Trump says the coronavirus is the Democrats' 'new hoax'

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Trump says the coronavirus is the Democrats' 'new hoax'

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Trump says the coronavirus is the Democrats' 'new hoax'

President Donald Trump spoke on Friday from a campaign rally in North Charleston, South Carolina.

latest reports from the World Health Organization show the pace of new cases in China slowing, but jumping in South Korea, Japan, Italy, and Iran. In the U.S., the Santa Clara Public Health Department announced a third case of coronavirus in the county Friday evening. The announcement brings the total number of confirmed coronavirus cases in California to 10 and the total number of cases in the U.S. to 63, most of which were passengers on the Diamond Princess cruise ship and evacuees from Wuhan. "We are magnificently organized with the best professionals in the world," Trump said of the administration's preparations to help contain the spread of the virus. "We have to take it very, very seriously ... We are preparing for the worst," he continued. "My administration has taken the most aggressive action in modern history to prevent the spread of this illness in the United States. We are ready. We are ready. Totally ready." In other headlines, a Google employee , the company said Friday. New Zealand and Nigeria reported overnight their first coronavirus cases. — CNBC's Read more: CNBC

Fake news He did not say coronavorus is a hoax. He said the Democrats criticism of the US govt. response was a hoax. Except that wasn’t what he actually said was it? Honestly reporting on this issue is ridiculous. Send him to China ground zero and see if it is really a hoax Delusional BerkeleyJr That's not what he said. He said the Dems and the liberal left media are trying to politicize it and there is no doubt about that statement.

Frump only appointed Pence so the real mess Frump has put us in doesn't come back on him, but Pence. marvswife Thanks leader of no one. Wtf Turns it was the govt & others all along! Tootski?

Newt Gingrich: The stature gap between President Trump and the bickering Democrats is growing | OpinionAs President Donald Trump and the first lady stood before an enormous, enthusiastic crowd in India this week, Senator Bernie Sanders and the Democrats had a two-hour food fight of a debate in South Carolina. Newt has no stature whatsoever. Newt Gingrich? Are you kidding me Newsweek?

Fake news. YUP! Remember: H1N1, SARS, MARS, Ebola, Swine Flu, and Mad Cow! NOW CoronaVirus! ALL DEMOS are doing is Stock Market Manipulation and Attempting to create Panic! Never Fear TRMP is Here to save the Day!! The virus isn’t the hoax. MSM’s hyper-alert panic-inducing response is. JustBeHonest FakeNews

That’s not what he said! Quit lying for your own agenda! Delete this misleading trash. Stop lying. This has been proved false fakenews 🌏 It is time that the WorldHealthOrganization do their FN job! Over the past 50 years like CLOCKWORK more horrific viruses have originated from Communist China than any nation! WHO should be in China investigating & directing, proper hygiene, food markets & biolabs! COVID19

Not what Trump said at all. More fake news to slander the president. No wonder nobody believes anything from MSM anymore. As much as I don’t like him, it’s funny that the Clintons and Gateses likely own the vaccine. That’s wherein the hoax lies. I really doubt it came out of nowhere. Totally debunked the day before this tweet. So CNBC is fake news?

Donald Trump Jr. accuses Democrats of hoping coronavirus 'kills millions of people'Amid growing fears of a coronavirus outbreak in the United States, Donald Trump Jr. on Friday accused Democrats of hoping that the disease kills millions of Americans to thwart his father’s chances of reelection. Sick. Like Dad. Actually, his Dad hopes it kills the poor and immigrants in this country. That’s why he’s not prioritizing testing. Nah, just the Trump’s, and only the shitty ones, like Jr. Ivanka, Eric, and Donald Sr.

That’s not what he said. Real good headline cnbc.... Are you sheep actually buying this? Key word missing... Politicization How shocking... a misleading headline, knowing that 90% never get further. Until he gets it, then he’ll believe it... This sort of rhetoric will kill people. Diseases don't care about political parties. Trump should stop being so egocentric.

Vallabh_J A_Burglar The scum at nbc can only take things out of context because their audience is so uninformed.

Markets tanked on coronavirus fears. Trump blamed Democrats.Trump used a briefing meant to calm fears about the coronavirus to say stock markets are down because of fears about the Democratic candidates. But markets are down worldwide, and it's because of coronavirus. Maya Wiley and Rick Wilson discuss. When will this torture end? Embarrassment in Chief.🙄

Not talking about the virus, but instead the Left’s blame game. 🙄 That is not what he said, but you know that. Liar. This is why the public doesn’t trust you, example 327,406 Wrong again fake news. He's just talking about the rhetoric that the Democrats are spinning about the Coronavirus. So out of context

He did not say that fucking dorks Tell that to the families of the people who have died or have loved ones fighting for their lives. LowLife Hahaha you got owned

Fox host says Democrats' criticism of Trump response to coronavirus is 'drumming up' market panicOn Thursday, Fox Business Network host, Stuart Varney suggested that the criticism towards President Donald Trump on his handling of the coronavirus, by Democrats, is 'drumming up some panic,' in regard to the stock market. This is not news. You know better. Fox host says Democrats' recognition of Trump's troubled response to coronavirus is 'drumming up' market panic So who scares the markets is a criticism of a whole series of very wrong and amateurish decisions, rather than the decisions themselves?!

So very grateful to be in 🇦🇺 right now! How about someone inject the so called “hoax virus” into DJT and see how fast he changes his dopey freakin mind. 🙄 Oh, but of course he does. I guess Trump will never mature . Shame Fake news Democrates are so powerful they managed to have all the world stock exchange fall. Some hoax.

You are disgusting, cnbc. Jealous much? Is this a joke? He is just awful.

Polarized Prosperity: How Trump, Democrats Clash Over the EconomyFears of a global pandemic have cast new uncertainty over the election-year economy. The health of this expansion is an issue both President Trump and the Democrats seeking to unseat him hope to turn to their advantage. Look at the rats. Who is advising Trump? Look at the World bank. Come and get me. There is a reason why I don't listen and follow the masses, they are fucking pigeons. Early on, once you stick tonfacts you never go back.

Anyone who watched his press conference about coronavirus (not the most articulate and informative, but what else is new), and then witnessed the MSM coverage/response to it, has zero credibility in being all up in arms about Trump in regards to this. I’m no Trumper, but BS is BS Liars! Fake News! Even the AP called this out as fake!!

BS! Fake news twisting the Truth. CNBC should explain the difference between a hoax and gross exaggerations!!! That would be CNBC doing their journalist job. Bruh someone pls cough on him asap Fake news 🚨, that’s not what he said. Ole sus cojones fakenews I hope trump gets the 'hoax' virus!

“He‘s got the same tendency toward dominance politics that Donald Trump has”—Bernie Sanders’s lead“Mad Mike” Hoare was a soldier of fortune who wasn’t all that concerned with the fortune. On “The Intelligence” we take a look back at his remarkable life

That's not what was said, NBC is straight garbage. FAKE NEWS ALERT He is a stupid man, followed by stupid people. Let him lead them to the edge and watch them fall. That would be interesting if he actually contracted it That's not what he said. Trump didn’t say that, but everyone else is. Stop it with the Fake News.

Do you ever get tired of lying about what Trump said? what Did anyone actually read this? He actually thinks it’s very serious in the article. He didn’t say that the virus itself is a hoax. That the pushing of panic and fear for political and personal gain is a hoax. Misleading headline. People should watch the video.

He’s prob right

And i agree Not the coronavirus...his handling of it. Are you....are you kidding me? He’s joking right? Y’all.....I wish he was joking 😔😔 Notice how if it makes him look bad, it's a hoax? No, he did not say that. He said the Dems response to it is a coax. FAKE NEWS Trump says using word ‘hoax’ was reference to Democrats’ criticism of handling virus

Hoax after hoax, they manipulate simple minded Americans with slanderous lies of omission. YOU ARE THE HOAX cnbc POTUS NEVER SAID the 'VIRUS' was a hoax...YOU weaponizing it IS THE BULLSHIT HOAX AGAIN! As we all know, the biggest mistake one can make is to attach any kind of significance to his ramblings. Now playing games with public health. Can we have break from his crimes soon please.

funny how they wont show a video of Trump saying this though.wonder if it's because they're lieing yet again. CNBC never learns, they just keep pushing their narrative no matter what. hell with the truth, right CNBC?! Don’t perpetuate lies, CNBC.

I can’t look past his neck vagina to listen to his latest nonsense 🥺🤮 fakenews watch the video. He called dems/media’s fake outrage over his response a hoax. This is almost as bad as the “fine people” hoax. Very misleading headline you people are sick! Just one step away from saying 'vaccines are leftist hoaxes' come on Donny, just say you should have essential oils injected straight into your veins.

His approval rating would be much higher if he practiced this. So in other words the trumpet would be the first to go judging by how they leave his expo trash everywhere I seriously doubt there’s a lot of hand washing and precautions going on. Huh Benito35ddDavis So it's a hoax then .... a new one apparently and NOT a continuation of the other hoaxes ? Does anyone know what this dummy is trying to say ?

What a sick mind Trump has to think that somebody could get different people around the world to die From a virus that doesn’t exist just so the Democrats can get him out of office people in white coats I wanted to take this lunatic away Idiot Can this man get anymore deranged. Pleased to say I'm British

Watch OAN for real news. I watched his news conference. IF you would watch real news you would know this is FAKE NEWS HE DID NOT SAY THIS. IF YOU WOULD WATCH SOMETHING BESIDES FAKE NEWS PERHAPS YOU WOULD KNOW The FakeNews never quits and the Crazies are always crazy. You know what would be great Karma? If you know who gets the coronavirus

Glad I read the CNBC article, the headline is misleading. President Trump said the Dems are politicizing this outbreak. In the same way as the impeachment and Russian collusion. Wow, what a difference when you just don’t cherry pick a statement out of context. FakeNewsSucks THIS IS A TRAGEDY THAT THE SUPPOSED PRESIDENT OF THE US, IS ATTEMPTING TO MISLEAD THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ABOUT A CRITICAL PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY. DOES HE MEAN THEN, THAT MORE THAN 100,00 INFECTIONS GLOBALLY, & MORE THAN 2700 DEATHS ARE ALSO A HOAX?

you have a responsibility to the American people to clear up this misleading headline immediately! Leave it to demon-crats to Politicize a deadly virus.

Patetic ! Let's go South Korea where diagnosis and hospitalization for COVID19 is all free. TrumpIsAVirus FFS This is all I am going to say about it Fake news! The media lies about everything. They need to shut the hell up about this. President Trump was talking about the Dems. Everything they say is a hoax. How many people died with the flu this week? If there is a pandemic, no one will know because the media lies about it.

Once again you fell for his trolling. he obviously meant the D's trying to use this tragic situation POLITICALLY against him as the 'hoax' not the virus. He knew you'd misreport it, and it'd be obvious. Hence, you've been trolled. Obvious hoax. Big pharm and all the people behind it want $$$$ He did not! He said the way they are portraying it and hyping it is

He didn’t say the virus was a hoax. Get it right Not what he said. Fake News

And as of now, denied he ever said it. What lie is this Cool, then he should be willing to hop on a plane to Wuhan and let people cough on him to prove it. Oh my god the Media keep proving his point. FFS he didn't say the Virus itself was a hoax, he said the reporting on it was. Meaning the numbers, which if you look there ARE some discrepancies.

So does it need to come in a caravan from the south to be taken seriously?!?! Fake news Lacoulatg Vote this dangerous idiot OUT!!! But... But... He put Pence in charge. Why would POTUS appoint the VP to be in charge of a hoax created by Democrats? Democrats politicizing the virus and stoking fears. Don’t be obtuse. F the left.

Not really what he said but slanted news cycle so fo with that TrumpVirus TrumpRecession TrumpMarketCrash2020 In case anyone had any doubt, Trump is an idiot. Anything this man doesn’t get a grip on or understands is fake or a hoax. Very disappointing that there’s a lot of empty words coming from him as well as denial, instead of effective action - none of that. One could say that’s not surprising either

With a 19 year old dead in Washington State is it still a hoax realDonaldTrump 😟 You’re the only Hoax! TheOnion they stole your article. Trump didn’t say the virus was a hoax. He said Dems talki g point about his response was the hoax. Media twisting words again.

Significant difference between calling coronavirus a hoax and calling coronavirus the Dems new hoax. Please tell me the clown monitoring this account for Beyer understands this, else get a new job. MrDarkWolfe This guy is so full of shit Media, why r u contributing to the spread of misinformation? We do not need to have reports of trump’s continual assault on the truth. maddow MSNBC CNNPolitics CNN

If we start having more fatalities from the corona virus, you can put the blame squarely on Trump and his band of incompetents. He has raped the CDC, and shunned any scientific data and is leaving this up to Devine Intervention. That’s what people thought with the plague. I didn’t realize China was part of the Democratic Party from overseas. Im sure his IdiotTrump army believes him too.

Didn’t he JUST say he was letting Pence handle the epidemic because he’s got nothing better to do?!? Never fear...i am sure 'thoughts and prayers' will fight off this crisis! Just like it has with random mass shootings! 🙄🙄 Liars!!! fakenews I’d block you but it’s funny as sh!t reading your new narratives.

“Yep, doesn’t exist. Must be those deep-state dems teaming up with China to fabricate lies about our great leader, all while being comrades and socialists!”

Lol Best practices devryuniv chase concepts filings flags labels chains of command accesses chronicle barstoolsports actual alumni not losers no real value nor bonds with senateGOP confident nothing can do positioning connections office infotech inc jurisdictions therich My fervent wish is that the Coronavirus hoax arrives at your and all your families doors. Perhaps that’s the only way you might humanize, although doubtful. Hopefully it will bring down your entire defective administration and eradicate you from memoryYou were impeached, no hoax

What a president Presidencial Race 2020 Bernie Sanders vs Mike Pence. Fame21Moore He didn’t tho... No , he said the democrats reaction was a hoax. He never said the corona virus was a hoax. The only hoax I know of is the trump adminsration ! Another lie! Politicians using it to fault find, divide and scare people rather than work together is the hoax.

Visit China then.

False. Another example of shitty journalism by the nbc family. He said the “reporting” was a hoax which is still not a great statement from him but he didn’t say the virus itself is a hoax. I don’t like Trump but I’ve learned how shitty nbc journalism is thru this election cycle Ok, so then no need for a rate cut, right?

Trump lies. Again. That should be your only headline. No he did not....more lies form PMSDNC How candidates get discredited: select part of a quote, trust people don’t read it all. Though you were above this, BernieSanders ? 'We have to take it very, very seriously ... We are preparing for the worst.” Hoax referred to dem spin, not his opinion on virus.

That’s not he’s meant you propagandists and you k ow it . They’re using the Corvid19 as a political hit job . American people see it and you look like fools ! Gaslighting bullshit Trump didn't say coronavirus is a hoax. He said it's being used as a political hoax. I hate this guy but I don't support false accusations against him or anybody.

He didn’t call the virus a hoax - he said the Democrats’ spin on it was. CNBC, you lose credibility when you blatantly misstate what he said just for clicks. There’s plenty that he really DOES say to attack without resorting to this shady reporting. After his recent visit to India there is bloodbath in indian stock market..unlucky person.

The biggest comedian of the World. Two things trying to be objective here since CNBC isn’t even feigning it. A) Trump absolutely shouldn’t have used ‘hoax’ given both the deno- and connotations but also B) in fairness he’s not saying the disease doesn’t exist. The context means more like a “tool” for dems to use

Dchinni criminally irresponsible . . . See! More crazy from the lunatic we call trump! 82_and_0 No he didn't. 'Wonderful is the effect of impudent and persevering lying.' Bruh 💀💀💀💀💀😂😂😂😂😂😂 y’all funny AAB. This must be a joke😭😭😂😂😂 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥 But within the same article you quote the President saying: “We have to take it very, very seriously ... We are preparing for the worst,' he continued. Can’t even get your story straight?

This idiot.

realDonaldTrump please take a trip to wuhan and prove everyone wrong once and for all C'mon, CNBC, the President is fully aware that Cv-19 is not a hoax. He is referring to the MSM coverage and the behavior of the left. Bingo, you just proved his point! This report is a hoax. Trump is a hoax for the world .. Bisous de chez nous

He's probably right🤷 We are in for a long hard ride if our government doesn’t do something. Millions of people with little to no health insurance that won’t seek treatment. Americans with no time off that will go to work sick and ignoramus’s that will not believe it’s anything but a cold. GOP He said the Democrats are using the Covid-19 as a political weapon against him a “hoax” because no one reports correctly. He said clearly 9n his address to the nation it could get worse but does not think it will here in USA because we have taken proactive action.

The headline should read: “Trump lies and calls the coronavirus the Democrats’ ‘new hoax’” If you repeat his disinformation in headlines you are as bad as him, do better 😂😂 Trump has had it in for the CDC since the time that they wanted to classify gun violence in America as an epidemic. So, funding and staff cuts ensued. It makes one wonder if the health and safety of the people have been sacrificed by the Trump administration

He’s right. The flu has killed more people than coronavirus.

brett_colbert You think I think it's created due to China not being dignified and respectful to all life and that's why and the cleanliness and their demeanor is finally taking its course like I said long time ago, gets toaster won't stop abusing animals and and women Trump is a Hoax He also said that he would have won the 2016 popular vote had not 'millions of people' voted illegally. Truth has never been one of his priorities.

That’s not what he said and you know it. You lie and are a threat to America. LIE, President realDonaldTrump Never said the CoronaVirus was a Hoax, he said the Democrats comments on him handling is their new hoax, This is why he call y’all FAKE NEWS Why LIE? — That is not what he said. E said it’s the new Demorat Hoax against him!!! Like Russia Russia Russia, Mueller, Impeachment!!! STOP THE FAKE NEWS!!!

I agree! 3 mis from niw you will see it was all bs! Watch the interview for yourselves; that’s not what he said. He was referring to the coverage of the way his administration is handling the situation. Yes, that is a serious, presidential statement during a crisis FatNixon

it’s a worldwide issue utter clown Why do people actually like this man? My daughter is an ICU nurse where the First community infected patient is here in California! Can someone work for her that believe it’s a HOAX! Yes I’m terrified for my grandchild but especially for my daughter! It is a hoax. No doubt.

Honestly I would be so proud of the Democrats, getting CHINA and ITALY and SOUTH KOREA and CRUISE SHIPS to all lie this much for a hoax? Get thousands of flights canceled for nothing? Delay the PS5 for months? Have WHO on their toes? Major props we finally came together It's not a hoax. People are dying!

This article is so lame, IT’S THE EXPLOITATION OF THIS CRISIS BY THE MEDIA that is their “latest hoax” bout the corona virus, the media is fucking shameless Fake news again CNBC!🤬 As you feel know realDonaldTrump called deranged liberals out politicizing the virus. What if Trump was infected w/ coVid19....and it caused his demise? Irony? Huberis? Divine Intervention? Things that make ya go hmmm

Thousands dying all over the world. Flights cancelled. Cities closed. Sporting events in Japan with no fans attending. WHO threatens will be pandemic. And this nincompoop says it’s a hoax. Vote this dangerous man out with a vengeance. Trying to sell is as a hoax is no better than the reality of the virus. In order for it to be a hoax. The Democrats had to get world leaders from all around the world in on it. For all of them to agree to pulling off the hoax would make tRump the most hated man in the world.

Yep they will use any excuse to try and tear down the Man! Everything they touch turns to a hoax. The public will not buy in yet again. WHERE IS THE FUCKING WORD 'LIE' IN YOUR HEADLINE? Fake News! Lies lies! He didn't call it a hoax. He said the left politicising the virus is the hoax. They are making it seem as if trump isnt doing anything. He is tho

The coronavirus is only in places that will hurt the USA economically. It's not in South America not in Africa the Chinese are all over Africa kinda weird don't you think.. Would love for a Trump supporter to try and explain why I’m wrong for not supporting this idiot Does he think the Democrats are making up the people that have died from it? Are those fake people?

More FakeNews from He absolutely did not you freaking FakeNews liars. What was that about tits on a bull? You are FakeNewsMedia and should be charged with treason and sued for libel. Disgusting!! This coming from the same old hoax!! Nope. Trump stated the Democrats’ attempt to politicize the Virus is a “hoax.” While the Trump administration was banning entry to foreign nationals who had recently visited China (in January), Democrats were busy perpetrating their previous failed hoax.

Real and present danger, Open Borders! Are you really concerned about americans health? Just one illegal immigrant positive Coronavirus crossing the border undetected will infect hundreds or thousands Americans. It's called Hypocrites Hypocrisy! Es lo este mal parido hijo de puta utilizó como arma para destruir China. Ojalá le llegue a su familia. Aún q ellos si tienen la cura

How many people does it take to die before it isn't a hoax? Smh Coronavirus: kills thousands and causes Chinese government to build 3 hospitals and quarantine entire cities Republicans: Democratic hoax

T is really distorting our sense of truth This is a shameful headline. Implying that he's saying the infection is a hoax rather than the coverage. CNBC has not just failed the people but also the Chicago Manuel of Style. CNBC .... give me a break, this is totally inaccurate reporting of what was said, try some nuance

Shocking. Trump: We don’t really know what Coronavirus is. Also Trump: We have the best people on it. We’re handling it. Trump: I’m canceling the Asia summit due to Coronavirus. Also Trump: Coronavirus is a hoax. The POLITICIZATION of the virus is the new hoax....NOT the virus...try to keep up! He said the Democrats are using it. He isnt wrong.

This man is insane This tweet is not journalism. It is the opposite of journalism. It’s anti-journalism. If any real journalism were to come in contact with this tweet both would be destroyed. Sure, democrats started it in China so it could undo Trump in America.

You realize how dangerous this tweet is? Nope. CNBC, we don't care one bit. Here's 2 looking forward 2 seeing the market tank some more. You might want 2 have a look at projections of what comes next. Y'all are good at looking down the road. We need more sheeples like people on this thread, they keep the perception a reality.

The correct headline there would be 'Trump LIES About Coronavirus.' Do better, . realDonaldTrump good job at spreading lies. His comment wasn’t in that context. If you use your brain he’s talking about how Dems are saying he’s not doing enough after he already started the process to limit the spread here back in Jan when Dems were saying it was too soon. Know context

He's going to pay for that one at the polls.. Mmm... nope. He spoke of how the Democrats are using this virus against him. Political hoax. Why do you think he stopped flights coming in to US from China so early? Schumer was critical and said Trump was jumping the gun and made it about race not safety for Americans.

Donald is a cry baby. Anything that takes front page other than him is a threat. He is embarrasing. Everything has to be about him. Trump is the biggest hoax of a President ever perpetuated on the American people.

This headline implies he thinks the coronavirus isn’t real. Which isn’t the case at all, he’s just saying that the democrats point out the fact that he cut CDC funding, they’re trying to make it seem like his administration is doing nothing to contain it. Chuck would have spread it far and wide. 🤯 Liar

You forgot the part about how there’s no evidence to support his claim & that it’s dangerous for him to say that. OMG he has got to go He never said the coronavirus is a hoax you Liars, he said the Democrats trying to blame him for the coronavirus is the new hoax. Didn’t jack say he would suspend accounts intentionally spreading fake news? ...This definitely qualifies!

This has been proven FALSE. He did not say the virus is a hoax. I watched the rally. Did you? WTF? Don't you think you have a DUTY to report to the public it's NOT a hoax? Stop using Trump's quotes as headlines. He's a serial liar and this hurts America. rush limbaugh said something similar about smoking causing lung cancer, so

🤦🏽‍♂️ What Trump doesn't understand is that the folks on Wall Street are the same idiots who show up to his campaign rallies. These people actually went to school and took science classes. Just another mind-boggling statement We don’t know how this will play out ultimately. But this isn’t leadership. Trump’s going to claim it’s fake news, become a huge victim, and try to make the Coronavirus all about him. Oh, and blame the Democrats. I just can’t anymore.

“Whether it’s the virus we’re talking about or many other public health threats, the Democrat policy of open borders is a direct threat to the health and wellbeing of all Americans.” No, it's the incompetence of gov. of foreseeing and prepareing for such risks. Check out his camel toe neck- LIE: He called the politicization of the issue by the liberalmedia and Democratic Left a hoax. Play the videotape and see who’s telling the truth.

realDonaldTrump. People are saying that the Trump family will die in prision. LOCKHIMUP Donald Trump, HoaxPresident *45 Hoax

UnfitToBePresident This is so dangerous. That's not what he said That is not making America Great , that is a continued push to divide , stop this BS , your the President of the United States , UNITE , check the Ego’s at the door 🇺🇸🤡 stay calm Maybe he will contract it Yes, that's right. People dying in Italy just to get at you.

Stop pushing your mandated vaccines... vaccination is not the same as only triggers autoimmune response...unsafe & ineffective. I’m sure the right wing MAGAts believe there’s no Coronavirus. Even if they caught it. Everything is a hoax Making the argument that he United States’ response to Coronavirus is all an extension of Donald Trump is the hoax. Pretending States don’t each have their own public health infrastructure: hoax.

they couldn't even run the iowa caucus but they've managed to hoax a global pandemic. alright pal If it's fake then the stock market plummeting is fake too? The politicization of the Coronavirus is a hoax. Anyone who has a decent IQ knows what he said. You are a propaganda tool for the left. I read enough of Twitter/news to see how desperate Democrats have become. You get a “F” in ethical reporting. FakeNews

Liar that is not what he said. Your pathetic! I’m prttty sure what POTUS is saying is that the dems are using the coronavirus COVID19 as bait to reel in people. I agree and have seen the dems doing so for a few days now. Why incite fear over something less significant than the flu It's crystal clear thats not what he said, but oh so much clearer thats what TDS sufferers heard.

This is not true . Lie . The end . joneskf12 This should be impeachable....people will suffer/die bc of this as he cuts budget then lies about the existence. What he’s saying is the Dems are using it as a political weapon. Which OF COURSE is true 😂😂😂

The level of FURY I feel when I see this is OFF THE CHARTS. Vuugg0 smart guy MAGAKAG WalkAwayFromDemocratSocialists No video? Did he say it or not? He has been saying the coverage by the media is a hoax, as many physicians on The View, Bill Maher, Bartiromo, Squawk Box, etc. have also said the media coverage is hurting by exaggerating the new virus.

Gleich die kommen die Männer mit den weißen Jacken. Ok first of all his quote was taken EXTREMELY out of context, so do the research instead of just reading the headline If I get the coronavirus, I'm heading to a Trump rally. People VOTED for this monster. And some of them Re STILL going to vote for him. Glad to be Canadian.

The only hoax is trump's competence That's not what he said you children

Dear Please stop printing potentially harmful lies without qualifying them as lies. People may die as a result of this president's denial. No it’s not the new hoax there’s 63 cases in the US of the Corvid -19 Fake news. He said the Dem politicization is the Dems new hoax you’re dopes. Report facts or close shop.

Donald, you need to expose all these fake Dems. Gather up Ivanka, Eric and Jr. then go spend a week in one these phony 'Hot Spots.' Oh... better take Mitch too. You know... as a witness. Hurry!!! Yeah kinda seems like America wont survive till November so it seems like a win win for trump WASHINGTON (AP) — Democratic presidential contenders are describing the federal infectious-disease bureaucracy as rudderless and ill-prepared for the coronavirus threat because of budget cuts and ham-handed leadership by President Donald Trump. That’s a distorted picture..🤔

Shame on you for enabling his bullshit. Has anyone ever told the definition of insanity or do you just like leaving out words to make headlines that grab attention. Oh wait, that’s your job. Doesn’t matter if it’s true or not. EdJarring When 3 million people in this country have died, this mofo is going to be out of office facing criminal charges.

So it's a Democratic hoax you say? They are extreme powerfull if they can spread this hoax around the world. Put some medical professionals in charge please. You and Pence can't do anything right. Liar liar liar. A dangerous and disgusting lie. It’s astonishing how Trump will believe a Qanon conspiracy theory and not scientific evidence.

Trump is obviously suffering from incredible delusions. Do a brain scan. Oops, they won’t find anything there! Give me the context please So Democrats conspired with the Chinese? Clearly out of context. No wonder no one watches. This will get people killed. Because the Media fools are blaming our President for the Virus .. that’s a hoax .. what will they cook up next .. sad

ClauSilvero2 Maybe he can prove it’s a hoax by kissing someone with the virus on national TV. That would own the libs bigtime. 😀 Who is in charge here? Leaders don't look for a scapegoat and especially when it is so dangerous to do nothing but blame. and Americans are still willing to elect this MORON? Really people?

And Dems got the whole world to go along with this hoax. Darn...we are the smartest ever! Real reporting: Really? Why not make sure your headline accurately reflects that this is a false claim, or more accurately, a lie! People generally just read a headline, are you trying to make sure gullible ppl now assume this is a hoax and potentially die from it? Wtf is wrong with you guys?!?

What an absolute bellend If he catches it, he may change his mind! 100% but it's not the Dems agenda, it's far worse

Stop misleading the people. FakeNews FakeItLikeAltNews FakeNewsHysteria He would wouldn't he..nothing novel about that. 'Trump, a prolific serial fraud who has told over 16,000 lies to the public and who was court-ordered in Dec to pay a $2M fine for ripping off his own charity like a sociopath, tells another stupid lie he knows we'll repeat without context.' Fixed it. MSM is failing us.

Cry baby Drumpf tolol u tram The dems would love nothing more then to get this whole country sick so it makes Trump look terrible . I really don’t like this guy to be honest but y’all really be doing to much now Lol Why is this your headline? The headline should be 'Trump Lies when he calls the Coronavirus the Democrats! new hoax.'

ALL CNBC is a Hoax🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩

I knew he would say that. He can't help himself.evetything is about him. In the meantime there's a woman hanging to life in California because Trump incompetent administration couldn't do what many developing countries did. Handle the repatriated Americans properly. A lot of people are saying it's the Democrats' 'new hope'. lol

Just wait until the virus arrives in Northern Ireland: even more opportunities for tribal politics. rhi report is coming. 2pm 13 Mar 20. Breakfast TV EST swearimnotpaul I follow you for football and you retweet these misleading headlines by quite obvious far-left, anti-conservative news stations for... what? Did you even read the article lol

Of course he does, he is free of consequences. LesVDavis Exactly, Sisi media says that Corona is the Brotherhood, and now Trump says that Corona is democratic. Who we should believe? 😏 CoronaViruesue coronavirusus realDonaldTrump POTUS HillaryClinton SpeakerPelosi washingtonpost BBCWorld nytimes

All Republicans and walkaway Democrats are voting for Bernie today in South Carolina!! The trainwreck is picking up speed!! OperationChaos Trump doesn’t have the virtues and values and intelligence to handle this problem that’s why he responded this way. Trump is an INCOMPETENT LAZY CLOWN! Operation Chaos is I'm full effect

A hoax that the whole rest of the world is in on? 🤷🏻‍♀️ This is the very definition of delusional! 🤯 have shorted the headline, and missing key words Is this guy, Donald J. Trump, for real? Has anyone blamed 'being gay' for the virus yet? I'm still waiting for that classic to be said. I guess I believe him. Great reporting.

And both sides media will give people time to pretending it's a thing, and his supporters will believe it look Line & Sinker, because Trump knows with this cowardly feckless generation of media truth has no meaning. Misleading title to say the least. He is not denying the virus, but accusing dems of politicizing it. Which the article title itself is proof of. Get a grip

WTF?! I'm pretty sure he thinks the word 'hoax' just means 'bad news for me'. 🥴

I wish he get contracted, so that he knows it's true.😜 No he didn't. This is from your own article and here's what he said. I'd like to hate on Trump just as much as the next man, but if you're going to do your cause any good, at least don't pull a Fox News on your news. YOUR HEADLINE HERE IS FAKE NEWS.

Any person with half a brain who actually read what he said knows he was talking about the liberals who essentially blamed him for the virus lol bunch of absolute idiots Maybe f you play the whole unedited video you can see what he actually said first. Sad, the lies media has us believe. Hoax? People are dying from this “Democratic hoax.” 😑😑😬😷

Then the deaths of all who will die when the pandemic hits the USA and their shit healthcare system for multi billionaires only will be on him. He must be removed from power this year without fault. Replace him with a potato if needed. Man that Adderall is a hell of a drug eh Donnie? 😆 Trump is the old hoax

The Pope has CORONAVIRUS after blessing and contacting those that had it. The Vatican is saying it's a cold. 😉 Some hoax. You can't wait for chemo to kill the cancer. You need emergency surgery to cut it out.

You guys literally voted for a demented, sociopathic maniac to be POTUS He’s projecting again! DonTheCon Trump should take his family, the corruptGOP to China 🇨🇳 to prove it's a hoax. x_taliara_x Similar stance that Reagan took on AIDS. Except that Reagan could pawn it off on being a 'gays disease'. Trump just mixes it up a bit and says it's a 'foreigners' disease' so that he can appeal to his boomer supporters.

Sounds to me like he's just mad cause the virus is making stocks take a dive. So now he's tryin to convince us all it's not dangerous so he doesn't lose what little money he has left. ... Report lies as lies. Human lives depend on it. Donald doesn't do science... So dangerous. People are dying. The USA elected a fool as president.

When realDonaldTrump contracts it, he wont think it's a hoax. But then he will be saying the dems gave it to him. Trump is an IDIOT. People voted for this ? Yeah well the hoax is on him Those goddamn democrats and their... (checks notes...) news about disease! Excuse me WHAT Reading all those comments about left and right, just shows me how, binary, childish and sick that country is... Grow up guys! BTW there's the same childish BS going on between your leaders, supposed to rule you...

Ckckck Trump getting lost his mind because infected with ass virus the most dangerous man on the planet right now Unbelievably idiotic.... He can’t be serious! gobernie2020

Well the virus doesn't care if you think it's a hoax. The corona virus, is unnnamerican Murikkaaaaaa 😂😂😂 Deport that mf corona virus and be done with it!!! If I facepalm from this dude any more, I'm just gonna have a permanent handprint on my face until he's out of office. I’ve been waiting for Trump to say or do something that when it blows up, there will be no chance he will be able to spin it. We are here. THERE IS NO WALKING THIS ONE BACK!

Great journalizing cnbc. Real top notch reporting Sick remark dum dummer dummest ever No worries this remark is noted ! God Bless Actually he was trolling the mainstream media, he says in the rally to the effect of 'let's do it for the mainstream media, they like fake news so let's give them something'. Unfortunately I watched his rally to see what he's about, it's entertaining tho.

So, he’s worried about what he sees as the economy tanking (the stock market) & therefore affecting his chances of re-election. Which is vital to keeping him out of court. President dumbass is utterly transparent. He only cares about himself; he’s a sociopath. It basically is. It’s a real virus but it’s impact is being weaponized because nothing the Democrats tried has worked. So why not tank the economy and kill thousands?

Trump called the virus itself a hoax? I heard what he said, and he called the politicization of the issue by the Democratic Left a hoax. Roll the videotape and see who’s telling the truth here. A truly appalling man is 'leading' the USA by the nose. When will people wake up to this despot? TrumpIsADisgrace

The was caused by China not regulating business properly. Listen to the entire thing. That's not what he said. Just because you're the free press doesn't mean you have to be assholes. Trump is a hoax and a complete bullshitter. But that's what we have. No he is saying that the Democrats are all claiming that he wouldn’t know what to do during a crisis. That all the campaigners would be on the spot with antivirus healthcare within 1 second of being diagnosed. You are a business network. Not MSNBC or CNN

So, why doesn’t he fly to California, and visit a hospital? Put up, or shut up.... What.. you don't read the ap? PLS LET HIM POLITICIZE THE VIRUS.. DEMS...pls don't politicize the virus. Please please.. Because even a Chinese virus is about him🤡

janehhodgkinson No sir it is a combination some virus that make people sick & kill too &has started in China & has nothing to do with Democrats & that is the F facts It’d be nice to have an adult in the white house. Trump ia right, Why all the hype over this? 10 million people die yearly of cancer and it doesn’t get plastered on CNN 24/7. And the virus will die when weather gets hot. Cancer won’t.

NadelParis realDonaldTrump well that’s surely going to help the financial markets... 🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️ You just can’t help yourself being a complete psychopath can you? So this guy in Dennark who just got diagnosed with covid-19 after returning from Italy and walking around town for 10 days - Dem hoax? They have a long reach.

People will die because of his incompetence. bruh That’s GOP potus NOT reality tv conman!!!!! Wtf You should be taken off the air for presenting this statement as if it’s a fact. People are going to die. Your staff may be among them. Enough!!!! There's no way he actually said that... right? I actually don't know. This could be fake news but it could also very well be real.

Fake news. He said politicisation of the issue is the hoax. Dumbest president in history. Fake News. Trump did not say coronavirus is a hoax. He was referring to impeachment hoax initially then said the politiciizing of the virus by the Dems of him not doing enough as a new hoax. No your wrong it's the medias hysteria that's the hoax. It's a flu not leprosy

Lead or get out of the way Conveniently it seems to have hit China the hardest, America's economic rival, and also Iran, Israel's political rival. BiologicalWarfare QuotedReplies Can’t fix stupid C U L T

Trump is a new fool Investors should be as worried as they could get. mranti Don’t try to mislead people! That’s not what Trump said - trump said democrats’ blaming him for not handling Coronavirus is a hoax because he has done a lot to fight the Coronavirus. Wow. Coronavirus Mr.Trump is not a hoax. I think what you said was unappropriate and irresponsible.Poeple are sick and dying from this. Go hire all of our scientists & Drs to come back to work so that we the American people won't have to worry about the Coronavirus.

Oh my god It is awful and irresponsible to call the virus a hoax. That’s not a leader I want. Even so, there’s a genre of comment that seems to be salivating for Trump to get owned by the outbreak. Problem with that is it mean lots of people get sick and some die. Not worth it.

He said their Coronavirus CRITICISM was the Dems' new hoax, you buffoons. Trump is a dangerous lunatic. I’ve been saying this for years. Is their no lie too low for this creature?! QuotedReplies So does global warming lol. Scientist are all against republicans, shame on them This is an ignorant, harmful, & irresponsible thing for the psychopath in the White House to say. He does not care if Americans die.

Ig this is his way of forcing people to not vote for him because I'm pretty sure you can't vote for someone when you're dead. Not this time. This one is at home and it will deeply hit the people. This might be your first and last mistake. Jesus Christ He should go to China immediately if not Sooner! Un-f'ing believable.

He’s right Best clickbait I've seen all day ‘Trump Lies about x...’ Fixed them ALL for you... Ok thats it. Can we have another impeachment trial?! Some ppls brains are just wushy like a McDonalds burger bun .... Prove it, President Qwark!!! TrumpIsInept This actually appears on trump's own likes page RIGHT NOW. (Click likes from his profile to see for yourself.) Go to to vote on what should replace 'but the economy'. DJTlikes

How many died in the US of corona virus? Zero. How many died of influenza? 11,000. So, the President has a point. You fools are fixated on mass hysteria. Ffs As usual, the media twisted what he said bc they aren't so stupid that they misunderstand. He said: The dems are politicizing the coronavirus in order to use it against him. That using it to hurt him is another hoax like Russia & Quid pro Quo.Clearly, NOT THAT THE VIRUS IS A HOAX

The 25th Amendment Section 4 was written just in case you get an fool like Trump in office. Some of Trump's top-most advisers have reportedly discussed invoking the 25th Amendment, which lets 14 people remove a sitting president. via businessinsider PEOPLE ARE DEAD AND DYING AMD THIS DUDE SAYS IT'S FAKE? I SHOULDN'T BE SURPRISED BUT CHRIST

mranti 此人还能一直在任不被弹劾简直就是个若干年后某国的奇耻大辱 More like their constant blaming of him for a global outbreak that started in China (when they whined about him stopping travel/flights) is the hoax Lol, you wonder why you’re fake news...look at this tweet/headline Take the time to read the whole article, and process the quotes it contains. President Trump is taking the coronavirus seriously, and referred to the Democrat response to his decisions regarding it as a hoax. Don't just read the headline and draw conclusions

Can he just not be an idiot for once? Hoax that kills FakeNewsMedia Yeah I was watching the rally exactly every word and if you want to twist things that’s OK that’s why you have no viewers! realDonaldTrump is a real danger to all people living in the USA. coronavirus LiarInChief fakenews why don’t you tell the truth for once!!! Propaganda

And this is why you are Fake News. He never said the virus was a hoax. He said the way Dems are politicizing it is like their previous hoaxes. You know damned well he didn’t say that Bernie!! Geez!!!! 🙄 President Trump said the hoax is the Democrats trying to blame the virus on him NOT the virus it self.

Context.... don’t just quote him, sounds like it’s the truth then I don't know how to respond to this level of obstinate stupidity. SonyaJohns When more people become sick he will probably say it’s a hoax as people start dying he will say it’s a hoax! He will put the American people at risk so he can stay in power “

The real hoax is CNBC posing as a legitimate news agency with actual journalists! How ridicules is that? My god.

🚨🚨🚨🚨 REALITY CHECK: TrumpCrimeFamily Must GO in November!!! He’s a schmuck, but he’s not calling the virus a hoax. He’s whinging on about Democrats trying to make his response look inadequate. In between kvetching and chest thumping he admits it’s serious. 'We have to take it very, very seriously... We are preparing for the worst,'

People are suffering and dying from the Coronavirus and Trump is turning it into a political issue and making it about himself. He is a sick and dangerous monster. He lies, say he lies!!! He should test it by himself so he can prove democrats wrong It’s NOT political! It’s a global pandemic! So he put Pence in charge to fight a hoax? He’s silencing information from scientists and doctors over something that’s just a hoax? He claims to have closed the borders over a hoax? Come on, people. Wake up. He’s a proven liar.

The world hears this and wonders how in the world AMERICANS voted for this guy. Terri2cat Trump is the Anti-Science President. The Anti-Christ would be feared. But the Anti-Science must be feared. Environment denier. Virus denier. And Economy denier. Truth denier.

Are you kidding me? He is putting our country in danger. Taken out of context. He will say anything to cover his ass. The funny/hilarious part is anyone is buying it. Who didn’t expect this though, honestly. What the F*ck is wrong with this guy ? Why does everything have to blamed on someone other than Trump ? He is the man in charge not anyone else .

And why do you repeat it, without mentioning in the headline that it's stupid and dangerous? Blame is my name. The actual fuck. How is this real. Our president will be responsible for deaths. No he says the scare tactics are the hoax kind of like this story.

How about realDonaldTrump LIES The democrats? Have reached into Wuhan China and started a hoax? if every major news org/journalist is not demanding that every Congressional Republican respond to this ON THE RECORD in the morning I will cancel my subscriptions Oh the irony of being an American who will have to seek Asylum in another country because my president is trying to kill us

This guy is literally the worst! He wasn’t referring to the disease itself, but you knew that, right CNBC? Jeez... Trump isn't wrong - it's true that democrats are flogging this coronavirus situation for political gain. But poor choice of words... I think he meant 'distortion' or 'exaggeration,' but used the word 'hoax.' Trump: We support you as POTUS but let someone else speak.

And he is the old hoax. If you bothered to read what he said, you’d know this headline is BS. Send him and all of his brainless followers to the hot zone then.

bro how Every time I think we can no longer be surprised by realDonaldTrump he says & does something that reinforces his worthless nature. I honestly do believe he is truly among the worst of his kind. He never stops projecting... Yay Why didn’t he say this at his National press conference yesterday 🧐 Please stop already.

So that means the Chinese are democrata now? This fool know that Japan shut down their school system hoping to slow the spread of the new Democrat hoax? Is conspiracy-theory Trump saying all those dead people aren't really dead? Can we impeach him for dereliction of duty? I really hope he will get it - anyway is hoax!

That's just not true at all ... The video of the rally in on the internet you know. I wish he would just do his usual work: play golf and engage in criminal activity (allegedly) and let some competent people take over. Real doctors and scientists.

This should be a non partisan issue. Dems are cheering for this to be Trumps downfall. For once can Washington put their pride and political motivations aside and deal with this? Clickbait. Spreading false information and propaganda. ErikSTownsend he was a couple days late on that sinking his presidency thing but he eventually got there. Another great podcast this week!

It’s the way the FakeNews and Democrats are discussing and reporting it that is a hoax... No one reads the effing article and then we get misinformed trends spreading. Oddly enough, proving exactly what he did say. 😂😂😂 There is no bottom. 25thAmendmentNow I will give my thoughts about this on Sunday


Can you dig it? Politicians are responsible for this risk. trump cut the budget to deal with diseases, trump bungled the response, trump calls it hoax. This is absolutely political and trump gets the blame. He should resign. TDSisahoax VoteBlueNoMatterWho2020 VoteThemAllOut2020 Ha...100% right...if they were calling this the corona flu there would have been no sell off in the market...the left and the media(one in the same) are laughable and grasping at straws...just like at the end of 2018(bull$it recession that they were pushing)

No way ? WTF Very irresponsible headline Clearance to talk by senior scientists goes thru Pastor 'anti-science' VP Pence. Trump continues to claim the spread of coronavirus, it's increasing human toll & major global economic hit, is only being covered because nobody likes him. He needs to be removed from office via 25A

No he did not. This is a lie! Maybe you guys should listen again. He just loves to piss everyone off, doesn't he? It's shit like this that makes me think he's TRYING to lose. Sooo, no tax cut? Beyond crazy RUMP is

Well in that case let him get it , that’s all I got to say BigGunsColorado What the actual fuck He’s right... The hoax is the panic being pushed to tank the economy. Not the virus. Why don't you state some facts instead of twisting shit? Did he say the virus is the hoax, or did he say his handling of it is the hoax.Just because he is the liver in chief,let’s be careful.

Rather than just repeating what he says, you might want to add that it’s a false statement aka a lie. 2016-2020 is a wasteland. Ppl got more stupid in this time e.g 38% ppl in us would not drink corona beer. We were warned. It has a 2% fatality rate. The flu is apx .2% The numbers of infected may be small, but if it were to spread uncontrollably, everyone with immune issues would at risk. It's just important that we don't let it get out of control until we know exactly what's going on with it .

BULL! He said that how the media is portraying his response to the pandemic is a hoax. NOT the disease. LOL you're a joke Send his lap dogs to China to “investigate” realDonaldTrump is a horse’s ass. On the best day he ever had. And l’ve to see one ofhis “good” days. Wouldn’t put it past the dems... this muthaf**kh has finally cracked! i cant....

GuiltyAsCharged TrumpVirus PresidentialBullying DumpTrump2020 GuiltyAsCharged TrumpIncitesKilling PresidentialBullying DumpTrump2020 GuiltyAsCharged TrumpVirus PresidentialBullying DumpTrump2020 Wow, that's a click bait title, and all you idiots who have TDS believe it. Why did Trump ban flights from China if its a hoax?

True...what a silly hoax - humans are so gullible 🤦🏻‍♂️ Lol keep BTFD and thinking this time is different. This guy is mentally unstable and is in charge of fixing the problem. I went 15/85 for a reason last week and this is why.

mranti and good luck with that then Dude.... In all fairness... what else would a bald orange faced humanoid who consumes only fast food and mutates chinless children believe? That's an incredibly dangerous statement. No he did not say that and this is more Fake News! Curious, do Republicans.GOP think that the COVID19 is partisan? Are u all aware the virus doesn't ask which party before infecting someone? Wake the hell up, stop this lunatic from gagging the medical experts from speaking.. .HouseIntel bring in .CDCgov have public hearings

He said the Democrats outrage over coronavirus to put Trump down is a hoax, not the disease itself. He needs to urgently send RudyGiuliani to Wuhan to get to the bottom of this... Trump is the hoax. TrumpVirus Wow. He truly is the number 1 embarrassment to America to actually believe that and it shows America is indeed in danger of the virus

And when people start dropping dead, then what? Yeah, well, he’s an idiot and the folks who believe him are fools. That’s the truth. what the fuck?! And the whole world is in on it. Scary. WTH? Lmfao you can’t make this shit up pheonix_uber Misleading headline as usual. The Democrats are politicizing it though and that is the hoax Trump is referring to. See👇

Prime reason for controlling and suppressing information regarding the TrumpVirus LOSER. Narcissist plays the victim because doctors contradict him and now he's taking shit for it. If he had at some point received treatment for this obvious and dangerous personality disorder, maybe this wouldn't be a persistent issue. But now it affects public health.

Trump is the reason that the stock market is in a panic. He takes a serious situation that he should take seriously and just makes a big joke out of it. As long as we have idiots leading America's fight on this pandemic, people will continue to lose confidence in government This is not newsworthy Well to hell with any context. No sense reporting the truth since your 18 viewers won’t hear it if it doesn’t bash trump. 🤷🏾‍♀️

Stop uncritically quoting this liar. You might as well be on his payroll when you do this. Ezaffar Federal judges just let Trump off the hook in the 2-1 McGahn appeal. Get used to it; 35% of sitting federal judges have been appointed by Trump and MoscowMitch Judge Thomas Griffin; GOP Judge Karen Henderson; GOP Judge Judith Rogers; Democrat

Can we not make the situation of a deadly outbreak partisan? Trump should go to China to talk trade talks. In person. With the wrong protective gears. its hard to be this incompetent. He makes it look so easy. You'd have to be a massive moron to believe Trumps horseshit.coronavirus is almost everywhere now, it's definitely not a hoax.

''Crazy old man says something appallingly stupid.'' I fixed that headline for you.

Way to spin his words CNBC. Do you ever stop? You can’t be serious, this 🤡 is a president 🤦‍♂️ What else can you expect from a 'Good for Nothing' Trump. When things go right, it is all his doing, even scientific discoveries, but when they go wrong it is always the media's fault or the Democrats. Over 2500 people have died and Trump claims it to be a Democrats' hoax?

realDonaldTrump no u He was talking about the left wing media blaming Trump for coronavirus as the hoax, not the actual virus itself. Of course you knew that your are just trying to continue to promote your hoax! Good job! It will just become a regular average garden variety disease like influenza and when populations build up a resistance to it, it will disappear.

And his cult cheered. idiocracy SICKO! For sure he is saying this. He had never science in school so it must be a hoax. This loser has not a clue how to handle all of this. He gives a damn about Americans that could die but his so beloved stock market is doing lousy. And he has no idea how to stop it.

Sounds like he needs to take a visit mask free to the city Wuhan

This rhetoric is so dangerous it’s not even funny. It’s called a global pandemic. This is not time to be a jackass. People are dying. Get it together realDonaldTrump . This is why we need a real leader. Idiot STOP REPEATING HIS WORDS. Please Say president is wrong, this is NOT about him or how dems wants to create the Coronavirus. It ir dangerous!

Can’t make this shit up🤣 Trump already failed when the CDC chose not to listen to a doctor, and didn't test people in California. He should've demanded mandatory testing. ALL governments worldwide have dropped the ball on this. Not just Trump. Don’t report what he says! Denounce his lies!! How much you wanna bet someone in that hate rally is unknowingly infected?

Juliannn_G Pathological liars gonna lie TrumpLiesAboutCoronavirus

coronavirus And how many willfully uneducated Trumpers who only get their news from Fox are going to die from this hoax? Your a kook Donald J.Trump is a hoax.. Everything Trump can't handle, comprehend or have the slightest clue as to what to do is a 'hoax'. Completely and utterly useless and dumb as dirt. realDonaldTrump TrumpLiesAboutCoronavirus TrumpVirus TrumpIsAnIdiot TrumpIsACoronavirusDenier Trump Coronavid19

And in saying this, he spits on the graves of the 3000 deceased. So why are they canceling their meeting with Asian leaders? There's no way he actually said that right This is why you don't cry wolf. This is the Democrats fault for going after him all the time.

It really is irresponsible for the media to repeat what the president says in this public health crisis He needs to be quarantined And China says its an anti communist virus made by Trump and the USA!!! 🙄🤪🤯 who’s craziest? Damn we’re supposed to be the world leaders, but not in that category!!!! Can't wait for the first 'hoax' case in South Carolina.

You know what’s not a hoax, realDonaldTrump ? The stock market, falling because everyone knows you’re inept in the face of an actual crisis. Totally taken out of context Wow twisting words of the president, he doesn’t think the virus is a hoax, the dems saying he’s not reacting adequately is the hoax

Now we understand realDonaldTrump definition of hoax! He has a major case of malapropism or he’s lying. You decide. The POTUS has done a fantastic job of keeping americans safe from the Coronavirus. The DemocratsHateAmerica are pushing to make sure that the media promotes how much the Cornonavirus is hurting our economy. Anything to help downplay the economic success POTUS has created.!!

This sort of rhetoric will kill people. Diseases don't care about political parties.

A dangerous conman. Simp Look every single time I think he’s reached the bottom of the barrel the idiot finds a new low.... and the world hears this... I travel a lot and seriously the whole damn world as lost respect for us.... Actually it was one of his people that said that. He was quoting someone. Maybe you should read your own story. FakeNews

And this is one of several reasons why the stock market is crashing. Smart money, hell even dumb money is saying they’re not comfortable with how this is being handled by the Administration. Like his caravans? His middle class tax cuts after the elections? This president is a drug addict. Call him that to his face. In public.

Stupidest thing to say by the so call leader and president realDonaldTrump Man accusing rivals of politicising the virus against him, ends by politicising virus against rivals. 🤦 I told the same from the beginning Let’s see what they say when they can’t breathe anymore and no hospital beds are available anymore. newhoax

Well he should prove it and drink a gallon of diarrhea Nup hamzam23 Yani_G10 This headline is false, at the rally he never denied coronavirus was a problem. He said that the libs are planting it on him as a calculated political strategy and he is 100% correct in saying that. Delete this garbage you clowns

You keep calling a hoax, forgetting that your entire life and wealth is a hoax He can lick it if it’s a Hoax. Coronas has no mercy on a 73 years old I'm sorry but, when you become President, you don't get to use the '--- are politicizing this against me'. You are now a Political Figure, every decision you make is a political projection of your ideals and YOU decided to defund the CDC and spread blatant misinformation.

Looooool...he’s on the ropes. Time to go for the kill, Dems! Please tell me this an article from TheOnion , because if it is not, then holy fucking shit. Yeah Trump is a liar, but going this far is not even in the realm of human sanity anymore

This is all on him…he’s been the big boss for 3 years now and has run this country into the ground…all the blood will be on his tiny stupid hands!! TrumpVirus TrumpCrash TrumpLiesAboutCoronavirus Pencedemic His stupidity is beyond words at this point. Instead of the headline just saying what he says, you should also add he's an idiot. Terrible Journalism

Hard to believe someone can be so idiot and still manage to surprise me again every day pushing the known boundaries of stupidity. This is such a betrayal of the public trust. SpeakerPelosi, that monster is trying to kill us off. Can’t anyone do anything Hoax? The left just want him to take it seriously and this conspiracy BS doesn't help.

I hope he gets it next Change your headline. Trump lies and says Coronavirus is a hoax. I hope he gets it, so we'll see if it's a hoax or not. right? How the FUCK can one person be so GOD DAMN incompetent and it's just O.K!?!?!?

25th amendment. 25th amendment. 25th amendment. 25th amendment. 25th amendment. 25th amendment. 25th amendment. 25th amendment. 25th amendment. 25th amendment. 25th amendment. 25th amendment. 25th amendment. 25th amendment. 25th amendment. 25th amendment. Never support a traitor. Trump is always out for himself. Thus the denial & removing scientist from being in charge. Trump will kill thousands to strike his own vanity.

The way your coverage is...considering 150 children have died from flu 10s of 1000s adults and you've more chances of being killed in a car accident then this new strand of flu... it is a hoax in your lack of perspective stoking fears you give your viewers. Why do you repeat crp like this? And why do you repeat it unchallenged?

Seems what he was saying was clear, 'the democrat's political response is their newest hoax' not the virus. When it comes to the White House...we’ll see if it’s a hoax slick. Is the stockmarket crash a hoax ? If yes everyone can spend the money Banktrump Donny lost for them this week. How is that 401k ? GDP DROPPING bigly!!!!

I guess the entire globe is in on this hoax. In Brazil, we have the Tropical Trump, James jairbolsonaro He thinks that Education ab Science are both useless and Devil’s work. Reagan had alzheimer's disease, WTF does Trump have? He needs a mental exam pronto.

Love how Americans’ first reaction is ‘stock market!!!!’. Nevermind all the people who will die. Few less Bernie voters anyway. This country needs a reset He would, wouldn’t he? Headline suggestion 'Trump says the Democrats are politicizing the coronavirus' Sadly, I'm not surprised by anything he says anymore. And his followers will basically back him on anything that comes out of his mouth. I truly believe people follow him just to troll now.

Obviously talking to the special 38% Could you please not report insane lies without at least mentioning that it is an insane lie!? 99% of the news related sentences out of my mother's mouth are 'I read the headline, but not the article.' The stupid media has everyone panicking unnecessarily. The corona virus will never amount to a fraction of the regular flu. But since Russia & impeachment failed they’re trying to blame this on Trump.

In times like this, I remember what my close friend told me: 'I don't like Trump, but he's better than the Democrats.' And I get a good laugh CDCgov GOPLeader VP need to stop Trump on the bullshit hoax comment for serious health issue. The democrats did not start the epidemic. This is not the way to handle a serious matter by injecting politics. Unit not divide.

Thanks for normalizing this. Neck VAGINA What the fuck, he's gone fully bonkers Well, he should go visit where they're quarantined and find out for himself. 🤦‍♀️ President Trump is a mentally ill man who thinks everyone is out to get him. Guess what, Donnie. You're not that important. This disease, however, is very important and you have failed to take the proper steps to protect my country. So shut your mouth and get out if the way.

People are dying, scared and seeking answers. All this tubby boy cares about is if he’s getting the proper amount of credit and no blame. Tell realDonaldTrump to go travel to China or take a visit to one of the diagnosed patients and not use any protections and prove it. VP also. Monsieur reptile 🦎 what the hell is this guy talking about holy shit

Low IQ This should really calm all the citizens and the stock market realDonaldTrump people are dying sadly money can’t buy him a brain DHarder913 Oh god I hate this liar 🤥 so much! realDonaldTrump should come out as much required to soothe the markets. Remember more than the big capitalists it's the retail investors who will vote you back to power

The Walking Dead’s here Damn, I really hope he gets it. realDonaldTrump

BresPolitico BS Doesn't CNBC ever report anything relevant? They seem to be the official spokesperson of the village idiot. And ummmm it his hoax. Can someone take him to Wuhan pls? What a stupid thing to say, this virus is no joke. realDonaldTrump is the biggest mistake inflicted on humanity! 🙄 The Democrat's narrative is false. That's what it means. Fake news = False narrative

What an utter clown. Bruh I literally thought he couldn’t getter dumber but guess I was wrong this man has no sense I think trump is just drunk. Period. i don’t care if you politically lean left or right, if you still support trump and don’t think he’s a joke, then you’re literally braindead. this isn’t a liberal or conservative thing, this is just a “having a brain” thing

Hopefully he contracts it he’s mentally ill Yeh, looks like those pesky Democrats are taking over the world. realDonaldTrump if the virus is a hoax, you need to retire. Go golfing. Unbelievable. 'That means you (Trump) can't solve the problem, so you blame someone else for your problems.' coronavirus VoteOutTrump Vote2020 CDC

The blind president maybe he should be infected and see how orange boy likes it🤡🤡🤡 It absolutely is. TheFluKillsMore And you Trump supporters not tired of him lying to y'all. I mean now it's not even about race, he's lying to you about your health and the safety of your children. Your ok with that? Smdh

How foolish can this guy gets 25thAmendment

TrumpLiesAboutCoronavirus TrumpIsACoronavirusDenier StockMarketCrash2020 StockMarket reacting to Trump’s incompetence!! Americans don’t trust Trump. And China must be the new Democratic Party? TrumpLiesAboutCoronavirus I hope he catches it. I'm a horrible person, sorry. (Not sorry.) Trump’s reaction to the virus is really terrible!

He never said that. Lie The only way he could be dumber is if he was bigger... Of all the horrific things this man has said or done as President, this has the serious potential for putting human lives at risk. I don't think he knows the definition of 'hoax'. By his own declarations, his presidency is a hoax.

I don't believe your comment that the leftists want people to die just to hurt Trump, however in conversations today with both never Trump Republicans and some Democrats, I've heard some people say they wish he and his entire administration would get the most deadly form of it /2

People are legit dying all over the world from the virus and his dumb ass sees it as a political hoax. 🤦🏻‍♂️ You have to be kidding me, right? Is there any doubt this man is insane? So nice of the 2800 dead people to die, just so the Democrats can embarrass realDonaldTrump 1563ita If he gets the 🦠 i will start considering the possibility that there is a god

So the dramatic fall in the money markets worldwide - which started in Asia by the way, numb nuts - is now all the fault of the democrats! Is he really expecting to be able to throw that out there? Yes, he is! FFS. ENOUGH. ENOUGH. ENOUGH. Yep!!!! 100% drama. But I will gladly buy some stocks-thanks to the fear! People will believe anything. drama


It better be, because he’s packing auditoriums full of test rats. Here we go with the propaganda. The panic over the virus is a hoax. EnemyOfThePeople Everyone keep breathing ... he understands it’s a real threat, his point is the Democrats will weaponize the crisis in another attempt to attack and bring down his Presidency ... they would be better off working with him to minimize the risk to America. But they will not...

The Trump Organization staying in the White House for four more years, that’s the ultimate goal, the Coronavirus killing Americans unnecessarily, that’s collateral damage. TrumpLiesAboutCoronavirus TrumpCrash Wow. If this comment is accurate than it may cost him the next election. Very disappointing

He is beyond sick Second coronavirus infection of unknown origin reported in the United States: 'Hoax', right? I wish you would not spread this garbage. This helps nobody. I hope for a global pandemic where a lot of people die and an economic disaster.... I'm the DNC and I approved this message.

He clearly has no idea what the word 'hoax' means. What a moron! JProskowGlobal Coronavirus will take out Trump before Bernie Sanders does. Covid19 is real, not a joke, not a hoax. Get some sleep POTUS JProskowGlobal This comedy is darker than Dr. Strangelove. And he's right... Thousands have died and it's still all about him...

Countries all over the world have gone to work handling this sickness, yet here he is calling it a hoax. Dumb and dumber The Dems went to Wuhan China, infected over 80k people, killed nearly 3k, spread the virus to all but 1 continent & ur still n office I wish Trump and his scumbag base a happy Coronavirus 👍

fake news! This is fucking sickening He is crazy Let’s hope his followers believe it’s a hoax and don’t take precautions. Bless his heart! (In the most southern way)💔 Let's ImpeachTrumpAgain Fuk this guy. What a dangerous, ignorant thing to say about a virus that originated in China and is killing people as we speak. He blames democrats for his incoherent, ineffective response that caused the market crash. Leaders need to lead or get the hell out of the way.

But wait, if this a hoax, why has his administration taken 'the most aggressive action in modern history to prevent the spread of this illness in the United States?' Which of course we know is a lie. Why would you need to take such action on a hoax? realDonaldTrump trumpresign susanhydepark Yet, the coronavirus came out of China. And it is somehow a Democrat hoax? That is in the same order as ‘climate change’ being a “Chinese hoax”. America, accept that Trump is full of shit & is without a clue. The GOP had an opportunity to save us from his idiocy. COWARDS!

He's a walking talking hoax. And deranged.

Dangerous, and a lie!........ TRUMPISMENTALLYUNFIT VoteTrumpOut2020 VOTESUSANCOLLINSOUT SHE SUPPORTS THIS 🤡 CLOWN Neil deGrasse Tyson: “The good thing about science is that it's true whether or not you believe in it.” If you can’t beat him, kill off his boomer voter base with the flu. Pitiful! take look Please

Meanwhile China announces 47 more people died from the hoax. So all those people didn’t really die? Good to hear those deaths were a hoax. Why does Fox endorse a ban on people coming from Italy if it's a hoax? I can't even comment on the utter stupidity of these remarks. Stupid and incredibly dangerous.

He needs to contact it already Then maybe he should visit some of the patients in person 💁🏻‍♂️ Smh 🤦🏿‍♂️ you fucking serious What a d*ck He is right. We have a handful of cases in US, no one has died and they are blaming Trump. Wasn’t he the one that shut the border with China? Now it’s a hoax. This mans gotta go.

That is so goddamn funny, just a few days ago I saw the words “Democrats Shamelessly Politicizing Corona Virus” on Fox News Calling a global pandemic a “big hoax” is like calling Donald Trump a “great leader.” Anyone who says it can’t be taken seriously. Reckless

Reporting this in this way without calling him a liar will likely kill people. He needs to be removed. Shut up he’s not calling it a hoax, it’s comparing it to how they use anything to attack him, how can he call it a hoax when he went in to say this in the same breath Just basic politics... shouldn't Trump be playing up the concern and taking credit if it turns out ok, rather than playing down the concern and taking all the blame if it turns out bad...?

This is not only dangerous, it's unforgivable. This alone should get him impeached or 25th'd. This is criminal behavior! And, scary because his followers will believe their 'savior'. The only hoax is that Trump is a human being. Has he told the rest of the World that is scrambling for a vaccine for this crazy hoax?

I don’t understand how people still look for the good here. He’s the Root of the problem and he is going to kill us all with his stupidity..

Never expected any different him. Geez . . He just Never stops You guys are waaay to serious. Trump knows how to hang out & talk story. This is a fake news clickbait headline. Donald Trump did not say coronavirus is the the Democrats' new hoax. realDonaldTrump said the Democrats politicizing the coronavirus is their new hoax. And he's right! KAG

Agreed. I mean we had zero deaths in the US. He is the clown 🤡 that Republicans want to reelect. KennethFolk It is the same amount of “hoax” as the last “hoax” was. So, not a hoax. Again, he can shoot someone in the middle of 5th Ave. TeflonDon If the coronavirus is a hoax then why is he canceling the Asian summit in Las Vegas?

Agree. Oh good lord! That’s ridiculous! ReviewResist If what we can believe from China and 2% morality rate then possible millions die? Okay a hoax... VP Mike_Pence Do you believe it's a 'hoax'? Can you imagine if one of the nut job Democrats were President? Sheesh! Ok Mexico is paying I mean Coronavirus hahahahaha

He’s so full of shit. Sheesh. Maybe visit China to find out? He is an irresponsible A🕳

Twisted thinking 👎 WTF..IS WRONG WITH THIS GUY? HE IS LIKE A MISFIRING ROBOT.🤖 Israel announced a cure there in 3 weeks. Where is your report on that ? Israel has its own drug mfg but DemoRATS shipped ours to China. All hail Trump Actually Trump has been a hoax on the nation. Explains why I keep hearing Trumpist who can't do math say H1N1 is more deadly than nCoV2020. As soon as I hear this argument, I immediately know this is a blind lemming fool brainwashed to believe Fox News.

This should worry people. The US president shrugging of a deadly pandemic as a “democrat hoax” is dangerous Then no need for tax breaks to help those impacted by a hoax. This man is insane. He needs medical attention HAAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA, hoax on you Trump, the whole world is in on it?

Yeah and it’s 43degrees in south Florida right now... VOTE! Please 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ lol. Coronavirus is f**king fake news, according to Doland Trump. realDonaldTrump the best way to prove your point is to encourage your followers to throw caution to the wind and go on a trip to Wuhan, btw, be a good leader and show them how it’s done!

Mike's gonna figure out eventually that you sent him on a snipe hunt. more stupidity from the Stable Genius A month from now you won't hear a thing in the media. Like all liberal hysteria, this too shall pass. Fools... Liberals are so funny. HAHAHAH

World pandemic. Global stocks -12% in one week. Trump: It's just Democrats picking on me! realDonaldTrump idiot Apple’s Tim Cook: Our Factories in China Are ‘Getting Back to Normal’ Apple’s CEO also expressed optimism that China is getting the coronavirus outbreak under control. BY NELSON WANG , UPDATED: FEB 28, 2020 2:35 PM EST | ORIGINAL: FEB 28, 2020

Terrible thing to say. realDonaldTrump Time to unite not divide. Try to remember “It isn’t always about you.“ While you are talking, your Secty of State has postponed an important Asian conference next month over concerns about Covid 19. No hoax no jokes. Not a hoax but certainly the Leftists are hoping he fails in handling the problem - so effectively they are hoping people die just to get at him.

Trump is going to get us all killed!!! Vote Trump out before we don’t have a Country left!!! This is not political, you boob. God he is the worst. Christ alive.

God help us 🙏🏼 What does that have to do with Democrats or Republicans beyond reason ... nut case ! 😂 China is to blame, not the Democrats. Truth. The MSM has a new bone more or less. WallStreetJournal Borbón

Except. He appointed pence to manage response to it. Reporting this without attacking this lowlife isn't fair or balanced, it's just being a lowlife as well And when deaths come it will be Obama’s fault His presidency is a hoax It's something but what is anybody's guess. His lies never stop yeah. just like everything else that's hurting him.

I hope he “gets” our revenge hoax! Someone should let China know

Lol careful Donnie or you're gonna make another Simpsons prediction come true You have to credit him for comedy I think dems should start modeling trump. They should blame trump and republicans for aids. My god, we’re so screwed. Trump is the GOPs failed attempt at intelligent life.

Coronavirus news and live updates: More than a million cases across the world - CNN

Coronavirus live updates: More than a million cases across the world - CNN

Italy records lowest coronavirus death rate in two weeks

Coronavirus Live Updates: Top U.S. Officials Warn of ‘Our Pearl Harbor’; Deaths in Country May Be Undercounted

Heated disagreement breaks out in Situation Room over hydroxychloroquine

Ignoring Expert Opinion, Trump Again Promotes Use of Hydroxychloroquine

Former intelligence community watchdog addresses recent firing

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Coronavirus news and live updates: More than a million cases across the world - CNN Coronavirus live updates: More than a million cases across the world - CNN Italy records lowest coronavirus death rate in two weeks Coronavirus Live Updates: Top U.S. Officials Warn of ‘Our Pearl Harbor’; Deaths in Country May Be Undercounted Heated disagreement breaks out in Situation Room over hydroxychloroquine Ignoring Expert Opinion, Trump Again Promotes Use of Hydroxychloroquine Former intelligence community watchdog addresses recent firing Mary Roman, City Clerk Who Set Senior Shot Put Records, Dies at 84 Trump calls on Americans to pray for coronavirus heroes, victims on Palm Sunday Spin Won’t Save Trump Coronavirus live updates: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson hospitalized Government watchdog: Hospitals say staff at risk because of gear shortages