Breaking News: Politics

Breaking News: Politics

Trump says he will ban TikTok through executive action as soon as Saturday

Trump says he will ban TikTok through executive action as soon as Saturday

8/1/2020 5:40:00 AM

Trump says he will ban TikTok through executive action as soon as Saturday

President Donald Trump on Friday told reporters he will act as soon as Saturday to ban Chinese-owned video app TikTok from the United States.

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You are just mad that the youngsters that got almost all of the Tickets. Hehehe You know how many votes he would lose if he did? China spies and steals.why defend these totalitarian persecutors of Tibet, the Uighers,and harrassers of their Asian neighbors? SunSuzSunTzuing RIDICULOUS BULLSHIT Bruh GeneValicenti He is a disgrace

How do you ban something on the internet like that? Trump is a fool. Legally he cant lol. He has no reason to and without a valid reason its illegal hehe nice try trump. Try again Only in America would an app be banned before assault rifles. 🙄 Great action to stop the invasion from China CCP DeleteTikTok antichinazi BoycottChineseProducts

fake news but y’all believe it Thats gotta be one of the dumbest executive orders in us history Instead of using his powers to do something actually helpful he decides to ban funny dancing app What a dumbass reneritchie Goodbye free speech and reason. I’ve got guesses at what they are coming for next.

Should ban ALL Chinese App , especially Wechats !!!!! what- From a Canadian.... why 😵 Can he do that legally? I vote no. And anybody but Trump nah Love TikTok. Sounds like another The American Trap story But we've been waiting on stimulus or UBI for 4 months (longer for the latter). He's pissed off,why will he ban Tik tok

Damikudos Follow me Ifb asap if you still awake Horseshit - he'd have to ban the 1st Amendment first. Why do you people elevate this complete bullshit? I still see tiktok ads here. Did I miss something? About damn time! Good Yay haha tiktok go brrrrr India was smart and has banned all Chinese apps. US should follow the same. De- Couple fro. CCP now.

He’s not worried about brain wash, he’s worried teens will troll him again..It’s always his eho over our well being. Nobody cares mhhmmmm I, for one, welcome this ban. That app is cringe as fuck FUCKTRUMP Because Fcebook is rolling out own version and Trump wants to support the platform that lets him lie. Banning tik tok has nothing to do with protecting American’s privacy.

Let's be real, only ones who care about tiktok are basic white girls. Fortunately we don’t have that much longer to put up with the mendacious megalomaniac. Thought it was a free country? The government is doing the right thing, Iran people also stand together now, the freedom ally have too much thing to do and against or fight with China now

Great rip charlie lmao NOT TODAY SATIN!!!! To be fair, China also banned Facebook Instagram Twitter WhatsApp YouTube Google Long ago... and that’s nothing to do with data privacy. So tiktokban makes sense I hope realDonaldTrump does ban it. Then he is guaranteed to lose the young vote and it can return in the Spring under Biden. BanTikTok

Use another Social Media Site to strike back. Thank god I hate tik tok but this is ridiculous Like that is going to happen good luck bitches Shouldn't need a ban to keep people off an app the Chinese government uses to spy on people. Should be common sense. he’s only banning it because a bunch of teenagers made him mad

Say Sike rn balsin3d good Good jobs Mr President D Trump fuck spyware NO NO NO WHYYYYYY Man his whole ass country is dying because none of them will stay in and he hasn’t made them lockdown and his priority is tik tok? 😂😂😂 LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO So glad he is focused on the really important things right now.

*bans tiktok, the only form of entertainment for most people rn, but wont wear a mask* Facebook, Twitter, google are banned in China. So it is time for us to ban TikTok. After that, President Flunk will ban Earth's Moon. Because he doesn't like the way it looks at him. no❤️ thebearablebull Thanks for preemptively haltingly the degradation of US children

Interestingly enough on TikTok Bill Gates was the top “target” as people are exposing his sick agenda and now he will most likely be buying TikTok to have even more info when it comes to global population. Not to mention the obvious...$. Why So Bill Gates can buy it 🙄. Thank God 'Lmfao haha GG UNLUCKY!!!' - the leaf 2020

Outrageous__fun about time, should’ve done it long time ago “Trojan horse for the Chinese intelligence” he should be more worried about the issues going on today than banning an app that has helped millions whether it was finding a voice to being confident and making friends. I think the courts will block him.

Tiktok has coronavirus Yes! 👇👇👇 why are you not talking about this🤬 FakeNewsMediaClowns= EnemyOfThePeople Ez Clap This is what trump is a shitty president there’s bigger problems to worry about then getting a kids app banned because “China’s stealing information” because their not tiktok is run by an American and keeps all personal information safe.

Microsoft in talks to BUY it!!! Microsoft may acquire U.S. operations with ByteDance relinquishing its U.S. stake entirely. Unclear if administration would allow that deal to go through. No Chinese products in USA. Trump 2020 lmao he isnt legally allowed 😭 You ignorant ass people defending TikTok are completely brainless. It’s a Chinese app! The Chinese hate us and want to take down America. It’s a security threat. Wake the F up!

Wait what? I guess I’m getting TickTock Aw bunker boy mad he got played by a bunch of teenagers? Go cry about it My parents didn't let me use this coz of perverts and stuff like that, to be honest I wish it could be deleted in all countries ^-^ Finally Sub teens ask you parental units to email the WH your feelings around killing Tic-Tok.

That’s a bad thing for you, but a great think for the kids who don’t understand what’s really going on behind the seen. Tell me why is Microsoft wanting to buy TickTock ? Take about that please.? Bytedance agree to sell tiktok and completely give up the ownership and data a few hours ago. Let’s see how petty nincompoops at the White House response.

This political shit show would damage the free market. Don't shit where you are eating. Eventually this will backfire Much needed for security of us Works for me Guessing Tik Tok will gain a lot of users today right. because tiktok is the only thing in this world he needs to worry about. BRO THERE ARE INNOCENT BLACK LIVES STILL DYING AT THE HANDS OF YOUR OFFICERS.

gen z boutta have a field day literally so many problems and he’s worried about tiktok? come on now. Perfect way to get all those 18 year old to register to vote! Why? China made one of the smartest moves by creating an app that kids will download and install on their phones. A true trojan horse to spy and steal data & info from every American in this country. Kids will have a difficult time understanding or caring which is the problem.

Very good job realDonaldTrump I don’t like tik tok . POTUS realDonaldTrump Is that not violating peoples freedom of speech? Donald feels threatened by millennials before the elections. 😂 That’s crazy pishevarLEGAL That’ll make it harder for you to molest underage kids For those of you saying he should worry about something else I agree but also TikTok is a Chinese app that collects data and their gonna use that against us. So if u want ur data collected knock yourself out keep using it I could care less.

Absolutely right thing to do boycottchina reneritchie This has more with him still being mad about his Tulsa rally than anything Great step. Viral videos are spreading COVID via 5G. If y’all educate yourself. TikTok was a Chinese live-streaming app, yes. But Musically which was an American video making app and TikTok signed a partnership to combine the two apps. So technically the TikTok we know now is a Chinese and American app.

He's an idiot. That's a dictator move. India exposes china apps hidden moto That’s going to be a popular move, not. Because that’s what good leaders do in a pandemic. I wonder if this was done with urgency to dissuade $MSFT from purchasing the company. Muy eficiente el presidente. Good that app is trash! Won’t work in Michigan apparently EOs are not to be followed because they are no laws according to the tRumpres

Come outside trump, we not gon hurt you Cool. Ban Chinese spyware. Should reciprocal market access be our policy? It is fair trade, is it smart trade? The number of morons on here saying this is a national security threat and that China can spy on you is insane. Why would China care to spy on TikTok users? What is it about them that has China interested? Other than suppressing videos supporting Hong Kong, what's there?

Anyways go follow my tiktok whilst it's there ✌️ So serious about banning a karaoke app when there are more pressing issues to solve Democrats would have sold us all out and the radical left would have cheered it on. This is a big win for America. He’s afraid of mean teenagers. *people fucking dying* Trump: ok, but what if we banned tik tok

LOL like he has that power! He's too funny. Cannot stand the fact a bunch of teens made him a laughing stock over his rally non-attendance! This man, is folkerring on things that not important to the world. Instead of things that are important to the world. Like corona virus This is Tech-War against China 📵☢👍🏻🇺🇸

I'm so glad I don't have to watch females dance like there's a bee in their face wherever I go now. Good move. Good move. Most people dont realise it (particularly Anti-Trumpeteers dont want to realise it), but Tik-Tok is a very invasive app and extremely dangerous. People should think of the country first, and then the person.

No❤ Great! Maybe kids will find something to do outside for once instead of these TikTok videos. He’s probably scared people don’t like him in tiktok. Classic Fascist behaviour. Can’t handle the heat I never used that app! Even if they are stealing information from its user i couldnt care less lmao just leave me and the fly syringe alone

tiktok. twitter. facebook. fake media. hoax virus. i guess EVERYBODY doesn't like you, donald. realDonaldTrump Wonderful news MustacheTommy MOVE TO A NEW SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM TIK TOK FACEBOOK TWITTER all in one Because Sarah Cooper makes fun of him. CCP has never allowed foreign social media in China, While employing theirs in censorship, espionage, propaganda & theft of IP & sensitive info. WeChat, Zoom & TikTok r not trustworthy as they can't shirk off their relationship w/ Chinese officials.

Tick-tock has a North American CEO he ain’t gonna like that shit the redneck rant? Trump just lost 3 million votes and the black guy and his mom and the ketchup? those were the only two black people in the country gonna vote for you Trump Gives Microsoft an advantage in the negotiating process to buy tiktok. Either sell your company to us or we ban it.

wow so he is more concerned about banning tiktok then the BLM movement? who gave this man power? POTUS PeterNavarro45 Tik Tok is invading Americans privacy , president Trump god has chosen you to fulfill his vision of destroying China and making them Pay for the 200,000 Americans dead . Ban Tik Tok in the USA . No true American citizen should use Tik Tok

So it's ok to limit freedom of expression... The rest of the world should follow his example. Boycott China. realDonaldTrump the videos are still coming FINALLY I HATE TIKTOK !! Microsoft wants to merge with them ,that doesn’t sound criminal at ALL NOT!!! LETS GOOOOOOOO savetiktok For all of you 14 year olds saying he shouldn’t have banned it, enjoy your faces being in a Chinese government database and/or watched over and over by pedophiles.

Might be the first thing he's done that I agree with. It’s amazing a Sitting President could allow Russia to have bounties on American troops and does or says nothing but TikTok is his concern Don't worry because I'm sure it will just disappear when he gets his extortion money from them. Oh'wait, his buddy Microsoft is buying them.... 'YOU FOOLISH PAWN'S -GREED

His feelings still hurt from that abysmal showing at his racist convention, I mean trump rally. Now do Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. okay but legit what type of information would china even get form a bunch of teenagers starting dumb trends. totally sounds like a threat to me. epic sucks to be american 😌 🇬🇧

Best news ever! These sites are damaging to our kids!! You teenagers keep doing your thing! You are winning! Trump couldn’t sleep every night because of TikTok and kpop just to you know. Why did Trump want to lose the election at any cost? this is a mystery. Who's coming with me to kill his ass before he bans tiktok?

Pretty sure this is more about the kids who trolled him than the Chinese government I guess everyone on here forgot that China is a “COMMUNIST” country!! You know they ban Google, Facebook, Twitter in China... India banned TikTok too... good move realDonaldTrump 👍🏻 😠✊🏼 i fw you for trying (no i don’t)✨✨ but pls don’t try again 💝💓🌸💐

no❤️ this is the only thing trump did good Good idea 💡 trump Thinks he owns everybody and everything he’s constantly threatening people TikTok should be ban around the world, Even Chinese don’t trust CCP Chinese. As he should Could be the worst decision he's made assuming he wants reelection. He has no idea off the extent of the people who like/love/participate in TikTok and there is no evidence of a security risk that I’m aware of (I’m in network security field.)

The Democratic Party just gained several million future voters, including my daughter. I thought Republicans were against picking winners and losers? LMAO not y’all believing this- everyone said the same thing like a month or less ago n nun happened 😹 Love it. Get rid of CCP influence everywhere we can!

thank god 🙏 frick you trump. thats the only thing that entertains me and i know other people can agree. instead of worrying about an app, which shouldnt need deleting, WORYY ABOUT THE GLOBAL PANDEMIC THATS KILLING PEOPLE!! US people, you maybe unaware, TikTok poisons the world more than COVID-19 Thank God I'm canadian

Remember realDonaldTrump and narendramodi are friends for a reason. Both are failures and just need to divert attention from their failures. using those apps can transfer your info to mainland China. all secrets in your mobile will be transferred there. BoycottTiktok Value reported by Reuters $50 b. Today after executive order. $0. Virtual Teepee for our Covid 🇺🇸

How about report on human trafficking?! Bill Clinton being witnessed on Epstein Pedophile Island?! Whats happening with Ellen or Tom Hanks?! Report this real news. He's really.. he's really out there.. Worry about your fucking country my guy.. it's falling apart by this virus and you're worried about an app? 🤦🏻‍♀️

and you did this for WHAT DiMartinoBooth Because he knows how NSA is using us social media apps? 😎 lol *switches to canada* No ❤️❤️ Trumpet couldn’t handle being bullied😢 Bye bye tiktok, other countries will follow soon. Excellent. The most annoying adverts on YouTube are from that crappy platform. Say you from your phone/clothes/computer made where?

Then twitter? Facebook is AOK.... CAN'T wait for that retarded app to get gone!. Hahaha imeldazee your app will be banned Fuck no Hes worried about banning an app before stopping a pandemic? Yeah he’s doing the right decision guys RanaPrabat We know why dictating cult leader Oompa Loompa Trump is banning Tik-tok. A jingle keys distraction 4 wanting to stop the November election. 2 The Tik-tokers making him look a fool during his cult following rally & Conways daughter & comedian poking fun TrumpIsANationalDisgrace

Awww he is mad🥺 LMFAOAOOA THIS IS PATHETIC Thank god um chile anyways We need such a tough president realDonaldTrump 👌👍 millertime92103 David likes tik tok Good. Fuck em. China 🇨🇳 TikTok has less than 12 hours to investigate Joe Biden for Trump to reverse his decision. Long shot but I hope Biden will reinstate Tiktok.

All of China is not a trusted company and they are under CCPChina control. The CCPChina is a bunch of greedy and unpromising bandits. Cooperating with them will not have any good results. Better ban all Chinese companies, they are all serving CCPChina. The first good thing he actually does lol And the Marxists and snowflakes come out whinning! Oh no, Not my CCP Tik Tok. Don’t worry lil anarchistic, you can get your anti-American propaganda from “news” outlets like all the major networks and even ESPN now. Many choices to keep you poorly informed and instigating.

Good job This is right mollyeuphoria Be Best Bully can’t take it! 🤣 Yea The economy is still tanking. No matter how hard he tries to distract us. 150,000 dead due to his malfeasance, no matter how hard he tries to distract us. this is just sad lmaoo 🤣💀 YESSSIRRRRRRRRRRR CORONAVIRUS, BLACK LIVES MATTER, WEARING MASKS, AND KIDS LOCKED UP IN CAGES. All of this you could’ve been dealing and putting an effort in...and what’s the first thing u focus on...AN APP a fu*king app🤦‍♂️

God yes. I knew he’d redeem himself. Why Excellent. Get rid of the CCP controlled app If you stand straight why fear a crooked shadow ... 😂 China will retaliate with American business in China! Just another dumb idea Most likely he won’t pull the trigger all bark no bite!!! Orange clown 🤡🤡🤡🤡 Epic win Good. Fuck that god forsaken app. One of the few times I will support this dumbass and something being banned.

ban it and I will ban u what do you want me to do at night? sleep?😿😃 Sam00070683 Ban them ALL. Huawei, Xiaomi, tiktok_us, WeChatApp, Alipay, PUBG, CGTNOfficial, ChinaDaily etc. CCP must fall. SanctionChina the fact that trump cares more about a chinese app than the national pandemic, or the racist cops killing people of color, or literally any other problem with america and the world. what is our president.

So the 'reason' is chinese spying. Cool since you're so worried about spying get rid of the Patriot Act. Oh no? As long as America is doing it then it's okay right? America can do no wrong? bruh💀 Uhhhhhh why after all the hard work that people have done just to make a platform for them selfs he just comes and takes that away? Like plz don’t and that’s literally what u do all day and I’m happy about it

Add Twitter to the list no ❤️ i- I would like to know what is between China and Trump 🤷‍♂️ about time!! Fck Chinese App, hacking our Phones!!! why President Snowflake is just mad that a bunch of teens pranked him Ur trash put it back everyone is in quarantine let them at least have there fun they go nothing to do apart from tiktok so put it back

shiroihamusan Tiktok is spying on your keyboard, your bank account, social media, texting, anything you type! No privacy at all!! Trump: letting people die of covid and police brutality Also trump: BAN TIKTOK :(( 😲😲😲😲 Super.... Wh- like... today?! Who cares Well done. Protect Americans away from CCP! Suiside

realDonaldTrump will make an executive order to ban TikTok but not for everyone to wear masks while thousands of people die. This is who half this country supports? What an absolute disgrace tiktokban TrumpIsNotWell chinese COVID19 aw no is he scared gen z is gonna overpower him😿 Tik tok influencer rn

he’s so worried about an APP when there’s a whole ass pandemic right now? good to know his priorities are in check smh no❤️ shiroihamusan Finally! BoycottChineseProducts boycottchineseapps To all the kids Earns him less votes for those who like Tik Tok Oh noooo I can’t watch scantily clad women dancing to the same 5 songs over and over. 🥴

Say ong Chinese spyware get it out. I 100% Agree with Trump . Ban Tiktok! WHAT Why did he wait tillit got so popular Does no one understand that TikTok is a Chinese owned company that literally records your information for a foreign government? And I don’t think TikTok is necessity before TikTok there was Vine and I’m pretty sure another app will be out just as soon

marchimark JMichaelTatum Goodbye tiktok shiroihamusan Dumb app deserved to be banned. This CCP spy +propagandist should have been banned for long OOOH $SNAP girl this why no one like him 🏃🏽‍♀️ vuittonharr uhm GTG shiroihamusan Ban the kkk ffs this is gonna end up killing somebody. tiktok is some people’s safe place.

Anyone seeing the resemblance of dispersing protestors for a photo op to this? Like an opportunity to squelch a unified voice against him? thank god, i fucking love trump It truly is amazing how many people voluntarily hand over their identity to a communist government but will get their panties in a wad when asked to wear a mask to shop at Walmart.

Finally trump does something good davemcclure Teens on TikTok may have inflated expected turnout to President Trump's Tulsa rally No ❤️ Chinese surveillance system must be banned for everyone's sake! W/ constitution CCP above law, no single Chinese Co. is trustworthy, Not to mention those national related like WeChat, TikTok & Zoom...

issa no from me ❤️ People who use tiktok get dumber. Well rip suicide rates r gonna skyrocket No❤️ At least hes gonna do ONE good thing lmfao he got butthurt because we trashed his rally Wtf noooooooooooooooooo nerd NOOOO Like hell he will! Nooooo Poggers. Can't wait That's lowkey racist So there are ICE detention camps, major climate change, a global pandemic, a corrupt government system, rallys for basic human rights, and many others; yet TikTok is your first priority? Aight bet

LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO unbelievable insene and anti-intellectualism! fight against with worest president ever! vote him out! Guess who's moving to Hawaii WHAT THE Can’t have nothing🥺 how do i dislike a tweet Great! Tiktok is so harmful that it will steal all users data, it is a tool of CCP to do CyberAttack. People should all boycottTiktok!

No 💓 da fawk😺 fortnite cheeseburger pogchamp Good he needs to cancel msm to EnemyOfThePeople WeAreTheNewsNow Ban him instead shit now they all gonna move to youtube LMAO we're just gonna find a new app tho thebearablebull There’s gotta be a bigger reason, I’m betting that their worried about them or found them embedding malaware. Our whole lives are stored on our phones and is just one shady software developer away from being stolen

BITCH IF HE DOES IT AJNAKAMOS He never said he banning it he said he will see there other other options there looking at too. Might as well move to China DictatorTrump This is so fucking unnecessary, like I understand Trump is butthurt because his rally got tuined but their are way bigger issues to worry about other than Tik Tok

SO GUYS chile .. n e ways im kinda not surprised tbh .. but How about he ban more important things. Like the KKK, ICE, Conversation Camps, and the list goes on. Guess the Chinese owner didn’t want to sell. Just another great move by our President! Great news chile, I hope he does. this is the only thing making me sane-

Follow me .abbycorrigal my turn to get famous Yayyyy can he worry about the pandemic for once or something at actually matters oh wait he can’t cause he’s incompetent at his fucking job today is saturday 😻 wtf shouldn’t he be worrying about other things instead of an app teens are using to entertain themselves like what

It was a fun ride guys😿😿😿😿 Yes yes yes it’s ok i’ll just switch the region on my phone to canada😃 this is bull i’m gonna cry 🥺 What am I gourmet to do when I poop That’s also gonna be on august 1st so... ladies and gentlemen.. rock and roll. Look I DONT GIVE A LITTLE BITTY FUCK about that orange Cheeto.. IF HE BANS TIKTOK GEN Z STILL GOT OTHER APPS HAHA TRY US

Finally YeAh YEaH wont pop on my fyp mmmm jus wait watch whats gonna happen to his career.😌 BDBgoldens3 So important to average Americans! fuck no❤️ Imma go kill myseld what the ✨fuck orange man✨ Um no .... Like no Flutterbygypsy Can he do that? Authoritarian die💗 the cheeto is butthurt by teens awwww Maaaan fuck y’all,

Tips to be peresdient Tip1:be racist Tip2:be dumb TIP3:act like a child Finally my bf doesn’t have to look at naked girls on tik tok anymore 😌 This is why people hate trump Bruh like to be honest he know he gonna loose he paranoid this shows that America is just not a good place to be at it shows how they put anyone in office heck I couldve been in the race for president at least i got more smarts and sense then he will ever have

No way this is true Nice Hah your kidding right watch 😃 He’s messed up and racist so I’m not suprised realDonaldTrump he really trying to cancel gen z like no that's out thing luv❤️ no ❤️ im in genuine tears its the inly reason i bavrnt kms yet lol 😼😌💖 IM SO SORRY THAT OUR TIK TOK VIDEOS OFFEND YOU seriously? this is not it, just another of many reasons to hate trump

good Ayyy finally So Biden can ban Fox News then? okay bye i’m going to legit kms Guess Trump doesn't know what a VPN is 😂 nooooooo Stick to Sports bro It took 4 years, but Trump finally did something I approve of.! 😂🤣😂🤣😉🤣😉🤣😂 Gabriel78036992 wtf Trump cannot “ban” TikTok!! You journalist need to do your jobs and report the WHOLE story! Y’all are just dying for clickbait! Trump does not have the authority to ban them! There’s things he can do to make doing biz hard for them, but he cannot ban them!!!

Can't have another Tulsa rally TikTok incident occur. no❤️ I don’t need it to go if I goes I don’t know what I will do the app kept me from killing my self 😭😭 American capitalism 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 No❤️ Bruh What’s the reason Righttttt there isn’t one maybe he should worry about this pandemic instead of TikTok Sounds like Socialism 101. Wave goodbye to freedom kids.

🥺 NOOOOO what damn... wow he’s such a baby 😐 Ryan21223936 I SWEAR I WORKED SO HARD FOR 6k FOR NOTHING I HATE EVERYTHING FUCK YOU could he put this much effort into you know GETTING US OUT THIS GLOBAL PANDEMIC lmao no. that’s what millions of ppl go on everyday to die of laughter and just enjoy hours of scrolling.

Don’t let TikTok down we all need it on Changing my vpn rn 😳(I’m now Canadian 😌❤️🇨🇦) BulletFrenzy NO ❤️ no❤️ ikyfl- Trump doesn’t know VPNs exist. lol Democracy and freedom my ass. f**k that bish You assholes better not 😿 My kids will NOT be happy He is just playing Monopoly with the presidency. Poor rich man.

LMFOAOAKSKSJS HES RLLY DOING US LIKE THAT No❤️ India banned Tiktok and you cheered for them. shouldn’t he be worrying ab other things than an app 😹 WHYYYYYY I made 1 Tiktok and now its getting banned, fun while it lasted I guess Let’s goooooooo ✨fuck trump✨ AHAHAHA LMFAOOO Donald Trump doesn’t care about covid it human rights but he’s ready to ban an app.

Bitch what Now this is a gamer moment 😎 the hell would he do that for man he got sum weird priorities like we got a whole pandemic going on n hes just “nah tiktok,, tiktok is where its at” like we have a seperate american server dumbass because we hurt his feelings? what a ❄️ oh hell no He really got more offended by an app than by concentration camps

Wtf Man But he can’t make an executive order to make masks mandatory. No offense, but i don’t care, it’s a bunch of kids with no talent. please no you’re fucking lying right cut the cameras ✂️📷 deadass ☠️🍑 Why is banning TikTok even necessary?!?! It's a social media just like all the other social media's that people use today. TikTokers have made a life with tiktok or have been known on TikTok. That's like saying oh well let's shutdown Snapchat because a couple of college students.

BITCH NO Noooo omg awh did we hurt man baby’s feelings? stfu Here is a reminder Have you seen CCP aggression yet? The apps like TikTok could likely be their tools for censorship Today HongKongers,you could be the same tomorrow realDonaldTrump you stay being mad calm urself Yeah, good luck with that LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Trump will be ruining my childhood dream. I worked my a** off and now it’s going to be going down the f**king drain Oh look the first good thing hes done in the past 4 years y’all can we vote him out already. he’s getting offended over some 13 year olds making jokes.. get over ur self bunker boy hold my glock

no❤️ potus realDonaldTrump Why don’t you THROW EVERY SPY OUT! WHAT? no ok then we’ll ban him form office simple i.. why trump worried about an app when his country is in shambles ...... what a crybaby bitch boy oh my god Noo this can’t be happening So what’re some good free vpns y’all know? 🥰 no❤️ W Hope it gets baned all over the world

yes no❤️ Great. First, Tiktok then Wechat! So for all you Trump is so “free market this and that” supporters, how you like him picking another winner and loser. Talk about government regulation! Then there’s Kodak, 🤔 Could it be sarahcpr uses TikTok to wreck shop. Even in uk? no❤️ And he thought the TikTok teens picked on him before.... LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE!

Huh? MustacheTommy Banning tiktok app decision was taken overnight in india. India is fast in doing that. UM NO Let’s gooooooooooooooo Why Fake news LMAOOOO bunker boy more worried about gen z tik tok affecting his mf stupid rallies when he should be worried about A GLOBAL PANDEMIC bashycrypto $VI $VI $VI $VI $VI $VI

HUH I wish he was doing it for reasons other than demagoguery hes more worried about a app then usa having the most coronavirus cases my god- thank god bro i was just starting to get addicted Anyways follow my tiktok WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK Trump has gone too far now — I love that Tik Tok of the girl scooting away on the kitchen floor

views i hate it here Finally There are COUNTLESS things going on in this county right now including a worsening pandemic and THIS is what he decides to do Like damn sorry we reserved some seats to your rally and didn’t actually show.... j go cry about it jeez😹😹😹 i’ll use my vpn love 😘 maybe we should worry about serious problems before we worry about a stupid social media 😱

OMG! Crazy! China should retaliate by blocking Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Google, Youtube, WhatsApp, and Netflix!!!! Oh wait.... Bro wtf am I supposed to do with all of my free time now 😔🥺please no Facebook get the same info from user and people don’t have a problem get over it mayne get that ish outta here

tf am i supposed to now? read😳🤚🏼 Sike yep trump always taking the easy way out. not surprised gjlbertsblythes im coming to canada DiMartinoBooth Good, I never got an account anyhow. Can you get an account if over 40? :) big up uk Ok well imma move to Canada who’s coming with me man how ppl gonna simp funny.

POGGGERRRRSSSS Today's Saturday! why All the young voters who use TicTok will vote to remove Trump from the White House. I’m gonna cry Good Bwahaha. Trying to shut done the trilling teenagers. BunkerBabyTrump can’t take the teen heat! TeensToppleTrump Bravo 👏 LEEETTTTTSSSSS GOOOOO Good decision, more countries should join and ban more Chinese apps tiktokban CCP boycottchineseapps

I WILL NOT LET HIM DO THIS TO ME Um no❤️ DiMartinoBooth All started when TickTok ers booked all those Tulsa convention seats from all over the world and then never showed leaving Trump alone with a 25% full mask less arena. realDonaldTrump loves to serve up that revenge like nobody before him. All in the name of NationalSecurity?

Hold your fucking horses- um- what tf😀 the whole app is just politics anyway is his orange ass still mad about the rally? get over it 😁 t_zarx Do it, you won’t LMFAOOOOOOO POGGERS i hate it here. i hate it here Let’s goo i can finally get some sleep My man is just salty DiMartinoBooth Right after Microsoft announced negotiations.

thanks for taking away the place i felt the most comfort and helped distract me from shit 🥰 When I say I hate it here I mean that sht it’s an app😐he needs to be focusing on more important thing😭LIKE THE DAMN PANDEMIC YOOOOOOOOOO YEAH Well realDonaldTrump is retarded let America have fun I thought he was trying to make America great again not with this stupid thing by banning a fun app

haha very funny joke um what about the pandemic that is like killing everyone? Why does Trump want to ban a harmless website/app that people just use to make silly videos? april fools cane a little late but😁😁👍🏼 Yet another reason to hate trump _maxparkermusic *crying* y’all say it’s bad bc it’s chinese but your phones ar literally made in china wtf

no ❤️ Tick...Tock... 🕰 NovemberIsComing Gg Good riddance cringy Tik-tok 👅 As if there’s not bigger issues In the world besides the “renegade” no❤️ Sarah Cooper will go somewhere else for her fun. She come back with so more funnies for us to go through the election process. 👍 Epic please say this is a prank

The 2nd Exodus shall come. The rise of the Pauls will seem weak in the wake of a new empire. Who wanna move in with me in london using this again GabriellaArcee free impressions boys Bye Charli DiMartinoBooth Good!!! MustacheTommy Can’t complain here.... hehe Never heard of it Has yet to take action on Putin for putting bounties on US Soliders.

Lmao I ain give a shit lol Aww poor him he got his feeling hurt cause of are campaign. We don’t care orange guy, gen z will reunite in another app. No ❤️ what they gonna do take it off the app stor عقبال ربعنا Millennials still won't vote 😄 All the American Tiktokers BUTTHURT CAUSE WE RUINED HIS LITTLE CAMPAIGN 😍

this year has REALLY went down hill that’s all i gotta say. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Good. that mans mad weird for worrying about an app rather than our lives gn Oh hell nawwww They moved the servers. The Chinese can’t get anything and the CEO used to work for Disney. It’s not going anywhere. And besides, MILLIONS OF PEOPLE ARE DYING! That should be more important than some app! FFS!

anywaysssss, follow me on tik tok😌 Why is he worried about tiktok and not COVID or BLM reneritchie As if 2020 couldn’t get any worse. No❤️ Prepare for the invasion can we get a Bruh anttai_ no ❤️ no❤️ he’s mad✨✨ LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO DESTROOYYYYYED Eh. Honestly I'd be fine with it I hate this tiktok

and u did this for what? NOOOOOOOOO STOP MuscleMan_Bot why is this his greatest concern 😀 kayyy_adventure 🤣🤣🤣 DiMartinoBooth Good luck with that isn’t there more things he should worry about besides TIKTOK. like the pandemic, police killing innocent black lives and ice keeping people in cages W bro what the fuck isnt there a world pandemic and he worries about china fucking data mines

there are SO MANY issues rn in the world and he is worried about a fun app which entertains a lot of the population on a daily basis? glad i live in the uk to not have that tangerine running my country If they do it ima be mad 😡 qtdaze FINALLY!! No more cancer 😜 LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WHAAAAAAA no❤️✨ For all the fuckyards on here worried about china or any app getting your information. Check your phone. Every app on there already has access to your info! Facebook is just as bad! Listening to your convos. This is just another trump dick move because he was trolled !

If Trump ban tik tok ok and no vote trump hahaha joke😂😂🤣 Bruh I hate him i hate it here He can't do that btw. i'm sorry what And how, exactly, is he going to implement that? why does he care that much? shouldn’t he be worried about actual problems like covid? no❤️ Eh I got a VPN im chillen Imagine if he would’ve taken action against covid, like he says he’ll do for TikTok

Fuck yeah heck no No❤️ WHAT THE FUCK uhm, no sorry. he should be worrying about other things :/ If trump does that I'll kill him Charli making the sad renegade Lol no OH NAHHH is this even allowed urjsjhfqihf i can literally change my location to canada dumbestpresidentawardgoesto anblanx So, He is Going to ban a form of media. That is what North Korea does, right!

Dont see how/why he would want to ban an app that generates income for people in the country but yet he wont ban something like naming/announcing yourself as the KKK? 🤔 Difference of opinions I guess. choose CCP,choose death Man, the Kpop stans really rattled him 🙌 dark9hades1 Ughhh why no I'm going to be extremely bored 😒

um what instead of worrying about Tik Tok he should worry about other IMPORTANT issues- Complete inaction on Covid leaves over 155,000 Americans dead. Trump puts his focus on golf and TikTok. I will say this - the election will have the largest youth turnout of all time, and they will all vote for JoeBiden

Ban him from the Presidency in November ! Biden2020 imagine being a BIG BABY grown ass man and banning a app like a dictator bc it messed with ur rally n hurt ur feelings anyways stream best episode Trump is ruined if he does jadeiswellcool how could anyone vote for Biden now Trump after reading y’all’s tweets

Okay so then let’s get rid of Facebook too. Cause his only claim is that it’s Chinese and they’ll “steal our data” get off your ass and do some shit about the state of our country and stop worrying about the fact that kids hurt your feelings. NoOoooOo BRING BACK VINE Y’all act like Facebook and other apps aren’t doing the same exact thing 😂

We goofed his rally, and we'll goof him again IHYYY DONALD TRUMP wtf i’m gonna sue🤚🏻 we won today laid ease Trump is throwing a hissy fit about his rally ticketing and the legendary videos by Sarah Cooper. WHAT THE FUCK Lmao I seen his pp no❤️ He’s worrying abt the wrong thing mannnn!! 😤 is he still mad we pranked him? lol

Finally, kinda late but better than never They already stolen data & intellectuals , China 🇨🇳 virus 🦠 added extra on the menu 🥵🥵 Where will I learn my funky fresh dance moves? Not so “freedom of speech” in the States any more. Instead, fake news, lying leaders. We need a honest leader to make America great again.

wow. RIP CHARLI AND ADDISON Shhhhh vpn🙈 He’s just pissed that kpop tiktokers messes with his rally 😂😂 Fan of hockey talk? Follow 2Goalies1Mic Well .... this should be good for byte ChuckyGirlCurry You're communist masters must not like that What?!! He can’t come up with a plan for the Covid. It’s killing Americans every day but since someone hurts his whittle feelings on Tik Tok, he’s going to ban the app? What an irresponsible, baby this 🤡 is. November3rd

Charli will lead the revolution There goes 50% of my day but like can he actually....... like is this allowed Bc he's not the 1st icon on tik tok dylanminnette u literally just goton this app💔 i guess i’ll be changing the location of my app store here for the impressions, so everyone like this Whichever US company clones this is gonna be rich as hell

Damn he really doesn’t want to get re-elected 💀 that mf do some right for once. he can’t wear a MASK but he can take away our only sense of LAUGHTER? smh🤦‍♀️ Is that what happens when you use a eulogy as a campaign speech? Oh well, never downloaded the app 😅 ik your capping😭 no ❤️ This is the most anally terroristic thing Trump has ever done (everything else was frontally terroristic)

i never got the chance to blow up🙄🙏 fascism. he'll start banning other apps next. cnn and washington post. he doesn't need this power. No problem, we will ban the Twit on November 3rd God now they’re gonna flood Twitter 😔 I wonder if it has anything to do with Tulsa. 🤣 Fuck A mess Sally0989 Mk an app should be the least of his worries with everything that’s going on rn

Cmon now what I'm finna do now bruh ww Nooooo!!😭😭 lyciferCeci Comrade Trump is mad thank god fuck that app no thanks❤️ communism spyware kids are crying in the replys, sorry you have to take into the fact peoples information. virtualangelica _ImYouurDaddy When you said China steals intellectual asset and at the same time rob Chinese intellectual asset with power, where the fuck is the invisible hand?

Chinese Spying Company, Not sure most the people posting on this thread even realize that. Because Sarah Cooper is ripping him a new one on it daily Ups!!! WHAT THE FUCK can we jus BAN trumps existence lik throw him to all those fukkin monsters from courage tha cowardly dog W O MY GOD FUCK YALL MY LIFE his priorities are THAT messed up that he cares more abt a social media app than the lives of millions ..

This is why nobody likes him tell trump when i kms it's his fault for taking away the only source of seratonin i have left literally fuck trump and his orange head ass motherfucker Yes BanTrump Another executive order kinda like another french fry on the minivan floor. Not really surprising Not of much use.

Another way to get a mass amount of young people to show up and vote against realDonaldTrump while older supporters stay home. I truly thing Don wants to lose. But won’t extend unemployment through executive action. joekreate catch up again lol if only he put this much energy into actually dealing with covid in his own country omfg

Is this because of the Reels app by facebook🤭🤭 oops my bad. justsayin GOP is going to lose young generations for decades..... Why The big baby doesn’t like getting punked by teenyboppers, that’s the real reason. not happening no ❤️ 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 this is one of the many reasons why I wanna die No all the kids and teens will be bored out of their freaking Minds for real though

Will JustinTrudeau man up ban app too? Tik tok should ban trump instead awh:( is the big baby upset

Treasury to Make TikTok Recommendations to Trump This WeekTreasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said that a Treasury Department-led review into whether popular Chinese video-sharing app TikTok poses threats to U.S. national security will present its recommendations to President Trump this week 😂🤣😂🤣 The illuminati got covid? Lolz

Trump to order China’s ByteDance to sell its share of TikTokPresident Trump will reportedly order China’s ByteDance Ltd. to divest its ownership of the popular U.S.-based video app TikTok. China banned US apps in its country. US buys chinese app money money 😂

Microsoft Reportedly Considering Buying TikTok As Trump May Force U.S. SaleI am a Texas native covering breaking news out of New York City. Previously, I was a Forbes intern in London. I am an alum of City, University of London and Texas State University. This means tik tok coming back to India? Microsoft satyanadella Why would you do that? Coming from best class enterprise solutions to this cheap video App. Take your Sway app to retail consumer to counter this. Look at the trust deficit TicTok carries. I don't believe you can play around with the brand 'Microsoft' Here comes Bill Gates to rescue CCCP enterprise and its agenda......

Microsoft In Talks To Buy Teen Fave TikTok As Trump Ramps Up PressureMicrosoft is in talks to acquire TikTok, the hugely popular Chinese-owned app, just as the Trump administration considers taking action against the app — including banning it. Still won't use it. i can't believe such a thing Chinese owned app is going Microsoft.

Cofounder Of Conservative Federalist Society Calls For President Trump To Be Impeached'This latest tweet is fascistic and is itself grounds for the president’s immediate impeachment again by the House of Representatives and his removal from office by the Senate,' Steven Calabresi writes. MattRyanPerez They know he will lose and are hoping for a ballot replacement. MattRyanPerez Bill Clinton Epstein flight ✈️ logs MattRyanPerez All your posts are always Anti-Trump

Can President Trump Delay the Elections?With polls showing Trump trailing former Vice President Joe Biden, it is widely rumored that the president might seek ways to postpone the election in order to remain in office. Such a move would be blatantly illegal.