Trump Says Us Will Not Pay For Prince Harry And Meghan's Security. They Say They Don't Need The Hel

Trump Says Us Will Not Pay For Prince Harry And Meghan's Security. They Say They Don't Need The Hel

Trump says US will not pay for Prince Harry and Meghan's security. They say they don't need the help

President Donald Trump said Sunday that the United States would not pay to protect Prince Harry and his wife Meghan if they move to the US, but the Duke and Duchess say they're not asking for any help.

3/30/2020 5:51:00 AM

President Trump says that the US won't pay to protect Prince Harry and his wife Meghan if they move there. But the Duke and Duchess of Sussex say they have no plans to ask the US for security, and have made their own arrangements.

President Donald Trump said Sunday that the United States would not pay to protect Prince Harry and his wife Meghan if they move to the US, but the Duke and Duchess say they're not asking for any help.

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I love you Prince Harry! ChrisKirouac Reported on the who gives a rats channel. Good !!!! They wanted to be 'financially independent' But they thought they could get rich using the name 'Royal' I laughed my A$$ off when the Queens forbid them from using the name Royal. HAHAHAHA I was so worried the USA would have to provide HarryandMeghan with Security Not! Our country’s higher concern of COVID19 pandemic was completely lost by 45

Yeah, like they'll be able to pay for it.😄 SpoiledHarry HarryandMeghan Because Charles (read British tax payor) is paying for it. This story is made up and debunked by iself. It's CNN. Hypocrites....she promised (or threatened) not to live in the USA as long is President. They didn’t ASK!!!! I understand the US not wanting to pay considering how expensive security is...but the fact that they didn’t even ask and he was just like “NO!” ...That’s our president 🤦🏻‍♀️

Did they ask for the USA to pay? No. They’re hiring their own personal security. Donald Trump needs to sit down and shut up. I pay for my own protection detail - one box of bullets at a time. Welcome to 'merica. I don't care, do you? This is the same thing I witness in 1936 when a north American woman caused havoc in our land. She married the man and then stole away his popularity. I am glad the US leader has said he will not pay for security. They have the moneys got pre-Meghan. Should lose titles as well.

Just Trump being Trump. Any way to get in the news Certainly they have not asked for such help. Our President has a Nation of people suffering gravely. Who in the right mind thinks about bullying Megan and Harry about there security at such a critical time? nytimes JoeBiden MSNBC maddow BBCWorld HillaryClinton

Holy crap everyone. Aside from the nicer comments to those you are good people. All you people with your opinions. Shit the F up. Are they in your personal lives? NO! You know them personally? NO. Grow up. From this Canadian. I Am Draven. Bye I'm glad that they made other arrangements. The Citizens of the USA don't want to pay to protect Donald Trump.

Really CNN. Wtfc? Worst people ever Good. US did away with supporting English Royalty back in 1776 Increíble que un presidente se tome el tiempo para algo superfluo en medio de una pandemia y crisis económica global. So why is this a story? Not true. They didn’t ask. The queen did! Will they get free healthcare in CA?

I luv all the alt left triggered by trump 😊😊😊. It is wonderful. And to think trump is the favorite by far to win in 2020 makes it even better!!!!!! CNN spreading more love. More made up bullshit so he can look tough no we're spending too much money protecting trumps children while they go about making money. Now that's wrong.

CNN won’t do a poll on that one.. They never asked for the US to pay for their security. Spin doctors = fake news Don’t worry guys he’s not paying for the security of Americans either. Don’t expect a phone call, your in line behind Michigan & Washington. He had no problem accepting the security offered by Britain when he parked his fat ass in front of their Queen.

Trump just made a silly attempt to distract himself from the real crisis, and he’s lying again. Que situação difícil se encontra este casal. This is a “shiny object” distraction. They never asked for his help. Typical con man Trump sleight of hand tactic. Yet happy we pay for his useless and greedy kids.....and all his golfing trips....the man is a lying liability.....applaud him if you must as he continues to legitimise hatred and corruption...

They dont need your help. Proves they were tight not inviting you to the wedding as they did not want any trash there And you and your hangers on slaves to $$$ are certainly trash. Nothing is as it seems with this couple. They conceal their real plans. Of course they will deny wanting help. Canada taxpayers were USED & paid until they left. I feel sorry for the UK taxpayers & the 9 specially trained UK police officers stuck with their security. ££££££

Yes they’ve made their own arrangements it’s called British taxpayer funded arrangements.☹️🇬🇧 So they should. Spongers What’s the point of this “story”? rocket_the_racc And I am sure they will never except an invitation to any of Trumps parties Now you know usa not your friend His friends with our Queen? How many times has the deluded fool met her?

Did they say they were moving to the U.S? Thought Canada was their destination of choice? Even if they had asked for it they would eventually deny they did not. Megan Why would he? They a right pair of idiots,perfect match! Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have decided to move to LA, And are wanting taxpayer funded Secret Service protection, since they are no longer entitled to diplomatic protection. This is ridiculous. We should not foot the bill for two FORMER members of the Royal Family!

Welcome to America! Now I suppose we give them EBT cards and free medical, then raise my taxes again next year? Let them live the life they wished for a long time which is to be normal and at peace❤️ 跑美国去干什么?经历生死考验吗? They have never asked for US tax payers money..Trump must just fck off and concentrate on solving the Corona mess the United States is in

realDonaldTrump needs to focus on the job at hand No one literally cares what your opinion is on the Royal Family DO YOUR JOB !!! I’m betting CNN thinks otherwise! losers Mudbugfan you were saying? But if they have not asked for security,why is he yapping? They also said they will not live in US as long as Trump is President, but here they are.

POTUS should be left to his own accord secret service should protect a person with dignity,honor,courage,integrity,intelligence, like BARACK OBAMA oh wait they already did... now stuck with this jack ass Because there's nothing more important going on at the moment, huh? They Never asked. They good, thank you America😏

Why are ppl saying that they expected for it though? Like...can you read famous ppl’s minds or smth...? One less thing for Americans to worry about... I am sure a lot have spent sleepless nights thinking about it.... Mabbycrankyp The US can't pay. All of those relevant, taxpayer-provided funds have been wasted on security for Dotard's golf weekends.

Can prince Harry run as a Democrat? He moved just for HER. epic 👏🏽 coronavirus CoronaOutbreak Trump TrumpVirusCoverup Trump you don't worry about them, they can hired anyone, you just lock down US to save lives from pendemic Nobody cares about these spoiled rich twats Trump is a total embarrassment to this country. Why is he tweeting about Harry and Meghan when Americans are dying from the coronavirus by the thousands. He must be removed from office so we can get someone in the White House that actually cares about the American people.

So glad Trump took the time to clarified this. All the focus is on this silly virus and no one is paying attention to the important stories, like Harry and Meghan. They would never ever ever ever ever ever forever ask. Never. They dont need him or his 'protection' Meghan is an American citizen who came home with her husband and child. Simple as that. Harry will have to home regularly as does anyone who is not a citizen.

Why in the modern world there are still duke and royals bullshit So happy Trump can speak of this but the rest of his words are nonsense. SMH! Good, just as it should be or they can leave and go back to England. Blah, blah, blah... that’s not important right now. Focus on the virus Trumpy! He's right this time.

Why in the hell or heaven would anyone want to do anything to them in the 1st place? This is America, we have royalty all around us daily. We don’t follow England’s glorified hierarchy. They will be just fine here. They better not ask! Did they ask? That's why they left Canada Good! Let them pay for their own security!

They will be fine. Plus Harry is a soldier he can protect himself and his family. I thought they refused to move here until he is no longer President... Pretty sure Piers Morgan asked him to tweet that. He's obsessed with Meghan. Cool. US is a codeword for tax payers. I pay taxes and I dont care about these people. Them being here does not increase the quality of my life. Losing money decreases the quality of my life.

Trump was trying to deflect from Covid-19 Good. We don’t need royal leeches in our country. They have to pay the own bills Still butt hurt because they didn't invite him to their wedding 🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂. EvaEvansshine2 A President who doesn't even have details about his own country security and attacks American citizens(Meghan and her son) is useless. What an idiot! They didn't ask for it, so why was he tweeting it? He made a fool of himself big time!

Royal parasites must work ...... Good for them. Interesting that we have to support tRumps useless offspring How did this guy get his GREEN CARD to reside in The United States. Smart move on their part!

President Donald Trump To Prince Harry And Meghan Markle: “They Will Have To Pay” For SecurityWelcome to Southern California, Harry and Meghan. Now find and fund your own security team. President Donald Trump tweeted out today that the couple, who reportedly are staying in a gated Malibu co… As they should! You sure love to breathlessly repeat what Trump says Glad he’s focusing on the most important things. JFC

President Trump Says Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Must Pay for Own SecurityAfter moving to the U.S. and leaving the royal family behind, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle must now pay for their own security team, according to President Trump. Before recently relocating to th… Your president, paying attention to the things that matter most. I never heard anything about them ASKING for help with security. Did they ask? Harry and Meghan are Beyoncé’s problem now. 🇺🇸👸🏽

Trump Says U.S. Will Not Pay for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's SecurityResponding to reports that the couple has moved to California, Trump tweeted on Sunday: 'They have left Canada for the U.S. however, the U.S. will not pay for their security protection. They must pay!' Professional Video Editor for your Business, YouTube or Personal at Affordable Price ? Contact Me - I'm no Trump fan, but good. The US shouldn't Because when our country is falling apart and people are dying in the thousands, this is the topic he should be weighing in on today. Asshat.

Trump Says Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Must Pay For Their Own U.S. Security'They must pay!' the president tweeted Sunday following unconfirmed reports that the couple had moved to Los Angeles. They can go back at anytime. No, pay your own damn way. trash Mr Lindsey happy princess magan in usa.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Have 'No Plans' to Ask US for SecurityPrince Harry and Meghan Markle have something to say following President Donald Trump's tweets about paying for their security. Harry inherited $40 million in family money. Meghan is angling $$$ deals from Netflix and Disney. They don't need public assistance. They shouldn't have been allowed to fly here internationally as desiring a beach front house and becoming a Hollywood star is not essential travel. Do they expect the 'bank of dad' to pay their security? After March 31st they're aren't royals anymore, time to pay their own bills!

Trump says U.S. won't pay for Harry, Meghan's security amid speculation of a move to LAAmid speculation about a move to Los Angeles for Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan, President Trump said the U.S. would not pay for their security. Good! 👏 These two grifters need to go back to the UK. ThankYouPresidentTrump👍🇺🇸 Sounds only right. I think Harry already has.