Trump Skipped 9/11 Ceremonies Because He's 'Not A Decent Human Being,' Says His Niece

The former president 'doesn’t understand anything that doesn’t pertain directly to him,' Mary Trump said.

9/13/2021 6:20:00 AM

The former president 'doesn’t understand anything that doesn’t pertain directly to him,' Mary Trump said.

The former president 'doesn’t understand anything that doesn’t pertain directly to him,' Mary Trump said.

Trump’s big event of the day was toprovide commentary for a pay-per-view heavyweight fightbetween Evander Holyfield and Vitor Belfort in Florida.Mary Trump noted that her uncle spent a day marking an enormous tragedy by “commentating a boxing match to line his own pockets.”

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She also criticized the lack of “pushback” the former president has received from Republican leadership.“He will always push the envelope as long as he’s allowed to,” the author and psychologist told Acosta. “And this is the problem here: He’s always allowed to. He’s always allowed to get away with it. So, you and I might think it’s bizarre behavior — because it is for any decent human being. But ... he’s not a decent human being. And, two: Where’s the pushback? Nobody raised their voices on his side of the aisle against that appearance.”

GOP campaign consultant Susan Del Percio also criticized Donald Trump on Sunday for trying to make Sept. 11 all about himself. She claimed his visit to police and firefighters was arranged at the last minute because Trump looked so bad for ducking out of the 9/11 ceremonies.

“All he talked about was himself, not the sacrifice of the people that served with these men and women who we lost 20 years ago,” she said in an MSNBC interview. “Is it surprising? No. Is it shocking? No. Is it sad and pathetic that this man, this is all he cares about is himself on such a solemn day? Yes.”

“In all his tenure, Donald Trump has never tried to serve this country. He’s always wanted somethingfromthe country,” Del Percio added.Watch Mary Trump’s interview on CNN in the video clip up top, and Susan Del Perico on MSNBC below: Read more: HuffPost »

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Fake teeth, fake tan, fake man. Seriously, not a single American cares what little mary says. Sorry Mary no more tell all’s no one is interested in you’re inner scoop of your family you all got the same amount of money you’re grandfather left uncle Trump is a success investor don’t be jealous of his accomplishments

Anyone still reading tweets, articles about trump.....mark them as irrelevant on twitter, and that you don't want to see them again. Make the man irrelevant, media is his oxygen. Well, duh ! Tell us something we don’t know. It's not just that Donald doesn't understand; it's also that he does not care about *anything* but himself. MalignantNarcissist

Bonjour Bonjour de France Bonjour des amis Bonjour toutes les pays du monde This is why he tried to degrade Biden for not making speeches at any of the memorials. Biden understoodit’s about the victims and heroes of that horrible day. Trump doesn’t understand it and complained about Biden for that. Trump will never nit turn event into being all about him

We noticed. Here's his the 'T' But he said “Person …. Woman ….. Man ….. Camera….. TV” …..

Donald Trump Jr.’s Appeal For Questions To Ask His Dad Goes Exactly How You’d ThinkDonald Trump's son called for topics to talk about with his father during their 9/11 boxing commentary gig. He received some critical responses.

When will you report real news do your job !!! TrumpWasRight TrumpWon RiggedElection No empathy for others. Well? I cannot wait for Donald Trump to be a THING of the past. In all situations, if he can't see himself in a mirror or see pictures of himself, he sees no value at all. Such is the sludge-filled, slimy, dodgy character some people elected in 2016. Thank your god(s) that he LOST the 2020 election big-time!

She is doing all this for 200 million dollars lol 😆 BS, he was in NY with the firefighters and the police! The actual people that care for this country!

Trump to spend 9/11 anniversary at casino boxing match“It is perfectly fitting for this disgraced ex-president, essentially exiled from polite society, to spend this solemn occasion doing boxing commentary on pay-per-view,” chrislhayes says of fmr. Pres. Trump spending September 11 at a boxing match. chrislhayes I'm sure he needs the money. Where do you suppose they'll hide it? The Foundation is kaput! chrislhayes Looks like times are getting tough. chrislhayes i don't think trump ever got in a real fistfight in his life if he did he lost and really knows nothing about boxing except it is embraced by people who like simple answers to things

He skipped because he has no empathy just lke the antis. Cannot wait for his funeral. Going to be huge. HUGE! You think dementia JoeBiden ever realize these are all GOP Donald Trump supporters? That's why Trump is so popular among conservatives. STOP SHOWING HIS MUG!

How the War on Terror Gave Us Trump'The war was a glitch in the matrix of American exceptionalism, and Trump offered a reboot.' Read an excerpt from Spencer Ackerman's new book about how the War on Terror gave us Trump. Thread: I thought it was E! Entertainment Television. Do Americans STILL believe they’re “exceptional” ? That’s just insane for a very unserious and divided people to think. Have of USA lives a life of mass delusion, denies climate change and denies Covid but self medicates with horse dewormer. That’s a sad, ignorant people.

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Donald Trump Rips President Biden, Reflects On 9/11 Ahead Of Holyfield FightDonald Trump just hopped on the mic to start his commentary gig for the Holyfield vs. Belfort fight ... and he didn't wait long to share his thoughts on the crisis in Afghanistan. 👽🤡🥊 America first vs. America last Stop giving him “air time”

Trump Drops Big Hint About Presidential Run At Meeting With ManhattanPolice'I think you're going to be very happy,' Trump tells officers after ditching all ceremonies marking the 20th anniversary of 9/11. nice OMG, not again!!! Once was enough. Please keep paralyzing anyone else from even hinting at a run and raising money. Will make whomever the nominee eventually is way behind.