Trump Says U.S. Will Withdraw From WHO. Does He Have The Authority To Do It?

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President Trump says he is severing U.S. ties — and funding — to the WHO over its response to China's handling of the coronavirus epidemic. Experts say it's questionable whether he can unilaterally make that decision.

, former assistant secretary for health in the Obama administration and now a professor at Harvard's T. H. Chan School of Public Health., R-Tenn., chairman of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, in a statement after the announcement."Withdrawing U.S. membership could, among other things, interfere with clinical trials that are essential to the development of vaccines, which citizens of the United States as well as others in the world need.

"The only situation where he can do this is if Congress had agreed beforehand to give these powers to the president," said, a professor of public health at Simon Fraser University."It is the role of legal advisers to inform the president on what authority he can exert. He is either not receiving good advice or not listening to it."

If the president follows through, Congress could sue him in federal court over the matter, Gostin said, but Trump will still have succeeded in halting U.S. funding until the courts decide. "It's a monumental decision," Gostin said, and one that in his view is ill-timed as the epicenter of the pandemic moves to low- and middle-income countries where WHO's efforts to stem the pandemic are crucial."To have that disruption and delay is unforgivable," he said,"It will cost lives."


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Trump has over reached his power limits for 3.5 years. Enough!

poor countries pay 0.1% of their GDP as contribution to WHO and they don't have a say in its management. The US contribute about 0.00263% of its GDP, control the whole thing including most of its leadership for 75 years and now they blackmail WHO? What a crap!

THIS WAS A GREAT DAY FOR AMERICA!🥳 🇺🇸Americanstrength 🇺🇸 I❤️POTUS45 President Trump keeps his word 🙏

Absolutely does, and should


MOST EVERYTHING he does is an 'OVERREACH of his constitutional powers' and/or an ABUSE of power.

Another serious blunder by Donnie the Deluded and Dangerous as he persists in his efforts to distract from his lack of response to the pandemic and his role in the deaths of thousands in the USA. The petulant tantrum throwing toddler continues to wreak havoc.

This man is a menace.

I have to agree with The President. I don't understand what, where, When why they can spend it better then USA, seems like that is a lot every year, over 1 billion every 3 years. We have homeless, we should watch out for Abuser's.


I wish someone would TERMINATE him!!!!

WHO Membership is automatic to every UN member who signs the WHO Constitution. There is no provision for leaving. Voting rights can be suspended is a county doesn't pay dues. US owes over $99 million in dues, largest amount in the organization

I’m sorry... you’re still acting like he’s a legitimate president and fed gov still has any authority. They abdicated that when 40k Americans died from their greed and stupidity. Those riots aren’t about Floyd, he was the catalyst, but not the end game.

We past overreach a few thousand lies ago!

trumpisarapist TrumpisaRacistThug ResignNowTrump

Time for the Congress to step in! This goes beyond dumb.

Talk about the leaked court documents exposing Trump and Epstein as child rapists!!!!!

Ohhhhh and I guess it wasn’t over Obama’s reach to give a billion dollars to a state that was a known supporter of terrorism.....Iran Sit down and be quiet and folks won’t know how dumb you are....

Again. Yet we will not stop him.

He needs to be fired this November. Simple.

We’re not missing anything.. he on the other hand...


No surprises here. Ever since the Senate effectively condoned the President's view that Article II of the Constitution gives him the power to do whatever he wants, he has gone and done whatever he wants.


Republicans have said the president can do what he wants... calling impeachment a political move. Media couldn't decide if being accurate was more important than 'telling both sides.' I don't care that now you're concerned when you chose to run his soundbites for 2016.

He doesn't care about rules or law. Or cooperation. Or anything but his own greed.

Please vote a straight Democratic ticket in November everyone! Resist


Everything Trump does is an 'overreach.... Get him out now before he destroy U.S. completely!

One expert? Just one

don-the-con trump IS NOT: a lawyer, teacher, compassionate, minister, doctor, ex-military, historian, scientist, literate, benefactor, honest, tax payer, trustworthy, a loyal husband, psychologist, nor physic.

He complains about China having too much sway with the WHO, so the 'Savvy Businessman' abandons it to them altogether...

He does & it’s a great move 🇺🇸

I mean they fuxing lied for China. But don't let facts get in the way.

Pornstars addicted potus is their hero

Get them out of here

You guys still abide by that? Good to know

It is self-evident in their own words. CCP locked down people in Wuhan yet allowed thousands from Wuhan to travel all over the world. And WHO agreed:

How CCP Coronavirus spread.

Ok, I get it that in his past experience as a businessman, being adversarial may have been a successful strategy. But is there room in his brain for the idea that at least once in a while, being collaborative is more successful?

AMERICA MAGA2020Landslide TrumpTrain2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🥳🥳

My mom said if this happens we're gonna become a 3rd world country health wise but then I always remember this statement that the US is a 3rd world country in a Gucci belt

Experts or hacks?

Yet another example of Trump voluntarily giving away bargaining power to the Chinese. Well done.

He's looking for someone to blame for his Mega late respond to how to handle the Covid-19 Pandemic Now on more than 100.000 plus deaths citizen, He should be charge with manslaughter for all this people now gone too early .

I have more respect for raw sewage than this clown.

The same WHO that wouldn't acknowledge Taiwan, said that masks weren't useful, and human-to-human transmission was impossible? Good!

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. - Melania Trump

The WHO is literally the only reason we found out about SARS


The US owes almost $100 million in dues to the WHO. WHO rules state can't leave till we're paid up.

'This decision is really so short-sighted and ill-advised, and all it does is put American lives at risk' So, just like everything else he does.

Can America sever its ties with trump and his negligent administration over its catastrophic failures in dealing with covid-19?

Check out my new eBook: Coronavirus the Revealer: How the Coronavirus Pandemic Exposes America As Unprepared for Biowarfare & Bioterrorism, Highlighting Traditional U.S. Weakness in Unconventional, Asymmetric Warfare, in which I detail our massive failure

President Trump, please don't forget to to withdraw from NATO and the UN as well!!

It's going to take decades to undo this trailer trash's impact.

The WHO may not have handled this UNPRECEDENTED event correctly, but neither did the Trump Administration. Maybe instead of cutting ties... you should work together and fix the issues. Smh.

I certainly hope he can make the decision. If we leave it to the Media, Left and so called experts, we better start learning how to speak Chinese

Finger pointing powers activate!

garanceburke Re-impeach.

Please delineate those experts.

What an idiot. His ineptness is the cause for the 101K deaths in US.

anything Trump does should be legally challenged for not being in the best interest of the country. Trump is corrupt and we all know 8t.

Glad he’s doing it. Right thing

Is still not enough that he even thinks that he does.


During a pandemic. WorstPresidentEver

It was an act of Congress. I do not think he can unilaterally drop out.

Don’t worry USA will be back in 2021

I’m sure he called President Xi to say, “I’m going to say some mean things about China, but I don’t mean it. I’m just trying to trick my subjects from paying attention to the real issues. You know I love you, bro.”

Thank you President Trump. The global doormats.... Also known as Democrats and US media... Can now rush to defend an agency that shills for the communist Chinese.


Who’s gonna stop him? SenateGOP? senatemajldr? Bwahahahahahaha! Yeah right.

He wasn’t even paying them before covid lol

Mr. President, Don Trump, is a tremendous BS Artist to be accepted as HE is, and WE all just need to deal with it & deal with him at election time...agreed?

Sure he is. He is a powerless wimp

He can't go through with any of this threats and he knows it. He's POTUS but is powerless. Even his GOP allies have shifted.

Trump only cares about himself and blaming someone else for his mistakes. He takes zero responsibility for his actions or in his case inaction for the last several years, likely his whole life.

Another effort to silence any opposition to his false narrative. Every day he undermines some group, institution, individual all to keep us off balance while he destroys, cheats, lies, steals, our future.


So what’s the excuse for his handling of the virus? He still doesn’t have a plan.

Perhaps yet another diversion to try to keep the heat off himself and look good in the eyes of the followers? Makes one wonder.

TrumpDestroysAmerica DisingenuousGOP. UnprecedentedPresidentTrump


Then fucking do something about it.

Can he just sever the ties with the United States? Maybe move to Russia? That would be great. VeteransAgainstTrump

Ok but we are terminating YOU TRUMP for your lame response to Covid 19. It is your mishandling that leaves are country in ruin!

FFS He's throwing another tantrum.

He is our president and can and did make that decision. realDonaldTrump

“Experts” say! 🤣🤣


God help us. Seriously.

He just did ✅😂

'Experts' question many of his moves, they go to court, they lose. Done.

He needs to be removed from office immediately


Trump started his presidency with withdrawal from Paris Climate Agreement -- US went through hurricanes Harvey & Maria, California fires, etc. Now at the end of his presidency in the middle of COVID19 Trump decided to withdraw from WHO. Only 'stable genius' could be that stupid.

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