Trump says U.S. doing 'better than Europe' on coronavirus—it's not

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United States Latest News,United States Headlines

The U.S. has more total confirmed cases than the total reported in Europe, according to the latest report from the World Health Organization.

The U.S. currently has an infection rate of 20,363.78 cases per one million people, which is higher than that reported in at least five of Europe's worst-hit countries, including Spain , France , the U.K. , Italy and Germany , according to WHO.

The U.S. currently has a death rate of 61.09 deaths per 100,000 people, which is higher than that reported in most of Europe, except for Spain, the U.K., Belgium, Andorra and San Marino , according to the latest report Tuesday by JHU. The U.S. was reported to have a higher death rate than most European countries listed among the 20 countries"most affected by COVID-19 worldwide," except for Spain, according to the latest report Tuesday by JHU.

The death rate in the U.S. was higher than that reported in France , Romania , Russia , Turkey and Ukraine , among the 20 countries"most affected by COVID-19 worldwide," according to the latest report Tuesday by JHU.People at the beach on the first day of the Labor Day weekend on September 5 in Santa Monica, California. The U.S. is currently reported to have more total COVID-19 cases than the total recorded in Europe, according to the World Health Organization.

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Another obvious, despicable lie by the liar-in-chief!

Europe is an entire continent made up of many countries with many different laws. The U.S. is one country that could have had one national mandate to control this virus. Trump failed us.

He does not know how to tell the truth

Yes ,Trump won the mathematics context , not only for sexual assault accusations but also for 6 bankruptcies of his business , more than 200000 coronavirus patient’s deaths,USA economy sunken, plus 1billion dollar wasted in his re-election campaign that started in January 2017!

When he opens his mouth, he lies. HE CAN’T NOT LIE!!

That’s why they don’t Americans there! ......right....

A political trick is parsing statistics in a way that’s in your favor. The problem is, the true picture is found by comparing nation to nation. trump says our nation should be compared to a whole region, which ignores leadership, capacity, & resources from each country. Covid_19

But you have to take into count the number of tests per population and then equate appropriately. Since we test at a rate of 5 times more than Europe you have to divide the total number of positive cases by 5 to get an accurate comparison. C’mon man

200,000 dead, yeah doing great

realDonaldTrump contact tracing, health protocol like wearing mask and mass testing

fact check, how many tests has Europe done? Are they coming out with a vaccine by end of year?

Instead of Trump says, why not say, latest Trump lie.

He lies lies lies

Of course not, Trump is a pathological liar.

Don't worry it will just go away

Spoiler - No. it’s not.

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United States Latest News, United States Headlines

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