Trump Signs Executive Order Targeting Social Media Companies - Cnnpolitics

Trump Signs Executive Order Targeting Social Media Companies - Cnnpolitics

Trump signs executive order targeting social media companies

President Donald Trump signed an executive order targeting social media companies on Thursday, days after Twitter called two of his tweets 'potentially misleading.'

5/29/2020 12:26:00 AM

President Trump has signed an executive order that, in a long-shot legal bid, seeks to curtail the power of large social media platforms by reinterpreting a critical 1996 law that shields websites and tech companies from lawsuits

President Donald Trump signed an executive order targeting social media companies on Thursday, days after Twitter called two of his tweets 'potentially misleading.'

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That is literally what dictatorships do. 100,00 dead & civil unrest across the country following the death of George Floyd. Trump has bearly addressed either. Yet this is what he focuses on. Just that he never reasons deep for comparison ...His life as a gambler deny him wisdom .... Facebook needs to be regulated. They just delete posts, right and left. Specially posts about God and religion

Welcome to wuhan! He’s a sociopathic narcissist with low grade mental illness. It’s why he can stand in front of the nation and give himself an A+ when 100,000 Americans are dead. We need to kick him to the curb before he goes full dictator. TrumpCOVID Trump is busy in petty wars of pride with press while flaunting his abuse of power dressed as executive order, yet no time to save American lives from COVID which actually defines Trump's character, Craven Onerous Vindictive Invasive disastrous

Donald Trump will continue to lie and deceive the American people. Thank you Twitter for being courageous enough to stand up and call out and expose his constant lies. realDonaldTrump I have a cure for you and your twitter covid. State the truth and they will not have to add bi-line Well done Could he focus on the pandemic? Please? He is throwing a fit because he didn't get what he wanted. Yes, that is you, Trump. 46 is almost here!!!! Yaaay!

In other news, dictators attack people who threaten their power. War war stop war before is too late MAGA MAGA Make America a Graveyard Again 3000 Americans were by Saudi Arabians on 9/11 so Bush attacked Iraq. 1000 Americans are killed each day by COVID-19 so Trump attacks TRUTH. Bacon is better than Trump. Bacon never lies.

Hitler reincarnate! Это важный для меня пост It’s about time somebody comes down on some of these social media companies on there being bias free speech does not need a sensor named Twitter Lmfao now its a big RED FLAG CNN THERES SOMETHING WRONG here.......... especially when our president calling an enemy of the United states a friend ./

Pity the fact check was wrong. How about Jessie smollet. blasey Ford ? How about the Russian collusion ? How about Griffin and Madonna ? It’s Laughable Political Bias. BanTrumpFromTwitter And the score is currently 2-0 to Twitter! BanTrumpFromTwitter WanjikuRevolt Twitter has just hidden one of Trump's tweets tonight about the Minnesota riots. So far as I can tell, no tweet encouraging police officers to be killed has been given similar treatment. Is it?

Social media does not care Who cares not gonna change nothing he still wrong and he he gonna loose. Remarkable that this is the first time Twitter finds a statement by President Trump ” potentially misleading”. Well done Twitter Fake new needs to be a criminal offense after 2 warnings that would re -set What news is supposed be. Im embarrassed that some of our biggest News agencies are so slanted and biased that you cant believe anything they print. God bless America

Wow media control? sounds familiar? benshapiro 'Facts don't care about your feelings' Trump didn't get the memo. He jst b.s like all the b.s he had said....he need to stop he jst hurting himself focuse on whats right bt its sad he cant cause he deals with good conversation i think he was tlking to himself lol 😂😂😂

Disgraceful actions unbecoming of a president That's exactly what we call misuse of power... So The Trumpet has heralded his very own FAKE NEWS but says it is free speech Disgraceful!!! CNN es basura! I understand there anger completely them cops should be jailed right away its murder, but burning and looting that's not protest that's just pure thuggery by animals an excuse to rob and burn .

That is so messed up, he only did it so he can keep tweeting bullshit and mud slinging...he has a speaker and a press secretary, WTF are they doing Trump doesn’t govern a country, but manages like an egocentric CEO. Lol but he still using tweeter everyday! The consequences of electing a president based on emotions. Hope Americans have woken up and should send Trump home this year. He has never accepted any responsibility but very swift to look for scape goat to blame for his inaction.

This is the monster who let 100,000 die because he chose the stock market over the people, then he and President Kushner richly rewarded their cronies with big loot from the stimulus money. There is where the investigation should start. Plus Kelly Loweffler’s big scandal too. Well, took him over three months to react on Covid and less than 48 hours to react for tweeter pointing out his bullshit. Loving this. How do you guys stand for this and haven't kicked him out of your country yet? Don't know who's more pathetic.

He's disorganizing his battle fields He's a mega ego maniac with a narcissistic psychopathic dementia !!! TRUMP IS UNFIT FOR THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES !!! PERIOD ! END OF STORY ! HE NEEDS TO BE OUSTED SOMEHOW ! November can't come soon enough!!! ChumpTrumpmustgo Twitter suspend him

Which game does he want to win? Who is the most dangerous dictator at the moment? Everything that Obama built trump has destroyed all his lies have caught up to him and it's all falling apart under his lame leadership, this virus spread is all on him and reopening is going to cause more deaths, there blood is on him!

America is moonwalking into a dictatorship. And they ain't seeing it coming. Because this is what’s important right now. Former US president, BarackObama, had asked about feel of media frustrating by Jon Stewart in TheDailyShow that Jon said' you love them, they love you' but for now does anoying POTUS at social media, Is there just individual intolerablity or part of two extream ends of freedom

Come on people, between social media sites, journalists, the news, they ALL munipulate the flow of the creek to support their goals and agendas, wether it for Dems, Reps, a group, or their own interests!! Come on you know they do....they very sneaky and subtle about it!! Trump wants to be Putin and ”Make America New Russia”.....

TrumpResignNow TrumpResignNow TrumpResignNow TrumpRegime Ok now let’s see who really has the most power If they are going to fact check one person....then they need to check ALL!!!! These social media platforms are gotten too big for their brithes and THEY need to be fact checked!! He is so vindictive.

And yet..nothings changed TrumpIsALoser Regardless of what Twitter thought of the tweets, they are supposed to be a “platform” and should not editorialize making them a publisher like the rest of the MSM, aka fake news Trump tryna hide black killings. McClain_on_NFL IT’S ABOUT TIME! He is a FAILED PRESIDENT on every level. He is has done NOTHING

Stop lying to the people to the people then you big baby minneapolisriots A narcissist that can't handle criticism Both are good and can keep us in contact during these dark times all you must remember is to ignore stupid comments sayimg it is or isnt good Just Two tweets misleading? More like all of his tweets are misleading.

Totally misleading ExecutiveOrder Finally a POTUS with backbone!!! We had enough of the left controlling everything!!! The POTUS of big government. Good news!!! Republicans are not conservative then. A private company should be able to decide what is posted and what gets deleted/fact checked. Hahahahaha!!! Whatever...

Bravo Thinking he is a dictator Every politician should be fact checked. These are our leaders. If we can’t trust what they say, then what good are they? We can’t just keep letting people in higher up positions spread misinformation. The stakes are too high. Just be truthful. Is it really that difficult?

There are people dying on your watch, worry about someone other than your job !!! Right. Has nothing to do with “public platforms” being edited with bias and impunity, going against their sweetheart legislation deal. Should have happened looong ago. Ummmmm... I’m waiting on the free speechers to talk about him championing free speech.... by limiting free speech.

JohnBarrowman I would love to see Twitter completely turn off for 24-48 hours just to see guillotinebait go into conniptions without the attention. ShutItDown Good. If Twitter is now going to tell everyone what we should or shouldn’t believe then they can now take on the liability. Weak pathetic president. Filled with vial attacks. An online bully. Policies for antibullying exist with online companies for a reason. Nobody, including the president, should be above these rules.

Lol. Trump the Skunk is his nickname in Canada. You guys can have him. Why he does sign an executive order and ban the police violence against black people why, why not, it ou really want a change me président why don’t you start with the police violence instead of talking shit on Twitter do your job sir!!!

Policy TwitterSupport perhaps to remind the meme what this venue is for, just add a large banner that says for “ Social Entertainment Purposes Only” with consistent pop-up blurbs that state “All posts are only individual personal opinions that must be fact checked . Excellent Yeah he does not want anyone exposing all his lies.

Wow! It takes realDonaldTrump 2 days to do that and yet we still don’t have affordable healthcare when people need it the most. We see where his priorities are. Trump should rot in jail. Why isn’t he yet? 1 day to issue EO for this and 3 months to respond to COVID, 🤷🏽‍♀️what a terrible “leader”. Are we sick of the daily shitshow from this inarticulate buffoon?

Is he using executive orders for his personal use now? When you are powerful. Ish. 🙄 Opening the door for Russia to influence in another election He’s just hanging himself further. If he wasn’t such a moron with the way he tweets this wouldn’t have happens in the first place. He calls EVERYONE names. Sleepy Joe. Do nothing Democrats. Fake media and so on. Like wtf. He can’t take a bit of his own medicine? Dictator wannabe

twitter should ban his account like they did mine Big deal it means nothing Trump is great, he will win in November by a landslide lol, you liberal sheep Why? 😂 Trump is such a joke! Twitter should be calling out his every tweet as misleading and false!!! When any power is abused in a free society sooner or later that power finds itself trapped in a maze without scape. That power will also shrink in its own entrapping place and desist to exist in its original way!

Fake president. Meaning what? I shall support Trump as the electronic media is non social indeed. Why fake news, why target news, why releasing some news and withholding others, why defamation , why back biting, and why the lobby streets. Uhh... Ekstra orange. NogenVilleHaPåpegeDetPåEtEllerAndetTidspunktÅFørEllerSiden.ÅSåKunDetLigesåGodtVæreMigSomNogenSomHelstAndre

This is overreach of Executive Power. Hey, why not do the same to CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, WA Post, NYT when these media companies Fact-Check president tRump? Isn't this action by tRump a possible violation of the First Amendment? Wow, now who's a snowflake Can't handle a little wee bit of criticism....hmmmm.....sounds like a familiar pattern with him.

Tweeter needs to change their user statements. Three strikes and you are blocked. He doesn't like anyone to fact check him. To bad Trump I will fact check you. Bc the Truth threateneds trumps narrative.If he can't Lie at will he's not happy. Waaaaaaa TrumpWhinesAgain Let’s keep fact checking Trump! He wants to continue to lie and never tell the truth well we some us went to school and we can checkmate him.

100k+ deaths on trump’s watch, most due to his lack of actions! Don’t let this incompetent scumbag get us distracted from this! Oh My Goodness.... 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ Trump’s action would have been a social media pandemic yet, I’ve got his back. Go Twitter. Well done, that is called freedom of speech, now Twitter can ban pedophiles, prostitution and all of the sort instead of people against socialism and dictatorship

What a crybaby! Won’t people dying and economy the way it is he’s using his energy on this crap! I guess freedom is just a concept and not an actual objective entity. I thought this county was about freedoms for citizen and business to be free from government tyranny. I guess the so call party of the constitution is morally absent it seems.

Very soon it’ll happen in many countries where people questions the Govt thru social media Trump should just stop his LYING Tweets Do what everyone has done that doesn't like the service.. Dump it Donnie Disinfectant Don Disastrous Don Next up, Fake News CNN. We are the news now. WWG1WGA 🤣🤣🤣 Dictator at work!

It's like he's in Time Square on a bull horn telling everyone how 'butt hurt' he is. He should have shook this off. Ha, ha. What a fool. What is common between Trump and Kim Jong-un? THEY ARE BOTH CRAZY DICTATOR! Why Is BarackObama constantly issuing executive orders that are major power grabs of authority? The country wasn’t based on executive orders.

“Right now, Obama goes around signing executive orders. He can’t even get along with the Democrats, and he goes around signing all these executive orders. It’s a basic disaster. You can’t do it.' I wish the pandemic and unemployment would similarly motivate President Trump. Trump is so misleading. Can we get an executive order against him?

It's about time! please kindly follow I promise to follow back When I think he can’t get worst.... againts вы лживые бляди Is his signature as good as his word ask Atlantic City Casino worker about his promises 🥵 Legal experts said they were doubtful the move would have any practical effect on the tech giants. Legal observers described the action as 'political theater,' arguing that the order does not change existing federal law and will have no bearing on federal courts.

CNN haryourdailey Was the tweet misleading? There is potential for voter fraud with mail balloting and that's the truth. If you guys will just try to do true journalism.fakenews Barr likes to reinterpret all laws to suit his natrative. Read the text of President Trump's executive order targeting social media companies

Twitter, Google, And Facebook are liberal left wing tech monsters. This is a fantastic day for the First Amendment. The Constitution truly is a living document. Leftwing liberal Democrat Media can no longer hold this Monopoly. Yes please curtail the law so we can sue Jack Dorsey for allowing abuse by this incompetent trump.

100.000 people dead in the U.S and this president is starting a fist fight with social media. Man, you need to sort out your priorities... SupportTwitter He must have a tiny pen for those tiny hands. I’ll because he was finally fact checked for everyone to see. Hasn’t America had enough of Donald Trump? American needs real leadership. A leader with integrity, compassion and a strong moral compass. Right now, we have a Reality TV Monarch.

PRIORITIES AG Barr made it clear that Section 230 has been stretched beyond recognition and used by big tech to censor conservative voices, and you know it!! But ya'll keep doubling down on stupid, it helps our Great President!! is fake news, enemy of the people!! WeAreTheNewsNow What a cry baby piece of crap!! I know that you already wear diapers, now I guess we have to find your pacifier! Better call Putin!!! Vote him Out!!!

What a small, petty little man🙄 Trump is dumping the 1st amendment rights of Twitter. Believes he is a dictator. 2/2 He's already sowing the seeds of mistrust with all this mail voter fraud bullshit. He also has his very own 'Trump Youth', you see them armed to the teeth protesting the guidelines put in place to save their own lives. You think they will accept any other election result?

Stormy tried to warn the American public! We didn't listen. A true case of 'Wittle mushroom' syndrome. I'm confused, are we protecting the web cesspool or blowing it to smithereens. Explain yourself. realDonaldTrump everyone should read Twitter's civic integrity policy This was a really stupid move on his part since now he’s targeting the free speech he claims to want to protect

JohnBarrowman And the dictatorship goes up a step. Fake news CNN again...Twitter did not say' potentially misleading' Everything he tweets should say misleading VERY GOOD Sign one every day for a distraction on the real problems , you worthless piece of crap. We’re all going to sign one on November 3rd VOTEBYEDON🌊🌊🌊

Democracy dies when our voices are silenced. Perhaps if Trump didn’t lie constantly no one would have to check his Twitter account. Like a toddler who just can’t stand being corrected. They should lose their liability protection under the existing law if they exercise partisan editorial control over their platform. Your blatant mischaracterization of the executive order is why POTUS calls you “fake news”.

Ironically the ones think they defend and pretend freedom of speech just enabled their voice to be stifled... America for now officially is no longer the leader of the free world... So now im going to have to defend idiots on twitter somehow.... Well played Twitter well played This is all about censorship. He's using the dictator handbook and turning the United States inside out so it can be controlled how other countries are. This president literally just ruined everything America stood for in one term.

That and 50cents will get him ... oh wait basically nothing...... Long shot or not, how do you sue a bot? Pure nazism by the dogfucker trump. Just love Jack to do the right thing now and ban the prick realDonaldTrump . Imagine the pathetic tantrum then! U are too much fake leader in USA realDonaldTrump u have too apologies USA people who u kiil the are family's if not that u are not going to be ending well for your life God is stronger than you u know how to kiil but u don't know how to take care of Corona viruse

We are with you Twitter and jack PatriotsWearAMask So a women with power will overreact!?!, But when you do it, What do we call that? This is why so many people say he has no masculinity The narcissist throws yet another tantrum and tries to wield dictatorship powers. I’m so sick of this man. He is the biggest embarrassment that the US has ever had.

Did he use a sharpie 👏 If he stops lying through Twitter he has nothing to be concerned about. It’s abuse of power. He just revealed quick actions on matters that bruise his ego - just not C19 and 100,000+ who didn’t have to die. His negligence is criminal. His tweets can be used against him in court, especially for using a free account to conduct official govt matters.

A dictator has been born 100K dead because he did nothing for months yet someone finally posts proof that he’s a lying scumbag so they’d better read the facts and in 24 hours he has a ‘you hurt my feelings order’. Really GOP? '(Trump) is trying to steal for himself the power of the courts and Congress to rewrite decades of settled law,' said Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon..

He’s worried! Pulling all stops. Trying to distract the public. He’s not able to get out and campaign so he wants to control social media. VOTE! Growing pandemic in February, Trump does nothing. Twitter calls him out on 2 of his 18,000 lies and he signs an executive order. Who cares? He’s all talk anyways. His shit only stirs people up, and nothing substantial happens.

Another bullying incident from the two year old in a suit...I hope he continues to show how immature, entitled and incapable he continues to be. He is just causing more damage to his reputation as President and his own re-election. Free speak is paramount , but outright lies from people in power should be check and made public , shame he not for free markets he conned and lied the stock market to levels of stupidity

Looking especially crusty today. Will any social media sites be shut down because of this? AsktheWorld He's a loser. Won't have to worry about him soon enough. Next he will moderate the press. There. Fixed it. pussy enough said There is too many people being allowed to character assassinate on their social media platform without legal repercussion.

Word salad fake news, this is CNN. I swear we are fighting two pandemics: Covid-19 and stupidity. 👍👍 And the salute is complete.... That feeling when you get caught lying and decide to make calling out your BS illegal. Either you’re a publisher or you’re not. It’s that simple. Wonder if Twitter regrets their bogus “fact check” of the President?

President Donald Trump to issue social media executive order after Twitter fact checks his tweetsPresident Donald Trump will unveil an executive order Thursday targeting social media giants after Twitter added a fact-check warning to his tweets. GONEinNOVEMBER But I live in Florida where mail-in ballots have been used for years! I don't even need his bullshit claim to be fact checked! Mess with the bull you get the horns.

Trump to sign executive order on social media on Thursday, White House saysPresident Donald Trump will sign an executive order on social media companies on Thursday, White House officials said after Trump threatened to shut down the platform he accused of stifling conservative voices. And they called Obama a mad king! The title and the link don't really connect there haha

Trump to sign executive order on social media on Thursday: White HouseU.S. President Donald Trump will sign an executive order on social media companies on Thursday, White House officials said after Trump threatened to shut down websites he accused of stifling conservative voices. Why is CNN turning a blind eye to whats happening in Minnesota ?Why is CNN refusing to have the KILLING OF GeorgeFloydWasMurdered by white police officers NOT being part of their BREAKING NEWS FakeNews=CNN , mainstream western media is Racist and part of the killing machine Now that's censorship!

Claire McCaskill: ‘Only Donald Trump could make wearing a mask political’President Trump recently shared a tweet mocking Vice President Biden for wearing a mask. Claire McCaskill says: “What he (Trump) has done is that he’s basically convinced people that if you’re wearing a mask, you’re somehow not manly. Well, real men wear masks. Donald Trump is not a real man.” Only you people in the media could politicize a drug. Watch out! Trumpians attacking! 😝

Joe Biden's lead over Donald Trump falls, poll data revealsThe new survey found that the former vice president's poll lead had fallen by three percentage points over the last week. So it's gone from an absolute crushing to just a mild flaying, big deal. Except it's still 45 percent backing him vs 39 percent for Trump AND with a four-point lead among Independent voters....

Donald Trump Must Clamp Down on China's Interference in Hong Kong, Lawmaker SaysPolice in Hong Kong fired pepper pellets and made around 300 arrests as people protested a law criminalizing the ridicule of China's national anthem. China is bad... don’t trust them anymore He won’t.... he needs to fix what is going on in the USA...and America is no one to talk. Another black man dead.