby orders' all American companies to stop doin' business with China. Q: When did the 'free-trading' GOP suddenly become big government socialists? A: About three tweets ago. TrumpMakingChinaGreat TrumpRecession TrumpIsADisgrace

25thThe45th Starting with his crap branded products? And Kremlin Barbie’s? I think Planwirtschaft was a communist thing, right 😂😂😂😂 He’s a legend in his own tiny mind So Ivanka has to cancel their orders, right?! 😂😂😂 Isn’t that akin to the socialism he’s been accusing Democrats of? It is not UNCLEAR! Correct wording to 'although it's clear he has no authority..'

If the President INSTRUCTS corporate CEO’s to do something, is that a “PRESIDENTIAL EXECUTIVE ORDER” 😆 😝 😂 🤔🙄😜🤣 American companies should respond to Trump’s ‘order’ with, ‘You first.’

VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare Closely watching how Walmart is going react to this considering they could have easily been renamed China-mart. Hey trump you can take your orders and shove them where the sun doesn’t shine. Signed, America SOCIALIST DICTATORS TELL COMPANIES WHAT TO DO.... SOCIALIST DICTATOR SOCIALIST DICTATOR SOCIALIST DICTATOR SOCIALIST DICTATOR

Trump is taking advice from putin his boss. On how to force US companies to comply. Wow... Now we know Rump lost the trade war!!! China has his number!! This article was so necessary🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 Retweet Trump's 2019 report card 🗣️🗣️🗣️

Here comes the recession. He is becoming a dictator he will never leave office This Trump? We the ppl order him to resign!!!! realDonaldTrump When is the media going to handle Trumpism, like Edward R. Murrow handled McCarthyism? When it’s too late? “Unclear” ? Just say there’s no authority. He’s a liar. Say that.

Shhh he doesn’t know that he’s not In Charge Of EVERYTHING DEVELOPING: After a reassuring speech this morning from Fed chairman Powell, stocks rose. President Trump responded with a flood of tweets, and stocks tanked. FlukerKarin And where are senatemajldr and LindseyGrahamSC while all of this is happening? Silent, as always

So funny, this is what ACTUAL socialist countries do, force businesses to bend to the whims of govt: and yet he and his minions will scream about the Left and the Squad and the socialists ruining the country when all the want is access to healthcare, better pensions, etc.

He is the chosen one.! FlukerKarin And to order publicly traded companies to do something. He gave them tax cuts without any conditions, and they ran away with them. Does he think he’ll get something for nothing? Does that include any remaining Trump family ties? Insanity. All. Of. It. Looking back, Bush admin had to cooperate w. China due to 911 and gave up the plan of rebalancing trade deficit. Due to 2008 financial crisis, Obama admin had to work w. China to pull economy out of demise w/o rebalancing trade. Now with a strong economy, it’s the time.

Face it, NBC News, America loves President Trump. You are rationalizing this? Really? Well, they wanted an authoritarian. They got one. Bernie has been going after US companies relentlessly demanding they pay this or pay that. worthless. maggieNYT sinking ship.

As trump org and Ivanka do buis in China HYPOCRITES Donald Trump wants to be a dictator, wants a centralized country where he rules with absolute power. Never seen such claim before. This idiot has to go...he is making Global Markets volatile with these crazy tweets. Not only is going to bankrupt America he’s going to take other countries and corporations down as well.

Under what authority? NONE. Come on NBC. Gees. He Just doesn’t get it!! CHINA DOES NOT NEED THE USA maggieNYT The COUP continues! To TRUEST FORM SOCIALISM! This should be interesting. He’s still confused that he is not the USA CEO, neither king and even less dictator. maggieNYT next he’s going to be calling out all companies who “defy his directive” as disloyal traitors. Forget impeachment it is time to invoke the 25th.

So who in the US will produce loco-in-chief realDonaldTrump hats & Ivanka’s clothing line?

maggieNYT All reporters who question Trump on the lawn, PLEASE work together, ask the right questions, and don’t let Trump off the hook. What about his MAGA2020 stuff Will any reporter ask him about that!!! maggieNYT Trump is our biggest enemy. More pompous EGO!! You can’t force or dictate what independent companies do or how they run their business! Unless China became an enemy or all ties are cut including commerce.. and..THAT CANT BE DONE WITH A RADICAL RANT!

maggieNYT He's crazy. Guys he's crazy. Narrator: There was no such authority. nancyrubin impeachtrumpnow maggieNYT When a rat cornered he become very dangerous. When an idiot rat like Trump is cornered beware. Such a self-entitled a$$ho!e

maggieNYT I hope businesses follow the Suggestion from Trump. It needs be done for the future welfare of USA citizens. Trump is the greatest enemy of the world 🙄 Ffs stop normalizing this. As if there is any authority to do this. Come on. Grow a spine. It isn't 'unclear' he has zero authority to do that. He may as well order the sun to set.

I hope companies have realized how dangerous Trump $ Moscowmitch have become to all of us. maggieNYT Translation, he's gonna make it even tougher for U.S. manufacturer's to do business in China. maggieNYT Because in his Adderall focused mind : 😂 Um, hey Mr President... 🖕 Trump is simply proving over and over again how incompetent and stupid he really is.


maggieNYT Are you seriously normalizing this behaviour with this headline? Do better!! Under the powers given to him as the chosen one King of Israel! Where’s trump going to get his MAGA merch made? His lover/ girlfriend / wife/ daughter Ivanka sh*t clothes made.. if not China? Russia?We order trump to stop destroying America!

Neither. Trump is our biggest enemy. maggieNYT An alleged Wharton graduate says what? maggieNYT The dear leader is upset do not contradict the dear leader he is the chosen one Hey Trump, when you stop making your own shit in China, then you can tell US companies who they can do business with. FridayThoughts

maggieNYT Ordering. By Decree.... maggieNYT You forgot the 'hereby' part. Apparently that heightens its authority. maggieNYT Not a president, repeat he is not a president. He is a failed businessman.

maggieNYT I like my Chosen Ones to not wreck the market when they try to win their ego battles! china is being coherst by our very own insider to not do business with trump or the usa .WAKE THE F UP maggieNYT He’s realDonaldTrump the chosen one! NBCNightlyNews Has America become a dictatorship, whereby the sitting president can just 'hereby order'?

maggieNYT & Tweeted “My only question is, who is our bigger enemy, Jay Powell or Chairman Xi?”. This should disturb everyone but of course it won’t And they'd find Pakistan is the best Ayn Rand's decomposed skull just exploded. maggieNYT NEW: President Trump tweets that he is 'ordering' US companies to look for alternatives to China, though there is no presidential authority he can invoke to force businesses which are not state-run to comply with what he views as an order. fixedit

Most of his base comprises under-educated white men who have no knowledge of the corporate world, have never bought a stock, have never been outside their state much less the country, and listen exclusively to Fox News propaganda. If Trump says he's ordering, he's ordering. maggieNYT Sounds like socialism to me...

DONG THE MERCILESS maggieNYT The idiots tweets out anything. Does that include his custom suits? maggieNYT He’s completely insane. Honestly, are you happy with everything made in China? Your money is funding the commie that ruthlessly suppresses democracy and freedom. Time to take action before it becomes too big to fail.

maggieNYT He's nuts Remember when Republicans used to hate when government pushed private business around? I'll 'unclear' it for everyone. My businesses don't Tweet or follow instructions from Tweets. That's why they have a CEO.... Powell

The world knows who the real enemy is. President Trump is BY FAR the largest danger to the US !! Anybody who has gone bankrupt as many times as he has shouldn't be giving financial advice to anyone. 45 is our biggest threat to paraphrase JayInslee Actually realDonaldTrump is our biggest enemy YOU realDonaldTrump are our greatest enemy. VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare

America is under attack. From the White House. Our biggest enemy is the idiot-in-chief... The sad part is that Powell, like many other adult 'men', are apparently afraid of realDonaldTrump for some reason that has yet to reveal itself to me, therefore, I will bet that Powell caves to the bully, like so many others...

Our biggest enemy is Trump. Not Putin who attacked our democracy and kills journalists, not Kim Jong Un, a murderous dictator who starved his people, not the Saudi’s who murder American journalists. When will media finally report on the fact that we have a white nationalist POTUS

NO RESPECT-- Jay Powell is not our enemy. The POTUS has proven once again he is delusional and mentally unstable. The Republican Party leadership must denouce his statements today. Actually he is...and all Republicans... This is trick question. Right answer is neither. So who is the biggest enemy ? The biggest enemy of America is Donald Trump & the Republican Party!! You have done more damage to our Country than all other Nations combined!!!!

Well Jay, your fired! Gee you left a name out, Trump is the name. And subsequently the markets are tanking. I don’t get it. If the 25th amendment isn’t going to be used on this “president”, then why does the law exist? TrumpIsOurBiggestEnemy And let’s leave the largest debt in history to our future generations

Our biggest enemy is trump. Trump once again points the finger of blame at everyone except who is ultimately accountable --himself. The buck never stops at his desk. His fragile ego will never allow for this. He takes credit for things he had zero to do with, while taking zero responsibility for his errors.

🤣 😥😱 grandpa has lost it .. FridayFeeling Feeling of imminent disaster ! If you're going to put quotation marks around it, shouldn't the quote include his misspelling of Powell's name? Try getting it right China is the problem not the President!! Trump is biggest Enemy of All Americans. USA Workers Salary should be same as Chinese Workers to compete with China, Maxico, India etc.. realDonaldTrump Please Resign Today CNBC SenateFloor HouseFloor american

EnemyOfThePeople trump knows his tax cuts and tariffs are killing President Obama's economy and he is trying to lay the blame on the Fed!! He is setting up an 'I told you so' scenario. Putin's Puppet will Destroy America's Economy!!!


Siding with a hostile government over America once again Everyone is enemy to Trump unless they bow down and agree with every idiotic ideas of Trump. Hitler said before he killed himself as he is surrounded by crumbling Berlin, that Germans deserve to be killed because they didn’t die defending Hitler to the last man.

The correct answer is: Donal Trump. Yay!!! This is what happens when a pestilential child, realDonaldTrump meets with a strident, proven, knowledgeable professional, who’s driven by facts, history, and data points. I thought Trump said Xi was a great guy. Now he’s the enemy? Trump is the enemy.

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New Study Finds Reading Comprehension Down Amongst Dumb Fucks Perusing This Headline

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23 August 2019, Friday News

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