Trump self-pardon 'a no-go’ former White House ethics lawyer says

Trump cannot pardon himself, former White House ethics lawyer Richard Painter tells María Teresa Kumar.

11/29/2020 2:02:00 AM

“It is quite clear that the president cannot pardon himself,” fmr. White House ethics lawyer Richard Painter says about Pres. Trump.

Trump cannot pardon himself, former White House ethics lawyer Richard Painter tells María Teresa Kumar.

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Did he really shit him self on the golf course in Virginia well karma is a bitch all that lieing gut to come out of him some were I already knew that and, if people had been paying attention for the past two years, they'd know it, too. He has no ethics begin with, so what else you got? Where is this coming from? I swear Dems make shit up like this hypothetical scenario just to have something to bash him about. They really are pathetic! When has realDonaldTrump ever said he would pardon himself? But nobody wants to talk about Bidens career of corruption! Smh

he has to be convicted first to be pardon .. That’s ok let him think he can, then in January they’ll get him on fed charges as well as state charges 😂😂 he’s that stupid... He's out of his mind and is acting maniacally. Why are we letting him stay president? Trump isn't doing his job, which is a Dereliction of Duty. Trump has proven that he is a clear and present danger to the security of the USA. InvokeThe25th NOW!

Maybe ~ but just watch him try. Like that'll stop him. Nobody will stop it. Even if it's illegal. I suppose that could be taken to the courts, who could overturn it. Yet, I bet Trump will still take a stab at pardoning himself & family. Will resign, and Pence will pardon (see Nixon/Ford). Trump will say it's so Dems can't tie him up in court, he's free to MAGA! His sheep will see this as heroic self-sacrifice. (sometime Dec 14 andXmas. If not, then on Jan 7 once election is absolutely final)

Here’s the good news, President Trump will never pardon Obama But he can authorize torture right painter Fuck off! Bush is the 2nd worst R! Now it’s somehow unethical lol wtf ever Painter = NeverTrumperLushWithABadHairPiece He will still try FOR WHAT? He sure as shit can. Nothing would stop him from signing that piece of paper. Whether it would hold up in court is another matter, and the current Supreme Court doesn't give me a lot of confidence...

Cannot? Yes he can. Whether it is valid or not is something else. never say never... i stopped believing tv commentators years ago. everything they said could not and will not happen cuz the law said so... actually happened lol every lie, every unethical moves, every illegal actions from trumptard — yep! it happened

Put his ass in jail where he belongs 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤡💩 He doesn’t need to. Don’t worry about it. This doesn’t mean he won’t try. Donnie Small Hands will spend the next seven weeks dancing the limbo. How low can he go?!? it would be worth watching if trump resigned so pence could pardon him & pence said nah, I don't think so

Thank goodness. I didn't think so but the die-hard tRumpsters who face reality better than tRump does figured he'd get out of it. Since when has that stopped Humpty Trumpty from doing something? HAHAHAHA,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ETHICS FROM AN IDIOT.; ,,,GREAT BREAKING NEWS............ Nobody can be the judge in his own trial.

Full of BS For what? Pardon himself from what? Isn't that an admission of guilt? Even Trump wouldn't .... oooops, not thinking. You want to bet on that....This Trump will do anything he likes, Trump does not care about the rule of law...he is Trump, he can do whatever he likes....he scoffs at the law. Who is to stop him? The question is not whether he can pardon himself, he can; the question is whether a self pardon is legally valid. That question, in turn, requires him to be accused of something first. If he self pardons and there is no federal indictment, we will never know.

According to both the SPLC and the ACLU, PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP and his ATTORNEYS are now APPEALING all of their LAWSUITS to the UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT: SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER - AMERICAN CIVIL LIBERTIES UNION tjohnson1906 Cart before horse. How do we prevent his frantic maneuvering and dirty trucks to steal the election almost a month after it is over?

I can foresee Trump suing prison officials for 'fraudulently' stopping him from buying the prison he's an inmate of and appointing himself warden. Trump For Warden, Inc is now accepting donations. I absolutely love this guy. Richard Painter would personally escort Trump out of the White House if he could. Hell, he would of liked to do it 4 years ago! 😎

Get a life !!! Find the truth and it will set you free !!!! Why he needs to pardon himself? The same answer as why he gave full pardon to Flynn so he can't testify against him on Mueller's Russia investigation. There's more pardon he will give before he leaves. Don't ever think Trump is innocent, he is a criminal con artist abusing power.

Pardon himself for what? Finally something right!! Fortunately, all this nonsense is of no significance whatsoever... Trump the pump is afraid to go to the klink! Inmates like redheads and would love to play ball with Trump! The WWF inMates and Trump! Ethics lawyer huh? ask him what he thinks about this.

One can only hope! Mr. Trump has taken telling lies like what can be normally done amid a difficult situation. When asked about the quick-spreading coronavirus, he didn't have anything to say and he said it was faulty of China. And sometimes he said it was the incompetence of some other persons. Let's wait a see. This is a president who boasts of many firsts and thrives on saying, 'the likes of which you've never seen before.'

MSNBC spreading misinformation. Shocking! 😂 That will make Biden President 47 No president should be able to including doctor trump realdonaldtrump and vice presidents When was he convicted? And what crime was he convicted of? What was his sentence? What court? What judge? Where can I find live coverage?

All the Trump lovers who say people are spreading lies about him... I wonder what they think about his asking if he could pardon himself If it's all lies why does he need a pardon? I listened to this guy all through Russia and Mueller, and he was wrong everyday. Not ever going to believe anything he says.

Justice should be able to process Donald Trump if it's needed. Thanks 'Ethics' and 'Trump' in the same sentence is new. RINOLushWithABadWig! And that's why I predict Trump will resign and be pardoned by Pence. Okay but what if he pardons himself using a mirror or the portal gizmo from the hit game, Portal 2?

Why would Trump need to pardon himself, if, as he claims he did nothing wrong. He claims he is perfect. 😂 if he cant why let him know that? now he knows he can resign on jan 19th, then have pence pardon him! thank god for sdny! That means he will fight until the end to stay What would he need to pardon himself for ffs?

There was an old man named Trump, Who’s ratings took quite a slump. After briefest reflection, He attacked the election, But only gave Biden a bump. He'll try to bulshit his way through. Pardon himself. OMG MSNBC is sooo gonna have to do damage control for all these gas lighting articles, including those other Soros media conglomerate propaganda corp networks.

Why pardon himself for doing a great job the last 4 years!? He could stand down a week before the end and have Pence pardon him. Well, that's if he wants to obey the law, but we know he doesn't do that so, yes he will give himself a full pardon and no one will stand up to oppose him. Watch and see! Is it also correct that DJT cannot pre-pardon his children for crimes that might arise against them following DJT's departure from the Presidency?

What crime are you all going to make up this time? He doesn’t need to stop reporting trash fake news No he can't that so real Pardon himself for what? Trump can pedon himself but it would be an invalid perdon. Like the legality of an issue has ever stopped Trump. He has no reason. Greatest President of our life time!

The thing is when you think of how ridiculous Trump is this is a question we need to clarify... And why are we talking about this? Absurd Lets investigate 🔎 Mr Big 10 percent the liar Self Pardon a no go How about releasing taxes; nepotism; blatant lies; unqualified appointees; personal wealth building while in office; supporter only rallies; favoring white supremacist groups; assuming powers not granted office; dividing country; all no goes? Hmmmm?

Have you seen the Supreme Court lately? It’s like the Salem Witch trial judges. Why because Richard Painter says so? POTUS can pardon whomever he wishes. It says so in Article II Section II except in cases of impeachment. Then let him become a martyr and you will really unleash hell Great, now do Bill Clinton

He did! I love it! Trump will still try it though and I’m sure many of us would love to see him try it! He’s taking a big gamble by sticking around here though! I’d be happy to see him flee the country but the courtroom drama would be even better! arky6777 He'll try though, because he's just that nutz! 🤪

Speaking of illegal unethical legal advice....where is Barr?!?!? We miss you on cnn Richard lots of love from Canada 🇨🇦 So media types, please stop pretending like he can. It further erodes what little is left of our democracy. Such a pompous Ass. Painter most likely does not know or practice ethics. You note key word FORMER.

I know there is some denate about whether Trump should be prosecuted federally after he leaves office. If he pardons himself, there should be no question. It should be gloves off and to the full extent of the law. Trump should be told this. Then, let’s see what he does. A resentful Nixon concurred with Painter, as his sniveling account (titled: I Gave Them A Sword)* attests. So a deal was cut; the Trickster skated free as a bird, while his top aides went to prison. The book really ought to have been sub-titled, 'In Exchange For My Own Freedom'..

Hypothetical . People need to get a life. Could you imagine all the crooked things that a president could do while in office if he could just pardon himself. Maybe Trump thought he could pardon himself. Who knows he still thinks he won the election. What will actually happen... Pardon means admission of guilt. And since he's not guilty of anything (at least in his own mind) he doesn't need to pardon himself.

It seems like a totally ridiculous idea.... Oh dude is so clever. SMH To pardon himself , he has to admit he did wrong .Don’t think his massive EGO will allow that. What I don’t understand is doesn’t a person need to be pardoned for specific crimes? Or can they be pardoned for all past criminal behaviour? If the former, then wouldn’t Trump need to know which crimes he was going to be charged with and thus an admission of guilt?

Supreme Court 6-3 😁🇺🇸🗳 Thank You Sir🤴Trump!! realDonaldTrump He needs to check into a psychiatric hospital, he’s freaking NUTS. No evidence on Trump, but plenty on Biden. Biden family corruption details. bideniscorrupt medialies He'll force his bitch, Pence to do it just before he leaves office !!!

I don't know how many people seriously thought he would attempt to pardon himself? This was always random fodder from the mensroom, while waiting. The answer has always been, he will resign prior to 1/20 and allow Pence to pardon him. 1/18- 1/19? Why is there an ethics lawyer in Washington? He will resign btwn Elect Col vote and Xmas. Pence will pardon him (ala Ford/Nixon). T will say it's to prevent years of dem court harassment from future charges. He can focus on MAGA! His folks will see him as hero. No concession, or awkward inauguration. But, NY will get him.

Never been tried before so... It’s sad that 73 million people voted for the person we asking this question about Your world is truly comical. he wants to pardon himself? the king of hubris Trump must be guilty of wrongdoing for him to be seeking pardoning himself. What a fool. Self incriminating. MSNBC = PSY-OP PROPAGANDA Here's the list of Obama's pardons:

when has he ever concerned himself with ethics? or behaving ethically? he seems to constantly think that he can do anything he wants (and generally gets away with it)! He also wasn’t supposed to hire his children, campaign on government property, have WH employees on his campaign team, endorse products .....

Unless Republican senators changed laws But don’t we all want him to try? It would be super listening to his lawyers (really bad ones mind you) pleading the 5th when asked specific questions from Supreme Court justices about why he needs to pardon himself. AriMelber That’s a potato Duh!! I'm not chasing any of Trump's false negatives ~ Absolutely not!! Now,,, we know he & Bebe assassinated that nuclear scientist, right SOBs!! Serious Fever

That specific question hasn't been answered by the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has construed the language very, very broadly. Article II says the president shall have power to grant reprieves and pardons, except in cases of impeachment. Therefore, Trump can Pardon himself I wonder which federal laws he's thinks he's violated..Can we get a confession from him?

It would be a admission of guilt if he tried this is terrible news I’d like to see trump try to pardon himself so the Supreme Court trump thinks he owns tells him he can’t. In America NO ONE is above the law! Lol, I don’t know that he needs to...why would he, he’s committed no crime. It was clear he couldn’t hold significant assets either... and how did it go?

He will be prosecuted! That’s great to know. He shouldn’t be able to, he’s not above the law and the constitution shouldn’t shield or protect him!! that doesn't mean Trump won't do it. Mr Painter has gotten fat as shit