Trump says U.S. will be 'terminating' relationship with WHO

President Trump says the US will be “terminating” their relationship with the WHO over their response to the coronavirus pandemic.

5/29/2020 11:35:00 PM

President Trump says the US will be “terminating” their relationship with the WHO over their response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The president criticized the World Health Organization for their response to the pandemic and said U.S. funds would be redirected to other public health needs.

Trump has repeatedly slammed the WHO for its response to the coronavirus and has accused the WHO of being “China-centric."“China has total control over the World Health Organization despite only paying $40 million per year compared to what the United States has been paying, which is approximately $450 million a year," Trump said Friday.

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The annual U.S. contribution to the WHO last year was roughly 15 percent of the agency's budget.Trump on Friday also criticized Chinese officials who he said"ignored their reporting obligations to the World Health Organization and pressured the World Health Organization to mislead the world when the virus was first discovered by Chinese authorities.”

TheWHO has no authority to force foreign governmentsto divulge medical information or open doors to its hospitals and labs.China has denied that it concealed details about the outbreak. The WHO has strongly defended its response, saying it took urgent action at the first signs of the epidemic in Wuhan.

Trump also criticized China's recently announced national security law, whichendangers Hong Kong's special status. Trump said he would begin eliminating policy exemptions that have previously applied to Hong Kong."Today will affect the full range of agreements we have with Hong Kong, from our extradition treaty to our export our export controls on dual-use technologies and more, with few exceptions. We will be revising the State Department's travel advisory for Hong Kong to reflect the increased danger of surveillance and punishment by the Chinese state security apparatus," Trump said.

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Finally. Independent taiwan the true China... communists china should not exist 1.3 billion need democracy and then you can be part the free world Weakening WHO is not anyone best interests. 😡 Probably not a wise idea moron Ask Ukraine Trump is the worst leader of all time! Wait and see... he is a magician

BurnettCynthia We owe 100 million dollars to them. He's ALREADY stopped payment This country has been getting Fuck by the WHO He's an idiot and the cause of all this trauma. How about terminate relationship with Twitter too? The USA 🇺🇸 should terminate its relationship with realDonaldTrump Who should leave the United States immediately and make no further recommendations to the United States. Trump is enough.

Can we terminate our relationship with trump over his response to the pandemic? He just keeps looking for someone to blame for his own grave failings. He's the king of withholding! No news there... I need a bigger hand to flip the finger required to this dude. Trumps insane trying to take focus off his incompetency

This is the definition of denying science. What a shame for our country. in today’s “would putin approve?” bingo! da!!! I’ll be voting to re-elect Trump in November because liberals are bat shit crazy! And the resultant USA deaths? Trump is not responsible for them? Get that corrupt idiot out of the White House!!

Imagine all those Americans we could help with that money... but no you Democrats want us to keep spending on organizations that do nothing for them He’s gonna start ghosting them... This is what POTUS realDonaldTrump does! If he thinks someone makes him look bad, he uses tax payer money to get them back! 🙄 We shouldn't have POTUS with vindictive behavior!

Who is useless. NBC do your job. Why didn't who go to China and investigate the cause of the virus and how serious it really was. Someone needs to get the real answers from Who and China. Worst possible thing to do. Shameful. When has following the law or Constitution ever stood in trump’s way? realDonaldTrump is as corrupt as they come; he must go

tymetwx He blames them when in truth he is to blame for our lousy response to the coronavirus. We all wouldnt be in quarantine for over 2 fucking months if he had acted sooner, but no he now has the deaths of over 100,000 Americans in his hands now. REMOVETRUMP The world is terminating their association with the US too, trumps got to go

Majority of staff of that organization are the experts from USA. I wish we could terminate our relationship with him I'm ready to vote!! DIVERSION The most of the rest of the world handled the pandemic 100x better than the U.S. so it wasn't the WHO who made covid in the U.S. this bad. it was Trump. Scotus SenateGOP SenateDems can’t do that. This is appropriated and approved by Congress. realDonaldTrump constantly oversteps thinking he’s king. This is democracy not Stalinism. Congress majority leader needs to set up school for Trump.

I cannot wait to terminate Donald Trump at the voting place on November 3, 2020 for his horrible response to Covid-19 and for a history of conduct unbecoming of the Office of President of the United States. It's his fault, not the WHO. This jerk will never grow up. Don't anyone ever disbelieve the existence of evil - here it is in the flesh imposing itself on the entire country even though the entire country did not want him. Got to love republican fair play and the barr justice dept.

In a way it is appropriate. Angela Merkel has been the leader of the free world since January, 2017. realDonaldTrump VP SenateGOP HouseGOP PressSec LindseyGrahamSC tedcruz SenRonJohnson repMarkMeadows Trump Cabal: Jim_Jordan repMattGaetz DevinNunes replouiegohmert I'm still waiting on those 5 Million tests per day he promised a month ago. realDonaldTrump GOP GOPChairwoman senatemajldr GOPLeader JohnCornyn tedcruz RepVanTaylor

realDonaldTrump 103.000 dead Americans and 40 million unemployed and counting IS ON YOUR RESUME FOREVER. DonnieDouchebag IDIOT! So can the us citizens do the same with him, since his response was horrendous? Can we terminate our relationship with realDonaldTrump because of his incompetent response to the pandemic? TrumpPandemic

Me: I did the dumbest shit ever last night when I was wasted. Trump: Hold my beer. He’s putting us at further risk, so he can blame THEM for his failures. Note to world, ignore the nation in the people’s house. The exterminator is on the way and non of what he says will matter anyway.i think Supreme Court justices should have shorter appointments. Maybe 10 years, one new every two years! The emperor still has no clothes.

And you will be terminated for your own response, or lack thereof, to the pandemic as well as your track record of complete incompetence as POTUS. Because he hasn’t done enough damage CrisisCreator Dear WHO, we will be back in January. Keep the coffee on! realDonaldTrump has a scapegoat for every one of his many failures. He never accepts responsibility. This won’t divert the fact that HE caused many Americans to die because HE didn’t do HIS job. VoteHIMout

We the people will be “terminating” our relationship with Donald Trump over his lack of adequate response to the coronavirus pandemic. Trump earned the distinction of being named Coronavirus King of the World, with the USA having more cases than any other country on the planet. When the nation's on fire, add gasoline.

The US will be terminating this “presidency” over its handling of the coronavirus. We need to terminate our relationship with you come November. We will renew our relationship on January 20, 2021. ETTD Can we terminate our relationship with POUTS over his response to the coronavirus pandemic? After all the WHO leapt into action 2 ½ months *before* he did. Biden even put out a plan before he did. So did Warren.

Thank you, President Trump!!! We CAN DO MUCH BETTER for the USA & for the world!!! Distraction or blame shifting? Little bit of both? I can see his point. WHO was extremely slow in recommending hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19. This move hands Africa to China. The US has completely caved to China’s expansionist interests in the developing world. All because Sheldon Adelson wanted a casino in Macau.

We should of cut ties with the WHO long ago. Glad realDonaldTrump made this bold move. Wow can Americans do the same because realDonaldTrump response to the virus killed us. Because of the trumpFLU PANDEMIC? The world health organization will regain its rightful place and funding will once again be given. Trump has cut off his nose to spite his face. He has cut off an asset to a vaccine which we as a nation desperately need if things are supposed to go back to semi normalcy

Idiotic The Republican Senators, Trump, his disfunctional & coward administration are the worse ppl ever! I hope that the Floyds family will not respond to anything Trump say. He doesn't care anything about any black people. What he said last wasn't a fact, it was a statement lying liar! Trump responsible for the rapid increase in USA Covid-19 cases and deaths. He needs to pull-up his big boy pants and own it. Until he owns it — we as a country cannot fix it.

Hopefully the people of the US will terminate their relationship with him next election. Then everything can change for the better Wait, over the Presidents lack of response to the coronavirus pandemic? Smh. trump the blood is all over you. you did not protect and you knew And look...not a one has a mask!!!!! 😡😡🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

Trump and Churchill: A new book looks at both, and chooses TrumpDonald Trump, as described in a new book with the grandiloquent title “Trump and Churchill: Defenders of Western Civilization,” purports to show how an untested, bombastic real estate speculator grew into greatness. jerryadler Further proof of the delusional Republican Party jerryadler I’m thankful that Churchill’s version of a wartime leadership differs greatly from that of the current President’s wartime leadership. jerryadler Yeah that Trump a real walking thesaurus.

U.S. will terminate its relationship with World Health Organization, Trump saysBreaking: President Trump announced Friday the U.S. is ending its relationship with the World Health Organization amid a global pandemic. an organization that got it all wrong. hopefully the UN is in his crosshairs US should end its relationship with Trump. For allowing 1.7 millions infected and over 100k die from COVID-19(and unfortunately still counting). Remember he had it under control and that it go away also a Democratic hoax!

Trump announces end of US relationship with World Health OrganizationPresident Donald Trump announced on Friday that the United States will terminate its relationship with the World Health Organization, a move he has threatened throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Well done! The perfect and the greatest president of USA Finally we rid our burden of that nonsense. Great move GOAT! 🐐 Anyways, WHO is biased and Influenced. If WHO wants countries to follow WHO then they should be neutral. I think covid 19 should be called Wuhan virus. Wuhan virus it is!

Trump announces he's 'terminating' the US relationship with the World Health Organization - Business InsiderBusiness Insider is a fast-growing business site with deep financial, media, tech, and other industry verticals. Launched in 2007, the site is now the largest business news site on the web. Someone get this guy out of office. Like a little child ignoring his problems. Oh and when the looting starts, the shooting starts What on earth does that mean? The US will drown in their own ignorance. CNN,ABC,NYTIMES,WASHINGTONPOST,MSNBC,CBSNEWS,FOXNEWS,AP,BBCWorld,Reuters Trump is an idiot NOTrumpNOTrumpNOTrumpNOTrumpNOTrumpNOTrumpNOTrumpNOTrumpNOTrumpNOTrumpNOTrumpNOTrumpNOTrumpNOTrumpNOTrumpNOTrumpNOTrumpNOTrumpNOTrumpNOTrumpNOTrumpNOTrumpNOTrumpNOTrumpNOTrump

Trump announces he's terminating US relations with the World Health OrganizationThe US coronavirus outbreak has altered daily life in almost every way. Here's the latest updates on US Covid-19 cases, deaths, reopenings, the government response, unemployment and more. Stop prefacing his name with the word 'president.' We don't have a president. We're on our own. WOW POTUS Only someone as STUPID & RECKLESS as you would terminate our partnership with the World Health Organization in the midst of a pandemic that has already taken 100,000+ American lives. YOU were the one who f*cked up, not WHO. And Americans won't forget that in November.

Trump Announces New Sanctions On Chinese Officials, But Won’t Scrap Phase One Trade DealPresident Trump announced new targeted sanctions against Chinese officials and directed his administration to remove special exemptions for Hong Kong, but he kept the phase one trade deal intact by skleb1234 skleb1234 Happy Friday peeps! skleb1234 Humpty Trumpty sat on a Wall, Humpty Trumpty had a Great Fall. All his Militias and All his Minions could Not vote Trumpty in again. skleb1234 Wrong thing to do .