Trump says he thinks coronavirus will 'just disappear' despite rising cases

Meanwhile, Dr. Anthony Fauci said Tuesday that he 'would not be surprised if we go up to 100,000' new cases per day.

7/2/2020 7:10:00 AM

President Trump says that he believes the coronavirus will 'just disappear' even as cases explode across the U.S. and top health officials warn that the country needs to do more to stop the spread.

Meanwhile, Dr. Anthony Fauci said Tuesday that he 'would not be surprised if we go up to 100,000' new cases per day.

in the number of coronavirus cases in the U.S. in the past few weeks as states began to relax stay-at-home orders and reopen parts of the economy.Asked about Trump's comments later Wednesday, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said,"the president is confident that it will disappear. He's put together a revolutionary first-class team that is going to break through bureaucracy and get us a vaccine."

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Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation's top infectious disease expert and a member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force,warned Tuesdaythat the number of coronavirus cases diagnosed each day could still continue to rise."We are now having [40,000+] new cases a day. I would not be surprised if we go up to 100,000 a day if this does not turn around," Fauci said."Clearly we are not in total control."

Fauci said that he was"very concerned" about the recent increase in cases,"particularly in the four states that are accounting for about 50 percent of the new infections."Those states — Arizona, California, Florida and Texas — have all recently been forced to

shut down barsand other service industry businesses as virus cases surge.California, which appeared to have a handle on the infection rate earlier in the pandemic, announced Wednesday they wouldreopening, closing down bars and indoor dining again ahead of the Fourth of July weekend. New York also on Wednesday indefinitetly postponed plans to reopen indoor dining.

More than 126,000 Americans have died from COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus. Read more: NBC News »

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If you would get the communist liberals off the streets who were sent by China to keep the virus going it might actually end. It was slowing down but seeing this they had to do something to keep it going. Maybe they'll all get it and die God's punishment against Satanists. Fact the usa economy has never been stronger since Trump has been president. Fact the unemployment rate has been at a all time low since he became president. Fact the left has been trying to get Trump out of office since he became president. Fact Joe Biden has done very little.

I wish Trump would just up and disappear he is destroying this country happy or too damn blind and stupid to realize it......... DictatorTrump FakePresident Well there you go again. The fake president making fake statements. There's evadenc to indicate that meany if the reasente cases AR not even the virus at all. Just the medical facilities trying to capitalise on fed. Assistance.

He does not care about us; he only cares about winning another election. And making money. He's lost touch with reality Lies.. doctors are all saying the media has tricked everyone and there’s literally no actual proof that masks or distancing is necessary at all The MAGA cult continues to reach new depths of denialism because they believe this and endanger all of us. You don’t want to be called stupid, MAGAts? Then stop, as an entire group, believing every single lie and propaganda he spews.

I hope he disappears!! Sweet Jesus, if that thought process worked he’d have poofed into thin air almost four years ago. 💨 2010_Misha Then there is definitely something wrong with him mentally! Did he just confuse himself and his approval rating with the virus? He said “I hope...” freaking fake news. Have viruses ever disappeared in the past? Of course. So many people on here are suffering from TDS, another virus that I hope disappears.

Amatonterias1 First step is to get rid of that idiot in chief sitting in the WH playing a president The only thing that will disappear is him in November NadelParis Make Trump disappear Let's hope he disappears along with it. This is why we are in deep sh1t. No strategy, no coordination. Just hope and prayers. Apparently GOP dusted off their mass-shootings playbook to use for pandemics

Hopefully he will disappear after the election. The only thing that is disappearing is Americans yes dying about almost 130.000 and counting just you could be next, do you how Alexander the Great died”? Yes he got sick because of a virus his arrogance and ego also disappeared 👻 How can he think that way? More people are dying from the virus and as the leader of this country, you are to set the example wearing masks. You are old Trump, I am old and I don't want to die and I don't think you do either. Where a mask. Stop being stupid!

Still sniffing that disinfectant huh, tweetMalena What is there left to say? I’m so sick of looking at his stupid face that I wish it was November. And I live for summer. Well, NBC, CNN and other left wing assets, let's just shut the country back down. Oh, and maybe throw in another one race riot (protests). Seems kind of convenient this all happened during a Get-rid-of-Trump-by-any-means-necessary Election Year.

So stay inside for the next 30 years? It's better to give hope than spread fear like you all do. We americans who are at home need hope. All you idiots have jobs. And it really pisses us off when u say 'we're all in this together'. No we're not. Spread some hope and quit bashing T for trying to do so. We respect hope

I don't watch NBC news anymore Sounds like Trump spends too much time watching the suds in his bubble bath. It’s not gonna disappear until we get a vaccine Spanky. President Trump is also handsome wearing his maga mask) I have a friend who is a Paramedic in Pima Cty Az.. He tells me, not one additional Crovid related call has been made in the last 30 days..

I believe realDonaldTrump will 'just disappear' if I wish hard enough. LisaSorenson10 MM It will if the vaccine is effective or it mutates like Other Covids that disapates over a short time. He’s been right if you look at the charts showing massive declines in deaths from COVID19. New Study from Henry Ford Hosp said Hydroxy Chloroquine signific dropped death rate?

firewallspyder Andy Luck just one of many sexual predators running NBc Broken record! Anyone listening to him at this point has an extremely Low IQ That's what he said last time. It didn't. His failure to lead this country is a disgrace like never seen before. Well, he’s an idiot sooooo...not surprised at his comment. Elect a clown, expect a circus! 🤡 realDonaldTrump

He is a moron He said it would in March. Now look... he’s so dumb If Biden wins you know damn well you corrupt media people will never speak of it again....It will disappear... I wish he would just Disappear!! Maybe TRUMP will just disappear. To all the COVIDIOTS please read this. Covid19 will disappear one day, when we have learned from and develop a vaccine for this elegant bug. It's interesting in its entry. Breath in and you got it. It migrates to prime compromised systems to attack and destroy, often leading to death. No pill/cure currently available.

We hope Trump would just disappear too!! ... sexy idea sexy president, love you, many passionate kisses... I agree with him!!! Trump also stated that the virus will never reach our shores(USA)! Liar! Liars.. Can't wait til you all are gone IDIOT Trump is a petulant child, and soon he and his enablers will be nailed to the wall!!

I wish you would just disappear. Es más inteligente un burro que está bestia con corbata, quien en su sano juicio haría un comentario tan estúpido como este invecil mediocre? Didn’t he say the same thing back when this all began? Didn't he say this long ago lol Coronavirus virus will not just disappear. The president needs to lead a coordinated effort to wipe out this pandemic. Ignoring it or wishful thinking will not stop it

Thanks for the doomsday prophecy, donnie. It'll just be gone because you'll all be dead. It will disappear if biden wins the whitehouse!!!! Wanna bet!!!! Wicked games the Dems play!!!! PRESIDENT TRUMP 2020 Bet Putin told him to make covid in America as bad as possible or else PutinsPuppet TraitorTrump makes all Putin’s dreams come true PPEShortage testingShortageUSA

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 COVIDー19 Where was your outrage at the all the non mask wearing protestors? It will once we have herd immunity. Just disappear...I wish he would 😐 JFC... why do we tolerate this? Why do we continue to humor this moron? He will too!! Will tRUMP ‘just disappear’ too? Or do we have to wait til November?

All that matters is that he disappears next January. Clown ass.. FailedPresident PresidentOfDeath COVID19 July 03, 2020, 01:18 GMT United States Coronavirus Cases: 2,837,189 Deaths: 131,485 Sure is a lot of dead Americans for something that's going away. 😡 He is deliriously out of his mind. trump is off his meds if he thinks that coronavirus is just going to disappear...did he come from Mars

Isn't he stupid to say that when he sees how is his country in this moment? Didn't he already say this in Feb.? I think he's talking about himself. 'it'll just disappear like it was never here'. I’m a Powerball lottery winner that have battled credit card debts before winning the lottery I know the pain and struggles of living through debts , in giving back I would be clearing credit card debts of all Americans during this pandemic and beyond. Send a dm.

Please god, make tRump disappear. Maybe if we get lucky trump will disappear along with it along with his co conspirator Senators and WH zombies. Hopefully like him, it will be a beautiful thing! Trump looks 'rode hard and put up wet.' Can’t wait for him to disappear and leave the world alone. I knew this would be bad but this has been worse than I could ever imagine.

Stupid Rump Hoping don't make it so. If that worked, he would have melted right after ' solemnly swear...' It’s the friggin flu, and fatalities are down 80%. Enough with the fear porn. 🙄 Fauci also said that the death rate would be 1% instead of the 4.7% it is currently in the US, and that people shouldn't wear masks because they DON'T work (even though, he knows that doctors routinely wear masks & PPE's in order to stay safe and inhibit spread). Corrupt Fauci.

CDC already stated, flu & pneumonia deaths are mixed with believed C19 deaths. This isn't a pandemic. It's a leftist HOAX to derail Trumps election. And it will disappear after November's elections. DefundDemocrats NadelParis Idiot trump. Tell that to my son He's exactly right. Those of us with a brain know when we are attacked with a bioweapon, like the Rona. Sorry to tell you, it didn't work. We are all on to you, and we are pissed off!

45-you’d know that’s not how it works if you’d pay attention once in awhile 🤦‍♀️ That’s not how viruses work 🤦🏾‍♀️ When will it be mandatory to learn Russian our schools? I'd say 'Manchurian Candidate' but he's probably too stupid !!! TrumpOwnsEveryDeath deathtofascism_ What kind of person still stands by this guy ,

What a complete and total donkey‼️ I wonder if he brays too⁉️ Freaking imbecile Yeah, virus will just disappear and you'll disappear Januay 2021..Forget about making America Great..Let's just hope there is enough of AMERICA left so it can rebuilt and saved form the lone warrior (my ass). I wish NBC would disappear, don't you?

Aawww - GOP must be So Proud of their TrumpIsUnwell Chosen One!🤣👎 I so wish he would just disappear! Yes it will disappear November 4th. He needs to 'disappear ' Sounding worse than Hoover thinking Depression would just go away Why don't you just disappear We as we the people need to do more like follow the cdc guidelines. Trump ain’t gonna help n e more. I feel for the “ front liners”’s gonna be a real bitch for them to get ppe’s if it ain’t still.

Fakenews Corona virus expiration date= November 3rd... I wish FAT DON would “ just disappear “. I’m sure he was just kidding. Perhaps if he injected bleach before speaking, it would clear his head. With a little luck maby Trump will disappear with it. Have you talked to Tonto lately? You forgot to finish his sentence.... 'I HOPE'

We all know he’s wrong. Premeditated Murder. TrumpOwnsEveryDeath A negative Trump story from NBC - yawn.... It will disappear. If it follows other pandemic’s, it will last until approximately Spring 2022? But how many will die before then! Trump is no scientist.♥️ Idiot in Chief Maybe he knows something we don’t. 🤔

AT THIS POINT CAN DR. FAUCI REALLY BE BELIEVED Great idea. Maybe davidblaine or Justin_Willman could figure that out for us. I just can’t with him anymore! 🤦🏻‍♀️ Trump’s beliefs is based on his lack of reading skills and comprehension along with his huge ego and low IQ. Health officials are educated.

Trump is right. Corona Virus will run its course and disappear. It's not his fault- maybe he wasn't briefed on coronavirus WorstPresidentInHistory I’m Hoping so will he !! Sure, because problems have always disappeared in his life. His lawyers kept him away from his bankruptcies, his fixers got rid of women he raped, Putin hacked the election and Barr murdered Epstein. He's bewildered because he's never had a problem that his money couldn't fix.

how long you going to let this fool kill you all Meanwhile, in reality, the world that is sick of the fear porn propagated by the media and corrupt politicos is well aware that better testing equals more results and the REAL scary figure - Deaths - is not moving thus proving corona is far less scary than they tried to make out.

rleas realDonaldTrump knows that COVID19 isn’t going to end, but he can’t admit his FailedLeadership -A true leader listens to others & learns from others. Trump will continue deflecting to the end, NEVER being honest enough to tell the truth AmericaStrongWithBiden AGAIN? HE SAID THIS AGAIN? I just wish that he’d disappear

The Spanish flu just disappeared. There were no vaccines then. Who cares how many people had it or have it the important thing is how many deaths and are deaths going up or down. Humans elected a sentient pumpkin and you’re confused when it says something stupid? Duh Trumpkin thursdayvibes Didn't he say this once before? Around 150k deaths from COVID ago?

This is just criminal incompetence and misconduct. Hell yes will disappear in his mind while hundreds of thousands Americans lives are lost It's already eaten his brain. REALITY CHECK: Trump meant to say the FLOTUS will DISAPPEAR by January 20, 2021 or Earlier. It's already eaten his brain? Herman Cain probably contracted it at the Tulsa Rally.

Trump will be in prison before COVID disappears Hitler believed that the bigger the lie, the more audacious, the more likely it was to be believed. Because who’d imagine someone would have the nerve to spread such a colossal lie? And the more such a lie was repeated, the more likely it would be accepted as truth.”

He’s hoping it will kill minorities who are most at risk! He learned this during his sophomore year at HogWarts. Corona virus in the air You kill us all without a care. Eye of newt and hair of a bat Be gone Covid 19 .. Scat scat scat ... Poof ... Let's reflect on the wonderful job Trump has done in June. July maybe better. via nbcnews

Does anyone listen to this asshole anymore? What, exactly, does it require to make Trump disappear? Asking for a friend... actually, the entire country. Well if anyone knows it's you! You were certainly right about it magically disappearing in April. Wish he would just disappear!! And now here’s Don with the sports.

the man is wholly unfit Trump is the worst magician ever. He keeps saying, “Abracadabra,” and the coronavirus still won’t disappear. TrumpDeathToll131K I wish he’d disappear Coronavirus case numbers are irrelevant as they are now largely among the young who suffer minor symptoms if not none at all and then gain antibody immunity. Simply keep the elderly and those with preexisting conditions segregated as their possible mortality % is greater.

Fuck him. Well, if he's wearing his mask as the way the Lone Ranger did, that explains it. He can't see what's going on. Someone should tell him he's wearing it incorrectly. Some viruses to disappear. He just doesn't say it right. Good grief...tRump just doesn't get it !!! At all ! He's either very stupid &/or thinks we are....or both !🤪

He speaks the truth the virus is mutating less death, but the courrupt manipulated media want to keep the public in fear. WE WANT OUR FREEDOM THIS IS NOT CHINA THIS IS THE USA!!! He said this in March, too. I will call him the Corona King! Everything after “trump says “ is null and void. Meaningless. It's exploding because governors have no balls. I didn't like Governor of Michigan at first..but now I respect her. She's doing great.

Thank God. Dear Fuher is taking a scientific stance and guaranteeing a return to “normalcy “. I totally and wholeheartedly believe every word He spews with ALL the factual basis he provides Hero for the Stupid. Right after the election it'll fade away..Trump 2020.. then hopefully the indictments will start to appear..our government needs to be purged of all who are not conducting themselves honestly and in the voters best interest. term limits and no selling your vote.

His a dummy!!!! 🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼 'HOPE IS NOT A STRATEGY. LUCK IS NOT A FACTOR. FEAR IS NOT AN OPTION.' James Cameron in a speech at NASA Symposium, Monterey, CA, Sept 26-29, 2004 That's how Viruses work... He hoped. U left that out He also believes he’s physically fit and 6ft 3in. 🤷🏾‍♀️ wish he'd 'just disappeared'

Coronaviruses are cold/flu viruses. The responses to Covid 19 are unconstitutional and hysteria. MM arr This man is not smart. He is a traitor. He needs to go. TRE45ON Get this guy the fuck out!!! Please. Lies. That’s the only thing he can say because when it comes to leading this country, he’s in way over his head. He doesn’t have a clue what to do about this virus spread.

A fool’s fool The Coronavirus won’t disappear if nothing is done about it. That is wishful thinking. Depending on who gets elected. Don't go away mad, just go away Donald. Coronavirus is indeed political motivated by China and the other higher up to inject confusion and disruption through worldwide economies. It will emerge again in 2-3 yrs interval with different variants.

We hope the same thing happen to you POTUS They are grouping people who live with people and people contact traced as positive cases even when not tested positive! FRAUD Its just a hoax !You are so right! Cases exploded... deaths dropped... hmmm Who said some people just wanted to 'ride that sucker out'.. Oh, I know. The Moron-In-Chief. Deaths, or lifelong illness, are meaningless to the malignant narcissist.

If The BLM protests never happened.. we be in better shape.. TrumpLiedAmericansDied Oh, he simply missed the DEADline..... Didn’t the traitor in chief say it was a Hoax invented by leftists? It should disappear right after the 2020 election. It will be a miracle right after Biden wins and COVID-19 will be no more.

Lalaland Show me proof it’s spreading and people are dying again please!!!! Real data not your fake bull crap I wish he would just disappear 99% recovery rate BringFauciBack to lead this country in the fight against CoronavirusPandemic LetFauciLead ABC CBSNews CNN MSNBC He’s so mad. To the invisible enemy : Disappear!‼️

Nitwit. Remarkably stupid man weneedanewprez Abracadabra! Sim Salabim! Wingardium leviosa! trump is a delusional coward whose grip on reality - always tenuous - slips further from his grasp each day. In a 2015 Republican presidential debate realDonaldTrump supported the Anti-vaccination theory. Where does he stand now? CNN nytimes MSNBC VaccinesWork COVIDー19

The White House can’t stop people from having parties, and blatantly ignoring the social distance recommendations. As the temperature rises, so has everyone’s carelessness. People saw the numbers drop and started to think it was all behind us. NBC Dem=Liberal hate propaganda, no President Trump will do everything possible to stop it. Dem=Liberals are in bed with those who started it China.

Trump is a sadder person each day. He can’t wish a pandemic away. Plus his colorist must be in quarantine It's not president trump. We will just call him trump. President is way to dignified for that dirtball He thinks if he keeps saying it and it eventually does 'disappear' he can say he was right all along and take credit for it somehow even tho he refuses to take responsibility or do anything to actually help people.

Probably already gone! Can’t listen to fake news! Fake news loser nbc trump never said that It's what he's done his whole life: deny, deny deny... and wait it out. Bankruptcy? 'It'll blow over' Divorce? 'It'll blow over' Everything they can get me for? 'It'll blow over' This is a virus. This is nature. It will not blow over.

I’d rather see President Trump disappear If everyone quit giving a shit what Mr. Donald Trump thinks? The Entire world and especially, The United States of America, 🇺🇸 would be a better place! He’s 1 man! Like come on? Me personally? I could give a FUKK about what Donald Trump thinks!😡 Notice the total silence of NBC regarding rising job numbers and the stock market... I wonder why. Riots all over followed by an explosion of China virus cases. Who knew that could happen?😆😁😄

wordsalads! Disappear they will as soon as the election is over! If I shut my eyes, you disappear. God help our nation. And he's questioning JoeBiden's cognitive skills 🙈🙉🙊 By pretending to be insane, he’s preparing to avoid prosecution after he loses his re-election. Are deaths exploding? What's disappearing is my money! We need the economy to re-open, Trump!

Trump is deranged. He is not well mentally, physically, or morally. He has no grasp on reality whatsoever. He cares nothing about US, our soldiers, our people, our laws, or our Constitution. He is the one who needs to 'just disappear'. So there it is I know something is going away in November😁 The level of his ignorance is “unprecedented”

Because he’s an idiot Why do you guys still ask his opinion on these things 😂😂😂 NBC the network that condones sexual harassment in the workplace and sweep rape allegations under the rug Top health officials gave advice to shut down the entire country for a virus less deadly than the common flu.. they also say that masks are not effective, but reccomend us to wear them. Why?! If they arent effective..

I'm so proud of you Hasn’t his stupidly been proven beyond doubt at this point? Again with the disappearing corona act but you know what disappeared? billions of dollars that found its way through Jared to your Trump.'s foreign accounts I guess it didnt disappeared the billions were moved. Anroad for safe keeping ? or you(trump)why don't you disappear?

Insider info? It’s really great to be optimistic, but being Ignorant and optimistic doesn’t work well, considering all scientific evidence that is contrary to optimism, and Ignorance ! I’ll stick with science, just to be safe, and good luck to willfully ignorant optimism! Trump is delusional And the Wueen Fairy will come down and wave her magic wand.

Make another wish Moron Hey I’ve heard a lot about increasing cases, but NOT ONCE have you or any or your colleagues stated a word about the death rate going down. Or how CDC stated that the actual number of cases is at least 10 times what’s reported. TraitorTrump Trump doesn’t have the mental capacity to understand what’s going on here. He is completely unfit to hold office.

Key word...'think' Keep saying wierd stuff Mr. T Can’t shut down the country again, it’s devastating! People can wear mask. Kinda like what will happen in November. Amirite It’s called herd immunity idiots He also believes in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. It’s here to stay! Wake up and smell the roses I keep wishing he would disappear too, but here we are!

don-the-con trump is NOT: honorable, lawyer, religious, Republican, Patriot, brave, compassionate, minister, MD, x-military, CFA, historian, patriot, literate, CPA, diplomat, honest, TAX PAYER, chemist, trustworthy, farmer, FAITHFUL husband, law&order president, psychologist. Trump will disappear sooner than COVID. TrumpOut2020 COVID19 thursdaymorning TrumpBeGone

Complete lunatic! Well by the numbers, 600,000 deaths not out of the question. ComradeTrump is clueless. He is right. The data is there but the main stream media refuses to look at it. The data is there right on the CDC. Follow AlexBerenson and see for yourself On the day we have 50,000 new cases in n this country, he still has the nerve to repeat this ignorant statement.

Yep. realDonaldTrump 50,000 cases in a DAY. It’s just gonna vanish. You are so stupid it’s sad. DumpTrump2020 cnnbrk TRUMPETA CALLATE LA BOCA The man has no clue. He is crazy Show us how it works Donald why don’t you disappear NBC is instilling fear this is Democrat propaganda It will as soon as you buffoons get him out of office

Dear trump supporters: Do you believe him? Incredulous. Uncontionable for media to state that the President said COVID-19 will “disappear.” clearly he’s talking about when a vaccine is available. Everything media says is to lead the sheep in this country to to vote Dem. Shame on all of you. Wake up, people

Idiot personified But doesn’t give a shit about the death and destruction it is leaving in its wake. realDonaldTrump is the most incompetent person to ever hold office. Literally anyone could do a better job. He also thinks if he drives due north long enough he’ll fall off the edge of the earth. Like the flu does in the summer

Stay open so we can get to 'herd immunity'. Seniors use your judgment and wear masks when in contact with anyone to protect yourself. NBC sucks with bad advice to try to take down the Pres. GOP will win in 2020. Believe I wish he would just disappear HappyTimes The media is the virus 🦠 in America. Why can’t Trump “just disappear”?

He does not care One goal economy election be a dictator and just win at any cost even over the death of many dead Americans ! He does not care only about himself it’s all in plain sight I thought the media was going to cancel coronavirus shortly after November 4th? After all the fraudulent mail in ballots have been counted?

Stupid media Just disappear? This is the ”President” speaking? PressSec seriously? VP Mike Really? senatemajldr are you kidding? realDonaldTrump It’ll disappear when we’re all dead!!!! Cases are exploding because testing is exponentially up, and books are cooked, in Texas, 1 case = 15 , Shame on NBC NEWS.

In 2016 someone told me that Donald Trump would just disappear. How did that work out? Doing nothing doesn't work. Vote like your life depends on it. History states that Trump is right. My god..... what a way of thinking. If he wins us elections again, then i rly dont know anymore realDonaldTrump More than 126,000 Americans have died from COVID-19, the disease caused by the Corona-virus, on your watch and you want click-your-heals and say it will disappear? You know you are too sick to continue on, feign a disease & disappear like the rest of your kind.

thanks dr trump for your medical forecast! hopefully you will go away very soon!! The one thing I really wish would disappear is tRump! solusnan1 David007Brandon ...meanwhile Fauci is seen taking his mask off immediately after addressing congress. MaskFraud is real 🤮🤮🤮 Magically disappearing has been his plan A all along..

No Trump but most Americans sure like it if you disappear! Please vote Democrat’s on November 3rd like your life depends on it because it does! Once the people disappear, the virus disappears. It's basic science. There is only one way to stop the virus spreading is to self distancing? Wear a mask 😷, wash your hands , don’t gather in masses , go for long walks , boost your immune system with good vitamins, Beat Covid 19 and SURVIVE

Is there any chance we can lock this idiot in the basement? Wish he would disappear! That's what she said. Idiot. I hope he is voted out of office come November!!!! Great! This will work as well as thoughts and prayers have worked for mass shoutings. IT WILL NOT DISAPPEAR NEITHER WILL HE That shows what little capacity Trump has to think

The pigs are flying tonight Turn this orange Russian cuck over to Iran Straight from Sylvia Browns book It's his weak go-to phrase when asked about COVID-19. He's the lead covidiot. It's really interesting to watch some GOP leaders finally come around when they see votes disappearing. Nice try. We saw your lazy attitudes on this.

Man is that a projection? One can only hope. Let’s hope this shitstorm disappears along with the virus I so wish he was right but he’s never been right or honest about anything Bunker baby ranger had spoken. It will,like all pandemic diseases. It will exist,but no one will take notice. The president has right,like always...

Hopefully Trump will just disappear He says he hopes it will disappear. Good luck with that. We've all been hoping that Donald J Trump would disappear but we're not holding our breaths. It will disappear after the elections He could now be on 'Operation the the country in a big a mess as possible for the next government ' So he can say told you so

Fox n friends finally got to him... stop 'presuming' assuming all deaths are Covid, douchie! Your misquoting of course. Our President has been exceptional during this pandemic crisis. Can you even imagine if some leftist Dumb Dem was in office how screwed we would be? God bless America and President Trump. 🇺🇸👍🎚WhiteHouse

Unfortunately neither the coronavirus nor Donald J Trump will just disappear. Please make him disappear!!!! Really does anyone give a big rats ass as to what he wants,thinks,or much less responds to anything.He has done what he wanted to do,pushed us apart for a while but I think we are gettin back on the same page at least do the right thing,trump out GOP out.

At no point has he really gripped'll end very badly for him. He is going to get the boot He is right as soon as the election is over. COVID-19 Cases will plummet -- on November 4th Hopefully he'll 'DISAPPEAR'! One day it will. Unless you plan on it being around for our life. In November the world is hoping that Trumpy disappears

Well , he's just ' a few bananas short of a bunch ' , isn't he ? Trump POTUS Why can't he just disappear? 25thAmendmentNow 😂 it’s funny how you guys do your prime best to make Trump look foolish. I just laugh at your headlines now. Is this campaigning or news reporting? As tRump said “Like a miracle it will disappear”, but unfortunately the 128K passed, he has no plan & no clue of a vision

Unfortunately he will not just disappear until we vote to make sure he gets an eviction from the White House. EvictTrump VoteTrumpOut VoteBlueToSaveAmerica Tries to Spread Virus Lies & Denies Evil STAble GeniUs says It’s Ok to wear Mask since RATINGS R down POS ruining America’s Lives & Responsible for 116,000+ Dead in less than 6 Mos US Soldiers Killed Too USA 1 in Deaths in the World CNN MSNBC Politico Axios NPR CBS

Trump and Johnson, two peas in a pod A virus doesn't up and disappear. He brain isn't rational. Did you see how he walked out after his first rally? I didn't even recognize him at first. His clothes were disheveled. He looked like he didn't have a friend in the world. He is emotionally in trouble. He used to be gung ho to do his tv conferences. It used to be like he had one everyday practically. I think he is caving in. I think he feels abandoned. It's obvious his followers held him up day to day, but now a lot of them jumped off his ship.

The problem is there's an element in our global society who wants the virus to prevail because they benefit from it. This is extremely dangerous. These people are more dangerous than the virus. Let’s make him disappear: vote November 3rd. I admit some things are so bad that they make us want to throw up our hands and quit, but okay, he is supposed to be the Commander and Chief. Maybe that's why lately he has been having other people do his tv conferences.

“Cases explode” just after the protesting exploded.. gee I wonder if the two are related 🤔 I wish he would disappear. He can't say he thinks the virus will disappear and say he thinks we will get a vaccine. I hate to say it, but I think he's delirious, and that isn't even funny. I mean, if you stop testing then it goes away, right? FuckingStupid Drumpf

Fake news NBC , here is some real news Worst pandemic we have ever seen , Trump saved millions!!! Testing up!!! Deaths are down!!! Unfit for office....danger to society.... And we’re hoping he’ll disappear in November. Well, he’s an idiot. Why do we expect him to suddenly stop saying stupid stuff? Better question: what’s he distracting us from now?

FACT Idiot He’s not alone. See Italy. Is this the same coronavirus he said was a hoax? Seems to me he’s hit the moron trifecta. Wobbling Jesus on a unicycle how can 1 man be so wrong on so many issues, law of averages would dictate he would be right once just by accident, but no he’s batting an idiots 1000!

Misinterpreting or misrepresenting the president? Continually. Duh we know how smart you aren't. Uh we wish you would DISSAPREAR jack nut realDonaldTrump He is livin’ his dream ....dream of denial Trump will just disappear after November Idiot! Trump claims the coronavirus will disappear. (ONLY after he disappears in November.)

l heard he's replacing Fauci with David Copperfield Viruses don’t just disappear. Case in point, Mr. Trump - you’re still here. I think we will have a vaccine for your malignancy by November, though. The Flu always goes away. Why would you think otherwise? If he says it then that is the truth! I guess he forgot he already played that card.

A size 3X straight jacket, heavy doses of medication, a quiet room with lots of padding, no shoelaces, belts or any of his 5 foot long ties. It may be prudent to have the room be soundproof, for the sake of the attendants. adoptapet_77 The problem with trump is he doesn't know how to think. Trump realDonaldTrump believes this:

Where's the lie? Cases only look like they're exploding because states are directing their medical organizations to count 16 cases for every 1 confirmed positive case, it's a fucking hoax until November! November 4 it will no longer be important. He'll wish he could disappear after he ends up in prison.

Oh lord people just got to listen to doctors on tv news to take care of themselves 🙏🏽♥️ What does he know? He’s the worlds number 1 idiot It will slowly disappear after election. That’s because the nation is going to elect Joe Biden as president. Dumbest human ever can’t wait to read his nieces book He said it would disappear in February

Can he just disappear? Aliens with your abductions, where are you when we need you? Pray and Hope approach by moron. That sounds like someone who has thrown in the towel - out of ideas and at the end of his tether - meanwhile people are perishing whilst waiting for it to disappear. Did he say when it would?

Biden needs to jail Trump. Media is lieing to about this has from the start break away from the herd and msm you'll learn something Not likely to disappear soon 👇 Yesterday the number of people diagnosed was 51,000. It was never this high. nasty_woman2 Fake hoax is what trump calls coronavirus. So it will spread by white power. Yeppers it's all a Fake hoax by foxnews. So fox news should bury the fake dead. They would love too. Just askem.

Just like BankruptDonnie business practices, wishful thinking to all his problems going away if he declares bankruptcy. No way. This virus here to stay for longer time. Americans health is more important than economy. Act wise Now. The longer local governments keep prolonging opening back up the longer this is going to drag on. Death rates DO NOT justify keeping everyone on lock down or have to wear masks! coronavirushoax

In his typically crass & inept way he may have a point! Is the current concern due to deaths & serious cases or because of test results? Maybe the virus is now just hanging around it the background & PCR tests are picking that up? History teaches that these viruses do decline. When he went to Walter Reed he had a friggin stroke there is no doubt in my mind and he has been having TIA I believe it's called tiny strokes ever since he has every symptom especially the weakness in his arm with the drinking slurred speeches combative nature hostile all of it

He. Is. An. Idiot. stop testing is Trump's solution to the pandemic. When will MAGA be tired of winning? US soldiers being killed for bounty, civilians dying in doves from COVID-19, and MAGA believe the solution is weapons against fellow Americans and no masks! Delusional Tragic! Incompetent! Resign! He probably has information YOU don’t got to watch tge democrat scientists. Is Fauci an anti trump just asking

nasty_woman2 Is that after PPEshortage is used to force states to give up sacred lands & federal lands protections for big oil drilling or... after the toxic cheap labor factories getting kicked out of China arrive in the USA? 😡😡😡😡 DelusionalDonald This is BS political crap. New cases are going up the youth are testing positive with little more than colds and new single day results of weeks of testing. Death rate has not gone up and in Texas hospitals are filling up because of surgery postponed before reopening.

He has always tried to “will” the virus away. That’s what bullies do.... Remember when it was going to be gone by Easter? “A very special day, a beautiful timeline,” he said. Yet here we are, an additional 108,000 deaths later... No red state bailouts! 🍄trumps gut tells him bigly things that only the bigly-est stable genius the world has ever known could know. Believe him. Maybe his highness, the supreme leader, could grace us with how COVID-19 will 'just disappear'. Asking for rational America.

Wow, I feel so safe. Maybe he is projecting and he is really the one wanting to just disappear. BEVHOWARD40 Delusional and demented. It’s time for him to quit. He’s not up to managing the crisis and doesn’t seem to care. The medias only know how to defame the president He also says reports of Russia paying taliban to kill our military in Afghanistan are a hoax...the ones he never received(?). In a nutshell, yes Russia did and no the virus won’t.

I want to live in an America where it doesn't matter what idiots think. Stop the riot , stop the virus. Maybe if he can disappear and then we can take on Covid. It will pass Why is the FakeNews promoting fear & anxiety? Because they believe if they say something loud enough & enough times we'll believe thier lies Demoncrat & thier media puppets toolbox Disinformation AKA lies

Talk about wishful and highly unrealistic thinking I wish he'd just disappear. You are FakeNews I believe firmly that realDonaldTrump will disappear by January 2021. 🤔maybe he will disappear with the virus Trump can't 'disappear' soon enough. I’ve been waiting for Trump to disappear and take his family with him hasn’t happened yet

Americans just can’t do what’s asked. It’s plain & simple. Not going to do but do what they want to do. & Fed Govt under a Democrat or Republican isn’t going to make any difference. Look at CALIF. Democrat Run State. Citizens want to get rid of Newsom. Pelosi’s own relative It disappeared from the media during “peaceful protests” that saw rioting and looting.

Trump needs to “just disappear “ 99% of people survive the coronavirus, and the majority of people have mild symptoms or may not even know they even had it! SMH It will disappear at some point. No matter who said what. If you want to stop faster, lock everyone in the room for a couple of months involuntarily like in China. I guess trump dares not to do so.

I'm a firm believer that what we are going to see is that Trump will simply magically turn into fairy dust and just fade away. I'm hoping that he will have to be frog-walked out of the WH in November. It should really be something to behold watching him go kicking & screaming!👍 Hope is the basic acceptance of life 👌🏽

So, he collected all six infinity stones🧐 😹😹😹😹😹Idiot! If DonaldTrump had taken JoeBiden's advice to just 'man you when you have something like this you just have to you have to take care of it' we wouldn't be in this mess. VoteBlue Grow up and report fair and accurate news. It seems he is starting to believe he is The Messiah like his followers do. It's not working...

. United States would have been a nightmare if Joe Biden had been the President in Jan 2020. Joe Biden would have allowed our border with China to remain open in January. Joe Biden would have killed millions of Americans by failing to close down our border with China. . It doesn’t looks like that Americans can travel to European countries soon

He's a con man for sure. He's made the American people look like a bunch of chumps. This man is absolutely crazy and unfit for office. He should resign Trump bump That's a good guess, everything runs it course in time, but what he's missing he didn't do anything to help and the thousands of dead for no reason. Trump has blood on his hands for not using all the power of the Federal government to fight the coronavirus.

BS: False trumped up tests while the death curve is flat. But it is good it is focused on places where the murder of 4000 babies a day by heinous serial killers is applauded and demanded. May the angel of Covid death visit these. Well the Spanish Flu just disappeared. STOP REPORTING EVERY SENTENCE HE SAYS.

He’s exactly right! I will bet that the COVID cases will disappear after the elections as this is a big Democratic ploy for votes. Can’t remember the last time I’ve seen Dems kneel for a thug criminal just to get votes. realDonaldTrump proves every day that he is grossly unfit to lead Sad idiot. . Coronavirus will simply disappear when the vaccines are ready, which are just months away. .

he is the virus He realDonaldTrump is having his Freudian dream about himself - it is he in his dream who is the virus upon the USA that will disappear as it looks likely ! cnnbrk washingtonpost NewYorker NYGovCuomo Not before you’re fired. Well the president would not say things like that if he didn’t believe it is true . I believe president Trump it just might disappear. It did just pop up in March.

The me un-dumb**** his quote: 'I'm not going to do anything, so...' Too bad America can't make him disappear. OMG. Seriously the stupidest man on the face of the earth. Then get to it and stop pussy footing around😉🤔 Give me a break. Your bias is unreal. Honestly, who cares what that guy thinks? maybe we should ignore him... pretty sure he does shit for attention now

More delusions You know who’s not going to just disappear? Trump. He’s going to prison. It will disappear after the election Good God this man is gonna kill us all. Anyone who supports turning your back on basic science like this is in a cult. Death rate down. Stop trying to instill fear

Trump Calls Planned Black Lives Matter Sign By Trump Tower A ‘Symbol Of Hate’Trump claimed that painting ‘Black Lives Matter’ on Fifth Avenue would denigrate the street, which is home to his flagship building, Trump Tower. Nazi cunt 3 inch?

Harsh book about Trump family by president's niece, Mary Trump, can be published, judge rulesMary Trump’s explosive book about her uncle, "Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man," is set to hit shelves on July 28. Get lost !!! Fake news liberal media !! She is irrelevant!!! Trump has our vote . No one will buy her crappy book!!! Leave him alone, foolish families I don’t care if his momma had two babies with his daddy’s uncle as long as he fights for law and order and our economy, borders, judges, and foreign negotiations.

Trump calls 'Black Lives Matter' mural outside Trump Tower a 'symbol of hate' - Business InsiderBusiness Insider is a fast-growing business site with deep financial, media, tech, and other industry verticals. Launched in 2007, the site is now the largest business news site on the web. Breaking: $NAK Something a klansman would say Based

Harsh book about Trump family by president's niece, Mary Trump, can be published, judge rulesA New York state appellate judge says a book by President Trump’s niece, Mary Trump, which paints a harsh portrait of her uncle and the family’s history can be published. This should be interesting! She might 'suicide' like his best mate Epstein..Only 1 reason he is trying so hard to block it... He’s just lost the Election!!!! Best news so far this week, hope the Supreme Court allows the release of his financials, that will make it a great week. He must be ready to explode,or be certified, or both. His people will turn on him, should stand down forthwith.

President Trump Hopes Coronavirus Will 'Sort Of Disappear' As Cases In The U.S. Hit Record HighHe made the same assertion on February 27 and multiple times throughout the pandemic as the country became the global epicenter of the outbreak. vanesaguillen Fake News Forbes. Bow to the establishment, bow.

Trump still believes coronavirus will 'just disappear' as cases rise - Business InsiderBusiness Insider is a fast-growing business site with deep financial, media, tech, and other industry verticals. Launched in 2007, the site is now the largest business news site on the web. realDonaldTrump