Trump Says He Would Accept Dirt On Political Rivals From Foreign Governments - Cnnpolitics

Trump Says He Would Accept Dirt On Political Rivals From Foreign Governments - Cnnpolitics

Trump says he would accept dirt on political rivals from foreign governments

President Donald Trump says he would listen if a foreign government approached him with damaging information about a political rival -- and wouldn't necessarily report the contact to the FBI.


President Trump said he would listen if a foreign government approached him with damaging information about a political rival. 'I think you might want to listen, there isn't anything wrong with listening,' he said in an interview with ABC News.

President Donald Trump says he would listen if a foreign government approached him with damaging information about a political rival -- and wouldn't necessarily report the contact to the FBI.

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ChrisCoons Chris Coons should do his interview segments live...from N Spruce St in Wilmington. ChrisCoons He did say he can get away with shooting/killing someone ChrisCoons A fake dossier written by a British intelligence officer, paid for by Hillary, used by Obama’s FBI to get FISA warrants and illegally spy on a candidate seems to be perfectly ok with the left though

ChrisCoons So Hillary rolls in the dirt and Russia gives her 140,000,000 for her foundation at campaign time. Hillary and Bill must be investigated ChrisCoons Did Hillary Clinton learn from Fusion GPS and C.Steele ? ChrisCoons BenedictDonald should be Arrested for Treason. Impeachment would not be Enough!

ChrisCoons MZHemingway Let's be clear on what *actually* happened.Clinton/DNC secretly bought and paid for info sourced to shady foreign actors, got gov officials to weaponize it, used jaketappern to publicize to under mine peaceful transfer of powr and meddle in administration of gov't. ChrisCoons Coons is a liar. The tanker incident the same time Iran meets with Japanese pm. Noticeably absent from suspects are “Netanyahu” and Saudi Arabia. As if they have no capabilities. You are a liar Coons. Disgrace. Netanyahu calls Trump does his bidding every time. Smh..

ChrisCoons . ChrisCoons - why the double-standard, why not HillaryClinton, why not AdamSchiff, as well? I’d really like it explained, even in a simple dm. I just want some honesty for a change - so tired of both sides. ChrisCoons This is why no one watches you guys. It was a hypothetical question, only HRC did what you are so upset about. Report that you fraud

ChrisCoons So i think Hillary did the same thing but no dirt was found so they had to make it up but when Trump says he would hear if anyone had dirt on a competitor how is that any different other then making it up can we just be fair no matter what party or president

President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden to barnstorm IowaPresident Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden will both be in Iowa on Tuesday. Biden will head to eastern Iowa, on the heels of a weekend visit by most of the Democratic field, but which Biden skipped.

ChrisCoons CNN and Coons Goons! All politicians will accept dirt about their opponents! Where is your outrage on what Schiff was doing on the phone call with the phony Russian? CNN, you have lost your integrity! ChrisCoons You and the FBI didn't seem to care when Hillary Clinton and the DNC was paying foreign adversaries for dirt on realDonaldTrump, did you? Just more faux outrage for something that Trump didn't do but Hillary and the DNC did.

ChrisCoons It's because he has gotten away with everything so far so his most important authoritarian self thinks he can continue completely unchecked. What's stopping him? Bitching about it in Twitter? No, nothing is stopping him ChrisCoons hypothetical question ChrisCoons If your not a dirty politician there should be no foreign dirt on you

ChrisCoons He does understand! He does care! He's encouraging it because it is the only way this narcsisist has any chance of getting close to winning. ChrisCoons Hillary paid for dirt. The Democrats used that phony dirt, and got nothing. ChrisCoons Just like your DNC friends huh? ChrisCoons So rigging the primaries and paying for the Russian dossier is ok?

ChrisCoons or got away with it already

Bernie Sanders to say President Donald Trump loves socialism — just not for the working class'While President Trump and his fellow oligarchs attack us for our support of democratic socialism, they don't really oppose all forms of socialism,' Sanders will say on Wednesday. Who cares? This is not news or headline worthy Bernie Sanders wants an American worker to experience the fate of workers in Venezuela or North Korea. Bernie will be in Maduro's position, of course. On that he’s not wrong.

ChrisCoons The lapdog media is so hysterical over what DonsldTrump said.. it’s exactly what played out in the Hillary Clinton campaign 😂😂😂... you can’t make this stuff up 😂😂 listen to the Adam Schiff conversation with the Russian with dirt on Donald Trump 😂😂😂 ChrisCoons His statement was a hypothetical offer from Norway and he said he’d both listen and call the FBI if anything bad was said. DNC solicited the Ukrainian Ambassador for dirt on the GOP campaign in 2016 and 🦗🤷🏻‍♂️👇🏻

ChrisCoons More brainwashed Trump hater babble. ChrisCoons We are NOT a democracy... ChrisCoons احذف $ وسيعمل الرابط ارشيف هام جدا السعودية_تقصف_الحوثيين ChrisCoons Democrats FIXED their own Primary. Tried to FIX the General Election, And when that failed they attempted a Coup of the LEGALLY elected President, using A Fake Dossier paid for by Clinton/DNC.

ChrisCoons I'll take 'doesn't care' for $500 Alex. ChrisCoons HAY sloppy pussydick drug addict Mike's NOT your toy ChrisCoons My bet is on both being true. ChrisCoons I'll take 'he just doesn't care' for $200 Alex

Trump shields census documents from Congress as contempt vote loomsPresident Donald Trump asserted executive privilege on Wednesday to keep under w... TV ijazaslamanjum TV Did the narrator say, 'Democrat' controlled and not Democratic? Smh. TV Sue Trump. Hold others in contempt. What are the republicans hiding?

ChrisCoons ChrisCoons I really appreciate Sen. Coons. Straight shooter. ChrisCoons I’m way more concerned about spying on a rival political campaign than anything else I'm from S. C. too Lindsay...Admit it Trump is a Low Life,!!! ChrisCoons And the Democrats wouldn’t. Hahahahahahahahahahahah ChrisCoons Nice new

ChrisCoons ChrisCoons BOTH ChrisCoons How about the attempted overthrow of the United States President Using Clinton's bought and paid for Fake Dossier? ChrisCoons A crooked businessman never cares....until he gets arrested...

Ahead of contempt vote, Trump shields census documents from CongressPresident Donald Trump asserted executive privilege on Wednesday to keep under w... When will aoc audition for a role as a Senator? Is....her last name not Cortez? AOC?Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?

President Trump said ‘he would listen and there is nothing wrong with listening. He is right! But I’m sure if the Dotard does it again, Graham will then say NOTHING! Its no mistake Oh really LindseyGrahamSC? You’re just now figuring this out? What’s the matter? Not enough doggie treats lately? Get back to me when Trump hires a foreign agent to make up dirt so his weaponized intel community can use it to get a FISA warrant so the govt can spy on his opponent’s campaign. THAT is when I will start to care.

LindseyGrahamSC LindseyGrahamSC the president said...' he would HEAR it ( ie listen to it) and IF SERIOUS (ie 'contentious') , he would likely inform the FBI .......HE NEVER SAID AND/OR IMPLIED ..HE WOULD NOT REPORT IT Come on, repeat word for words the only way to report facts Too late! Signal sent and received, most likely by Russia, Saudi Arabia, North Korea...

Miranda warning..

Third U.S.-North Korea summit possible, up to Kim: BoltonA third summit between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong U... It would be a total failure, just like the first two. Shoo,shoo

Yes and it was wrong for Hillary to do it in 2016. Are you questioning her!! Talking out of both sides of the mouth. It’s amazing how republicans cover for Trump. Never thought I would see a day like this.....however it will get worse. God help us...!!! Hillary, Adam Schiff and John McCain did.... they loved the kompromat and used it!!

So harsh! Momentary lapse. He'll be back defending trump tomorrow. Then tell him Graham!!!!! Make him stop taking nonsens and shit. I think he was just saying what the demacrats did to him I miss Sen John McCain Lindsey Graham, just shouldn't be listened to any longer. We have got to start executing our politicans who do wrong.

I think that there should be no privacy - every human action, thought and deed is open to all - we deal with sin and shame the Biblical way - self felt shame is a good thing if it leads to repentance . . which leads to healing

House Democrats Are “Not Even Close” To Having Majority Support For Impeachment, Nancy Pelosi SaysBut the House speaker added that impeaching President Donald Trump isn’t “off the table.” Nance. We need not tip our hand. Let’s at least act like we have a strategy ok? We can’t run a play from 1989 in 2019. Our opponents are not the same. What is SpeakerPelosi waiting for? The light is green. Hit the gas pedal already! ImpeachmentHearingsNow ImpeachTrumpNow LockHimUp Damn. Alcohol is catching up to Nancy. She looks like the walking dead.

Well, duh.... Yeah then he turned around an defended it. Graham crackers words are more useless than a cows. Until another round of golf occurs where Trump spanks Lindsey on the bottom and Lindsey falls back in line. Trump is going to lose the election caused by his big mouth Another story CNN Propaganda ignored? CNN Propaganda, the most corrupt name in fake news.

Can you imagine if President Obama would of said this , This PTR ( Plutocrat , Traitor Republican ) would of been standing on top of his desk in the senate calling him a traitor to this country , not just saying this is a MISTAKE !!!!!!!!!!!! You know what Graham, time to Put Up, or Shut Up. What's his obsession with Norway. It's Russia that will send him info. & he'll welcome them helping to re-elect him.

NRA is flush with Russian money so yes Lindsey has accepted help from foreign agents The signal has been sent

LindseyGrahamSC NO EXCUSE for your defense of Trump. None. He meant what he said who are YOU to question it? Why does Graham always look hung-over? LindseyGrahamSC Potus is not just saying he 'would' accept help; he is admitting to everyone that he 'DID' accept help, from Russia, et al!! 2016 election should be invalidated!! potus is ILLEGITIMATE!!

That pineapple head will do anything to get elected again. If one can't trust the FBI, who can we trust. Not pineapple head, his a jerk. As long as the information is accurate...unlike in 2016 For once Trump tells the truth and Graham doesn’t like it. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣Republican reality TV.

well, i have to say, if barack and hillary can take opposition information, why not LindseyGrahamSC thinks it is a mistake to say it, not a mistake to do it. It's far more than a mistake it's breaking the law by going against the Constitution when you except anything from a foreign country. I'm beginning to think that the Republican party doesn't believe in the Constitution, their above the law. Screw that, just do your job, be honest

A little to late to the dance Lindsay LindseyGrahamSC Is it a mistake that he admitted it out loud or that it’s the absolutely wrong thing to do? If you don’t want it to happen then stop being complicit with his outrageous behavior!!! And of course CNN didn’t call him out for wanting to see naked pictures of Trump from Putin....why not CNN ? It would have made great tv

What do you think the democrats and the media have been doing for the last 2 years. TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸 foxandfriends on top of the ratings. Fake News at 12 Too little, too late HillaryClinton did with the help of Comey’s FBI, Fusion GPS, and the DNC. British spy gathering information from Russian spies, paid for by the FBI, Fusion GPS, and DNC...and they tried to hide it with payments through Perkins Coie. So, there’s recent history of it.

What are the odds realDonaldTrump tries to reverse this situation by saying he was “joking”? Classic Trump move. jason_donner behind Lindsey Graham’s head 😂😂 Look LG will kiss anyone a$$ to stay in power

Remember This the hypocrisy in this dirty filthy Washington politics. Clinton's were the worse. Clinton and DNC and laughable and sad Wow, Lindsey, that's really going out on a limb! It's not a mistake it's a troll for the media. Worked quite well. Shout out to everyone who refused to vote in the last general election ✊🏿

I don't know if the republican party can change or salvage some tiny piece of dignity it may have hidden away somewhere but I do know that anyone that supports the current republican party is anything but a patriot of America. Like Hillary and RepAdamSchiff did Is that what you mean I would like to hear Mr. Graham say what he is going to do about it

But you’ll back him anyway, of course. Pathetic Sleaze...

Dang, he’s blowing your cover. That is what Hillary and other politicians do anyway! He just said it loud If today’s Lindsey remains tomorrow’s Lindsey, we may as well think global warming is a hoax. But how dare is he to come out of Trump’s world. realDonaldTrump is a master troll on y'all mfs Like him more every day

ya think? It was absolutely wrong, not a mistake. funny, i thought they asked him about Trump publicly stating he'd take foreign help again even though he's currently under investigation for it. All i heard was 'blah blah blah Christopher Steele blah blah blah' Trump thinks he's above the law... of course he would take information from another country. Where the heck is his legal team... to set him straight 🤦‍♀️

who needs a doctor of gynecology Mark Levine is right ! This is a pseudo-event ! Making news out of nothing and using their own news article to create news😆

He already sent a signal. Over 100 contacts with Russia proven and no push back from the GOP. This isn't a hypothetical. It happened. A mistake? It’s fucking criminal Please leave LindseyGrahamSC ! You’re entire life has been discounted for idiotic decisions 2016- And next week, he will say, “if the president does it, it is perfectly nifty.” What a worm.

Lindsey never had a spine as for his moral compass it died with McCain. Slowly the cult will leave him Once again if there is no 'dirt'what is there to worry about.... Dems and their sheep running scared right now C Steele, (formr UK spy hird by HRC 2 spread bogus info abt DJT team in dossier usd 2 spy on them) has agreed 2 b questiond by investigatrs. Convenient that Steele chose 2 speak aftr pres gave USAG authority 2 declass docs rlatd 2 surveilance DJT campaign

He doesn't want to 'send a signal to encourage this' but his silence and inaction *already have.* GTFOOH Lazy Lindsey. And traitor Graham would do it in a second if he had the info.

Anyone wanting to listen to dirt need go no further than CNN fake news. ChristopherSteele was WORKING for the FBI. LindseyGrahamSC who would you have suggested realDonaldTrump report this to at the time? But he has. The damage is done. He already has The Democrats already did it--Trump flips script on Dem outrage over comments on foreign dirt (link: FoxNews

But, if he does it, you & the GOP are just fine with it, right LindseyGrahamSC ? POS Collusion TREASON MakeAmeriKKKaAmericaAgain LindseyGrahamSC It’s not a mistake, it’s a character flaw and lack of ethics and patriotism. Call it what it is and stop coddling the 72 year old toddler! Well, we accept foreign people over the fence every minute of every day. So, what is the difference. You don't think a 100s of thousands to millions of people flopping in across the border is influencing an election?

Too late — Trump is doing it and will do it.. GOP are old relics and need to be removed from office Just words over and over again without any action.

Wow speaking up once in 2yrs. is better than nothing. A mistake, r u fn kidding me? No Sen Graham, Fat Don, u, the GOP n all his supporters r traitorous pieces of sh** is what you are! What's next, giving the very people and ideology that attacked us on 911 smart bomb tech? My bad, ur in the process of doing just that. Thanks Nancy

COACHED. Democrats should take notice. So, what are you going to do about it LindseyGrahamSC ? You should visit Maine. I hear it's lovely this time of year! ....TRUMP AND THE REPUBLICAN PARTY ARE 'HELPING' VLADIMIR PUTIN TO 'WEAKEN' THE USA .... ....THE 'EX KGB' 'INTENT' IS TO 'DESTROY' AMERICA AND SUBSEQUENTLY... EUROPE ....

Not superpower anymore Bum. LindseyGrahamSC get with the program or realDonaldTrump is not going to be happy. Quit thinking and play dumb. Ex-British spy Christopher Steele who compiled 'dirty dossier' on Trump will be grilled in court on whether senator John McCain was behind it going public

Do something!! Once again Lindsey Graham shows how different his hand slapping is for Trumple versus when he is in disagreement with a Democrat. How about Right because Democrats would turn away a fake dossier? 😂 And at the same time blabbing about the Steele dossier which there was a world of difference.

You shouldn't do what Clinton and the previous administration did!! LindseyGrahamSC a mistake? Were you born an idiot or did this happen over time? too late LindseyGrahamSC What are you going to do about this traitor now? Don’t know why you wouldn’t, everything that you do enables trump to do as he please. Your words are hollow

You don’t have to send a signal. You are complicit in every way. LindseyGrahamSC A mistake? No, it’s a choice...and a pattern...which cannot be tolerated. NotMyPresident

Trump went a step to far for his main supporter LindseyGrahamSC. America this speaks volumes!!!!! Excuses excuses This? This right here? This is just as bad as the president saying what he did. Responding to it with your tail tucked between your legs, 'Oh, uh, I-I-I think th-that he made a m-m-mistake t-to-to, uh--' Graham knows what he's doing, which might make him worse.

To Trump supporters, not that you care, but this is NOT about saying something to enrage Democrats. Its about encouraging a foreign power to control American politics. If you want a dam wall so badly, why dont you see this as a threat? He says that today but whatever dirt the Trump campaign very clearly has on him will be exposed if he doesn’t change his tune immediately.

Merriam-Webster, Definition of collusion : secret agreement or cooperation especially for an illegal or deceitful purpose LOL, LindseyGrahamSC, not much room to maneuver now, huh? Enjoying the feel of your back on that wall? How much farther do you think you can go to protect this criminal administration? You got your freakin' wealth tax cut. Now admit he really is that bad, please.

My new Notre Dame Concept British ex-spy will not talk to U.S. prosecutor examining Trump probe origins: source Stop giving this lying traitor air time. He is incapable of answering any question honestly! LindseyGrahamSC

So Un-American 😡💩 Oh, but the dossier...stop Oh goodness!! It still went to the FBI. Trump has already taken dirt from foreign countries and he is admitting that he had help from Russia in 2016. He is pushing the limits with his Base again to see what outragous things he can get away with. YOU HAVE LOST ALL CREDIBILITY 'LACKEY' GRAHAM

This guy's a piece of work. The effing POTUS is actively encouraging foreign governments to attempt to influence US elections, you know if it helps him it's all good. WTF! ffs SenateGOP losing Then hold him accountable! How polite. You and Trump are a disgrace. LindseyGrahamSC Words means nothing LindseyGrahamSC . You are supporting a Dictatorship Shameful

He's trolling you.....when will you get it?

LindseyGrahamSC Don’t tell CNN that realDonaldTrump was wrong, grow a set and tell him yourself. LindseyGrahamSC how about sending a signal to the LawlessPresident DISCOURAGING the acceptance of dirt from rival foreign governments. LindseyGrahamSC pretending to show leadership. OF COURSE TWO TOTALLY DIFFERENT ISSUES BUT HELL THE CORRUPT RUSSIAN RUBLES FLOWING INTO LINDSEY'S POCKETS HE COULD CARE LESS ABOUT THE U.S. CONSTITUTION

Politicians taking oppo dirt from foreigners is like masturbation. There are those who do it and those who lie about it. A MISTAKE! ITS TREASONOUS Senator, please read the Mueller Report. Thank you. I want every member of Congress with an on camera response to which foreign governments helped them get elected! Get after it CNN!

But you already did !! To late for regrets, The mainstream media fell into trap. Gotta love it because CNN is spewing nothing about nothing. Move on

Christopher Steele is a private citizen and not a foreign government. BIG difference! Also, the dossier wasn't used to get a warrant. He's another bullshit artist. A “mistake” is a slap on the wrist. He needs to be punished. He’ll never learn Yeah, but when push comes to shove, Lindsey will get in line behind his boy like he always does.

ABOUT FACE! Hey you fake journalists are conveniently forgetting about the made up dossier...the Obama state department was setting up the greatest president ever! The FBI is crooked, just like Hillary and all the mental left. But no news here, the Obama admin were/are all pieces of 💩 That's because he dose them favors and they does him favors.

Every politician running for Office would do the same thing and Lie About it, in fact they already do...yet Honest Trump says it out loud and you think it’s news? Come on, find a real story... Yes, the president is right.. Everything and anything this man does is exploited for political reasons to cause damage to him & his administration. Common Americans, stop eating up yourself from within

Yeah, there is, jackass. A criminal will be a criminal even if he stay in WH

And he meant it. Unfortunately republicans are ok with this too. And democrat trash and their henchmen, like cnn will report, knowing the information is false. You and others are not reporters, you are propagandist! And he’s exactly right! Hillary did it. The Clinton Foundation even paid for it. He is an absolute manipulative crook who loves dictators.. In love with Putin and Kim

Besides he benefited from it during his 2016 election campaign against Hillary. Very bad talk The lefts heads just exploded You mean like if a former operator of Great Britain had a dossier on his opponent? Like that? Now do Hilary Are you still in business?

As the president of the UnitedStates it is his responsibility to do that. as a matter of fact, it is his obligation to follow on any lead that may indicate or lead to individuals with corrupt intentions. So, CNN? quit this game of deception to your readers. Trump NYTimes FBI CIA SpeakerPelosi NSAGov CBSNews ABC hello!!!!!!!!? Anybody? Most of us like living in a Democracy. Now might be a good huddle up.

The same advice he gave jr. What a great dad. Oh, so he should plug his ears and say loudly “Can’t hear your, can’t hear you”?!? Hillary get opponent early in voters' minds opposition research investigation into the dealings of political opponents typically in order to discredit them publicly opposition research may be a bit too confrontational in the normal course of a campaign but completely appropriate

I agree with him. Keep your friends close but your enemies closer. Who wouldn’t? Better than someone making it up and a candidate paying for it! LOL I don't like trump but what he is saying is really no different than reading a tabloid. They did it to him, or tried, and I don’t see anybody getting in trouble🧐

And he's correct to want to know what they are saying. So what CNN?

lol this is like when OJ wrote the book explaining how if he did it, this is how he would do it. truth I do believe Hills listened 90% of CNN’s day is dedicated to attacking the President of the United States. Their agenda is to push Congress into impeaching to revive their dismal ratings. They need impeachment trial coverage to boost viewership and ad revenue. All about $ folks.

ImpeachTrumpNow He did not say he would accept the information. He said he would listen. He has a Right To Listen. Stupid Traitor

That should be enough to convince America not to vote for Trump again.He has no interest in Humanity.Only himself. You can do better America.Trump is a National and international Disgrace.Just don't vote for him again.He will never be a Leader because he always puts himself First Like the democrats wouldn’t do the same? CNN, stop your Pardison one-sided news reporting. There is so much stuff that has come out on Clinton and Obama yet you do not report it you are useless.

I hate Trump but see the full quote. Headline is misleading. Media should be more accurate. Our Congress Hard at Work ! What a silly question. He asked for Russia's help with the Clinton emails. Nothing wrong with listening. It's only ok for the FBI to use fake oppo research from foreign governments paid for by Hillary on him though, right? Give us a break!

It is amazing that his base defends him. They fly their flags everywhere and claim to be great Americans but allow this scum to let a foreign source interfere with us. What about all the military men/women who lost their lives defending this country? Sure there's lots of damaging info on donnieboy. He and rest of republicans, nothing but disgusting excuses for humans.

Well at least it’s NOT the FBI listening to a Presidential candidate and all his team and NOT telling them! At least it’s NOT HillaryClinton buying a fake dossier and the FBI using it to take down a President.

Well you certainly don’t ignore it. LOL. Perfect Mr President. Maybe we can start our own dossier on the Democratic runners. It was ok with the Democrats to create a dossier from foreign intelligence, so why not the Republicans. Bet he says that he will be found to not be guilty of collusion with foreign spies by the American people who know he's no colluder?

He is playing your guys hard! This is funny! Man it’s nice to hear an honest answer from a politician. All the other lying scum would claim they would never do such a thing, while we all know it isn’t true. “WikiLeaks, I love WikiLeaks.” “Russia if you know where the 30,000 emails are I’ll take them.” An asshole from day 1.

DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica He said he would if he thought it was necessary. Stop telling lies please. 🤦‍♂️ Liars and cheats work for cnn. A black mark on their journalists who really are fiction writers More lies to the American people. And you clowns wonder why your ratings have tanked 🤡 FakeNewsCNN

This PUBLIC statement is a DISGRACE TO AMERICA!! OMG! The Americans have hit rock bottom!!! CNN spends nearly 100% of its coverage bashing President Trump They never mention: Lowest ever unemployment Record wage growth Historic trade deals But if Americans really hate Trump like Democrats claim, then why did CNN lose 1/3 of their prime time audience? 🤔 charliekirk11

Sure he would. After all it worked last time, right? Just keep talkin', President Trump. The more blabber, the more you will be toast by the time of the 2020 Election. Interesting that he says this the day Trump Jr. was interviewed behind closed doors. I must say cnn does have the best of the worst basement tweeters EVER.

President Drumph loves Russia & North Korea more than the United States. He should move to one of those countries and live there and not soil our soil any longer! what was the Christopher Steel dossier? Not only did the democrats take this information from a foreign governments....they paid for it.

Disgraceful. I really liked the part when he said 'I like the truth, I'm really an honest guy'. How many lies does THAT make now? 10,000? 🤬

In case we ever get an AG that upholds the Constitution... here’s proof of criminal Intent. Muellerinvestigation Trump’s moral compass is constantly spinning to feed his ego and twisted soul. He’s a destructive force to our Democracy. Isn't that what the Russian collusion conspiracy theory hoax was based upon, foreign (false/misinformation) used to get a fraudulent FISA warrant to spy on him and to call for his impeachment? Thought so.... since they admit as much.

He plays you so well, and you fall for it every freakin time! 😂😂 Trump not only listen he also Sounds illegal! Trump is Such a big a piece of shit !!! So...not only did high ranking democrats take political dirsr from a foreign country....they paid for this information. I try to watch your 'news' show....but it's just become so ridiculous that I can't bare it. Maybe its good for a laugh or two though.

DementedDonald can admit to despicable acts because, to him, no one else exists, only the dictators and despots he admires and from whom he seeks admiration. They hold the power he believe he deserves. ImpeachTrump

Pence would be worse than trump. Pence has distorted belief in his religion like isis has distorted belief in the Quran. Both are dangerous and malevolent. Yes, its listening not him paying to spy on candidates & using govt employees to do so. Didn't the Obama administration do that with Trump in the 2016 election?

Dummy Donny! Presidents should be allowed to indicted. If he is the Vice President would take over while trial is on. If convicted vice stays on until new elections. He said he would listen if someone was talking smack about his opponent But let's take this way out of context Msm and the dems are pathetic

Why not Obama had no problem. He spied on a opposition party’s candidate with the help of foreign countries. Where was CNN? And where is CNN now? But I do like the spin job if only you guys had any credibility? That stance has put the President at odds with national security professionals within his own administration. But Trump appeared unbothered by the discord, saying he would be open to any and all dirt on potential rivals.

This is what a shill account t looks like ...4yrs and virtually no followers That is because with him the end justifies the means. The real question would there be quid pro quo?

Spokenll like a true trader Democrats do it all the time. The dossier is an example. Listening to someone who is offering unsolicited dirt DIFFERENT THAN SEEKING OUT and soliciting dirt....a kindergartner would know this difference..smh Who can't wait to see fake news go bankrupt? But no CNN reporting on the Clinton campaign coordinating with Ukranians to provide opposition work and election support... Curious...

Well it worked once He's saying he had foreknowledge of Russian hacking, and so what about it?...He's the king who has been coronated by all who yield to his included. In other words tRump would work against the constitution and security of the country and election to win. Again. LOCKTRUMPUP lacosatrump

Why is this news? It happens all the time. Isn't that the exact reason the Russian investigation happened. I guess if you get away with it once why not do it again. And this is not a Traitor. If Dems did this to Traitor Trump He would have a five-year old fit With arms folded across chest. Wake up America this Traitor is selling our Country.

Trump is making millions off taxpayers, abuse of power & corruption. Trump has no qualms selling The USA to any country which also makes him a traitor. He's basically saying that he cheated in 2016, worked with the Russians, doesn't care, loves it because it helped him lie, cheat and steal a presidency with manipulative disinformation and now he'll do it all over again to avoid going to prison. It's time to impeach the traitor.

Democrats D R A F T A R T I C L E S O F I M P E M A C H M E N T So he’d do what Hillary and Ohomo did, except he wouldn’t pay for it, or funnel it to the FBI to get bogus FISA warrants. He is trolling you all on a very high level, again. Criminal. realDonaldTrump would take a call from a foreign country that has dirt on a candidate. Who PAID a foreign national (Steel) to gather dirt (dossier) on Trump in RUSSIA?

He says that because he knows every other President, ever, would or has do e the same thing....smh....why is this news That's not what he said But Not ok to spy on murderous POS NK dictator who kills and imprisons his own people. I think we know what to call this 'American'. Traitor. Yes, give Bag Lady credit... after she paid $10 million to the Russians for dirt she did hand it over to the FBI.

To be a fly in the wall from that « secret talks » unsupervised this Potus had with Vladimir Putin last year in Europe. Begs to question what « oppo » Vlad offered, blackmail presented , financial/ political / personal ( peepee tapes ) ? Foreign manipulation at its best ! 'There isn't anything wrong with listening.' Sure, because foreign governments always want to dig up dirt on your opponent and tell you about it, out of the goodness of their hearts.

I know Republicans won't comment but what exactly will Nancy Pelosi do? I know....rhetorical question and completely redundant because she will do nothing. Another nail in Trump's coffin, he openly admits that he would break the law. Nothing wrong with that . Hilary rigged the Democratic nomination against Bernie with the democratic chair last year. And she still got to run. The Democrats are corrupt and just trying to make Trump look bad

Am I missing something here? Where did the Steel Dossier come from, & who paid for the different versions of it over the time of the campaigns? Last I saw heard, Steel is not a citizen of America.

Thats what hillary did when she paid for the fake foreign agent steele dossier, compiled with fake russian info. The difference is she paid for it, it wasn't offered for free. Wake up dummycrats. Hes a crook of course he would if he'll listen n defend putin cant get ne lower!!! Viejo loco ➡️Legal ✔️receiving dirt reviewing and calling FBI if warranted. ➡️Illegal🛑 PURCHASING dirt and using against a candidate and President steeledossier sedition

Why not? Worked the first time. No more honour in the world. This man kills hope of a better world every day that he's President. Traitor Trump TraitorTrump Also were all still waiting on this special deal you made with Mexico. We will even take the redacted version of what was on that piece of paper you were waving around the other day.

So basically he admits he would collude with a foreign power when he insists there’s no collusion and yet he’s still in power? What the hell washington? Where have all the good people gone What the all living shit Washington So?

I’m sure Hillary wouldn’t do that 🤔 Omg, he would listen to it? The Hillary Clinton campaign paid a foreign intelligence operative to gather damaging information on their opponent -- but you know, whatever Trump said he has never and wouldn't report anything to the FBI.This shows he has no respect for any Law enforcement agencies. This is how Crime organizations Mafia act due to their crimes

Ya think? It is better the dirt become public and the person is not elected. The alternative of the person being elected and foreign agency has a hold on person is much worse. This is why he will probably win again because every time he says something, whether in jest or not, your crappy news agency reports on it and turns it in to 'OMG, the world is falling!' Keep giving him the publicity that elected him the first time.

Of course. Remember Wisconsin? Haha, maga. He would listen then try to figure out how do I get away with it? And so would every other candidate. Remember when Adam Shift was down with the Russian pranksters

As CNN falls right into his trap like the predictable liberals they are. Making him an admitted criminal. So when’s he going to start shooting people on 5th Avenue? We already know Senate Republicans would turn a blind eye. Yes he would. The fake news media won’t report about it here in the states. Sounds like he squealed on all his Republican buddies that they all collude when he says they all do it

Behold! The Shallowest Man Alive. 'It's a crime for a campaign to knowingly solicit or accept items of value from foreign nationals.' Did CNN care about this when The Pantsuit was running for office and her foundation accepted millions from foreign nationals and paid for a false dossier? Of course not. Hypocrites

Thats because he already did it and is trying to frame it as not being treasonous or illegal. His hands. So small. Christ someone give him one of those baby sucker things. You know the dummy I think it's called. Maybe that'll prevent him from speaking for a few hours.

Trump knows he is likely to lose the election. He needs a way out that he can blame on the deep state rather than on the voters. His ego needs impeachment to begin so he can use this as an excuse for resigning. Uh. We know. What a slug! I do no know how Mueller without interwieing Trump Jr, Jarod, or Trump determined tht thy didn't knw wht thy did in tht Trump Tower mtg ws wrong. If thy thght it was OK thn why lie abt it and writes lies n a memo aftr we found out abt the mtg. U only lie whn u knw it ws wrg.

Beardie lurking in the background... There’s nothing good that FAKE NEWS report abt realDonaldTrump Is that a crime Seriously, after the Steele dossier fiasco committed by the Hillary campaign .... When you accept they always want something in return. Nothing is free. So Trump will be comprised and threat to our natl security. Of course he alrdy is. And he did accept hloful info and actions frm Russia & we knw it was nt free. TRAITOR

Yes,that's the hype... And then there's the harden criminals...

Ok Again... So would every other politician...... if this surprises you put your head back in the sand and pretend that we are governed by benevolent people with the highest of moral standards. Get real you poor pathetic never Trumper's! Anyone would listen. The Democrats would give anything for a listen for some dirt on the President. There isn't any so they make crap up as they go. Worthless a**holes! Don't they have a job to do?

The President ... is willing to sell out America if he can benefit. Doesn’t get more disgusting than that. And we still have him in office? Sad... And this surprises anyone? Why is anyone shocked at what he says anymore?

Fake news again! CNN quit manipulating words! Trump2020 Before the left gets on its high horse both HRC and the DNC bought info on DJT from the Russians. This would be no different. Who wouldn't CNN does, and most of all Hillary just didn't listen, she paid them millions to get info!! Why did not you tweet his whole sentens? Trump said: 'I think I'd want to hear it... I think you might want to listen, there isn't anything wrong with listening'. He did not say he would use it for political witch-hunt.

Breaking: This is what Hillary and Obama Administration DID DO!! Interesting that all his dirt is right out front - hopefully someone running for office doesn't have any real 'dirt' to worry about. All politicians would do the same thing secretly but this guy doesn’t hide it; that is called transparency.

Of course he would. His son did & somehow he has avoided jail. And he did!

impeachtrump bonehead far away from Dictator Trump is the United States...closer than you think. The US is on the brink of an autocracy and nobody seems to be taking blunt notice! So for those that think, it’s ok, or say anybody would do this. Nope it’s wrong. I guess what you’re truly saying is as long as you don’t get caught. It’s still wrong. Does anyone remember this?

What worries me is how are foreign governments getting dirt on our politicians? Wake up people, we have a mole and it’s not Trump, we only seem to be getting dirt on the Democrats And America tumbles further down as the Government cashes it paycheques (taxpayers dollars) and does nothing , America has lost its spine

The more this man talks , the more he proves how un-American he really is ! And ignorance is no excuse for his actions . So you have to believe those supporting him are just as unpatriotic as he is !!! CORRUPT TO THE CORE! Small potatoes compared to the beloved HRC This was his strategy to deflect the news cycles away from Don Jr today.

Like getting phony intel from a foreign spy, then put it into a fake dossier and sell it to the FBI. Then put it through the fisa court and get unjustified warrants to spy on an opposition campaign. Why would he not? I want to hear the lies that SHSanders45 & Kelleyannepolls spew in order to walk this one back.

He took it the first time I’m a Christian Republican educator in Oklahoma; This is a low point for our nation BUT WE will SPEAK clearly that Republicans will fire him along with ANY DC Republican who is complicit to this corruption 🗳🗳👫👫🇺🇸🇺🇸 You know what is sad. It’s that he’ll get away with that too. He’s a corrupt criminal and no one is doing anything about it especially the GOP. What’s even sadder is he’ll probably win again. Because there are that many dumb stupid clueless people who will vote for him again.

Hillary would’ve told them to go fly a kite.😜 Right, like he already did...

Come on, Trump is being Trump. He’s got the media again. Distraction, distraction, distraction... He said he would listen. Listening and accepting are two different things. Nothing new here. You mean like 🇷🇺? In other words, he would collude with a foreign government wanting to interfere in the next election , which is what Don Jr already did on his behalf

Why would a foreign government approach a candidate with the dirt on opposition? Why? What would it want in return? The answer will be prove of interference to election and a goal to help the candidate. Need more explanation? The far-left CNN’s ratings death spiral marched into last week as the fake news network lost one-third of its primetime audience and a breathtaking 55 percent of its demo viewers.

Who wouldn't Still trying to figure out how Russia made me vote for Trump. Can someone please explain? HOW ARE WE NOT BEGINNING IMPEACHMENT HEARINGS. Anyone who supports this president should be embarrassed. He has no loyalties to America. Only himself. This dude is giving y’all the finger everyday and there ain’t a damn thing anyone is doing about it 🤦🏾‍♂️

Interesting that Trump would use “Congressmen” as an example of somebody getting dirt on a rival. I wonder if Trump is hinting about someone he knows? Blackmail? At this point I think anything goes when it comes to Donald Benedict Arnold Trump. Obama did! Everybody would He may as well have (once again) said, “Russia, if you’re listening...”

Shocking, since he already did this! Clear sending code againt to his partenaires ready to receive interférences wonder He’s the POTUS why wouldn’t he listen to them hahahahaha. He has learned nothing. Still believes laws don’t apply to him. Do Republicans still believe in the rule of law? Follow your oath of office impeach Trump! NOW!!!!!

BREAKING: Trump would do in 2020 what he did in 2016.

There’s the Collusionist Again! All these years of claiming that they did not collude with Russia, and he says straight out that he would take info on Democrat candidates! He would use any enemy he enticed today into looking for crap! Just like when he told Russia to look! Sheen What kind of a person does that Only the most disgusting ones!!!!

realDonaldTrump Any person who wants freedom and democracy in the USA should be calling for the removal of POTUS. Regardless of political party, social status, or any other psuedo defining characteristics, this interview should strike fear into you heart and call you to action Insanity. And those who see nothing wrong with this...

The SudanMassacre has claimed the lives of over a thousand people. Women & children are being raped and killed and thrown into the Nile. Their lives, culture and families are being disregarded like objects but the world is silent. I’ve never been more disappointed in humanity. Steele dossier much? SpeakerPelosi Ms. Speaker. Enough. Impeach him NOW!!! Tired of your dragging your feet.

GOP Do you support Trump's position on this? Why is this news

so he will cheat again basically is what he's saying What a maroon this Trump fella is Oh look! CNN trying to make a negative story about Trump out of nothing! Let’s use one sentence out of context and spin it. Shocker. No wonder your ratings are in the toilet. What am incredible boob. Does he even know what words are oozing out of his mouth baffled

why shouldn't he, i would...its damaging information 🤔Some of you 👆🏻👇🏻 need to open a dictionary. 🤷🏻‍♂️ I’m sure he would pay, a lot, for it. I would listen to stories too. Doesn't CNN listen to stories ? I like stories. Sometimes, I believe stories, sometimes, I don't... Obviously The democrats did this and created the coup hoax. Pencil neck schiff and Warner both on tape trying to get Russian dirt on Trump. You really need to report the actual truth of what went on. I realise it would be a first but try it, viewers might come back.

They are nearly done. The hate network may never recover. But hey, he wouldn’t allow CIA to develop sources close to his long distance love, kim jong un. IQ45 is mentally deficient. Don the con would find a way where the GOP would continue to allow him to obstruct justice against and commit crimes against America and its people for self profiting and self gain for all of them. No other WH resident has been this blatantly corrupt!

Trump is a pile of bio extrusion that even flies would gag on CNN sucks. Fake news!! Trump is the troll expert. Lol Democrats chasing their own tail. TraitorTrump Traitor if it was Canada would this be a story? And if you don’t listen, you won’t know what communication/security gaps to close. Why not listen? DamnedIfYouDoDamnedIfYouDont

Inviting foreign interference in our elections! This is going to be the dirtiest election that I can ever remember. ImpeachmentHearingsNow SpeakerPelosi RepAdamSchiff Wait a minute! realDonaldTrump would listen AGAIN! There I fixed it✌🏿 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I knew the media would twist what he said. Im sure Trump did too. Thats not what he said😂 i saw it. He's using the lying media to keep the lefts panties in a wad. You people just eat it up too😅 He plays you folks like fiddle. Its gotten Hilarious😂

I’m sure he would verify and screen it before considering using it. It it is false, then the truth would sink you, just like the AG, IG and other investigations will show! Hold on to your pantyhose Nancy! Because he is a traitor cheater ....AND THAT'S HORRIFYING. Finish your thoughts, CNN it's okay, we agree.

Hmmm...sounds a lot like what AdamSchiff did! CNN, You're such instigators! It's so shameful that is not reporting the killings going on in Nigeria every day. I am so disappointed.

Who the hell wouldn’t ? HILLARY hired a foreign spy to get a fake Dossier from a foreign government to damage her opponent. Why did the Dems wag the tail to stop Trump from talking to Russia?What deal was made with Uranium one?Why did Obama say he was“flexible after the election? Another nothing burger for the fake news media and the fake democrats to feed on and waste all their time. Cnn again trying to change and misinterpret what the President Trump said. It feels so interesting to see how President Trump plays his haters for a fool.

No one should be surprised and every democrat candidates would as well. Does anyone in his administration ever mention how immoral and unethical his actions and words are? So Democrats do it and it's cool but Trump says why not now it worse thing ever. Just idiots everywhere This is Treasonous because he's inciting division among Americans, and loyalty to the enemy!

Weird didnt Hillary take foreign oppo research on the foreign made dossier her campaign paid for. Didnt DNC get oppo from Ukraine. That's was okay though because it was against realDonaldTrump It is very entertaining to watch Anderson Cooper melt down! andersoncooper hey Vlad, you should see CNN they are melting down! Morning_Joe jaketapper CillizzaCNN ChrisCuomo JohnKingCNN JoeBiden WillieGeist mikebarnicle TheView MSNBC HillaryClinton JohnBrennan MAGA

What did WRAY say about Hillary Clinton paying millions to the Russians and a British spy for dirt on President Trump and WRAY's organization used it corruptly for FISA warrants. That's what Americans want to know. Let him keep talking

Trump may have his peccadilloes, but his greatest asset is, he isn't Hillary Clinton. I wanted to watch AC360 but there’s one eye RickSantorum , why? Hello msnbc All politicians regardless of party would. Trump is being honest about it, that is the difference. Get off your high horse CNN, Hillary listened to multiple foreign governments and had her buddy Obama start a FISA warrant on false information.

It's gone beyond the 'facepalm' reaction with this idiot. Now I just slam my forehead straight into the table. Good grief. The set-Up for when they try, to steal the election.. Absolute TREASON plain and simple!! “Trump says he would accept dirt on political rivals from known foreign adversaries again” Fixed.

This should be enough for the House Dems to impeach. Stop the BS and get this going. What more does this clown have to do?

Is life so boring that the liberal media has to live in a world of hypotheticals? One thing is for sure. It's costly. Right cnn? You mean AGAIN, right? Funny to read all the hill loser comments However he wouldn’t have allowed Kim Un’s half brother to be a CIA agent providing us information on his bro’s government. I think this statement and ABC interview tells you all we know to know about this traitor.

CNN. Journalistic hacks sinking in the mire of their own fake news desperately grasping for a life line. 😆😆😆 Guess whose side he would be on in Vichy France HIS ADMISSION OF COLLUSION WITH THE RUSSIANS. TRUMP MUST PAY THE PRICE 4 TREASON!

u listen n decide what to do w/the info. nothing wrong w/listening. this is nothing but a.s.s.--allegations speculations smoke-fake news. if oppo research was legally obtained n true, what on earth is wrong w/that? oppo research has been around in every pres election. Triggered CNN Propaganda Our president is, and always has been a con man.

Get rid of Tick Santorum he sucks!! As will every.single.candidate. Who wouldn’t listen to something that’s damaging to a rival 🙄 Lol! You don't learn! He wants you dummies to dig in lol. CNN is the worst fake news Sounds an awful lot like collusion to me. realDonaldTrump is like crazy and anyone that supports him. liar flipflops Narcissist TrumpOnly4Trump Clown PutinConrad FakeFoxNews

No shit?

That is collusion to all the idiots that follow trumpy Wait isnt this what he called a witch hunt? So in other words. Nothing’s changed Sooo again? CNN pays for it and will pay “experts” to fabricate a Tabloid story As if the others wouldn't. So what's the point of the story? Republicans want to know what started the investigation into the trump campaign. This is the exact reason. It is against the law to get assistance from a foreign power in an election. And trump the ignorant asshole just basically ask for it in person. Lock the traitor up.

Same Nasty Tactic..another Episode of Trump season II.. Well who wouldnt? What would McConnell direct the Senate to do if this had been Obama? If there was a course of action they would take if this was a DEM President then they should follow that same action now. Be a Statesman

SpeakerPelosi Impeach NOW!!! Was there ever any doubt? What politician wouldn't? Totally legal.. Wrong follow up question. Should have been ' So you would be OK with Russia giving all information about your trips to Russia to all of the Democratic candidates today ? ' No kidding, wouldn’t it be against the interest of the country if he didn’t?

Trump would believe the devil before he believed any of his own intelligence agencies. Trump to ABC : I'd take dirt on a 2020 opponent.

Jesus Tap Dancing Christ... TRAITOR So So what... Not even surprised. A bit surprised the lack of courage among Senators. Just wrote both of mine. The rule of law used to mean something A true traitor lol... Hannity GOP CNN LIE number 10,839 This man is absolutely crazy!! Lock him up!!

Hillary paid Russians for a fake dossier and had her lackeys give it to the FBI as real intel. Stop pretending that CNN wasn't involved in the attempted coup. You all should be raided and arrested. Cha Ching Republicans don’t care if he commits felonies or treason or colluded with our enemies. It’s just a normal day at the office for them. Nothing will happen. Our Senate majority is corrupt. Vote these people out!

Well actually he’d assemble The Douchebag Squad and send them in like last time. No shit I think it's funny there's people who think their prefered candidate would never do such a thing. Been there done that This is not news - of course he would.NotMyPresident So if Russia was to openly share dirt on Trump he would be ok with it right?

Ugh, he’s such a disappointment as a person and as the WorstPresidentEver. Well the Hillary campaign sought and paid for info lol. Where’s that story? personally if he recieves info that makes his opponent unfit to be president... i want to know about it. so we dont have a person unfit to be president in office. as long as its not quid pro quo who cares long as its accurate. glad he is not lying. all others would do same

Lets_Git_R_Done WE, the people, had damaging evidence/information on 45 EVERY SINGLE DAY IN 2016! And yet it was totally ignored. It got the blind eye & deaf ear treatment. There will be much fuckery afoot from here on out. God help us! 🤦🏼‍♀️ Hell Yes 👍👍👍 THE MOST ANTI AMERICAN PRESIDENT EVER!!! HOW CAN ANY ONE SAY TRUMP IS SO PATRIOTIC OR SUPPORT HIM, HE COMES RIGHT OUT FRONT AND SAYS HE WOULD GET HELP FROM RUSSIA OR ANY OTHER COUNTRY AND NOT TELL THE FBI!! TRAITOR!!

Bruh this man so dumb We know. You can see why Donald doesn't want to be interviewed by anyone except a FoX News reporter or pundit. They would have never asked such a 'gotcha' question like that 😂🤣😂 Now he'll have to go on Hannity and tell everybody what he meant to say and how the fake media tricked him

This guy is either an idiot or just a fool to say something like this. After the last two years, this is the crowning blow.

Of course he would, am I shocked, NOT! Projecting his morality on everyone else. Because he would do it he thinks everyone else would too. Idiot. OLD STYLE RAGO SPINACH GROUND BEEF RACOTTA CHEESE COTTAGE CHEESE MOZZ PARM AFTER BACKED LONG GARLIC ADDED Dang! This just makes me like him even more. Trump could admit anything doesn't matter the dnc to weak to take action. And watch the GOP Senate will simply say the issues was never presented to them! ImpeachmentHearingsNow or lose even more respect from your base!

Hillary just told the Chinese to hack trump a month ago. The full story was that he would listen to the info and notify the FBI. The whole story CNN. Not just what sensationalises your narrative. does congress even care that this is an admission of conspiracy to commit treason? He's sending a signal to any foreign operatives that he's ready and willing to work with them to undermine our elections as long as it benefits him.

That’s like being caught cheating on someone and then getting mad at them because they went through your phone to catch you. Isn’t the shady dirt more important than where it came from? Would Dems not use dirt given to them about trump? How about don’t do shit to get caught with? Anyone would. What a great story. Thank you for such hard work.

Impeach him now! What are you waiting for? He keeps proving my 1-term 45💁🏾‍♀️ I always believed he will be his own undoing. It is absolutely absurd!!!!!! America, this is treason!!!! better to just make something up, get a FISA warrant to spy on the opponent, their campaign and family. its totally acceptable now.

Go Trump 👍🇺🇸 MAGA2020 China if ur listening .... publish Trumps tax returns! AK-shully...

Meanwhile the Senate and House of Representatives sit back playing politics. So Trump shouldn't try to get his own Steele dossier? Probably true. TRUMP 2020 [Russia would like to know your location] he has to , putin has damaging info on him and told him to follow orders , so donnie has to do what putin says

realDonaldTrump hmm....but does it work both ways for ya? That tells it all!!!!! Why not...100% any, all politicians would realDonaldTrump is 'the swamp' personified. He was chanting 'drain the swamp' to make room for him. Sad. TheDemocrats - you could start impeachment proceedings. JS

He is fucked Why not. They are collecting it on him. Well duh...he already did. Russia OMG? What else could you say about this? Well maybe consider it's 'misinformation? Trump and his minions are supposed to be able to decipher what is real and not? Oh, yeah, it's a GUT Decision? realDonaldTrump has good Guts?

Listening and repeating Democrats shitting their pants in 3 2 1... KAG BeBest The next president will have to mop up your mess. You should at least buy the mop and mop and glow. And what the hell is going to be done jack shit! Especially when he said all members in congress does it. Now we know why they kowtow to this man! This is what POTUS has on them! I'm sure he's already getting help that's why he has confidence he'll win! God help us all!

How do we get rid of him? He's going to destroy our country.

Stop playing stupid! Every campaign listens and researches for dirt on their opponents! Let me guess impeach trump for his answer? You are truly desperate! and perhaps by listening you will learn of evidence that would require you, as acting Chief Executive, to enforce the law and arrest a criminal. The Donald said nothing disturbing. What is disturbing is what people think they've been told.

How is that worse than this? 🤔🤔🤔 He’s a traitor to the US. He is a security risk now and he will be even after his presidency is over. He will collude and he can be bought. all these people talking about impeachment hearing it has to be an overwhelming majority also it'll go across the Senate's desk which it'll never ever ever pass just give up already there's nothing you guys can do lol

If politicians would quit playing dirty (yes, all sides) there would be no dirt to offer! And then there’s what one does with the dirt no matter if foreign or homemade. For a global society we sure are paranoid where dirt comes from. Just some thoughts... Clinton and the DNC paid Russian agents for dirt (that they made up) on Trump.

Well he doesn’t give a hoot about the country, so who is surprised.

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