Trump Shakes Up Campaign Leadership As He Struggles İn Latest Polls - Cnnpolitics

Trump Shakes Up Campaign Leadership As He Struggles İn Latest Polls - Cnnpolitics

Trump shakes up campaign leadership as he struggles in latest polls

As he struggles in recent polls, President Trump has demoted his campaign manager Brad Parscale and promoted Bill Stepien to take his place

7/16/2020 4:23:00 AM

As he struggles in recent polls, President Trump has demoted his campaign manager Brad Parscale and promoted Bill Stepien to take his place

President Donald Trump shook up his campaign leadership on Wednesday, announcing he was promoting Bill Stepien to be his campaign manager and demoting Brad Parscale, who had been serving in that role.

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Cause he is losing. That’s weird. The polls I see says he has 84% of the votes 🤔 Why would any clear thinking, self respecting person work for Donald Trump? Wow you came out of the closet to say something again against trump fake shit Clearly, they are to blame trump2020 Drumpf.....U don’t wait until the 4th quarter to come up with a different gameplan. Ask Colin Kaepernick !

Two heads are better than one. POLLS - Passing On Liberal Logic Studies All losers. Great move for Trump. Nothing like picking a guy who even Chris Christie has lost faith in. I wonder how many Scaramuchis Stepien will last. I wonder at CNN how many people play with themselves under their desks? The massive gender gap in Trump/Biden supporters points to two things: 2) We are ripe for an AmericanLysistrata. Make the men vote right. 1) A lot of reasonable American woman are paired with insufferable jerks. (That's what their wives tell me too.)

Trump may change personally, but his defeat is getting closer and closer. November is the date. Struggle all you want, but it is inevitable for you (trump) to win the elections in November or ever again. What a repulsive face he has. Why do so many of them look as bad on the outside as they are on the inside? Is it a sign?

CNN is a tag..the people yapping on that network are Soros paid off is no longer a news network but a comedy show. Trump only won in 2016 because of the successful Facebook smear campaign. At least that's what Andrew Bosworth says. 'Normal' Trump outlets like Twitch, which have a few hundred viewers at prime time, stagnate. Like his boss, Parscale is just a 'one-trick pony'.

Now that everyone knows Biden hates windows, Trumps poll numbers are sure to skyrocket. Why would someone connect to helping Trump you have learned nothing from 2016.... These are all lies. Par scale is still doing the same work. Angela Merkel is a traitor to Germany and the EU It is not his campaign manager the problem is no one but racist wants 45 back for another 4 years he has proven that he cannot lead that he cares more for criminals than our Troops and now he plans to hide data about the CV-19 virus why? 45 cannot be trusted with our lives

I guess he wasn’t evil, ruthless and corrupt enough. Right, and Hillary was going to win in a landslide. No one except the mentally deranged believes anything CNN has to say. Please help me! My name is Lin donglong, an employee of China telecom fuzhou branch. Company manager huang fei (communist party of China) organized the leadership of the gang of evil forces brutal persecution: surveillance location, insult,abuse, framed to take nude photos of me

trump isnt sruggling... yall cant make the news what you want The changes begin Why are you ignoring Dv2020 winners and not making any exceptions or listening to them? That's totally unfair!!!! Hopefully he's on the run and will lose the election. 🤗🤗🤗 CNN your still in business 😂👌👌👌👌👌😂😂😂😂liars

God speed Bill Stepien. No 'struggle' just your never ending, false, blinding, desire to see Trump lose. He won't. Can't wait to see your coverage on Nov 3. You mean Putin? Are we back to believing polls again. As an international viewer, it is painful and distressing to follow how you in CNN have foregone any reasonable and objective reporting. I will choose this to be my last view of your earlier-esteemed channel. Happy trails and continued losing of your audience and ratings.

CNN doesn’t know the reason this happen. Only what there fake “ sources close to us “ know. Fake news slogan Get a $100 Walmart Gift Card! Get your offer: Lies about this entire article. Can CNN never report the truth. Therefore CNN is failing. People do not believe what your report. 🇦🇿 Azerbaijan Country Profile or what 🇦🇲 Armenia deals with every day: Anti-government journalists killed in Azerbaijan: Amnesty International UK Coverage:

CNN this story is old. Kinda slow in the newsroom or is it the staffs tired of the incorrect polls numbers. Big win for tik-tok? It’s trump’s fault that he’s flatlining. He does listen to his senior campaign staff & he goes rouge a lot. 🦆 ducklivesmatter Bye bye. Yes, blame someone else, as usual.. I can’t imagine why Trump thought he needed to shake things up.

Biden doesn't campaign. He's an empty suit. Trump will have little difficulty Nov 3. That is what a stable genius do! hires the very best from binder of losers Ya need to focus on Maxwell 😎 Didn’t you consistly report that Trump struggled in polling against your beloved corrupt Hillary? That didn’t age well! Trump is your President and he will be again for four more years!

Flounder. Fire people. Worry. Fret. LOSE. Your choice of words continues to exemplify your fraudulent reporting! One up, one done. Trump changes his staff as he changes his underwear Babylon Bee has more credible news than you! 😂 Why can’t libs ever be happy? Why are you so whiny? I don’t feel sorry Will be be bringing Bridget Ann Kelly with him?

FakeNewsCNN again Well, a new campaign manager can't fix this. Trump is the issue. TrumpIsANationalDisgrace Imagine having to post fake news to win an election? trump2020 Ha ha another person to take over .. never stop! Brads the Data guy. All's good. Any wagers on how long this one will last? Too late Donnie - even your BFF ranked in you but he may let you live in Siberia close to Akaska.

Didn't he struggle in 2016? Demoted by Jared for incompetency is like fired by Trump for lie...... Nothing screams “I’m losing like shaking up your campaign team 4 months before an election. CNN I looked up you on your website typed in Biden you have nothing I mean nothing. Guy spent 47 years in office and you have nothing Wow

Ha ha! Sounds like all is not well with the Trump campaign. I love how you guys twist stories Swapping one loser for another. Nice job DonnyDumbass! Trump is going to win by a landslide and the media will call America racist instead of looking in the mirror Because Parscale is why he sucks. I guess they were winning too much with him

'We don't have much time' said hero Li-Meng Yan. The second wave of the CCPVirus is on the way, the world must stand up to take down CCP, otherwise hundreds of different types of viruses are coming at you! US official rejection of all CCP’s maritime claim in South China Sea is a critical step to protect this strategic passage for international communities. It lays the legal foundation for US military and its alliance to destroy all CCP’s facilities in the region.

I can think of at least 138,000 other reasons why his campaign is struggling right now... Another Trump 'A Teamer' that's not up to the job. What happened to 'I only hire the best' ? God luck with that move. The polls can’t be trusted. Remember 2016? Hillary was ahead and... So does Stepien get the cars and houses now?

It will come down to a few states. Ohio is a toss-up. Don’t listen to the polls. JUST VOTE! Changing campaign managers won't solve his struggling poll numbers..Trump is the problem he's unwell and his family needs an intervention with him. Wow no one is watching cnn anymore they lie so much im leaving attnt even

Wonder how many more campaign managers he will have to fire till 3rd Nov, the polls are going to go lower each week🤨 Fuck who knows what this guy said to get the job no one wants.......... FAKE NEWS!! He was promoted!!!!!! Trump sees his inevitable demise and no amount of job shuffling will change that.

Liar liar pants pn fire. parscale in the words of Ivanka Trump, find something new. Only Putin can save his puppet.... FakeNewsMedia keep on fakin!! OMG THIS FAKENEWS BS AGAIN...ASK HILLARY HOW YOUR LIES PLAYED OUT LAST TIME WWG1WGA TRUMP2020 Awwwwww....really? Didn’t see that coming after the Tulsa cluster fuck

Biden 52%Trump 37% Biden 52%Trump 37% Biden 52%Trump 37% Biden 52%Trump 37% Biden 52%Trump 37% Biden 52%Trump 37% Biden 52%Trump 37% Biden 52%Trump 37% Biden 52%Trump 37% Biden 52%Trump 37% Biden 52%Trump 37% Biden 52%Trump 37% Biden 52%Trump 37% Biden 52%Trump 37% DumpTrump Big shake up in the President’s Campaign. Trump said, “BRAD PARSCALE DID A BAD JOB AS MY CAMPAIGN MANAGER! MY POLL NUMBERS ARE WAY DOWN! IT’S NOT ME! IT’S HIM! EVEN MALANIA IS VOTING FOR BIDEN! MY NUMBERS ARE SO LOW EVEN HOOVER DID BETTER! AND HE SUCKED LIKE A VACUUM CLEANER!

can somebody tell trump that it's not the campaign manager that's the problem Trump claims Parscale did too much polling: “If we didn’t poll, we wouldn’t have low poll numbers. Polling creates low polls. Too muchCovid testing; too much polling.” BradParscale This is the end of America expect more shutdowns hopless junk science vaccine $MRNA will fail severe adverse events CDCgov FDA USA is on track for -250k plus deaths by year end $600 ext lapse will finish off markets realDonaldTrump reelection! AP CNN hblodget WSJ nytimes

Tulsa and New Hampshire were the death knolls! Looks good on you Brad! Now stop running your mouth! Trump is always the blame monger. He just fires people because he has no clue how to lead. Loving the narrative cnn you continue to amaze FLUSH Follow my page and get update Fake polls He’s trying to punish him bc his numbers are really bad .Lol

These the same polls that said he would lose the first time? Yeah nice try buy your 'polls' have no credibility. Of course he did. It's always someone else's fault CNN is the Baghdad Bob of the Media. FakeNews These are his real campaign managers! Doesn’t matter who the campaign manager is for the idiot. If I was the new guy, I would have secret service lock him up in the Oval Office and take his phones, mobile devices and internet away until November

Trump’s novelty has expired. He is getting desperate and won’t admit that he is following the polls. Fortunately he played his only trump card in 2016. Himself. realDonaldTrump Good The Trump is so behind in the Polls, it reminds me of the night he won the Presidency. Polls are fabricated by MSM to influence opinion, not report it. And BTW two words. Poll suppression.

Not having Cambridge Analytica sucks, doesn't it? parscale The same polls that had Hillary winning in 2016 hahahaha These same polls said Hillary was going to win The first of many 'shake ups'. Rearranging the furniture to keep the leaky ship from sinking. 🙄 Mr. “I don’t take responsibility” had no choice but to shoot the messenger of bad polling news. After all, the reason most Americans disapprove of his job couldn’t possibly because of how badly he’s screwing everything up.

He ain’t losing !!! Good try !!! Don’t believe the poles . This time for farewell of D Trump. Joe Biden seem to replace the old one Well Brad got some cool cars out of the deal. More democrats causing mayhem, week six now. It never ends. Trumps situation isn't the campaign managers, it's Trump himself. While he lives in a delusional reality the real world is crashing around him. The people need a leader not a conman that is corrupt and has disgraced the USA with lies and racist rhetoric that divides the nation.

Trump 2020 Tell me how ANYONE could be struggling in the polls against THIS GUY. Keep talking 🙄 FakeNews Fake Polls are used to help herd the Sheepeople that don’t think for themselves... The Sleeping Giant.. is waking up The Silent Moral Majority Will Speak Loudly and Clearly 2020VISION The Choices are Clear to See

Brad Parscale, now former captain of the Death Star, about to ask the campaign staff about the call they just got from Trump: It must have been quick... he needs to update his Twitter profile For sake of GOP, the real person should be fired is Trump himself. Do you suppose he got to hear Trump greatest president ever.

All Trump’s people end up in the same place. In the trash. Beware new guy. He’ll eventually trash you too. Clowns! Wire less phone charger Cnn full of shit. Struggle 😂 Yes someone else to put the blame on !! Why he is going to lose the election !! Biden should hire Brad Maybe Trump should demote himself. I see that being a win for America.

Unlike the BuffaloBills Parscale can say 'At least I won the big one!' Payback for Tulsa. Wasn't Stepien fired by Chris Christie for incompetence? As I said ... Womp womp Who really gives a shit. No one who thinks CNN is a credible news source matters and obviously your memory is very short. Remember all your polls the last election cycle?

lynn_of_cait Trumps best people are always not as best as the next? Lmao In my career, I never demoted an asshole, I fired that asshole. Swamp to swampier I hope he is up on tiktok.😄😄 Struggled in 2016 polls 🤷🏻‍♂️ It is amazing that he thinks the fault is with his campaign manager. MSM TRYING TO HIDE BIDEN... WE ALL NEED TO SEE THE FACE TO FACE DEBATES !!!! TRUMP v BIDEN!! NO WIENIES ARE ALLOWED !!! Time for the Presidential Candidates to go out and show what they have to offer the US CITIZENS !!! COVID-19 IS NOT ALLOWED AS AN EXCUSE FOR NO SHOW!!😎✌️

We'll, he lasted 16 days longer than I thought he would

A message for President Donald Trump from his niece: 'Resign'BREAKING: GStephanopoulos: 'If you're in the Oval Office today, what would you tell [Pres. Trump]?' Mary Trump: “Resign.” Watch more from the interview on GMA tomorrow: GMA GStephanopoulos You are a joke, George, giving this woman any airtime. Oh, by the way, President Trump DOES have the executive authority to commute the sentence of anyone he chooses - shove your impeachment crap. GStephanopoulos GMA Sorry cupcake...four more years GStephanopoulos GMA Nobody!

President Donald Trump erroneously refers to Alabama coach Nick Saban as Lou SabanPresident Donald Trump erroneously referred to Alabama coach Nick Saban as 'Lou Saban' while endorsing ex-Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville for Senate. Nancy pelosi called george floyd, george Kirby They’re killing me, Whitey! They’re killing me! Can we stay on the topic of Natzis for an ill minute. Please confirm this is a true Natzi we're seeing here.

A message for President Donald Trump from his niece: 'Resign'President Donald Trump’s niece -- on Tuesday called on the president to step down. 'If you're in the Oval Office today, what would you tell him?' ABC News chief anchor George Stephanopoulos asked her in an exclusive interview. 'Resign,' Mary Trump responded. Thanksgiving dinner this year at the Trump’s will be fun! Karma' is a btch*** 💺 What is she on?

The most devastating thing about Mary Trump's portrait is her empathy for Donald TrumpPresident Donald Trump's 'only niece,' clinical psychologist Mary Trump, portrays a man warped by his family in 'Too Much and Never Enough.' Review by KBAndersen KBAndersen It’s a great read. She writes well and the content is as crazy as one would believe. KBAndersen Doctorate level indoctrination. That's what you get with a PhD anymore. None of us care what she says. Her TDS is obvious. She only preaches to her own choir. KBAndersen Mad Donald.

Donald Trump Is At War With COVID-19 ScienceThe ongoing pandemic shows just how dangerous, and deadly, his continued rejection of science and expertise can be. His FIRST WAR is with himself. Fighting his DEMONS! SOCIOPATH! Ask his niece Mary Trump PH D! Just gonna leave this here.. Somebody give him covid 19 PLEASE!!!

50 Cent Interview on Kanye West & Donald TrumpIn part two of his interview with Billboard, 50 Cent slams Kanye West for his presidential run, speaks on Donald Trump, Rick Ross, police brutality and more. 50cent 50cent PURR KANYE IS OVER 50cent Blahahahah